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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on September 27th, 2017 | by William Charles


Wells Fargo $300 In Branch Business Checking Bonus

Reposting as the bonuses are posting quite quickly. If you’re interested in doing this bonus I’d recommend doing it sooner rather than later.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $300
  • Availability: In branch only [Branch locator]
  • Direct deposit required: No
  • Additional requirements: Deposit $500 within 60 days of account opening
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • ChexSystems: Mixed reports
  • Credit card funding: Can normally fund $50 online, not sure what in branch funding is like but I imagine it’s not available.
  • Monthly fees: $14
  • Early account termination fee: None
  • Household limit: None listed
  • Expiration date: December 31st, 2017

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Wells Fargo is offering a bonus of $300 when you open a new Business Choice or Platinum Business checking account when you complete the following requirements:
    • Get bonus code and visit a branch to open your account ($25 minimum opening deposit)
    • Deposit a cumulative total of $500 into the new business checking account within 60 days of account opening

The Fine Print

  • Eligibility: Wells Fargo Business Choice or Platinum Business Checking account are the eligible accounts for this offer.Unique offer code can only be used once.
    Provide one-time, unique bonus offer code to banker at account opening.
  • You cannot be: A current owner on a business checking account. A Wells Fargo team member. The recipient of a business checking bonus in the past 12 months (Limit one bonus per customer)
  • Bonus Qualifications: Open a new, Business Choice or Platinum Business Checking Account with a minimum opening deposit of $25 in a branch by December 31, 2017.Within 60 days of the account opening, deposit a cumulative total of $500 into the new business checking account.
  • Offer cannot be: Paid without providing a valid U.S. Taxpayer Identification Number (W­9) Combined with any other business deposit offer Reproduced, purchased, sold, transferred or traded
  • Bonus Payment:
  • We will deposit the bonus into your new checking account within 45 days after eligibility and requirements have been met. You are responsible for any federal, state, or local taxes due on your bonus, and we will report the bonus amount as income to the applicable tax authorities as required by law.
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

Business Choice Checking $14 Monthly Fee

This is the easier of the accounts to keep fee free. It has a monthly fee of $14 that is waived if you do any one of the following:

  • Maintain a $7,500 average ledger balance
  • $10,000 in combined balances (business checking, savings, CDs, and credit)
  • 10 or more posted business debit card purchases/payments. This includes posted debit card purchases or posted debit card payments of bills from this checking account. This does not include transactions at an ATM
  • Linked to a Direct Pay service through Wells Fargo Business Online Banking
  • Qualifying transactions from a linked Wells Fargo Merchant Services account
  • Qualifying transactions from a linked Wells Fargo Business Payroll Services account

You’re also not charged the monthly fees for the first 60 days/two statement cycles.

Early Account Termination Fee

There is no early account termination fee.

Our Verdict

Pretty incredible deal considering you only need to deposit $500. It’s slightly harder to keep the account fee free but 10 business debit card transactions a month is enough to get it done (read here for ideas on how to easily meet this requirement). This is definitely getting added to our best business checking bonuses page. Please make sure you share your datapoints on what types of business documents they require (Wells Fargo lists what is required here) and the process involved in signing up. I wouldn’t leave this one long as I can’t see it lasting until the end of the year, but that’s really more of a guess than anything else.

Big thanks to reader, JASON who let us know. Learn how to find bonuses and contribute to the site here.

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309 Responses to Wells Fargo $300 In Branch Business Checking Bonus

  1. J Ro says:

    oh baby. just in time for my day off tomorrow. wahoo.

  2. sonia says:

    so if we’re a sole proprietor, we essentially don’t need any paperwork if it’s just our name? thx

    • john says:

      Looks like it. In my state there is no need to register sole props.

    • marshbelle says:

      It says: “Offer cannot be: Paid without providing a valid U.S. Taxpayer Identification Number (W­9) ” Is there an expectation that a sole proprietor have a TIN? I really don’t know, just asking.

    • Radster says:

      I talked to WF via IM.

      For sole proprietorship and assuming the Co. is in your name, you just need a SS and ID.

      • Lily says:

        Went the branch but they refused to open the account without a business registration. A total waste of trip for me.

        • DD says:

          I had that experience with another bank. I simply went to another branch with an experienced banker / department manager and the entire process took less than 20 minutes or so.
          I’m still considering this offer even though there’s bad blood between myself and WF because I had to submit a formal complaint against them not too long ago.

  3. Kiji says:

    I have frozen all my credit bureaus. Can a soft pull still be done, or will I have to unfreeze to take advantage of these bank bonuses? Thanks.

    • DD says:

      That’s a great question. Once I had this issue – it seemed to me to be frozen – but with the exception of your applying for something yourself.
      Oh this is from the FTC Credit Freeze FAQs: “A credit freeze does not “keep you from opening a new account, applying for a job, renting an apartment, or buying insurance. But if you’re doing any of these, you’ll need to lift the freeze temporarily, either for a specific time or for a specific party, say, a potential landlord or employer. The cost and lead times to lift a freeze vary, so it’s best to check with the credit reporting company in advance.”

  4. Taylor says:

    I keep getting errors using MA zip codes about the offer not being available in my area. Thoughts?

    • VK says:

      I am able to get the code for CT. Just in case the offer is not active for MA, you can always drive down for the bonus 🙂

      • Taylor says:

        Care to share the zip?

        • VK says:

          06072. Though when I tried today at the downtown branch, the bankers asked me a thousand questions and eventually asked me for an EIN and registration certificate of the business.

          You might want to skip this branch, unless you have these, because my spiel of a sole proprietorship didn’t work.

          • Taylor says:

            Thanks! I actually have a legitimate business so I’m not to worried about their questions. Gonna see if I can bring these to a local branch in MA. Cheers!

  5. JP says:

    Will probably go for this as sole proprietor. My first biz account. How much do they ask about business? Revenue? And such

  6. Matt says:

    Does anyone have advice how they keep the account fee free?

    I was looking to do the debit transactions since it doesn’t state a minimum per transaction. Will buying 10 packs of gum count? 🙂

  7. pete says:

    do you have to actually own a business to open this account?

  8. JTS says:

    I was targeted for similar offer of $500 with $2000 deposit. But the banker told me there will be a hard inquiry for any business checking account so I told him I’d think about it.
    Can anyone confirm that only a soft pull will be done?

  9. John Smith says:

    Can I do the “John Smith Sole Proprietary” method and use my SSN?
    Also read through looks like a hard pull..

    • DD says:

      WF is known for hard pulls – the “permission” is embedded in the long Terms and Conditions and detailed contractual agreement you would sign when you go into the bank.

  10. Curmudgeon says:

    Direct Pay is $10/mo, plus 50 cents/pmt to personal accounts (no fee to Wells Fargo personal accounts), and $3/pmt to business accounts.

    A merchant account and payroll services are going to have fees too high to justify the bonus so you’d want to only use them if you were going to use them anyway.

  11. JT says:

    I just opened mine successfully. Banker was polite. I had business paperwork just in case, but we looked at the terms and both noticed it wasn’t actually required. I’d say just be able to reference those terms and you should be good to go.

    • Peter says:

      Can u confirm Soft pull?

      • JT says:

        It’s a soft pull. I have received no alerts about new inquiries at all.

        • Peter says:

          one more question – do you have any prior or existing relationship with WF?

          • JT says:

            Interesting question. My actual oldest credit card account on my report is a college CC that I had with WF back in the day. I closed that pre knowledge of churning and it’s actually about to fall off my report, if it hasn’t already 🙁

            Anyways I’ve gotten the bonuses on two personal checkings post churning. Haven’t gotten one in 2017 though. Both times there were some problems because the of the existing relationship; mostly related to just online banking. Luckily this time the banker bypassed all the B.S. for me. He just gave me a phone number to call and they got my online banking set up no problems.

  12. Lara says:

    So, if I deposit $500 upon opening the account, that means I qualify for the bonus. Right?

  13. Mike M. says:

    I guess they’re having to drum up new accounts the old fashioned way since they aren’t creating them out of thin air anymore.

    • DD says:

      Exactly. And they were just fined $185 Million (for them it’s a slap on the wrist) by the Fed’s CFPB for “fraudulently opening accounts”. And they have to rehire the whistleblower who turned them in.

  14. Andrew says:

    Just opened one in CA as a sole proprietor. No business paperwork needed. Just needed a few details such as sales amount, date opened, and biz description.

  15. Darv says:

    Opened today. 30 minutes exactly in and out. Sole proprietor, DL and major credit card. Deposited $500. No hard pull alerts across all three bureaus.

    • Darv says:


      $500 push from Ally to new WF biz checking and $300 bonus is pending (same day). Initial $500 did not trigger but this seems to do the trick.

  16. Alibaba says:

    I’ve never a business account before, but planning to do this one. I don’t have a legitimate business though (I think) but do tutor online (independent contractor according to terms of the tutoring website). Can anyone let me know if that works? If so, what docs do I need-DL and SSN good enough?

    • Aruds says:

      That counts. Even babysitting casually counts. They don’t care about validating and just are checking boxes on the sign up form.

  17. Jim says:

    Haven’t seen this mentioned yet. Are current personal checking account holders eligible?

  18. Jack says:

    Opened my account earlier today, can also confirm no hard inquiry. Was worried during the application the banker had me agree to a credit check, forgot the exact terminology on the screen but it was something like that. Then I remembered I had my Experian frozen for the Merrill+ app I snuck in at the last moment and that is the only bureau I care about because in my location (California), every bank I have applier for a card at except Barclays has used Experian, so I have 15-20 Experian inquiries and only like 2 on my Trans Union from Barclays and 0 on my Equifax.

    The banker said that I was preapproved for a Wells Fargo Business Platinum credit card based off the credit check they already did, said that there would not be any more inquiries for accepting the offer so I went ahead and accepted the credit card even though it had no sign up bonus. Wells Fargo does not report business cards to personal credit reports so this is a completely invisible account for me, no inquiry and it will not appear my reports. If Wells did report business cards to personal reports I would not have taken it.

    I was offered a choice of reward structures for the card, either 1.5% cash back or 1 point per dollar plus a 1,000 point bonus every month you spend $1,000 or more. I went with the point option because that basically makes it a 2% cash back card, I plan on adding $1,000 of VGCs to one of my simon mall runs throughout the month to get the 1,000 points every month. The profit on this will be $11.40 per month, $136.80 per year (costs are $7.90 VGC fees, $0.70 money order fee, revenues are 1,000 points worth $10 for the purchase, and another 1,000 points worth $10 for spending $1,000).

    The card has a 0% APR promo for 9 months, so because this account is not reported to the personal credit bureaus I am considering maxing out the $10,000 credit line they gave me and putting the money in a high interest savings account, rewards checking account, or using it to fulfill savings bonuses that require large deposits. I am not the kind of person to leverage up and put the money in the stock market though. I do know some people who are doing this and they have done really well with the way the markets are going now but I don’t want to leverage myself, already have the vast majority of my assets in the market. If I go this route I should have gone with the 1.5% cash back option though, $10,000 spend in one month on the points program would get you 11,000 points worth $110, and the 1.5% cash back option would give $150.

    Anyways long response to a simple bank account bonus, but the no inquiry, invisible credit card intrigued me so I wanted to explain my thoughts on why I accepted the offer in case anyone else that does this bonus gets the same offer thrown at them. Knowing ahead of time that this offer could present itself helps you analyze the decision more instead of deciding on the spot like I did.

    • Sean says:

      How are you getting the cash out of the credit card without doing a cash advance. What methods are you using?

    • V says:

      Thank you for this detailed write up!

    • Deborah says:

      A note of caution.i got a no fee no interest balance transfer offer from Barclay. Took the $18000 via check, deposited to my 2 percent credit union checking acct to generate the interest and have a sort of emergency fund. Then my FICO score went down by 70 points because of the utilization. I have now reversed everything and my scores are back over 800. I get That YMMV, but my attempt at slickness did not have the results I hoped for.

      • Jack says:

        The Barclay card you used was a personal card, which is reported to the credit bureaus, the card that I got is a business card, and while some business cards report to the credit bureaus, Wells Fargo does not report their business cards, so this $10,000 balance which would put the card at 100% utilization would not affect my score.

        • V says:


          I am planning on doing just this and understand full well what goes on your personal CR, but am wondering if you have any experience doing this in the past, and if it will impact my ability to get other business CC’s?

          • Jack says:

            That is one thing that I am not sure about. Here is a list of credit agencies: and I do not see any that specifically pretain to business credit. The list is from the CFPB and the C in that acronym stands for consumer so maybe they are including agencies that deal with consumer credit only.

            I do have experience doing this in the past, actually doing it right now with a US Bank Business Edge card. I received a mailer last year for a $500 bonus after spending $4,500 and was approved for a $16,000 credit line with 0% APR for 15 months. The promo is actually ending in December so I am making plans for the money to become available in November, its currently fulfilling the Chase $200 bonus for depositing $15,000 for 90 days.

            The minimum payment is 1% of the balance on the card and the most I’ve put on it is $15,500 to have a little bit of a buffer as US Bank does charge over limit fees. When the balance gets down to $15,000 I buy another VGC so that the balance does not get paid down too much from the larger minimum payments.

            Since I maxed out this card sometime last year I have been approved for the only two business cards I applied for, a Chase Ink Preferred and an American Express Delta Gold business card, so it has not affected my approvals.

            The one thing to remember is to remember to pay the minimum payment or you will get screwed. With this US Bank card the 0% will end if you miss a payment, and they can also apply the penalty APR of 29.99%. I just have it on auto pay from my main checking account as I know that account will always have at least enough money to cover the minimum. I also have a calendar reminder to check the account every month a few days after the payment is scheduled to make sure it actually went though.

      • Gibunono says:

        Hey Deborah,

        How did you take the $18000 via check? Wasn’t it a cash advance?

    • esdot says:

      The banker asked for authorization to run a Business Account Credit Check. I said no; I assume that is what you approved. Question: did you open as a sole prop or other entity? I wanted to check as Experian says “The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) allows lenders, under certain circumstances, to review personal credit histories for business lending purposes. This only applies to businesses that are structured as ‘sole proprietorships.’”

    • Lrdx says:

      Wait, you basically got a credit card without any hard pull?

      • Jack says:

        Yup, my Experian report was frozen and there were no inquiries on Equifax or Trans Union. Not super exciting though because there was no sign up bonus on the card. I will be taking advantage of the 0% offer for 9 months though. The card just came in the mail yesterday and I am going to a Simon mall tomorrow to buy $9,500 worth of VGCs which I will use to buy money orders at Walmart then deposit the money from the money orders in a rewards checking account or find a savings account bonus worth doing.

        • daeofcal says:

          I went in today during lunch and got the 10k pre-approved CC offer with the checking. I went with the 1.5% cash back though. I’m not too enamored with the whole VGC MSing. I brought my local tax cert and Schedule C from last year’s contracted work, just in case I had to provide evidence of business income. The rep just asked me a few softball questions so I was over-prepared 😛

  19. anthonyjh21 says:

    The “in branch only” requirement kills it for me. I just don’t have the time to make an appointment and/or go to a branch, wait for assistance and then go through the paperwork etc. Online though I can break it off in pieces and submit it whenever I have time, which is usually not during business hours. Exactly why I went with BofI .85% interest business checking account, done all online.

    • JASON says:

      I guess the idea of in branch only has to be related to what Wells Fargo has done in the past – opening ghost accounts. As a combination of security concerns and rebuilding consumers’ confidence, they offer this kind of good deal but forcing it to be applied in real person. That makes to me and I welcome it.

      • anthonyjh21 says:

        I don’t think its related to ghost accounts and you’re probably dishing out goodwill that isn’t warranted to a big bank that has never cared about customers (just look at their overall value for the majority of people). Chase for example also requires this. As does BoA. There’s more documentation required for a business checking account (such as articles of incorporation if you’re a Corporation) and consequently it’s just not as easy to do it online. It is however possible to do it all online, evidenced by BofI federal bank that has my business.

        I don’t expect the B&M requirement to change but it would most definitely be welcome and they’d get more business if they allowed it.

  20. Radster says:

    Opened Choice account this morning. FYI No fees for first 60 days from account opening.

  21. Milo says:

    Will transferring $500 from my Wells Fargo personal account count as the deposit?

    I assume so but making sure.

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      I wouldn’t trust that it qualifies. I’ve read T&C of other bank bonuses that funds transferred from other accounts at said bank don’t qualify as new deposits. Play it safe and move it from an external source.

  22. Austin says:

    By the way you can make an appointment to open the account here:

    Allows for same-day scheduling.

  23. Ryan says:

    Yes, it is definitely a hard pull. I was pre-approved for a business credit card as part of the checking account set-up. The banker confirmed it was a hard inquiry.

  24. Austin says:

    Opened today. Banker assured me it was a soft pull, and I don’t see any inquiries yet. Took about 40 min

    Also confirmed that account is fee-free for the first 60 days. She also mentioned that you can easily downgrade the account to one that is fee-free with a $500 average balance (after you get the bonus, of course).

    • Roberto says:

      Opened as well today in WA. Took ~45 mins. Soft pull and no issues with 2 of the 3 bureaus frozen for me. DBA and no biz docs needed. They were able to dig up my personal checking profile even though it’s been closed for about 6 months, which seemed to make it easier. Rep said the notice about this offer just went to branch bankers this morning. FYI, the code took about 3-4 hours to get emailed to me, suggest writing it down from the confirmation page.

      Fairly straightforward deal, thanks again DoC!

  25. Paul Tyrrell says:

    I just had a bizarre experience. I went to open a biz account. They asked about the nature of my business, gift card reselling, and then the banker left the desk for a few minutes. When he returned he told me the account may not be approved because I resold gift cards. He asked me to return with my EIN confirmation letter and he would input my application but don’t be surprised if it didn’t go through.

    Needless to say I’m going to use a different branch.

  26. Jeff G says:

    Opened today, took 40 minutes. Banker had lots of questions about my business – how long, what do you sell, how do you sell, what bank are you using now for the biz, etc. I have sold things on eBay, so I had answers, but if I did not have a business I would have felt uncomfortable.

    She also told me how to downgrade the account after the bonus is met, that was nice.

    Overall a fine experience.

    • Jeff G says:

      By the way, the rep told me she had just heard about the bonus the day before, but had read up on it. That would have been September 21st.

  27. W says:

    Opened earlier today in CA. First banker told me I needed documents even though sole prop “business” under my legal name and cited the Business Banker telling them so, but went to double check anyways. Second banker approached and confirmed through computer nothing was needed, and the first banker returned to confirm as well. As like many others, they were confused why there was differing info and mentioned the lax requirements in CA.

    I was asked questions about the business – what it entails, how to sell, any payroll, taking of virtual currencies, trading forex and more. Be prepared for wide variety of questions. I asked if it was a hard pull and was told “It’s not a complete hard pull, but a form of a hard pull.” Whatever that means…will edit with any inquiries added. Only needed SSN, DL, and second form of ID – in this case a CC to open the account. I do have a checking account with them from $250 bonus earlier this year.

    Opened with $25 minimum cash, and planning on depositing $500 this next week. CC funding available, but was told not to in case it was CA on CC. Pretty easy besides the hiccup at first, took almost an hour though.

  28. Susanne Bengtsson says:

    Opened biz account for sole prop in IL. Great experience with no issues even though frozen credit with all 3 bureaus and green card holder. Brought passport, green card and DL with me.

  29. Agrim says:

    It seems it is a hard pull in Texas? Banker showed me the screen where it said that the customer understands that Wellsfargo will pull credit. I didnt open the account because I dont want a hard pull- not sure why others are not seeing it

  30. Francis says:

    I do some very part time consulting as a sole prop in VA. Was not able to open an account today without a copy of my business registration – and I have not yet registered the proprietorship in my state.

    • Mike says:

      I was told the same yesterday (10/10) in WA. Said I needed a business licence or similar. I have a legit sole prop, but haven’t signed up for a biz licence bc I haven’t needed to (I work on 1099’s)… Anyone in WA able to get around this?

  31. Joe says:

    Tried in CA today, was told it was a hard pull so I didn’t go through with it. Anyone opened one in CA who can confirm it’s not a hard pull?

  32. Jake N says:

    Tried to open in Los Angeles on Saturday. Banker said I couldn’t open a sole prop account without documentation of the “fake name” of my business. I offered to just open it under my legal name, but she said I’d need documentation. I’ll try another branch and see if that works. Worth noting that the banker also had not heard about this promo (“are you sure that’s not a promo for Chase?”).

    • L.Gould says:

      It says right in the terms that for a sole prop there is no “fake name” needed if your name is in the title of the business. such as john smith’s photos, or whatever. It varies state to state, but in CT where I live, this is the case. Re-read the terms in the offer, it is in there.

      • Jake N says:

        Thanks for that extra ammo. I figured as much, but the banker was pretty uncomfortable when I pushed, so I let it slide. She specifically mentioned that things were “more strict now” after all the malfeasance.

  33. Superchurn says:


    Portland OR WF banker let me open with only a Sole Proprietor/SSN and no docs at all. Very few, generic questions about business…instant debit card, free business checks, smooth as pudding.

    This guy swore up and down, several times, it was not a hard pull, and that the soft pull qualified my business for a CC…we’ll see what actually posts. If it is a HP, i’ll update here dispute it

  34. Sean says:

    9/20 Opened in branch
    9/22 Deposited $501 from Ally
    9/26 Bonus posted

  35. Andrew says:

    9/20 – Opened account
    9/20 – Deposited 500 by ATM
    9/26 – Bonus posted

    Easiest $300 of my life

  36. Ken says:

    Has anyone been hit with a hard pull yet?

  37. Lzzle says:

    9/20 Opened account for my sole prop “biz”
    9/20 Deposited cash by teller
    9/26 $300 bonus posted

  38. Jason says:

    9/21 Opened in branch
    9/21Deposited 7500 minimium required
    9/26 Bonus posted

    very easy and very wuick to pay
    i like Wf

  39. elegua says:

    9/21 – Opened in branch
    9/21 – Deposited $1000 (MO)
    9/26 – Bonus posted

    Very friendly business banker, took 20 minutes to open.

  40. Marco says:

    Okay, I went to a Wells Fargo branch today to open the business checking account. I did open a personal checking account on 1/10/2017, received the bonus for it shortly after, and closed it on 3/9/2017. The guy at the branch pulled up my info, and he said that I would be ineligible for the bonus from getting one from the personal account. I’m pretty sure that many people here have gotten that same bonus earlier in the year too though. The guy also mentioned that they don’t want people just opening accounts for the bonus.

    • elegua says:

      I opened a personal checking account a month ago and got the $150 bonus but the account is still opens though so i would say go to a different branch and try again, i got the $150 bonus and now the $300 bonus for the biz so go for it.

      Hope this help.

    • zalmy says:

      Garbage, I had the same this year and the banker had no problem opening it today for me. Try with someone else. Good luck!

    • Pretty sure he is misinformed and was just trying to get you not to sign up as he thought you were chasing bonuses.

  41. britchurner says:

    Dumb question, but an ACH from my checking account to the new WF biz account counts as a “Deposit”, right? As in, I don’t have to physically deposit cash or checks at an ATM or branch.

  42. AlexG says:

    Told today in IL that they no longer honor this offer for sole props. Bummer, didn’t last a week..

    • Jim says:

      Hmm, was this from one banker? Highly suspect this is just one banker/branch over-exerting him/herself

      Have experienced this with various reps over the years, consider trying another branch?

      • AlexG says:

        Spoke with a banker and branch manager, who claimed that they recently received a memo to stop provide this promotion for sole props due to an influx of such applications.

  43. VL says:

    Couple of questions. Greatly appreciate if anybody answers. Pretty new to bank bonuses.

    1) I have 2 real small corporations. Is the bonus limited “per owner” or I can get bonuses for each corp (and may be even SP as well)?

    2) Seems like initial deposit does not trigger the bonus, so is the recommendation to deposit min ($25) and then $500 independently? Can it be done same day, or you advise next day?

    3) Since bonus posts within 45 days (in most cases way earlier), and no fees for 60 days… is there any down side in closing the accounts on day 59?

    4) Could you please elaborate on “downgrading” to a fee-free account? Is there any reason keeping the account(s) if I do not need them for anything but bonus? Would closing them promptly result in blacklisting the business?

    Thank you for any pieces of information BIG time.

    • Jack says:

      Initial deposit triggered the bonus for me, deposited $500 cash at the branch, there has been no other activity and the bonus was paid today.

  44. Anony Mouse says:

    DP: Opened WF Business Choice checking account 9/20/17 with $500 deposit. $300 bonus posted 9/26/17.

    WF is paying out bonuses just as fast as M&T Bank, it seems!

  45. Russell says:

    Is the offer still ongoing for sole props? A DP above suggests that it’s over. Too bad I missed it then, was thinking of opening it later this week.

  46. Amy says:

    I went to a branch today but couldn’t apply because their business specialist left early. They told me to apply online or by phone, anyone know if it works for this bonus/offer through online or phone? Thanks so much.

  47. Jim says:

    Just opened my sole prop Choice account this afternoon, used my full name as DBA here in California.

    My local banker hadn’t seen this offer before, and called in to verify no additional documentation needed for sole prop. I brought along one of BofA and Chase business CCs just in case, as those list my full name for the business name. No issues otherwise. Of course I didn’t bring up anything about any memos, per what what AlexG experienced above 🙂

    Looks like they could see remnants of my personal checking (bonus earlier this year), but not opening/closing dates, so no hassling.

    Banker also offered me the 1.5% cash rewards card that Jack describes above, but oddly said this was a pre-offer and the app would still need to go to the back-office/lending for approval. So just in case that’s a HP, I declined.

    • Superchurn says:

      I also got the 1.5% card, and I actually needed a business CC, so I let it slide. The banker assured me many times it wasn’t a HP…but we’ll see.

  48. JP says:

    Darn. Should have said my first and last name as business name. I abbreviated and banker said to bring fictitious name document or other document listed under sole proprietorship. Will try another branch now.

  49. KS says:

    DP: Went to WF to open the account but they would not let me without registering my name as a business with the Secretary of State. Maybe it’s just a Minnesota thing…anyone know? It costs $50 so I’d like to avoid that.

    I might try a different branch today.


    • BB says:

      Just opened one in MN as sole proprietor, no state registration. That question did come up, but I was watching his screen and he selected not applicable.

      He was new and had corporate walk him through it, so I had to be confident in my answers.

      • KS says:

        Ended up going to a different branch earlier this afternoon and did sole prop no problem without state reg. Guess it depends on who you get.

  50. Jake N says:

    I was able to open an account yesterday in Las Vegas as a Sole Prop, business name = legal name. They had to call the back office to ensure the bonus would be applied even if I just used my SSN, but the process was very simple thereafter. Another example of the bankers not knowing about this promo.

    I had done the personal bonus earlier this year and closed the account. However, they were able to pull up my mobile banking profile, which apparently persists after account closing.

    • VL says:

      How long did you wait before you closed your personal account?

      I am wondering – what is the reasonable rule to do that and not get black listed by the bank.
      Thank you in advance!

  51. Kevin says:

    Anyone know if a spouse can open up an account too? I just opened mine up and it was very easy, so wondering if my wife can go in and do the same.

  52. Peter says:

    DP: Sole Prop
    Opened 9/25 Initial Deposit $520
    Bonus Posted 9/27 $300

    Thanks Doc.

    • Jim says:

      That was quick, thanks for the DP.

      Do you recall how the banker entered in your promo code? Did s/he manually type it in off your email/print out, etc.? I opened my account a few days ago, but between the business questions and reading off the disclosures, I don’t recall any more :/

      • Peter says:

        Sorry for late reply. Yes the banker manually typed my bonus code. It was at the very end of things, like almost the last thing before he hit submit. Of course no way to tell because I couldn’t see his screen.

  53. CC says:

    Any DP on signing up with General Partnership? Any special requirements? Can I still use my full name? Thanks.

  54. Roger says:

    Does this account have an early closing fee, just checking.

  55. barrytuneup says:

    don’t deposit MO to the new CA. You will be closed down. We all know what happened with the WF 5% accts in grocery/drug cats. But some were able to fly under the radar.

  56. eclipsor says:

    Just opened mine today in LA county as a sole prop using my fictitious business name statement, super easy 20 min process, she had no problem butting in the coupon code and didn’t say anything about my recent personal checking bonus that I got and closed out. they do ask you to authorize an experian credit check but can’t tell if you it’s a soft or hard, I said yes do it and it doesn’t seem to have been a hard pull since I got no notification from experian.

  57. Bill says:

    Branch Location: Maryland 21040

    Open: 09/22/17 (35 mins in branch)
    Business: LLC
    Deposit: $500 cash
    Credit Check: Authorization requested /given but not done (monitoring all 3 credit reporting houses)
    Own: Wells Fargo Credit Card
    Prior: Opened / received bonus / closed personal checking less than 1 yr ago
    Received: Account opening docs (copies) & temporary Debit Card
    Bonus: $300 on 09/26/17

    Banker was very polite and helpful. ask a bunch of business related questions which all seemed reasonable. Figured they use these question to built a profile for marketing and regulatory purposes.

    Asked if I can “downgrade” to Simple Business Checking
    Answer: Yes – at any time.
    Asked if there was a fee for closing the account “early”
    Answer: None
    Asked when will $14 monthly fee starts
    Answer: After 1st monthly statement date

    Business Account shows up in my online profile with my personal credit card 1 day after opening.

    Easy pickings – thanks DOC

    • Harry says:

      Wonder if it’s possible to downgrade business account to personal once bonus post?? Anyone??

      • Lrdx says:

        I highly doubt that. Never seen any bank to allow changing a business product to personal or vica versa.

      • Ann says:

        Lowest-tier personal account has a minimum balance of $1500 to avoid fees. Lowest-tier business account has a minimum balance of $500 to avoid fees. So it wouldn’t make sense to do that anyway.

  58. Ian says:

    9/20 opened with $1k moved from WF personnel account
    9/26 $300 posted

  59. Moe says:

    Husband opened account today.
    Banker was confused about the Article of Organization.
    So she needed help..
    About an hour due to that.
    Asked where did I got the code. Knew nothing about it..
    Very nice though..
    Deposit $3000.00
    North Carolina..

    Couldn’t have done it without you DOC!!

  60. David says:


    denied. the rep told me that the promo code is not affiliated with WF and that i dont have a business. gonna try another branch

  61. dan says:

    did the promo end/expire? DOC’s link didn’t show any

  62. Austin says:

    Bonus posted 4 days after deposit… awesome. Thanks!

    • Jim says:

      That was quick, thanks for the DP.

      Do you recall how the banker entered in your promo code? Did s/he manually type it in off your email/print out, etc.? I opened my account a few days ago, but between the business questions and reading off the disclosures, I don’t recall any more :/

      • Jim says:

        Just to follow up on my own question. Helped a family member open up an account and the banker explicitly typed in the promo code from our print-out.

        To be sure about my own account — I called up WF and they noted the promotion was attached to it.

        Furthermore, the bonus offer code is also printed out on the Business Account Application summary sheet my banker gave us at the conclusion of our visit

  63. NBG says:

    Was easy to open as sole proprietor. No documentation asked. Took 25 min. Will update when the bonus posts.

    Ended up introducing the banker to Northpointe :).

    • crab says:

      dang just looked it up myself. nice. i used to have the consumers credit union that was offering just over 5% if you spent a 1000 a month on their cc combined with checking making 12 purchases a month. they ended the promotional rate though soon after.

  64. XXX says:

    Anyone try to get the bonus more than once for multiple business’s?

    • Ken says:

      For more than one business? Plural? No, I haven’t seen anyone mention that yet. Every word that ends in S does not need an apostrophe 😉

    • VL says:

      +1. I really would like to know if anybody tried.
      Please share your experience.

      I am going there tomorrow and will try to open for 2 businesses. Will let you know how did it go.

      • JASON says:

        OMG, even in-branch offer now is churnable????

        • VL says:

          Nope, I have 2 legitimate businesses with EINs etc… so do not see why both of them can not take advantage of that promo… but would not mind to open another one for sole prop later.

      • Herry says:

        Please, keep us informed!

      • XXX says:

        Did you open 2 biz accounts? And if so, did they say whether you would receive bonus on each?

      • VL says:

        Ok.. the answer is NO.

        You can not get the bonus on 2 businesses which belong to the same person. Dealt with a very nice lady… she contacted marketing dept and they said “no”.

        The very first eligibility requirement
        “You cannot be: A current owner on a business checking account”

        According to them as soon as you open one (and they open all business accounts under your personal profile) that disqualifies you for the second.

        … on the good side – had no problems opening the account under the Sole Prop. The rep welcomed the idea of bringing in my SO to open the account of her own.

        Good Luck

  65. HL says:

    Florida sole prop. 30 minute meeting. Tried funding 500 with cc, denied. Funded with cash. Said it was a soft pull, no inquiry notification.

    • HL says:

      500 funding from ally ach went through on Tuesday. Bonus posted yesterday. Only a few debits have been completed so far

  66. tribesman55 says:

    Sole prop opened this morning in CA, was easy but they kept trying to ram the business CC down my throat which was annoying.

    Can I move $500 from my Wells Personal savings to the business checking to satisfy the deposit requirements?

  67. Dan says:

    I was able to credit card fund in branch. No limit they said but I only did the minimum $25 as I was afraid it would code as cash advance. Will reply when I know if it did.

  68. Tony says:

    Uh did anyone else have to provide proof of sole prop? Just tried opening an account and they said I need to bring verification that my biz is registered with the state.

    • Tribesman55 says:

      What state are you in?

    • Richard B says:

      That happened to my SO. I had him go to the branch today that I went to and they opened an account for him.

      If they say you need to provide verification, then I would pull up WF’s own terms on their website that say you do not need any supporting documents if your name is in the business.

      Name: Joe Smith
      Biz Name: Joe Smith Sales

      The first branch gave him a notary and wanted to send him off to the courthouse and pay $27 to register. Hmmmm…. probably the bank rep just didn’t know what he was doing.

    • HL says:

      Per there own guidelines on the website, sole props using your full name as the business name need nothing but proof of ID. My banker asked for 2 forms, I have drivers and a debit card.

    • BB says:

      I was watching the screen during my application today, and the banker was able to select not applicable for state registration.

      He was on the phone with corporate walking him through it, so it can’t be a requirement.

  69. sonia says:

    are you guys closing it immediately after the bonus or using it for MOs?

  70. Dave says:

    Any recent data on whether they pull Chex for business checking?

  71. M says:

    Went to open this today in IL. Was told I needed one of these documents (gave me a print out):

    Business License
    Certificate of assumed name
    Fictitious name statement
    Registration of trade name
    Other govment-agency issues document

    Even for sole prop. Dude knew about the bonus and lead with “this is about the bonus?”

    Where exactly are the terms I can refer to? Can’t see it on the offer page. Going to go to a different branch and try this.

    • Jeff G says:


      If the business name does not include the legal first and last name of the owner, you will need one of the following documents:

      Fictitious Name Certificate or Statement
      Certificate of Assumed Name
      Business License
      Registration of Trade Name

    • VL says:

      Here they are:

      expand sole prop:

      If the business name does not include the legal first and last name of the owner, you will need one of the following documents:

      Fictitious Name Certificate or Statement
      Certificate of Assumed Name
      Business License
      Registration of Trade Name

      For example: If the owner’s legal name is Jan Johnson, and the business name is Johnson Jewelers, you will need the additional documentation. However, if the business name is Jan Johnson Jewelers you will not.

      Good Luck

  72. JP says:

    When you make an appointment online do you input offer code there or leave it blank?

    • weedibix says:

      I put the offer code in online. The rep had the code prepopulated on the account opening forms when I came in, and gave me a sheet explaining the terms of the offer.

  73. glenn says:

    how long does it take to receive the promo code? Its been half an hour and I tried with 2 different emails

  74. Steve says:

    Not sure if this applies to every WF, but I had to pay the $25 in cash. No big deal but be sure to have cash with you if you want to avoid going to the WF ATM and paying fees like I had to. Otherwise it was a simple process however, it did take me 90 minutes as I must of had the friendliest WF banker ever who wanted to chat forever.

  75. glenn says:

    thanks Steve. Showed up around the 1 hour mark

  76. Superchurn says:


    wife opened this account in Portland, OR on 9/29/17. Banker allowed her to open it as a sole proprietorship without any business paperwork, as long as the business name included her first and last name.

    asked a bunch of questions about whether or not the business would be selling gift cards or money orders, which we thought was a little weird.

    but other than that, seems like smooth sailing

    • Ken says:

      For me in TX they asked several times about selling lottery tickets, cell phones or airtime, and cigarettes. Must be some special regulations per state.

  77. Justin says:

    The process was relatively easy to open a business account as a Sole Prop in Summerville, SC 9/29/17. I went inside the bank 15 minutes before closing and they were still gladly to help me. I stated that my business name was under my legal name. The banker was cool and he was able to get me a new account with no official business documents. I was out in 30 minutes. Awesome branch!

    I have initiated a money transfer from Ally and will update again when the bonus posts. Good luck everyone!

  78. Sully says:

    Opened Friday in CO with a DBA name registered with the state as a sole prop. Banker indicated a hard pull, due to merchant services associated with their business accounts, but I haven’t seen anything pop up on my credit as of today. Took about 45 minutes.

  79. Ken says:

    Well that was fast. I’ll try to get my wife to open one for herself, but she’s so against these things. $300 for 30 minutes of time is such a huge benefit though.

    9/26/17: Opened in branch
    9/29/17: Deposit posts
    10/2/17: $300 Bonus received

  80. NBG says:

    9/28/17 – Opened with $25 as SP.
    9/28/17 Deposit 500 in ATM as Cash
    10/2/17 – $300 bonus posted.

    Thanks DoC.

  81. Peddi says:

    Data Points:

    Used Barclay CashForward Master Card and Chase Freedom Card for the initial funding ($25) and both of them show as sale/purchase.

    9/29/17 – Opened with $25 Credit card funding.
    9/29/17 – Deposit 500 in Cash in the branch.
    10/2/17 – $300 bonus shows as pending deposits.

    How soon can I close the account?

    • arch says:

      No penalty for closing, I plan on closing immediately after bonus posts. This will restart the 12 month clock. Some people like to say you will get blacklisted but have no data points to back it up. I don’t believe it and anyway it’s Wells Fargo, ffs.

      • KP says:

        Yeah, I was going to ask about this, so I’m glad I read your comment. I don’t want to start being charged fees after the two months. Can you close over chat or do you have to go in branch?

        Also, I see this as reparations for very shady Wells Fargo practices. I will not feel bad about taking their $300.

  82. Dmitriy says:

    Was not able to open an account. Went to the nearest bank with all legit documents. And bank clerk after reviewing all papers said. It looks like you just had a personal account with us. And closed it recently ( less than 3 month). So I have to call upper management to ask about this situation and if it is possible to open a new business account for you. And I will call you back later with decision.

    Will try to go to the different bank may be month later.

  83. W says:


    9/23 – Opened account even though $25 cash went into checkings because of teller error.
    9/23 – Transferred $500 from Chase
    9/26 – $500 deposit posts
    10/2 – $300 bonus pending

    Too easy.

  84. arch says:

    Anybody closing their account yet after getting bonus?

  85. Kyle says:

    This looks like a great offer but I have some questions:

    I’ve never opened up a business checking account and considering this is done in branch, I’m sure there are going to be questions. So I can claim to be a “sole proprietor”? Maybe something along the lines of buying and reselling on ebay, which is something I want to pursue anyways.. Will this affect anything else such as taxes? I know I’ll have to pay tax on the bonus but does opening a business checking change other things?

    I’ve opened a total of 5 checking accounts in the past 3 months. One of these I had to do in branch because I got denied online. The girl who did so couldn’t understand why I got denied because everything looked good but did say she could see the amount of inquires. Not sure if opening another account would be a red flag due to the short time-frame.

    • MaLaCoiD says:

      You got this! You don’t have to file taxes on your small-time business idea unless you strike it rich or want to write off the expenses of failure.

      It’s business account, so previous personal accounts likely won’t be considered. Or if they are and you get denied, thank them for their time and the lollipop. I told the banker how I sell rainbow glasses at concerts, maybe making $80 a show.

      P.S. Applied same day as making appointment. Took 45 minutes because website had a glitch. I’m WF checking customer for 20 years. Applied Fri 09-27 and put in $500 from my personal checking. Bonus posted 10-02, same day I got my debit card.

  86. eclipsor says:

    Opened and funded with $500 check on 9/27, bonus posted today 10/2 on the 3rd biz day. Thanks WF!

  87. Jeff G says:

    9/29/17 Deposited $500 from local credit union
    10/2/17 $300 bonus pending

    Amazing fast

  88. Jimmy says:

    I feel cheated. Went to local branch, banker opened a business account for me (ok, so that part worked out). Logged in today and noticed it was a Business Simple account, not one of the other account types that earn the bonus. I called Wells Fargo and I got them to switch it to a qualifying account, but now they tell me they can’t enter the bonus code, that only the banker can do that. Having trouble getting the banker on the line….how would I escalate? branch manager I assume?

  89. Thom says:

    Same story as others:

    09/25 – Opened account
    09/28 – Pushed $505 from Chase
    10/02 – Transfer cleared
    10/04 – Bonus posted

    Easy peasy

  90. C says:

    How soon after bonus are people closing? Are they zeroing out the account first?

  91. Jake N says:

    Additional DP:

    9/26 – Opened in Las Vegas
    10/3 – $500 push from Ally posts
    10/5 – $300 bonus posts

    Easy peasy

  92. Eric J. Sanchez says:

    Just got done applying for this. Banker said there is another bonus coming out within the next month for $500, same requirements. He did mention that it may be targeted but maybe worth waiting.

  93. Dan says:

    9/28 – Opened in Sacramento
    10/4 – $500 push from Discover posts
    10/6 – $300 bonus posts

  94. Abe says:

    This might be one of the easiest $300 I will make. I just opened the account yesterday and it took the banker around 15 to 20 minutes to open, she even said that it was the fastest business checking account she has opened so far.

    At the time of opening I was a WF personal checking account holder so that may have influenced the speed a bit. I will initiate a push from the Amex Redcard account to the business checking and see how fast the bonus posts.

    This bonus is way easier and way less hassle than the HSBC $350 bonus I did last year.

  95. Sam says:

    Not sure if the repr was just clueless but when I went in today he told me that the bonus doesn’t start till Oct 11th and that I had to get an offer in the mail.

  96. Chris says:

    I opened an account on oct 2nd and deposited 500 as the initial deposit plus a 200 extra from a friend’s payment on oct 5th and til today I haven’t received the bonus yet.

    • NBG says:

      May be try depositing 500 as seperate (excluding initial deposit). You can also try withdraw and redeposit in ATM.
      Unless the banker didn’t attach the code.

  97. John says:

    Account opened, bonus posted in 5 business days.

    Here’s the question I have. It says above that the bus. accounts are fee free for 60 days with no early termination penalty – but goes on to give tips on avoiding the fee. Is there any reason to mess with doing 10 debits if we can just cancel within 60 days without a penalty?

    • VL says:

      If you cancel right away wf may blacklist you for any future. Accounts.
      I would just downgrade to their simple checking with $500 min. Keep 500 there for a few more months before closing just to make it look more realistic.

      • John says:

        That makes good sense to me….how long would you wait until downgrading and if it’s fee free to 60 days, any reason to jump on doing those debits right away?

        • VL says:

          No need to jump. Just do it fee days before the second cycle closes. There is no hard rule dor how long to keep it after that but i would try to make it look reasonable.

          Good luck.

          • John says:

            Thank you – following up but since there’s no fee for 60 days, we don’t need do the debits (or whatever method we choose) until the 3rd month ?

      • Are there DPs for folks being blacklisted?

      • Duke I says:

        I opened a personal checking in April 2017 and closed it soon after receiving the bonus. Opened the business checking without any problems, received the bonus and closed the account 10/29/17.

  98. sirtheta says:

    Adding to the chorus of DPs:
    opened 9/29
    deposited MO 10/06 (on hold for ~9 business days)
    bonus posted 10/10

  99. Dave C says:

    Another deal not available in the great state of LA.

  100. Marty says:

    Opened my account in CA, for a sole proprietorship, using your own name as the business name, only requirement was two forms of ID

  101. M says:

    DP and a request:

    – Business is landlord/rentals. Went through the steps and said the only account they could create for landlord/rental properties (my legit business), by law, was a business savings since we will be keeping deposits in that account (other people’s money). Didn’t want to argue so said thank you and left.

    – Now the request: She created a profile with all my personal info. I called today to ask her to delete all my info from their system since I am not opening an account. She refuses saying info will stay and “you signed that you are giving us this info.” I singed no such thing. Only thing I signed said all the info you have given us is correct. How do I proceed with this? Is there a way to get them to delete my info off their records, given the shenanigans they’ve pulled the the past?

  102. ChurningFast says:

    Easiest 300 ever!

    10/12- Opened with $100 deposit, took about 25 mins
    10/12-$500 transfer initiated from PNC
    10/16- $500 posts
    10/18-$300 Bonus pending

    I didn’t even need to show them any id. Just did it with the WF debit card for the personal account I opened for a $150 bonus. Since I opened the personal one online, I never showed a real id for that either. So now I have two accounts with them without ever conclusively proving I am who I say I am. Good reason to run after both bonuses hit.

    • Ken says:

      You supplied your SS#, address, etc which is all verifiable. They don’t need to see your physical ID to confirm your identity, almost no bank does.

      • TJ says:

        I’m a branch manager for a big bank and we absolutely have to verify two forms of ID to comply with federal laws for KYC and AML laws. One has to be government issued with photo ID (DL, passport etc). If just a SSN and address etc were ok that would be a scary world with all these data breaches or even a family member saying their someone they’re not.

        • Ken says:

          Yeah, I forgot to mention that they already confirmed his identity when he opened the first bank since he used his WF debit card that they presumably required his ID for when he opened the earlier account. I’ve never had a bank NOT require ID for opening an account unless I already have a current account with them.

          • ChurningFast says:

            I meant I never showed them a physical id. When I opened the earlier (personal) account online, the id verification didn’t involve any id questions either. I did give an id number, but that was from an old state id which I no longer use (live in a different state now). For all I know, I can do the same for any other person if I manage to get hold of their SSN and address. The id number can be random, if they don’t check it anyway. I don’t believe they can check if an id number belongs to a person without getting a copy of their actual id.

          • Ken says:

            Wow, so you never once had to show them a physical ID to open a checking/savings account? Nothing with your picture on it? When I did my Biz checking I used an out of state ID since we’d just moved, but they still required a physical ID.

  103. mark says:

    Great post William. Thanks you.

    I read through most of the comments, but didn’t find an answer to my question.

    I opened a business checking account today. The banker said the system shows pre-approved for a credit card. He insisted there will be no hard pull if I proceed with the cc application. Is he correct? The pre-approval is valid till the 11th.

  104. Syed says:

    Account termination DP: Was able to close the account via secure message with no problem. No AT fee either. Easy bonus.

  105. Austin Auclair says:

    I can do this if i recently got the bonus for a normal checking account or no?

  106. Johnny Walker says:

    No go at my local WF, got some hogwash about having to be registered as a business with the county, which then the bank can cross reference with the County’s database

  107. dave says:

    Anybody receive the bonus in the past week?

    Opened 10/16 with $500 initial deposit and didn’t get the bonus yet.

  108. Dominique says:

    Positive DP:

    Opened 10/4
    DD hit 10/18
    $300 bonus posted 10/20

    All 3 members of my household were able to do this. Applied as a sole proprietor with no formal business or paperwork to speak of. PNC and Union Bank work for the direct deposit requirement.

    Each appointment at the branch took about 45 minutes. Made appointments online in advance.

    Funded each account with just $25 in cash in branch. This was at a branch in Southern California. Was told that credit card funding in branch would have been a cash advance, so that I gladly passed on that.

    If you want to do this bonus, I recommend that you do it this week and not wait until December as my branch had cards on the table saying that this bonus would only be valid until the end of October. My printout of the bonus requirements online however did say that the offer was supposed to last until the end of December. I gave the banker my paperwork so that she could look into this further.

    An easy $300 I would say though. Thanks, Doc. Never had a business checking account before. Also, no hard pull. Haven’t been charged any fees for the account as of yet.

  109. Jay says:

    opened 10/16
    did a mobile check deposit 10/18
    still no bonus yet..
    is it because mobile deposits don’t count? should I do another $500 deposit?

  110. Boost says:

    Went to local branch to open acct as sole proprietorship in my own name. They wouldn’t open account without some documentation such as articles of incorporation, business license, etc. None of this should have been required. Realizing this was a dead end I left and drove 20 minutes to another branch. There they opened the account with no issue. Took about 35 minutes.

    Opened acct 10/2. Was told they do a hard pull, but no pull at all has shown up and it’s been three weeks.
    Deposited $500 check a couple of days later.
    Bonus was deposited into the account less than a week later.
    Transferred entire balance from account using Zelle (no fee).
    Requested account closure by secure mail. Received a response that the account will be closed within 4 days as the Zelle transfer is pending.

    Easy. Thanks!

  111. tribeman55 says:

    From the recent DPs looks like bonuses aren’t posting quickly anymore?

  112. KP says:

    10/13/17 – Opened account
    10/20/17 – Transferred $570.00 from CO360
    10/27/17 – $300 bonus posted.

    Will close account when I’m back from vacation in December.

  113. Richard says:

    10/2 Account opened
    10/19 $500 posted from BMO Harris transfer
    10/27 Still no bonus

    Will try Ally next…

  114. Ferris says:

    Is Wells Fargo MO sensitive? I can only think of one reason to keep the account open – lowering to the lowest Business checking account, which requires $500 balance to waive fees and depositing MO’s. I haven’t done MO’s before, but wondering if it is a good throwaway account?

    • Peter says:

      My experience, they are super MO friendly. Been using it as one of my banks to deposit MOs since the beginning of the year when I get the $250 personal checking bonus.

  115. Vi says:

    10/27 Opened Business Choice Checking account yesterday in person with the code generated in email, deposited initial $50. Will update when I deposit $500 and receive bonus.

  116. Dan says:

    10/2 – Opened and deposited $25 cash.
    10/25 – Transferred $500 from Alliant.
    10/27 – $300 bonus posted.

  117. Chap says:

    Dead? I have gotten this error all day today when trying to sign up (two different states and zips). Both in Chrome and FF.

    There was an issue during signup. Please check Bonus Offer Code availability.

    • Saturn says:

      This cannot be dead. Official expiration is 12/31. They also have a limited number of flyers in their branches for “outreach” which expire soon, 10/31. You must have hit a snag online, keep trying.

    • Rumpelstiltskin says:

      Try your cell. I got the same error message for four days on my laptop using Chrome, Explorer and Firefox. I finally tried my cell with the browser that comes with the phone, and it worked the first time.

  118. dizzy says:

    Sweet, sweet bonus. Worth the 45 min to go in (granted, I applied in the Philly broad street branch which is a historic Beaux-Arts building complete with a gilded Wells Fargo wagon). I was super lazy to link accounts (Cap One is on my WF, from the checking, but not vice versa) and pulled from my Cap One 360 instead of pushing. Still worked!

    Opened: 10/20 $25
    Pulled: 10/20 $501
    Deposited: 10/25 $501
    Bonus posted: 10/27 $300

  119. RM says:

    The terms and conditions for this bonus are a bit confusing. Even though the T&Cs state that a “cumulative” $500 deposit is required for bonus eligibility — which seems to suggest that you can just deposit $500 at account opening, Wells Fargo’s computers seem to be programmed to ignore the first, opening deposit in determining bonus eligibility. In other words, one should open the account with $25, and *then* deposit $500 in a day or two. The people who did not get their bonus right away (including me) seem to be the ones who tried to deposit $500 immediately at account opening. Depositing $500 after account opening fixes the problem. Bonus received with a few hours of making the second $500 deposit.

  120. LNK says:

    Got the Bonus a while back

    I am self employed so no direct deposit for me.

    I am going to keep this Business account because of the DirectPay ($10 a month + 0.5 per transaction) feature is very handy and have been able to successful trigger Chase and MTB direct deposit requirements. (Chase and MTB seems to cracking down on ACH these days)

    I also just did BOA $300 bonus with $4000 direct pay, will see whether that works too.

    Will stop the service after I done with all the DD requirements and restart whenever I need it again.

    • Jim says:

      Very interesting — mind clarifying how the Direct Pay works to simulate DD’s? What distinguishes a deposit from Direct Pay from a regular PPD deposit from a brokerage firm? Presumably Direct Pay uses PPD, too.

      Are you allowed to choose the title for each deposit? Say, DoC Corporations, and the exact amount, pretty easily? No need for deductions and such, hopefully?

      And can we disable Direct Pay after a month and re enable on an as needed basis?


  121. Amanda says:

    Yeah! thanks for the post Doc! I was looking to open a business account so this was good timing.

    10/24 opened account and deposited a check for my business for over 5K
    10/31 – $300 bonus posted

    I am sole proprietor and since only my last name is in my business I needed to register my business name. I have been in business for over 20 years, but never needed to register my business name. luckily, I could do it online for a $10 fee and it was instantaneously registered in my state. I just printed out the paper with the trade name registration and it worked. This paperwork should help me when I open other business accounts for bonuses too.

  122. Ash says:

    Opened account on Oct 26th with $500 initial deposit. Got the bonus today.

  123. CBM says:

    Opened: 10/6 opened an account as SP with $25 (I do have a biz)
    Cash deposit: 10/11 $600
    Push: 10/20 $550

    Called Bank: 10/23 called WF to order checks (I intend to keep the account), and found out the banker from branch never attached the code to my account at the opening; I went to branch again, to correct it.

    Bonus: 10/27 $300 posted

  124. Leah says:

    DP – opened as sole proprietor, used SSN, no business paperwork, used my full name in the business name

    10/19 account opened
    10/25 completed 10th debit transaction
    10/26 $300 bonus posted

    All of the debit transactions were small purchases and a few were from vending machines. Can’t believe how quick and easy this was.

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