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Published on August 21st, 2017 | by William Charles


Chase Southwest Business Premier 60,000 Point Bonus

Update: Personal bonuses no longer working, only business bonus is.

Update: Premier & Plus were not working before, but now all three are working again. Hat tip to ClydeDaGlide on /r/churning

Chase Southwest Personal Plus

Direct link to offer

  • Sign up bonus of 60,000 points after $2,000 in spend within the first three months
  • Annual fee of $69 is not waived first year
  • Anniversary bonus of 3,000 points

Chase Southwest Personal Premier

Direct link to offer

  • Sign up bonus of 60,000 points after $2,000 in spend within the first three months
  • Annual fee of $99 is not waived first year
  • Anniversary bonus of 6,000 points

Chase Southwest Business Premier

Direct link to offer

  • Sign up bonus of 60,000 points after $3,000 in spend within the first three months
  • Annual fee of $99 is not waived first year
  • Anniversary bonus of 6,000 points

Our Verdict

First of all, all of these cards are subject to the Chase 5/24 rule so most readers will not be eligible for these cards. Southwest points are worth 1¢ towards gift cards and 1.39¢+ towards Southwest flights. The reason that these offers are so appealing though is that 110,000 Southwest points earns you a Southwest companion pass, meaning you can take a companion on any Southwest flight for free (you just pay security fees) that you’re also flying. If you applied for two of these cards (and were approved and meet the minimum spend) then you’d receive the companion pass for the rest of this calendar year and then next calendar year as well.

Normally the sign up bonuses on these cards are 50,000 points. We have seen an offer for 60,000 points on the business card before and targeted bonuses for 60,000 or 50,000 + $100. If you’re under 5/24 then these offers are a super easy way to get the companion pass and I doubt we will see a better bonus than this anytime soon. If you can get good value from Southwest points and will actually take advantage of the companion pass then this is a no brainer.

Even when the bonus was 50,000 points we listed these as one of the best offers, the extra 60,000 points (making it much easier to get that companion pass) makes this deal even better value. Before asking any questions, make sure you read our post on things everybody should know about Chase credit cards. For example, if you recently applied (within the last 90 days) Chase will usually match you to a higher public bonus. Fingers crossed they increase the referral links to 60,000 points as well!

Hat tip to caaalvin93 on /r/churning

230 Responses to Chase Southwest Business Premier 60,000 Point Bonus

  1. projectx says:

    So this post from a month ago is no longer a concern?

  2. Chris says:

    Applying for both at 4/24? One can dream to get both cards….right….?

    • Albert says:

      I’m in the same boat…did you give it a shot?

      • Matt says:

        Apply for the business card first. Have to be under 5/24 to get it, but it doesn’t add to your x/24 count. After approval, apply for one of the personal accounts, which will take you to 5/24.

      • WesWes says:

        I just applied yesterday in different browsers and was instantly approved for both personal SW.

        DP of interest, was set to fall below 5/24 on June 25 but applied yesterday the 23 and was approved. It appears 5/24 was calculated at the beginning of the month as opposed to July 1st.

      • gabriel says:

        I was at 4/24 and did the 2 pers cards in separate browsers and incognito at the same time. One went straight through, the other to recon. Got it approved.

  3. CMB says:

    Chase will match if you’ve gotten the card in the not to distant past. I applied for the SW RR+ card amonth and half ago with the 50k bonus. I SM’d Chase yesterday asking for a match and got the extra 10k added to my account.

  4. DAS says:

    If we are under 5/24, should we space out the applications for the two personal cards by a few weeks or do them both the same day?

  5. scott says:

    I just SM’d Chase to see if they would match. I got the Plus card on May 1 at 50,000 and I’m trying to get that CP.

    • CMB says:

      If you’ve met the minimum spend already you should have no problem getting matched. If not, they will probably say ask back again once you’ve met the spend requirements.

  6. Tom says:

    Yes…. “Easy Companion Pass”…. if you are still somehow under 5/24 and don’t already have at least one Chase business card already, then it is most certainly easy… how many of your readers fall into this bucket? Perhaps 5%, at most? Very easy…

    • scott says:

      That’s why you need to have a plan. I’ve been planning on getting my next Companion Pass since I got the last one two years ago. I got most of the cc applications while my wife got none in the last 24 months just for the purpose of getting the Pass.

      • VL says:

        Can not agree more… need to have a plan. Keeping my spouse within 3/24 on personal cards until December of this year specifically because of the Companion Pass… Try getting as many business cards as you can before applying for personal card #4.

        Good luck.

      • David says:

        That’s exactly how I roll. I’ve had the CP for 4 years. 1st time I did it w/ personal & business. 2nd time w/ Marriott package which is no longer valid. In January 2018, when my CP expires, Wife will apply for 2 cards and she will be 3/24. We pick & choose our cards very carefully. In 2020, it will be my turn again.

    • Dan says:

      Someone sounds a little bitter. Do you expect him to only post things for people who fall over 5/24? Get your significant other, or a family member, into the game if you don’t qualify.

      • Tom says:

        I didn’t say anything of the nature, I just wouldn’t expect him to call something “easy” when it doesn’t actually apply to probably 90 to 95% of his general audience reading this blog.

    • Leonel says:

      For me It’s not “Easy” is Imposible. I really hate this Chase 5/24 rule. Either way, Will thanks for the Info.

    • VL says:

      Tom, could you please clarify why did you say “don’t already have at least one Chase business card”?

      I do have at this point 3 business cards as a Sole Proprietor (Southwest RR, Ink Plus and Ink Preferred), and in addition 1 more Ink Preferred under another business where I am still listed as an owner/officer (not to mention several personal cards). Getting different business cards (different products) never seemed to be a problem for me… you just need to come up with a good reason why you need it and suggest to reallocate the Credit Limits (if it comes to that)

      The obvious reason for SW RR business card is that you do have some business trips to the destinations where SW flies (have specific destinations in mind if you are asked) and it is obvious that you would like to have SW card to purchase those tickets as it gives you more points on those spending… If you are asked why not to use your personal SW RR card the answer is that you want to keep your business and personal related expenses separately…. Obviously YMMV but worked well for me all the time.

      Good Luck

      • Tom says:

        Not disagreeing with anything you said, and those seem to be sound strategies, but for most people there is often difficulty in getting approved with Chase for a second business card, especially if they have a “business”. Definitely not impossible, but a lot more effort involved. Do you have a business or a “business”?

        • VL says:

          For SP accounts I have a “business”, for the account under a real corporation it is more like a business. Not saying it is a piece of cake, and each and every business card application for me required a call to reconsideration line, but so far it has been relatively quick and simple calls explaining what my “business” is doing, why I need that new card followed very often by my own proposition to move CL around. Trying to not have too much CL open and exclude additional risk consideration from a recon person and the bank in general…

          Hope this helps.
          Good luck

    • I assume the 5/24 rule is a given at this stage, so yes it’s an easy pass for those eligible.

  7. Master Allan says:

    This is something I would expect to be offered about August or September. Nailed my CP in early 2017 for the obvious benefit time range.

  8. Chris says:

    Any DP’s on applying for both personal cards together when 4/24?

    • Michael M. says:


      Family member will be in this same boat, but probably worth the risk.

      • Chicagoan33 says:

        I’m 4/24 according to my Transunion report (technically its 5/24 but Amex Plat has not posted yet :), I’m 0/30, approved for the Chase Ink Preferred last month, so this was my final slot. Approved for the 1st card with a super high 32k CL which I do not need, I used Chrome Incognito for that one, waited 1 hour used a different browser incognito as well and got the 30 day message. Called to get my 1st card expedited, called recon answered simple verification questions regarding income, job, etc. They said they didn’t want to extend me more credit but I could reallocate from my other cards which I gladly did and was approved for 5k CL. Thanks Doc & good luck everyone!

    • VL says:

      If you are 4/24 why not apply for the business card first, then wait 30+ days and apply for the personal. Good chance that business cards will not count towards your 5/24 rule.

      Another option (need to check if that would work) ask in branch Business Relationship Manager if SW RR business card could be processed on a paper application via the special lending department (who does not apply 5/24 rule) similarly to Ink Preferred card. I will ask my BRM when I see him and provide the data point here.

    • Shahid says:


      I will be doing the same but i ll have to wait till the end of this month to be 4/24

    • Chris says:

      I was 4/24 today. Applied for Personal earlier in the day and the application was not instantly approved. Called the recon line to be told that my application was denied for 5/24, but subsequently approved after the agent resubmitted the application noting that I was only an AU on one of the recent accounts. The I had myself removed as an AU on the recent account and applied for Premier. Application was not instantly approved and was denied after calling the recon for exceeding 5/24 – the agent noted the other recent approval. I may try recon again, but not looking promising.

      • Chris says:

        UPDATE: Called the recon line again the next day. The rep said my second application had been denied for too many new accounts, and noted that I called about this matter the day before. I said that I wanted to inquire about whether my AU accounts were taken into consideration. He said they were and asked whether I had any financial responsibility for them. I told him no, and he proceeded to process my application. I pressed the woman when I called recon the day before, and she made no offer to consider the distinction, so, as others have reported, YMMV with different reps. BTW, it looks like my two applications on the same day resulted in two hard pulls.

  9. Mike says:

    Do you get a companion pass if you redeem a flight from points? Or is it strictly from cash purchases?

  10. MarcoPolo says:

    Looks like William is back from vacation 🙂

    Anyway, does anyone think a devaluation is around the corner since they have made it so easy to get the CP?

    • Reg says:

      Even if there is a devaluation to 1¢ per point, the CP is where there is value. Even if the points were worth nothing, but still earned the CP, it is still worth the BOGO benefit, isn’t it? (Assuming you have use for 2 SW tickets).

  11. Michael says:

    Anybody know when this offer expires? I applied for CIP on May 4, got approved over the weekend I think May 6 or 7, and I heard that to get safely back to 0/30 I should wait until the 1st of the month AFTER 30 days have passed, which would mean I should probably wait until July 1? Maybe I’m being a little overly cautious, but I’d like to make sure before I apply for both personal cards and get auto denied on 1.

  12. Benjamin says:

    Do the referal links generally update to the better offers?

  13. Steven says:

    A possible sign that they’re hurting for new signups because of 5/24?

  14. Carmen says:

    Is it true that if you’re at 4/24, you can apply for both?

  15. Lucky says:

    If you have no use for the companion pass, is it still worth it at 4/24? If it helps, already have CSR, CSP, MPE.

  16. Jan B says:

    This is so painful for me. (Hope someone doesn’t call me bitter, though)

    Just can’t get past the 5/24 to qualify.

    I need at least one relative to get one of these. My son has the score but revolves a Chase card balance at 0% due to some expenditures. I have a current open SW Visa; is there a referral somewhere that I could use to recommend him if I do the 5/24 research for him and it’s under the max?

    (Please no comments about carrying balances. My son is not into MS)

    • VL says:

      You can generate the usual referral here (use twitter option to get the actual link), but I do not think it would make sense for you.

      Currently generated referrals (at least for me) give you 10K, but only 40K for a referred person… so you are better of applying for your son directly without any referral… plus you need to get him 110K to get a companion pass. Splitting the bonuses between two of you may not work as I am not sure if you can link both your credit card accounts to the same RR account.

      Also keep in mind that all referrals may generate 1099 at the end of the year (if you accumulate 60K in referrals), so direct application with no referral at this point is all around a better deal… but if referral sign up bonus jumps to 60K too then it would worth it.

      I do not think you can generate a referral on business RR card, only on personal.

      On a side note: In my personal experience having card balances at 0% has never been a problem. May be I am missing your point…

      Good luck.

  17. Oleg says:

    Denied. 5/24 rule…. Too bad I wasted a hard pill

  18. Ben says:

    I am interested in referring a friend to get the 10000 referral miles but that offer still is showing 40000 for the friend I refer. Do they typically increase the rererral offers as well?

    • Patti says:

      I have received offers in the mail, with little perforated coupons to give to friends/family, that were for 50,000 pts. I forget how much I’d get though. I think it was 5000. Most people I know who like SWA already have the card so I can never get any takers. 🙁

  19. Tom says:

    how long this offer is valid?

  20. Frank says:

    Does the business card count against 5/24?

  21. ryan says:

    Has anyone been able to apply for the SW card in branch by being preapproved? If so which card?

  22. Chicagoan33 says:

    Hi has anyone used either of these cards to pay rent on Plastiq, did you earn 3x or is that only on the CSR? Thanks!

    • Chicagoan33 says:

      A Reddit user replied to me, I believe the answer is no because non-Southwest purchases will be 1x. Do you think its ok to close out both cards after I get the bonuses or wait a year? I can reallocate the credit. Will do organic spend on these.

  23. Nick says:

    Does anyone know when the offer will expire? I am wondering if I can apply in November, meet spend requirements in Jan and get CC for two full calendar years.

    Second option is to get the Business Premier out of the way early since that will not count against 5/24, and then pickup the Personal closer to EOY with the risk of losing 10K bonus points if the offer drops.

  24. Jan B says:

    Sorry to bother, need some help. I see so many CC offers, I get expiration dates mixed up.

    I can’t get this card because of 5/24. But, I plan to help my son apply for this. He needs to wait until end of June, however.

    Is there an exp date on this 60K SW points bonus on the $69 annual fee card? I did not find it. TIA. 🙂

    Also, Attn: VL from prior post above.

    Son carries a revolving balance on his 0% Chase card. He wanted a new camera so he is paying off over time (he got a 15 month term). Trying to get his balance down to 35% CC average usage before we try for this SW Visa with this bonus. He has other cards at zero balances. He does not do MS.

  25. Chris says:

    According to a facebook sponsored ad it is valid until 6.29. I posted once before but it didn’t show up.

    • Min says:

      Please note that your referral link is only for 40,000 RR points where the direct link above is for 60,000.

  26. Dale says:

    Does Chase have a rule like Citi has for AAdvantage cards whereby you can’t get sign-up bonus miles if you have opened or closed an AAvantage card in the last 24 months?

    I closed a Chase United card a few months ago and currently have a Chase Sapphire card. I have never had a Southwest card. I only have 2/24 so should be eligible for the card but wonder about any restrictions that would prevent me getting the 60k Southwest miles bonus.

    • Dale says:

      I’m replying to my own post. Further research on this site leads me to believe that I am eligible for sign-up bonus miles because I have not previously had a Southwest card. Someone can correct me if I have over-simplified.


    • As long as you haven’t received a bonus from that specific Southwest card in the last 24 months you’d be eligible.

      • Dale says:

        Thanks. I applied for the Premiere card and was approved on-line. The approval message said the card will arrive in 7-10 days. Is there a phone number to call to request that sending the card be expedited so I can get it sooner?

  27. Dale says:

    Thanks! I bookmarked it for future referenced as well.

  28. Alex says:

    I was at 4/24 and got the Instant approval on both.

  29. Ed says:

    Haven’t had a SW card in many years but the 5/24 kills it for me. Maybe one day Chase will need some of us big spenders again and relax that rule. Also means I don’t fly SW anymore. If I carry an airline cc that’s the airline I give my business to.

  30. Ravi says:

    Can i pay security fees using southwest gift card. I am planning to get one through my PRG $100 reimbursement. I got approved for both and on way to companion pass.

  31. scott says:

    I got an e-mail offer for the SW Plus card at 60,000 points that expires on July 22. Unfortunately I need the Premier to get the companion pass and have to wait until July 1 to be under 5/24. I’m going to apply on June 28 and then call the reconsideration line on July 1.

  32. Ani says:

    Just curious. Is it possible to receive both Personal Premier and Personal Plus together.

  33. dan says:

    Will or anyone,

    not completely related to to this thread but any way or method to overturn a decline for a biz cc b/c of 5/24? called recon twice but was told too many CCs after got declined for a CIP last mo.; currently has a biz chkg acct with large balance although not a private client. TIA

  34. escot says:

    Have two reasons for hoping at least one of the 60k card offers returns near year end or early next:

    1. I’ll be in great 5/24 shape by then. (had a flurry of new cards second half of 2015 — and wife and I have been planning ever since…. yes, two step family strategy)

    2. to maximize value of the companion pass — closer to two years.

    That said, have a ton of orphaned AA miles to try to use in the mean time. Yet I’ve been having a grand time making reservations directly via Chase Ultimate Rewards (off of CSR card)…. the discounts are incredible — and based off of cash prices…. and YES, include taxes. we may never use the half zillion AA miles in our family.

  35. Jelena says:

    I’m over 5/24 until July 1 at which point i’ll be 4/24. I was thinking of applying for both personal cards at the same time on 6/29, getting denied and calling recon on the 1st. Need 2 cards to keep purchases separate. Am I guaranteed failure?

  36. Matthew says:

    Thanks for the mention, DoC! <3

  37. Abey says:

    5/24 is really low. Im 27/24. You have to completely not be a churner to be under 5/24

  38. Patti says:

    Oh this is so tempting. Dh and I are both at 1/24 after finally giving up our old SW card for a CSP which just happened to be offered at an in branch visit for their checking acct bonus last summer.

    So really dh & I could BOTH do this offer and bring our kids free with us every trip while slowing sipping on a huge bank of points.
    The kicker is that we have a big trip to Europe this summer and next (instead of our usual 3 small getaways/year). Because of this we’re trying not to spend on anything else. I really doubt we’d get a lot of use from the CP. Plus, I’m desperately trying to rack up Chase UR points. I have enough now that one of us will fly free to Europe in 2018 but it would be nice to rack up enough for another free seat. Having to use 2 SW cards would derail me a bit. 🙁

    Hmmm…. That is, unless I can find another Chase UR card that is offering a bonus at the moment!

  39. Summit says:

    So I’m at 4/24 and want to pick up 2 cards, but the problem is that I recently picked up the Marriott card so 2/30 rule will be in effect before the offer ends.

    If I apply to the biz card and 1 personal card, will that help my chances of bypassing 2/30?

  40. loren says:

    Do these 60k offers come along fairly often? Also, is the Biz 60k a standard point offer now? Or is that ended 6/29 probably?

  41. Shahid Qureshi says:

    I was on 5/24 till june 24.
    I applied for the two cards at the same time with two browsers(Chrome and chrome incognito). Today i could see one card in my account(Premier) with a limit of 25000! Should i call up reconsideration for second card or wait?

    For people who have been approved do the cards appear at the same time in the account or at different times?

    Any dps would be appreciated!


    • Patti says:

      I also applied for both at same sitting, 2 different browsers. One approved for high limit like you, then the 2nd one it said pending review. Same with hubby.
      So when I log into each of our Chase accounts, it only shows 1 new account.
      I haven’t called yet because we haven’t officially been denied but I’d be much happier with 2 cards at 10,000-12,000 each.

      • Shahid Qureshi says:

        Ohh ok.
        Were you on 4/24 as well and was the premier card approved for you for the first one?

        • Patti says:

          No. I was at 1/24 with my last card being a CSP in summer of 2016. Same with hubby.
          For myself I applied for the Premier 1st which was approved. Then tried for the lesser one.
          For hubby I thought I’d try a different “strategy” and applied for the Plus card first which was approved, then Premier went to pending.

      • Shahid Qureshi says:

        I would really appreciate if you could post when 2nd one too gets approved in next few days.

        • Patti says:

          As soon as hear, you all with be the first hundred to know. 😉

        • Patti says:

          We were both approved for the 2nd card!
          The CL is only $2000 but that will do just fine. They did call my work after I left today. A coworker texted me to let me know. I was about to call them and ask if they need to speak to me but first I logged into my Chase acct and saw the 2nd account there too. For hubby too!
          240,000 pts and 2 companion passes! Ahhh!

          Thanks DoC!! Have a safe happy weekend everyone!

  42. DN says:

    Doc et. al, I’m currently at 4/24 but would like to optimize my strategy to obtain the companion pass for 2018/2019. Am I able to apply for the Business Plus today (assuming this maintains 4/24), then apply for both the Personal Plus and Premier in December?

    Just want to make sure there are no holes in my strategy. Thanks!

  43. Juston says:

    I applied for both personal cards side-by-side in chrome/incognito browsers for both my wife and I. We are both at 3/24 (now says 4 after application, but not yet showing the actual pull) per creditkarma. All applications went to pending. I’m hoping this is because we have the maximum extended credit allowed and we just need to shift credit around. I currently have (4) personal cards and (2) business cards. I’m going to be anxious until I get the results which is a weekend plus a holiday, so does anyone have some insight or experience with (2) applications going to pending at the same time? The last (3) hardpulls were Chase credit cards and on my Transunion (nothing on Experian). Am I correct in using creditkarma for determining my 3/24? If I were over, it would have gone to automatic denial?

  44. Patti says:

    I wouldn’t let me reply to you but I applied for both cards on Tuesday.

  45. Jonathan says: had been showing 60k but has been down to 40k for the last couple of days. The page is down to 40k. So while the links above still seem to work, they may be pulled soon.

  46. Shahid Qureshi says:

    Applied for both cards at 4/24 at same time. Got approved for southwest premier and rejected for plus. Called reconsideration and got APPROVED with shifted credit limit from freedom
    Thanks DOC!

  47. Kevin says:

    So I see the direct links for the personal cards still says 60k points for each card. So if we apply now, will we definitely get the 60k points for each of those cards applying through those links? It doesn’t appear there are any datapoints for anyone who applied for these using the above direct links after June 30th and received 60k points for each card?

  48. Chris says:

    I’m not in this game yet and don’t have immediate use for a companion pass. However, I may start traveling for business in the future. If I use SW and accrue miles, can I exchange those for a ticket for me, and use the companion pass for my companion? Or is the CP valid only if the primary ticket is paid in cash?

  49. Vinni007 says:

    the links in the southwest card site show as 40k points whereas the link above in this thread show it as 60K points, if we apply for these cards how do we know how many points are we going to get after meeting the criteria?

    • Well if you apply through a link that says 60k you’ll get 60k and if you apply using a link that says 40k that’s what you’ll get. Always a good idea to take screenshots of the offer you apply for.

  50. Kevin says:

    Well, I guess the 60k for the Premier is dead. I applied for the 60k for the Plus successfully and was approved. I was disappointed to see that the the Premier link doesn’t work and the regular offer is just 40k 🙁

    Any chance it might work tomorrow? I mean, I guess I’ll still go for the Premier and just spend $7k more to get another 7k points for the Companion Pass. A little disappointed though. I guess I waited too late 🙁

    • ajpl says:

      Yeah, I’m seeing “offer unavailable” after hitting Apply for the Premier. I needed to wait until tomorrow… fingers crossed a working link pops up.

      • Kevin says:

        If it works later on, I’d be surprised. I wonder what the chances are of successfully getting matched to the 60k offer even though the above link doesn’t work? lol…slim to none I’m sure.

    • Vinni007 says:

      Doesn’t the Companion Pass need 110k Points, so in that case if we apply for both the cards then we have to spend another 10k right? Would we get 3K points for the initial spending we need to do to get the 60K + 40K points?

      I haven’t applied yet but the links sometimes work and sometimes don’t, I don’t know why it is not stable.

      • Kevin says:

        Yes, you need 110k for CP. Yes you’d have to spend 10k to get it, although there are other ways like taking surveys and such. Yes, you would get 3k points for the initial spending so you’d need 7k more to get the CP.

        It was just 60k for the Premier though, so losing out on an extra 20k points (worth at least $200) and an instant CP after initial spending kind of sucks.

      • Patti says:

        No. If you get both cards, you’ll get 120,000 pts, plus the points earned with purchases for the minimum spend. That alone is more than enough for a CP.

      • Patti says:

        Oops. Ignore my earlier post. I didn’t realize they were no longer offering 60k anymore.

  51. Kevin says:

    Does Chase typically match expired offers? lol

    • Kevin says:

      Well, it appears they will still match the 60k points for the Premier?!? I sent Chase a SM asking if they could match it and part of the reply is this:

      “We understand you are interested to match the 60,000 bonus
      offer for $2,000 spend in purchases on your account. In
      order to match this offer, please contact us back after
      you have met the required total spend of $2,000 in new
      purchases within the first three months of opening your
      account in order to qualify.”

  52. Dan says:

    I am at fuck all/24… only wish Chase reverses this nonsense.

  53. Tom says:

    Just got approved for the standard 40k running right now on the Plus. Can I get matched to the 60k even though the Southwest and Chase website offers are showing the 40k?

  54. iahphx says:

    I assume there’s no way to “gift” a companion pass?

    Like my college-age son should be below 5/24, but he doesn’t need the pass — I do. Any solution?

    Otherwise, is there ANY practical way for a 5/24er to get a Southwest companion pass (other than flying a crazy number of flights on WN)? My wife and I have alternated over the past 4 years in having this pass (getting it in January for 2 years), and we use it for about 6 roundtrips a year. Quite useful, but not useful enough to go “cold turkey” on credit card apps to qualify.

    • Don’t think you can gift it. I assume you don’t want it to travel with your son?

      • iahphx says:

        Yeah, my son isn’t flying enough these days (he’s in school) that he’d need a companion pass.

        Without the Chase cards, am I correct that there’s no practical way to get this pass? While it’s fun, it’s probably only saving me $800, so it’s only worth so much hassle to get.

  55. Kevin says:

    William, while the Premier link for the 60k point offer isn’t working anymore, I signed up for the 40k regular public offer last night and sent a SM to Chase today and asked for a match to 60k. This is the reply I received, which indicates a “yes” to me:

    “We understand you are interested to match the 60,000 bonus
    offer for $2,000 spend in purchases on your account. In
    order to match this offer, please contact us back after
    you have met the required total spend of $2,000 in new
    purchases within the first three months of opening your
    account in order to qualify.”

    So while the link doesn’t work for the Premier anymore, it seems that we can still get 60k for both cards after asking for a match. Of course, I’m sure this is a YMMV thing.

  56. Patti says:

    For all of you needing to earn SW points to reach 110,000 for a CP, using these credit cards to purchase anything from SWA earns double points. If you’re close to your goal, maybe just buy some SWA gift cards and you’ll only have to shell out half the $ compared to trying to meet the min. spend elsewhere.
    Anyone who enjoys traveling would love one as a birthday or holiday gift, or gift them to yourself. I wonder if gift cards can be used to purchase EBCI?
    They never expire.

  57. Pat says:

    Got the personal plus but the personal premier link had just expired.

    What is the standard bonus on the business card?

    Also any idea on when the 60k business bonus will expire?

  58. Lucas says:

    Related DP—I just called to cancel an existing Southwest Premier card and was offered a $100 statement credit with no spend requirement or any other strings.

    • AD says:

      What other details can you provide, I can’t make out what you’re describing with your DP?

      You called to cancel your existing card so you could sign up again but they gave you $100 statement credit and no bonus offer or anything… or are you saying they gave the same 60k bonus with or without same spending requirement?

  59. Jan says:

    Can you get one card this year and get the other card early next year so u get the total 110,000 points for 2018 and 2019
    I thought I read the points reset each year

  60. Jan says:

    Can you get one card this year and the other card next year meaning that you will ge the total 110K points next year so the CP will be for 2018 and 2019, or do you need to get the 110K total in the se calendar year?

  61. Patti says:

    I bought some clothes in my quest to reach the $2000 minimum spend but I had to return some, making me around $23 short of the 2000. I have not yet had a statement or have a billing cycle close.
    Should I spend another $23 or do returns not really matter. I’m thinking I should but I’m working on card #2 for me and dh is still on card #1.

    Does anyone know for sure?

    • Spend the extra money, returns matter.

    • NBG says:

      From my experience 2 years back where i was trying to hit the 2K mark after dec 31, i ended up returing an item purchased. But unfortunately, the 50K bonus posted before Dec 31 (closing date of Dec 26). I called and asked, they said once the purchase is made, its counted towards the spend.

      Things may have change now. But, worth checking with them.

      • VL says:

        To clarify. Returns affect the statement they post to. If the return posts during the same statement with original purchase it cancels it out. If it posts next statement you will have negative points on that statement. Negative points (if not covered by other purchases) do not affect your RR account, and sit as negative balance until are covered by some other purchases, or, for example, your anniversary bonus. So if you hit the min spend and return is not posted on that statement you get your bonus on that statement.

        Important note: returning the purchase which put you over the min req spend is not a problem for Chase. You still keep your bonus, but it is a big problem for Amex. So be careful and do not do that.

  62. Kay says:

    Hey Will, Both the Premier and Plus is showing unavailable now. But the business is still good.

  63. Joe Giorgianni says:

    My wife has a Plus card and 69,040 Rapid Rewards points. I would get her a Premier card and be close to the Companion Pass. But the web page reads “Points don’t expire as long as your card account is open.*” Is that true? I would want to cancel the card in less than a year to avoid the annual fee but might not use the Companion Pass before the end of next year.

    • Bill M says:

      When did she earn the 69,000 points? She would need to EARN 110,000 points in 2017 to get the CP this year and all of next year. If she had all those points before Jan 1, then getting the Premier bonus would NOT get her the CP.

      The CP comes from Southwest not Chase, so you could cancel the card after getting the CP. Points don’t expire if you have one of the cards but they also don’t expire if you have activity on your Southwest account from other sources.

  64. Andrew says:

    Any idea when these offers will expire?

    • Peter says:

      Piggyback to your question – how would someone go about their companion-pass for 2018-2019. What will be the last safe date to apply and complete MSR, so that the bonus posts in Jan 2018. I would imagine keeping spend at $1800 approx and put last $200 spend on December 31st.

      • NinjaX says:

        CP is not new and very public, so you can imagine every damn question has already been asked, heavily discussed and blogged about. just look around.

    • Renz says:

      I signed up to SW RR without having any credit cards with them. I got an email today (Sept 1st) According to the email, the 60k points is valid until Oct 1st, 2017.

  65. YRK says:

    What are chances of getting approved for both personal plus & premier when on 4/24?

    • good chance but why risk when you can play it safe?
      1. get SW biz first. you still at 4/24
      2. wait 30 days.
      3. now prepare for new apps during recon hour.
      4. apply for SW plus. if not instant approved, recon and get it approved.
      5. you are set for CP by now.
      6. but on the same day apply for another 5/24 card as well.

      • MarcoPolo says:

        I thought Chase can “see” their own Biz cards and deny you based on 5/24?
        However, they can’t “see” other issuers Biz card as they don’t appear on your credit report.

        • Jelena says:

          There are multiple data points that Chase doesn’t count their own business cards against 5/24. It was initially thought that because they can see them, they count them, but it’s been proven otherwise.

        • Technically they should be able to see their own business cards, but for whatever reason they don’t take this into account.

      • YRK says:

        Eh. Dont have a business nor any other business card so dont know if( or should) apply for biz card be approved or not.

  66. Avi says:

    So at 4/24 I want the MPE, Marriott (for SPG points) and both SW cards – totally confused as to which one gets the axe!

    • NinjaX says:

      its funny how all sub 5/24 questions of “what card” always lack stats and fail to give enough info for anyone to help. its fine youre new, so you want us to guess? what do you expect anyone to say when they have no clue what you have or want? i suggest you go to the reddit thread to ask. its more active.

    • Can’t you only get 2 out of 4? If so, I’d just get the SW cards for the companion pass.

  67. Mark O says:

    I wonder if the referrals will go up too?

  68. Mj says:

    Thanks for the heads up! My fiancé applied and got approved instantly for his highest CL @19k. Thanks!

  69. don says:

    Worth mentioning it’s better to WAIT for October so you get 18/19 CP as well!

  70. Charles says:

    Have people had pretty good luck / consistency timing posting of the bonus? I’m trying to determine earliest I can sign up and have companion pass for 2018 and 2019 (I already have through this year, which is most of the way over anyways.)

    Obviously if this offer makes it to Oct 1, then timing to get the bonuses to post in January should be easy.

    How much sooner can we get away with signing up? (without making to much risk that bonus could post early or that I might screw up and not get it…)

    We do get 3 months, NOT 3 statement cycles to meet the bonus, right?

    1. Sign up for cards Sep 15,
    2. Change Statement Date To 4th of the month.
    3. Between Dec 4th and 10th ensure both cards have met spend requirements.
    4. Bonuses post January statement.

    Does this sound like it will work? Has anyone ever had a bonus post early?

    • Charles says:

      FYI: I found an interesting article / warning on Consumerist. Some people reported that “Just getting close” to the spend requirement made the bonus post.
      Many of the other timing issues simply seemed that people were trying to time things too close. (When a company tells you a bonus takes 6-8 weeks to post, you can almost bet the bonus will take less than 4 weeks or greater than 12 weeks.)

      Still has me ready to pay things safe. I don’t think I will apply for the cards before October.

      • Frito Pendejo says:

        This is very interesting. All over reddit /r/churning are posts about timing the CP on the assumption that points won’t post until the next statement. This article claims that Chase says the points post at Southwest’s discretion (which seems odd – how do they even know until Chase issues the statement?) instead of Chase’s usual policy.

        I am closing out my wife’s 5/24 with SW biz then 2x SW. We don’t live near a SW hub so I’m not super hyped about the companion pass but I’m sure we can make use of it if we get it. Worst case we get $1,800 of amazon credit or only 1yr of companion pass.

        Well, real worst case is missing out on a bonus because of pushing it too close.

  71. PNB says:

    So I got the total 110K….is the companion pass still valid if the points go below 110k after a few months or do I need to maintain it throughout this year and next year?….New at this

  72. Andy says:

    Data point. Wife at 3/24 and applied for both personal cards yesterday. First one went pending, called recon and got it approved (move some credit around) and then applied for the 2nd which as expected also went pending. Got the 30 day message so going to give it a few days to work through before calling. Interesting that the automated status line is trying to transfer us to a person when yesterday it was still automated. Anyone else have this issue before?

    • Kola says:

      did you get the second card approved?

    • VL says:

      Why you did not go for Business second card?
      a) it would not report to your credit reports
      b) for me it is easier to explain why you may want a second business card then to explain why do you need a second personal card.

  73. Kola says:

    I saw a Gmail ad today for this card with the expiration date of 10/4. Cutting it close for the CP.

    • FlyingYogi says:

      That’s perfect though right?
      Because then the 3 months minimum spend will make it 1/1/2018 just in time to maximize CP. As opposed to any time earlier than that, because then the 3 month window lands you, at the latest to 12/31/17.
      This is how I understand it and I maybe wrong.
      I am going forward with this understanding and waiting at least till 10/1/17 to apply to def get CP in early 2018.
      Applying now is too early.

      • VL says:

        Unfortunately that depends on when your billing cycles will close. If it closes, let’s say. 10/30, 11/30 and 12/30 it may be hard to time the final $$ of spending to be done after 12/30, but to post before 90 days end. Could work, but would require very detailed planning, and a purchase at the known merchant who posts quickly.

        Please post more comments if you see more information on when it ends.

      • VL says:

        Actually, you probably can request to change the billing cycle date to close on 15th of the month… after the card is approved. In that case you are safe. You can do your final $3K spending in December, after you see your Dec statement on 12/15.

        If somebody have done that please share the thoughts.

  74. Kevin says:

    Someone on Reddit said the 60k points will expire Oct 1.

    • shipitkthx83 says:

      I was recently on a Southwest flight and the 60k Ad in the in-flight magazine (which is a general ad without a specific code or anything) says the promo ends on 10/4

  75. Elena says:

    Could someone help me to figure out how does the companion pass work? I have a weird setup at work and though I order tickets myself, I have to go through my company’s system and I never see the bill, it goes straight to accounting. For my husband to travel along (with companion pass) I would have to order his ticket separately. Is it possible to still use companion pass in this situation?

  76. Marty says:

    Any DP’s of people being matched THIS ROUND OF 60k offers while signing up with a referral link (currently at 40k)?

  77. bk says:

    Any DP on getting the SW card as your 3rd (or more) Chase Business card in the same year? Received CIP 2/17 and CIC 3/17.

  78. Yummy says:

    I was down to 4/24 in July and decided to apply for both SW cards for best offers.
    I used two browsers (one incognito) mode, on two computers, but submitted them at the same time, both got 30 day language. it was Saturday night so I waited until Tuesday (today) to call recon.
    Rep told me both applications were rejected because of ‘too many recent applications’, despite the fact that I haven’t applied for any card in the past 18 months.

    According to her it was because I submitted two applications together. Although I managed to ask her to verify my info and got the first one approved, and then moved some CL from another Chase card to get the second one approved as well, I suggest people with 4/24 to separate the two applications, like an hour in between.

    Glad that I tried to recon and didn’t give up when she told me that both of them were turned down 😛
    Will be down to 4/24 again in December, hope the Marriott 80K still exist

    • VL says:


      A year ago, I applied to those 2 cards. I applied for personal first (did not know much about the rules) and was instantly approved. Then applied for business, and was denied… could not recon, they denied me over the phone as well – they stated too many applications the same day. Ended up applying again and wasting a hit a month later (30+ days) and was approved.

      I will be doing this again for my SO, but waiting till November/December to get Companion Pass for 2018-2019. She is 4/24 as you were.

      I would do it this way: apply for business first, hopefully get it approved. Then apply for personal, ideally if offer does not go away in 30+ days, but may try sooner.. still would wait at least a week, so if denied I would have a chance of recon 30+ days after business application. This way you are still 4/24 when applying for personal (as Bus does not count).

      The worst case scenario is to be approved for personal, and not for business… and by the time you are ready to get business one the personal card hits your credit reports and you are 5/24 by that time.

      Good Luck

  79. Kay says:

    DP (maybe not exciting but I imagine it could help!): Got the personal approved right away and then the business card had me pending and I called and got it reconsidered and approved, same day.

    Then tried to apply for the Amazon card bc I’m making a big purchase and they said they couldn’t approve 3 cards in one day, nor could they even approve 3 cards in a 30 day period.

    Thanks for all of these tips!

  80. Eugene says:

    So i’m at 3/24, thinking i’m safe to apply for both personal. Looking to time it so that the bonus applies in 2018. If I apply on October 1st or 2nd, is the last day to spend $2,000 on January 2nd? Or would it be 3 months of billing cycles? I want make sure to meet the minimum spend in time and also assure the bonus lands in 2018.

    • Ben says:

      In practice chase really gives you almost 4 months to meet min spend. Send them a secure message after you register the new account and they will let you know when you have to meet the spend by.

      • Pat S says:

        By registering today my wife had a date of January 12 to spend the minimum. FYI. Hope that helps!

        (Also posted in the companion pass thread)

    • Tommy B. says:

      Got anymore chase business cards you can try to squeeze in first or one other personal? Perhaps you could do a personal and business combo app now that will put you at 4/24. It’s been proven that if you apply for 2 personal cards at 4/24, you can likely get both approved. Mine along with many other DP’s I’ve seen online can attest to it working. You’ll likely be approved for one while the other app goes pending, but a quick call to recon can often get it approved.

  81. Ryan says:

    Hi. I’m 6/24. Has anyone tried getting a pre Approval in branch for these cards?

  82. YRK says:

    Whats advisable? 2 cards be applied on same day or space the applications?

  83. Chris in Gainesville says:

    Is manufactured spending allowed for these cards? I wouldn’t be doing stuff like buying money orders. It would just be gift cards for amounts I’d be spending, anyway.

  84. Chris in Gainesville says:

    This may already be known to readers of this site but do NOT unilaterally request a decrease in credit line. I did that in anticipation of applying for SW cards, to make more credit available. BIG mistake. Whoever responded to my secure message reduced my credit on two cards as I requested.

    One day later I got a call from another Chase banker saying he could only work within existing credit limits, for issuing new cards. Those existing credit limits were whatever was left on my cards. If he reduced the limit on a chase freedom below $5000, I might lose existing UR points. (Not sure why but I didn’t question it.)

    Another message by me to Chase resulted in them telling me they could not reverse their change and inviting me to apply for an increased credit line, if I needed more.

    Fortunately, I already have a CSP and 2 SW cards. I have all the credit I actually need because I pay it off each month, but being able to charge what I need to make my purchase limits would make it easier.

    • Chris in Gainesville says:

      I may have screwed up. Didn’t open a SWA account before applying. Now I have two SWA Rapid Rewards accounts. Each card goes to a separate account. Can I merge the SWA accounts, or have Chase direct all points to only one?

  85. Jess says:

    Why is no one talking about the $168 fee that comes with applying to the two personal SW cards? Are people just paying out of pocket for these fees? Or are they getting waived somehow?

    I don’t see how the offer is as valuable with a nearly two hundred dollar fee added

    • Patti says:

      Are you serious?
      My family of 4 will be flying free for SEVERAL vacations and you think it’s not a good value because of a $168 fee?

      If you truly can’t see the value in this bonus, do a search on the SW website for fares. Pick a destination you’d like for 2 passengers and view the total price in dollars, then click on POINTS to see the cost in points. Then remember that with a Companion Pass, you will only use points for 1 of you. The other passenger will fly free except for the small amount of tax that is unavoidable, usually around $5-10. Also keep in mind that after charging $2000 on each card to get the bonuses, you will then have a total of 124,000 SWA points.
      Then calculate how many vacations you could take with that.

      If you’re still not convinced, skip it completely and pay full price for airfare and keep telling yourself that’s a better deal than paying the $168 annual fees. 😉

    • BW says:

      Because that’s small potatoes compared to the big reward. 1.5 cents per point roughly multiplied by 120K points is $1800 value and that doesn’t even account for all the free flights using companion pass.

  86. Matt says:

    I am under 5/24. Applied for the southwest plus card and got it approved . My card is coming in today .

    My question is If I spend $2000 today itself ( which I am planning to ) how long it takes for the points to post. Do they post after first billing cycle or do they post as soon as you hit the minimum spend?

    Also I am not able to convince myself that I should apply for the second card as well or not to get the companion pass. My concern is that I would spend the $2000 today itself on the first card because I am planning to use the points to book a ticket. Now if the points don’t post within the next few days of minimum spend, then I would wait. So should I apply for the new card now or should I wait?

    I might have worded this poorly but Its Monday morning I guess 😉

    • Patti says:

      All points post to your SW account within 2 business days (give or take) from the date your cc statement cycle closes.

      If you were to spend the full $2000 let’s say the first day your card arrives, it would be several weeks until you actually get the points to be able to book.

  87. Nopers says:

    Looks like it ends October 1 or 4, 2017: (says personal Plus offer ends 10/1) (says 10/4) (says 10/4) (says personal Plus and Premier offers end 10/4)

  88. Sarah says:

    I applied for both personal cards at the same time on Sep 24th. I received instant approval for the PLUS card and just a generic thank you for your submission for the Premier application. I have not heard back at all on premier app and can’t find it on my chase account online?
    Any suggestions?

  89. Rohit says:

    What are my chances of getting approved for both cards with a Fico score of 760 and age of credit as 1 year? I applied 8 months back and was denied for both. I am at 2/24, have 7 hard pulls because of a mortgage I took and have no negative remarks.

    Thank you,

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