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Credit Card Offers

Published on January 27th, 2017 | by Chuck


Walmart Credit Card up to $100 Signup Bonus

The Offer

Direct Link

Walmart is offering two separate bonuses for online card applicants:

  • Get a $75 Walmart e-gift card
  • Get 10% off your purchases, max $25

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 11.35.12 PM

The Fine Print

$75 Gift Card Offer

  • To qualify for this offer you must apply and be approved for a consumer Walmart Credit Card account online at; this offer is not available in store
  • The eGift Card will be sent by to the email address entered on the application within 7-12 business days; applicants who do not receive a credit decision the day they apply but are later approved will be sent a $75 Walmart eGift Card to the email address entered on the application by within 10-15 business days from the date your account is approved
  • Offer valid through 11:59 PM ET, Friday January 27, 2017

$25 Statement Credit Offer

  • To qualify for this offer you must {i} apply and be approved for a consumer Walmart Credit Card account in-store or online at; and {ii} make a purchase the same day you open your account (excluding cash advances, gift card sales, money orders, and gas purchases)
  • Applicants who do not receive a credit decision the day they apply but are later approved, will receive a 10% certificate in their credit card package
  • For in-store approved applicants, certificate must be scanned at time of checkout and purchases must be made using your temporary shopping pass in the store in which you applied
  • For online approved applicants, purchases must be made online
  • A credit to the account will appear within 1-2 billing periods after the qualifying purchase is made
  • Offer is valid for newly opened accounts only and each account is eligible for only one 10% offer; purchase of $250 required for maximum savings of $25

Our Verdict

The Walmart credit card used to be totally uninteresting, but they did add last year a 3% earn rate for purchases. It’s obviously no big deal for most of us, but if there is a someone or a business who regularly spend large amounts of money on, the card might make sense.

With this offer, you’ll get a $75 Walmart gift card, plus another 10% back on your first shopping (max $25) for a total of up to $100 back.

It’s certainly a step up for their regular offer of a 2-liter bottle of soda, though that offer did vary from Dr. Pepper in 2015 to Pepsi in 2016. Card is issued by Synchrony Bank.

Hat tip to Fatwallet

24 Responses to Walmart Credit Card up to $100 Signup Bonus

  1. Dukie02 says:

    I value the 2 liter bottle and free pumpkin from last November at $145, so this is a much weaker offer to me! That pumpkin could be churned into lots of bake sale items. /s

  2. Vincent says:

    I think they were through, with us making fun of them and made their offer up to something worth looking over

  3. wwllmm says:

    mountain dew and I’m in for 7.

  4. J says:

    I wonder if this signup bonus still applies to folks like me who already have a Walmart card and try to get a second one.

  5. tbradnc says:

    Better than a poke in the eye

  6. Ian says:

    FYI, the Walmart MasterCard is issued by Synchrony Bank.

  7. mark says:

    its 50 now

  8. Julia says:

    If walmart offered macaroni and cheese boxes, i would probably sign up today. But this is still a good offer! $75 is not laying on the road every day, so it is worth looking at!

  9. stevej123 says:

    Signed up on 1/27, approved on 1/28(had to call in), received $75 egiftcard via email on 2/3…..still awaiting credit card. piece of cake……

  10. MFreeman says:

    I signed up and was approved on 1/26. Got my credit card today 2/3 but still waiting on my gift card!

  11. Anne says:

    I am still waiting for my $75 e gift card too, I got the credit card but still waiting for other

  12. Gino says:

    Could someone please post a screenshot of the $100 gift card offer. I was declined on Jan 28 when I applied, but they ended up approving me on Feb 3. I got rid of the screenshot since I wasn’t approved. Thank you.

  13. Gino says:

    Sorry, I meant $75 gift card.

  14. sam4875 says:

    Applied on line but was not immediately approved. Was instructed to call in. Called in the following day and was approved. Received the $75 egiftcard via email within a couple of days.. Received credit card about a week later. Surprisingly the card was attached to the certificate for 15% off(not 10%) on your next in store purchase. Received PIN number a couple of day later……not sure what that is for. Do you need a pin number to make a Walmart CC purchase?

  15. MFreeman says:

    I still have yet to get my egift card! Tomorrow will be the 12th business day. Guess I will have to call them but not sure who to call.

  16. Ersh says:

    I applied on 1.28 at 10 pm etc.. got card no gc yet .. it was showing 75$ e gc on 1.28

    • MFreeman says:

      I had to end up calling Walmart credit customer service. The number should be on the back of your credit card. They told me it should be in my email some time today and if not to call them back. Hopefully it will be in there and I don’t have to keep calling them.

  17. Ersh says:

    I have got the gc from Wm internal email ID. it was hiding in my inbox

  18. angel says:

    Freeman they told me the same thing a month ago i never got anything and i just can’t wait 2hrs on the phone again its not worth it

    • MFreeman says:

      Yeah I never got mine either. I called again and they told me they sent a request to (because the promotion is given by and it can take up to two billing cycles for to get back with the credit card department! Then he also told me I would probably end up just getting a $75 credit on my credit card statement instead of the giftcard. He was nice enough to give me a $25 credit on my statement though.

  19. Ersh says:

    Search in ur inbox, junk, spam folders .. you should have got an email from .. I hope you’ll find it.

  20. vosche2 says:

    The partnership between Walmart and Synchrony is a scam to get online customers to open an Credit Card account with Synchrony witht the promise of a gift card reward/incentive that never materializes. No matter how many times you call Walmart credit card services or the Bank, neither of them are willing to work with you the customer. You get transferred back and forth over the phone with the claim from both sides that the gift card promo isnt their responsibility respectively. Trying to work with someone via email gets the same results. Same result after working with chat agent through website chat feature. This is why I never activated my card and demanded my account be closed with the option to receive mailed proof of the closure of the account. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!! from both a bank and partnered Walmart. I hope lots of people see this and close their existent account with Synchrony and/or never open one if considering doing business with this bank.

    This bank was associated with at one point but their customer service at the time and promos were honored and easier to work with at that time. Obviously amazon had means to make the bank stand behind its partnership with them. Looks like that relationship is now broken with Walmart in place of amazon where now neither think they should take responsibility for honoring promos. the auto-attendant never gives the option to close the account or speak to an agent for either the bank or walmart. if you say customer service agent enough the system all of a sudden allows you to state why you want this dept. if you say “close my account” the auto-attendant responds saying it can close your account with the option to receive mail confirmation.

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