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Published on December 22nd, 2015 | by William Charles


[Expired] First Tennessee $250 Checking Promotion – Nationwide Bonus

Update 4: This promotion is now only for TN & SC only. Read our new post here.

Update 3: Direct link is not working, but according to this comment using the promotional code ‘ONLINE’ will still work. I’d personally confirm this before signing up.

Update 2: They have removed the “Must be a U.S. citizen” requirement.

Update 1: Giving this a quick repost because it’s now been confirmed to be Nationwide and we have some more credit card funding data points.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $250
  • Availability: TN, FL, NC, SC, VA Only. This might be nationwide, reader Eric was able to sign up without living in one of the listed states. Let us know your experiences in the comments. Danny reports receiving the bonus outside the service area, service area is not mentioned in the fine print and it allows you to sign up outside it, so they won’t be able to deny the bonus on these grounds. I’d recommend signing up now, before they change the fine print to make it state specific.
  • Direct deposit required: Yes, no minimum specified
  • Additional requirements: Use promotional code “ONLINE”
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • Credit card funding: Up to $300
  • Monthly fees: $5-$9, waive able
  • Early account termination fee: Six months, otherwise bonus is clawed back
  • Expiration date: March 31st, 2016 

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Receive a sign up bonus of $250 when you open a new checking account with First Tennessee and complete the following requirements
    • Use the promotional code ONLINE
    • Direct deposit (no minimum specified) is required within 60 days of account opening

first tennesee 250 bonus

The Fine Print

  • Offer is good from September 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016
  • To receive your bonus, you must open the checking account online and ensure the code ONLINE appears in the online application where “Offer/Promo code” is requested
  • Opening deposit of at least $300 is required
  • At least one direct deposit must post to your account within 60 days of account opening. Opening deposit cannot be transferred from existing First Tennessee accounts
  • The $250 bonus will be credited to your account within 6 weeks of meeting all requirements
  • Limit one bonus per household. Cannot be combined with other checking offers. This offer is for new checking households only, or for households who have not had an open First Tennessee consumer checking account in the previous 12 months. Update: Danny Deal Guru reports he was able to get two bonuses at the same address. This is not a sure thing though, so user beware. Update 2: Reader Bob says he only got one bonus.
  • Account must be kept open and in good standing for at least six months
  • Account openings are subject to bank approval and may be declined based on certain factors. Must be a U.S. citizen
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

There are four accounts that can be opened for this bonus: Express Checking, Premier Checking, Classic Checking, Select Checking.

Express Checking $5 Monthly Fee

This is waived as long as you have at least one direct deposit in the month.

Premier Checking Account $9 Monthly Fee

This is waived if you have a minimum of $5,000 in combined monthly balances (checking, savings, bank IRAs or CDs).

Classic Checking $6 Monthly Fee

Cannot be waived

Select Checking $9 Monthly Fee

This is waived if you have at least one direct deposit and 15 customer-initiated debit transactions.

Early Account Termination Fee

Fine print states that the account must be kept open and in good standing for six months, I assume they take the bonus back if you don’t fulfill this requirement.

Our Verdict

This offer is far better than the $150 and $200 offers that we’ve previously written about, you get a higher $250 bonus and you can open online and open any of the four accounts ($200 offer was in branch and also required you to open the Premier checking account, while the $150 bonus is for $100 less for the same requirements).

I’m waiting to see if this bonus is actually opened nationwide, or it was just a glitch that reader Eric was able to sign up for an account. If you live within the service area then this is a great bonus that you should jump on.

Update: It looks like you can apply for this account nationwide. Because of that, the size and ease of the bonus I’ve added it to our best checking bonuses page.

You can view a full list of all the current checking account offers, by going here.

Direct link to offer

522 Responses to [Expired] First Tennessee $250 Checking Promotion – Nationwide Bonus

  1. Jay says:

    Approved… got the congratulations window with a Missouri address.

  2. Jay says:

    Sorry, I should have said, successfully submitted. Not approved yet, I guess.

  3. Jay says:

    “However, due to the name discrepancy of the funding source, we cannot approve this online application at this time.”

    I attempted to fund with Chase IHG card for $300.

    • Jay says:

      Oops. I just realized I used my wife’s card, thus the “name discrepancy.” Don’t do that.

      • Kevin says:

        Jay, were you able to sign up after all?

      • Beth says:

        I did the same thing, used my husband’s CC since we’re so used to sharing. They closed the account due to the “name discrepancy” and my email also says all future applications will be denied. 🙁 Seems a bit harsh! I’ll try opening an account for my husband and fingers’ crossed this won’t be a problem for his.

  4. jay says:

    Got application pending review. funded via chase ink.

  5. Ajay Arya says:

    Is the Must be US Citizen rule enforced?

    • Kevin X says:

      I’m also curious on this, the fact that some banks treat non-citizens differently is really annoying.

    • They have now removed this requirement.

      • Catapult says:

        Although – I still see this on one of the screens:

        By checking the “I Agree” box below, I

        authorize the financial institution to verify credit and employment history and/or have a credit reporting agency prepare a credit report on me.
        certify that (1) the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) that I have given is my correct TIN; (2) that I am not subject to backup withholding either because I have not been notified that I am subject to backup withholding as a result of a failure to report all interest or dividends or the Internal Revenue Service has notified me that I am no longer subject to backup withholding; and (3) I am a U.S. Citizen.
        acknowledge that I am an exempt recipient under the IRS Regulations
        certify that the FATCA code(s) entered on this form (if any) indicating that I am exempt from FATCA reporting is correct.

        (3) above

  6. Win says:

    Application pending review; 7 minutes later account opened. Max $50 funding from Cap One.

  7. jay says:

    Anyone found routing number for the account?

  8. Austin says:

    I have a data point. I just applied from outside of the specified states and was able to send the application into pending review. The CSR just called me to verify my identity and wanted a DL picture and a bill with my address within the last 30 days. She said everything looks good otherwise (I fudged the identity questions apparently, my fault). Everything looks good here. Will update later with whether Barclay Sallie Mae card is CA or not.

  9. Tim says:

    Opened account and called in to finish application with sales rep. He didn’t mention the fact I was out of state. Called in a second time to get the routing number for the account. The customer service rep joked that there weren’t many (none) First Tennessee’s around me. Side note: The routing number given to me comes up as First Horizon Bank.

  10. Kris says:

    It must be very nice if people living outside the service area can also sign up for the checking acct. However a closely related question is if people living outside the service area are eligible for the sign up bonus of $250.

    I am asking this because SunTrust allowed me (WA address) to open a checking acct, but then told me I was not eligible for the signup bonus because the bonus was only available for new customers in service area. What a bummer.

  11. clkid says:

    Thanks, signed up on Friday, funded with Citi Premier and it posted as purchase.

  12. Sergey says:

    Do they really enforce a rule ‘one per household’? I just opened mine and I am thinking to sign up my wife.

  13. Bob says:

    Signed up today from CA. Account approved. Funded with $300 Citi Doublecash. No problem. Thanks DoC! Will advise when bonus posts.

  14. Alex says:

    Does anyone know if ACH works for DD?

  15. P says:

    Resident of Hawaii here. Have no experience signing up for these “nationwide” bonus except for almost an attempt for the Citi offers before which required my to call in because application could not be completed online because of my state. I’m assuming a lot of these offers define nationwide as continental US and Alaska and excludes Hawaii Puerto Rico and Guam. Anyone know?

  16. P says:

    Also what counts as direct deposit? Payroll only?

  17. TWoK says:

    Website initially suggests $2,000 of credit card funding is allowed, but after submitting it will error out and shows the max as $300.

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      For whatever reason the system had an issue with the card number. It was automatically creating spaces every 4 characters but amusingly it informs you of not putting spaces when typing the card number. Everything looked good until I click submit and had the card number box highlighted in red. I ended up just funding with a bank account since it’s only $300 anyways and much less likely to have any funding issues.

  18. Singh says:

    Any data points on Non citizens applying? I am a PR and not sure if I should go through application process. Plz let me know.

  19. Ethan says:

    I opened the account with a WA address, funded with Citi Prestige after lowering the credit limit to 0. I received the congratulations email this morning.

  20. Scott says:

    VA resident, approved and funded with NavyFed CU Visa. CA limit is set to 0.

  21. Darv says:

    My application is under review. Received confirmation email of this yesterday immediately after completing the online application. I just phoned in this morning and was told they have many applications and are processing them in order of receipt. I requested that mine be funded ACH, not worth the hassle for $50 of credit card funding.

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      It’s $300 (and needs to be per the instructions above). Regardless, I agree with your conclusion. I opened and funded with checking accounts. Besides the fact the system wasn’t accepting my card numbers for some odd reason I also didn’t want to risk needing manual intervention to process the deposit. The risk of account holdup and/or requiring more time to call them just wasn’t worth $300.

      • Darv says:

        A CSR called me this morning and actually told me about the $300 requirement, awfully nice of her. She updated the app for me with a $300 funding. I had called to make sure things were in order. Very nice person.

  22. Ethan says:

    Any data points on ACH transfers working for the DD requirement?

  23. Ken says:

    Is there a limit for banks you can open in any time frame? Maybe a Chex thing? I opened 4 bank accounts in October and need to open 2 Chase accounts today to get in before the calendar year ends.

  24. Mark says:

    Approved. Had to call CS to get the routing number to set-up direct deposit.

  25. Jay says:

    after reading it sounds like the most feasible option is to go for the express checking?

  26. John says:

    That’s the Checking account I picked.Express Checking. Waiting for the scan of my DL to be approved, used my new SW Plus card, CA set at $20, lowest they could put it. Initial deposit of $300 I put on the card.Wanted to go up to $1000, but First Tennessee wouldn’t let me go that high, hopefully will be finalized tomorrow.

  27. Chris says:

    I am new to the game here, what is the best way to do a direct deposit if you’re self-employed ? Thanks

    • Ken says:

      I’m self employed too. I’ve used Paypal, Serve, Amazon payment from selling stuff, CapitalOne360, etc. Other bank accounts often work as direct deposits when doing an ACH push.

      • Chris says:

        Ken, is there an email I can reach you at?

      • Tim says:

        Can you explain what an ACH push is? I transferred funds from CapitalOne360 (personal account) but it takes 2 days, so it’s probably not ACH.

        • Dave_B says:

          ACH is the standard no-fee(for most banks) way to transfer money from one bank account to another electronically. It does generally take at least 2 days, so what you did is probably an ACH.

          An ACH push is where you go to your capital one account and set up a transfer to “push” the money out to your first Tennessee account. It will take a couple business days.

          An ACH pull is where you go to your First Tennessee account and set up a transfer to “pull” the money out of your CapitalOne account, into your First Tennesee account. This will not work for a direct deposit, for obvious reasons.

  28. Nick says:

    I just applied and used my CNB Crystal Visa. Didn’t bother changing the cash advance. I’ll update with what it posts as.

  29. dizzy says:

    Let me open the account from overseas in Incognito mode. Funded with my $300 Discover bonus which arrived yesterday 😀 It said they will contact me in a few days to finish.

  30. RNM says:

    Data point to add to all of the other good comments:

    I’m located in FL.

    12/17: Opened an account online using code ONLINE. Funded $300 with my Alaska Airlines BofA Visa (codes as charge, not cash advance).

    12/18: Account confirmed open.

    12/23: Pushed $100 from Alliant CU.

    12/24: $250 bonus posted.

    Easy peasy!

    • mike says:

      Hi RNM,

      How did Alliant post on First Tennessee’s website? I just transferred money from Alliant to First Tennessee, and it posted as “credit” under the type of transaction. Is that how it displays on your online First Tennessee account too? Thanks!

      • brotherM says:

        My Alliant transfer posted on my First Tennessee acct website like this: ONLINE FUNDING VIA ACH. That was on 12/29 and I haven’t seen the bonus post yet. It’s also weird that the transfer shows as received on First Tenn website, but doesn’t show at all on my Alliant acct yet.

        • mike says:

          I thought you should use online funding via credit card for points, no?..

        • Ken says:

          Do you mean to say that this Alliant transfer was your initial funding? If that’s the case the initial funding never counts as the required direct deposit.

        • brotherM says:

          Opened the acct on 12/29. I did an initial transfer from Alliant on Jan 6 and then a $5 transfer to meet the dd requirement on Jan 21. They were coded: Alliant CU. ONLINE WD. My $250 bonus was posted on 1/29. I have set up a $5 monthly transfer from my Alliant account to avoid the account fee for the next 6 months. Well worth the time and effort.

  31. florian says:

    what is the routing number of the bank ? thanks

  32. John says:

    Geeze, Florian, look at the comment thread, it’s mentioned a couple of times!..How lazy can you get?!

  33. florian says:

    Can`t you just give it to me instead of being a dick ? Thanks for your help.

    • Ken says:

      Ctrl+F “routing” and you will have your answer. And if that’s too hard to do maybe try reading through the comments? You’re perfectly capable of doing it yourself without demanding that somebody spoon feed you the answer.

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      John could’ve (and probably should’ve) put it nicer but the truth is if you aren’t trying to fend for yourself and find information that’s laid out for you then you may want to avoid anything MS/Churn related. Your question highlights the spoon fed nature of what many seasoned Churners get easily irritated with because we feel like no one actually reads whats right in front of them and instead adds to more comments we’ll receive by email that add nothing to the post.

      I understand we all start somewhere and there’s a learning curve. At the same time some basic tools and due diligence, such as reading the entire post, should be considered a prerequisite before taking any steps towards opening new accounts. You can of course do as you wish as that’s your choice but you’re more likely to make mistakes and ruffle feathers en route to learning the hard way. It’s a win/win if everyone does their homework.

      • Florian says:

        I understand and I shouldn’t have asked that question as direct. I read through the post put didn’t find directly which i should of done more research. always appreciate the help here, thanks guys !

  34. EP says:

    Called their online banking dept to expedite application 1-800-615-1933 and was approved. Located in CA

  35. singh says:

    I opened the account easily from GA but not able to log in. When I log in it asks me weird security questions which i never choose or selected. Am I missing something?

    • tj says:

      They send you a temporary password after they open the account, so if you haven’t reached that step, I’m not sure how you are trying to log in.

      • Singh says:

        They did send me the temp password but when I login and put my user id it asks me security questions and that’s where I get stuck. No idea why it’s asking security questions when I never choose any.

    • Nick says:

      I have the same problem. I forgot to call them today and will call tomorrow.

      • Singh says:

        Plz update if u find a solution. Thanks

      • Singh says:

        @nick I found the solution. Jus use ur email id you used to sign up and than put the temp password in. If that doesn’t work try forgot username. This will work fine. I hope it helps.

        • Nick says:

          Thanks! That’s weird – it asks for the username you created, but you have to use your email address to avoid getting the security questions. Whatever – a couple of hoops for $250 is fine by me.

          • Wyle says:

            The username/password it asked for was to finish your application later or “log in” later and check on the status.
            A couple screens later it showed your email as your online banking ID and it was grayed out (so no editing).
            I noticed because I tried to edit it and was unable.

        • anthonyjh21 says:

          Thank you for this information. I had the same problems as you but now I’m all set up and already submitted a transfer from Ally Bank.

        • Ken says:

          I had the same problem. Please update the post so that people use their email address as their login name instead of the misleading username that the bank has you enter during the application.

  36. Matt says:

    Just signed up w/ $300 funding from CSP. Received immediate e-mail stating they are processing the account. Looking forward to bonus!

  37. Matt says:

    EDIT: should add I live outside the org stated zip code, in CO

  38. Jacob says:

    Chase Freedom posted as purchase.

  39. Chris says:

    Just got off the phone with CSR at 1st Tenn., they are running behind approving application from the huge influx of applications over the weekend. They are starting on Saturdays apps today. Be patient, look for 2 emails, the second one with your temporary password is the one you want to follow. Confirmed routing number 084000026
    Happy new year!

  40. Chris says:

    Funded account with citi exec AA card for 300.00. CA set to zero. Posted as purchase. Confirmed soft pull, just identity check thru equifax, no credit check per CSR.

  41. Kevin says:

    Does ACH transfer work for the DD requirement?

  42. Carter says:

    Question to anyone,

    My brother has a Capital One (non 360, legacy savings account). Can I have him initiate ACH to my First Tennessee account to satisfy the DD requirement? Or would to initiating account have to also be in my name?


  43. Dave says:

    Via secure message, I’m told that the routing number is 084303749,
    which is different from what other have mentioned here.

    • Ken says:

      That’s why most banks require trial deposits to confirm accounts.

    • Derek says:

      The routing number given above as well as the one you listed both work. I tried both with Chase and had two different sets of two trial deposits come through.

      • wwllmm says:

        Hi, Did your Chase deposits trigger the Bonus? Thanks!

        • Ken says:

          I’m only answering you once. The terms state that the bonus will post 6 weeks after the terms are met, so you don’t need to ask everybody in this thread when 6 weeks haven’t passed yet. People will report when the bonus posts to their account.

          • wwllmm says:

            Thanks so much for your quick reply. I’ll assume you haven’t been keeping up with all the responses as there are well over 200, but if you scroll up a bit to RNM’s post, it is indicated that it took a total of one week (including weekend days) from opening to bonus posting. RNM used Alliant for the push. I am searching for datapoints about DD that one would be pretty safe to conclude will follow such a timeline. Anyone with info about Chase, Capital One 360, Paypal, or PNC counting as confirmed DD would be most appreciated.

          • Ken says:

            Yes, that looks like an anomaly since nobody else has reported receiving a bonus and the terms state 6 weeks. You can easily skim through the comments with a CTRL+F keyword search.

          • wwllmm says:

            Thanks again. I read the entire thread, double checked Doc’s big page o’ DD triggers, and employed a comprehensive search sweep using all of the keywords of import before I posted my inquiry. There is another anecdote herein of a call to 1st Tenn CSR that yielded positive confirmation, though the actual bonus did not yet appear, or at least the correspondent has not yet reported back. I am hoping folks who are subscribed to this post and may have more info will see my inquiry and respond when they have a spare moment. Again, thanks for your guidance.

  44. Ben says:

    Funding with Chase Hyatt worked as purchase.

    Any data from those in past on how quickly to expect the bonus? Tried Discover transfer just to get new data (don’t see any Discover reports) but want to know how long to wait until trying other ACH transfers. Terms say 6 weeks.

  45. Kyle says:

    Chase IHG posted as purchase, funded $300.
    Initiated ACH push from Chase checking, will see if it counts as DD.

  46. Chris says:

    Looks like Wells Fargo is charging a fee (3.00) to transfer (ACH) 10.00 to first Tennessee. Anybody else getting charged a fee? Any other suggestions, I am self employed?

    • Dave says:

      Some banks do charge for outgoing ach. It’s just the nature of the beast.
      Chase doesn’t charge, but last I knew, BoA did.

    • Sam says:

      Did Wells Fargo transfer to Tennessee ACH count as the direct deposit? Please let me know. Thanks.

      • ZiggyZ says:

        Bank to bank ACH transfers, or even for the purposes of initial funding will (should) NOT count as a DD.

        How ever, just initiate a ACH transfer from your other bank account into your PayPal account, then just transfer from PayPal to your First Tennessee account. This would (should) count as a direct deposit.

        Otherwise, just add a secondary DD from your employer, or just change it all together temporarily just to meet the DD requirement.

        • Ken says:

          You do realize that an employer direct deposit is just an ACH from their bank to yours, right?

          • ZiggyZ says:

            Yes I do. That is what it is at the end of the day. Employers also code the DD that it’s payroll.

            I know that with promotions like this, they usually go in and verify the direct deposit ACH. And they will be able to tell if it was a bank to bank ACH, meaning that all you did was transfer money from one of your other accounts to this current account. Versus a bank to bank ACH direct deposit of payroll.

            I’m not saying don’t do it, but merely just set up a direct deposit to make a long story short. You can try and set up a bank the bank direct deposit from your own other bank account and see if it works and they still give you the bonus. They also have, according to their terms, up to 6 weeks to post that bonus to your account. So if they just had to take that entire time to analyze and see if you qualify for the bonus, once they see that perhaps it was just the bank the bank, person to person, ACH direct deposit, then you’ll have to he was go back to the drawing board and set up a regular direct deposit from another source.

            One of the ideas behind the getting his bank bonuses is manufactured spending.

          • Ken says:

            And that is why resources like we have here are crucial. DoC tabulates which banks accept which ACHs as direct deposits.

            This is important for people like myself who cannot just change their employer’s DD. It is not an option for us.

  47. Ken says:

    Submitted application successfully, just waiting on the congrats email and account number. Will do it again for my wife when she’s home to answer the identity questions in case it’s something I don’t know. Funded $300 with Chase Hyatt card.

    • Ken says:

      Wow, that was fast. A few hours after submitting my application I got approval info for both accounts. All setup and already initiated trial deposits for my Schwab account, and I’ll likely do Discover as well.

      • mike says:

        Does schwab charge for outgoing ACHs?

        • Ken says:

          Schwab is awesome. I’ve been using it to push/pull ACH transfers for myself and my wife for years now. There’s no charge in or out, and you can have tons of linked accounts at one time. And they’re the only account I know of that allows you to use the debit card worldwide for free, and they will even refund any fees charged by the ATM owner as well. I’ve used it in a dozen countries and have never had any problems.

  48. f says:

    Successfully opened account (I live in MA). It took 3-4 days if I remember correctly. Funded $300 with Citi ThankYou Premier – CA set to $0, coded as a purchase.

    Waiting on trial deposits to come thru from CapOne 360 savings, and will report back when bonus is deposited into the account.

    • amartins02 says:

      Did it work coming from ING? I’m in MA also so curious as to how you made out.

      • f says:

        No, transfer from CapOne 360 savings cleared today, but didn’t seem to count. I assumed the bonus was credited to the account instantly. Still digging in and doing some more research.

        • ZiggyZ says:

          Bank to bank ACH transfers, or even for the purposes of initial funding will (should) NOT count as a DD.

          How ever, just initiate a ACH transfer from your other bank account into your PayPal account, then just transfer from PayPal to your First Tennessee account. This would (should) count as a direct deposit.

          Otherwise, just add a secondary DD from your employer, or just change it all together temporarily just to meet the DD requirement.

  49. Peter says:

    Pushed $50 from PNC, deposit posted today as P2P credit. SM’d to confirm bonus, was told to call in during business hourss

    I’ll give it a few days to see if the bonus posts before trying another bank/regular payroll.

    • IOException says:

      Why would you do that? It isn’t supposed to post as the bonus, and if it does, now you’ve alerted their attention.

  50. Jay says:

    Pushed $200 from Synchrony, under type it says “credit” and under description it says “Synchrony bank transfer XXXXXXXX”. Does that look like a DD or should I try Discover also?

  51. Sam says:

    What about termination fee? I don’t see anything that says if you get charged a fee for cancelling or zeroing out your account after 6 months. All I see is about ending before 6 months. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

  52. Chris says:

    Just opened it with my regular checking account. Waiting now on small amount verification for dd

  53. Steve says:

    I went through the whole application and never actually saw a field to enter the promotional code “ONLINE.” Does that mean I didn’t get it? When I followed the “Direct link to offer” link it had the proper wording mentioning the $250 bonus but I never had to enter a code.

  54. NoonRadar says:

    Has anyone tried to close the account after the bonus posted but before 6 months?

    From what I saw in the fine print it says the account has to stay open for 6 months but I didn’t see anything specifically stating that the bonus would be clawed back if the acct is closed before that, hence asking.

  55. JB says:

    For all interested…I just confirmed with First Tennessee that my initial $300 opening deposit thru Cit Double Cash credit card will be posted as a purchase, and not a cash advance.

  56. Adam says:

    Amateur hour: does AMEXCC count, for example the FIA Fido to fund the initial acct opening or would CC would be the best play?

    Didn’t see any mention or talk of AMEX talk at all and was just curious why.

  57. Finley says:

    Anyone try to open this account who was shut down using the First Tennessee equivalent of the Buxx card? Asking for a friend, of course. . .

  58. Tory says:

    CA resident but applied from FL; needed to submit identity verification but account was approved no problem. $300 funding from Chase Sapphire Preferred posted as purchase.

  59. mike says:

    Sent funds from Alliant, but don’t see the bonus yet… Any advice? When does the bonus usually post? At the end of the month?

  60. S. says:

    Funded w Aviator Red — posted as purchase

  61. Chris says:

    Linked up my Schwab checking and made a transfer that posted as a “Credit” under the Type and “First Tennessee A2A” under Description. Anyone know if that will or won’t qualify as a DD? I was hoping to see the “ACH” classification but no luck. If it has to be labeled “ACH” to work, is there a different way to transfer money that would switch it to an “ACH”? Thanks for any help. Just starting to learn the ropes here.

    • Ken says:

      Did a Schwab ACH push to First TN and it did not work. Trying Discover now and also have already started an Amazon transfer which always works, and technically it is my paycheck. Schwab triggered th e$300 bonus on my Chase checking account recently.

      Though, this all hangs on the bonus posting a few days after the ACH like someone else has mentioned.

      • Singh says:

        I tried discover and it doesn’t say ACH or something. It’s been there for 2 days and M still waiting for $250 to post. Will update the thread when it does.

        • Ben says:

          Also tried Discover, it posted 1/5 (yesterday) and says Type “Credit” and Description “DISCOVER BANK PREARRANGE”. Based on earlier DP, seems unlikely this will count, I’ll report back only if the bonus is given.

      • chris says:

        Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to base the timing of the bonus on just one report that I can see of someone having this bonus show up 24 hours after completing the DD requirement. Don’t think that happens often. Especially when their own T&C say wait 6 weeks. Which brings up the quandary of this bank bonus thing: since you’re not sure what will trigger a bonus and often can’t wait to find out if one will work, you need to try different options and if/when you do get the bonus you can never be sure which of your deposits satisfied the requirement. Sigh.

  62. mike says:

    I tried Alliant CU and got “credit” under type and “Alliant CU. ONLINE WD” as the description. Does this mean it works or not?

    • Dave says:

      That is what my Alliant deposit is showing also. And on a related note – Alliant to Chase did not trigger the Chase checking deposit last month. I had to change my real dd to Chase.

  63. Gosha says:

    Discover did not work for DD. Schwab probably won’t work either. Any proven way to do it?

  64. Chris says:

    Just got of the phone with a rep from First Tennessee, she stated that my DD from wells fargo ACH for 10.00 was posted and received on Dec 30, all is well and the requirement is meant. She said the 250.00 bonus’s are posted once a month and I should see that in the account by mid Feb, if not sooner. I asked her to verify that the account needs to be open for 6 months in order to keep and receive the bonus, she stated she did not see that requirement, the only stipulation see saw was the account needed to be in good stating for 6 weeks to receive the bonus. I asked if I could close the account after the bonus had posted and the 6 weeks has past, she said as far as she could tell that was A ok. Would love to get other DP’s on this to verify.

    • Gosha says:

      What type of transaction does it show on First Tennessee bank page for Wells Fargo?

    • chris says:

      This explains the timing a little better, but still shows their T&C’s are accurate: it could be up to 6 weeks before you’ll know if you’re DD works, depending on how bad of luck you have with your deposit timing. (I’m sure I will have to wait the full six weeks.)

    • chris says:

      Sort of admire your candor. I could/would never tell a bank rep that I’m actually only in this for the bonus and ask about the minimum amount of time it would take to get it and then get out again. Not sure that’s the best approach, but we all have our methods.

  65. Chris says:

    I wanted to sign my wife up for the same bonus, does anyone have a DP on if the bonus will work using the same mailing address?

    From my previous post, per rep, good standing account means no bad checks and the account has not been overdrawn, obvious stuff but I thought I would mention.

    • Ken says:

      Terms say one bonus per household, but there’s at least 1 data point that it worked for their wife in the same household.

  66. Chris says:

    “type” it says credit.

  67. Jerad says:

    I attempted to fund the account for $300 with Citi Business AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard. The online registration would not accept my card.

    • Added data point, seems odd it wouldn’t accept the card.

    • ZiggyZ says:

      This is probably because you can’t Fund a checking account with a Business CC. As there is no real personal liability with business credit products, unless you didn’t incorporate yourself. Business credit falls primarily on the business unless you used your own SSN to be individually liable.

      • Ken says:

        Sure you can, several people hare fund bank accounts with different business cards with no problems. It’s still a Visa/Mastercard, so they are effectively the same as personal Visa/Mastercards when it comes to charges. some issuing banks will run bank charges as cash advances on some of their business cards, but that has to do with a decision that was made by the issuing bank and has nothing to do with simply being a business card.

    • The Viking says:

      I used my Citi Business AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard to fund with $300 and had no issues. Posted as a purchase.

  68. Jerad says:

    Successfully funded with Chase Ink Plus

      • ZiggyZ says:

        Any clarification about the required opening deposit? I was able to fund my initial deposit with just $100 from my Visa.

        The $300 Requirement you mentioned, what is the source of your info?
        Is this $300 requirement a qualifying requirement in order to qualify for the promo itself?

        • ZiggyZ says:

          I also called the 800 number they have listed to see what the issue was and to double check about the deposit requirement, at least for the promo anyways. After a 6 rings, a Voicemail picked up. they must be a small bank.

  69. ZiggyZ says:

    I was able to successfully apply. I was able to fund my initial deposit with $100 from a Sportsman’s Guide Visa, which is underwritten by Comenity Bank.

    My application is pending. Not sure why, I think it’s because of the Identity Verification questions, None of the questions applied. All were odd ball questions that had no relevance to me. Then it said I could upload supporting documentation. I uploaded my Drivers License and SSN Card.

    William, You list that there is a required $300 deposit needed, however, I only funded $100. Is this requirement to qualify for the Promotion or that’s what was stated the required minimum deposit in order to open the account in general? When I was typing in $100, I only initially typed 1-0-0. I didn’t realize it was already placing a decimal point, so it equally $1.00. Then an error message automatically populated below it indicating that I needed to enter in at least $50. So perhaps this means that only $50 is required.

    Any thoughts about my initial opening deposit?

    • ZiggyZ says:

      Upon looking at the Product Features for Express Checking:

      It says a $50 minimum opening deposit.

    • Justin says:

      Your application is pending due to your freeze. It may even be denied despite you having uploaded a scan of your driver’s license and social security card.

      • ZiggyZ says:

        I don’t have a freeze in place on my credit report.

        • Justin says:

          have you been a victim of credit fraud?

          • ZiggyZ says:

            No. The personal CBR related questions had nothing to do with my CBR at all. If they don’t, then you choose none/does not apply.

            I have CBR Monitoring in place. So I know when something is going on.

            They probably see that I’ve opened 4 new CC accounts within the last 90 days, so that might be a red flag and they probably just want to make sure its not fraud, since it’s opening an account online.

            I’ll call them in a couple of hours.

      • ZiggyZ says:

        I just spoke to them, and they still declined me, unless I was willing to stop into a branch.

        They told me because my address isn’t listed as a residential address they couldn’t approve it through applying online. Otherwise, if I come into a branch, then They will approve me.

        My address came up as a commercial address. I didn’t think an apartment building was considered commercial. I’ve never had an issue before now. They said that the Post Office has to verify through their system that its residential. So even if I just bought a house in a new development that was just built, its not going to come up in the post offices system as residential yet and I will still get declined.

        They said that’s why they refer people just to come into the branch to show their ID and sign the signature card.

  70. ZiggyZ says:

    Onto my Next Account for some more easy Manufactured Spending!

  71. ZiggyZ says:

    Actually, I didn’t have the Font size set high enough.

    Looks like I’m going to have to just cancel this app, unless someone allows me to Change my opening deposit to $300 before finalizing the application. Usually with these types of deals, once you apply, if you cancel the application, you wont qualify again in the future, because you technically already applied.

    So anyone who opened with less than a $300 deposit, WON’T qualify for the promotion. Most banks are sticklers to make sure all terms have been met.

    At the very bottom, the terms state:

    † Offer is good from September 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016. To receive your bonus, you must open the checking account online and ensure the code ONLINE appears in the online application where “Offer/Promo code” is requested. You must have an opening deposit of at least $300, and at least one direct deposit must post to your account within 60 days of account opening. Opening deposit cannot be transferred from existing First Tennessee accounts. The $250 bonus will be credited to your account within 6 weeks of meeting all requirements and will be reported as income on Form 1099-INT. Limit one bonus per household. Cannot be combined with other checking offers. This offer is for new checking households only, or for households who have not had an open First Tennessee consumer checking account in the previous 12 months. Customer agrees to maintain account in good standing for a minimum of six months. As of 08/06/15, the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for Premier Checking was: 0.01% for balances of $0-$4,999 and 0.02% for balances of $5,000 and greater. APY is variable and subject to change without notice. Fees may reduce earnings. Account openings are subject to bank approval and may be declined based on certain factors.

    • chris says:

      Made same mistake applying for a family member. As you said, they can’t change the initial funding so they told me to just cancel the app. Which I did. They didn’t mention anything about not being able to apply again, or having to wait a certain period before trying again, which I assume they would have informed me during the cancelation request/process. Guess I’ll find out when I try it again tomorrow…

      • ZiggyZ says:

        There is no option to cancel the application. So I’m assuming that I have to wait to talk to someone regarding this.

        Nonetheless, I did submit another request to open a new acct. This time I indicated $300. It took me through the entire application process. It even processed the $300 deposit Charge to my card.

        So I will give them a buzz tomorrow morning 1st thing in the morning and see what happens.

        Thanks for the heads up about them not being able to change the initial opening deposit. That way I can just request them to just cancel the 1 account, and since the 2nd request was already submitted, this will hopefully make for a smooth transaction. I’ll be sure to ask them since I applied a 2nd time, if that will effect my eligibility to receive the Bonus or not. Most companies, when you make it through the entire process to the end and it’s pending, even with a Credit app, more than likely the system already has an account number assigned and everything. My thinking is that I hope that if the 1st app did generate an account number and cancelling it, if it will make me ineligible for the promotion. It’s a systematic thing.

        Perhaps more than likely they will give it to me but I’ll have to call and complain about ti or them to manually give it to me.

        • chris says:

          But on the bright side, you’ll appreciate the bonus a lot more than the sad folks who sailed through this process without a hitch. Almost feel sorry for them. 😉

  72. Prasanna says:

    It took a while to show my Initial depoist from Capital One 360. It is indeed coding as ACH transfer. So let’s see whether it does count towards bonus.

    • f says:

      where do you see it coding as an ACH transfer?

      under the ‘type’ column, i’m seeing it only listed as ‘credit’. please advise. thanks.

      • Shannon says:

        I also used Capital One 360 and it just shows as credit. How can we confirm it is coded as a direct deposit?

        • chris says:

          Of course the type will be listed as a “credit”. You’re “adding” money to your account. The “description” column is where you’ll find the salient code information about that “credit”.

          • wwllmm says:

            How did it turn out with the Capital One 360 for the direct deposit? Was the bonus triggered? Thanks very much!

  73. Justin H. says:

    Has anyone tried funding this with a Capital One CC?

  74. jeff says:

    I used capital one quicksilver and it went through as a purchase. Also I spoke to CSR and they said something about the bonus posting 6 weeks after the direct deposit posts to make sure the account does not over draw. Has anyone else heard anything about this or does anyone know how long it takes to receive the bonus?

  75. Mark says:

    How do you get two bonus per household? Terms say one per household. Is there something you can fudge in the address a little so it is not exactly the same? I don’t what is address really used for? As long as credit card initial funding goes through, I don’t know what other purposes the bank uses address.

  76. Kody says:

    I used USAA for DD. They do trial deposits to verify account which count for ACH DD so you do not have to make any deposits on your own. You just have to set acct/routing # on USAA website. I confirmed with bank this counts as ACH DD.

    • Tucknology says:

      I used Discover in a similar fashion, but I’m skeptical it will trigger the bonus. Please follow up when you receive the bonus.

      • Kody says:

        Yeah, I had same concern as you. I went ahead and made a $5 transfer from USAA to ensure bonus hits. Will post update when I see the bonus.

  77. kraja3 says:

    Submitted an application today. Funded using BOA Alaska. Transaction in pending status
    Will update if the application is approved. I dont see any data points yet on funding with BOA as qualifying for DD.Any ideas anyone.

  78. Rose says:

    1. Jan 7 – applied and funded with Chase Freedom for $300
    2. Jan 7 – received e-mail titled “We are processing your application”
    3. Jan 8 – received phone call from rep asking for ID and bill dtd within 30 days to verify address

    e-mailed info back and received the two welcome e-mails within 5 minutes. Impressive speed and friendly service – let’s hope the bonus works as smoothly.

    I went with Express Checking and checked Permanent Resident. Will set up DD with Capital One and a small one with Pay Pal and report back when I receive the bonus.

  79. Jarrod Hall says:

    Anybody initially funded less than $300 and STILL got the bonus after DD? I didn’t fund the $300, so if that is a requirement, then I should adjust my expectations and just hope for the best.

    • ZiggyZ says:

      If you funded less than $300, you WILL NOT qualify. I confirmed this with Tennessee bank directly when I called about why they denied my app. Apparently, my apartment building is not considered residential. Its considered Commercial. THey don’t approve app’s with commercial addresses ONLY residential.

      Sounds like they are picking and choosing, or should I say discriminate.

    • Rose says:

      Yes – it is a requirement to qualify for the bonus. It does state $300 in the fine print at their website as well as in the body of this post.

  80. Mr oppenheimer says:

    How are you guys planning on avoiding monthly service fee for next months after receiving bonus? The fee can be waived with direct deposit. Can I setup $5 per month auto ACH push from Capital 360?

  81. ZiggyZ says:

    I’m probably going to try one last time and just use an old address from about a year ago that was considered residential.

  82. payyoutuesday says:

    Funding via CSP counted as a purchase.

  83. GEJ says:

    Folks, FYI, “An Early Closure Fee is imposed if you close a checking account within 180 days of its opening.” per The fee is $10 (on top of having bonus clawed back).

  84. Haris says:

    So I applied, got approved within a day and funding had no issues (Citi DBL Cash). Setting up DD now and will confirm once bonus is deposited. Any idea on how to close the account after the 6-months? Can’t seem to find the information anywhere. Will call CS within a couple of days to find out, thought others might be thinking the same.

    • Ken says:

      Just send a secure message or give them a call. This should be the same for closing a bank account at any bank.

    • ZiggyZ says:

      Most financial institutions, especially in situations for the bank is a remote location, online, for where the bank is out of reach, example you moved out of state, will either accept a verbal closure notification over the phone, sometimes an email, for a mailed or faxed signed document requesting simply that you want to close the account.

      Most smaller banks like this one, will more than likely require a written, dated & signed letter by mail or by fax.

      Bank of America, being a major bank, does accept verbal requests to close an account over the phone.

      I’m a mystery shopper for various banks in my area.

      • Ken says:

        I have never had to mail a signed letter to close an account. And I have opened and closed tons of accounts, many at very small banks. I’ve only rarely had to actually call, usually a simple email does the trick.

        • ZiggyZ says:

          I didn’t say that you had to sign a letter. Just referencing some of the few ways that you can close an account.

          I had 3 bank accounts a year ago, 2 in MN and 1 in Florida that I needed to close because I know longer live there. If would have lives locally, I could have simply called to close the accounts, but because I live in NY, they required just a simple 2 sentence letter to be faxed or mailed asking to close the account with my signature on it.

        • Wyle says:

          I have been required to mail in a signed request for checking account closures a few times in the past. One Service Rep said my options were to draw down the balance then call in to close, or send in the letter. Sounds like some might only do verbal closes for small (<$100??) balances.

  85. alex says:

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?????????????????????



    try many different options…………and sit tight.

    Doc please include this warning in your post for all similar deals. this is unreal……….

    • Carlos says:

      Agreed, no surprise why its getting harder to do MS anymore.

    • ZiggyZ says:

      I agree on some of your points. I don’t think it’s realistic to think that the Bonus should post immediately or within a day or so. Some accounts may receive the Bonus sooner than others.

      However, there is someone who does simply quickly reviews the account to make sure it meets all the prerequisites for account opening and requirements to receive the bonus.

      There is NOTHING wrong with calling the bank to find out how to properly fund the account or to make sure the preferred way you would like to fund account will still qualify for the bonus. Not everyone can fund the account exactly through DD. Or has an employer that participates in DD. Most banks have their preferred Requirements, but that doesn’t mean there are not other ways to accomplish it.

      • alex says:

        sorry but what part you don’t understand?


        AND NOT


        Usually there is no one manually checking bonus requirements. Same way there is no one manually checking credit card cash back. it is all automatic.


        people like you call and ask: “hey i would like to get the bonus. can i make a FAKE direct deposit? will that count?”

        Sorry for all the caps buy you people a RUINING THIS THING!

        Doc please include these warnings in your posts. It obviously is not common sense to may people.

      • anthonyjh21 says:

        @ Ziggy

        It’s really common sense and I’m sorry you don’t see it this way but the banks want a reoccurring, automatic inflow of funds to your account. This is heavily factored when deciding what bonus (if any) and/or monthly fees will be incurred. Do you think banks are in the business of giving away free money and making it easy to hit and run? They’re looking at ways to entice you and your business which they hope in the long run earns them a profit.

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The most dangerous people are those who aren’t even aware of what they’re doing but play in the sandbox anyways. We all start somewhere but understanding how it all works on a basic, fundamental level should be a prerequisite to jumping head first into churning.

        I completely agree with Alex that some type of disclosure would greatly benefit every DoC post since this site inherently pulls in a lot of newbies lacking common sense.

        • anthonyjh21 says:

          Can’t edit, but I meant a DD from an employer. Most bonuses have that verbiage built into the terms, so again, anyone doing this should have a clue that PayPal and other ACH/P2P aren’t supposed to qualify.

        • ZiggyZ says:

          I NEVER said you guys were wrong, because your not. I tried setting mine up and was started to update my DD with my Direct deposit, but keep getting denied to open the account because apparently an Apparent building/Complex is considered a commercial address not residential.

          I’d rather set it up the intended way, instead of risk taking a chance.

          I’m very much aware of the fine print and terms, as I’m not going to just hand over $300 w/o knowing what I’m getting myself into. The same reason the bank will not just hand over $250 w/o meeting at least the minimum requirements.

          • anthonyjh21 says:

            I’d be frustrated as well and It definitely sucks that they’re not allowing what should otherwise be a legitimate DD option but ultimately that’s besides the point.

            Contacting the bank and inquiring about deposit options that aren’t within the standard DD terms is creating unnecessary exposure to yourself and to the community as a whole. The end result is banks being made aware, at a higher frequency, that people are trying to circumvent standard DD methods.

            I’m not nor have I ever been in the banking industry, but if I had to guess I strongly believe at some point they’re going to have enough incentive to pay people to investigate to prevent further damage and take the Discover route (proven guilty until innocent).

            Be pretty damn interesting to see a poll where everyone votes on predicting the future of bank bonuses and where we think it’s headed.

    • I’ll write a dedicated post on this and add a link to it in future bank bonus posts.

      • IOException says:

        Based on the number of geniuses that posted here about talking to a banker about DD reqs and closing the account ASAP, I think they’ll be reviewing these bonuses manually.

        Really irritating when you don’t have a legit DD that you can easily change.

        • alex says:

          yep that is another thing…
          geniuses call and ask if they can close the account as soon as the bonus post. unbelievable.
          read the fine print and you will see it. if you don’t see it then wait a few months after you get the bonus and then call and say: “hey i am moving overseas and would like to close my account. will you charge me any fees?” then they will tell you when and if there will be a fee.

          2 yr ago i was a beginner in this game. i had no clue about anything. not once did it cross my mind to call anyone and basically ask them if i can take advantage of their business. not once. why?
          because this has nothing to do with the amount of knowledge about this hobby. if you have any common sense and logic you would understand that calling and asking these types of brilliant questions is not very smart.

          hopefuly Doc will write a special post so that a 2yr old can understand it. and then link that post to every future deal.

          i am sorry and i am not trying to offend anyone but c’mon people.

          • ZiggyZ says:

            I couldn’t agree more. If I worked for a bank offering sign up bonuses and had someone call asking if they could close it as soon as the bonus posts, I’d flag that account.

            I have 1 Bank that I do business with. I’ve been looking for a 2nd Bank that I can start saving money. The idea is to have a different bank where I can start and save my money versus saving it with my current Bank whereas the money is too easily accessible. If I utilize a bank like Tennessee, it’s not so accessible. I refuse to pay ATM fees if I don’t have to.

            If I split up my employment direct deposits, 1 for $300 to Tennessee and the 2nd would be the remaining proceeds to my main primarily acct.

            If the savings Acct isn’t as easily accessible, I’m going to think twice before making a purchase. To transfer money from a different bank to my current bank may take a couple of days. As opposed to a savings account with my current bank I could just transfer funds in a matter of seconds and they are available to use. So the whole idea is to have better discipline and have a better chance at saving money for when I need it for when it counts. I’m not as concerned with his savings rate at all, as most banks have a savings rate that sucks.

            An account with Tennessee, would be nice as it does offer a nice bonus for opening up a new account. It would also work very well for how I would like to save my money. Sure it could be just as easy going to another local bank, but that’s the problem. I want to make sure that it’s not so easy for me to just go to that other banks atm.

            This is the strategy that I found that has worked before in the past it & works very well.

            I don’t have any money problems necessarily, as my credit is very good. However I’m not getting any younger and I do need a better means to saving money. I don’t want to be caught up with an issue where my car breaks down and it’s very expensive repair. or I have a really expensive House repair bill, like replacing the roof, or leak in the basement, just, just to name a few.

            Sure, there’s always a credit card that can be used. But the idea is not to be so dependent on credit cards. You never know what’s going to happen and why and how it’s going to happen. All it takes is one or two unexpected life events to destroy you and everything that you’ve worked for. Another example being getting into a car accident that so bad that you can no longer work. Or walking down the street and tripping on the sidewalk and hitting your head the wrong way.

            We’ve all had some issues in life that could have potentially led to more potential consequences.

            If something expensive happens like a repair on my car or my home, I’d like to have the money to be able to make those repairs.

            And no, I will not invest in a 401k. Those take time to build up to even be able to borrow from them. Borrowing from your 401 K is not a wise decision and the way that the markets been working over the last decade doesn’t necessarily look very promising for the future. 401 k is the same thing is buying stock on the stock market.

          • Ken says:

            @ZiggyZ – What about a bank like discover who offers 1% interest? First Tennessee offers nothing, and while 1% is very little, at least it’s something. AND you can get bonuses for opening Discover accounts.

          • ZiggyZ says:


            Discover Bank offers a Bonus for opening an acct?

          • Ken says:

            @ZiggyZ – Yes, $300 for checking and $100 for savings. Had to get savings first. This was a few months ago, I don’t know if it’s still valid.

          • anthonyjh21 says:

            I vote alex does the DoC write up as guest post 🙂

            @ Ziggy Definitely look beyond this churning opportunity for an actual bank you plan on keeping long term (and not messing with MO’s). Ken gave a good option as well with Discover. There’s a lot of options out there with no fees and/or few hoops to jump through (Ally, Cap1 360, Discover, Alliant). LMCU is another option, although you have some additional requirements. I’m personally going to be opening an Alliant high interest checking account soon. .65% rate, next day ACH and only 1 monthly DD/ACH with no minimum required to qualify for the interest rate. No fees either.

  86. Adam says:

    Has anyone funded this with an AmEx, will it count as a cash advance?

  87. bob says:

    I use american pride bank in macon,ga. i get 3% on up to 10k, 12 debit purchases a month one dd and up to $25 in atm refunds. i tried to reply to ziggy’s comment but it wouldn’t let me.

  88. AC says:

    Did anyone get their bonus posted using ALLY ACH transfer?
    My deposit posted about 2 weeks back but still no bonus.

  89. LG says:

    Hello everyone. I did a few of those DD for checking account bonuses. My experience is that, after the 6 months requirement has past and I need to close my account to move on to another offer, banks have always told me that I had to come in the branch to close my acc in person.

    How do you go around this when you live too far away?

    • Ken says:

      Which bank required you to go into a branch?

      • LG says:

        So far, every one I did in the past 3 years. Chase all 3 times, Regions and BofA.

        I always try to close it online or over the phone but they say they have to verify if there’s any pending transactions. Also, to make sure you don’t close an account with a negative balance.

        That’s been my experience anyway. Maybe someone here can tell me how to avoid the dreadful branch visit.

        • Ken says:

          That’s weird. I’ve closed several Chase and BOA accounts and all of them through secure message. I’ve never had to call or go to a branch. And I’ve closed them when I did and didn’t have branches close to me too. This was over the past 5 years or so.

    • Dave says:

      If it is a local branch, I withdraw balance at the counter & close it on the spot.
      If it is not local (Chase for instance), I withdraw via ach, then call to close.
      Works every time for every bank.

  90. TJ says:

    How is there all this confusion? The terms say the bonus posts within six weeks. Why would it post immediately?

    I suppose the gamble here is if the bonus doesn’t post after 6 weeks, if the bonus doesn’t post just close the account and be done with it.

  91. Eric says:


    The reason you aren’t finding any info is because First Tennessee DOES NOT accept Amex to fund the account.

  92. Dan says:

    My Santander ACH transfer shows up as “######Santander Bank Payment ######my name”. Any one comment if this counts as DD for the purpose of signup bonus?

    • IOException says:

      Wow, just wow. Again with the same question?

      If it isn’t a DD, then no, it isn’t supposed to count. If it does count, it is only because detecting a true DD cannot accurately be done. Since everything is handled as an ACH on the backend, the only way a bank can verify it is to manually have a human look it over or create a blacklist of transfers they know can’t be counted as DD. Most don’t do that as it would be a pain, still wouldn’t be inclusive, and writing that code wouldn’t be cheap especially since it would need to be maintained.

      So they let us through the cracks…

      • Dan says:

        Was that supposed to be an answer to my question? And I find the tone of your response to be slightly annoying. I’m aware of everything you just said, so thanks for wasting your time. I am looking for data points to see if anyone can confirm that a transfer from Santander is effective in triggering DD in this particular case…

  93. dizzy says:

    Well, my heart is sinking on this one. Just seems like too many people who don’t know what they are doing are going to blow this deal.

    I am new myself: this is only 4th bonus I’ve ever signed up for. One was ING direct a couple years ago, it was getting too crazy to use my credit union located halfway across town. It then was looking like I was going to have to make friendly with banks instead of avoiding them like the plague, which I did in my 20s, due to geography and impending student loans and eventual office rental, supplies, etc (went back to school for medicine). I took a good long amount of time to do my research BEFORE getting involved in this. Started learning about travel hacking first before the financial side. I had the road block of nothing on my credit report plus low income to make me wait.

    Now I’m slowly taking advantage, but because I’ve researched, I’m more patient. I don’t call the banks, I shotgun or look for data on websites like this (don’t have DD). I try to have a legitimate reason to use the offer (here I’ll be starting my AT thru hike in the South, hoping to work along the way- I want to deposit any cash as quickly as possible). It’s ok if you don’t have a reason. But don’t call the banks! It sucks that as I’m finally building credit profile everything is getting shut down (though I didn’t lose BB- prolly since I only MSed with it once, and it wasn’t with Kate).

    Just wanted to put another noob voice out there to tell others who are new- do the research FIRST, look before you leap, and keep you mouth shut. With the banks at least. A simple thing like FT has at the top of pages saying not to call maybe would help? Guys, please don’t ruin this for everyone.

    • Just relax for now, there are no data points on real direct deposits triggering the bonus. This suggests they batch process it (like Chase does), calling is never a good option but let’s just see how this goes before proclaiming it dead.

  94. Sa says:

    Bank of america travel rewards visa $300 initial funding posted as purchase.

  95. Carlos says:

    In all honesty guys I agree with not calling banks about closing etc but are we really naive to think that bank employees dont read these posts especially with all the attention these blogs have been receiving??

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      Of course some will. But keep in mind folks getting paid low wages probably aren’t too keen on playing detective during their off time to find out what’s going on. If anything I’d expect them more likely to get into churning themselves than to rain on the parade. Calling and providing information on a silver platter though is what we need to avoid. Nothing good (for us) will come of that.

    • ZiggyZ says:

      This point I do agree with. Calling to find out the process of closing the account after its been open, just for the mere fact of opening it for the promotion, is probably not a very good idea.

      However, if there is somebody that really feels the need to call, versus just reading the terms and conditions, then make sure you call from a different phone number and don’t provide any personal information about yourself.

      I feel pretty safe to say at this point, there are a lot of these promotions that are starting to become far and few to find. Or if you do find a good promotion, these are all starting to come with Heavier T&C’s. One specifically, is the initial opening deposit amount that’s required. For this promotion is $300.

      I remember back in the day a good decade or so ago, when these promotions 1st started coming out consistently, some of the terms and conditions were the same/similar as they are now, but require more work bcs of how much people are utilizing them as a means of manufactured spending. Back then, the only required opening deposit amount was just what the banks normal requirement was. Also, the direct deposit requirements used to be smaller.

      So although some Banks are still offering it, they’re making the requirements a lil bit more stiffer in an effort to attract the right business that’s more likely to stick around and the demographic they’re looking for.

      Eventually these promotions are going to go away and maybe pop up every once in awhile or the requirements will become more difficult or harder to meet. And only the right people will be able to meet them.

    • Brian S. says:

      These blogs are well known within those that work within the financial industry. Airline CEO’s even come to travel conferences and speak there. It would be foolish to think that this is some “underground” hobby, which it may have been 10 years ago.

      The reason all these banks are offering up all these bonuses, and being lenient about what they accept or don’t accept is because they’re all competing for our business. Interest rates are so low, there are other investment avenues for people to take rather than depositing money into banks. Perhaps a small bonus here will entice some to bite, and who knows – the bank may even make money off that deposit, or make money off of some fees.

      But what do I know…

  96. Dustin says:

    Funded $300 with Barclays Arrival Plus, posted as purchase.

  97. bob says:

    So I’m not clear on this so i’m going to ask. I opened this account with a transfer from paypal. I set it up with paypal so it can be my “dd” source and sent some money to it. It’s cleared now and is listed as a “credit”. Sound good to everyone?

    • Ron says:

      so does that mean we can’t use paypal?

    • Zack says:

      As far as I can tell everything codes as Credit. I’ve done tests from my Ally acct and Paypal, both coded as Credit.

      I believe the differentiation on whether it will count is whether it says P2P in the description. If it does, probably won’t work. For ref, my Ally DD shows “P2P”, my Paypal DD shows “TRANSFER”.

      Still waiting on the bonus, but it has been about two weeks since the Ally one with no bonus. Paypal just cleared yesterday.

  98. Ethan says:

    Has anyone had success with a disbursement from an Amazon Seller’s Account counting for the direct deposit requirement?

  99. Mark Zhang says:

    I just confirmed with a representative that as long as one has valid SSN plus Driver’s license/State ID, he can go on for the application, I specifically mentioned my situation as not yet being “resident alien” for tax purposes, but the representative said “there is no ‘non-resident alien’ status in this case”. Confusing to me, but gladly move on to continue with the application.

    Submitted already. Under review. They required documents, so I uploaded some bills and scans.

  100. hardy says:

    ON 14 Jan, Opened account online & funded with chase freedom $300, counts as purchase. Very much user friendly website, their security system is also awesome. I totally fell in love with their online banking system, very easy to use & it gives all the required information, no gimix…..
    I scanned & uploaded required the documents through their website only on same day 14th jan & on 15th Jan they send me confirmation email & my account is ready to use……………what a quick service…….where as in BMO HARISS bank……they do so much of unnecessary delay…I opened a/c with them from last 11 days….still waiting for a/c to see online…..after I get welcome package & resend it only then……………

  101. alex says:

    EXTRA $50 BONUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You need to go to this link. Register with your info.
    After registering you have 90 days to open new checking account and complete 2 direct deposits.

    This $50 promotion is separate and will not interfere with $250 promo. You will get both.
    REGISTER for this offer AND AFTER THAT sign up for this checking account with $250 offer.


    Everything is explained when you click on the link, but please contact me if you have any questions.

  102. alex says:

    there is extra $50 referral available. i tried to post it but it seem my post disappeared.
    not sure what is going on DoC?

    • alex says:

      ok sorry, i guess it is awaiting moderation.

    • Comments with links in them need to go through moderation first. Also generally it’s a good idea to clearly label that it’s a referral link and only post it when you have confirmation that the offers stack.

      Once we have confirmation, I’ll add it to the main body of the post.

      • alex says:

        Ok cool. I found this while on bank’s website.
        The way I see it, worst case scenario you don’t get $50 visa.

        And it seems like it is completely separate promo possibly handed by some 3rd party.
        Obviously we will not know 100% until someone reports it but I see no harm in trying. 🙂

  103. James says:

    Just signed up online. When I got through the application they said that my account was pending approval, and that I had to send/upload a copy of my DL and a utility bill, most likely to confirm identity. Thank goodness I received my bill and my new DL (just moved) in the mail today! I’ll probably wait a week to sign my wife up, just in case they require her account to be approved too, and they notice we’re at the same address.

  104. Jeff says:

    Weird question, but does anyone know if First Tennessee withdraws the trial deposits back after they’re deposited to another bank account? Only asking because I have a 6-withdrawal limit on my Ally Savings and want to make some additional transfers. Thanks

    • alex says:

      i have not seen a bank that does not do it automatically. so very likely yes….

    • Jeff says:

      I have seen at least one bank (PNC) that does not claw back the trial deposits. If anyone who’s had the account for a few weeks could provide some info, I’d appreciate it.

    • Shannon says:

      Their verification is a small deposit AND a withdrawal. They deposited 14¢ and withdrew 6¢ leaving the other 8¢ in my account

  105. Shaun Castle says:

    Regions Financial also uses ReferLive to manage their customer’s referral program and I was able to stack the $50 referral bonus with their $200 checking bonus. Of course, this doesn’t mean the same results will be observed with First Tennessee. Do note, the referral bonus took quite a long time (2-3 months) to actually receive the $50 reward card.

    Referral Link:

  106. alex says:

    Referral bonus is for registering and then later potentially opening an account.

    If you register(for $50 promo) and later use the $250 bonus offer, then that(250 offer) is the offer you are signing up with.
    Even if they don’t stack you are still getting the promo you signed up with(250).
    Worst case scenario you don’t get $50 promo.

    $50 referral bonus requires:
    registering through referral link
    opening deposit of at least $100
    2 direct deposits of at least $100 each within 60 days
    So, basically you just need 1 additional direct deposit compared to the main offer.

    ALSO make sure you use the same info when registering and opening account. name, address, email…

    my link is:

  107. Adam says:

    How much money should one leave in the account, at a minimum, in those six months?

  108. Dave says:

    Ken – no bonus for me yet. The account has been open for just three weeks tho.
    A couple ach deposits made, along with a couple billpays so far.

  109. jay says:

    Just got my statement yesterday. Couple things:

    PNC codes like this

    P2P XXXXX.XXXXXX (that’s name of the person)

    Serve/Cap one 360 codes as just “deposit”

    also, the monthly service charge was waived. I don’t that if that was because Serve/cap one counted as DD or if it was customary waiving which all banks typically do for 1st or 2nd months

  110. Ken says:

    Statement closed and Schwab is showing as P2P and Discover is showing as Credit Prearrange. Amazon withdrawal shows up as Marketplac which is what it shows as for other banks, so who knows what counts at this point. Just have to hope we all get the bonus in a few weeks. FWIW everything is showing up as DEPOSIT even though it also says P2P for Schwab.

  111. Tim says:

    Did anyone else notice a random $5 debit/credit on their transaction history? It coincides with the date I opened the account (12/21/15). I’m thinking this is the $5 fee for express checking being waived for DD?

    At this point I have push and pulled money from Ally, GE, and Discover. Ally posted as P2P while the other 2 posted as payments.

    01/21/2016 Debit DEBIT I-GEN1160121$5.00
    01/21/2016 Deposit CREDIT I-GEN1160121$5.00

    • John says:

      Tim, I’d like to believe your theory about this mysterious $5 debit,then credit, but it doesn’t fit my facts, I opened my account on 12/28, but now on 1/21, i get this debit/credit item, with the same I-GEN note you got. My theory is that this is the start of the “batches” that William Charles referred to, I think this relates to the Statement closing, and you observed it appears to relate to the checking account fee. I HOPE this means we satisfied the DD requirement! But I don’t understand why accounts opened on different days would have Closing dates on the same day, unless FT closes all checking account Statements on the 21st.

      • Tim says:

        Found the online PDF of the statement that ended on 01/21/16 and sure enough:

        01/21 $5.00 SERVICE CHARGE
        01/21 $5.00 REBATE SERVICE CHARGE

    • Shannon says:

      100% account charge and refund.

      This happened to my account on 1/11 and I called about it because I didn’t understand it either. They said they do the charge/refund just for bookkeeping purposes

  112. Matthew says:

    I got the same thing with the $5 charge pull/push from FT.

    I pushed $100.00 from Discover on 1/7 and have not received the bonus.

    I setup for my real employer DD that should hit end of the month just in case.

  113. Jay says:

    Did anyone try deposit via a brokerage account like Fidelity/Schwab? Doctor, shouldn’t brokerage account always code up as a direct deposit? I put one through Fidelity. Will update

  114. Shannon says:

    I am a Tennessee resident and there are plenty of local branches around me, but I opened this account specifically to get the $250 bonus.

    I know there has been a lot of comments about people calling asking about what qualifies for a direct deposit, etc and tipping them off to the people using it just to churn. However as a TN resident, I felt it was safe to call and ask a few different questions about the account and then confirm the direct deposit situation.

    I was just told 5 minutes ago that a Capital One 360 transfer is 100%, for sure counted as a direct deposit. So if you set up a monthly transfer you can avoid the $5 account fee as well.

    I opened my account on 12/21 and did my first Capital One 360 transfer on 1/8. As of today, I haven’t received my bonus, but I won’t even be looking for it for a few more weeks. I will update once it has been credited.

    • Shannon says:

      Also, when I called I didn’t ask anything about the $250 bonus. I just approached it from the not paying the monthly fee side.

    • Stop calling and asking about what counts as direct deposit, it achieves absolutely nothing.

      • Justin says:

        …but I have not received the bonus yest

      • anthonyjh21 says:

        Where’s that write up about calling you were referring to recently?? 🙂

        In all seriousness, some type of message on these posts that catches the eye would be awesome. “Do NOT call about this offer. If you still have questions after thoroughly reading the post, please comment below and hopefully someone will respond. HINT: Control + F and enter a keyword pertaining to your question!”

    • alex says:

      you still made them “research” and confirm that your personal transfer counts as dd.
      it is 100% visible to them that your transfer is NOT real dd. now you alerted them to the fact that their system treats fake dd as real dd.
      no matter how you go about it….you are still alerting them to this “issue”. at the moment i am using ” ” because it is still not (hopefully) an issue but if you and other keep calling it will become a real issue and will be fixed.

      and all that for what???????? so you can sleep better tonight?
      you accomplished absolutely nothing. in fact CSR might have just lied to you in order to get you of the line(as it happens all the time). not necessarily lie, but just made up something because they did not know the answer to your question.

      wait for people to report data and if you still didn’t get it try other deposit options but


  115. ZiggyZ says:

    In genrral, a Direct Deposit is an electronic deposit of your paycheck, pension, or government benefits (such as Social Security) from your employer or the government. Also, if you receive Retirement benefit payments on a recurring monthly basis from a source like a 401k, IRA or other retirement source. These would all count as direct deposits.

    There are other alternatives that could work like PayPal, Square & Amazon Payments.

    I’ve opened 4 accts in the last 10 years that offered Bank Bonuses at the time. They were KeyBank, First Niagara, Cap1 360 & Discover Bank.

    When I opened these accounts, I had an employer that did not offer direct deposit. So I had to use an alternate method for direct deposit. Since I always have money in my PayPal account & use Square to take credit card payments from business, I used PayPal & Square as my direct deposit sources. It worked for all 4 of these Banks.

    One of the reasons that PayPal & Square works, is because they are not considered to be a bank or financial institution. Their direct deposits do not indicate anything about it being a p2p or bank to bank transfer.

    Well if you really wanted to use Square as your direct deposit source on a voluntary basis to meet the requirements, you could logically take your bank or credit card, and swipe a transaction for however much you need direct deposited into your account. Kinda dumb in some ways, because you’re paying a fee of 2.5% for that swiped transaction. If the DD requirement is $500, they’re going to pay between $12.50 and $15 in Square fees. However, if you have money flowing into this account on a regular basis, then the fee won’t bother you at all because you would have paid that anyways for a customer transactions.

    I would strongly discourage p2p transfers as the intention for these transfers is clearly not direct deposit in most cases. I had 2 bankers in the past warned me about this. Not because I asked, but it was part of the account opening process for the banker to let me know what counts as a direct deposit and what doesn’t. I also didn’t have employer direct deposit. So they gave me this warning about what counts and asked where my direct deposit source would be coming from. They wanted to make sure that I would get my bonus. I told him that I had 2 otherfunding sources in general that I believe wouldn’t be a problem since my employer then offer direct deposit. They told me PayPal and square would be fine.

  116. ZiggyZ says:

    One thing to add to this, is that its tax season.

    If anybody has a tax refund coming, you could utilize that refund as your direct deposit source to meet the direct deposit requirement. Tax refunds are always direct deposits.

    This would be good for those who don’t want to change anything with their employer or what is perceived to be a hassle just to meet this requirement for this account.

    • Carlos says:

      No tax refunds do not always qualify as DD.
      Matter of fact in the fine print of many banks now it clearly states that a tax refund does not count.

  117. alex says:

    If someone missed it I am reposting my referral link for EXTRA $50 BONUS!!!!

    You need to register at this link before opening your account.
    After registering then you open checking account with $250 offer.

    $50 bonus requires:

    Opening deposit of at least $100 (250 offer requires any amount)
    2 direct deposits minimum $100 each within 60 days (250 offer requires only 1 and no minimum)

    So, if you satisfy requirements for $50 bonus you will also satisfy requirements for $250 bonus!

    You have to use the same info(name, address…) when registering and opening account.

    My link is:
    link removed, see reply comment.

    Thanks to anyone who uses it……..

  118. Bob D says:

    funded with first bankcard LaQuinta posted as cash

  119. JJ says:

    Direct Deposit from College counted towards the bonus. ACH transfer of $61.86 from my school.

  120. Matthew says:


    I called and emailed CSR and they said as long as the requested requirements are met then the friend would be eligible for the $50 referral(2-$100 DD) as well as the $250 checking promotion”ONLINE”(1-DD),

    Here is my referral link:

    • Matthew says:


      CSR came back to me with the following:

      Thank you for your message in regards to combining the refer a friend incentive with online bonus for opening a new checking account.

      We apologize for the delay in our response and for any concern this issue has caused.

      Unfortunately, your friend would not be able to use both bonuses. The Refer A Friend bonus cannot be combined with the $250 incentive for opening a new account.

      • Not surprised, which is why I like to see confirmation that it stacks before people start posting their referral links.

        • alex says:

          Hm hm…. you guys(especially William, because you are an expert) I don’t know what to say to that…..

          It is pretty clear from “Not to be combined with any other offers” that they are not supposed to stack
          as we all know many things that are not supposed to work are in fact working.

          We also know that CSRs have no clue, most of the time, and that their response means absolute ZERO. Especially when it comes to “tricky” questions like these. But because they have to give you an answer…. guess what?…they will give you one. how if they don’t know it? they make something up or say what makes most sense to them.

          Now going back to this deal……..
          These are two separate promotions. $50 promo is handled by separate company. So there is a big chance that it will work….or at least it is 50/50.
          $50 promo is for registering to potentially open account in the future(within 90 days). If you later find a better promo(250 deal) and sign up then that is your promo. there is no way a company will say “no, you are “locked” in $50 promo and we will not let you open account with our better offer”. in fact, that would be illegal to do because you are signing up with a 250 promo code.
          So, the worst case scenario is that you will not get $50 promo.

          Matthew, why why why………..???????
          This is the result of your call:
          You alerted them to this possibility.
          We have no idea if these would stack if you did not call.
          We have no idea if these will stack now after you called.

          William, I saw your post about not calling the banks(Matthew clearly didn’t read it). Thank you for making it. I don’t think it will be of any effect if it is not included in every bank, credit card or similar deal post. I think you said you will include it in all future posts…..

          Matthew and others who think about calling this is the most important part from that post:

          “If I’m skirting the rules, there is no point in calling the bank as all I’m doing is alerting the financial institution to that fact.”

          • Matthew says:

            There is a difference with calling CSR to see if you’re eligible for a promotion and asking CSR if your pseudo deposit(ACH) counts as direct deposit.

            You clearly just want people to use your referral link, while i’d rather get more clarity so that new people will not get screwed getting only a $50 gift card when they expected $250 cash bonus.

            To actually bring some PRODUCTIVE insight to this blog post I had an ACH push from Discover on 1/7/16 and it showed as PREARRANGE(Bonus has not been posted).
            **wink wink** DID NOT call CSR to say, “Where’s my bonus!?”

            My actual employer DD just hit my account and states my employer’s name followed by DIR DEP(let’s see what happens)

          • alex says:

            let’s stick to the facts and not try to guess motivation of each other.

            Fine print clearly states that you are not eligible for both promos. If you call and ask about it it is exactly the same as if you call about “fake” dd. you are bringing attention to the possibility to bend the rules.

            Now here are the facts:
            1. Rules state that you can only get one offer
            2. $50 Promo is handled by a separate company.
            3. Rules for the $50 promo DO NOT state that you are “locked in” in that promo if you register. Rules say that you can not combine with another offer BUT that does not prevent you to opt for a different (better) offer later on. Which means that “later” you can decide to signup with 250 offer and “lose” $50 offer.
            4. We do not know if the bank’s computer system has a way to detect 2 offers and eliminate 1.
            5. Csr’s, their boss and his/her boss also do not know the answer in line 4.(ok, this is not a fact but there is 99% chance it is true)
            6. Your call/email did not bring any clarity to this question. Anyone in this game knows that CSR’s do not have correct answers to these types of questions.
            As evidenced from your experience….one csr told you YES and the other later said NO.
            7. Chance of 2 offers stacking is 50/50( at least until we get some actual data points)

            50 offer is a visa gc and is not deposited by the bank to your account. it is sent to your email by a separate 3rd party company. highly unlikely a bank has a way to detect you are getting 2 offers. if they do they will have to honor the 250 offer first. if they don’t one call will fix it.
            obviously, everyone should take screenshots when doing these deals.

            Anyone wants to try……my referral is higher up in the comments(DoC does not want me to post it again)
            or you can use Matthew’s referral(also in the comments).

  121. Nab says:

    The link for the $250 bonus is DEAD!

    Click on the link to the bonus and you will get this: “We’ve redesigned our web site and the page you requested is no longer available under the same URL. Please visit our new Personal Banking home page at“.

  122. Matthew says:

    I would agree with the above they may have taken down the offer as I don’t see the offer available online anymore.

  123. DJ says:

    I just opened an account using the ONLINE code. This was AFTER the link was taken down. I will report if I am eligible for the $250 bonus.

    After I opened the account, I saw the $150 promo still seems to be alive, with code OFB150

    For those who want to give this a try, my referral link is

  124. Mark Zhang says:

    This is just a follow-up. I reported that a representative confirmed that as long as you have SSN and Driver’s License/State ID, you can apply and there is no such thing as “non-resident alien” in their system. However, they have declined my application, saying that they are unable to verify my identity with Equifax. That was almost impossible, since I have Credit Karma and Fifth Third monitoring my Equifax record, and I had no issue accessing it at all.

    I called in and found that all info are correctly provided; they offered me an option to go to a branch, which is impossible for me. And they said the decision is final, and I cannot restart a new application.

    During the online application process, no question regarding identity verification was provided, and I even uploaded my utility bill and SSN card + State ID card to them. But all was ignored. Besides, I was not able to make the initial deposit using Discover IT.

    Interestingly, I felt that Tech CU is using the same system as First Tennessee, because I went through the same process with Tech CU. But somehow, Tech CU was able to get me verified, and the account application was approved. I remember Tech CU requiring a savings account, so I included it, but strangely, there is a -$25 transaction after the savings account was opened.

    • Primo says:

      The opposite happened to me…Tech couldn’t verify me, but First Tenn. could. Apparently I failed both credit report verifications, since both asked head of household questions and I didn’t know who they wanted (I’m staying with family).

      However, I was able to upload DL to First and they opened the account; I couldn’t do that for Tech, and they wouldn’t open the account and said to apply again in 30 days.

    • JB says:

      Curious, what is Tech CU? Google search doesn’t give me anything that looks right.

      • Dave says:

        That’s odd, it is the first search result when I use Google.

        • JB says:

          Yes, odd indeed! I was using AOL search, which has always used Google for its search, as far as I know. When I used internet explorer, Google does in fact present Tech CU as the first result. Using AOL it was the first result on the second page. So much for AOL! Thank you Dave

          Sorry for off-topic post!

    • Vic says:

      Tech CU and First Tennessee did actually used the same application system!
      The interface and the process are almost identical.
      I even got the exact same 5 verification questions.

      My TechCU was approved instantly, and my FT is pending review.

  125. Jeff says:

    Confirmed via SM that the $250 offer is still valid with ‘ONLINE’.

    For all those worried about the broken link…

  126. Jason says:

    Still must be a U.S. citizen: On second step of application:
    By checking the “I Agree” box below, I
    certify that….. (3) I am a U.S. Citizen.”

  127. Wu says:

    no bonus post so far

  128. Tim says:

    Data point: $250 posted today. Shows interest to date as $250.
    Did a shotgun method of pushing money from external accounts. The only ones that showed up not as p2p were GE Capital and Discover.

  129. mike says:

    Got mine too!!!!!!!!

  130. Jeff says:

    Just got mine as well!! Looks like its batch processing time as expected. Thanks all

  131. chris says:

    Also just received the bonus. Did 3 different deposits and the only deposit that wasn’t coded as A2A or P2P was from Serve so I’m assuming that’s the one that did it. Third time really was the charm in this case.

    • chris says:

      P.S. thanks for all the help and advice and patience William C!

    • JB says:

      Got mine also. PayPal push and discover bank push. Where on the first Tennessee site do I see how these deposits were coded so I can figure out which one triggered it? Thanks for any advice.

  132. Dave says:

    Bonus post date 1/29

  133. singerbabe says:

    Got mine too on the 29th. One Serve push and one Chase push.

  134. Kim says:

    I opened an acct 12/11/15 with $300 transfer from Regions. Set up a couple hundred dollars DD from employer each pay period so FTB acct can be my “fun” money. Bonus was deposited within the past few days so it took less than 8 weeks. I am very pleased!

    • Kim says:

      I opened an acct 12/11/15 with $300 transfer from Regions. Set up a couple hundred dollars DD from employer each pay period so FTB acct can be my “fun” money. Bonus was deposited within the past few days so it took less than 8 weeks. I am very pleased!

  135. jay says:

    Did anyone got two bonuses in a household? Trying to determine if it’s truly one per household.

    • Bob says:


      Opened two and only one got the bonus.


        • anthonyjh21 says:

          I can add on to Bob’s data point. I opened two (wife and I) and both used Ally Bank (posted 12/31) to satisfy DD. Worth noting the accounts and DD requirements were opened/initiated on the same days. I received the bonus 1/29 and she did not. Given the exact dates and activity I unfortunately feel pretty confident I won’t receive the second bonus.

          I opened my account before hers, so I’m assuming their system issues the bonus to the first new account and automatically bypasses any subsequent new accounts at the same address.

          • Ken says:

            Same thing for me, and I even slightly modified the address for my wife. $250 for me and nothing for my wife.

          • jay says:

            I wonder if we have different permanent address but same mail address will that trigger the bonus?

          • Sergey says:

            I can add the same datapoint – opened 2 accounts, got a bonus only for me. I’m going to wait until end of the month and close other (the one which didn’t get a bonus) account. I looked and couldn’t find if they charge an early termination fee. So, no fee?

  136. genh says:

    Got mine too with only ACH from Ally Bank, despite it showing P2P

    • David says:

      Good to know. I did ACH pushes from Discover Bank and Ally and got the bonus too! I wasn’t sure which one (or both) triggered it, but since you got yours from Ally, I’ll continue using Ally so I won’t get hit with the monthly fee.

    • Anita says:

      Another data point. Ally triggered my bonus. And let me add a BEWARE that you start your monthly direct deposits to avoid the monthly fee ASAP. There’s no grace period at all.

      I applied for the account on Jan19. They closed the first statement cycle 3 days later on Jan 21, the same day my first $100 Ally push arrived. That push satisfied the direct deposit for the bonus and it waived the $5 fee for that “first statement period” .

      The second statement period ended Feb 21. They charged me $5 for the monthly service fee for the 2nd statement period, since I hadn’t yet done my 2nd dd. So I sent them a message asking for a courtesy fee waiver, promising I’ll get my dd in sooner next month. So check your account to see how your statement cycle is set up!

  137. bob says:

    i got mine on the 29th. paypal for 1st funding and for dd

  138. Adam says:

    this was one of the simplest, smoothest bank account signups/openings & bonus postings ever. easy peasy!

    * opened/approved 1/5, funded $300 via Chase Freedom – posted as purchase!
    * Fidelity ACH 1/22
    * Discover Bank & PayPal trial creds also 1/22 but these were under $1 so not sure how they impact the scenario if at all
    * Paypal ACH 1/25
    * $250 FTB bonus posted 1/29

    not sure how to check & get more details on each transfer. y’know to try and figure out what waives monthly fees. but if I was a betting man, I’d say the Fido prolly triggered it. I think we can prolly rule out the Discover & PP transactions as they were under $1 — unless someone has more thoughts on that — aka they got a bonus with just the trial credits triggering it.

    • GEJ says:

      I got mine based on Paypal trial deposits only. Funded using Cap1 Visa, then linked to Paypal and got trial deposits. After those got yanked back out, I saw charge/deposits of $5 (monthly charge+refund) and finally the $250 bonus today. 😀

  139. Rose says:

    Bonus posted. I used Capital One checking for my one and only ACH push.

  140. payyoutuesday says:

    Direct link to offer no longer works…

  141. Bo says:

    ACH from chase $7.00 on 1/8/2016, received $250 bonus 1/31/2016.

  142. PN says:

    Confirmed. DD $25 from Discover only on 1/12. Bonus posted 1/29.

  143. Ethan says:

    Bonus posted today, dated 1/29. I used transfer from Amazon seller account and an Ally bank transfer, so don’t know specifically which one triggered the bonus.

  144. David M says:

    I received my bonus as well.

    Opened 1/13
    Charles Schwab ACH of $5 1/15
    Bonus posted 1/29

  145. onTheGroundFloor says:

    I received my bonus 1/29. My only transfers not coded as P2P (or have my name in the Description) were:
    Paypal – $100
    Tech CU – $100
    Discover – $100

    I’ll try using a monthly Discover transfer to avoid the fees.

  146. Wyle says:

    Opened 1/18, “ALLY BANK P2P” of $250 posted on 1/25, CapOne360 trial deposits posted on 1/28, bonus posted 1/29. I suspect the Ally transfer triggered the bonus because of the timing.
    I think that’s a record for quickest bonus earned. Another high 5 to DofC for keeping us informed and prosperous.

  147. Barbi Dee says:

    Also Opened !st Tenn on 1/6 with funding from Barclays NFL card, posted as purchase. Received $250 bonus on 1/29. TY very much!

  148. Annex1982 says:

    Got the bonus on 1/31/16. I tried more than deposit trials using Huntington Bank, Chase FNBO, etc. and I think one of the hit the DD requirement.

  149. info says:

    I just wanted to point out I tried to use discover and it was declined. I have my cash advance set low so it may be thats its being put through as a cash advance. so beware of that pending additional data that its not a cash advance.

  150. Syed says:

    Awesome. Bonus posted on 1/29 and I opened the account on 1/20. The only transactions I did were trial deposits from Ally and a deposit from FT to my Ally savings. I signed up for direct deposit with my employer which won’t hit the account until later this week.

    Fastest bonus ever. Thanks for the free money!

  151. Trevor says:

    It looks like the deal is either dead, or you have to phone in to set up your new account. I was able to successfully set this up about a week ago, but when I clicked on the link this morning to open an account for my wife I received the following message.

    “We’ve redesigned our web site and the page you requested is no longer available under the same URL.”

    I’ll try calling later today to set up my wife’s account later and update if over the phone still works.

  152. Just a competing data point, regarding the trial deposits….

    I opened my account, funded with $300 from Amazon Visa on 1/20.
    Two trial deposits from CO360 posted on 1/26
    Bonus did not post, like others have reported on 1/29.
    Transfer from CO360 posted on 2/1.

    Maybe I just have to wait for the next round of batch postings.

    I am also confirming my PayPal account right now. Waiting for the trial deposits and then will make a transfer from PP.

    • TJ says:

      Where did you find the routing number? I don’t see it on their site.

      • I used their messaging feature and got a response back:

        “Thank you for your message concerning the routing number for your checking account.

        We apologize for the delay in our response and we will be glad to assist you with this matter.

        The routing number unfortunately, is not available through our website. The routing number for your account 084000026, and this should enable you to set up your direct deposit.”

  153. jackgopack4 says:

    Just got my bonus posted. Used a ACH push from USAA. Clicked the “business” option, didn’t know if it made a difference how the ACH push would be worded/coded.

  154. Sandra says:

    Account opened 1/7 and $250 bonus posted on 1/29. Small pushes from Capital One 360 and Paypal no direct deposit.

  155. Kevin says:

    Just a data point: Account opened on 12/31/2015, funded $300 with Chase sapphire preferred (posted as “Sales”), signed up ACH transfer from ALLY, BARCLAYS, and DISCOVER . Posted as below:

    01/13/2016 Credit ALLY BANK P2P
    01/14/2016 Credit DISCOVER BANK PREARRANGE
    01/19/2016 Credit BARCLAYS BANK DEDEPOSIT
    01/29/2016 Deposit FTB Customer Bonus $250

  156. Ford says:

    Datapoint – Just applied 2/1/16 and did all the upload drivers license/recent bill and got an email yesterday 2/2/16 that I was denied due to “Cannot verify your identity – please visit a branch near you”. Not sure why? This is the first time I’ve ever been denied of a Bank application.

    I live in NYC if that helps.

  157. karl1402 says:

    No bonus on wife’s account. I SM’ed to make sure the requirements were met and they stated to wait another week or so…..

  158. Michelle says:

    Spoke to their cust care dept. today to confirm the offer. I was told that to the best of their knowledge, marketing team has taken down the promotion ‘ONLINE’- but that there may new promotions that will soon come out.

  159. quasimodo says:

    Thanks DofC. Just rxd my $250 bonus today.

    Open 1/14.
    Rxd two weeks later.

    It was either Schwab moneylink or Paypal verification deposits that did it. Not sure.

    I like their interface. I’ll keep the account open beyond the 6 months. Will check out their branches perhaps when I am in the Kentucky area.

  160. info says:

    Data point …

    used TD Bank Visa for the opening deposit and it posted as a purchase.

  161. joe says:

    Looks like the promo is dead. Was told that anyone who applied after 1/27 is unlikely to receive the promo. But I imagine they’ll get a lot of complaints.

  162. info says:

    its back. the page is back up however

    “*We have modified the original offer by adding state restrictions. This offer is now limited to Tennessee and North Carolina residents only.”

    † Offer is good from February 5, 2016 to March 31, 2016. To receive your bonus, you must open the checking account online and ensure the code ONLINE appears in the online application where “Offer/Promo code” is requested. Offer is only valid for households in Tennessee and North Carolina.

    I wonder if they will still honor people who sign up before “February 5, 2016”

  163. Taylor says:


    Just saw this as well. Did you call in to ask if they will honor non residents on the 4th (today)?

  164. Michael says:

    Please make note of one’s account number or have a debit card with your account. I locked my internet access and pleaded with CSR to reset login. They wouldn’t budge without account number or debit card, which I didn’t have. So I’m waiting on debit card to access my account……

  165. Dave_B says:

    I live in NY, and I opened this account in early January. I did an ACH transfer from my Chase checking on 1/14/2016. No bonus posted. A week later I did an ACH transfer from my Discover checking on 1/21/16. I didn’t see any bonus post after a few days, so I did an ACH transfer pull from my Discover checking to take the money I had deposited back out. I planned to do a real payroll DD next, but I didn’t end up needing to.

    On 1/29/16 the bonus posted.

    So, I don’t know which one triggered it. That was roughly 2 weeks after the Chase ACH, and about 1 week after the Discover ACH. One of those did the trick.

    Thanks DoC for the tip.

  166. James says:

    if I signed up for the account in 2015, but didn’t get the bonus until 2016, will I get my tax documents this year or next?

  167. ZiggyZ says:


    Here is an updated Link for the $250 Promotion.

  168. ZiggyZ says:


    Here is yet another First Tennessee Promo for $200

  169. Adam says:

    I received the bonus a couple of weeks ago (yay!), and have a monthly deposit set up into the account. How much money should I keep in the account until the six months are up? I’ll keep six months’ worth of monthly fees (just in case they stop counting my ACH pushes as DD). Is there any reason to keep more in there?

  170. JB says:

    It looks like the Express Checking that had a $5/mo fee (possibly rebated), is now $7…

  171. mike1 says:

    Anyone who opened this account back when it was nationwide close this account with no early termination fee?

  172. alexandra says:

    If anyone wanted to use this link for an extra $50, thank you in advance. 🙂

  173. Hales says:

    FYI, I was able to fund First Tennessee Express Checking using my BofA Travel Rewards CC for $300.00 – coded as a purchase.

  174. JB says:

    Data point:

    My 2nd monthly fee of $5 was posted and reversed on 2/19. I had small ACH pushes from Synchrony Bank, PayPal, and Discover bank this cycle…and a $20 direct deposit of a Chase Sapphire Preferred cashback reward.

    I don’t know which event triggered the fee waiver… and am not sure if the “direct deposit” from Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card is really considered a direct deposit by First Tennessee.

    But I thought I would share.

    Edit: I’m still trying to get inept HR dept to properly set up a DD from payroll

  175. Will says:

    I also got the $5 reversed on 2/19.

    The only “direct deposit” I had was a small deposit from Paypal.

    I’ll post if PP also triggers the bonus.

  176. Emily says:

    Opened account for me and for my husband. Same address. Opened a week or two before they started cracking down on the 1 per household restriction.

    Husband completed requirements quickly, and received his bonus on 1/29.

    I completed the bonus requirements first week of February. Thought the bonus might post for me on 2/29, but it didn’t.

    Anybody else in this same position?

    • Tim says:

      I opened an account the day after they removed the link. Since the promo code was good until March, I used it in the online application. I live in IL and was approved after submitting the application. I managed to complete the requirements during the first week of February. However, no bonus yet…

    • AD says:

      I opened in January, first DD (real) in early Feb. No bonus. I’m looking to see if they have a secure message service or something.

  177. John says:

    I did not receive my bonus either. Opened in Jan and funded in Feb.

  178. Sergey says:

    Regarding ‘one per household’ restriction – my wife contacted them and their marketing department replied that she is not eligible for bonus because of that rule (I got my bonus in January). She wants to close her account because of that. Am I correct that there is no closing fee? Will it look ‘normal’ for ChexSystem if account is opened and 2 months later closed?

  179. Master Allan says:

    Thinking about “Where’s my Bonus!?”
    Following up on Emily, Tim, Ad, & John:

    According to my notes, account opened and funded on 1/14/16. Employer payroll deposited on 2/12 & 2/26. As of 3/4 no bonus yet…was expecting it 2/29. My home state is Colorado.

    Will wait another week and then call them up. Fully intend to keep this running 7 – 12 months as long as no fees.

  180. John says:

    Got a reply from First Tennessee Bank that I will be receiving my incentive by the end of next week.

    • Emily says:

      Thanks John. Did you do two accounts at the same address (one for you, one for spouse)? Or just the one? I’m guessing I may have run up against the one-per-household rule, even though I opened before they started cracking down.

      • John says:

        Only one. I opened in Jan and funded in Feb. Since I did not get the bonus I emailed First Tennessee Bank and got the positive reply.

        • B says:

          I received my bonus yesterday. FTB customer bonus $250 on 03/04.

          Opened account on 01/23 funded in February

        • Master Allan says:

          Amendment to my post a few above…

          Awesome! My $250 bonus posted today, 3/5. Like John opened in Jan, funded in Feb.

  181. Marry says:

    Here is a link for another $50 bonus:

    I filled this out after signing up, and got the account bonus and the $50.

  182. Emily says:

    We have now both received our bonuses as of this morning! Easy $500 bucks–thanks DoC

  183. Pete says:

    Interesting data point. I applied on February 3rd after the offer had been pulled online but before the terms were changed to TN and NC residents only. I received my $250 bonus yesterday 3/4. I live in UT. Easy money. Thanks!

  184. Elli says:

    Applied in Feb and just received my bonus also. Thank you DAD CC Cards, I love you 🙂

  185. joe says:

    Got paid unexpectedly! 😀

  186. Sally Enfero says:

    Some good news and additional data points.

    My Account:
    Opened: End of Dec.
    Bonus Paid: 1/29 (like everyone else)

    Spousal Account:
    Used referral link (referlive) for $50 rewards card each
    Opened: Mid Jan.
    Bonus Paid: 3/4 (check your 2nd account to see if you received the bonus)

    Referral Rewards Cards (one for referrer and one for referee):
    Received: Early Mar.

    To check on your referral bonus, use the following link: (select “First Tennessee Bank” from the drop-down and enter the email address of the referee… 2nd account)

    • jay says:

      I got reply of one per household. Both accounts opened when this was nationwide. Did you had to email them for one of two bonuses? was it same household address for you guys?

  187. M says:

    I got my bonus on 1/29, then signed-up with the referral someone posted and today I got my $50 Visa reward card, which came with a PIN too. So referral not only stacks with signup bonus, but it can be done after receiving sign-up bonus.

    Here is my referral, thanks in advance to those who will use it:

  188. Isaiah says:

    I oddly got the $250 bonus yesterday as well. I say it’s odd because I never completed any kind of direct deposit requirement. I made my opening deposit and that was it!

  189. Vic says:

    02/03 – Account opened with code “online”
    02/13 – Employer DD posted
    03/04 – $250 bonus posted

  190. 1/25 – Opened account with $300
    1/29 – ACH transfer from Chase Total Checking
    3/4 – $250 bonus credited

  191. info says:

    I was one of the people who signed up after the page was taken down but before the new local rules only came up and I got my bonus on march 4th. so if you signed up in that timeframe check out your account as apparently you still qualified despite customer service stating otherwise.

  192. Michael J. says:

    Received my Rewards Card from the stackable referral bonus as well. Apparently you can register for the referral AFTER applying for or receiving the $250 signup bonus, but I cannot confirm as I completed the referral process before opening the 2nd account.

    Here’s my referral link if anyone wants to use it for a $50 gift card:

    Only additional requirement is that you must have TWO Direct Deposits of at least $100 each within 60 days.

  193. Shaun Castle says:

    Confirmed the referral bonus ($50 rewards cards) is stackable with the signup bonus.

    Referral Link:

    1. You must register for the referral and sign up for the account using the same email address.
    2. Open a PERSONAL checking account with at least $100 (Opening deposit requirement for signup bonus is $300 so this is covered).
    3. Two Direct Deposit transactions of at least $100 each within 60 days (This requires one additional Direct Deposit than the signup bonus requires… shouldn’t be a problem since you’re probably trying multiple DD sources).

    My experience is that it took 4-6 weeks from account opening and satisfying requirements to receive the $50 rewards cards.

  194. Tim says:

    Datapoint: It appears that PayPal transfer will work as a direct deposit for me (see below). I first tried transferring money from Citibank but that coded as “P2P”.

    03/04/2016 Credit CITIBANK XFER P2P
    03/07/2016 Credit PAYPAL VERIFYBANK
    03/07/2016 Credit PAYPAL VERIFYBANK
    03/07/2016 Direct Debit PAYPAL VERIFYBANK

    If anyone would like to use my referral code for an extra $50:

  195. Jeff says:

    Hey DoC just a data point –

    I opened the account on 1/29.
    ACH transfer via Ally in Feb.
    Bonus posted 3/4.

    I am not a resident of either of these states, so looks like on 1/29 they were still accepting nationwide.

  196. Chad says:

    I opened the acct at end of January and funded $300 with cc. Made a deposit with cap360 and got bonus. Then made about two more deposits with 360…did nothing else. This week first TN shut down my Acct. Have no idea why…perhaps trying to screw me out of bonus? I’m out of state. The only thing they would tell me is that I was unauthorized to make my cc payment and to wait for letter. It’s BS…I made the initial fund in late January with no prob. I’ve had no issues with cc such as a them declining, contacting me, fraud alert, etc.

    • I’d file a complaint with the CFPB if they try to claw back bonus.

      • chad says:

        It’s so strange…I just talked to the First TN representative. He stated that the initial $300 fund was disputed by cardholder and my account had to be closed. He gave me the last four digits of the funding card and I have no card with that number combo. Could First TN have made an error somehow? I know I used one of my credit cards to fund $300 but I see no charge anywhere and I have no idea what card they’re saying funded my account. It sounds like they could have used someone elses number in file and then that person disputed the charge. (If that’s even possible) I did it online…ugh. Oh well.

  197. Ken says:

    Is there an ETF if I did not receive the bonus due to one per household? No point keeping the account open if I’m not getting the bonus.

  198. Nil says:

    Doc, I was sent a letter a month back that there would’ be fees on the account from April 1st. Ian wondering if they reserve the right to claw back the bonus if I close the account now.

  199. John says:

    I don’t remember if I posted the data point, but on 1/29 I got my $250 bonus. I was wondering what starts the clock on the ETF? The date the account is opened? or The date the bonus posts?

  200. Ben says:

    Opened account 2/1 with code online
    DD posted 2/5
    Received bonus $150 4/1
    Inquired about why bonus was not $250 and was told it was due to my address being outside of TN area

    • Dave_B says:

      Did they change their fine print before you applied? Do you have a screenshot/printout of the offer on their website from when you opened your account? I hope that you can find a way to get the remaining $100.

      I live in NY, I opened an account in January, and got the full $250 bonus by the end of that month.

  201. Ben says:

    I think they did change the terms a few days prior to me opening the account which I didnt find out until afterwards. I was worried I wouldn’t receive anything so I actually took the $150 as a sort of positive.

  202. EG says:

    Anyone having problems with them honoring the promotion? They are telling me that I didn’t put the promotion code on my application – I challenged them on it and they are mailing me a copy. WTF

    • Dave_B says:

      I didn’t run into an issue with this.

      I’d recommend always taking a screenshot/pdf printout of the account application page where you entered the promotion code.

    • chad says:

      First TN seems pretty shady when it comes to this promotion and they’re trying everything they can to back out of it. I was awarded the $250 and withdrew it promptly about two months ago. I left my initial $300 deposit in account and was waiting till there would be no early termination penalty. First TN contacted me a month ago and closed my account and stated that someone placed a dispute on the initial $300 charge and gave me the last four numbers of a card that I didn’t use. I’m not too concerned because I do not see any $300 charge on my cc’s and got my $250 bonus like I should have. Seems like they’re making up reasons to close the accounts..especially for out of state applicants.

  203. John says:

    DP: applied March 25th, funded with Chase Freedom for 1500 in the debit card section. Was approved, but funds were held for a few days listed as manager exception. Went through and got my points. Received $250 shortly after, did the DD from my work, waiting until 6 months to close

  204. Matt says:

    FYI, I had been using an ACH push from Discover Bank to meet the DD requirement for Express Checking, but it’s now showing up as P2P for me. For the past several months, it showed as:

    DISCOVER BANK PREARRANGEYYMMDD########### (My Discover Bank Account Number)

    However, my latest push is showing up as:


    They’ve been sending several e-mails lately about their new upgraded online banking system, maybe that’s related to this, who knows.

    I know these bonuses are long since expired, but they say it’s required to keep accounts open for a minimum of 6 months, in order to avoid a claw-back. For those of us out there who are still trying to fulfill that requirement, and avoid the Express Checking monthly fee, this might be something to keep an eye on.

    If anyone out there is reading this, I hope this data point helps you!

  205. John says:

    Hi Everybody,
    Just a DP, I had received the $250 bonus in March 2016, now, over the weekend, I closed the FT account, no termination fee. Had it open about 7 months. Thanks to all at DoC!!

  206. Humberto says:

    I’m showing PAYPal- TRANSFER. the small deposits show as verify ACC.
    I wonder if those count as DD as before. I opened the acc 8/10.

  207. Michael says:

    Anyone know if having this FT checking will help with other FT products?

    Thinking namely the First Tennessee Companion card?

  208. Humberto says:

    Used Amex serve for DD. no problem…

  209. Humberto says:

    I received a bonus of $150 and not the advertised amount…I wonder what’s up?

  210. Mark says:

    Have others received their 1099-INT for this bonus, yet? I’ve gotten 5/6 for 2016… just this one left!

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