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Published on August 17th, 2016 | by William Charles


[Expired]TIAA Direct $150 Checking Bonus – Nationwide

Unfortunately this offer has expired, you can view more offers that are great by clicking here.

Offer at a glance

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Open a new TIAA direct checking account with the promotional code CK76DD150 and receive a sign up bonus of $150 when you:
    • Receive one or more qualifying direct deposits totalling at least $2,500 from the same source within 90 days of account opening

tiaa direct

The Fine Print

  • This offer is available for a new TIAA Direct Interest Checking account, applied for online or by calling 844-567-8932 using promotion code CK76DD150.
  • Only one (1) offer is available per customer.
  • It may not be combined with any other offers from TIAA Direct and is not available to existing checking customers.
  • IAA Direct will credit a $150 bonus to a new Interest Checking account if the account is opened by 9/30/2016 and one or more qualifying direct deposits totaling at least $2,500 from the same source is/are credited to that account within 90 days of its open date.
  • Qualifying direct deposits may include payroll, pension or Social Security checks electronically deposited; funds transfers and checks deposited by mobile device or mail do not constitute direct deposits
  • You are required to pay taxes on all bank account bonuses

Avoiding Fees

There is no monthly minimum balance requirement and no monthly fee for the interest checking account. The interest rate is tiered depending on how much you have in the account, but it’s capped at 0.15% so it’s not worth keeping funds in this account. There is no mention of an early account termination fee, but you’ll need to keep the account open until the bonus posts.

Our verdict

This is a great nationwide bonus and we’ve added it to our best checking bonus list. I always love seeing nationwide bonuses, fingers crossed the direct deposit requirement isn’t hard to meet. Please share your experiences with this bonus and bank in the comments below.

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Hat tip to reader UFO and Joe S

164 Responses to [Expired]TIAA Direct $150 Checking Bonus – Nationwide

  1. Annex1982 says:

    Anyone knows what count as DD for this?

    It seems that one per customer, so a household can apply more than one. That’s nice.

  2. Alex says:

    When I signed up for this last year, it was a soft pull, no credit card funding, and discover ACH seemed to meet the requirement.

  3. Logan says:

    called and rep said there would be no credit pull however im pretty sure i was declined.

    Got an error stating application could not be processed and i called again and they told me a letter would be mailed in 5-7 days. this is an obvious denial. guess my run of churning banks and cc’s is up for a bit… about 10 chex systems inquiries last 12 months and 12 hard pulls.


    • Craig Joseph says:

      Banks and CC? Denial from one does nothing to preclude you from the other.

    • Eddy Cue says:

      Are you sure you dont have any negative items on your chex systems report? I have got over 10 inquiries in the last 12 months and was approved (unless approvals are YMMV)

  4. Daniel says:

    Just got approved, no credit card funding allowed

  5. Ryan says:

    Any datapoints as to what qualifies as DD would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Luke says:

    When you login to your account, proceed to Alerts (upper right corner) and you can setup an alert as to when you receive a direct deposit.

  7. feelingice says:

    There were codes like 56DD200 and 66DD300 during the previous months with the term language “This offer is only intended for the addressee of this email, may not be combined with any other offers from TIAA Direct and is not available to existing checking customers.” I read several old posts and somebody mentioned although it seemed like targeted but you would get the bonus as long as you used the codes. So I applied two weeks back…Anyone can confirm that this eligibility limit is enforced or not? Thank you.

  8. Eddy Cue says:

    That was easy. I love it when an online application goes through with ease (FYI, i did have a hiccup at the end after my account was approved and was about to set up online access, the page timed out on me).

    Fortunately, I just went back to the original link and clicked through to set up new access but otherwise no problems. Downside is no CC funding

  9. Nick says:

    Took part in their $150 for $2500 DD offer last year, as well. Fulfilled the DD with a Fidelity ACH push.

    I closed that account ~4 months after opening last year, and it doesn’t look like there are any requirements for this new offer w/r/t previous accounts/customers 🙂

    • RY says:

      How long did you have to wait before the bonus posted?

    • Thanks for Dp, added it!

    • Devon says:

      Have any issues adding TIAA to Fidelity? I tried to add it for ETF Transfer and Fidelity tells me that the TIAA account cannot be added online. They say I need to fill out a form and mail it in to be able to ETF to/from TIAA. Seems odd to me.

      • Wyle says:

        That happened to me when I added a Netspend account. Don’t know if thats what triggered it, but I’ve had do to paper forms ever since (~18 months now). Inconvenient, but I drop them off at local office when I’m in the neighborhood.

        • Devon says:

          Thanks, called Fidelity and they said that TIAA isn’t a bank they allow to be added online for anyone. Who knows if that’s just what they are telling me or what but off to mail in the form and wait. I don’t really have another option to try to trigger the DD to TIAA.

  10. JT says:

    Can anyone provide some recent data points on the hard/soft pull front? Hustler money blog has numerous hard pull data points, but they’re all old. Thank you in advance.

    • I wouldn’t trust that site, just steals content from here and other sites. There are datapoints above of it being a soft pull.

      • JT says:

        OK thanks for the information.

      • Vijay says:

        I can confirm that its a SOFT pull as DOC indicated. I also opened couple of months back with their $200 bonus eventhough I wasn’t targeted their system awarded me the $200 bonus after 50 days of meeting DD req’s. For safer side, I did my employers DD.

  11. Keith says:

    The language suggests only new accounts. I have had one few years ago which closed automatically after $0 account balance, would this still work if I open a new account?

  12. Tan says:

    TIAA Direct doesn’t allow non-US citizen, non-permanent resident people to open an account.

  13. sonia says:

    $150 seems low for a bonus, but I have nothing else better, so here goes! haha

  14. Eric says:

    I have had a TIAA Direct account for years but don’t think I ever got a bonus on it. If I closed my account would I be eligible for this?

    The terms state that it “is not available to existing checking customers.” It’s not clear if they mean current customers or any previous customers. Has any previous customer tried one of these bonuses? I don’t want to close my account unless I will definitely receive this bonus.

    • Ken says:

      Existing usually means current. If they wanted to disallow past customers they would have to say “this offer not available to past checking customers”, etc.

  15. Luke says:

    Alliant triggered the direct deposit alert

  16. Ken says:

    Just opened an account, but in the last step where I can setup online access the page had an error. I can’t find anywhere to setup online access on their page. Has anyone else had this problem?

  17. Ken says:

    The trial deposits and also the $2500+ ACH from my Schwab account both triggered the DD alert. All of them posted as P2P, so I don’t know what to believe. I will try also with Discover to see how that codes.

    Also, the trial deposits from TIAA still haven’t shown up at Schwab, but both the trial deposits AND the $2500 deposit have both shown up.

  18. Ken says:

    Is anyone having trouble with the opening deposit and the trial deposits not showing up in their external account? It’s been 6 days and still no trial deposits have shown up in my Schwab account.

  19. Michael says:

    Odd, wouldn’t accept Cap1 360 account for funding due to error. Worked for every other bank account signup I’ve ever did with it.

  20. onTheGroundFloor says:

    I set up the Direct Deposit alert, but nothing was triggered when I transferred $2,500 from Discover, which showed up as P2P. I could still receive the bonus, but I’m less confident now.

  21. FB says:

    Account opened with a funding/transfer from BoA.
    During app, no mention of ordering a debit/atm card tho.
    I plan to transfter real direct deposit here.

  22. allmail says:

    Opened around 20th, set up a DD, tried to login to see if DD was deposited and getting this

    Online access to your account could not be completed for security reasons. Please contact us at the following number to regain online access.
    Please call us at 855 842-2372.

    Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET
    Saturday – Sunday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. ET

    And guess what no one there to pick up the phones today. Hate when they do this without even bothering to notify. I am closing as soon as I get my bonus

    • Ken says:

      It’d Labor Day, of course they’re not open. I tried contacting BOA earlier and they weren’t open either. Just call tomorrow, jeez. Stop being so dramatic.

      • allmail says:

        May be you are right, I just did a 3k DD. My only beef is if they are going to restrict access or something, at least notify. Got like 3 emails to submit feedback but they cant send an email about this

        • Ken says:

          Yup, I agree. I’ve had the same problem with some other smaller banks as well. They kill access, but they don’t tell you. And they don’t always tell you how to lift the restriction. I actually had someone call me from TIAA when the initial funding was rejected. I forgot the first few numbers before the dash for my Schwab checking account.

        • adam says:

          Stop whining. Every financial institution does this when you’re a new customer and deposit a large amount of money.

    • Patti says:

      This is what Popular Bank did to me AFTER I set up $500+ in ACH transfers from my regular bank. With no notice at all, they closed my account and it took almost a month to get my $500 back. I was told the reason for closing on me was that I don’t live near a local branch. (Nearest is 1 hr drive.) I’m a bit more leery to try again.

      Has anyone had success keeping this account open without having a local branch nearby? How hard is it to close the account?

  23. mishyq says:

    i tried to apply this TIAA checking account online but got this message

    “We could not process your request.
    Sorry. We couldn’t process your request. Please contact us toll-free at 855 842-2372 for assistance. ”

    calling them doesnt help. the person who answered the phone say i dont know why, you have to wait for the letter to arrive in 7-10 days. not even sure if i am rejected or what

  24. John says:

    Capital One Triggered DD as another DP

  25. Jon says:

    Just called the main number (844-567-8932) saying I tried to apply online with no luck. The guy said a letter will arrive in 7-10 business days “telling you the next steps for opening the account” So I asked if that meant wait for the letter then do what the letter says to open the account. he said “yes that’s correct”. Kinda odd, and not very convincing.

  26. NN says:

    for anyone who got the bonus last time, how long until the bonus posted after you finished the requirement ?

  27. Ken says:

    Has anyone been able to add this TIAA account to their Mint account?

  28. Daniel says:

    Chase transfer also shows as “DDIR”

  29. abc says:

    Anyone receiving this after filling up everything?

    Sorry. We couldn’t process your request. Please contact us toll-free at 855 842-2372 for assistance.

  30. Steve says:

    DP: I did a test of $25 via Paypal, and I got the alert that I received a direct deposit. I will try the rest of the $2500 via Paypal and update once that is done.

  31. Ryan says:

    Rep says bonus posts 20 days AFTER the 90 day period from opening.

    A long wait, but with no fees, etc., no big deal.

  32. Craig says:

    Chase business checking transfer posted as: JPMorgan Chase Ext Trnsfr~ Future Amount: 2600 ~ Tran: DDIR

    Assume DDIR means this should count. Will keep posted.

    • Devon says:

      Any updates, did this qualify?

    • Yong says:

      Is Chase personal checking transfer trigger DD? If you DD $2600 and then withdraw $2500 a few days later OR DD $900 3 times and each time withdraw $800 a few days later when 90 days end you only have $300 but you DD totaling $2700 into account Would this work? Can you DD $2600 on the last days (88th to 90th day)?


  33. Nicole says:

    TIAA Direct added my another bank account for opening deposit resource as external account so should I fund my TIAA Direct manually or whatelse? TIA

  34. FB says:

    You shouldn’t pull additional funds with that link and expect it to meet the
    direct deposit requirement. Push funds to Tiaa from another account.

  35. Devon says:

    Chase checking transfer posted as: JPMorgan Chase Ext Trnsfr~ Future Amount: 2501 ~ Tran: DDIR. It did trigger the Direct Deposit alert but I wonder about it qualifying since it says “Ext Trnsfr” right there. Thoughts?

  36. Bill M says:

    FYI for the future: TIAA to buy Everbank for $2.5 billion

  37. Jason says:

    Anyone know if Citi will count as a DD?

  38. DirtyLilRat says:

    Will Ally work as DD?

  39. Jay says:

    PayPal triggered the DD alert, but under “Transaction Information” it shows “Type: Deposit”, so it’s hard to be sure.

    Maybe I’ll try a Serve deposit next to see if it shows similar behavior.

  40. FB says:

    Sadly, a Schwab transfer is P2P

    • Moose Cow says:

      I got P2P from Schwab as well in the description. It did trigger an email DD alert though. Wonder if I should try PP or Serve?

  41. Alice says:

    Account opening was easy. Done online in under 5 mins. Errored out when got to page to set up online access but they sent an email with a link to do that, which worked fine.

  42. Chris says:

    Amex Personal Savings triggered a direct deposit.

  43. Nicole says:

    Received checks today but I don’t remember I ordered them. Does anyone have the same issue? Thanks in advance.

  44. YuCrew says:

    Can anyone confirm how a real direct deposit from a payroll check or social security is shown on the bank’s online transaction history? I only have two transactions on my new account (both deposits from other banks). If I click the actual transaction, I see that and one is listed as DD and the other is listed as ACHDD. Trying to determine if the ACHDD satisfies the direct deposit requirement. Thanks.

  45. Keith says:

    Anyone here get their bonus yet? Help with what has worked so far appreciated. Thanks!!

  46. tom says:

    any word on whether discover bank still counts as direct deposit?

  47. Ken says:

    my ach from discover bank show P2P, is that mean discover no longer consider DD?

    • Joshua H. says:

      It shows as P2P for Discover, but you would receive direct deposit alert if you signed up. Not sure if it still counts or not…..

  48. andrew says:

    Anti DP- UFBDirect does NOT count as DD, says ACH P2P. 🙁
    Will try CAP1 360 and Schwab.

  49. dan says:

    relating to the DD, what’s the difference betw. DD & DDIR? did a small xfer from chase biz chkg acct which shows the following:

    Transaction Comment: CO~ Future Amount: 100 ~ Tran: DD
    Description: Requested transfer from JPMORGAN CHASE DDA account xxxxxxxx

    Not sure if this will work?

  50. Jay S. says:

    I did a CapOne 360 transfer. Guess will have to wait and watch if it is good enough to trigger the bonus.
    Is there a better way to be sure of getting the bonus incase capOne 360 doesn’t work out?

  51. David says:

    Darn I transfer from Discover went in before I set up the alert — not sure if it’s going to count.

    Maybe I should update my DD from my employer to be sure?

    • David says:

      I set up the alert, pushed another $2,500 and it DID trigger the alert to my email.

    • David says:

      I also called them after my first DD to see if I have satisfied the requirements for the bonus — they confirmed with: “Looks like all the requirements are met — the direct deposit came in”

      Hope that means we’re all good

      • Moose Cow says:

        A. Don’t call the bank. You’ll alert them to loopholes and ruin it for everyone.
        B. The alert email doesn’t necessarily mean it was a qualified direct deposit.

  52. Ryan says:

    Anyone gotten their bonus to post? Ally, Schwab, and Chase coded as ACH (although they triggered the DD alert). Paypal trial deposits coded as DDIR but I’m hesitant to move that much through Paypal in case they decide to lock the account up for an arbitrary reason.

  53. caro says:

    Has anyone tried to get money out of this account? I set up bill pay to a major credit card, and TIAA insists that this mega credit card bank only accepts checks (as if). When I complained to them that my credit card hadn’t received the payment after two weeks, the entire transaction disappeared from my online transaction history. So far, this seems like a roach motel where my money goes in, but cannot come out.

    Gotta wonder about a bank that cannot figure out basic bill pay.

    • Jim says:

      Getting money out is incredibly easy. You can initiate ACH transfers from their online banking interface. They will do trial deposits to verify the account if it can’t be instantly verified. I have had no trouble whatsoever.

    • Dave says:

      Although their billpay is slow, all of my payments have arrived to their destination.

    • Moose Cow says:

      I just ACH pulled from Schwab right after pushing. Easy peasy.

  54. arch says:

    Here’s a helpful hint for checking on DD. The telephone system tells me that my Discover P2P transaction was a DD, even though online doesn’t specify. Discover has never failed yet as a DD for me.

  55. anthonyjh21 says:

    I find it interesting that the bonus will be credited within “91 to 104 days of account opening.” I wasn’t sure why I hadn’t received the bonus yet considering I opened the account on 8/23 and met requirements on 8/26 but it looks like we’ll all be waiting 91+ days before getting this bonus. I’d like to be wrong but at least it’s pretty clear in the terms. Just commenting here so others see this who might also be wondering where their bonus is.

  56. AE says:

    TIAA Direct – awesome helpful CS agent said – $150 promotion ends on Nov 15th so by December 1st – they will have looked through the bonus accounts and awarded/credited to accounts that have met the req – so not too much longer folks – side-note – they could not be any more on top of this bonus and what is required etc… super nice folks here at TIAA Direct.

  57. Mimi says:

    I inquired last month via SM to verify if I have met the requirements and they replied that I did. I just have to wait for 7 to 10 business days from Nov 15. I’ll check again on the 24th until the 29th to see if posts. I’m confident it’ll post based on the reply I got.

  58. DirtyLilRat says:

    Any new data points as far as what works for direct deposit?

  59. Eric says:

    I finally received my bonus today (11/14)!

  60. Craig says:

    Just received my $150 bonus. I initiated two transfers, one for $2600 from Cap1 360, another for $2600 from a Chase Business account.

    Not sure which triggered it.

  61. Grant says:

    Here is another data point…

    8/17 – Account opened
    9/31 – $2,500 in cumulative direct deposits posted
    11/14 – $150 account bonus posted

    I will probably close my account early next month. Any reason to keep the account open?

  62. Luke says:

    My data point…

    8/17 – Account opened and did several transfers from Alliant to meet the $2500 requirement
    11/15/16 – Bonus posted

  63. Eddy Cue says:

    DP – account opened around 8/18 (thats the date my opening deposit was credited)
    10/20 – last $100 of direct deposit posted (used employer DD)
    11/15 – bonus posted.

    Will probably keep open for a bit since no monthly fee

  64. Tim says:

    DP –
    08/19 – Opened
    08/29 – Single Goldman Sachs (was GE) ACH push arrived, setting off Direct Deposit Alert
    11/16 – Bonus posted

  65. Daniel says:

    Got my bonus today (11/16)!


    ~8/23 Opened (or that’s when my opening deposit posted)
    8/29 ACH push from Discover Savings
    11/16 Received bonus

    Gonna clear out the account, wait a few days and then close it.

  66. QT says:

    8/19 – Open
    8/29 – ACH push 2500 from Discover Checking
    11/16 – Bonus posted

  67. allmail says:

    Opened 8/22
    Did real DD on 9/1
    and still no bonus

  68. RY says:

    8/18 Opened Account
    9/13 $2600 ACH from my Chase Business Checking Act (DD notification received)
    11/16 $150 Bonus posted

  69. Mimi says:

    another DP:

    8/19 – DD link verified
    8/23 – first DD of $500
    9/16 – completed $2500 DD requirement
    11/15 – bonus posted as SPECIAL OFFER-CASH REWARD

  70. anthonyjh21 says:

    Happy to confirm that the bonus is not restricted to 1 per household as they just posted for the wife and I.

    8/23 – Opened account
    9/1 – $2.5K DD
    11/20 – Bonuses post

  71. Ken says:

    Wife and I just received the bonus, and we both used Discover to trigger the DD requirement.

  72. Daniel says:

    DP on closure:

    I called today (11/21) after the acct balance was $0 to close the account. I called in (855-842-2372) and pressed “0”. Was put on hold for about 5 minutes then I was asked to leave a message since they were busy.

    I didn’t leave a message and instead called back and pressed “1” to open/fund an account. Someone answered almost immediately and was able to close the account in a few minutes.

    If there were funds in the account, they would have sent them via ACH to the account on file.

  73. Julia says:

    Got my bonus on 11/24/16. I used Chase Bank for direct deposit requirement.

  74. Joshua H. says:

    Bonus posted on 11/20

  75. Curmudgeon says:

    8/29: Account opened
    9/22: Payroll DD $2500
    11/28: Special Offer – Cash Reward $150 posted

    Thanks DoC!

  76. Jay says:

    9/20: Account opened
    11/15: DD cumulative total hits 2.5k. Exclusively used PayPal
    12/16: Bonus posted

  77. d2d42 says:

    9/16 opened account
    10/7 completed DD requirement-all from Cap1 360
    12/16 bonus posted

  78. Mr. PTM says:

    Data point:

    9/27 – opened checking acct
    10/24 – $2,501 DD posts (received alert; Fidelity CMA)
    12/26 – bonus posted…Merry Christmas to me

  79. ENOTTY says:

    Opened 9/28, bonus posted late 12/26.

  80. Bob says:

    All X 2 (Spouse)
    9/29/2016 Opened w/ $ 100
    10/4/2016 ACH from Discover $ 2,500
    10/6/2016 ACH out -$ 2,500
    12/27/2016 Cash Reward $ 150
    I did not call or SM
    Thanks DoC!

  81. Revil says:

    Three accounts: One for myself, two for my parents.

    Opened all three late September, triggered the DD early October, got all three bonuses 12/26 and 12/27.

    Used Chase ACH to trigger DD. I setup DD alerts to confirm that the transfer counted as a direct deposit.

  82. Dillon Welch says:

    10/3/16 – opened account
    10/4/16 – $100 opening transfer via Discover credited
    10/13/16 – Discover ACH Push for $2,734.51
    12/30/16 – $150 bonus credited

    • Matthew says:

      Wow, glad you made it after the official expiration. I applied the evening on 9/30 but my open date shows 10/1 online.

  83. Matthew says:

    Opened late 9/30, opening date shows 10/1 online
    Initial deposit 10/4
    Discover DD (P2P) 11/15
    $150 bonus received 12/30

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