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Credit Cards

Published on April 25th, 2016 | by William Charles


View Your Pre-Approved & Pre-Qualified Credit Card Offers

Most credit card issuers now allow you to view cards that you’ve been pre-approved for online. Here is a full list of issuers that do allow this, along with the relevant websites/contact information.

Being pre-qualified or pre-approved doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be approved.

Just because you’ve been pre-approved/pre-qualified, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be approved, credit card issuers will do a hard pull on your credit report before they approve you and if your circumstances have changed you might be denied for a card they’ve pre-qualified you for. Click here to find out what these terms actually mean.

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For those just wanting the links, here is the short list. Keep reading on for more information on all of the pre-qualifaction finders.

American Express

You can find out if you have “any special offers waiting for you” by going to then clicking card offers and entering your full name, address and the last four digits of your social security number. You can view this page by:

  • Click “cards” in the top bar
  • Click “view all Personal and Charge cards”
  • Click “Check For Pre-Qualified Offers”

american express special offers

It’s also possible to check for small business cards.

Update: I can’t currently get small business card pre-approvals to show up due to a new interface. If anybody knows please let us know in the comments.

  • Click “cards” in the top bar
  • Click “View All Small Business Cards”
  • Scroll to bottom of the page and then enter your information where it says: “See if you qualify for a special offer”

Bank of America

You can view what offers you are pre qualified for with Bank of America by clicking here. You’ll need to enter your full name, address, birth-date and the last four digits of your social security number. You’ll also need to let them know what type of credit cards you’re interested in and if you’re already one of their online banking customers.

You can view this page from the homepage of the Bank of America website by:

  • Click “Bank” in the header, then click “Credit Cards”
  • Click “Prequalified credit card offers” in left sidebar at the bottom

bank of america


Unfortunately Barclaycard have currently pulled their pre-approved checker.

To view your Barclaycard pre-qualified offers click here. You’ll have to provide your basic information (address, full name, social security number, how you rate your credit, what type of benefits you value most). If you see a screen that says “Congratulations” then you are pre-approved for those offers, if you see a screen that says “Recommended” then you have no current pre-approved offers from them.

barclaycard pre-approval success

Capital One

To view what offers you are pre-qualified for click here. You’ll need to provide your full name, zip code and the last four digits of your social security number. You also need to tell them your favorite credit card benefit and how you rate your credit level. To view this page from the Capital One homepage do the following:

  • Click “Credit Cards”
  • Click “See If You’re Pre-Qualified”

capital one

CardMatch by

The CardMatch tool was developed by in an effort to reduce the amount of websites you need to check for pre-qualified offers. They also sometimes run specials where the sign up bonuses are greater through their tool than elsewhere. You need to enter your full name and address, along with the last four digits of your social security number. Click here to check your offers with CardMatch. You can get to the CardMatch tool for the homepage of by doing the following:

  • Click the card match tool on the front page

credit cards

Chase Pre-Qualified Offers

You can also check to see if you have any pre-qualified offers from chase by clicking here. You’ll need to provide your full name, address, zip code, city, state and last four digits of your social security number.

You can also access this page from the chase homepage. To do so follow these directions:

  • Click “Product And Services” in the header
  • Click “Credit Cards” in the drop down menu
  • Click “All Credit Cards” in the side menu
  • Click “Check for Pre-Qualified Offers”

the credit card section of the chase website, this is the third link in the left sidebar (screenshot below).

chase prequalified offersCitibank

You can view all your pre-approved offers from citibank by clicking here. As always, you’ll need to enter your full name, address and last four digits of your social security number. You’ll also need to choose which credit card benefit is most important to you. To view this page from the citibank homepage follow these directions:

  • Click “Credit Cards” in the header
  • Click “See If You’re Pre-Qualified For An Offer”


Credit One

Credit One is a sub prime lender and as such most of their cards have high fees and interest rates. We’d suggest you look into a secured card instead of going with them, but they also have a pre-qualified card finder you can use by clicking here. You can reach this page from the homepage with the following directions:

  • Click “get pre-qualified” which is found in the right sidebar, second box down.

credit one


Finding out the offers you’ve been pre-approved for with Discover is simple, just click here and fill out: first name, last name, last four digits of your SSN and answer two simple questions.

You can also get to the above page by navigating to it from the discover homepage, to do so:

discover personalized offers

  • Click credit card home, which is the first link on the far left of the footer links (at the very bottom of the page)
  • Scroll to the middle of the page and click “See your personalized offer”
  • Fill out the information and view your personalized offers


Little bit different to the other card issuers here, as you need to be an existing member to qualify. If you are do the following:

  • Log into your account
  • Search for ‘offers’
  • Select ‘My Offers Page’
  • They’ll show pre selected offers here

You can find out more about USAA here.


US Bank

US Bank recently re-added their pre-qualification checker, which you can view by clicking here. You’ll need to enter your full name, address and last four digits of your SSN. You’ll also need to tell them what you look for most in a credit card. You can find this page from the homepage with the following directions:

  • Click “Credit Cards & Prepaid Cards” which is the third link to the left in the header.
  • Click “Credit Cards” which is first link in the pop down menu
  • Click “Check for Recommended Offers” in the main body of the website

us bank


HSBC used to have a pre-qualified checker, but they have removed this. If they start offering it again, we will add it here.

Smaller Card Issuers

Here are the direct links for a number of smaller card issuers/store credit cards.

  • Milestone gold (this is another woeful credit card, which we wouldn’t recommend)

We hope you found this post helpful, if you did why not let our readers know which credit cards you were pre-qualified for? And also let us know if you know of any other places people can check for pre-approved offers.

165 Responses to View Your Pre-Approved & Pre-Qualified Credit Card Offers

  1. Eddy says:

    Great resource! I just did all of them (except CreditOne lol). The Amex link is broken. Thankfully they’ve streamlined. The Amex landing page used to be impossible to find!

    • EMILY PEARLSON says:

      I was in a terrible situation sometimes last year. We urgently needed to get a new house, my score and partner’s score too was bad. We tried all we could to get a loan but all effort was in vain due to the bad credit score.An lawyer I contacted to help dispute our collections requested for $1000 upfront, the major credit repair companies gave a year estimate to get us to where we need to be, God so good to us, I later met with a credit score specialist and instructor, he gave me some instructions and requested some information from me regarding my credit score in which I provided everything to him. Luckily for me, this man was able to fix my credit score, I was so amazed because he completely removed all my inquires, collections and late payments, I’m happy to tell you that I’m writing this review from our new house which I wouldn’t have got without the specialist’s help. I know some people out there are in this kind of situation and I would love to help to put specialist’s contact here, You can message him privately on his mail which is hackwiz at protonmail dot com if you like, this help cam at a time I already lost all can tank me later.

  2. Hannah says:

    I also tried most of them except for Credit One (lol) and I got the Congratulations you’re pre-qualified for the Barclay card. I accepted it and it was an instant approval of a very generous credit line.

    I then got very excited and pulled the trigger on Discover and Citi. Discover was an instant approval but not so great of a credit line. Citi was what I thought a denial (can’t remember the wording exactly) but to my surprise I received the card in the mail with another generous credit line and a few days later another offer from Citi (different product though) which I haven’t yet applied.

    So these links actually work and you get a soft pull on your credit report which only you and the credit reporting agencies can see!

  3. FG says:

    Thanks for the links. I did CreditOne and got approved. I tried Discover and the did a hard pull. It is reporting on my equifax report. I on the phone with them now to see why and get it removed.

    • FG says:

      Just got off the with Discover, they are removing the credit pull.

      • Paul says:

        Are you sure about that? I have never heard of a hard credit pull being reversible.

        • Lenders remove hard pulls all the time. If you think they’ve done a hard pull when they shouldn’t, contact them and they should remove it.

          • miko says:

            My daughter was online doing an application for Discover it. When she got to the part where it said add the college you attend, she stopped because she isnt in school right now. They did a hard pull which we do understand because the application was incomplete and she did not submit it. What should we do?

          • Chuck Sithe says:

            You can try disputing the hard pull with the credit bureau.

          • Just call Discover Customer Service at 800-347-3085 and talk to someone born and raised in the good old USA. You’re likely to get a sympathetic ear if you explain that your daughter started but never finished the application, and she is now concerned about the effect the hard inquiry is having on her report. Disputing with the CRA is always an option, but not always the best because it takes longer and costs more due to the cost of registered mail. Good Luck!

          • Redneck says:

            “Just call Discover Customer Service at 800-347-3085 and talk to someone born and raised in the good old USA.” -random advice

            Why does the person need to be born AND raised in “good old USA”? How about born in Mexico and raised in USA? Is that good enough? Sounds a bit xenophobic.

          • ZiggyZ says:

            William is Right. 🙂

            I’ve been able to get several inquiries removed off my Bureau over the last 60-90 days.

            Just cleaned house at Equifax a week ago and got a total of 6 inquiries removed.

            Experian removed 5 of the 6.

            If you know what you’re doing and how to properly word your letters to the bureau’s, you can get hard pulls removed on your own.

            However, it’s better to talk to the lender to get a hard pull removed. It’s easier, and a lot quicker. However, keep in mind, if you were extended credit, and you open the account and are using it, don’t waste your time trying to get those inquiries removed. If you do dispute at the CPR level, and it’s an inquiry that has to do with an open account that you have already, let’s just say you run a really high risk of getting that account closed on you.

        • Tina Lowe says:

          It cant be done…

    • David says:

      Everybody can get a creditone card cmon now

  4. Grant says:

    The Chase link isn’t working, but this one does:

  5. Lisa says:

    Barclay’s appears to have taken their prescreen page down as well.


  6. Gus says:

    Regarding Barclay’s / Lisa’s post, yes, the pre-approval area is gone. Anyone have an updated link or know if the CreditMatch ( takes this card into account (or which cards/companies it uses)?

    • Paul says:

      CreditMatch sucks. All very basic offers. I tried multiple names, all with excellent credit, and it only came back with sophomoric offers. Save your time.

  7. Joe says:

    The Chase link is no longer working. Can you update the link please?

    • Miles says:

      Beware of applying for Cap One cards, because it’s reported that they do a hard pull for all three agencies.

      These offers don’t seem so good as the ones that the bloggers find…and I almost always get approved for those.

  8. calwatch says:

    For AMEX, it seems like they’ve taken down the link. 🙁

  9. Michelle says:

    Are all of the prequals soft pulls? And it’s a hard pull of applying? Are any of them soft pulls for applying?

  10. ad says:

    so weird, cardmatch showed me some good cards (AMEX). but when i go to amex directly they are showing no prequal offers at this time. so there is a discrepancy between cardmatch and the direct card website’s prequals

  11. Mary says:

    Because I received an annoying amount of credit card offers, several years ago I opted out. Since then I don’t receive any. How can I cancel that opt-out? Thanks.

  12. Audrey says:

    If the result is no offers, does that mean you should not apply to that bank?

    • No, not necessarily. You could have opted out of offers or there could be another issue. If you have good credit it’s still worth applying, if you have borderline credit then it might not be worth it.

  13. Presly says:

    I’m assuming these pre-qualified offers do not mean actual approval for the credit card

    For Chase I’m pre-qualified for the Preferred, Slate, and Freedom. I already have the freedom!!
    But with Chase, they denied my application for the Hyatt Visa saying my too many credit card with them. I only have amazon and freedom. It’s kind of a trap that they say pre-qualified but you might actually waste a credit pull.

  14. John says:

    The Discover prequalify tool is totally bogus. You can enter in a fake name and SS # and it will spit out a ‘personalized’ offer. Tried Bank of America’s prequalify portal and it just gives you ‘recommended’ cards which I guess means you’re not prequalified. CardMatch I feel just pushes cards that they get affiliate commissions from. It always recommends the same Capital One and Chase cards (I currently have 2 Cap One cards so maybe they’re accurate in that regards).

  15. Asad says:

    Just called and confirmed at least with Discover and they do a ‘hard pull’. on your history.

  16. William Yeats says:

    Is anyone aware that the Citi pre-approval link doesn’t work?

  17. Club513LLC says:

    What about prequalified offers for businesses?

  18. Just got off the with Discover, they are removing the credit pull.

  19. Club513LLC says:

    Can anyone help me with a list of business credit cards with no documents., and or cards with no personal guarantee.

  20. David says:

    I did a prequalified pre screen with Discover and American Express and both said “Congratulations you have been pre qualified for…….and it gives me a list of cards. Now I have to say I don’t have what people would call excellent credit so i am surprised. And yes I know that it does not me I will get approved, so my next question would be, why is it pre qualifying me for these cards??

  21. ZiggyZ says:

    William Charles, The Discover Pre-Qual link that you have referenced in the article is no longer valid. Not sure if it has to do with Affiliation Marketing or not. If so, you might want to update your Affiliate info or something.

    Otherwise, The new link to Pre-Qual for Discover is:

  22. Seth says:

    I went into my local Chase branch today and was curious to see if I was pre-approved for any cards. The rep looked up my account and said I was pre-approved for the Sapphire Preferred and Slate – even though I already had/cancelled Sapphire and have applied for 8-10 other cards over the past 2 years.

    Does being “pre-approved” mean anything? With the recent crackdown, is there a chance I’d get approved for the Sapphire again?

    I was actually thinking of applying for the British Airways card – since I last got the bonus 2+ years ago. Like others I prefer to tread gently with Chase…….would it be safer for me to apply for the British Card?

    • Don’t think being pre-approved makes a difference in terms of the new rules, but I’ll happily be proven wrong. I think it would be safer to apply for the BA card.

    • ZiggyZ says:

      Most Credit Cards, ESPECIALLY the Major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Amex & Discover will all give you “PreApprovals.” However, once you apply, they WILL do a HardPull on your CBR.

      The only Credit Card company that offers a Major card like Mastercard that won’t do a hard pull on a Pre-Approval is First Premier, however, you already have to be a First Premier Card member. After 1 year, if you’ve had good performance with them, they will greet you with a pop-up everytime you log in to your account inviting you to apply for a 2nd card. They will only do a Softpull.

  23. Trevor says:

    Discover link is out of date. Here’s the updated one:

  24. Ammar says:

    For those who are interested, Barclaycard pre-approval page can be found at

    Good luck

  25. Hunter says:

    Amex link and set of steps no longer seems to be working. I get to the page showing all Charge & Credit cards, but there’s no button for “Your Special Card Offers”. The new Barclays link from Ammar works, however.

  26. Andrew says:

    Hello everyone,

    I tried Barclay, Amex, and Bank of America. They do not say I am pre-approved but it does offer me cards that might interest me. I suspect that isn’t the same as a pre-qualified offer?

    • ZiggyZ says:

      This is not a pre-Qual Offer. It’s going based on the info that you provided initially on the preQual form. Example being, if you indicated that you may be interested in a card that offers cash back rewards, Balance transfer, Low intro rate, etc. Then it will tailor what you indicated your interest to be, and also based on some info from the soft hit.

      However, from the preliminary info from SoftHit you won’t pre-qual for a card. However, a soft hit only provides a limited amount of info from your CBR. It’s not the Full CBR. Kind of like what someone looks like when they were clothes. Depending on how they are dressed, may perk yyour interest. If they are not dressed according to your standards, you may ignore them, until they go out of their way to introduce themselves and talk a little bit about their background and where they come from, which would be the Hard Hit. Then, and only then, will they make a better judgement after they learn who the person is on the inside.

      Or another example, is what a house looks like on the outside, It may look kept up, landscaped, and basically a model house. But you open the door to a big sty, and leaky pipes. Anyone can play the part until you ask them to back it up. Or quite the opposite, the house that “appears” to be distressed on the outside, but walk right in, and it’s a castle and nothing wrong. Only to find out, it needs a make-over on the outside, like a paint job or new siding.

      Make sense?

      Just because your soft hit says one thing, doesn’t mean you’ll get denied upon presenting a formal application. However, in the credit world it’s 50/50. I’ve received similar screens like yours before from Cap1, only to formally apply and receive an approval for $5k. Likewise with Citi and chase. I receive the pre-qual but go through with the app and get denied because I had a BS public record for Child Support on my record over $18 in back child support. Didn’t know that was there. Then I took care of it and had some, not so nice things, to say to the child support worker about why they would do that. They said they didnt receive a payment from me. I faxed over the cancelled check to show they cashed it. 4 weeks later, they cleared the matter, and they $0 it out, but kept it on my CBR instead of removing it. It took 18 months to finally get it removed.

      With Chase and citi it wasn’t necessarily about the amount of the Judgement, it was the mere existence of it on my CBR. And in a round about way, the fact that it was such a small amount said something about me. If someone is not going to pay a $18 debt and let it go on their CBR, that can prove a severe issue of responsibility, regardless of the circumstances. Lenders don’t care to know why all the time.

      If I didn’t have a public record on my CBR, then I would have been approved for a nice hefty CL.

      Some lenders are picky/petty like that. But for good reason. I would go more into detail as too why, but this isn’t the medium to advise as such.

    • ZiggyZ says:

      One other example, would be your best friend, you’ve known each other for a long time, but he has a bad habit of borrowing $20 and not paying it back when he says and you have to hound and practically harrass him to get your money back, then he acts like your the bad guy for holding him to his so-called word, when all you realty care about is getting paid back. But you shouldn’t have to beg for your own money back. The $20 turns into $40, $60 etc. If he isn’t responsible enough to let you know things are tough and he needs a few more weeks, then what makes him a good risk to loan him money again?

      So you decided that you learned your lesson and not borrow money to him again, because it’s BS like this that tears friends ships apart. Why throw a good friendship down the drain over money?

      Just because someone borrows money, then runs into hard times, doesn’t mean they aren’t good for it. You just want them to communicate with you about whats up, so you can plan accordingly, because you could be counting on that money coming in to pay a bill or for something else.

      Granted, when it’s the same person that always manages to run into tough times everytime they owe you money, it gets old. But you want the communication so you can plan accordingly and you can learn how to plan for next time.

      Lenders are the same way. However, some don’t want to be bothered by the type of borrower who is constantly late but manages to eventually catch up. Other lenders, like the predatory ones, like 1st premier and Fingerhut, prey on this type of Borrower, because they know they will eventually get paid and they can take advantage of that.

      Hopefully this brought more insight on the issue.

  27. Devo says:

    Does any one use Barclays pre approval link

  28. TracyL says:

    Just to give a little personal experience info. I have a credit one credit card it isn’t a very high credit line it’s average. I have not had one issue with them not one in fact someone got a hold of my card # and charged $110 they credited my account in about 2 weeks and since its been fine they even have an app that makes it easy to pay your bill. I have had them since last April and already received a credit increase. Of course you want a card that gives you something back I have several of those also. But for someone trying to rebuild their credit I have to say I do recommend Credit One. As long as you pay your bill every month on time your fine.

    • Kay says:

      I’ve had a credit one card for a few yeses now. I get an increase every 6 months like clock work. However a hr ago I forgot to pay my bill and it was 1 or 2 days late and the out a 30 day late payment in my credit report.

    • Kay says:

      I’ve had a credit one card for a few years now. I get an increase every 6 months like clock work. However a yr ago I forgot to pay my bill and it was 1 or 2 days late and the out a 30 day late payment in my credit report.

  29. April F says:

    Always read reviews on any credit cards before applying. Barclay and Chase, Care Credit have horrible reviews ( just to name a few). So please do yourself a favor and stay away from those. I have 2 cap 1 cards, and 2 Credit One cards. I have never had any issues out of either company. The trick is watching your utilization and making all payments on time!

  30. Kay says:

    The Barclay preapproval link is back. I meant to post this a few weeks ago.

  31. Tracy L says:

    To the people with the 800 credit scores instead of just telling us about your big credit limits and approvals give us some advice on how to achieve the same. Truthfully I have a 780 credit score I started a year ago with 7 bad marks that were not mine 550 credit score what I did was applied for capital one x2 and credit one I paid every week yes every week and now after writing letters and making a few phone calls all the neg marks are gone and I can apply for any cc I want. Don’t give up if anyone has a question I would be glad to answer it anytime

    • rlee49 says:

      Tracy L, what letters did you send out? I have been told to send letters, but have been unable to find a good format for them

      • April F says:

        Check out “Luxurious credit” on Instagram, if you don’t have Instagram just Google the page and it will show you tons of great info to help you in disputing inaccuracies on your credit!

  32. Starry says:

    I saw my pre-qualified CSP offer on creditmatch. But i can’t see that on the chase website. So do i really have the prequalify offer?

  33. Tinykay1 says:

    @starry… 1. Read the disclosure at the bottom of credit match. 2. From the reviews I’ve read, pre equals on are pretty solid. 3. Credit match listed my first 3 prequals as Amex cards, then cap 1, the first premier. Al compel eye different categories. I was rebuilding my credit at the time and it was fair. This is last summer. In August a prequal for chase freedom shows up on chase site. I check daily and it remained. Got Amex offer in September. Couldn’t help but apply and was approved for the everyday card. A month or 2 later, the Amex offers on credit match was replaced my chase offers. In November I got a chase freedom offer in the mail applied and was approved. If it were me I would wait until the chase. Com offer shows up.

  34. Todd says:

    What everyone on this board needs to understand is that a pre-qualified offer and a pre-approval offer are two DIFFERENT things. A pre- APPROVAL means that you are guaranteed to get the card and in fact if a card company sends you a pre- approval then they are required by law to issue you the card that they pre-approved you for. A pre- qualified offer is a soft pull on your credit report and the lender only receives certain information. So if they pre qualify you then if your income and credit report look like the soft pull you’ll most likely get approved. If they hard pull and your cards are maxed out and you have no available credit then even though you are pre- QUALIFIED you will be denied. Just thought I would clear up that confusion…

    • ZiggyZ says:


      A pre-approval is NOT a guarentee of getting approved. However, it’s a good indication that you WILL get approved as long as your meet the remaining prerequisites. They are pre-approving you based on the fact your score and other CBR factors meet their standards for possible approval..

      HOWEVER, based on how you answer the remaining questions, like Housing & employment status, Income, etc will be the final decision maker behind if they give the blessing on whether you are approved or not.

      SO preapproval is NOT a guarantee

      Everyone thinks that your score is everything, well it’s a start. You can have an 800 score ALL day, but that doesn’t mean you will get approved.

      Now I’m sure you meant well by what you said, bcs the common consensus is that more than likely you will get approved. I just didn’t want others getting the wrong idea. If you are on a fixed income and have $12k yr in income, if you get the preapproval, yes, they want you as a customer, but upon providing your income and other info, more than liklelt you can get denied.

      • Eric says:

        Do you work in the financial industry? You seem very knowledgeable on a lot of this stuff. What is the difference between pre-approval and pre-qualified?

        • ZiggyZ says:

          Sorry for the late reply,.

          There is a little bit of distinction between the two.

          To pre-qualify, is basically providing all the initial basic, or expensive, financial information about yourself to a party of interest, like a bank or lender, to see what you may qualify for based on your initially supplied financial picture and potentially outlook (stability). This also includes gathering information regarding some of the items you already own, like another asset and its presumed value
          & what it is that you’re interested in qualifying for, like a mortgage. Prequalification is usually for when you’re interested in applying for big items like assets, home, car, boat, property, etc, which is usually a pretty big deal since these are extremely high risk & involves a lot of paperwork since there’s a lot on the table. Prequalification typically is done without looking at any CBR.

          Pre approval usually involve either soft or hard pull on your credit report prior to providing financial information about yourself, like your current job, job status, income, housing, etc. Pre approval is typically the second step in applying for mortgage and involves a HP. However, for the purposes of the subject matter of this thread, a credit cards pre approval would be the best first step, before actually applying so you can have a good idea of whether or not you may be wasting a HP. A pre-approval is primarily based off of a SP of your CBR to get a general idea the potential type of risk & borrower you maybe. Once you get your pre approval, that means you’ve passed the wonders prerequisites, and then I want to know a little bit more about you for final approval. Pre approval to someone to having a resume, like your CBR, which is your financial resume. Once the lender looks at your CBR, and they like what they see, they let you in for an interview. Or in this case, I invite you to provide additional information about yourself like income job status, etc. If after the interview, they liked what they saw in what you have to offer, then you get the job, along with additional information in detail about basically how much they feel your worth to them. Or in this case your credit limit. Lol.

          Just like a job, depending on your job performance, you may be offered a promotion, or credit limit increase in this case.

          Does this help clarify your question?

          • Eric says:

            I was actually only asking in relation to credit cards. So it seems like you’re saying that a pre-approval would be better for one’s prospects of getting the card than a pre-selection, correct? While we’re on the topic can you advise what the difference between a soft pull and a hard pull are (besides only the latter affecting your credit score)?

          • ZiggyZ says:

            Pre-Approval is the way to go.

            Pre-Selection or a recommendation message from a lender means that based on the initial info or answers to their questions that you provided, this is the card(s) they would recommend.

            For Example, most Pre-qual forms have questions regarding if your looking for rewards, low interest, low apr, etc.

            If they couldn’t pre-qual you based on a SP of your CBR, then they will more than likely provide their “Recommendation” or “Pre-selection” based on those initial questions.

            Just because you didn’t get the Pre-Approval message and only received the Recommendation, doesn’t mean you won’t get approved at all. However, as my own personal rule of thumb, I always look for pre-qual forms and go that route before actually applying because the pre-qual response can be a good indicator of possible approval or denial. That way, I know if I’m wasting a good HP or not.

            However, if you have a fraud alert setup on your CBR, 85% of the time you will not receive any Pre-Approvals at all.

        • Jen says:

          Then there are some that say pre-screened, pre selected and some that say you’re invited to apply and im sure other terms cc companies use when marketing for customers., Anyone waana elaborate on those while were haven’t this discussion? I have a pretty good idea about a lot of this stuff but thought I mention these common types we sometimes see

  35. ben says:

    Citibank link no longer working

  36. Tracy l says:

    Pre-qualified is what is says your are approved think pre-qualified mortgage some realtors require you to have a PQ letter from your lender before they will show you properties meaning it’s guaranteed. Pre- Aproved means they did a soft credit check and from that it looks like you are a contender to apply but it’s not guaranteed they still need employment and income to decide if you are qualified.

    • ZiggyZ says:

      Prequalify does not involve a letter when it comes to when you actually go to make an offer on or buy the house.

      Most homeowners or Realtors want to see a pre approval letter.

      Prequalification is the 1st step in buying a home. Pre approval is when the bank basically says they are willing to take a chance on you for the most part with providing your financial backing. At which point they will provide you a letter if needed for making an offer on a home. However pre approval is not a final yes from a bank that they will provide you the loan.

      I posted this above, but I’ll post some of it for the purposes of this particular reply.

      There is a bit of distinction between prequalify and pre approval.

      Prequalification is usually for when you’re interested in applying for big items like assets, home, car, boat, property, etc, which is usually a pretty big deal since these are extremely high risk & involves a lot of paperwork since there’s a lot on the table. Prequalification typically is done without looking at a CBR.

      To pre-qualify, is basically filling out an initial job application, or in this case, initial loan application, without the HP on the CBR. It involves providing all the initial basic, or extensive, financial information about yourself to a party of interest, like a bank or lender, to see what you may qualify for based on your initially supplied financial picture and potentially outlook (stability), depending on the level of risk of what’s at stake. Prequalification May also include gathering information regarding some of the items you already own, like another asset and its presumed value
      & what it is that you’re interested in qualifying for, like a mortgage.

      Pre approval usually involves either soft or hard pull on your credit report prior to providing financial information about yourself, like your current job, job status, income, housing, etc. Pre approval is typically the 2nd step in applying for a mortgage and involves a HP. However, for the purposes of the subject matter of this thread, a credit card pre approval would be the best first step, before actually applying so you can have a good idea of whether or not you may be wasting a HP. A pre-approval is primarily based off of a SP of your CBR to get a general idea the potential type of risk & borrower you maybe. Once you get your pre approval, that means you’ve passed the wonders prerequisites, and then I want to know a little bit more about you for final approval. Pre approval to someone to having a resume, like your CBR, which is your financial resume.

      What credit cards, even if you do not presumably prequalify for the card based on a SP of your CBR, doesn’t mean you still can’t get approved. There are many cases where people end up still applying for the card through an HP which will give the complete picture of your CBR. As opposed to an SP does not give a complete picture of your CBR.

  37. Tracyl says:

    Without a long dissertation there is absolutely no guarantee ever that you will get a credit card I don’t card how may pre approval pre screened pre qualify letters you get.

    The best you can do is not apply for too many at one time try your best to keep your balances under 20% pay on time it’s that easy. The biggest misconception is when people tell you don’t use your cards. Use them that’s how you develop credit.

    If you ask me a question I would be glad to answer it short sweet and as plain as I can.

  38. Tracyl says:

    @lee49 I’m so sorry I didn’t see this question I and not to send a letter type I actually physically called each one there were five what they did was send me an affidavit of staffed I had to go to the police get a police report fill out the affidavit and fax it back I was fine when you call things are much quicker than doing it by letter it chop them about 30 days and each thing was removed off of my credit report

  39. VM says:

    Datapoint: Citi had close my cards and blacklisted me more than two years ago(Feb 2014) and today was approved for AA card with $1500 CL after I saw I have been pre-approved for this card in citi site with 50k bonus. I had applied three times during last two years and always instant denial because of that.

  40. tatuaje says:

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  41. tatuaje ojos says:

    My spouse and I stumbled over here different web page and thought I should check things out.
    I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to going over your web page repeatedly.

  42. Jason Monrow says:

    Do not use Bank of Americas Pre-Approval, They recommend anyone. If you don’t believe it make up fake information and you will still have recommendations. They changed it in mid 2015. Must have Excellent credit to even get approved by them.

    • D Traveler says:

      On Bank Amer they will recommend cards, but I didn’t apply, what happened though was I did get pre selected applications in the Mail. Now with Chase and BofA these invitations don’t guarantee approval but it does mean that they want you as a customer. BofA take these Pre Selected letters serious to our thinking, you are 90% home when you get that in the mail. So the Pre approval is a nice tool, Thinking that is why I got my offer and approval for chase sapphire preferred, even though I was way over the 5/24. I also got a pre approval letter for cap-one GM card but didn’t really want that card. Overall verdict: this is a very powerful tool in getting some great offers even when you aren’t immediately pre-approved. DT

  43. Charles says:

    I have the Credit One and Capital One credit card. Credit One is offer me and interest rate that is lower than both my Capital One cards. Transunion advantage score of about 644.

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  45. D Traveler says:

    I also got a barclay card offer in the mail, never applied, wish I would have taken the card. Now I have too many inquiries, and new accounts for barclays. Have an arrival with a generous cl already. Hawaiian Air should have been my first app way more valuable now (50,000 mi. public/targeted inside Hawaiian Airlines website, hard to get) than Arrival to our thinking DT

  46. Julien says:

    The Chase link doesn’t seem to work anymore for the past few days. The “Find my offers” button is always greyed out.

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  48. gale Dixon says:

    Anyone tried venue

  49. John says:

    Did the Amex pre-approval checker disappear? I can’t find it on their website. It was there when I used it last week.

  50. Mary says:

    is this only banks that offer credit card. i don’t have enough scores on my credit report

  51. Pingback: Citi Pre-Qualified Offers Don't Always Include 24 Month Language - DAD CC Cards

  52. dave says:

    Seconding John’s comment from August 30 – American Express no longer seems to have the option to check for pre-approved offers

  53. Bo knows says:

    Chase has not been working for a while, I always get this:

    Thank You

    We’re unable to complete your request. The System is unavailable at this time. Please try again later.

  54. ann says:

    BO.. I get the same thing on all 3 of our family’s chase accounts.. do you think it is just because we really are not eligible (our credit scores are all over 800) because of too many cards or do you think it is the system being down or unavailable?? Any DP appreciated.

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  57. Moe says:

    If Chase cards come up on “Card Match”, does that mean I will be approved despite 5/24?

    • Logan says:

      if its in the pre-qualified… maybe. i noticed i didnt have any in the “pre-qualified” but i had some in the recommended or other cards section (can’t remember exact name of it).

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  61. Clark says:


    In September of last year, I had applied with Capital One for a secured credit card. I started out with a really below average Credit score 527. I have worked on it and kept my account payments on time, with credit utilization under 30%. I am 5 mos. into my Secured card and happy to say that my score had dramatically changed for the better, currently at 661 and though it is considered Fair, it makes me happy to know that I have accomplished something. What I do want to know now is, would it be too early to take a plunge in applying for a second card? Or should I wait a bit more before applying for another card?

    • I don’t think it’s too early to apply for a second card, maybe use the shopping cart trick to get a store card?

    • Patty says:

      Clark, I began with Cap 1 too. Applied for 2 different Cap 1 cards via Credit Karma and approved for both back to back. If I were you, I would apply for another Cap 1 unsecured. You will be approved. Did they ever increase your limit? My limits were increased several times w/o request. Good luck.

    • Patrice says:

      Now that your score has reached a fair status, you should be able to apply for an insecure card. I have 4 credit cards with capital one. They are also good with credit limit increases and only do a soft pull when you ask for one. Applying for the actual card is a hard pull. You don’t want to many of those because they do lower your score. Cards with community bank are also pretty easy to get with fair credit. They have a list of store cards you can look into to. Start you off low but very good with increases in about 3 months of use. Hope this helps…. Good luck.

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  63. Vince says:

    Please update the Discover section where it says “$150 cash back when you spend $750 within three months with the Discover IT card.”

  64. Bob says:

    Does Amex “check for offers” doesn’t work if you already have an amex card? Whenever I entered my information, it asked me to log in. Asked some of my friends who have amex cards to check and they got the same message.

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  66. Pingback: Do Chase In App Credit Card Offers By Pass 5/24? - DAD CC Cards

  67. Catherine says:

    I used Card Match to see what offers I was qualified for. I already have a nice credit line with Discover and Capitol one, but wanted to branch out. My credit score is between 700 to 730 depending on which bureau. Card Match came back with offers from First Premier, wow! That is a starter card for someone with terrible credit. I then went to Amex, and they approved me for their Blue Cash card with over a $10k limit. So, just beware that this tool can be completely useless!

  68. Mazè says:

    The Discover link isn’t working for me. The page just refreshs and goes nowhere? 😞

  69. Adrian says:

    I tried to do the barclay pre-qual and it said i needed a UK address

  70. SarahT says:

    Question,once you have checked to see if have any pre-qualified offers and found out you didn’t….do you think after that soft pull it will better your chances of being on the pre-approved mailing list ?
    I understand it may be a dumb question but I have two of those cards linked ( logged out of course ) and did not have any offers. I am slowly but surely rebuilding my credit and I would really like an AMEX again.

    • M. S. says:

      Sarah, I’m thinking just like you so I’d like to know if anybody knows this to be the case also? I’ve been regularly checking for credit offer pre-approval offers on a couple links as I work to improve my score & overall credit worthiness.

    • jf says:

      absolutely the case. the more often i check for prequal offers, the more they send in the mail! i have seen this with about a dozen family/friends too! and with time the offers get better!

  71. M. S. says:

    The capital one link is asking for the full social security number. I’m afraid that if I put it in then it will show up as a hit on my credit therefore negatively affecting my score. Can anyone confirm whether or not they have recently tried to as in the past 2 to 3 month, and it has not shown up on their credit report?

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  73. MIchael P says:

    Hey DOC. Home Depot Pre-Qual link has not been working since at least Mid-September 2017. I check periodically and get the same error message. Just letting you know.

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