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Published on November 26th, 2016 | by William Charles


[Expired] [OR, WA only] Columbia Credit Union $100 Checking Bonus – No Direct Deposit

This offer has expired, but there are lots more great checking promos here.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $100
  • Availability: Must Live or work in Washington State or the Oregon community of Clackamas, Marion, Multnomah or Washington Counties
  • Direct deposit required: No
  • Additional requirements: See below
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft. Now a report of a hard pull. Seems to be soft in branch and hard online.
  • ChexSystems: Unknown 
  • Credit card funding: Can fund up to $2,500 with a credit card
  • Monthly fees: None
  • Early account termination fee: None listed
  • Expiration date: December 31st, 2016

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Columbia Credit Union are offering a $100 bonus when you open a new checking account and complete the followng requirements:
    • Add a debit card
    • Add online banking
    • Enroll in eStatements

The Fine Print

  • Qualifying E-Services must be enrolled by 12/31/2016 on the Columbia CU member’s personal checking account with an active status.
  • Member must be 18 or older as of 12/31/2016.
  • E-Services cannot be associated with fiduciary titled checking such as UTTMA, Trust, Estate, Rep Payee etc.
  • Business accounts are not eligible.
  • $100 E-Services Reward: Only available to members who enroll in E-Services on their first Columbia CU checking, E-Services on subsequent or existing checking do not qualify for E-Services Reward.
  • Checking can’t be overdrawn and loans can’t be delinquent at the time of Reward fulfillment.
  • Better Move Rewards cannot be combined with other Rewards offers.
  • Live or work in Washington State or the Oregon community of Clackamas, Marion, Multnomah or Washington Counties? Join us.
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

Their totally free checking account does not have any monthly fees. I wasn’t able to find an early account termination fee in the fee schedule.

Our Verdict

Good bonus as there is no direct deposit required and no hard pull. There are also no monthly fees to worry about as well so that’s great. Because of all of this we’ve added this to our best checking bonus page.

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33 Responses to [Expired] [OR, WA only] Columbia Credit Union $100 Checking Bonus – No Direct Deposit

  1. Ill find out Monday as i plan on doing this….there’s one by work!

  2. Wondering says:

    What’s this mean?

    “A Must Have: grab the code listed in the ad sending you here. You’ll use it so we can track your Reward eligibility!”

  3. Rowan says:

    The promo page seems to indicate we’d need to give them some sort of code… Anyone have any insight on where to find that? The language makes me wonder if it’s a targeted offer?

    “A Must Have: grab the code listed in the ad sending you here. You’ll use it so we can track your Reward eligibility!”

  4. Superchurn says:

    This offer is very confusing, at least their site is. Is there a specific promo code to use? Their main page lists it as “BetterWeb” it seems.

  5. Rowan says:

    Called bank customer service and they said an in-branch application is just a soft pull but applying online requires a hard inquiry. Now that I’m in the branch the person opening the account for me says they don’t do any credit inquiry and just look at Chex and some sort of federal government terrorist database.

  6. Rowan says:

    Oh and they said no specific promo code is required nor is it a targeted offer – just tell the rep that you want to open the account with the bonus. I believe the fine print on the promo page actually mentions that there’s no code required for an online application.

  7. directore says:

    code is: BetterWeb

  8. David Hanson says:

    Can anyone confirm that they *did* receive a hard pull by applying online?

  9. Jork says:

    Used Credit Card for initial deposit of 2500. No cash advance, BOFA.

  10. Anita says:

    The link goes to a page that mentions other bonuses, but nothing for a checking account??? Do you think the offer has been pulled?

  11. Gmoney says:

    Just opened this. I put in $2500 for cc funding yesterday, but they emailed me today saying it can only be up to $500 at this time. (Citi Double Cash, cash advance set to zero).

  12. Gmoney says:

    Also, the offer says you need to add Bill Pay as well, so you may want to add that to the requirements at the top.

    “Add free debit card, online banking, bill pay and e-statement to your new checking by Dec 31. Earn $100. Plus, your E-Services qualify you for loan Rewards below!”

  13. Anita says:

    I ALSO just got an email saying the initial deposit limit is $500, asking if I wanted to continue with my application with that limit. I said Yeah you betcha…. I’ll post when I learn if it attempted a cash advance or a went thru as a purchase. (My cash advance limit is set to $200).

  14. wei says:

    Applied online yesterday. It’s definitely a hard pull (equifax). Also received an email today saying they’re mailing me a letter, so I assume at this point it’s a deny. I’ve had quite a few chex pulls this year, so I’m not surprised.

  15. Superchurn says:

    Any DP on CC funding in branch? I’d love to squeeze an extra $2500 onto my Citi DC

  16. Rowan says:

    Update: Wife and I simultaneously opened separate accounts in-branch 11/28/16 with $1 plus the $5 membership fee. Neglected to ask about CC funding. The representative helped get us signed into their e-banking system (I don’t recall if she specifically had us activate online bill pay but FWIW no additional steps were necessary to use it when I just logged back into my account for the first time today.) $100 bonus was deposited in both accounts on 12/14/16.

  17. Gmoney says:

    Anybody else get their bonus yet? I see Rowan did. Terms say they have till 1/31/17 to credit the $100 E services bonus but just want to see if anybody else received it yet.

    I opened mine on 12/6/16 but no bonus yet.

    • Gmoney says:

      Forgot to update this…I never received my bonus by 1/31 so I called them on 2/1. They investigated and determined I was eligible, and they credited me the bonus on 2/2.

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