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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on August 21st, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] U.S. Bank $200 Checking Bonus – Nationwide & Public – No Direct Deposit Required

This bonus has expired and is no longer available, view the best current bonuses here.

Reposting this as the bonus expires today, U.S. Bank do not typically extend these promotions and I’d be extremely surprised to see this one extended.

Update: I totally forgot to mention this, but U.S. Bank typically does not like to approve people for deposit accounts if you have ARS/ID analytics frozen. It might make sense to unfreeze those before applying. Another theory is you need to live somewhat close to a branch. It also seems like you need to live somewhat near a branch to be eligible (50 or 100 miles?) Others aren’t having this issue.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $200
  • Availability: Nationwide
  • Direct deposit required: Optional
  • Additional requirements: Direct deposits totaling $500 or two bill payments
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • ChexSystems: Mixed data points
  • Credit card funding: Yes, up to $500
  • Monthly fees: $0 – $8.98, waivable 
  • Early account termination fee: None
  • Household limit: None mentioned
  • Expiration date: August 21st, 2017

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • U.S. Bank is offering a $200 bonus when you open a new Silver Check, Gold Checking or Platinum checking account and complete the following requirements:
    • Enter promotion code on sign up or give it to your banker (you can request a code via e-mail or text)
    • Complete one or more recurring direct deposits totaling at least $500 OR complete two or more U.S. Bank Bill Pay transfers of $25 each or more within 60 days of account opening

The Fine Print

  • Checking Package Offer – A minimum deposit of $25 is required to open a U.S. Bank consumer checking account.
  • To earn the $200 bonus offer, open a new U.S. Bank Consumer Silver Checking Package, Gold Checking Package or Platinum Checking Package between and including June 24, 2017 and August 21, 2017.
  • Present your promotion code to a branch or 24-Hour phone banker or enter it online at account opening.
  • Additionally, you must complete one or more recurring direct deposits totaling at least $500 OR complete two or more U.S. Bank Bill Pay transactions of $25 each or more (you are responsible to ensure sufficient funds are deposited to cover bill payments and enrollment in Online and/or Mobile banking is required) within 60 days of account opening.
  • The checking account bonus will be deposited into your new consumer checking account within 60 days of direct deposit or Bill Pay verification, as long as your account is open.
  • Bonus will be reported as interest earned on IRS form 1099-INT and recipient is responsible for any applicable taxes.
  • Offer may not be combined with any other checking account bonus offers.
  • Offer is not valid if you have an existing U.S. Bank consumer checking account, had a U.S. Bank consumer checking account in the last six months, or received other U.S. Bank bonus offers within the past six months.
  • Current U.S. Bank employees are not eligible.

Avoiding Fees

U.S bank has three checking products which qualify for this promotion:

  • Silver Checking Account
  • Gold Checking Account
  • Platinum Checking account

Probably the easiest way to keep this fee free is to open the Gold Checking account; if you have a U.S Bank credit card then the monthly fees on this account are waived. You might also be able to get them waived through this.

If you don’t have a U.S Bank credit card and aren’t planning on getting one, your best bet is to open the Silver checking account which has of $8.95 ($6.95 if you enroll in paperless statements).

Fee is waived if you do these three things:

  1. Go paperless
  2. Open a Package Money Market Savings account (no fee)
  3. Do one of these two things:
    • Have combined direct deposits totaling $1,000 or more, OR
    • Maintain an average monthly balance of $1,500

Our Verdict

They offer a public bonus like this once a year, last year it was $150 + $20. The good thing is you can do this bonus even if you did that one (as long as you’re not an existing checking customers, have been one in the last six months or have received a bonus in the last six months). This is an awesome bonus and ticks all the boxes:

  • $200 is on the larger side, especially for nationwide bonuses
  • Direct deposit not required
  • Easy to keep fee free

This is going straight to the best checking bonus page. Another advantage is opening this would make you eligible for the Altitude Reserve card as well (still have to wait 30 days unless you apply in branch).

Hat tip to AlienBrainJuice

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875 Responses to [Expired] U.S. Bank $200 Checking Bonus – Nationwide & Public – No Direct Deposit Required

  1. Saf says:

    Thanks DoC! Would be nice to note that the Package Money Market account has no monthly maintenance fee and only requires $25 to open.

    Easy way to keep Silver Free

  2. Roberto Martinez says:

    Any us bank credit card you recommend applying for. Bonus would be dope

  3. Max says:

    Argh closed my USB account too late, March 23. Hope they extend this past Sept 23.

  4. Matthew says:

    I plan on applying for a US Bank card, but not right away. Any DPs on if the gold package is fee free for the first month or two?

    Or should I get silver and then upgrade to gold if I get approved for a card?

  5. mike t says:

    just got denied. Maybe due to chexsystems? Have opened up quite a few MT bank accounts recently…

  6. DD says:

    literally open an account last week. Does US Bank match?

    • plungerjoke says:

      They told me no on the phone yesterday, but the reason stated was that there was already a promo applied to my account (same terms just for $150). Based on this I’d say it is worth a phone call.

  7. BOS George says:

    Denied. ~12 new accounts in 2017.

    • David says:

      Are those all bank accounts or including credit cards?
      I have opened ~10 bank accounts this year. So far so good.

  8. Plungerjoke says:

    Any dps on if they’ll match? Working on a targeted 150 mailer with the same requirements…

  9. EC says:

    How am I constantly being denied when applying for basic checking/savings accounts? Just denied US Bank’s Silver checking package, and in the past I was denied by BMO Harris and M&T Bank (whom I understand accepts just about everybody and accepts them about 15 times each). I have $200k+ income, 10+ years of credit history with no negative marks and have never been late/missed a single payment, 810 FICO. Last year, Chase approved me for Private Client. This year, I’ve received instant rejections from the likes of BMO, M&T, and USBank’s most basic checking accounts. Honestly baffled.

    • When they deny you what does it say when you receive your notice of adverse action?

      • EC says:

        Notice of adverse action? Are you referring to an item sent via mail (I haven’t received any notices regarding my BMO/M&T denials), or the language used on the website when the bank confirms my application was denied? If the latter, USBank offered no details, other than to say my application was not approved and to visit a representative–in branch–with any questions.

    • Simon says:

      did you have your Equifax file frozen at the time of account applications? I had that situation with several banks including BMO and M&T. I unfroze it and BMO went through. M&T still doesn’t like me though. I later found out I also had a misspelled name on my EQ file which might also have caused the problem.

    • scott says:

      I was denied by M&T Bank today. I’m assuming it’s because I’m out of state. I was approved by every other bank.

  10. MoreSun says:

    Sweet! Haven’t been able to open a bank account I could fund with a credit card in sometime, nice to get points off this one! Funded with Chase Freedom Unlimited (declined at first, received fraud alert from Chase, approved it and it tried again transaction went through).

    • MoreSun says:

      I have over a dozen Chex inquiries this year but no previous accounts with US Bank.

    • MoreSun says:

      Also, my cash advance is set at $100 & I funded $25 checking $475 MM. One charge for $500 is currently pending on my card so it has to have coded as a purchase.

    • Michael McKinney says:

      When you used the Freedom card did it go through as a cash advance?

      • MoreSun says:

        Nope, went thru as a purchase. (It would have been denied as a cash advance because my limit is set at $100 for CA & I charged $500.)

    • wcwei5800 says:

      My charge is declined as fraud as well. When you say “approved it and it tried again transaction went through”, did you re-complete the application?

      I already received an email from US bank with account numbers, so not sure if I should re-re-complete the application.

      • MoreSun says:

        No, I didn’t re-complete the app. I got a text from Chase Fraud, replied the charge was legit and then tried charging again within the application. If your application has already gone through and you have account numbers you might have missed your chance, You could always call USBank and ask about the initial account funding.

  11. DH7 says:

    Success! Instant approval, funded $500 with my new Amex Gold Ameriprise. I went for the Gold package to avoid fee,s also got pre-qualified for two consumer cards but neither has bonuses…

    Haven’t checked if it codes as cash advance yet, but Amex chat rep recently said only ATMs can cash as cash advance (no idea if that’s true).

    Thanks DoC!

    • Bill says:

      The CC funding page has very mixed and confusing results as to whether it’s cash advance or not for amex. I’d be curious to know how yours codes, so I’d appreciate an update when you check!

  12. _here_ says:

    Wow they are Chex sensitive?

  13. payyoutuesday says:

    Last year, someone pointed me to this program, which I used to waive monthly fees on the Gold checking account:

    • Gil says:

      728 isn’t high enough unfortunately

      • Deb says:

        You have 728 on Transunion and you did not qualify for that program that would get you free gold fees?

        Anyone willing to share their transunion score so we know the cut off?

    • Chris says:

      So it looks that program, Because You’ve Earned It, needs Trans-union Score. Does this mean they will hard-pull?

      • Shaun says:

        I assume the “won’t impact your credit score” probably means it’s a soft pull?

        I authorize U.S. Bank to obtain my credit score through TransUnion®, the supplier of the VantageScore® 3.0 credit score used for this program. I understand that this credit score check:
        Will be used only to determine my eligibility for Because You’ve Earned It
        Cannot be used to determine eligibility for other U.S. Bank products
        Won’t impact my credit score

    • Shaun says:

      Hey thanks for this. Was just approved.

    • Blue says:

      Qualified with a 818.

    • Matt says:

      this might be location sensitive? I have a lot of us banks near me and my score is ~735 and was approved for this program.

  14. Mike P. says:

    Approved. Seven bank accounts opened in the past 12 months. Put $500 on my new CIP (hopefully it codes as a purchase) and will do the two bill pays. Thanks Doc!

    • EC says:

      Can you pay off an existing credit card balance and count that as a Bill Pay? Or does the bill have to be like a utility or internet bill?

      • NN says:

        you can pay off CC balance, just remember to set it up through US Bank end, not your CC end.
        I did it with last year promo, worked smoothly.

      • Aaron H. says:

        I did as well. I funded the account with $500 on my Prestige. Flagged as purchase, not cash advance. Then I did 2 bill pays from the originally funded amount to pay off the Prestige’s balance.

  15. DSP says:

    Perfect timing! I just passed the 6 month mark from closure of my last US bank bonus account

  16. Moose Cow says:

    Attempted to fund $500 on CitiBusiness Platinum Select. Declined, and when calling Citi they said it came in as a cash advance. Might want to update your DP page Doc. Not this is Business, might code differently on personal.

  17. taddy says:

    Just tried and got denied. First time I’ve ever been denied by a bank. Not inclined to follow-up and find out why.

    I’ll just wait for another nationwide or PA-only bank bonus to go after.

    • Ryan says:

      Do they have branches in PA? If not, that might be why – I don’t think they’ll do deposit accounts outside their footprint. (Just going by other discussions I’ve seen)

  18. James says:

    Got denied. Just said unable to provide me an account at this time. I probably had about 15-16 inquiries the past year.

  19. pizzywoah says:

    Denied. Have opened 15+ accounts in past 9 months.

    Application Status
    U.S. Bank Silver Checking Package
    We’re sorry. We’re unable to take your application at this time.
    Next Steps
    U.S. Bank Silver Checking Package
    Thank you for your interest in an account with U.S. Bank. Based on the information you provided us, we are unable to grant your request for a deposit account at this time.

    Thank you for considering U.S. Bank as your financial services provider. If you need further assistance, please visit a U.S. Bank branch location

    • ChimRichalds says:

      Same, but with only 3 new accounts in the last 6 months. Guess I’m going to give them a call tomorrow. US Bank sucks…

      Can you “recon” a checking account denial? If so, I wonder if I can still fund with CC?

  20. Saf says:

    Funded with Chase SW Premier. CA set to $20. Card got denied at first because of fraud, I called Chase, they released it and submitted again. App session said expired, but just got email confirmation that both accounts were open and approved. Called and verified that it was approved and opened.

  21. Arun says:

    Didn’t work for me. It gives the following status.

    U.S. Bank Silver Checking Package
    We’re sorry. We’re unable to take your application at this time.

  22. R says:

    any DP’s on funding with amex plat?

  23. Nelluk says:

    Any info on whether the bill pay needs to be a legit bill with a known payee, or can you pay a bill back to yourself somehow?

  24. snoptro says:

    Great find. Thanks Doc!

  25. Borat Sagdiyev says:

    Denied…don’t know how to check Chex but I’m sure I’ve got a ton of them…made like $10k in bank acct bonuses over last 1.5 yrs

  26. GW says:

    Not sure if there have been any updates regarding waivers when applying for the Altitude Reserve with a newly opened US Bank checking account. I have never held a US Bank checking account or credit card before. I was just approved for the Gold Checking account. Am I good to go to apply online for the Altitude Reserve and call in when/if declined for no relationship? Or should I apply in-branch?

  27. Adrian says:

    Was approved for both Silver Checking and Money Market Savings accounts.

    Have opened 11-12 accounts in the last 6 months.

    They may be Chex sensitive but clearly not overly or YMMV.

    Thanks again DoC!

  28. Teck says:

    Applied for Gold account and was instantly denied. Called and rep said she had no clue but stated that US Bank checking is NOT nationwide and not available in CT. I suspect thats inaccurate and has to do with the number of Chex inquiries. We’ll see.

  29. Joshua Qian says:

    Denied. Opened 15+ accounts in the past 3 months

  30. R says:

    applied silver with savings, went to review
    wonder what they will review for a checking account

    • NN says:

      when I applied last year, it also went to review. then got an email ask for DL, shortly after I sent it in, got another email said account opened.

  31. Heidi says:

    Denied for Silver and Money Market. I’ve had 4 new accounts in the past 12+ months. Is this bonus location specific?

    • Heidi says:

      Just noticed this language at the bottom of the email USBank sent with the promo code – You are receiving this email as a service to your account because you are a U.S. Bank customer.
      I am not a USBank customer. Maybe that is why I was denied?

      • MoreSun says:

        I’m not and have never been a US Bank customer. Other things that might have affected it? I got the code via text & not email, but there really shouldn’t be any difference I would think. There are no US Bank locations within 50 miles of my address in CA. I don’t know if they can see where you’re located at the time of applying but I’m out of state right now & there is a US Bank location in this town. Unfortunately that’s all I can think of as DPs here.

  32. For those who were denied, did you have IDA/ARS frozen? From memory that can cause denials.

    • Tom says:


      I initially applied for the Gold checking with my ARS and Sagestream still both frozen (from last summer’s Flexperks promo) and I was denied for that specific reason (the rep wouldn’t tell me which specific bureau was causing it, claims she couldn’t see in her system, but acknowledged that either ARS or Sagestream being frozen would likely cause this).

      I unfroze both ARS and Sagestream, waited about a week, reapplied for the Gold checking account again and was immediately approved. I’m in NJ, and I’ve had about 7 or 8 new checking/savings accounts in the past 12 months.

        • Tom says:

          BTW, I apologize if this was already covered somewhere in the comments but there are way too many to check now… but I just wanted to bring this to your attention, since it may trip up some of your readers. When I emailed them to confirm that the bonus offer was attached to my account, the response I received back included the following warning:

          “I just want to clarify one point of the offer. The terms you laid out are basically correct. However, the offer stipulates ‘recurring direct deposits’ totaling at least $500.00. That means that you have fulfilled the terms of the direct deposit offer once a second direct deposit hits the account in order to make it ‘recurring.’ Once the second direct deposit hits, you will receive the bonus credited to your account in 6-8 weeks from that date.”

  33. MarcoPolo says:

    @ William
    Do you have to do all three things to avoid the monthly fee or just one of the thing listed in the OP?

    • All three (#3 in the list you just have to do one of those things)

      • MarcoPolo says:

        Thanks William.
        I suggest that “Fee is waived if you do these three things:” to be changed to “Fee is waived if you do ONE of these three things:” to avoid any confusion.

        • Sorry you do need to do all three things in that list. It’s just the third item:

          Do one of these two things:
          Have combined direct deposits totaling $1,000 or more, OR
          Maintain an average monthly balance of $1,500

          You can do either of those things. Does that make sense?

          • MarcoPolo says:

            Thanks for clarification William.
            It’s a moot point for me now since I was denied 🙂

  34. HardTacoKit says:


    I have 16 new checking accounts this year.

  35. Mark O says:

    I got approved for mine – thanks fellas!

    When I went to apply for my wife’s they auto filled her stuff via her login but here Soc Sec # was one digit off – a 3 instead of an 8. Really strange and not sure how to proceed – you are unable to change it. I can not believe they would approve her credit card with the wrong Soc #.

  36. Zack says:

    Gonna try and see if I can use AGC for the funding… but does anyone know if you could have a cash advanced on a gift card, AGC in this case? And if so what happens?

    • RY says:

      I don’t know about cash advance for the gift card, but please let me know if this works. I want to use my AGC also.

    • V says:

      I never tried funding bank accounts with GC nor read about it but I am also interested in knowing about this. I have a couple of corporate Amex GCs from my company and they are a pain to use, I tried them on a couple of gift card sites but they are being declined on GiftCardZen as well as on I would be pleasantly surprised if funding a bank works.

      • Wyle says:

        YMMV, but in some locations, you can use them at Office Max/Depot or grocery stores to buy Visa GCs. Works well when a sale offsets the Visa activation fee. Good luck.

  37. Jeff says:

    Approved. Got the gold package since I have the USB FlexPerks card. Funded with $500 from Freedom Unlimited. Hopefully no CA. Thanks DoC!

  38. Matt says:

    Denied with somewhere between 16-18 chex systems inquires in the last 6 months

  39. David says:

    So for the Because You’ve Earned It program, I would apply for the Gold Checking Package first, then when I’m able to log in I’d go through the BYEI program process and link the existing account, right? That’d waive me of monthly fees? Just wanted to make sure I’m doing it right. Thanks for the post!

    • Abe says:

      I would go for the Platinum Checking Account instead if I were applying through the Because You’ve Earned It program. Read the terms, the Platinum is also covered under the program. I was denied because my credit score was not good enough or because I have a short credit history.

      • Anthony says:

        Abe, I can’t find the Because You’ve Earned It Platinum application. Do you have a link to it? I only saw the gold.

    • Shaun Elrod says:

      Do Because You Earned It first, it will segue right into the application for Gold Checking. You’ll put in your promo code at the start of the Gold Checking phase. There’s a checkbox at the end of the entire application to make sure Because You Earned It is applied.

  40. MarcoPolo says:

    Denied – my First ever denial.
    Oh well…………

  41. Kelly says:


    “Thank you for your interest in an account with U.S. Bank. Based on the information you provided us, we are unable to grant your request for a deposit account at this time.”

    Too many accounts opened in a short period of time I guess.

  42. Abe says:

    Regarding U.S bank, they have a program where they waive all monthly maintenance fees even for the Gold or Platinum account if you have great credit. I think they do a soft pull on your Transunion and check your TransUnion®VantageScore™ 3.0 score.

    The nice thing about the platinum account is that it comes with no-fee money orders but I doubt they’ll let you use giftcards to pay for those.

  43. artgriego says:

    It’s well-known USB may shut you down if you apply for a 2nd (or more) CC with them and they don’t like what they see. Anyone seen DP of them shutting down on a soft pull, like for a bank account? They’re my oldest credit line and I’m lol/24, but I’m tempted to go for this.

  44. VJ says:

    Application Status
    U.S. Bank Silver Checking Package
    Your application is being reviewed.
    You decided to fund your U.S. Bank Silver Checking Package with $XXX.
    U.S. Bank Package Money Market Savings
    Your application is being reviewed.
    You decided to fund your U.S. Bank Package Money Market Savings with $XX,

  45. BHanna says:

    I called in to apply… I normally apply online, but because of all the listed denials, I was a bit concerned so decided to call..

    They said they don’t accept applications from VA, and that it would lead to automatic denial even if i tried to apply online 🙁 They said you need to be located near a branch… not much other detail given…

    Best of luck to everyone else though. Thanks for posting doc. Worth a try :/

    • Peter says:

      Thanks for your DP “need to be located near a branch”, was gonna apply for me and wife. But 500 miles + is not gonna fly.


    • V says:

      Thanks for this DP, I am in VA and I would have wasted my time with multiple applications for various family members. This was a mouth-watering and easy $200 bonus, I wish they were more specific about the location requirements. I see some other comments below saying they had the same issue in NY where no branch was nearby.

  46. Darv says:

    If you’re being denied for this, go into a branch. The only times I’ve ever been denied for opening a checking account were online apps and if I went into the branch, they opened them for me–in cases where a branch was near me.

  47. Jason says:

    Online application after submission said “not able to complete at this time”. Called and after lookup was told it was because there are no branches near me. I am in Michigan, she said it is over 200 miles and thus they do not offer deposit accounts. Despite not being eligible for the bonus – that makes pretty sound sense to me and I’m not bothered by it.

  48. JuicyJosh says:

    I guess there is hope. “Wife” applied and now pending review with 15 inquiries in last 12 months. Will hold my app until status known.

    Application Status
    U.S. Bank Silver Checking Package
    Your application is being reviewed.

    • JuicyJosh says:

      Received denial “due to decision made as a result of additional verification attempts made to protect your identity. In review of your application, there were inconsistencies in the information provided.”

      Not sure exactly what it could be but guess I wont be applying fro myself. First bank bonus app denial ever.

  49. captainsave says:


  50. Sean says:

    Does anyone know whether that USB credit card has to be personal, or will a business card do? I have an Edge Business Cash.

  51. Miley says:

    I’m thinking of funding the checking account with my Amex Business Plus but I’m concerned about it being coded as cash advance. Does anyone know how to disable CA for Amex?

    • Miley says:

      Approved. Tried to fund w/Amex Business Plus and no go. Called Amex and was told something about setting up cash advance so I hung up.

      3 Inquiries this year.

  52. andy says:

    Applied online. In Virginia. Denied. Called. Said no branch in area. No recourse.

    • Chris M says:

      Thanks for the heads up. I was figuring that would be the case for the central Virginia area. Did you try for the Union Bank (Virginia) bonus? That’s an easy one.

  53. Chris says:

    Are they geographical sensitive?

  54. Peter says:

    Doc you might want to note the Smart Start savings program that you’re eligible for when you open with the silver package. You get $50 after scheduling checking to savings transfers ($10 once a month counts) and waiting a year. There’s also a 1% on gas/grocery debit transactions, which will be interesting to zero readers of this site. The $50 isn’t great, but probably worth it if you’re already getting the account. Main downside is you have to keep the account open a year, so you won’t be eligible to do this again next summer (not a big deal for me as I wouldn’t want to churn US Bank too hard given how sensitive they can be)

    • David says:

      I signed up for this.
      I think you have to reach an increase of $500 of money market balance to get the bonus (So, a total of $525 if opening with a minimum of $25 balance):

      $50 Goal Reward: When the account balance in the Package Money Market Savings account reaches the Reward Goal Balance for START Smart by the Program End Date a $50 Goal Reward will be earned. The Reward Goal Balance is the Beginning Goal Balance plus $500. Beginning Goal Balance is the Package Money Market Savings account beginning ledger balance on the Enrollment Date. The Goal Reward earned will be deposited into the enrolled Package Money Market Savings account on the Payout Date regardless of when the goal is met during the program term. Payout Date is the first business day after the Program End Date.

      Still worth it for me since I wanted a relationship with them anyway.

  55. Luke says:

    Approved and funded with Alliant 3% card even with having opened 12 accounts this year.

  56. NBG says:

    First Denial 🙁
    First went into review and after 15 min got this email of denial.

    This decision was made as a result of additional verification attempts made to protect your identity. In review of your application, there were inconsistencies in the information provided. As a result, an account cannot be opened for you at this time. Please visit a U.S. Bank branch in person to provide proper identification. We take our customer’s identity and privacy very seriously and appreciate your understanding.

    I am not sure what that even means. All the info were right and even double checked the screenshot I took of the info.

    • Jim says:

      If you have a branch, I’d just go in to verify things.

      Looks like lots of folks on Reddit also got the identity verify message.

      I’m in pending under review status too…

  57. Flea says:

    Didn’t work for me in NY (same double “unable to open at this time” message). Double checked “location” tab on U.S. Bank site and it says no branch locations within 100 miles of my zip.

    • Stack101 says:

      I have been waiting for this deal, sadly I didn’t try after seeing some denials, not only no branch in NY, not even an ATM can be found within 100 miles… no one mentioned geographical problem back in 2016 Summer promo post, wonder if this is new.

  58. Kaden Stern says:

    Denied. I’m assuming due to not a close enough branch. ~9 new accounts in the past year so could be due to that.

  59. jonsmoth says:


    15 bank accounts signed up since 4/15/17
    Have US Bank CC for 2 months
    Citi AAdv pending as purchase for $500 load

    • Stack101 says:

      Do you have U.S. Bank branch nearby? Thank you. I wonder if having CC relationship will make a difference when no branch nearby.

    • jonsmoth says:

      Updated. I am located in NorCal with a number of branches around.
      It was instant approval right into funding type and amount. I’ve only been denied additional M&T accounts in the past 2 months (sitting at 4 of those).

    • Jay says:

      I just called Citi and they said the lowest they could reduce the cash advance limit to was $750 for my Citi AA personal card, are there any DPs showing that funding this chk account for $500 shows up as a purchase and not cash advance?

    • yu says:

      Hi Jonsmoth,

      Can you confirm Citi AA is coded as purchase ?


  60. Iz says:

    If I qualify for the “Because You Earned It” program, the Gold account is free, with no minimum balance? Thanks.

  61. Jay says:

    My SO was automatically denied online, despite having a (comparatively) very clean CS report: just two inquiries within the last 12 months, and no negative information whatsoever. Therefore, the denial seems unlikely to be based on the CS report. However, we do live over 300 miles from the closest US Bank branch or ATM.

    As such, I see little hope for OOS applicants who live a significant distance from the closest branch. Hopefully they don’t pull a Westfield Bank and put a hard inquiry on the CS report despite being rejected due to geographical reasons.

  62. Gmoney says:

    Approved instantly in WA. Located in a city with several branches. Lots of accounts (13+) opened in the last year. This is my 3rd year in a row opening a US Bank account with their summer promotion.

    Funding $500 with Citi Doublecash and it’s pending in my citi account. I will update if it does NOT go through as a purchase. I tried to fund more but the system wouldn’t let me go above $500 even when opening checking and savings.

    A popup also appeared at the end of my application stating I was preapproved for 2 credit cards with 11k credit line (neither were Altitude Reserve but hopeful that means I can get it soon so I declined the two offers).

    Will possibly apply for my SO as well but I seem to remember this bank forcing you to call in to close the account and she hates that…sigh.

  63. Avi says:

    Denied with 13 accounts opened in 4 months, should have been obvious.

  64. sirtheta says:

    I was recently denied (~2 mos ago) with few bank accounts opened recently. My supposition is that you need to live somewhat close to a branch and there are none remotely near me :/

  65. Wyle says:

    Any DP on whether a co-branded credit card issued by USBank is sufficient to waive monthly fees?

  66. bmanamex says:

    Denied, on the East Coast, with 15 accounts

  67. TPdL says:

    Data Point!

    New Checking Accounts in last year: 1
    Applied for: Gold Account (I have a Cash+)
    State: Texas, I’m not near any branch, although there are some ATM’s in cities nearby. New Mexico branches are the closest.
    Application Status: APPROVED
    CC Funding: Chase Ink Preferred for $500 dollars. I should have tried more to see if they’ve raised the limit. I am sorry everyone.

    It instantly updated my US Bank Login with the account info for the new checking account and new debit card. I’ll get stuff in the mail soon it said. There was no confirmation of the “offer” being attached to the account so I’m going to Secure Message just to double check that’s all attached properly. Thank you, Doc. I’d been waiting for this summer US bank promo to come around!

  68. Jaha Constkugh says:

    Keep showing this.
    Your application has expired.
    For your security, applications expire after 15 minutes without activity from you.

  69. Vince says:

    Another way to avoid fees on US Bank checking products: If you are currently serving in the US armed forces, or retired from the US armed forces, US Bank will waive the fees on their checking products.

    I found this out when I opened a checking and package money market account with them and I listed my occupation as soldier, and my employment status as retired,. US Bank called me and asked if I had served in (and retired from) the US Army. When I confirmed that I had served in and retired from the US Army, they upgraded my checking account to the platinum, and waived the fees on it.

    The way they waive the fees is the monthly fee is first charged to the checking account, and then they credit the amount of the fee back to the account. So I make sure to keep the minimum balance in the checking account above the amount of the monthly fee to insure that the account doesn’t incur any overdraft charges.

  70. Lance says:


    I GUESS THAT DISqualifies me from applying for this bonus?

  71. AndyK says:

    Well, just applied using the “Because You Earned It” link, they said my credit score is high enough for free Gold Checking, so I completed the application using the bonus code they e-mailed me, and they finally ended up telling me to get lost. What a great bank and complete waste of time

  72. Ace Malik says:

    Im confused title says no dd required then in the text it says required

  73. Chong says:

    Do US Bank Business credit cards waive the Gold checking fee or only personal cc’s?

  74. Lily says:

    Here is my DP: Just applied online and approved instantly. Don’t have branches within 200miles, but i do have a USB CC (had their checking but closed in 2015); with high credit score (800’s) and low # of HP. Funded $499 using captial1 Spark (had to call to clear the fraud alert between 2 tries).

    • wcwei5800 says:

      My charge is declined as fraud as well. When you say “had to call to clear the fraud alert between 2 tries”, did you re-complete the application?

      I already received an email from US bank with account numbers, so not sure if I should re-re-complete the application.

  75. Ryan says:

    I’ve got a general question about application denials due to Chex inquiries. If you apply for an account and get denied due to too many Chex inquiries, does the new application also result in a hit on your Chex?

    • Gadget says:

      Yes. However, US Bank usually uses EWS… not Chex. YMMV. Once you get denied, or annually, you can request a copy of your report on Chex’s website. They snail mail it a copy in a week. EWS procedure is similar.

  76. Wes says:

    15+ Accounts in the past 6 months, approved for Gold

  77. Stacy says:

    Denied. 10+ bank account in past 6 months. VA resident. No branches in VA that I’m aware of.

  78. Sun says:

    I got pending review. Haven’t seen this for checking accounts. Is anyone else in same boat?

  79. Brian says:

    Denied for both my wife and I. Probably too many opened/closed accounts on Chex. Same message as others – Unable to open the account at this time. Never heard of the IDA/ARS freezing, so I’m pretty sure that’s not the issue.

  80. TKM says:

    Any additional DPs on what checking/savings accounts are counting as DD? The data from DoC looks pretty sparse.

  81. plungerjoke says:

    I opened a few weeks ago off of a targeted mailer, and my chexsystems report is filled with fun activity right now. Wonder if I squeaked through because of mailer.

  82. Zack says:

    Denied for silver checking and money market savings. Only have <5 accounts opened (although 3 were recent) and I am 100+ miles away from nearest ATM.

    Also tried the Youve Earned It pre auth and it said "we're unable to process your credit score at this time". Score is over 740. Don't know what to make of all this.

  83. CC says:

    Denied for TX. 2 checking accounts opened in past year. Called bank and they said they do not offer checking accounts for TX resident.
    Here is my question, they rolled out Altitude reserve card to get Chase customers or other banks with restriction having to be a customer for 30 days. How the heck do we get to be a customer if they don’t even let us sign up checking account?
    DoC, should this be State-Specific rather than Nation-Wide?

  84. Ronald says:

    Does the $500 total direct deposit requirement mean that I need direct deposits totaling $500 each month? In other words, if I am paid bi-weekly and I set my direct deposit to $250 each time, will that meet the requirement?

  85. AlwaysFlying says:

    Approved for Gold. Funded with Ameriprise Gold $500. No USBank branches in the state. 8 other bank accounts opened in the past 12 months.

  86. Ken says:

    They require a personal CC to waive the monthly fee. A business card will not work to waive the fee. I learned this the hard way after fighting back and forth with them.

  87. Josh says:

    Qualified for Because You Earned It, denied though. Agree that it’s a distance thing.

  88. Gmoney says:

    For those eligible for the US Bank “Because you Earned It” program to waive fees on Gold Package, what was your Vantage 3.0 score? I did not qualify and mine was 725. I signed up for their free credit score via their online banking and Credit View to see my score.

  89. Juston says:

    Because I had the question, attempted a $1000 fund, and was rejected: The total CC funding is still $500 even if you are opening the savings account. I split it $475 checking and $25 savings.

  90. Anthony says:


    With the “Because You’ve Earned it Program” to avoid any fees on the Gold account,, if we apply through that link, will we still be eligible for the bonus?

  91. Eric says:

    Just got denied in VA online. 700+ credit score. I opened 6 new accts this year, 1 has closed. I am not citizen nor green card holder, that may be the reason too, although it does not require citizen/green card.

    thanks to DoC and just want to share a DP.

  92. captainsave says:

    Where can i check my application status?

  93. Chris says:

    I’m in Florida and applied for the Silver Checking but was denied. I called, and the CSR explained US Bank did not offer checking accounts to Florida residents unless they already had another US Bank product(CC, mortgage, etc.)

  94. NoonRadar says:

    Denied: “Thank you for your interest in an account with U.S. Bank. Based on the information you provided us, we are unable to grant your request for a deposit account at this time.”

    I have over 15 new check accounts this year alone so guessing this was the reason why. If it matters, I said yes to having a US Bank login and logged in to it and applied. I said no to opening a credit card, I wonder if the approval chances for this would have been higher had I opted to apply for one of their credit cards, business or personal. A bit catch22-ish since a checking account is supposed to help your chances of CC approvals with them. I’ve also churned a couple of these accounts in the past so I don’t know whether they started to keep track and factor that also.

  95. jonsmoth says:

    I confirmed with Amex CSR that SPG was declined as cash advance on $500 load

  96. SS says:

    Approved / eligible for Gold via Because You’ve Earned it but then Denied at the 4) Result Page.

    NJ address and ~ 20 new bank accounts last 12 months…

    U.S. Bank Gold Checking Package
    We’re sorry. We’re unable to take your application at this time.

    Thank you for your interest in an account with U.S. Bank. Based on the information you provided us, we are unable to grant your request for a deposit account at this time.

    Thank you for considering U.S. Bank as your financial services provider. If you need further assistance, please visit a U.S. Bank branch location

  97. Joe says:


    Opened 4 new accounts in last 6 months

  98. Ronnie says:

    “Your Application is being reviewed”…Opened 6 accounts in past six months.

  99. Stack101 says:

    Looks like they are not that Chex sensitive, people are automatically denied due to geographical reason and they don’t have any other US Bank product like CC, mortgage… I will give it a try in July despite no branch and ATM found in NY, but I do have Cash+ CC opened in May this year (last transaction posted few days ago and $100 spend bonus is pending next day), I am waiting for Barclays’ Commence card Bonus cash back to start in July.

  100. Ad says:

    Instead of doing direct deposit and finding a way to do it..can’t you
    just use bill pay and make two $25 payments to one of your credit cards?
    Wouldn’t that qualify?

  101. Andy says:

    Anyone has issues receiving a code on email? I’ve submitted several times and have yet to see any promo code emailed.

  102. yussuf says:

    Denied. Have 7 accounts open in the last 6 mos. I live only a few miles from a US bank in NY. Guess its Chex sensitive

  103. Fred Schreiber says:

    I closed my US bank checking account last January 28, 2017. I’m planning to open a new one on Aug 17 or 18 so that’s like 6 3/4 months in between. Do you guys think I’m still eligible for $200 bonus? Any thoughts?

  104. Slappy says:

    Anybody know if limited to 1 per household and minimum account open time?

  105. Mark says:

    Approved for the Gold checking account; they offered the option of applying for a credit card at the same time. That application (for the Gold Amex FlexPerks) went to pending.

    I have my mortgage with US Bank.

  106. newbie says:

    This might be a dumb question. New to the bank bonus life. Was denied for element on 6/27. Opened BMO on 6/28. Question is, should I open an account with US or wait a few weeks? Wondering how it will affect my Chexsystem

    • Chuck says:

      Surprised you were denied for Elements without a load of Chex, bummer!

      It might take a day until Chex gets updated? So maybe applying today could work, not sure.

      Sometimes, banks get nervous if they see too many at the same time, afraid that there’s identity theft. I’d guess that with just 2 pulls on your report you’ll be okay.

  107. Mike L says:

    They charge a fee for mobile check deposits unless you have their top-tier platinum account? WTF? I’ve never seen a bank do that before, usually they encourage it. I had no idea they were so bad.

  108. Jordan says:

    Website is a little messed up and keeps giving an error message, so I called their sales number. Was able to open up the gold checking account, and the because you’ve earned it program in order to waive the fee on the checking account. Additionally, I was able to fund the checking account with a credit card treated as a purchase up to $500

  109. MoreSun says:

    Got a temporary debit card at a branch in the town I’m visiting, now I have online access. Also I think I just got a phone call from the branch nearest my home town, no message left but the phone number was almost exactly the same as is listed for that branch.

    • MoreSun says:

      There was a voicemail, it just took a few mins to pop up on my phone. A banker simply asked me to call, so I did. First Q after I said who I was “why did you open an account when there isn’t a branch near your home?” (branch is about 70 or 80 miles away from my home) I explained I travel a lot to a place where there is a branch. He then said the bank gave him a questionnaire to fill out in order to finalize the account and asked if I had time to do it now. I answered a number of questions, he was very casual about it, it was a combo of what I’ll use the account for and my other financial activities. It had to be to help them determine what else they can sell me on. He asked some of the same questions that were on the online app so that was weird; confirmed my DL number; asked if I had any q’s; explained no mobile check deposit for 3 months, 5 day hold on any physical checks I deposit (but no hold on direct deposit of paycheck).

      I don’t know if my account would have been shut down if I hadn’t called them back, my accounts are funded and accessible online already but I was concerned when he said “in order to finalize your account” (There was no mention of the bonus and I didn’t bring it up.)

  110. Ronnie says:

    Under reviewed…live in KY….opened 6 accounts in past six months.

  111. Gerry says:

    As mentioned earlier, better to use the because you earned it portal so you know ahead of time if you qualify, instead of opening gold account and not qualifying. After preliminary check for qualification, it does allow for promo code to be entered. Spoke with supervisor, she claimed 740 FICO score was minimum and sole factor in qualification for BYEI. That’t the way to go if qualified, since no need to open savings account and $1500 min monthly balance not required for fee waiver.

  112. Elver Galarga says:

    I was approved with 4 accounts in the lat 3 months. I live in VA where there are no branches anywhere near. I do have a US bank cash + CC. I went for the gold to avoid the fee.

    A few hours after my account was opened, I received an email from someone from us bank claiming they need to speak to me verbally before processing my application and gave me a number with an extension to call and said if I didn’t call within 30 days my application would be considered withdrawn. I googled the number and it seems this might be a scam? Anyone else experience this?

    They gave me this number: Please call me at 1.800.572.2659 ext. 1542841

    • MoreSun says:

      I didn’t receive anything like that but I did get a call from my nearest branch (see comment above yours) from a local phone number.

    • Elver Galarga says:

      I called the customer service number and they just wanted to verify I was the one who opened the account. They just asked me security questions regarding my account and said the account should be fully opened by the next day.

      • Yu says:

        Did you get the account # right away after you got approved?

        • Elver Galarga says:

          I was able to see the account right away after logging in. The issue I am having now is that my initial deposit from PNC is not showing up at all. I called US bank and they didnt see that deposit. I went to add my new US bank account on PNC to do a push but it didnt recognize the ABA number listed under my US Bank account so maybe the initial funding didnt go thru because of that.

          I have added the US bank to my capone 360 to do a push and see how that goes, as of now I have an account opened with 0$.

  113. Eduardo Baez says:

    I am in Florida. However, I have currently an auto loan with US Bank.

    I went to the Because You’ve Earned It™ web page below.

    After entering all my information, I was eligible for the Because You’ve Earned It™ Program but unable to move forward with the Gold Checking Package application. The web page error stated they were having technical problems.

    So, I called the 888-983-7266 phone number listed on the page.

    The CSR told me that the Gold Checking Package fee should be waived thanks to the auto loan. I told her that I want the fee waived via the Because You’ve Earned It™ Program membership instead. Since she was unable to helped me, she transferred me to a Senior Banker.

    After explaining the Senior Banker I want the fee waived via the Because You’ve Earned It™ Program membership because my auto loan is going to be paid off soon, she helped me out with the Golden Checking Package application, entered the $200 promo code I got in my e-mail, funded the checking/savings accounts with $500 each using Citi Double Cash whose cash advance limit has been previously lowered to 0, signed electronically both account agreements after receiving both e-mails and finally provided me both account numbers.

    She told me that I should be able to see both accounts and also confirm my Because You’ve Earned It™ Program membership tomorrow after signing in with the same user name and password I have been using to view my auto loan online.

    So, we have good and bad days. Yesterday was bad with Elements Financial. Today was good with US Bank.

    Big thanks to all the people in this forum that gave me the hint to look at Because You’ve Earned It™ Program. Otherwise, I would have not applied.

    Thanks one more time DOC!

    • MoreSun says:

      You got each funded with $500? Nice! Don’t think anyone else has managed that yet.

      • Eduardo Baez says:

        Just got lucky. The Senior Banker was very kind. Both $500 transactions are showing as pending.

        Additional details

  114. dave says:

    Any ideas about whether Amex Blue Business Plus would code as a CA?

    • David says:

      Am curious about this as well. Being that the Blue Business Plus card doesn’t do cash advances, my guess is that it would just be rejected if it didn’t code right on their end.

  115. Mara says:

    I applied this morning and just got done with Hubby…Both instant approved in Ohio…Me – 6 bank accounts in the last 6 months only one new cc account…Hubby 3 bank accounts in last 4 months 7 cc’s in last 12 months 2 not reporting yet.

    Credit Karma TU scores 768 and 783
    Fico 8 scores both in 750-785 range

    Hubby got pre-qualified for 2 cards cash+ and Amex flex both 2500.00 limit : ( passed on those. He also got offered and accepted a 2500.00 cash reserve line, even though he declined overdraft protection.

    • Mara says:

      Sorry I funded both with debit card as credit cards got fraud emails sent to us from Amex…Barclay…and Chase. IDK Y but we never lowered or cash advance limit either.

    • Yu says:

      Did you get the account # right away after you got approved?

  116. Mike A. says:

    I was approved for an account despite this being by 12th Chex inquiry in the last 12 months. However, instead of applying through the link in the US Bank email with the promotion code, I used the following URL to qualify for the waived monthly fees on the Gold checking account and then applied using the emailed promo code: Qualifying for the Gold Checking account with waived fees (based on my credit score) may have helped pushed the application through despite the high number of recent Chex inquires.

    I also used a Delta Platinum AMEX to fund the account and it went through this credit card as a charge as opposed to a cash advance.

  117. Ravi says:

    I got a pending review on the gold checking account which I applied yesterday. I called them today and told its still process. They advised me to wait for 2-5 days for the decision. Is there a way to expedite the decision process?

  118. Ryan says:

    My wife surprisingly approved (even though we’ve been opening checking accounts like crazy these days).

    Should be an easy $200.

    Thanks, Doc.

  119. Rox says:

    Denied. Metro Detroit Area, MI. Anyone from Michigan (MI) got it approved?

  120. CFPB Accounts says:

    Accounts will get denied if you don’t have an existing client relationship AND are out of their market area. I didn’t see this mentioned in their advertising. I learned about this from a supervisor.

    US Bank is engaging in bad faith/deceptive advertising in my opinion.

  121. Nick says:

    Instantly denied. I live in Dallas, TX, and there is no branch within 100 miles. I have opened 6 accounts in the past 8 months.

    • Shaun says:

      I have opened 3 in the last 6 months and was approved in Austin. Their site claims there are no branches or ATMs within 100 miles of me.

      • Shaun says:

        Just saw a comment above this about a prior banking relationship. I had an account in 2015 with them and used my old login to open the account.

        • payyoutuesday says:

          This is the DP I was looking for. Had an account for last year’s bonus, and I wondered if having a login was enough. Thanks!

        • Santorini says:

          Shaun, are you an existing credit card customer, though? Or, did you only have a prior closed bank account? Thanks for the DP.

        • payyoutuesday says:


          I was dubious about this one because there are no branches anywhere near me. My only relationship was last year’s checking bonus, and I canceled the account last fall. However, your DP convinced me to apply, and my account was approved. Thanks!

          This is my 12th account (with all banks) in 6 months and 17th account in 12 months. From this, I’m guessing that they are not sensitive to Chex inquiries, although I don’t know how many are on my report.

          • tinker25 says:

            Great, same here, had USB checking last year. Did you apply using BYEI because-youve-earned-it link?

          • payyoutuesday says:


            I did not apply using the BYEI link. I logged in, went to products and services, and applied that way. I later applied for the BYEI fee waiver successfully.

  122. Jason says:

    Just applied (metro Detroit)- went pending. Already have the cash plus. I’m thinking I will be getting a follow up call from a branch in Ohio to finalize the app. Had a USB checking account years ago when they offered the Northwest Airlines debit card program.

  123. jamip says:

    Just got denied and when I called the customer care, they mentioned this offer is only for those state residents where Branch is located. And he mentioned offer page may wrongly allowing us to submit the application.

  124. Danny says:

    Denied. Three new bank accounts in the past 6 months. A couple of credit cards in that time frame. I wonder if it is because there are no branches in my area like others have mentioned. It might be worth mentioning above.

    U.S. Bank Silver Checking Package
    We’re sorry. We’re unable to take your application at this time.
    U.S. Bank Package Money Market Savings
    We’re sorry. We’re unable to take your application at this time.

  125. Ge says:

    Will a joint checking account make me eligible for its credit cards? (I am not the primary applicant when applying for the checking)

  126. Yu says:

    Anyone who didn’t have an existing client relationship with US bank previously but has a branch nearby got approved? Please share your experience.

    • Kathryn says:

      I got approved. No previous relationships, and I’ve opened maybe 3 checking accounts this year. Didn’t realize it, but there are branches all around me.

    • Tiffany says:

      Got approved today. No relationship with US Bank before. There are 4 branches in my city.

      • Yu says:

        Did you open silver package or gold package?
        Did you enroll the “Because You Earned It” program first? I saw a number of people got denied after enrolling in “Because You Earned It” program and I am wondering if that is the cause.

        • Tiffany says:

          I opened silver package.

          No on ” Because You Earned It “. I use the direct link from here, type my phone number, US Bank text me promotion code, then start the application.

        • Tiffany says:

          Set Citi Dounble Mastercard to $0 Cash Advanced.

          6/28—open Silver checking account, fund $100 from Citi Double
          6/28—open Money Market, fund $400 from Citi Double
          6/28—got Approved email for both accounts
          6/29—got email about check card is issued and sent.

  127. Iz says:

    Anyone in NJ approved?

  128. venkat says:

    Me and my spouse used to have an account till last year, maybe opened in 2015.Both of us got approved for this offer today with $500 opening deposit(not a penny more). Used the Amex Platinum for the spouse and Chase Ritz Carlton for mine.We live in NE and there are a quite a few branches in Omaha.

  129. P says:

    I was going to go for this but since Hawaii and the closes US Bank branch is separated by more than two thousand miles of ocean, I’m almost 100% certain I won’t be approved.

  130. Jan B says:

    RE: which package to choose.

    I think I would rather go for the Gold, actually, than play the money market min. monthly balance game.

    That will require a credit app and a hard pull.

    Anyone know if US Bank is nervous about the number of HPs? I think I have about 7 for last two years with one to drop off around late July/August time frame.TIA.

  131. Sully says:

    Approved for Gold with “You’ve Earned It” in Colorado. ~20 accounts opened since 02/17.

    CIP and M+ cards were denied for initial funding. Had to transfer from an external account.

  132. John says:

    No previous relationship with US Bank and was approved for the “Because You Earned It” program with the gold account. Funded $500 with my Chase FU which prompted a fraud alert so I had to confirm the transaction and repeat it again lol. I’m in CA btw.

    • wcwei5800 says:

      My charge is declined as fraud as well. When you say “I had to confirm the transaction and repeat it again lol”, did you re-complete the application?

      I already received an email from US bank with account numbers, so not sure if I should re-re-complete the application.

      • John says:

        I don’t think I redid the app. I was already on the funding page and it said it got declined. I confirmed the transaction through text and tried it once more and it went through. I don’t believe I ever logged out of the app.

  133. Natalia says:

    We’re sorry. We’re unable to take your application at this time.

    No relationship with bank
    New Orleans, LA

    • Natalia says:

      I did get approved for “Because You Earned It” program before I applied for gold account.

      • Andrew says:

        Same here. Approved for BYEI, then denied for an account.
        U.S. Bank Gold Checking Package
        Thank you for your interest in an account with U.S. Bank. Based on the information you provided us, we are unable to grant your request for a deposit account at this time.

  134. Wyle says:

    OK, that’s a first. Qualified for BYEI and was interrupted before I could get to application and then Chrome messed up. Rebooted. Qualified for BYEI again and tried to continue by provide promo code and online banking username. Error message says “cannot proceed because of SSN mismatch”. Say WHAT??
    Went through BYEI again, making sure info was correct – same error message.
    USBank issued CC is on my credit report, so there’s no SSN mismatch. Time to clear cookies or try a different browser/device.

    • VR Hunter says:

      I’m getting the same message with the same scenario.
      My only relationship with US Bank is an open business credit card.

  135. Davezilla says:

    Zero relationship with US Bank
    Chex less than 8
    Location: Kansas City

    Amex SPG Biz funding – will follow up

  136. Jags says:

    Have a no annual fee Flexperks Amex
    Chex >20
    New Jersey
    BYEI gold account, $500 CC funding with Citi DC

  137. Nicole says:

    Denied for Gold after being approved for BYEI.

    Zero relationship with US Bank.
    No branch within 100 miles (NY).
    Opened 6 different bank accounts since January.
    FICO 833.

  138. Andrew says:

    Denied for Gold after being approved for BYEI.
    Did not try to sign up for a credit card or overdraft.

    No relationship with US Bank (now or in the past)
    No branch within 200 miles
    Opened 6 bank accounts since April
    FICO 780 / VantageScore 820

    • Andrew says:

      Spoke to a csr at US Bank and she said I was auto declined because I’m located in a state they don’t do business in. She stated that I’d need an existing relationship with them in order to open a bank account. A credit card or auto loan would qualify. The card or loan would have to be active at the time I sign up for the bank account, though.

  139. Reuben says:

    “We’re sorry. We’re unable to take your application at this time.”
    Denied for silver with savings package-no reason. Called and was told it was because I lived in Florida. Promo according to Fidel is only available in states where they have a branch or I have an existing relationship with them.
    800’s FICO
    no relationship with US Bank
    opened 5 bank accounts in last year

  140. ktnsvm says:

    DP: I was able to fund with Wells Fargo Cash Wise and it did not count as a cash advance.

  141. Srini says:

    Where can I check the status – is there URL where I can check the status of the application? Please let me know

  142. Richard B says:

    I forgot, how long does it take for USB to normally pay out after meeting the qualifications? If I recall, it’s shortly after your first statement closes?

    • Harry says:

      I received last years bonus 1 day after completing the two bill pays so pretty fast.

      Can’t wait until the end of next month when I’ll be able to apply for this bonus again (six months since I closed).

  143. R says:

    its been in review since 2 days so i decided to call the bank, still under review and they cant do anything to help or speedup other then suggesting to visit branch

  144. zz says:

    Got denied, call the bank and the agent said cannot open for people in NY. Not sure if it is really the case.

  145. Pete says:

    I have multiple branches near me and did the same promotion last year. I applied on 6/28, got a pending, under review notice.

    Today got an email to provide driver’s license and SS card. Sent those in, few hours later, got a “You’ve been approved” automated notice. Logged in and can see my account number.

  146. captainsave says:

    Signed up on 6/27 went to review. Didn’t get any emails, called them up to see if i mistyped my email. Turns out the premier gold reward declined the $500 funding, which i had to call in to verify theres no fraud. Was able to fund $500 with the PGR over the phone today. Getting my debit card and ect within the next few days.

  147. Mike says:

    “We’re sorry. We’re unable to take your application at this time.”

    Live in MA. Good income & credit. Have applied for a number of Bank Accounts recently.

  148. JP says:

    I live at least 500 miles from closest branch and was approved last year and year before that for a checking account. wondering if now its different as lot of people are getting denied (probably due to proximity – they might have tightened up the rule)

    since I have lot more bonuses to go I am gonna pass on this as I don’t want unnecessary chex system inquiry.

  149. Matthew says:

    Approved, nothing frozen, prequalified for cash back Visa or Amex, but only $500 CL! Thought it would involve a HP since they had my SSN, so declined.

  150. Michael B says:

    Make sure you opt for the ATM card mailed to your house. I deselected this and now I can’t set up an online account without a PIN code.

  151. Gimmetheloot says:

    Approved, 10th new bank account this year. Ohio which has branches.

  152. gli says:

    Denied. Central Florida. No branches within 50 miles.

  153. AannaT says:

    Denied and called to find out why. I was told it had nothing to do with me, but they did not have a physical branch near enough my home address. (Connecticut)

    The rep told me that if I opened a credit card with them, that would be a sufficient relationship that they would be able to open the checking account for me.

    • MoreSun says:

      What’ll get you is if they say in order to open a credit card you need a relationship with them… (maybe that’s just tythe Altitude card though)

  154. Jimmy says:

    Does anyone know whether the US bank account can be funded with Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card?

    Is the funding considered as cash advance?

    I had called Chase Freedom and Set the cash advance limit to $20.

    But wasn’t sure that if I fund the US bank account, will it count as purchase or Cash advance

  155. dave says:

    NY- Denied. Rep stated that its because no branches in NY. Asked her why they let me choose NY on application if they won’t approve. Answer was they need to update that. Basically, they used to approve all/most states but they recently changed their policy and since they can’t service you without a branch, you will not be approved.

    You would need to be closing on a mortgage, be an army veteran, or already have a credit card with them for them to accept you. (the bank looks the other way it seems if you have existing relationships)

    Part 1 contradicts 2, but we all already know they are a retarded bank.

  156. ajpl says:

    Anyone know how long you have to wait between applications? I’d like to add a package savings to my Gold checking for another $500 in CC funding, but a lot of banks have a one app per 30 days limit.

    • Eric says:

      Last year I opened the checking and savings in the same day in 2 separate applications.

      Unfortunately, I still have them open so I’m not eligible for this bonus.

      • NN says:

        haha, the SMART Saving, right ?
        same for me, still a few weeks left to wait.
        next year then, next year

        • Eric says:

          No, I just don’t like closing accounts so quickly. That decision ended up costing me a likely $200 (before taxes) though.

          I actually had the Smart Saving a few years ago and that did cause me to miss a USB bonus the following year so I know how you feel.

  157. MarcoPolo says:

    Nothing makes sense regarding denial or approval.
    But then, this is US Bank.

  158. ChaseJuggler says:

    Approved from my NC address, which has no branches. Funded $500 with my Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Signature and it posted as a purchase.

    Strangely, my girlfriend who lives at the same address was denied.

  159. WL says:

    Funded 2 accounts with Freedom and Freedom Unlimited. Both are counted as purchase.

  160. Casey says:

    Does anyone how the six month period is determined for opening a new account (calendar month vs. statement month)? I closed my old account on Feb 15. So if I waited until the last day of the promotion period Aug 23 to open the new account, would it qualify for the bonus? I would assume calendar month probably would be used and I wouldn’t qualify (hopefully the promotion period gets extended). However, looking back at my old account statements, they did not run on a calendar month basis. They closed mid month and the end of month periods varied (2/15, 1/18, 12/15, 11/16, etc.) Thanks for any information on this.

    • Gadget says:

      Personally, I think you would be alright and in the clear, as you would be a few days over 6 months at that point. However, it’s unlikely that you will find someone here that knows exactly how US Bank’s computers would calculate the 6 month rule. You could either call US Bank and explain the situation, or just go for it and see what happens. I would get a CSR to confirm your EXACT closing date (which can vary from when you called) and then ask about eligibility for the promo. But, others (the paranoid) will tell you not to call and raise suspicion, possibly flagging your SSN as a bad apple. Yes, CSR’s are notorious for giving bad info, but logic is on your side. They deal with thousands of people everyday and the payouts are automated, and if it didn’t payout, you SHOULD be able to get the bonus manually applied.

  161. payyoutuesday says:

    Funded my USB checking account with the Citibusiness AA Plat Select. Coded as a purchase.

  162. Matt says:

    Chase Freedom $500 funding declined on first try. Got fraud alert email from Chase, approved, retried and it worked. I have a $20 cash advance limit.

  163. Spartan24 says:

    DP: Received promo code via email, applied using my US Bank login (have credit card with them and live in MI), and instant approval. Funded with Capital One QS and posted as purchase.

  164. Mike says:

    How long do you have to keep this account open for after getting the bonus? I see there’s no early account termination fee… Do they claw back the bonus if you don’t keep it open a certain length of time? Thanks for the help!

  165. RS says:

    Also denied by US Bank, no nearby branches and 6 new accounts opened this year. PNC and 5/3 also denied me in the past 2 weeks, while Bank of America targeted $300 checking offer worked.

  166. Div says:

    Any idea which Amex CC would work for opening deposit? I can see the options to fund with Amex CC.

    • Div says:

      I am planning to open a SPG or PRG

    • Captainsave says:

      Premier gold works

      • Div says:

        Thanks will go for it!!!

        • Captainsave says:

          I would call amex first to let them kno or they will mark it as fraud. Not sure if its because i just got the card for 2 days. But when i called in to fund it again and told the lady im using amex she said amex tends to mark large amount as fraud.

          • Div says:

            Thanks for the head up.
            Just got approved for SPG- 30k points and PRG – 50k points using Firefox private window mode.

    • Information Booth says:

      I have two AMEX cards and called to have my CA limit set to $0. The CSR told me that you have to enroll your card in the CA program in order to be eligible for a CA. Hope this helps somebody. Love in Christ.

  167. justdoit says:

    Just read most of the comments. Too many denials due to no local branch or existing relationship. New policy? DP here /banks-allowdont-allow-state-checking-applications/#comment-349947

    Branch location search = “We are sorry. There are no ATMs or Branches within 100 miles of the address provided.”

    Don’t have an existing relationship with them so should I bother to apply?

    • Ray says:

      Denied with nothing frozen, 7 new bank accounts in the past 2 years, which I consider to be pretty light. Address is in Houston and there are no US Bank locations within 100 miles so maybe…

  168. Stack101 says:

    Currently U.S. Bank customer with Cash+ CC, no branch and ATM in NY, opened gold checking account successfully, around 10 Chex inquiries in last 3 months, funded $500 with Barclays’ Commence card, first try received fraud charge alert msg, cleared then all good. At the end I was preapproved for Cash+ and Cash 365, both with 12500 CL, I called it crazy because when I apped for Cash+ in May this year, was only instantly approved for 5k. Of course “no thanks” because I don’t see any sign-up bonus.

    • Stack101 says:

      8 Chex inquiries in last 3 months

    • Stack101 says:

      OK, I submitted one more app to open Package Money Market Savings as well for additional $500 MS, received fraud alert $500 charge on Barclays’ Commence card again, cleared and good to go.

  169. M Brown says:

    Applied for the Silver Package from Western MA, where there is no branch around. No recent checking accounts; opened 2-3 last year. Denied.

  170. Approved for Gold Checking using the “Because You’ve Earned It” promo.

    – Funded with Merrill+, coded as purchase
    – Closest branch: 40 miles (51 miles by car)
    – Vantage 3.0 score: 787
    – 8 checking accounts opened in last 6 months

    • DanV says:

      Also approved for U.S. Bank Gold Checking Package with $500 credit card funding with Merrill+, coded as purchase. I have U.S. Bank Club Carlson business and personal Flex Perks card, about 6 bank accounts opened this year.

  171. Sergey says:

    Does anybody know if you are allowed to fund both the checking and the money market account with $500 for a total of $1000 with a credit without paying any additional fees?

    • Saf says:

      $500 total. $25 min for Money Market so $475 on Checking. There is generally caps on per application basis. I’m looking for info now on how long you have to wait before submitting another app so you can fund $1000 total. Some banks (BMO) only allow one app per 30 days online.

      • payyoutuesday says:

        I have seen one DP of two apps on the same day, one DP where the person waited 7 days for the second app, and I waited 5 days. All apps successful.

      • Eric says:

        I replied to someone else below asking the same question. I guess you missed it.

        Last year I opened the checking and savings in the same day in 2 separate applications. I funded $500 to each.

    • Jeff H says:

      I got mine last year – essentially the same promotion. At that time, you could fund up to $500.00 each

    • Mimi says:

      when I applied last week, I put 500 on checking and 500 on mma/savings and it won’t allow me with message saying max is 500 total. I used Citi MC which posted as purchase.

      For those who are applying in branch, make sure to ask for a temporary DC because you’ll need that to create your online acct. Without a DC card# + PIN, you cannot enroll to online banking to see your acct. If you don’t have a branch near-by, you just have to wait till your DC comes, the PIN comes in a separate mail.

  172. sxd says:

    I don’t know why I got a hard pull in TransUnion credit report. I opened this checking account only in branch. I will contact them to see if they could resolve this.

    • Gadget says:

      Opting In for overdraft protection is typically how you would get a hard pull, assuming you didn’t ask for a credit card, line of credit, or loan. Bankers are not always very forthcoming (or maybe unaware) that one box on the form will usually result in a hard pull on your credit report.

    • MP says:

      I worry about this, too… Here – – people also talk about hard pulls (and even numerous inquiries later) as well as down this thread. All these reports are recent.

      Did you forget to turn down overdraft protection…? Or could it be because people opted for the Gold account? It explicitly states on the bank’s site that it shouldn’t be a hard pull. In this case, Silver account is OK, too. It’s only annoying that you have to open the savings account along with it. Or could it depend on the (in)competence of particular bankers?

      I’ll go to a branch and ask from the get-go about the pull. If it’s a hard pull, it’s not worth the trouble to me. Might as well get a CC. It concerns me that you also went to a branch, Sxd… I thought such result would be more likely if one applies online.

  173. tribesman55 says:

    I was accidentally approved for 2 accounts because their system gave me the application expired message when I tried funding with CC and it got declined and I applied again. What should I do?

  174. paz says:

    While checking on status of the pending checking account (application was approved but when to “review”; I used to be within but am now outside of US Bank terroritories), I noticed my Cash+ VISA Signature card got a new card number. Upon calling in, I was told it’s been converted to the Cash 365 Amex card on 6/29, without notice. Initially, I was told if I wanted the Cash+, I’d have to re-apply for a new one. Then, I was told I could revert back to the Cash+ since it’s still within 45 days of the product conversion. When actually trying to revert to Cash+, I was told it’s not possible convert back, and that Cash+ is being discontinued and all Cash+ cards are getting force-converted to Cash 365. I let US Bank know what I’m displeased by the lack of notice and forced product conversion.

    • SkydiverMedic says:

      That’s odd… I was prequalified and approved for a Cash+ when I opened the account.

      • paz says:

        The more I think about it, the more I smell BS, given USB is still taking new Cash+ apps (though the actual app page was going to “technical difficulties” yesterday, same as the Cash 365 app) and several comments here mention getting pre-approval. Plan to give it a few more days to see where the checking account stands, then call in again to insist on getting back to Cash+.

        • Stack101 says:

          As much as your situation doesn’t make any sense, I really don’t understand how and why this could happen, but looks like it is more clear now that U.S. Bank is converting some users’ Cash+ to another card purposely without users’ knowledge and consent. Someone else just made a post in myFICO forum (myFICO Forums > Types of Credit > Credit Cards) that s/he is in similar situation.

  175. SkinnyElvis says:

    Approved for Gold but then checking account was denied. No relationship with US bank. A branch is within 5 miles of me. New to bank bonuses so I have only done 1 so far this year (Citadel). Do you think it is worth stopping in to the branch?

  176. Rena says:

    Tried to open an account last night (gold with you’ve earned it to waive fees), went into review. They charged my CC $1 (test, I think?).

    Went into a branch today but they told me although my profile was set up, they can’t see my account. Asked if I wanted to open another account but I declined because I wasn’t sure if that’ll mess up the CC funding part.

    Tried to call but in order to be connected to a banker I was asked to give my pin… which doesn’t exist.

    Never had a bank account with this much trouble.

  177. trifecta guy says:

    Does anyone know if having US Bank business credit card will waive the fee? What about being an authorized signer on a bank business credit card will that waive the fee? Or do you have to be primary card holder and does it have to be a personal card?

    • Shaun says:

      wondering same thing. there’s one comment above that business cards don’t suffice to waive the Gold account fee. curious to know about any other DPs.

  178. Nick says:

    Anyone else having trouble enrolling in online billpay? I keep receiving this error message:

    Our system is temporarily unable to display this information. Please try again.

    • Gmoney says:

      Nick, try again today. I think that happened to me and it corrected itself overnight. I still had my old login from last year with bill pay accounts.

    • Jason says:

      I was having this problem as well. When I called in, they said they had to add a phone number to my account. They did so, then I was able to instantly setup bill pay. Perhaps you can add a phone number yourself, w/o needing to call in.

  179. John says:

    DP: Instant Approval for Gold Checking account.
    Used email link for code.
    Personal & business Club Carlson cards (used my login to populate app).
    Live in Ohio, branch 1 mile away.
    Thanks DOC!

    • John Heckel says:

      Received my bonus August 5th! Thnx.
      July 5, 2017 at 12:51 pm
      DP: Instant Approval for Gold Checking account.
      Used email link for code.
      Personal & business Club Carlson cards (used my login to populate app).
      Live in Ohio, branch 1 mile away.
      Thanks DOC!

  180. Ronnie says:

    6/28 Opened account online
    7/3 Scheduled for two bill pays(I had account with them last year so I was able to login online banking with “old” username and password)
    7/5 Bonus posted!

    Thank you DoC.

    • Eduardo Baez says:

      Similar path here:
      On 06/28/2017, Gold Checking Package and Package Money Market Savings accounts were opened by phone and funded $500 each using Citi Double Cash.
      On 07/03/2017, two bill payments slightly over $25 each for Citi Double Cash and Fidelity Rewards credit cards posted.
      On 07/05/2017, $200 Promotion Bonus posted as Adjusted Interest.

      • Jim says:

        Thanks for the DP, may I ask how got your online access so soon to set up the bill pay? Did you already have online access through an old CC or other account?

    • Jim says:

      Thanks for the DP, may I ask how got your online access so soon to set up the bill pay? Did you already have online access through an old CC or other account?

      • Klad says:

        If you have a nearby branch you can get a temp debit card to setup online access. Else need to wait for the actual debit card to arrive in mail. I also got bonus today, had online access from last year promotion.

  181. mistike says:

    My application went to review. I used the BYEI link. I’m guessing it’s because I’m not a US citizen. I’ll update when I get approval or denial.

  182. Jatan says:

    6/27 Opened & funded account ($500 using Penfed CC)
    6/29 Paid 2 separate CC bills using USB online bill pay
    7/5 $200 bonus posted

    Opened Gold Checking account only (have existing USB CC) — did not sign up for savings account

    $500 charge posted as a purchase — have 500 reward pts pending

  183. Dave says:

    Rejected. Closest branch is 461 miles haha. Did anyone from the Northeast region get it?

  184. Klad says:

    06/30 Opened account in branch with $125 cash deposit
    07/02 Two credit card Bill Pay initiated
    07/05 Bill Pay transactions appeared Pending
    07/05 Bonus Posted

    This is the one of the easiest bonus every summer 🙂
    Bonus post way fast, even before the Bill Pay transactions posted.

    Have done the same promotion last year also.

  185. Steven says:

    6/28/17 Opened account online and funded $500 with Chase Freedom Unlimited (Counted as purchase).
    7/03/17 Made two bill payments.
    7/05/17 The two bill payments posted to my account.
    7/05/17 $200 bonus posted.

    Going to keep the account open for another month so I can apply for the Altitude Reserve (35 days).

    • Pete says:

      Thanks for the DP, may I ask if you opened the silver checking? If so, did you also open the accompany MM savings account?

    • Justin says:

      Did you have any issues enrolling in online bill pay? I cannot for the life of me get enrolled to make the bill payments. It always faults out and says to try again later.

      • Steven says:

        I had no issues at all setting up bill pay. It might be one of those days where the website isn’t working properly.

      • Jason says:

        I was having this problem as well. When I called in, they said they had to add a phone number to my account. They did so, then I was able to instantly setup bill pay. Perhaps you can add a phone number yourself, w/o needing to call in.

  186. nathan says:


    6/29/2017 Opened gold checking online, monthly fee is waived due to “becuase you earned it” program. the letter i receved in the mail advized elligibility for this was determined based on my vantage 3.0 score. funded 500 from cap1 venture, coded as a purchase

    7/3/2017 2 bill pays
    7/5/2017 200 bonus posted

    • Calvin says:

      What is yr vantage 3.0 score? Mine is 749 and I am not qualify for the「becuase you earned it」 program…..

  187. Santorini says:

    Has anyone opened a Silver Checking Package (funded with a credit card $475 to checking, $25 to Package Money Market Savings) and then a few days later opened a Standard Savings account? If so, were you able to do another $500 in credit card funding to the Standard Savings account? Would this be another Chex/soft pull? Thanks.

  188. Mimi says:

    WOW! $200 bonus already posted soon after doing two b/p. This is as quick as mtb 🙂

  189. Ashley says:

    Applied for both my husband and I this morning.

    Both were denied although we haven’t opened any new accounts since May (and only opened 4 or 5 each side Jan 2017)

    Tried opening a Silver Checking, without any other type of account. We also have a bank 33 miles away from us, so that isn’t the issue either (?)

  190. Jeff says:

    How soon can one close the account without incurring fees or forfeiting the bonus?

  191. Tiffany says:

    I got my $200 bonus. Thank you, DoC !

    How long do I need to keep the account? When can I close it?

  192. Gmoney says:

    For those whose account went to PENDING when they tried to open, have you received any emails or notifications on the status of your app. My SO was approved for the Because You’ve Earned IT program and then went to pending for the Gold package, never saved the application so can’t access the app status page. We never received any kind of confirmation email either.

    My own account was opened instantly, and I already received the bonus.

  193. T says:

    Does this have to be kept open 6 months to prevent fees or bonus claw back?

  194. Zack says:

    How long does it take them to respond? I created an account for my SO 3 days ago. And they said they will review it, but there is no confirmation email or anything, and still no word from them…

    • MontyFC says:

      I just called them as my account has been pending for few days now. They said that are backlogged due to weekend and July 4th holiday. I am hoping for some activity tomorrow, but who knows how their inbox looks like.

      • Zack says:

        I see. Thanks! Did you get a confirmation or anything from them when you created your account?

        • MontyFC says:

          No. I just have screenshot of final submission page with notice as under review. The agent was able to pull up the app using SSN but said that she cannot do anything about it as it needs to be reviewed by a different team.

  195. Clint says:

    Approved with both Sagestream/ARS frozen. Live a few miles from a branch and have a US Bank CC currently open.

  196. MoreSun says:

    Wowza! Got my bonus today too!!
    6/30 bill pay
    7/3 bill pay
    7/5 $200 bonus

    (Also got another call from the local banker, to see how I’m doing with my new account- am I the only one getting these? It’s just weird…)

  197. whodidntante says:

    Just applied for the “gold package” with the $200 promo code. I used “Because You Earned it” to waive the monthly fee. My score isn’t the best, about 740 due to churning and high 0% promo balances. I have done several checking accounts in the next 6 months so they aren’t extremely sensitive to Chex. Also funded $500 with my United card. So far, so good.

  198. Sarah N says:

    Is everyone really accepting a hard inquiry just for the “Because You’ve Earned It” promo? If so, maybe state that it’s a hard pull in the post?

    Doesn’t seem worth it though, even if you are successful in opening an account.

    • Gmoney says:

      Not a hardpull. It explicitly states that it won’t affect your credit when you apply.

      • Gmoney says:

        Just make sure you decline overdraft when you apply for an account. That’s a general rule of thumb to follow.

        • Sarah N says:

          No, I don’t mean the actual checking account application, I mean checking your credit score for the Because You’ve Earned It promo. It says:

          “I authorize U.S. Bank to obtain my credit score through TransUnion®, the supplier of the VantageScore® 3.0 credit score used for this program. I understand that this credit score check:
          Will be used only to determine my eligibility for Because You’ve Earned It
          Cannot be used to determine eligibility for other U.S. Bank products
          Won’t impact my credit score

          I have read and agree with the Credit Score Authorization.”

          • Sarah N says:

            Sorry, I just saw where it says “it won’t impact credit score.” I was just confused with the language I included above.

  199. Russ says:

    I have joint account with them.
    Would it still work for individual ones?

  200. K says:

    DP on the being denied/approved based on state you live in:

    – Currently live in NY, but lived in Chicago up until a few months ago.
    – Denied with NY address twice.
    – Reapplied with my old Chicago address for shits – approved (changed nothing in the application besides the address).

    Used the ‘because you earned it’ thing for all of the above apps.

    • K says:

      So yea. You can create an account with an old address if you have actually lived in an eligible state.

      On the last page of the application (after making initial deposit), you can simply opt-out of getting both a debit card and checks mailed to you.

      EZPZ, I’ll take my $200 now

      • Stack101 says:

        It seems you don’t have existing or previous relationship with U.S. Bank, otherwise you won’t be denied, when you are new to U.S. Bank, without the debit card pin, you will have hard time setting up online access.

        • K says:

          Continuing my DP play-by-play:

          Today I called in to change the address over the phone. They allowed me to do it no problem – just need to have your full account number handy! They are also sending the debit card & pin to my new address! EZPZ.

          So from the start: I opened it with an address in an eligible state (IL); did $500 cc funding; called in and changed the address on the account to my real one; and am now eagerly awaiting my free money.

    • Eric says:

      What happens if the person that lives now in your old address applies for this too? Aren’t you afraid you’re going to get into some trouble?

  201. RyanS says:

    With no early account termination fee, I can just close the account right after the bonus posts and churn 6 months later? Seems too good to be true haha!

  202. John says:

    Applied yesterday for gold account via because you’ve earned it and was approved. Had created an m&t ez checking the day before. No other new bank accounts in previous year.

  203. alex says:

    Applied today for silver acct package, at least 4 checking opened in last 6 months, sage stream is frozen, no us bank CCs

    Called boa to lower merrill cash advance to minimum ($200), transaction went through for $500 initial funding and account was instantly approved.

  204. larry says:

    Does anyone know if sending money to a person is the same as bill pay transactions which is one of the two ways to fulfill bonus requirements? tia

  205. MoreSun says:

    I applied for the Silver account before seeing all the info on Because You Earned It and Gold. I used the link above and checked my eligibility online, was approved, logged into my account and was told to call US Bank or my local bank to upgrade my account. Called my banker (who had already called me twice so had his direct line) and he upgraded my account to gold, took less than 2 mins. Now I can shut down that stupid MM account and not keep $1500 here in order to keep the account open! Thank you to all who did the work on getting this program!

  206. dizzy says:

    Denied. I *have* opened a lot of bank accounts recently- 3 MTB (tho one of them is not showing), Chase, and BMO. Figured I’d give it a go as I can actually use this one- unexpected cash whilst traveling and there are actually locations of this nearby. Oh well. I also didn’t qualify for the BYEI program, score is 703. I had also applied for the visa flexperks (it’s easier for me to MS with Visa/MC currently) and was also denied. Grrr…can’t win ’em all.

  207. John says:

    Heads up I was unable to enroll in bill pay because I only added a cell phone number and i left the home number part blank during the application process. First rep was unhelpful and said there might have been a hold on my account and to call the local branch handling my account. I called again (not the branch) the next day and rep knew right away it was because i left the home number part blank which is what you need to transfer money to people. After she added my number everything was gravy.

    • David B says:

      Thanks, this was very helpful! I was having the same issue but added a phone number online and was then able to enroll in Bill Pay.

  208. Tricia says:

    How long do you need to keep the account open? Any early termination fees? I did not see anything in the offer about this. Thanks

  209. MikeyBee says:

    Looks to be a great bonus, application was fairly painless. Word to the wise: These are the skunks who tried to charge my wife a $30 “maintenance fee” on her IRA CD, though that was nowhere in the paperwork they gave us, nor did the rep mention it when we opened the account in person. So she called the 800 number, who referred her to the branch. The local rep was quite rude, and said, “Honey, I have my accounts at Edward Jones and they charge a fee.” Hope her boss was listening. She grudgingly got approval from her supervisor to waive the fee, but said, “Just this one time, don’t expect us to do it next year.” So, watch out for weirdness from this outfit.

  210. MikeyBee says:

    Forgot to mention: Be sure to go for the “Because You’ve Earned It” program, it will save you the monthly fee, which their site now says is $12.95 ($10.95 with eStatements).

  211. MonetaryDragon says:

    Is anyone having problems getting emailed the code? My email that is supposed to contain the code appears to not have a code:

    “Use this code today. Choose a checking package.

    Promo Code

    Bring this promotion code to your local branch, call 866.506.5585 or apply today!”

    I have had them re-send the email, and the second one is the same way.

    If I follow the ‘apply now’ link, it takes me back to the page advertising the bonus, and the URL includes ‘’, where ‘7777777’ is a 7-digit number, and ‘999999999’ is a 9-digit number. I think one of these might be my promo code, but I don’t know which one.

    Is anyone who has already signed up willing to share what they used as a promo code? How many digits long was it?

    Thank you!

    • Ralph says:

      I just requested another code at a different email address from the previous one I did receive earlier in the month, and like you, this time no promo code was included in the email.

      Also tried having a promo code texted to me but that didn’t show up at all so they might be having a system problem. Try again later or tomorrow.

      I haven’t used my previous code yet so can’t provide it to you but it is in the format: a 7 digit/ letter combo such as AQ44BS7

      • MonetaryDragon says:

        Thank you. If anyone who has successfully used a code and obtained the bonus could share which code they used, it might be helpful. It’s possible the code is universal, and we’d only find out if we compared notes.

        Someone on another blog had commented earlier that he had provided multiple email addresses and received the sane code at all of them- but he didn’t reveal that code.

        • Ralph says:

          The second code via text that I requested on 7/8 just came through today and it is the same promo code as the first one I requested earlier in July.

          See by your later entry that you did get your promo code but just curious if it is a standard code for all. Did yours start with a BS?

  212. Daniel says:

    Used Citi HHonors to fund (set CA to $0 prior) at $500. Pending, looks like it will go through.

  213. MonetaryDragon says:

    I was able to get another email from US Bank, this time actually containing a promotion code. The emails not including the code appears to have been a temporary error on their part. Opened the account successfully today.

  214. Scott says:

    Denied. NYC. Opened 4 bank accounts in last 2 months.

  215. Learningtochurn says:

    Has anyone opened an account without work info? DH is currently unemployed.

  216. Bhavesh Desai says:

    I opened account and manager himself had code which he provided .How do we use billpay…it asks for account and zip code of biller. I want to make payment for my discover card how do I do it.where I get zip and account number. I tried doîng discover card number and zip code as mine will it work …???

  217. SamSimon says:

    maybe someone already tried it, can share the info?
    I want to apply from (NY – never lived in any other states) but people in NY cannot apply there are no branches here.
    What about if I apply with RANDOM address (withing eligible state) – then later call them and change to my original NY state (maybe even if it’s matter – when applying online will uncheck getting debit card and checks)?
    worst scenario what can happen – ChexSystems froze then I can easily fix it? Also new address will be on the report….

    • MonetaryDragon says:

      Worst scenario is you get prosecuted for bank fraud for lying about your identity while applying for an account.

      More realistic problems include possibly getting your account shut down with a negative mark on your Chexsystems, getting any CCs you have with them shut down, getting a fake address on your Chexsystems or other reporting agencies even if successful, which may require you to provide incorrect answers to challenge questions for later applications- and otherwise make identity verification much more difficult for you in the future.

      Given how much free money there is laying around in this hobby, I don’t feel that opening an account with a fake address is worthwhile.

  218. Cindy says:

    I attempted to apply for this banking account and was denied because they do not accept applicants that do not live in a state where they have a physical branch. I live in Florida. So Florida applicants, you’re out of luck. Before applying, contact them and make sure you verify that you ARE able to apply.

  219. frugalman says:

    Lived in MA. Denied despite holding their credit card and applying with existing online log in.

    “We’re sorry. We’re unable to take your application at this time.”

    opened 2-3 checking accounts in the past 2 years but most of them are local. So don’t believe it is the reason. Very likely it is due to the fact that there is no branch nearby.

  220. Yu says:

    applied today and went to under review status. Frustrated.

    • Pete says:

      Probably just identity verification. Opened silver for a family member, waited two days and got email request DL & SS. After sending those in, account approved.

      Went to a local branch to get a temporary debit card the next day, all online now.

      I declined to open a MM savings to waive the monthly fee for the silver, so applied for that for the family member, and it went pending (again). Email request for DL & SS from them, sent that in and approved few hours later.

      Upside of separately opening the checking & savings separately is CC funding for both 🙂

      • Yu says:

        Thanks. Hopefully that’s the case. Do you think if stopping by the branch will help to clear the issue?

      • 10G says:

        I received a email asking for DL and SS. It was from, but I can’t find anything about it.
        The email didn’t address my name at all. It also have this (800) 572-2659 ext 1543823, but google search say it’s a scam. Is your from the same person or similar. Let me know. Thanks

  221. Rena says:

    Today I went into a branch and the csr there told me Because You’ve Earned It is only possible for current credit card/loan holders. She also said that if I try to fund my account with a credit card, it will go through as cash advance, doesn’t matter what type of credit card I use.

    So I called, and the csr tells me that Because You’ve Earned It program will only waive the fees for the first two months. She also put me on hold for a while to speak to a supervisor who says funding with a credit card will always be coded with cash advance.

    Called the number on the Because You’ve Earned It page and the csr (after confirming with a senior banker) tells me the Because You’ve Earned It waives all monthly fees, not just the first two months. (Also gave me a number to call to fund my account over the phone, but it’s asking me to leave a message… so I’ll try again later.)

    Basically: Lots of misinformation, since bankers don’t even know their own bank’s products.

    • MikeyBee says:

      Rep who told you credit card funding would post as cash advance was wrong. My CapitalOne Visa posted it as a purchase.

      • MikeyBee says:

        Rep also was wrong about BYEI program. I was approved and I don’t have a USB credit card or loan. As I posted earlier, their reps will tell you whatever pops into their heads.

        • Jim says:

          Thanks for sharing this about the BYEI program not needing a USB CC/loan, was this the case for the gold checking, too?

          Just reading the gold checking description page, it mentions the USB CC/loan language again.

          For a family member, we only did the silver checking for now — wonder if any way to convert it to gold and BYEI…

          • MikeyBee says:

            I signed up for the gold account, and when I went through the BYEI screens, I was approved. I could not finish the BYEI process, as it requires you to log on, and I have not received my debit card yet. Now I’m wondering if I should have made a screen shot of the BYEI approval message. Not sure about whether you can convert from silver to gold. Alchemy was not my major. 😉 I would suggest calling them, but you might as well ask your mailman or barber.

          • Jim says:

            Just to follow-up — I was able to convert from silver to gold, then enroll in BYEI.

            Had to speak to two reps, as the first one wasn’t familiar with BYEI, so rep #1 changed the “coding” on my silver to the gold (maintained account number).

            Rep #2 did the soft Transunion check to qualify and enroll me (online BYEI sign-up for existing accounts didn’t work for the past 3 days).

            Confirmed enrollment was immediate, logged on and saw BYEI links for credit score and fees saved, etc. on left side of the screen

  222. MonetaryDragon says:

    I had a recent successful account opening yesterday despite not living in USB’s area and having 7 new accounts in 2017 prior to the USB account.

    What I believe worked in my favor is that I used to be a USB checking customer back when I lived within their area, and I have maintained a USB credit card since then for about 10 years. When I opened the new checking account, I used my prior USB login information, and they had many of my personal details pre-filled in the application forms.

    Already having a credit card with US Bank may be the trick to opening a checking account while outside of their area.

  223. Michael says:

    I applied out of area with ARS/IDA frozen, and application crashed, which worried me, but I ended up getting an approval email and can see the accounts on login.

    I used to have a USBank Carlson card, so I had an online login with prefilled information to use in the application process.

  224. zalmy says:

    Sucks that they use a VantageScore for BYEI, my FICO is well over 750 but my Vantage is less than 700.. stupid worthless scoring model

  225. zalmy says:

    Also, I’ve never done a bonus with them before, any DPs on how fast the bonus posts? Santander waiting till AFTER the eligibility deadline to post was nerve-wracking, a far cry from M&Ts near instant bonus payouts

    • TCW says:

      I think they use batch processing once per week. I saw a lot of reports of bonuses posting last week Wednesday 7/5, so let’s see if there are more reports on 7/12.

  226. zalmy says:

    OK.. I live about 2 miles from a branch. Have no frozen credit bureaus. From New Jersey. I have opened 7 accounts in the past 6 months, my wife has opened 2. We were both unequivocally DENIED.. ouch

  227. Jason says:

    Denied for myself and my wife. Both of us has opened 8 account this year.
    went to branch. Approved right away. Now I am trying to make 2 bill pay to my chase credit now

  228. World2Travel says:

    Are people’s bonuses still posting almost immediately after making the two bill payments? I had the following transactions and waiting for my bonus. I funded with a credit card and it shows card transfer credit. Does the following transactions count for the bonus?
    Web Authorized Pmt Citibank Crdt Cd
    $72.99 $371.50
    Web Authorized Pmt Chase Card Serv
    $55.51 $444.49
    Card Transfer Credit 0000
    $500.00 $500.00

  229. John says:

    When you use bill pay, how long does it usually take for the funds to be withdrawn from your account. I bill paid my gas bill on the 10th and my credit card on the 11th. My account still shows $500 which I credit card funded with. My gas bill and credit card both received the payment. Seems odd to me the funds aren’t withdrawn immediately.

  230. AM Cas says:

    There isn’t a location anywhere near me (maybe not in the state). I was denied online and have only opened 2 bank accounts this year.

  231. Josh R says:

    Any DPs on paying the SAME credit card counting for the 2 bill pays? e.g. 2 x $25 to pay my CSP or do the bills have to be separate accounts?

    • Rob says:

      From other DP’s I’m seeing where the bonus posted quickly after the second bill pay, it looks like they need to be two separate accounts. I completed two bill pays to the same credit card 7/6 (i.e. posted in my account as of 7/6) and still haven’t been paid yet.

      I’ll just add a second bill pay and see account and see what happens.

  232. TCW says:

    Interested in hearing data points about how quickly the bonus posts after meeting the bill pay requirement. I met the requirements on 7/6. No bonus yet. My wife met the requirements on 7/11 and no bonus for her yet either (not a surprise as today is 7/12).

    Several people posted above saying they received their bonus on 7/5 after meeting the requirements a day or two earlier. I seem to recall that U.S. Bank utilizes batch processing, so bonuses post on the same day of the week or month. Thinking back to last year, I think they pay bonuses once per month (unless the bank I’m remembering wasn’t U.S. Bank). That would mean if you missed the early July payout, you’ll get your bonus the first week of August.

    • AZ says:

      I could be wrong, but I remember from last year it was every other Tuesday or Wednesday.

      • Jim says:

        I’ve done a USB bonus the past few years. Oddly they didn’t credit my account the past two years, so I had to call and inquire. Back office had to manually approve it in the system and I was also told bonuses typically credit on Mondays, save for holidays.

        Just checked my records from a few months ago, sure enough, I spoke to a rep on a Wednesday and the following Monday, the bonus was added.

    • Steven says:

      I too completed two bill payments for both mine and my wife’s account that cleared on 7/6 and we’ve yet to see the bonuses post. I keep checking daily waiting to see them but no luck yet.

  233. A says:

    Just applied and got denied. 🙁 Before this, I have only had one application denied and that was because I didn’t meet the state residency requirement. So this is a bummer. I am outside the 100 mile radius for U.S. Bank, so I’m guessing that’s why I was denied. Nothing frozen like mentioned above. 16 accounts opened in the last 10 months. Has anyone had any luck calling U.S. Bank to ask why the application was denied?? Seems like a ton of people on here getting denied.

  234. Alex says:

    For people who have done this for two or more people. When you applied to get the code did you receive the same code for every person?

    • Kelly says:

      I signed up for two people – my husband and myself and received the same exact code for each application. Both accounts have received an email notification after approval telling of steps we need to take to receive $200 bonus so it looks like it took for both accounts. 7/10 – completed 2 bill pays on each and waiting for bonuses.

      • Rena says:

        May I ask how long after your approval did you receive the email notification with instructions for the $200 bonus?

        • Kelly says:

          I completed both applications 6/30 and received the following email 7/11. We did not previously have any US Bank relationship. Completed application via BYEI and added promo code. Here is the email that was sent:

          We’re glad you’ve chosen to bank with us, and we’re pleased to tell you that you’re eligible for a $200 bonus¹ because you opened a U.S bank Gold® Checking Package.

          To earn your $200 checking bonus:
          • Complete one or more direct deposits totaling at least $500 within 60 days of account opening
          • Complete two or more U.S. Bank Bill Pay transactions of $25 each within 60 days of account opening.

          It’s easy to get started and add billers through Online Banking. Additionally, to manage your account on the go, be sure to get the Mobile App.²

          Hurry! To receive the bonus your direct deposit(s) or Bill Pay payments must be complete before August 29, 2017.

  235. tribeman55 says:

    How many people received a email after approval with steps on what they need to do to receive the $200? I didn’t receive any email like that even though I entered the promo code in.

    • Mimi says:

      I didn’t receive email confirm the promo is linked to my account but soon as I got online I set up and paid two billpays before July 4. soon as the billpays went through, the $200 bonus also posted so no need for any confirmation.

  236. lollipop says:

    I applied online for the checking account 3 days ago, and I saw a window saying something similar to “a decision will be made in 48 hours”, but till now I didn’t receive anything, neither an approval nor denial, not even a confirmation that I applied. What should I do now? Applied again or call US bank and check with them?

  237. Trippy says:

    Any new data on direct deposit mode to keep it fee free? The data on the methods page seems to be old.

  238. Captainsave says:

    Anyone else having problems signing up for the because u earn it program?

    • Adrian says:

      Couldn’t enroll over the phone with CS because my home branch placed a hold on my new account. I had to go to a branch to ‘enroll’. When I got there they weren’t even aware of the program.

      Not only did I have to deal with their condescension implying I wouldn’t qualify because you need ‘good’ credit, they didn’t do it properly. They simply upgraded to Gold and gave me a 2 month fee waiver.

      Good thing I’m cancelling as soon as bonus posts. Idiots.

    • Bekah says:

      I am. I’ve tried online and over the phone, but both ways get an error that they can’t pull up my credit score (even though my score shows up when I signed up for their free credit score service). Currently have their technical support looking into it.

  239. tinker25 says:

    Got denied due to inconsistency of info provided. The fact is that the app data is pre-filled by USB upong login. Not sure how that happens

  240. Janet says:

    Anyone can tell me 2 bill payment can pay my own credit card with same address to trigger the bonus??

  241. Joe says:

    so far, this account has been a pain.

    I opened the account online with my Cap Quicksilver card. US Bank instantly froze the account. They failed to tell me they froze it however.

    Despite having a frozen account, I will still allowed to use the Bill Pay feature. I paid three bills: electricity, gas, & water. I also transfer $300 some dollars to Ally via Ally.

    The bank (or Fiserv as it turns out) mails three checks to the billers. A few days later, the money never comes out of my account, and my Ally transfer is denied. The websites for the gas and electric say the bill is paid and my balance is zero. Confused, I call US Bank asking what’s up, and they just say wait and the bill pay money should come out of my account soon.

    Later that day I get an email saying “Fiserv could not withdraw the funds from your payment account.” I decide to go to a branch, but the tellers tell me they can’t help with online bill pay. So I ask if I can withdraw $300. The system won’t let me – this is when I learned the account has been frozen. I need to come in the next day and speak with the manager to verify my identity and unfreeze my account.

    The next day, I am able to do so. I unfreeze my account and withdraw the $300. The electric and gas companies websites still say my balance is zero, and the money is still not out of my account. I call the water company (because it’s city and the website sucks) and they say they did receive a check.

    The check for the water does finally clear and the money is taken out of my account. The check for the gas company gets denied and the gas company charges me a $25 dollar return check fee – thankfully when I called them they said they would wave the fee. My electric bill website still says I have a zero balance.

    I’ve never wanted to close an account so bad. I don’t have my bonus yet, but as soon as I do, I have a perfectly valid reason to close it beyond my normal “I just don’t use it anymore.”

    • Jeff says:

      I just had similar problems using Billpay with both me and my wife’s account. I am not sure what the issue is, but all of our Billpay’s have been returned even though there is enough money in the account.

      • Jeff says:

        I just called as to the reason why the bill pay’s were rejected, and US Bank said that the accounts were blocked due to an “updated phone number was needed” even though my phone number was on my profile. I have to now contact the branch to unblock my account, and contact the billpay service separately, all for some phone number issue that doesn’t exist.

        I agree that I can’t wait to close this account, and I just opened it.

        • John says:

          Same thing happened to me and the gas company’s bank ended up charging me a $7 return fee which. I had to call the gas company which directed me to Fiserv which directed me to US Bank which directed me to the US Bank branch that handled my account. The branch ended up crediting my account for the $7 but damn did I have to make too many phone calls because they didn’t have my home number on file.

      • Jeff G says:

        I couldn’t even sign up for bill pay. Called them and I did not have a phone number on record. Once I fixed that, all was good.

        • MP says:

          Good info, guys. Thank you so much! I was planning on opening it soon and using bill pay. I guess I’ll pass on this one even though it appeared to be quite easy at first and I have branches in town. I don’t need this kind of a headache and certainly don’t want to end up with something unpaid. And they pay bills by check?! Good grief…

    • Todd says:

      Had a similar issue – account was frozen and I used billpay. Was charged fees by the credit card company I was paying, and had to fall the Fiserv people.

  242. eclipsor says:

    anyone know if there’s a grace period or anything for the monthly fee? I should have a month since the account was funded to get my DD in there right?

    • Rena says:

      When I went to a branch the teller (banker?) tells me that fees are waived for the first two months. Then again, she also said the You’ve Earned It program is only available to credit card and loan customers, so…

  243. Elver Galarga says:

    Anybody received the bonus after 7/5?

    • tribesman55 says:

      Still waiting.

      • nathan says:

        im still waiting. glad to see others are also waiting.

        on my account, i did the bill pays on 7/3 and got bonus on 7/5
        on my spouses acct, i did the bill pays on 7/7 and still waiting.

    • TCW says:

      I’ve read the comments pretty closely, and I haven’t seen anyone else post about receiving a bonus after 7/5.

      Someone up above said they recall bonuses posting every Monday in past years. My memory may be off, or I may be thinking of another bank, but I remember them posting once per month. If my vague recollection is accurate, then we’ll have to wait until the first week of August. So I hope I’m wrong.

    • mistike says:

      Still waiting too. I’ve met the requirements on 7/11 (although I think the 2 bill pays really posted on 7/13).

  244. Tey Boy says:

    i met the requirements on 07/12/2017
    still waiting for the bonus

  245. Chris says:

    Funded with BofA BankAmericard Cash Rewards Visa with $500.
    Initially posted as Cash advance.
    Reverted to purchase after 2 days. Phew.

  246. Gadget says:

    DP: For those that did the checking promo last year, and do not have a current relationship w/ US Bank, there may be a way around not living near a branch. I unfortunately never closed my checking, so I wasn’t eligible this summer. But my S.O. did the smart move and closed her account after the bonus posted in late August 2016.

    First, I logged into her US Bank account using her old account info, and I assume since it has been so long since she logged in, it had to verify her identity through an e-mail code/link security check.

    Next, it had us reset her password. (but lax security allows reuse of same old PW) Once I was at the main account screen, which no account were listed, I closed out.

    Then, I had her go to the main promo page linked above in the DoC article and select e-mail promo code. E-mail appeared in a few seconds, and then clicked the link in the e-mail to apply. It auto-filled the promo code in the application, and then somewhere on the center of the application had the option to login. I had her login, causing it to auto-fill most of the application.

    Stepping through the application, it allowed CC funding (Chase FU $500 purchase pending) and provided an account number at the end of the process, stating the account was approved. Also, recv. an automated e-mail stating “Thank you for choosing U.S. Bank. We processed your approved application for the following account”.

    I hope this help anyone on the fence about signing up that did last summer’s promo. This year I thought the 100 mile rule that they are denying all those that do not have branches nearby, or don’t have a USB CC or other product/loan. We have 0 branches in VA, and she did not have nor had a CC with them. Seems as long as you closed out your account last year, you “should” be good to go this year. (I will update if they come back and deny the app later.)

    TL;DR – I ASSUME as long as you have a working online banking login their system will see you as having an existing relationship, so you can avoid getting denied for not having a branch nearby. Pre-fill your application!

  247. Yu says:

    Eventually got approved after 8 days. I never had account with US bank before. When will I get the details of account # for me to set up direct deposit?

    • Mimi says:

      When you got approved, did you not see the bank routing number plus your account number? That is what you submit to employer to get your DD started. You can also do ACH transfer from another bank by entering the USB routing plus your account number. You may need to verify trial deposits before you can transfer funds.

      If you have a branch nearby, go there to ask for a temporary debit card and set PIN at the ATM. you need this to enroll for online banking and once you’re enrolled, you can see your account and even do billpay if you want.

      If you don’t have a branch near-by, just wait till your DC arrives in the mail; the PIN comes in a separate mail.

  248. ADRIAN says:

    Opened 6/27
    Scheduled bill pay for 7/14
    Posted to AMEX/Barclaycard 7/15
    Debited from checking account 7/17
    No bonus yet

    Looks like those of us who did DD/BP after 7/5 will have to wait until 8/5?

    • Jman says:

      Similar timeline here and no bonus yet

      Account opened – 07/03
      Bill Pays – 7/12
      Posted/Debited – 7/14

      I did receive an email from US bank on 7/13 telling me the steps to receive the bonus. The email is titled “Next Steps to Earn your $200 Bonus” Here’s the body of the email:


      We’re glad you’ve chosen to bank with us, and we’re pleased to tell you that you’re eligible for a $200 bonus¹ because you opened a U.S bank Gold® Checking Package.

      To earn your $200 checking bonus:
      • Complete one or more direct deposits totaling at least $500 within 60 days of account opening
      • Complete two or more U.S. Bank Bill Pay transactions of $25 each within 60 days of account opening.

      It’s easy to get started and add billers through Online Banking. Additionally, to manage your account on the go, be sure to get the Mobile App.²

      Hurry! To receive the bonus your direct deposit(s) or Bill Pay payments must be complete before September 1, 2017.

    • TCW says:

      “Looks like those of us who did DD/BP after 7/5 will have to wait until 8/5?”

      Yes, I’m pretty sure that is the case.

      • Adrian says:

        Looking through previous posts and expired US Bank offers, I’m seeing numerous people receiving their bonuses on the 4th-6th of the months. Looks like their statement cycles line up with these dates too.

        Will report back in 2 weeks, weekend of the 4th-6th.

  249. Mike says:

    How long do I have to wait after getting the bonus before I can cancel this?

    Will add all that info to my spreadsheet to track taxes and open/close dates so I can churn it again in the future 🙂

    • ADRIAN says:

      There’s no early termination fee or required open duration. Can close immediately after receiving bonus.

  250. Jay says:

    Do they send out an email with a decision for approval/rejection? How long does it take to receive one after you submit the application?

  251. John says:

    Thank you William/ DOC! 🙂

    Was able to open a Gold checking account & waive the monthly fee with “Because You’ve Earned It.”

    Anybody know if two credit card payments both from Citi will count as two bill pays? (Different credit cards, but both through Citi bank.

    Also, I previously had a student checking with Citi, but it was closed due to inactivity. I’m assuming I should still be able to receive this offer since that was a student checking and I now have a Gold Checking, but if anybody knows for sure, please let me know.

  252. Jeff G says:

    Instant approval for account and Because You Earned it. Not sure of my score, but I am assuming it is high. Branch is within a mile of my home, have no previous relationship with US Bank.

    9th account opened since late February of this year.

  253. MikeyBee says:

    Good news: BYEI does work. They just posted a $12.95 maintenance fee to my account, and simultaneously waived it. I don’t meet any of the other criteria to get the fee waived, so it must be BYEI.

  254. TonsofPhun says:

    DP: Funded with Discover It, did not code as Cash

  255. Nancy says:

    I tried to fund $500 with my Amex Hilton Surpass with a CA limit set to $400. It was declined online. Called in to confirm that it indeed is a cash advance and was declined for that reason. I’ll be waiting for my Chase card to come in so I can fund it with that before opening this account.

  256. Srini says:

    I funded $500 with Citi Double Cash (cash advance was already set to $0) – and it went through fine.

    • Srini says:

      Wife’s a/c (approved) opened: 07/19/2017
      Electronic Transfer of $2500 from Chase: 08/02/2017
      Deposit Posted: 08/04/2017
      Note: No bill payments were made. Today morning when logged in to setup bill payments…the bonus showed up as “Adjusted Interest” $200.

      My a/c (approved) opened: 07/10/2017
      Bills paid: 07/18, 07/19, 07/21
      Electronic Transfer of $2000 from Chase: 07/19
      Bonus posted: 08/04 (Adjusted Interest: $200)

  257. Scoot says:

    Was able to open a silver checking account with the bonus code. However, they do a hard pull on TransUnion with regards to overdraft protection. They gave me $2,000 to work with on overdraft protection.

  258. Scoot says:

    In addition, I opened the account with $80 in cash and did three bill pays via the app.

  259. Mike Miller says:

    I love giving back to this group, data points for AmEx, used Delta Plt and Delta Gold, personal accounts, both posted as a purchase for $500!

  260. Nate says:

    Applied with an address in Boston, pretty light activity previously, and denied.

  261. Kazu says:

    Was denied for a Silver account just now. Opened six checking accounts this year.

  262. Doug says:

    Was asked for lot of info, SSN card, DL, Resident card, both sides .. too much to info, told them to fly a kite .. just fyi

  263. CC says:

    Can anyone who applied in branch confirm the following?
    – Can you still get waived monthly fees through BYEI when applying in branch?
    – Can you still fund the account with CC in branch?
    – Can you still get approved for account with an address that’s not close to any branch when applying in person at the bank?

    • Gadget says:

      I’d recommend you call and ask to speak to a banker at the branch you are planning to visit. They want to close deals, and they should have the answers you seek. Tell them the truth – interested in signing up for a checking account, but live elsewhere, and had a couple questions… just make up an excuse why you need an account (visit often, family in the area, Mom banks there and you want to join).

      I can tell you In branch CC funding is pretty much a given will code as a CA – any bank, anywhere. That’s what a truest definition of a CA is. We are spoiled by the Internet and gets coded as doesn’t get coded as instant cash for online account applications.

      I did Silver vice BYEI Gold, just to avoid any chance of them saying you can’t sign up for two promo’s at once. Not saying it won’t work, but I like to play the safe game, even if it costs me a few bucks.

  264. Jimmy says:

    For the bonus, do the bill pays have to be EXACTLY $25?

    The email stated: “• Complete two or more U.S. Bank Bill Pay transactions of $25 each within 60 days of account opening.”

    I have 2 credit card payments of $25.20 and $26.00 using online bill pay.

    Will this qualify for the bonus – as they are MORE than $25.

    Also does paying credit cards count as a valid online bill payment?

    • I’m sure more isn’t an issue, just bad wording.

    • Gadget says:

      $25 is the minimum. A credit card payment you submit is a bill. They can’t tell if it is truly due for a payment, if that is why you are asking. Doesn’t have to be a utility bill, if that is what you are suggesting.

      If you are paying anyone other than yourself under bill pay on their website, it’s a bill… and now that I think about it, paying yourself might work, but I wouldn’t chance it. Pay any company. The idea is, if you set it up once, you will want to use it next month, and so on.

      They used the words OR MORE to imply you didn’t have to limit yourself to just two. Most people have a bunch of bills every month, I think.

  265. Sam says:

    I just got denied today. My best guess is that they don’t have any branch within 100 miles from my place in Michigan. I think they don’t have any branch in Michigan but I haven’t checked thoroughly.
    I have never been denied before so this is frustrating.

    If that’s the reason they are denying people, they should just said that when you enter the residence address.

  266. SB says:

    DP: Went through approval process for US Bank “because you earned it” and was approved to have a gold checking acct with fees waived (score is 720-740 depending who you ask). Entered the summer promo code and opened my account. Funded $500 with a CSP (CA limited lowered) and posted as purchase.

  267. Francis says:

    How long does it take for the bonus to get deposited into the checking account?

  268. dan says:

    i live within a mile of a US Bank branch, and currently have a credit card. I tried to open the gold checking and had my application withdrawn because I have my reports frozen. Odd thing is, I opened a savings account a few months ago with no problem (and also had my reports frozen at that time too). I am going to unfreeze and reapply.

  269. dan says:

    Also, what is the current consensus on freezing ARS/Sagestream? After I get this checking account open, I want to apply for the Altitude card. I was only able to be approved for my first US bank card after freezing the reports, but I know there was a post saying some people were denied for having frozen reports. What is the current recommendation?

  270. Rab says:

    Planning to open a silver package.. can i fund both checking and saving for $500 through a credit card?

    • Gadget says:

      yeah…. I did 500 for checking, then immediately applied for a savings and did 499. I was hoping to avoid any fraud alerts by not going both at $500. Savings funding failed, but Chase instantly sent a TM to my phone and also an e-mail asking to confirm it was me doing the $499 charge. Once I replied to the TM, the $499 went though.

      Might be able to do it all in one sweep, vice two apps.

  271. Alex says:

    Does anybody know if a US Bank business card will cause the gold checking account fee to be waived?

  272. Nab says:

    Live in NJ.
    Applied for Silver checking and money market for myself and for spouse (separately). We both had US Bank checking accounts last year. No other relationship with US Bank.

    We both got rejected for both accounts this time:
    “Application Status
    U.S. Bank Silver Checking Package
    We’re sorry. We’re unable to take your application at this time”

  273. Ali says:

    Anyone complete the requirements before 07-05 but not get the bonus yet? I met two bill pay requirements on 06-30 but no bonus like others above. Getting concerned.

  274. Justincase says:

    Denied for Silver checking package. Also live in NJ, never had a US Bank account before. 7 Chex inquires YTD. No reports frozen or anything like that. Will try again closer to deadline.

    • Gadget says:

      I would suggest you call first before applying again. The consensus appears to be if you live in an area without any branches (outside their footprint) they will deny you, unless you have a current or prior relationship.

  275. Jay says:

    I just called Citi and they said the lowest they could reduce the cash advance limit to was $750 for my Citi AA personal card, are there any DPs showing that funding this chk account for $500 shows up as a purchase and not cash advance?

    • Yu says:

      I think jonsmoth posted above said Citi AA is counted as purchase. Please report your case once your transaction is posted.

      jonsmoth says:
      June 27, 2017 at 10:46 pm
      15 bank accounts signed up since 4/15/17
      Have US Bank CC for 2 months
      Citi AAdv pending as purchase for $500 load

    • Yu says:

      Jay, Any update on the Citi AA card transaction? Can you tell us if it’s really coded as purchase?

  276. Raj says:

    My paycheck of $500 posted on July 15th, still no bonus. Any DP on when does bonus gets credited?

  277. Rob S says:


    12 bank acts opened in last 9 months
    Funded $500 with Chase Ink Pref (coded as purchase)

  278. Sergey says:

    US Bank just closed my account after I had it open for four weeks. The only activity that I had was the initial deposit with a credit card for $500 and the required two bill payments. No explanation given whatsoever. All they told me is that the account was closed and a cashier’s checks for the remaining balance was mailed to me.

    • Jim says:

      How strange, try calling them? Did you happen to do anything silly at another FI?

      I once had an accidental overdrawn account/NSF two years ago at Ally and another bank, Northpointe, closed my account a few days later — apparently they were actively monitoring Chex or some other reporting agency for new accounts. I had only had the Northpointe account for just over a month at that point.

    • tinker25 says:

      same here, opened, then got closed a week later. called, rep said that note say reason being that branch moving out of area. Amex CC refunded $500. Letter said a generic ID protection blah…

      • Eric says:

        That seems like a ridiculous reason. Are you going to dispute the Chex inquiry?

        • Gadget says:

          That’s not really a valid reason to dispute a Chex inquiry. He did “inquire” about getting an account. Sucks, but that’s how it goes. First 30 days you’re considered a new customer and they can dump you for just about anything, I believe. It does happen.

          I tried disputing inquires for a couple banks that turned me being down because of geographic reasons and did not even screen for financial reasons, but the online app automatically pulls Chex. That got shot down instantly – Chex wouldn’t investigate.

    • Eric says:

      Did you receive the bonus?

    • Frank says:

      More than likely they noticed you did the absolute bare minimum to earn the bonus. It’s kind of unusual for someone to open an account and have no activity other than what was necessary to earn the bonus. They probably suspected you were going to take the bonus and close the account.

      Unfortunately, even though you met the requirements, you’re probably out of luck. I believe the fine print states the account most be open to receive the bonus. And since they decided to end the relationship, well… You know the rest.

    • MoreSun says:

      I’d CFPB that because you did complete the reqs for the bonus. You might not get the bonus but you’ll be a bit of a thorn in their side. That was a completely sleazy thing for the bank to do to you.

  279. Waingro says:

    Since their website always crashes, I called to open an account and after giving my address, I was immediately rejected due to no local branches in my area. CSR said there’s nothing she can do about it. Oh well, moving on…

  280. JJ says:

    Opened on July 5, made two bill pays on July 10, still waiting for bonus.

  281. Sexy_Kitten7 says:

    Could not open online (tried twice). Never received a letter in the mail so I tried phone. Success!

  282. JohnB says:

    I opened for myself and wife, silver checking, no issue. Tried for my 2 adult daughters, both denied, neither have any inquiries. The one in Tampa is not near any branch, and may also have thin credit. The other lives at home (Tucson), credit around 730 and we are less than 1 mile from branch. Do they deny for income level?

  283. jodi says:

    Anyone have their bonus post yet?

  284. Brian says:

    What counts as a direct deposit? If i make a $500 transfer in from Chase will that count?

  285. James says:

    I made two online bill pmts, $25 each, on 7/11 & 7/12 – no bonus yet but US bank just replied to a message I sent re: bonus and rep said that it will be deposited within 60 days.

  286. Bala says:

    My application was turned down,I live in Atlanta,GA. Any other ways to open account ? I spoke with customer care they said I have to have US Bank relationship to consider if i’m not living in their branch states.

    • Fred says:

      Bala, I live a couple hours south of Atlanta. I’m guessing I was approved because of my Kroger credit card that I have with US Bank.

  287. Felix says:

    I was just applying, got approved and was at the funding page. I entered $2,500 for CC funding just to see what would happen. It said it could only be up to $500, so I changed it. Then it said my application had timed out for 15 minutes of inactivity (which was false) and I can’t get back to it . . . Anyone else have this issue?

    I should note that I used that link to the free Gold account that DoC linked to and entered the code in the promo section.

    • Felix says:

      UPDATE: because of the time-out, I now have to send in a check and won’t be able to access my account until then.

  288. Mark says:

    “Offer is not valid if you have an existing U.S. Bank consumer checking account, had a U.S. Bank consumer checking account in the last six months, or received other U.S. Bank bonus offers within the past six months.”

    Does anyone here interpret the last line above to include US Bank credit card bonus offers?

    • Gadget says:

      Last year I did the Summer checking, and also did two credit card promo’s around that time. They paid out on every offer, more so than I thought they would. I forget all the details, but it was something along the lines of $150 for checking, $50 for signing up for a credit card. I got the Cash+ and also had an offer such as $350 for the Olympics Flex Perks. They also paid out a “spend and get” $25 promo on both cards I believe. That particular promo I believe is once a lifetime now, but used to be annual.

      Long story short, they paid out last year, and they are separate promos. They had similar language too at that time. So unless they changed their policy, they will pay out.

  289. Alex Buz says:

    Have mortgage with US Bank. Went pending, both me and my wife.

  290. mistike says:

    Did a total of 5 bill payments since 07/11. Still no bonus.

    • TCW says:

      Bonus payments are made via batch processing once a month, sometime around the 4th or 5th. You and the rest of us should get it in a few days.

      • Brad says:

        This is good to know. Hopefully I’ll also see something later this week as I made my bill payments last month as well.

  291. Darv says:

    Applied for wife and I this morning. Both accounts approved. Funded with Barclay Wyndham and Citi Premier, both with cash advance limits set to zero. I’ve opened 15+ checking accounts so far this year, wife is at about 10. We live within a mile of a branch. Promo code was same for both of us. Anybody else experience that (sent to separate email addresses)?

    We’re going into the branch later this week to see if my wife can get approved for Altitude Reserve. She was denied a couple months ago, but I think I read somewhere that apps from the branches go to separate underwriting group. Anybody know? We’re both lol/24 and lol/6.

  292. Ralph says:

    Opened Gold Checking account through the Because You’ve Earned It program and approved with $500 funded with Chase CSP with cash advance set to $20. Merrill+ card with cash advance set to $200 rejected during first attempt to fund.

    Many accounts opened during the last 6 months (10+) and a branch is about 10 miles away. Closed my last US Bank account with bonus 6 months ago.

    • Ralph says:

      Updated Info: after receiving emails confirming my application approved, debit card received and activated, online bill pay setup and two bill pays setup and paid, received an email from US Bank saying that Fiserv has reversed the bill pays, froze my bill pay and that there is a hold on my checking account.

      Called Fiserv who cleared my bill pay for use but I had to call US Bank to release the hold. Spoke with a US Bank rep who transferred me to another agent who transferred me to my local branch who told me I have to come in to the branch to update my profile before the hold can be released and bill pay used.

      Went in to the branch and took all of 2 minutes answering some silly questions to get the hold taken off of my account. The rep said that this is required before an account opened online can be used but don’t see that happening with too many others here so probably not true. Did get confirmation that the promo code attached to my account so should see the bonus after the two bill pays complete.

      • Fred says:

        I had the same experience and had to go into my local branch to “complete” the profile even though there was nothing different in my profile from the last account I had with them last year.

        Branch manager wasn’t even aware of the Because You’ve Earned It program and that the gold checking fee is waived when applying through that. She said to let her know if the fee isn’t automatically waived and she’d do it for me. Did say the first two months statement period fees are waived for all checking accounts.

  293. Thanksinadvance says:

    I live in GA and got denied.
    Can anyone please tell me if i can apply for a us bank credit card without a checking account?
    I am planning to apply for a credit card with us bank because i feel i will get a checking account with them based on the credit card relationship.

  294. Fat Slim says:

    No go for Oklahoma. After calling a U.S. Bank customer service I was told that they do not service accounts in Oklahoma. The closest states are Kansas and Arkansas.

  295. David says:

    Applied Sunday night(7/30) and it went to the under review status. On the screen it says I will get contacted within 2 days, but I don’t receive any response as of 8/1. Anyone know what is the turnaround time of this situation if you did recently?.

  296. Chris says:

    Can a checking account application be reconsidered if it was denied? They are offering me the safe debit account instead of the gold one but has somebody got success by calling a banker and getting approved?

  297. HML says:

    Applied today
    Tried to use a visa debit/gift card and an AMEX card to fund but it wouldn’t go through.
    Used a savings account in the end.
    Application is being reviewed.
    Have two credit cards already with USBank so applied to gold checking account.
    I did freeze those credit check things two years ago and threw away the info on how to unfreeze them 🙁
    I will have to google to find out what to do.

  298. James says:

    DP: Live in California (US Bank close by). Applied online and funded $500 Silver Checking with Amex Delta Gold Business. CA limit is >$500. No CA fee on statement after posting.

  299. aish says:

    i was able to open an account for my husband using his parent’s address. now the issue is getting account access. i opted out of receiving a debit card as i didn’t think we’d need it and because it would be sent to the wrong address. guess he’ll have to call.

  300. sonia says:

    anyone get their bonus yet?

  301. usbankplease says:

    Opened 6/28/17, No Bonus yet

  302. T says:

    Opened June 27th and have completed employer DDs. One thing that is a little strange is that the day after, the banker told me “It looks like there was an error in your application and I’m unable to tell if you wanted a debit card or checks with your new account.” Also, I didn’t receive the same bonus confirmation email as some of the comments above suggested. Hoping the promo code was still applied to the application. Any one else have this happen?

    • Fred says:

      I just opened the account yesterday and haven’t received the follow up email concerning being eligible for the bonus. When I applied for last year’s bonus, the follow up email came the next day.

      In some of the comments above, looks like the follow up email could take a couple weeks to get sent but in your case, it is longer than that so you might want to give them a call.

  303. tribeman55 says:

    Still no bonus.

  304. wtf_amex says:

    Called Amex last night to disable cash advance on my new Gold Delta Business card. No problem, the rep was happy to do it. 2 hours later, I opened a US Bank Gold checking account (used “Because You’ve Earned It”) and funded with the Amex for $4xx (a bit under $500).

    This morning I have an email alert from Amex about “Cash Withdrawal Transaction Approved” stating that “your Card was used to withdraw cash from an ATM” ($4xx). What??!? Needless to say, I’m not happy with Amex right now! I guess I’ll wait until it fully posts, but if there’s any hint of a fee or interest for this transaction, they will be hearing from me.

    On the US Bank side, their website kicked me out for 15 minutes of inactivity the first time I tried to sign up. I was definitely not inactive for 15 minutes, but it may have been 15 minutes from the start of the application. I was at the funding step, entering my Amex info. So I started over, successfully funding the second time. As of this morning, it seems that I have two Gold checking accounts – one needs to be funded still (was kicked out) and the other has the funds from Amex. I would assume that both can’t get the bonus, but maybe the system won’t catch the error? Probably safest thing to do is just close the unfunded account.

    • Stealy Darn says:

      I also funded w/Delta Gold Biz, cash advance disabled, got the same email and freaked out. It posted as business services and not cash advance so you are fine.

    • wtf_amex says:

      Yep, Stealy Darn is right. The Amex transaction posted as Business Services with no mention of any fee or cash advance (though to be honest, I don’t know what a cash advance looks like on Amex, whether it’d look significantly different on the website).

      To follow up on the US Bank double accounts, my local branch actually called me later that day and had me come in. They only wanted to have me sign something (but when I got there, said no signature was necessary, whatever) but they did notice the extra account. They confirmed that the bonus was attached to both accounts, but I would only get it once. So they closed the account with 0 balance for me. Everything seems good now.

  305. Mike M says:

    FYI, for people doing this that don’t live that close to a branch. US Bank charges a $3.00 fee to do an external transfer.

    • The DJ says:

      Just do a pull from your other account from US Bank instead of doing a push from US Bank. This will not incur any fees (unless your other bank also charges a fee, but some don’t).

  306. Adrian says:

    Still no bonus. Wonder if it’ll post on a Saturday? Last payout was 7/5 making today 30 days exactly.