Posted by William Charles on January 26, 2017
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Published on January 26th, 2017 | by William Charles


Wells Fargo $250 Checking Bonus Working For Everybody

Back in early January we were the first to post about a potential $250 checking bonus from Wells Fargo. At the time I cautioned readers that the offer might be targeted due to the following language:

  • This is an exclusive, nontransferable offer.

That being said, this language is not actually included the actual qualification requirements in the fine print and it’s not included in any of the documentation after signing up (other qualification requirements are included). Several readers have now successfully received their $250 bonuses, so I now feel comfortable recommending this bonus to readers even if they didn’t receive any official communication from Wells Fargo. All that being said, your own experiences may differ.

Because of how good this bonus is (soft pull, $250 bonus and there is no direct deposit requirement) we’ve added it to our list of the best checking promos. In fact it’s currently sitting at #1.

109 Responses to Wells Fargo $250 Checking Bonus Working For Everybody

  1. Darv says:

    Had the wife sign up for this last weekend because I’m not eligible (six months). Read that some had issues opening account with credit card or delays, so used external checking to fund. Account did not fund, so manually set up transfer from new Wells checking for initial $25 deposit. Also from what I read, won’t get debit card until account funded. Set up payroll deposit for her to get bonus. Will report back. Advice: be persistent and diligent in getting this open/approved funded. Oh–and if approved, call in to be verified for online setup.

  2. Teng says:

    seems like it is not available nationwide…. at least not in VT.

  3. Erik says:

    Already have checking account with Wells Fargo. Anyone know if possible to open a second checking account to get the bonus?

  4. Peter says:

    Looks like this is geographically limited. When I put in my zip code (In Kentucky) I get an error message when I click through to start an application, but when I put in a different zip code (in Ohio), it goes through fine.

  5. TJ says:

    Got my bonus days after opening account. Wasn’t targeted. Great bonus.

  6. Got my bonus 10 days after opening…and closed that day. Waiting for next year!!

  7. David Lyle says:

    I got my bonus today after making 10 0.5$ amazon reloads last week.

  8. savemesf says:

    William, since a lot of us will have WF online access now ha ha, any advice for applying / getting approved for the Propel AmEx 40K offer?

    • Frito Pendejo says:

      I just went to a branch today after getting no the checking account bonus and asked about this offer. The banker didn’t recognize it and just looked at the online offers. I will try another branch at some point.

      • savemesf says:

        Frequent Miler still has an affiliate link for the 40K bonus, so if you set up WF Online for the checking account you can apply online. But I seem to recall WF can be stingy about CC approvals.

        I was planning on leaving $1,500 in the checking for a month or so and then applying. Any recent data points appreciated.

  9. Le says:

    So this is for the Everyday Checking. Is the Preferred Checking also non-targeted? vs

  10. SD says:

    Opened my account online. Got my $250 bonus exactly 7 days after receiving $500 direct deposit from work. I’m in PA in case it matters.

  11. Zoom says:

    Not available where I am in MA

  12. keith says:

    Im pretty sure this is not nationwide, i put in my zip code in Massachusetts and it gives me an error when i try to sign up.

  13. Mo says:

    I applied in OH, and initially got approved with an email stating that the bonus is connected.
    But after a few days, I got both an email and hard mail stating that I need to apply in branch.
    So I think its still YMMV.

  14. Rudy says:

    Not working in MA zip code so I used my previous zip in NJ and now application is “conditional approval” with something to verify.

    Hope the best they will allow me to do it.

    • Aaron says:

      I thought about doing this, accessing the application using a CO zip, but stopped when the disclosures included “Your account will be subject to Colorado terms and conditions and governed by Colorado law.”

      Best of luck on your application.

    • W says:

      Did this work for you?

    • Aaron says:

      I applied on 1/26 using a CT zip code to access the application and my MA zip code on the application itself. I just received an email notification that my account has been opened.

      • Louis says:

        Hi Aaron,

        I believe I am in the same situation as you.
        Were you able to get the bonus?


        • Aaron says:

          I just got confirmation that my opening deposit went through yesterday. I called WF today to set up my online banking account. I’m going to establish a direct deposit from my pay. It’ll be at least a couple weeks until I know if I get the bonus.

      • Aaron says:

        Update: I accessed the application for this account with at CT zip code and applied using my MA zip code on 1/26. My opening deposit went in on 2/7. I made a transfer from Ally, which coded as a direct deposit, on 2/14. The bonus was applied on 2/16.

  15. Michael says:

    On previous post, William stated there was no household limit listed. Has anyone had success with this? I opened an account for myself. I was going to pull the trigger for my wife either way but was curious if any DPs are out there.

  16. Bryan Mayer says:

    I currently have a WF “Way2Save” checking & savings account. Can I still get this bonus or does that count as ‘existing consumer checking account?”

  17. Deb says:

    I’m confused on the requirements. The ones listed in the original post do not say “either” so it looks to me it requires both 10 transactions and a direct deposit but the write up says no direct deposit. Either way I’ll still try this but just want to be clear on what is required. I’m not sending $500 to the account if it’s not necessary. Can anyone help me understand better? Thanks ahead of time.

  18. john mccann says:

    Again,not in MO.

  19. ElGuapo says:

    Was originally targeted, got temporary debit card at branch after receiving account number by mail. Put 10 small transactions on the card in the grocery self-checkout the same day. 250 credited to account the very next day. Withdrew the 250 and closed the account two days later, no problem.

  20. Jay says:

    I went into a branch and was told it WAS targeted and I couldn’t get it without the code on a piece of mail!

    • Jenny says:

      kinda similar to “dont call the bank”. Just go with the data points and apply online.

      • VK says:

        I went to the branch with the printout, insisting it was somehow e-mailed to me. The person attending to me followed up with marketing and got some approvals and a code.
        Guess my guy was hungry for new business 🙂 I am in MD.

  21. Priyam says:

    Can I close this account as soon as the bonus is posted?

  22. Martin says:

    Funded with $500 DD from Serve. Initial $25 ach from bank didn’t go through so set one up with popmoney. Got the bonus a day later. This must be the sweetest and most convenient bonus ever.

  23. Steve says:

    Does WF match if you (impatiently) signed up for the $100 offer a few weeks back?

  24. Bill says:

    I applied on 1/22 and got an email saying “We have received your application: Action Required” and “Your application has been conditionally approved subject to verification of the information you’ve provided. Your new account will be eligible to receive a bonus offer.” Nothing from them since. Not too concerned yet, especially with all the positive DPs here.

    Since September I have opened accounts with Amalgamated, US Bank, Hancock, Tiaa-Cref, Regions and hopefully Wells Fargo very soon. Had to prod both Amalgamated and US Bank to pay up — the others are still percolating.

    • Alex says:

      I received the same email and applied on the 19th…nothing further from Wells Fargo yet

    • LmS says:

      I too applied got an email that said I was conditionally approved still nothing yet.

    • kt says:

      same here. also applied on 1/22 and got an email saying “conditionally approved”. nothing since then. the email said I should received the sign card within 3 biz days, so far nothing in the mail. weird.

      • Vijay says:

        I also got the conditional email and later on within a week I saw the account shows up online. I believe you don’t need to worry about as it will get approved. It’s just that you’ll receive a form where you need to make sure to sign and mail it back to them.

        • Evan says:

          How did you check? Did you already have an account with them. Many people like me don’t, and it seems there’s no way to check as they don’t answer the phone.

    • Schmekel says:

      Same here. Conditionally approved a week ago, no word since.
      I funded via Chase cc – perhaps that’s the problem?

    • Evan says:

      Any luck for people that got conditionally approved after the 20th? Anyone eventually hearing back from them?

      • Michael says:

        I had same situation – applied on 1/26 with same message. Still have not heard or seen anything from them. My mortgage is with WF and I used my login info during the application and it’s not showing up in my account summary either (I’ve seen that it has for some others).

        I funded with Chase Sapphire Reserve…wondering if that held up something possibly. No pending charge on the Reserve. I am going to continue to wait it out, but getting antsy…

        • Michael says:

          Update: I finally received an email on 2/6 welcoming me to Wells Fargo and today I received my debit card. Just made 10 Amazon loads…I’ll see when bonus posts.

          • Michael says:

            Amazon loads cleared on 2/13. Bonus posted on 2/15.

            After initial wait, this was a super easy bonus. Thanks Doc!

    • B says:

      Finally got 4 emails today welcoming me to Wells Fargo. One says the debit card will arrive in 5-7 days. None of the emails tells me what my account number is so I will have to call them or just wait to see what comes in the mail.

  25. Alex says:

    I currently have an account with them since 5 years. I never got any bonus.
    Can I just close my account and open it again to get it after a day or a week?

  26. Linda Marshall says:

    Does Wells Fargo match offers? I just recently signed up for same offer in December but for only $100 bonus which I haven’t yet received. Anyone have any luck getting WF to match in a situation like this?

    • steve says:

      I tried. They’ll only do it if you were targeted.

      “A unique, six-digit code will be assigned to each customer included in
      this campaign.

      If you have received a direct mail piece or email, you will be eligible
      for this offer.”

  27. JP says:

    Its been 4 says since my SO was “approved” when applying online and screen displayed account number to her as well. Called in today to check status and they couldn’t even locate the app. Anyone else had that happened?

    Is the app cancelled automatically even though it showed account number? This was second app btw since first one they had to withdraw due to cc not processing.

  28. Vijay says:

    I confirm that this past year 12/31 I opened an account with $100 ATM bonus and then saw this offer during 1st or 2nd week of January. Hence went ahead and closed the old account I opened on 12/31 since the fine print clearly says JUST that I shouldn’t have received a bonus in the past 12 mos. Opened a new checking account online by using the $250 link and did an ACH transfer of $500 and my $250 bonus got posted this morning 1/27.

    Initially I ran by this offer with my local banker and he said he will not be able to match that as he doesn’t see any offer code to put in and they are also not sure how it works but I know how it works and got the $250…whoever is looking for this info…here you go…

    • Prathap says:

      you said you opened an account on 12/31/16 with a $100 bonus and then closed this account within few weeks to open the account with $250 offer how does it qualify as it is not 12 months before you could qualify..can you please clarify as i have similar issue.

  29. barry brown says:

    rec. bonus immediately after using my Debit card 10x yesterday!! Used it 4x in ShopRite at self checkout for 2,3,1.1.50 charges. Unusual screen appears each time “choose visa debit or WF debit.” Then used 3x at Acme grocery for 1/2/2.50 charges. Bought a coffee at DD and did a separate charge for a donut. Then aa gallon of milk (2.73)at Rite aid. Checked the acct last PM and 250 deposited!! I guess their making up for their cheating ways!

  30. Scoot says:

    Applied late last night in Southern California. Was “conditionally approved” and packet expected to arrive in 3 business days. Waiting to see what happens from here.

  31. Vj says:

    Anyone know the promocode when u apply in bank? Called up the bank and they need promocode

  32. Pablo says:

    Anyone know what’s up with Amazon’s payment options? After adding my Wells Fargo debit card to the list, I followed the instructions on how to Opt Out of PIN-less Debit

    and I do not see the check box “Processed as a debit card” anywhere at all. This is quite strange because I know I’ve done this many times before on different cards but I’m not sure why I’m not seeing it for this debit card? Did Amazon move anything around recently?

    • sirtheta says:

      I don’t know the answer to your question, but I do know that I had no idea this was possible and just used my debit card w/ Amazon as you would a credit card and got the $100 WF bonus no problem.

  33. AE says:

    Said cannot process – have to go into a branch…

  34. Jan B says:

    Went into branch and was flat turned down (although nicely). I mean she went right to the crux of the matter with no email/mail invitation.

    She advised the time to time ATM promotions could be an option.

    Sad because my DH approved this one for me with no DD.

  35. crowderd says:

    Applied 1/26/2017
    Approval email rec’d 2/7/2017
    Debit card rec’d 2/11/2017
    Made 10 Amazon gc purchases for $1 ea 2/13/2017
    $250 bonus posted 2/15/2017!

  36. David B says:

    Can confirm Discover Savings to WF triggered the bonus, even though showed up as P2P in description.

  37. Adam D says:

    Cap360 triggered the $250 bonus, 2 days after it posted as a “Direct Deposit” on description. I signed up before targeted language.

  38. Brian K says:

    Opening deposit 1/18. 10 Venmos of $.01 – $.10 (so I could keep track) triggered the $250. Sent those on 2/14, cleared 2/16, bonus posted as pending this morning 2/21.

  39. crowderd says:

    I just checked my Amazon gc account. Only 1 of the 10 $1 gc purchases is showing on my gc account even though WF shows all 10 transactions and the $10 has been taken from the account. Any suggestions on what to do?

  40. VM says:

    My SO and I opened this account on Jan 26th under this promotion, got the bonus and have kept the account open since then. Only transactions really have been $55 DD in and then tfr out to avoid monthly fee. Today I logged in to see my transactions and it shows my account and my SO’s account are closed but it doesnt say anything else.

    I have never had prior relationship with Wells Fargo and have not done any transaction other than DD in and tfr out – so not sure whats going on. Sent them a message and will update if I hear back.

    I am ok with account being closed as I would have closed it anyways, but them just closing the account without and correspondence is little scary

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