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Published on August 1st, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] [Targeted MN, MI, IL, WI, CO & SD] TCF Bank $250 Checking Bonus – Direct Deposit Optional

This bonus has expired, view other TCF bonuses here or the best bonuses here.

Offer is only available to people who have received the mailer, this is now being enforced.

Update: Calling in no longer works as they are manually verifying if you’re address received a mail out or not. Because of this I am removing it from our best bank bonus post.

Reposting as it seems like the mailer isn’t needed at all, especially when applying via phone.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $250
  • Availability: MN, MI, IL, WI, CO & SD. In branch or via phone [branch locations]
  • Direct deposit required: Optional
  • Additional requirements: See below
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft pull
  • ChexSystems: Unknown
  • Credit card funding: Up to $1,000 Visa & Mastercard only (not allowed in branch but can be done via phone. They might just allow $100 via phone but when they send you the details via e-mail you should be able to fund $1,000)
  • Monthly fees: None
  • Early account termination fee: None
  • Household limit: One
  • Expiration date: September 15th, 2017

The Offer

No direct link, see image below

  • TCF Bank is offering a bonus of $250 when you complete the following requirements:
    • Bring mailer in (not sure if this is actually required as it’s a non unique promo code). Promo code is JDM250
    • Open a TCF Free Checking account
    • Do one of the following within 60 days of account opening :
      • Receive direct deposits totaling $500 or more
      • Make at least $250 in debit card purchases

The Fine Print

  • MN, MI, IL, WI, CO & SD only.
  • Bonus will post to your account the business day following the criteria verification
  • One offer per household
  • Not eligible to current TCF customers or those who have closed an account in the last 90 days.
  • Banker instructions: Select code JDM250 in the express service select promotion drop down list
  • Non residents can only apply in branch and it seems like the mailer is required
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

This account has no monthly fees to worry about. There is a $2 fee if you receive paper statements. According to this fee schedule there is no early account termination fee.

Our Verdict

Thankfully it’s possible to apply over the phone without the mailer, so really open to everybody in the qualifying states (and possibly out of state).  Obviously a great deal as no monthly fee or direct deposit to worry about. Only need to spend $250 on a debit card and that’s not particularly difficult. As always please share your own experiences in the comments below. I will add this to our best bank bonus page.

Update: At least one reader had success over the phone.

Big thanks to reader, Brandon B, Rav & Ryan who let us know. Learn how to find bonuses and contribute to the site here.

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188 Responses to [Expired] [Targeted MN, MI, IL, WI, CO & SD] TCF Bank $250 Checking Bonus – Direct Deposit Optional

  1. Dan says:

    Just a general question, how do you go about talking to a banker? Do you say “I got this code in the mail and left it at home but I remember what it was”. Do you say “I saw this online and think it may work if you put it in”. Whats the strategy? I’m willing to give this a try

    • adam d says:

      just ask them about this specific promotion. tcf bankers are usually very young. and they dont mind. tcf bank is pretty awful though, workers use it as a stepping stone to other banks.

    • Instead of printing it out, I usually save the picture from DoC on my phone and show it to the banker – as if from a flyer I have at home. It works most of the times. Only BMO Harris needed the actual flyer for the $300+$200 deal

      • dan says:

        ok i like that idea

      • Vincent says:

        For BMO Harris, I think it’s because so they can check if the address on the mailer matches your actual address. I had an outdated address on my drivers license so I had to pull up a recent bill on my phone to prove my address.

  2. Mark O says:

    I wonder if buying a money order with the debit card would count as the $250 purchase.

  3. Ryan says:

    Discover Savings push counted as a direct deposit.

  4. adam d says:

    Tcf banks are at jewel-osco in chicagoland…im going to print out flyer and report back asap

  5. Dan says:

    I tried to do this with the last flyer that was posted here a couple months ago and several branches said no dice need your address on the flyer!

    I received a TCF $250 flyer in the mail 5 days ago so now I will use it.

  6. Luke says:

    Alliant CU counted as a direct deposit when I did the offer couple months ago.

  7. Darv says:

    I tried this at two separate branches about two months ago and both denied me the bonus application. I even used a color laser to print off that coupon and brought it into the second branch (image from Reddit at the time). The person who helped me said that I had to have received the coupon in the mail and they wouldn’t accept what I brought in. First branch I brought up the image on my phone, no go including appeal to branch manager.

    I suspect these are actually tied to your address and that’s how they pull it up.

    Hopefully somebody posts on here that they get it.

    TCF Bank is terrible. I would love nothing more than to take them down for $250.

    • Darv says:


      Just opened this over the phone with bonus. Guy was really nice. Took a long time, but they got it opened for me and applied the code.

      • T says:

        Did you call a local branch or the main number? if it was a main number, which one?

        • Darv says:


          Funding by credit card is available by phone up to $1000, Visa or MasterCard. Person who helped me assured me it would code on their end as purchase. I put in 1000 on my CIP but it wouldn’t go through so I funded $25 on my debit card.

          • BB says:

            Is your CIP new? I tried PNC shortly after receiving it and it was denied. A quick call to chase solved it.

          • Darv says:

            @ BB,

            New CIP as of May. I figured it could be an issue to resolve by calling them (Chase), but by this time I was on the phone with TCF for at least 30 minutes, and it wasn’t worth the hassle for me or worry to disconnect and try and get them back. I had called in with the previous $250 offer and they wouldn’t open it for me over the phone with the bonus offer, so I didn’t know if I got a particularly helpful CSR. I just wanted to get the account open with the bonus.

            Also to be clear, you don’t give the card information over the phone. They set it up for you, email you a Web link, and then you finish the application with them over the phone. And it’s in this app that you put in your card info. You also have to pass security questions.

            Hopefully this works for other folks. I think it ended up taking close to an hour for this phone call, but still better than heading into a branch for me, especially since I haven’t yet received one of these coupons.

          • Darv says:

            I just got a call from Chase. They wanted to know if this attempt was me (funding with TCF on CIP).

            This is a culture that I don’t appreciate. I had heard that Chase was aggressive with this and I had one experience with them a couple years ago that was consuming.

            I don’t like that with some issuers, we have moved from a culture of assumed legitimacy with transactions to assumed fraud. I don’t want to have to call in ahead of time to tell a bank I’m going to make a purchase. Credit cards are supposed to be convenient.

            I haven’t had an issue like this with any other issuer. In this case, no big deal, I lost out on $1k bandwidth of minimum spending (I don’t MS). But it did cost me.

            It’s been a teetering between Amex and Chase for me with who has the best ecosystem and service. This is one notch for Amex for me.

  8. Joe says:

    Very late on this post, as I saw it on other blogs over a month and a half ago. I was one of the first ones to go out and go for this, and was able to successfully open. Made a $265 purchase, bonus posted day after the transaction posted. Closed account next week. Easy 250.

  9. lumangoy says:

    anyone in MI try with a picture?

  10. Marcus says:

    I just got the account. One thing to keep in mind is that there is a $2 monthly fee for paper statements.

  11. Catso Mann says:

    TCF is a terrible bank, most of their bankers are buffoons so you should get a wide variety of opinions. I have my own horro story with them and am leery of anything connected with TCF and wish all of you good luck.

  12. Todd M says:

    Just opened an account. I was told to expect a $19 fee for my first order of checks. Asked if I could opt out of checks and was told no.

    • Rav says:

      That’s strange. I was asked if I wanted check and I told the banker no…. I find it weird that you were forced to.

    • Chuck says:

      Online you had an option not to order them. (after you call in, they set you up with an online account so you can read and agree to the disclosures.). We’ll see if I end up getting them foist upon me anyway.

    • Shivansh says:

      That’s what the banker told me too when I tried to open the account in branch but later when I called them they said it wasn’t indeed required and that I should call them once I receive the checks. Did that and they put a stop payment on the checks and refunded me the fee.

  13. Ryan says:

    I have three extra flyers to stick into the mail for anyone who wants one.

    Opened this yesterday. Glad to see the bonus posts so quickly. Easy money.

    Reply with your email address if interested.

  14. Sully says:

    Two separate branches denied applying the $250 bonus without the physical flier to attach to the application. Hi-res picture on my phone was a no-go. Based on an earlier comment here you might have better luck calling 800-823-2265 to apply using the JDM250 promo code.

  15. Mike says:

    This mailed offer states the account must be opened in-branch, and yesterday in Ann Arbor, MI, I was told no credit card funding was allowed on opening a new checking account in-branch. Neither, I was also told, can one ACH transfer online from TCF accounts to outside accounts. But I wasn’t warned about any fees and I ordered no checks.

  16. Smell Dog says:

    Was also able to open account via 800 number. Pretty painless, took about 20 minutes.

  17. Josh R says:

    Account opened via phone with $500 deposit on Chase SW Biz Plus, seems to have coded as purchase. Update once it posts. Didn’t even need to give the code, just mentioned that I received the mailer for $250 checking bonus. Took about 25 minutes.

  18. Josh R says:

    Interestingly, I was asked by the banker if I was planning on buying Visa GCs with the account. The next question was about if I planned to deposit many MOs. I think they’re on to us.

    • Steve says:

      I wouldn’t get all paranoid. The question was about buying TCF visa GCs and the MO question is pretty standard for opening an account.

  19. Mike says:

    Would using the TCF debit card to load a Serve card count for the $250+ purchase requirement?

  20. Steve says:

    Applied over the phone without any problems. Fairly painless 20 minute process. The rep even encouraged me to share the promo code with others.

  21. Eric says:

    I just read over the fine print and it says that you need to open an account in-branch in one of the listed states. Nowhere does it say that you need to be a resident in those states.

    Since Steve and possibly others have opened the account over the phone (which is technically against the terms) does this mean anyone can open an account?

    Has anyone that does not live in one of those states tried over the phone?

  22. Brian says:

    I opened over the phone… 17 min. She was very new and it was her first phone app. Promo accepted and she had me simultaneously register online, so I was able to fund $1,000 with my citi double cash. Counted as purchase when I checked… mortgage. I’ll report back for the bonus.

    • Brian says:

      I do live in MI, but was not targeted. Based on other posts, I’d say they are not well trained or are very inconsistent from teller to teller.

  23. Rekha says:

    Just open tcf $250 checking code applied.funded with $1000 chase preferred.👍

  24. Mr. PTM says:

    Data point:

    7/31 opened Free Checking by phone, promo code attached. Funded $1k with Fidelity Visa; will update with how it posts. Was told soft pull only to verify identity. I’d guess they’re not Chex sensitive (6+ in 6 months).

  25. Ryan says:

    Spent $300 on VGC, $250 bonus posted 2 days later.

    Super easy.

    Actually considering doing this one again before September given there’s no language preventing me from doing so.

  26. stingerzing says:


    I opened in Colorado over the phone. I have over 20+ chex inquiries so they are not sensitive. Also was able to do credit card funding up to 1000 dollars. Did Discover trial deposits which triggered bonus the very next day! Very pleased with how easy this one was.

  27. rye says:

    opened via phone, done in 20mins.

  28. Rekha says:

    Husband open the account over the phone.we live in Illinois.very easy process.funded with chase preferred$1000.went to the branch and pick up the debit card.code is JDM$250.

  29. Mike P. says:

    Another DP that opening over the phone is quick and easy. I live in Chicago. Halfway through the process they email you a link to finish applying online (with the agent on the phone). Put $1,000 on my CIP to close out the MSR. Easy peasy!

  30. Smell Dog says:

    A push from Capital One 360 triggered the bonus for me.

  31. Kenny says:

    Just opened over the phone in Colorado. Could only fund with $100 via credit card. While reading though the agreement I mentioned that it said I could fund up to $1,000. The rep said they are catching on to people funding with $1000 and then closing the accounts so they changed the max amount to $100, She also said that they found when they were funding over that some customers were charged as a cash advance YMMV.

  32. Jon says:

    DP: Applied over the phone and was told I could only fund $100 on a credit card using this promo code. Once I logged in through the email that was sent during the application, I tried $1,000 and it went through.

  33. Tom says:

    Anyone get promo online?

  34. Kenny says:

    Account Summary for TCF Free Checking

    Deposit Account Services and Prices Schedule Colorado, Minnesota, South Dakota

  35. Adam D says:

    Just signed up over the phone, funded only $100 on CC due to previous comments. Told rep the promo code and she applied it. Have had over 20 checking accts last 2yrs so not chexsystems senstive. Tnx DOC.

    TCF bank has a free COIN Machine so thats the best thing about this bank. no need to roll quarters.

  36. nonimmigranth1b says:

    Is below requirement enforced ?

    ****One offer per household****

  37. Superchurn says:

    Just opened over the phone by calling 1-800-823-2265 as an in-state address
    Confirmed not Chex Sensitive or no Chex at all…I’m about 20 accounts in 7 months now
    Confirmed funding on the website for $1000 works (Visa/MC only, No AmEX) on my CitiDC with $0 Cash Advance limit set
    Confirmed JDM250 code works over phone

    Get routing and account # right away for ACH pushing…will update with CapOne360 push DD DP soon

  38. Yummy says:

    Went to 2 branches with no luck. They asked for physical mailer. Applying through phone works, but not for non-resident

  39. Mike says:

    This is sort of an odd data point here, but my bonus posted without any DD or debit purchases made so far. Applied over the phone in IL.

    7/26 – opened account with $800 CC funding (Chase IHG)
    8/2 – bonus posts

    …still haven’t even received my debit card

    • Kenny says:

      That was actually one of the comments that the representative made to me over the phone today when she told me I could only fund with $100. She said that they had to change it because it was counting the credit card deposit for the bonus.

    • steve says:

      Same here. Easiest bonus ever!?
      Applied over the phone in MN

      7/28 – opened account w/ $500 CC funding from Arrival+
      7/31 – bonus posted

  40. Mike says:

    8/3 – Just applied successfully via phone, with WI address. I mentioned my friend gave me the promo code. They made a “one time exception for me” after I told them I’d use it as my main account. Didn’t need the offer code after all.

    Funded with Visa CC. They said there were so many people funding with $1000 that they’re putting a 4-day hold on accts funded with $1000 exactly. So I funded with $800, no problem. Sounds like your article is getting some action, Doc!

  41. Matt says:

    Also called over the phone and successfully was approved from CO. Just deposited minimum on a chase card, didn’t have a pen on my lunch break for some reason so I didn’t write down the account number and routing number to transfer some money in, rookie mistake I know. Will have to call back and see if I can get that info without visiting the closest bank which is an hour away. Not sure why some banks seem to hide routing numbers and others keep it on the app and online anytime you need to use it. That’s my only complaint so far, this looks like an easy requirement to fill will post back after bonus. Was an easy process 25 minutes in all because she walked me through the online banking and selecting the electronic statements to keep the account fee free. Saw an option to request checks, but didn’t select it online in the process. Thanks Doc!

    • Kenny says:

      You should have gotten an emailnto check your application status. If you login using the credentials the rep gave you you will be able to see the routing and account numbers

  42. Justin says:

    Just opened over the phone. CO resident. 37 minutes. $25 funding on CSR- they didn’t give me an option to change the deposit amount, but I also didn’t ask based on other recent comments here. Rep did mention a ton of accounts being opened via phone. I also got an account number. Thanks DoC and everyone else.

  43. T says:

    opened over the phone. Rep wanted me to do $25 of funding, kinda insistently, but did say that i could do more if i wanted, like $100. However you have to enter your credit card info and choose your funding amount online. Decided to try the max of $1000 anyways, and it worked.

    Funded with a Citi AA MasterCard. Cash advance limit was less than $1000, and it went through.

  44. T says:

    Also, i asked about the credit check. She said it was a soft pull through early warning systems.

  45. Doc_Liker says:

    you doesn’t even need to make any DD/ACH for $500 as stated in their fineprint. The bonus will post immediately after your CC funding. I got my bonus yesterday.

  46. Dan says:

    alliant 3% card coded as purchase. $250 bonus was triggered by the credit card opening deposit (no DD or debit purchase required)

  47. DC says:

    Called the 1 800 number others have posted in the comment to open the account. Told them I received a mailer when I really didn’t and the application went really smoothly. Rep was also very efficient and pleasant.

    Rep told me there had to be a “deposit of $25” but In funded $1,000 with a SW card and she made no comments about it and it looks like it went through.

    Took a total of 22 minutes. Super easy.

  48. Josh L says:

    Data point: After being told I had to go in branch 3 times, I called a rep that was willing to put in JD 250. She let me fund 1000 from CC. Will report if that triggered the bonus alone. CO resident BTW.

  49. Rick says:

    Careful with linking external banks before your trial deposit is posted and cleared.

    I opened over the phone (in CO) and CC funded $500 on Citi Double Cash. Posted as a purchase. BUT, the way their holds on deposits works made my account balance negative $500 until the CC fund hold is released.

    But before they made the balance -500 (when it was still $0) I did Ally trial deposits. Then, once it became -500, I got charged an NSF fee of $37– because apparently by TCF’s math, since my balance was -$500 because of the hold, Ally’s trial deposit withdrawal counted as a returned item.

    I called and they reversed it without issue, but it seems insane that a CC fund would initially be negative.

    So, long story short: wait until your CC fund clears before using trial deposits to link external accounts.

    I’m going to get the bonus and get the hell out.

    • Rick says:

      That should be “Careful with linking external banks before your INITIAL deposit is posted and cleared” in my first sentence above.

    • Mr. PTM says:

      I’m guessing they’re holding initial CC funding until they can work out the issue of bonus posting too soon as some others noted (#jealous). I was told my initial funding on 7/31 is on hold until 8/11 which seems crazy, however, my balance only shows as $0. Both Ally and Fidelity have been unable to instantly verify and *I think* it’s because the account is still in opening limbo (I’ve seen other checking accounts show the same behavior with Fidelity the first few days after opening and then *poof* Fidelity is able to instantly verify).

  50. Steve says:

    Called the 800 number today and the rep told me I had to open in branch. I said I have the flyer and the code, but he insisted it had to be in branch. I’ll call again a different time to open on the phone. I hate going in branch for this stuff.

  51. Jamie says:

    In the last week, I’ve opened 2 checking accounts for bonuses, would opening this so soon cause a denial? Does it make sense to space applications out? Is there any DP for this? I’d have to go bank and look but i thought other readers mentioned new accounts being closed 2-3 weeks after opening(US bank for example).

  52. Dave says:

    Declined. I opened 2 other accounts within the past 10 days. The application went into manual review over the phone. No reason was stated as to why it was declined.

    Bummer. This seemed like a really easy bonus. Anyone ever have any luck with getting denied applications overturned?

  53. Joe says:

    Data Point:
    24 July 17—-Openned Account in branch with flyer
    04 Aug 17— Using Debit Card made deposit to Circle
    07 Aug 17—Bonus Recieved.

  54. Attila says:

    Just tried over the phone at their 1-800 number. Denied. Half a dozen new checking or savings accounts in the last half year, unknown how many were actually reported. First time denied for an account. I’m in the right state but two hours away from nearest branch.

  55. chuck says:

    Has anyone tried purchasing a money order?

  56. cs says:

    Data Point:
    28 July 17—-Opened Account in branch with flyer
    07 Aug 17— Bought Amazon Reload
    08 Aug 17—Bonus Received.

  57. David of Michigan says:

    Data Point:
    August 9th – Opened account using the 800-823-2265 number using the Promo Code JDM250

    I tried to use my Fidelity Rewards visa, but it was denied. I had to tell customer support I would finish application later.
    I called Fidelity Rewards, they said it was denied because it was unusual spending, and they would have coded it as cash advance.
    I then went back online to the link in the TCF email to finish the application process.
    I used the Citi Double cash visa card instead, with $0 cash advance preset on that account.
    The credit card worked this time. I was asked identity verification. I used my LexisNexis report to insure all questions were answered correctly.
    I finished application and was approved instantly.
    I immediately got Routing number and account number landing page.

  58. David of Michigan says:

    Also, I want to add that the TCF customer support person was aware of my Promo Code, and said I could either do $500 in direct deposit or $250 in debit card spending.

  59. DennyZ says:

    Just called 800 number, woman said I HAD to bring mailer to branch. I too am in Illinois and 2 hours away. And can I fund with PNC debit card or will that initiate fees?

  60. Seenivasakan says:

    Does any one have the TCF flyer? I am neither US citizen nor PR holder so they asked me to open the account in branch. Branch officials did not accept photo of the flyer in my phone, if anyone has it, can you please send me. my email id – Thanks a lot.

  61. kraghav82 says:

    Opened over phone on 8/4, approved and got acct #. Did $25 opening deposit from BOA Debit Card. Initiated trial deposits from discover savings. Verified discover savings on 8/5 and initiated $525 transfer. Was charged $37 overdraft fee on 8/7, called customer service immediately reversed. $525 and initial $25 reflected on 8/9. Bonus $250 posted on 8/11.

  62. Josh R says:

    Applied and approved over the phone 7/25 with $500 CC funding. 7/26 $250 promo was pending. The CC funding triggered the bonus for me!

  63. Ben s says:

    Attempted to apply via phone this morning. Rep initially applied the code and explained terms to earn the bonus. Rep notified me that she received a notification tgat my address did not receive the mailer and she could not honor the promo and asked me I wished to proceed with the application. Was able to cancel the application and ended the call.

    Be aware – TCF seems to Be cross checking address with its mailing list.

  64. Kaybee says:

    8/14 In state IL and called over phone. They couldnt confirm my address was on their list and was told to apply in branch with mailer.

  65. Div says:

    Does any one have the TCF flyer? It would be great if anyone has it and can please send me. My email id –

    Now they are not accepting the application over the phone without verifying the address with promo.


  66. Tim says:

    Just tried to open an account over the phone. After mentioning promo, the rep asked me if I received the mailer at my address. I told her no and was then informed that I would not qualify for the promo since my address is not in their system. For those who have successfully opened an account using the promo, I wouldn’t count on receiving the bonus unless the offer was received to you directly via US mail.

  67. Matt D says:

    I jumped on this over the phone beginning of August because of how quick the bonus was posting in the comments…my initial $25 deposit took until 8/7 to deposit, then I transferred $500 from Discover online savings posted 8/11. Just received the $250 reward yesterday 8/14. I was not targeted, but from Colorado. Looks like I might have gotten in just in time before they started being more restrictive.

    • Kenny says:

      You and me both. Also from Colorado. I’m a little hesitant about trying to close the account now.

      • Matt D says:

        At least there are no fees if you chose e-statements. This maybe one I keep open for the time being because no minimum balance needed to worry about.

  68. Nil says:

    DP: I have not received the bonus with the opening deposit of $1000 from a credit card, neither did a ACH push from chase has worked. I opened on 8/4. Will do a real DD and see what happens. Getting worried now. I am in IL but didn’t receive the mailer, opened through phone.

    • Brian says:

      Same here, I’m in MI and did a $500 push from Cap One (just cleared today). I deposited $1,000 with my Citi Double Cash on 8/1.

      • Rye says:

        same here, I used Citi DC for opening bonus, and pushed $500 from Old National Bank and no bonus.

        I will try using debit today.

      • Rye says:

        purchased a VGC using debit, on 8/16, still no bonus 🙁

        • Superchurn says:

          same here, not targetted, funded 1000 with CitiDC, Pushed $500 from CapOne and Ally, all for no bonus…did $400 debit to buy money order, no bonus

          real DD coming through on Thursday, hoping that does the trick, but i’m getting concerned, especially with the reports of them not allowing phone apps without verifying the address now.

          maybe they retroactively verified addresses for some people and thats why we’re fucked?

        • Rye says:

          Bonus finally posted, wohooo.

          I was getting worried, by $300 debit transaction was on 8/16. My ACH transfer was on 8/10. So at this point, I’m not sure what triggered it, but happy to have the $250!

    • Nil says:

      Bonus finally posted 4 days after employer DD. Haven’t received the debit card yet. Should I close? LOL

  69. Kenny says:

    Has anyone closed the account yet; what was the process, did you have to go into the branch?

  70. Matt K. says:

    8/10 – went to branch and took only 14 mins to open (branch about ready to close so banker went fast!). Realized I should have deposited $250 right away instead of $25 so mobile deposit on phone for $250 check.
    8/14 – my $250 check deposit cleared
    8/14 – purchased $250 MO
    8/15 – bonus $250 posted.
    Was real easy but I did have the flyer that was sent to my house. Anybody not get bonus based on 1 / household rule? I’m considering having my wife call to open. If its just the mailing list they check, then it should still be good for my wife.

  71. Dan says:

    8/15 MO purchase… no credit yet.

  72. Nick says:

    I finished my required activity(250 in debit card) on the 14th and nothing posted. After 3 calls and being on the phone for almost 2 hours total they finally pushed it through. Not sure why it didn’t hit. Mailer was sent to my parents address but was addressed to me. They said that shouldn’t matter and just for some dumb reason it wasn’t triggering in the system.

  73. Mcafeeee says:

    Received flyer in the mail here in MN. Called in and enrolled over the phone. Took 15 minutes.

    -She did ask for and verify that my address was sent the mailer.
    -Funded $1,000 with credit card (wife’s CSP for minimum spend)

    Thanks DoC!

  74. Mark O says:


    Opened via phone 8/7
    Initial deposit 8/9
    Transfer on 8/17
    Bonus on 8/19

    • Superchurn says:

      who did u ACH transfer from?
      I’ve tried CapitalOne and Ally, 2 banks reported to trigger it, and nothing

  75. Mike P. says:

    Was not targeted, applied over the phone on 7/31, CC funded $1,000, made some Serve loads on 8/14, still no bonus. I called in and they said the Serve loads aren’t counting as debit card transactions, so I think I’ll pop on down to the post office and buy a money order this afternoon. I’m skeptical that it will work (due to all the comments above) but I’ll give it a try and call back again if it doesn’t.

    • Mike P. says:

      That did the trick! Serve loads don’t count as debit card purchases, so anybody who is counting on that to trigger the bonus should try something else. I bought a MO at the PO on Monday, it posted on Tuesday, and the bonus posted on Wednesday (although I wasn’t able to see it online until today… TCF is weird).

      • Mike P. says:

        Err, sorry, posting before coffee. The purchase has Tuesday’s date and the bonus has Wednesday’s date, but in both cases it took a day for them to post and appear in my account online.

  76. Rekha says:

    Call the bank.I was told person who open the account has to enter the code.bonys was posted next the bank and they will manually push the bonus.

  77. TT says:

    8/3: Opened account over the phone. Funded with $1000 with CC, posted as purchase.
    8/11: Initial hold on credit card funding cleared.
    8/18: Payroll Direct Deposit posted.
    8/23: $250 bonus posted.

    I did not receive flyer for this promo but have received flyers from TCF bank in the past. Called to open the account and rep specifically mentioned that she applied the code for the bonus and went over the bonus requirement: $500 direct deposit or $250 debit card purchase.

  78. Dan says:

    Bonus posted after I called. CSR did not promise it.

  79. John says:

    8/11: ACH push from Capital One 360
    8/23: Bonus posted

    Make sure to wait for the initial credit card deposit to settle before linking other accounts or you will get an overdraft fee. For some reason they set your account to -$1000 instead of $0 while waiting for your initial transaction to clear. So when the linking bank goes to withdraw those couple of cents from your account after the small deposits, you will get an overdraft. A quick call was all that was needed to remove the fee. It took about a week after opening for the balance to flip to $1000.

  80. gene says:

    do they enforce the one per household rule?

  81. Dan says:

    Called in to close via phone. They said the account can’t be closed within 90 days of the account opening date by phone. Have people had any luck closing by other methods?

  82. Corridor says:

    I applied for the account on 8/2 over the phone without receiving the mailer. I purchased a mo on 8/25. Bonus posted today 8/29.

  83. Terry McAfee says:


    Opened account and funded 8/22 with a CSP. Bonus posted 9/1 without any other action.

  84. Jon says:

    DP: Ally checking ach push for $500 triggered bonus.

  85. Fred says:

    Not targeted but I live in CO. I was able to open an account in early August by phone and gave the promo code to CIP. Finished making debit card transaction Aug 28 but still no bonus … I tried to get real DD working for Aug 31 but it did not go through (my company needs more notice).

    Guess I will wait a bit longer to see if the Sept 30 DD does the trick.

    Thinking about going into a branch and asking about the bonus and whether they have the promo code on my account.

    I won’t lie about having recceved the mailer, but I can try to convince them that I’m serious about keeping and using the account (I am).

  86. Tomtoo says:

    I am in the targeted area, got no mailer, but decided to try applying by phone. CSR looked up my address and said no-go BUT, she referred me to the link below where we can apply online, go through same requirements, but bonus is $100. It is good until 10/15/17.

    Making my initial deposit (I assume the max is also $1000) with my Citi Double Cash would net me $120 including the bonus. I think I am going to pass, though, since I am in the marketing area. I just might get a mailer one of these times. Besides, I have been opening a lot of accounts over the last couple years.

  87. Mr. PTM says:

    Late DP:

    8/2 – Opened online. Not targeted. Colorado. Funded with Fido for $1k, posted as purchase.
    8/18 – $500 ACH deposit from Cap1 checking.
    9/5 – $250 bonus.

    Initially tried to instant verify with Fidelity CMA, but failed every time.

  88. Andrew says:

    Another late DP:

    7/26 opened by calling in. Not targeted but from CO. Finished debit card requirements around 8/23. Bonus didn’t post until I called in last week (9/11) and asked about it. Lady said she would look into it and $250 bonus posted a few days later.

  89. Jack says:

    ACH transfer from Discover savings triggered the bonus..

  90. Fitzyou says:

    Opened up account in branch Michigan wayne county.. had mailer wit address on it.. but it had previous renter name on it.. my id matches address.. no problem opening up free checking in branch with $25 deposit.. and yes they made me eligible to receive bonus.. hopefully my girlfriend let’s me pay her rent this weekend with her money of course on my card.. so I can get bonus deposited Monday or Tuesday.. tcf posting is very slow.. well I will up date you guys next week with hopefully a pimp pimp hooray.. while heading to dispensary

  91. mcafeeee says:

    Any data points on closing this account?

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