Posted by William Charles on January 31, 2017

Published on January 31st, 2017 | by William Charles


Valor Credit Union Merging With PenFed

Valor Credit Union (formerly Tobyhanna Credit Union) have announced that they will be merging/been acquired by Pentagon Federal Credit Union (“PenFed”). The reason that this might be interesting to some people is that PenFed has strict eligibility requirements. Valor is much easier to join, being a member of American Consumer Council makes you eligible for example (and you can join for free). Keep in mind you need to go into a physical Valor branch to join and we aren’t sure if it’s a hard/soft pull (most likely hard pull due to TobyHanna being a hard pull for opening checking)

valor credit union

PenFed have a number of products that people might be interested in. I imagine people should be able to sign up with Valor and then that membership will be converted to PenFed making people eligible for PenFed products. I know some people had issues with me posting a work around for Navy Federal, but in this case why would PenFed bother acquiring Valor if they wanted to keep membership so restricted?

14 Responses to Valor Credit Union Merging With PenFed

  1. Nate says:

    Can we still join Valor Credit Union though? When’s the deadline to join and is it a hard pull to join? It would be nice if you could provider more information or review of Valor Credit Union.

  2. weibartow says:

    Called and you have to physically go in branch to join.

  3. Wei says:

    Called and you have to physically go in branch to join.

  4. TomT says:

    I don’t agree that it’s difficult to join PenFed. They have two options for people who are neither military nor government employees:

    Voices for America’s Troops advocates for a strong national defense, including sustaining and improving quality of life programs for America’s Troops, their families and survivors.

    $17.00 (One time only, non-refundable dues.)


    National Military Family Association
    National Military Family Association is the US’s top-rated military charity. It helps support the needs of families and children, including those of the deployed, wounded and fallen.

    $17.00 (One time only, non-refundable dues.)

    Note that the non-refundable membership dues to join either association and thus become a PenFed member do not guarantee you will be approved for any requested account, loan, or service.

  5. Alex says:

    Would really love a work around for USAA. I don’t have any mil affiliations save my now passed grandfather and I don’t think thats enough.

  6. T says:

    Navy League Of the United States works for PenFed

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