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Published on September 24th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired][MO, KS, IL, OK & CO] Commerce Bank $200 Checking & $100 Money Market Bonus – No Requirements

This bonus has expired and is no longer valid. Best bank bonuses can be found here.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $200 for checking + $100 for money market
  • Availability: Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma and Colorado
  • Direct deposit required: No
  • Additional requirements: Account in good standing
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft pull
  • ChexSystems: Unknown
  • Credit card funding: None
  • Monthly fees: $20 + $6, avoidable
  • Early account termination fee: None
  • Household limit: One
  • Expiration date: July 8th, 2017 September 22nd, 2017 October 6th, 2017

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Open a new CommerceRelationship checking account and receive a bonus of $200
  • Open a new Money Market account and receive an additional $100 when you deposit $10,000.

The Fine Print

  • Limited time offer. Valid until September 22nd, 2017
  • To receive the $200 and $100 incentive, your CommerceRelationship Checking and Premium Money Market Account or CommerceOptionsSM Premium Money Market Account must be opened by September 22, 2017, and must be in good standing a full 90 days after opening.
  • Both incentives credited the next month to your CommerceRelationship Checking account.
  • Both incentives will be reported as interest to the IRS. Maximum total incentive $300.Minimum balance requirement of $10,000 in the Money Market Account to receive the $100 incentive. Annual percentage yield (APY) on CommerceOptionsSM Premium Money Market Account as of June 30, 2017 is .07% APY on balances up to $24,999.99, 0.10% APY on balances $25,000 to $49,999.99, 0.15% APY on balances $50,000 to $99,998.99, and 0.20% APY on balances of $99,999 and over. Rate may change after account is opened. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. Minimum balance requirement of $100 in CommerceRelationship Checking to receive the $200 bonus. Both incentives are limited to new customers who haven’t owned an account in the past 90 days and are limited to one per household. You must have your offer code at the time of account opening to qualify for the incentive. We reserve the right to restrict or change this offer at any time.

Avoiding Fees

I wasn’t able to find the fee schedule so unsure if an early account termination fee is charged or not. According to this comment none is charged.

CommerceRelationship Checking $20 Fee

The monthly fee on this account is waived if  you have:

  • $5,000 average daily balance in this account OR
  • $15,000 in combined deposit balances

myRewards Money Market $6 Fee

The monthly fee on this account is waived if  you have:

  • $500 daily balance OR
  • $1,000 average daily balance for the monthly cycle each month OR
  • at least one monthly electronic deposit, including Online Banking transfers, of $25 or more

Our Verdict

This is a fantastic offer and it’s great that the bonus is showing on the landing page now. There is nothing in the fine print that says it’s targeted, so it should be open to everybody. Money Market account requires it to be opened in branch and requires a $10,000 deposit so I don’t think that is worth considering (seems like you’d need to keep $10,000 deposited for four months as well) but the checking bonus is great as it has no real requirements apart from the $5,000 to keep the account fee free. They also offer a credit card of little interest.

I will be adding the checking bonus to our list of the best checking account sign up bonuses.

Big thanks to reader, Chris J who let us know. Learn how to find bonuses and contribute to the site here.

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98 Responses to [Expired][MO, KS, IL, OK & CO] Commerce Bank $200 Checking & $100 Money Market Bonus – No Requirements

  1. Ali miha says:

    Just applied app pending no activity on credit reports. No mention of bonus though

  2. LC says:

    Under terms, 1) “You must have your offer code at the time of account opening to qualify for the incentive.”
    So is it an unique offer code? or does going to the link give you a code?

    • LC says:

      Did the reader who sent this in not receive an “offer code” perhaps on the back side of the flyer?

    • James B. says:

      It appears that a offer code is necessary for this promo. It looks like YMMV.

    • James B. says:

      I talked with a bank rep product specialist and asked if they have any on going promotional offers for new clients. She said they recently sent out targeted brochure offers that require the targeted potential clients to take the brochures into branch offices in order to apply for a new account.

      So it appears to be targeted.

      • Lc says:

        But.. it says to go to the URL, so applying online should work. Wonder if it’s they have an internal code linked up to the targeted individuals. I want to call and ask more, but trying to follow doc rules of “don’t call the bank”

        • EO says:

          I applied online and successfully opened a checking and money market account. No mention of bonus anywhere. I sent a secure message asking whether or not the bonus has been applied to the account, given that I used the URL on the flier. I’ll report back when I get a response,

          In the worst case scenario, I’ll refer my wife to open an account and we’ll each get a $50 visa gift card.

          • Adam says:

            Is credit card funding an option?

          • EO says:

            In response to Adam, no credit card funding was allowed (at least via online opening)

          • Thanks for CC funding DP, any soft/hard pull?

          • EO says:

            No hard pull. Don’t know if they run Chex systems, but if they do, they are not inquiry sensitive.

          • James B. says:

            Hi EO,

            Any response from the bank whether you qualify for the bonus?

          • EO says:

            I have not yet gotten a response to my secure message. Will update as soon as I hear one way or the other.

          • EO says:

            An update:

            I received the following message in response:

            “If possible, please provide an offer code number you may have previously received in regard to the incentive offer so that we may forward your information to the appropriate area for additional handling.”

            I replied by giving them a copy of the flyer and saying there was no offer code mentioned. (Rest assured, I did not link to this site when I did so.) When I hear back (again), I’ll give another update.

          • James B. says:

            Thanks for the update. This is definitely YMMV.

            Let us know if they give you an offer code and process the bonus offer.

          • EO says:

            Latest update. I received the following in response to my follow-up via secure message:

            “We have forwarded your information to the appropriate area for further review. Once a status has been obtained, we will advise you via email.”

            I will update once again I receive this promised email.

          • James B. says:

            Anyone successful in confirming the bonus without an offer code?

            It seems this bank requires a bonus to qualify for this offer.

          • James B. says:

            Hi EO,

            Any success for you or your wife on receiving the bonus?

        • James B. says:

          When I called the bank, I did not refer to the URL link here. I said a friend received an offer in the mail and I inquired if I could receive the same offer.

          The trick is to ask the right questions without raising red flags.

          I am going to wait out EOs update before proceeding.

          At this point, I do not want to add more unnecessary CHEX soft pulls.

    • Aaron H says:

      The promo code doesn’t look like the unique kind. P08300 P- Promotion, 08- August, 300- $300.

      But really, there’s no telling until someone succeeds. Thanks for posting. I’ll hold off ’til more posts.

  3. AC says:

    I couldn’t ​seem to find a state/area restriction. When I enter my zip code, which is outside these areas, it still allows me to proceed.

  4. bob says:

    Commerce has been my main bank for 11+ years now. was considering leaving them when i moved most of my assets to OldMissouriBank earlier this year. Wish i would’ve now, as i would be 90+ days clear by now.

    Commerce is a good bank – they recently redesigned their site, and even offer ACH transfers now (though it costs $0.99 per transfer, IIRC). No ATM network that i’m aware of, though.

    The don’t offer good credit cards, except for Drury Inn card, which gives 15000 points for one purchase. Otherwise, i think the most they offer is 1% cashback.

    • Jf says:

      Actually it changed. The visa signature is 1.5x but has to be redeemed in $50 increments. The wemc has annual fee but unlimited 1.5x, and unlimited 3x on dining and travel.

      It is refreshing as a person that’s dealt with commerce bank for 3 yrs to see a website redesign and some new bonus offers. But they are very strange with credit increases. You open a new card, they combine the limit from the old one, and then they may completely erase your older card from all credit reports. Big hassle.

      • bob says:

        interesting. i actually wouldn’t care if they erased my Drury Card from my report, as i used it once for $2.95 (or so).

        the $50 redemption increment is dumb. i really dislike cards that do that – it’s why i like the CapOne and discover cards. At least with Amex BCP, you get 6%, so it’s easy to get to $25.

      • bob says:

        hey – i opened the Commerce visa sig – $150 bonus – and the minimum redemption is now $25 (or 1666 points). It’s pretty sweet, b/c i’ts 0% APR for the first 12mo.

        so, i’m gonna MS up to the CL ($14K) and stash it in a high-APY account for 11 mo or so. if you can churn it (I think 3 years is the interval?) look into it.

  5. Ken says:

    Wife and I have been getting at least one credit card mailer from Commerce Bank every day. I don’t know what’s so special with us, but 5 mailers a week per person is just ridiculous. No matter what we’ve done to try and stem the tide of mailers they just keep coming.

  6. James B. says:

    That seems to be the trend. Banks want their clients to have their checking, savings, money market, investments, business, and credit card accounts, etc…….with them.

  7. john mccann says:

    Targeted. Have to get in the mail with a personal code by your name.

  8. Kathryn E. says:

    7/6 Applied in-branch for RelationshipChecking and myRewards Money Market with standard mailer. Mailer has a promo code on the front which the banking representative kept and will “complete a form” to apply bonus amount. $5000 minimum for checking and $500 for MM; plan to swallow 90 days worth of fees ($78) to get bonus without tying up money.

    Called prior to in-branch set-up and representative said that using the URL on the flyer will activate the bonus if you set up the account online (YMMV)

    Will check-in when bonus hits in 90 days (10/6).

    • Kathryn E. says:

      7/24 18 Days after account opening a Commerce Bank rep gave me a call following a “promotion audit” of my account. The bank auditors had ran my ChexSystems and found 5+ account openings in 30 days. They threatened to close my account if I could not explain the multiple openings as it “exposed the bank to liability.” Said I liked to get the most strategic rates and diversify my holdings; my reasoning was accepted and they said they would follow up if there were additional concerns.

  9. Jay says:

    Doc, Just received this mailer today. Account must be opened by September 22, 2017.

  10. LC says:

    There is no where to put in the offer code on the application. I had to call and put in a request to add it to the application. I am assuming only those who they have record of receiving the mailer will get it, unfortunately.

    • Darv says:

      They probably don’t keep records of that sophistication. At best, they probably know which zipcodes it went to, but I doubt it. Or that the people handling these applications won’t have access to this information.

      I’d love to see a confirmation that someone outside the target got the bonus. We don’t live in the KC area, live in MN. However my wife received a targeted mailer for a credit card bonus from this bank, $150, which she was approved for. She might have a case for doing one of these checking accounts but I’d still like to see a positive DP from someone outside the target.

  11. Frito Pendejo says:

    Anyone outside of advertised area get the bonus? Its been a few months since initial post.

  12. TJ says:

    Looks like you would need to have the account open 4-5 months before bonus posts thus netting only $100. Not enough incentive for me, or tying $5000 up that long.

  13. Judefinisterra says:

    CSR says there are no early termination fees

  14. Ryan says:

    Very helpful CSR said to open online with $100 into checking, once that $100 is deposited, you can open the money market account.

    Must maintain $100 per month to get the bonus.

    Call 877.737.3733 to make sure promo is attached to your account. They were able to do that for me.

  15. Matt says:

    I live in St. Louis, will try this. First checking account bonus. So I need to keep $5k in the checking account until bonus clears, then I can pull all $ and cancel account?

  16. Rab says:

    Is there a state restriction?

  17. Darv says:

    I don’t think this is a good one. $5k to get the fees waived, unwilling to tie up that money. $200 after taxes is probably $150 for me but after probably $40 in fees now it’s $110. Plus one person above almost had account shut down for apparently not much. Not worth it and believe me, I chase almost everything.

  18. Brian says:

    For those of you who opened your accounts some time ago —

    how long did the signup bonus take to post?

  19. TD says:

    This may sound silly but where could I find the account and routing numbers after logging in. I am stressful that I couldn’t. Thank you

    • J says:

      I was told I’d have to go in branch to get the account number. Just got my first statement, and the account number is on there. Account was opened 8/15 and statement generated on 8/26.

  20. Ryan says:

    This bank is apparently Chex sensitive.

    Opened the account successfully, but was shut down a few days later with the generic letter about Chex System “information.”

    Will probably try for my wife in a few days.

  21. Brian says:

    I opened this Aug 15 — successfully funded using a debit card — but still nothing in the mail from them.

    SO I don’t know my account number or routing number …

    How long does it take to get something in the mail from these guys?

  22. Quentin says:

    To anybody receiving the bonus — let us know when you got it, and whether you were targeted …

  23. rubixx says:

    +1 to the dp about being shut down after opening due to chex report, Just got a letter today. Explains why I couldn’t access online banking the past few days,

  24. NoonRadar says:

    Curious if someone outside of the mentioned areas here [Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma and Colorado] applied online and got the bonus. If yes, did you try to call or send them a message to confirm the bonus?

  25. gruf says:

    Opened acct on 2Sep and funded initial deposit from checking acct at a Credit Union. Signed up for the Banking Online and checked to see if acct number was available there….no luck. Saw pending deposit from CU. A few days later setup an ACH pull from the online banking from the CU and got the ACH micro deposits a few days later at the CU and verified external acct at Commerce Bank. Setup a pull from the CU and ran into what I feel is a very low limit of $500/day and $1500/month. Anyway setup the first pull for $500. That same day I noticed that the initial deposit had been returned to the CU. Went to the CU site and saw that the $500 had been transferred to Commerce. Next day went back to Commerce and I could no longer login. On 9 Sep received a letter from Commerce thanking me for signing up for online banking…..was hoping it was going to be the account number info. Then today, 11Sep, received letter from Commerce that acct was closed due to ChexSystem report. Guess I’ll have to figure out how to get my $500 ACH pull money back. :>( Commerce Bank is ChexSystem sensitive. Have opened up 22 checking accts since Dec2015 and 19 in the last 12 months.

  26. JVP says:

    So nobody got the bonus, and it seems they are closing accounts based on Chex info. Why is this in the best account bonuses?

    • James B. says:

      Good point. No DPs on success for customers that did not receive the targeted letter.

      There are many reports on account closures due to excessive Chex inquires though.

  27. I was NOT targeted but signed up anyway. I inquired about bonus through SM and received a confirmation about the bonus being attached to my account. Also I only did checking account.

    “You should expect your $200.00 deposit after 3 full statement cycles. Your account was opened on x/yy so your deposit should be made at the end of [month name]. Please email us if you have any additional questions.”

    • James B. says:

      Hi travelinpoints,

      I understand you are not targeted, but is your address in the targeted area?

    • Tom says:

      When are people getting the bonus?
      From the above, “after 3 full statement cycles” makes it sound like it could be something more than 3 months. For example, I opened my account on 8/17 and my statement comes around the 26th. Just got my October statement — so I have 3 statements (Aug Sep and Oct) — and no bonus yet. So maybe “3 full statement cycles” means three full months …

  28. Lc says:

    Do not recommend even for those in the targetted area with a code. Their it is awful and never even let me type in bonus code. Had to get transferred like 3x to someone saying they would send an email to someone else and link the bonus.. still never received confirmation or anything. They make a big fuss about giving out anything over secure message including my own account number. Guess secure message isnt secure enough for them. They are incompetent on every level. I highly doubt I get my bonus and even if I do I wouldn’t bank with them again. Sucks because they are a local bank to where I live. Maybe they’ll learn. End of rant

  29. CM says:

    Anyone knows whether you have to be a resident of one of these states, or whether you could apply in-branch as an out-of-state resident?

  30. James B. says:

    I reluctantly pulled the trigger on this offer. The bank’s online application is very clunky and unstable. The first two online application attempts resulted in error messages requesting that I call the bank for assistance. The bank rep explained that their system has been having issues and that I try again. After the 3rd attempt I was approved and successfully opened the account!!! To summarize: Be prepared to see error messages, timeout erros, etc…

    First time I have seen a bank that offers Account Archive CD-ROMs???

    I live in one of the targeted states and I will post DPs in the future.

    • James B. says:

      Update: A bank rep said that I need to go into a local branch with the offer code to fill out some paperwork to be eligible for the bonus. Simply calling in with the offer code is not sufficient according to the bank rep.

      • anbe says:

        I am in one of those targeted states. Got the same error when I first applied. Decided to go the bank last Friday and the rep said that I needed to bring in a mailer. Then the offer got extended, so I applied again last Sunday and got approved online. I just mailed out the signature card and $5000 deposit check. Did not know that the monthly fee is waived for the first two statements.

        • James B. says:

          According to a bank rep, the monthly fee is waived the first 60 days.

          You might want to visit a local branch and confirm that you account is linked with the promotion.

    • James B. says:

      Footnote in the disclosures: Offer limited to one per household. You must have your offer code at the time of account opening to qualify for the incentive. We reserve the right to restrict or change this offer at any time.

      • James B. says:

        A few more details:

        1) The monthly $20 account maintenance fee is waived the first 2 statement cycles.

        2) Make sure to attach the promotion to the account by calling the bank or going into a branch. The previous promo code P08300 has expired.

  31. radar says:

    i have received a mailer for 300 bonus yesterday. i have opened at least 15 accounts with in last month. i am not sure if should i persue this. their logo looks like a cage. my spouse had dealings with commerce bank and they were nothing but a headache

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