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Published on October 9th, 2017 | by William Charles


What Triggers The Bank of America Premium Rewards $100 Travel Credit?

Bank of America recently launched the Premium Rewards credit card. One of the card benefits is a $100 annual travel incidental credit, this credit is based on a calendar year. Officially the following qualify for the credit:

  • Fees on domestic-originated flights on certain U.S.-domestic airline carriers that include: preferred seating upgrades, ticket change/cancellation fees, checked baggage fees, in-flight entertainment, onboard food and beverage charges, and airport lounge fees affiliated with eligible airline carriers.

They list the following merchant category codes as qualifying:

  • 3000, 3001, 3057, 3058, 3063, 3066, 3132, 3174, 3196 or 3256
    • 3000 – United.
    • 3001 – American Airlines.
    • 3057 – East/West Airline (Australia)
    • 3058 – Delta
    • 3063 – US Airways
    • 3066 – Southwest
    • 3132 – Frontier
    • 3174 – Jet Blue
    • 3196 – Hawaiin
    • 3256 – Alaskan

They specifically exclude the following in the fine print:

  • Airline ticket purchases, mileage point purchases, mileage point transfer fees, gift cards, duty-free purchases, award tickets and fees incurred with airline alliance partners do not qualify. Airline incidental fee transactions must be separate from airline ticket charges

As we know what’s listed in the fine print isn’t always what happens in reality so this post aims to provide data points on what does/doesn’t trigger the credit. The easiest way to see if something has worked is to do the following (hat tip to Mr G)

  • Use the Bank of America app
  • Select your Premium Rewards Credit Card
  • Click Premium Rewards Benefits
  • Indicator shows how much of the credit you’ve used
  • Click view activity and it will show an itemized list of the transactions that have triggered the credit

Keep in mind that the fine print also states that it takes up to seven days for the credit to post to your account after the charge has posted to your account.

What Works To Trigger The Credit

Below is a list of things that have successfully triggered the credit:

  • American Airlines:
    • Baggage check: 1
    • Award close in fee: 1 ($75)
    • Award taxes & fees: 1 ($11.20)
    • eGiftcard: 1 ($50), 2 ($100), 3 ($50 & $50), 4 ($100), 5 ($100), 6 ($100), 7 ($100), 8 ($100), 9 ($100), 10, 11 ($100)
  • Alaska:
    • Fare change cost: 1
  • Delta:
    • Change fees: 1
    • First class upgrade: 1
  • Frontier:
    • Exit row seat fee: 1
  • JetBlue:
    • $5.60 taxes: 1
  • Southwest:
    • Early bird check in: 1
    • $5.60 taxes: 1, 2, 3
  • United:
    • Award booking taxes: 1, 2,
    • Flight change fee: 1

What Doesn’t Work To Trigger The Credit

Below is a list of things that haven’t triggered the credit:

  • Alaska Airlines:
    • Gift card: 1
  • British Airways:
    • Award taxes: 1
  •  Delta:
    • Comfort Plus: 1 (you should be able to get this manually adjusted though)
    • eGiftcard: 1 ($50)
  • Southwest:
    • Award fee: 1
    • Giftcard: 1 (under $20), 2 ($100), 3 ($100), 4 ($50)
  • Spirit (seems it’s not a covered airline):
    • Bag fees: 1, 2,
    • Inflight food: 1
  • Sun Country:
    • Change fee: 1
  • United:
    • Award taxes: 1
    • Close in fee: 1

Share Your Datapoints

Please share your datapoints in the comments, make sure you use the app method to see if it has triggered the credit or not. List what you purchased, what airline it was for and how much the charge was as well.

124 Responses to What Triggers The Bank of America Premium Rewards $100 Travel Credit?

  1. Dan says:

    Any idea how long after the purchase posting it would take to display in this activity section? I dont want to report my negative data point just because it hasnt had time to be counted yet.

    • TomT says:


      Directly from the article above:

      Keep in mind that the fine print also states that it takes up to seven days for the credit to post to your account after the charge has posted to your account.

      • Dan says:

        Right I know, but the $100 credit actually posting and the transaction showing up as having used the allotted travel credit in the activity tracker are two distinct events. For instance, the activity may show up in the tracker as soon as the original charge posts, and then the credit follows later??

  2. gary says:

    aa $100 EGC. Worked

  3. George says:

    Just FYI – link in the first sentence is not correct 🙂

  4. tribeman55 says:

    Upgraded to Delta Comfort+ seats and put them on the Premium card and it didn’t trigger the credit. Seems stupid.

  5. Kevin says:

    American airlines $75 late-awards booking fee counted and American Airlines $11.20 booking taxes and fees counted.

  6. Nick says:

    Alaska Airlines GC does not trigger. I

  7. I bet Alaska Airlines gc would work, as it works on Travelite & shows Alaska Air group as the merchant while falling into the airlines category (3x)

  8. Alan says:

    Can i transfer the travel reward points to this card?

  9. Justin says:

    I’m guinea pigging the Alaska gift card. I will reply here when I get the results.

  10. Dale says:


  11. Jordan says:

    Link to credit card at top is wrong

  12. Tom says:

    Waiting for more data points besides American EGC

  13. Phil says:

    I purchased a $100 EGC from AA on 10/5; posted on 10/7. Tracker in app does NOT show the purchase counting tour the credit. Obviously, I have also not received the credit.

    I will update in a few days if anything changes

  14. Mason says:


  15. Matthew says:

    Received credit for United flight change fee.

  16. rct12345 says:

    Side DP:
    Signed up for global entry on 10/07 for myself and SO on this bofa premium card and CSR.
    Transaction posted on CSR and got credit immediately.
    Transaction posted on bofa premium but no credit yet.
    Will update if/when I see it or if I have to request for it.

    • Joe says:

      It’s been 10 days for me after paying the global entry fee. I’m going to call and see why it hasn’t been reimbursed yet

      • rct12345 says:

        I was reading the terms and it did say 7 days, so I’m going to wait.
        But looking at your situation I think I too will have to end up calling and ask for a reimbursement 🙁

        • Joe says:

          Huh…so I called and the rep said that they review this after every statement close. Not sure why the terms of service say 7 days. But it looks like it’ll be a couple weeks to get reimbursed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          I suppose I’ll call again then if nothing happens..

          • Joe says:

            Uhh so I called again and then they didn’t have an answer as to why it hasn’t been credited and told be to go to


          • rct12345 says:

            Update to my situation:
            I got the $100 TSA PRE/global entry credit.
            It posted as “CARD TRAVEL CREDIT THANK YOU”
            Also in the BOFA app, it shows Credit approved 10/19/2017

            So the timeline for me:
            10/09/2017: USCUSTOMS TRUSTEDTRAVELER charge of $100
            10/19/2017: Credit approved in app (which I did not see personally on that date so not sure if this info was actually available on 10/19/2017)
            10/23/2017: Credit appears on my current activity

            Also, my first statement hasn’t closed yet (closes on Oct 26), so I don’t think there is any relation to statement date/closing.

          • Joe says:

            Yay it posted for me too on the same day, 10/23.
            Looks like they might be doing it in batches or something since I paid the fee on 9/30.

  17. SamSimon says:

    IF it worked for “eGiftcard” will it work for Plastic gift card as well? thanks!

  18. Jonnyrock says:

    I am surprised at the limitations on this card, wondering if we called if they would manually approve. GOGO is not one of the listed merchants, but I would think they would be in flight entertainment.

  19. YRK says:

    Bought 100$ SW gc and transaction posted on 10/2.
    Still no credit reflected

  20. ray says:

    tried southwest award fee and didnt work

  21. Rick says:

    BA award taxes did not qualify

  22. tribeman55 says:

    The travel credit appears to be pretty useless for this card so far with all the DPs of not much working.

  23. ValueTactics says:

    Is there any gut feelings or precedent for the amount of the GC making any difference? Might the system be programmed to accept anything from an airline that’s not on the dollar? For example, a GC from Airline X for $50 wouldn’t be reimbursed but one for $38.19 would? Or do you think it’s solely based on a code that each airline gives to GC purchases?

    I’m going to guinea pig a Sun Country GC in the next few weeks. Wondering if it’s worth it to try a round number one and a random number one as well.

  24. Alex says:

    Any idea if the priority pass 27$ fee would count as lounge access (on the standard membership)? Its not affiliated with any airline iirc

  25. Joe says:

    Confirmed that two $50 American Airlines egiftcard works. It took about 4 days from posting to show up in the app tracker

  26. Susan says:

    $100 AA eGC worked and the app tracker shows nothing still. Purchased on 10/6, posted on 10/9, credited on 10/13. Seems not always the tracker indicates first.

  27. jonnyrock says:

    I just paid $52 to Delta for a FC upgrade (one way) will post to let everyone know if it automatically credits. I plan on going to the mattresses with BOA if they do not credit this one manually as it seems to fix exactly what they say the $100 is to be used for.

  28. Meg says:

    Exit row seat assignment fee on Frontier credited.

  29. David says:

    $5.60 tax on jetBlue award booking did not work.

  30. Eric says:

    AA egiftcard $100 still works.
    10/9 purchased, 10/16 the dashboard shows I have used $100 credit. no actual credit yet

  31. Ben h says:

    American Airlines checked baggage fee $25.00 counted as incidental fee

  32. Joe says:

    $100 AA E gift card worked for me, took about five days to post but it finally updated on the statement as well as the BOA app.

  33. David says:

    Previously, I reported that $5.60 jetBlue award fees did not work. I have to revise myself. 🙂
    Now BofA just posted a $5.6 credit to my account.
    Relevant dates are:
    tran date / post date / vendor
    10/09 // 10/11 // jetBlue
    10/13 // 10/16 // Card Travel Credit THANK YOU

  34. Treesha says:

    Southwest Early Bird Check In worked – $15 credit, took about 9 days. I booked the flight first (paid award fees on CSR for better travel insurance), then went back and paid EBCI separately.

  35. Sluce says:

    $100 AA e-gift card worked for me. It took 5 days for the credit to post.

  36. Jr says:

    Delta $200 change fee credited.

  37. tribesman55 says:

    I got my credit over a week ago but the app still says I’ve used $0, anyone else have that happen to them?

  38. Sounders2017 says:

    Received $35 Alaska credit for changing reward ticket to different date and fare which was 35 more expensive.

  39. Steve says:

    Change fee on Sun Country so far has not been credited (Charged on 10/11). Going to call them to see if they will manually credit.

    • Steven says:

      Quick update: I spoke to my BofA rep who is trying to get this sorted for me and he said that officially Sun Country is excluded because it’s “too small an airline” whatever that means. He’s still trying to get them to credit me for this anyway.

      • Steve says:

        Quick update here — my rep was able to get them to credit me for this – but they did it as 10K points added to my account rather than as a travel credit.

  40. Chuck says:

    Updated the post with the data points until here, and also added the data points to our Payments Workshop. /payments-workshop/

  41. Durga says:

    following didn’t count.
    United international award close in fee and taxes..

  42. SamSimon says:

    I guess Travel Credit won’t work for PLASTIC Gift Card? Who can confirm? Thanks

  43. Dave says:

    An American $100 e-gift card was charged 10/12; posted 10/14; and credited 10/18.

  44. MJG says:

    DP that Southwest taxes and fees with a Rapid Rewards flight redemption triggered the credit (amount was $11.20).

  45. Klad says:

    100$ AA eGC worked for me too
    10/16 – eGC purchased
    10/18 – Transaction posted
    10/21 – App tracker shows 100$ for this transaction

  46. john says:

    The delta $52 First Class upgrade is now showing in the app

  47. Justin says:

    MPX Amazon did not work.

  48. Eugene says:

    Purchased $100 AA egift card on 10/18
    Got the credit to my account for $100 on 10/23.

    Yay, yay, yay!

  49. Deke says:

    AA E-gift card purchased 10/19, posted 10/21, credit 10/25

    Thanks for all the data points!

  50. trent says:

    $50 southwest gift card did not register on the app after 10 days. 🙁

  51. Tyler says:

    Purchased AA EGC on 10/19, posted 10/21, and credit received 10/25.

  52. S says:

    Purchased a SW flight – paid a portion of the cost using SW travel funds – remaining balance was then $41.20, which was counted as travel credit.

  53. Joe says:

    Received credit from taxes from United award booking. Hit on CC on 10/20 and received credit on 10/25.

  54. Andy says:

    Spirit bag fees were not credited. They claim Spirit is not an approved airline.

  55. Jon says:

    100$ AA eGC also worked
    10/20 – eGC purchased
    10/23 – eGC posted
    10/25 – App tracker shows credit
    10/27 – Credit posted

  56. Darvin Ray says:

    Just some DP.

    1. Used the card on 9/25 to pay for baggage fees in spirit airline.
    Used the card on 9/25 to pay for in flight food in spirit airline.
    Used the card on 9/27 to pay for in flight food in spirit airline.
    NONE of the charges triggered as airline incidental. I waited a month to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.

    I finally called BoA a month later.
    – The 1st rep didnt know what I was talking about, he kept thinking I was trying to redeem my points for statement credit.
    – The 2nd rep I talked to transferred me to Visa Benefits Claims department -which then told me: I was talking to the wrong department.
    – The 3rd rep I talked to finally told me that Spirit Airlines is not one of the airlines in their list.

    2. The following MCC codes corresponds to the following airlines:
    3000 – United.
    3001 – American Airlines.
    3057 – East/West Airline (Australia)
    3058 – Delta
    3063 – US Airways
    3066 – Southwest
    3132 – Frontier
    3174 – Jet Blue
    3196 – Hawaiin
    3256 – Alaskan

  57. Jan B says:

    Ditto on the helpful comment.

    Also, thanks for listing applicable covered charges,WC.

    Good news about the award close in on AA; sad not include on UA (but I have more miles on AA anyway!) So, the AA egift is included? The GC doesn’t trigger a third party as the provider? That is great news.

    I still don’t have the needed peace of mind to get rid of my current BOA to go to this one since I have pending travel redemptions on the TR card. But, I hope something else beneficial shows up to make me jump on the train. The info from this thread sure helps! 🙂

    • Tom says:

      +1. I’m confused as well. Was planning to get this card and convert my travel rewards to cash rewards card. Will probably wait for some more time.

      I can get the travel incidental credit only by buying AA egc’s. Hopefully i can sell it in marketplace.

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