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Published on February 11th, 2016 | by William Charles


28 Things You Should Know About Barclaycard Credit Cards

We’ve covered all the major credit card issuers with what you should know about them, but somehow managed to miss Barclaycard (several readers let me know about this). So without further ado, here are 23 things you should know about Barclaycard credit cards.

The List

  1. Barclaycard almost exclusively pulls the TransUnion credit bureau. Depending on where you live, this can be a big plus as they are frequently not used and it’s good to be able to spread your hard pulls across the three credit bureaus.
  2. We don’t know if they’ll pull another bureau if you have TransUnion frozen and still approve you. That’s because most people freeze their reports with Equifax/Experian to try and get more inquiries on TransUnion.
  3. They send out a lot of targeted spending offers, so keep an eye on your e-mail and mail. Frequent offers include, spend $500 for three months and receive 15,000 miles/points and 2x bonus points in different categories.
  4. It’s mixed results with retention offers. Sometimes you can get the annual fee waived, sometimes you can’t. They seem to prefer to offer the targeted spending offers mentioned above instead. You can read more about tactics for retention here.
  5. Most of the Barclaycard credit cards come with no annual fee versions, and it’s possible to downgrade to them. This might be useful if you want to increase your average age of accounts.
  6. They will usually match a higher sign up bonus as long as you request the match within 30 days of account opening. It’s always worth a call though even if you’re outside this 30 day period.
  7. The time your minimum spend must be met begins as soon as your card is approved.
  8. You can ask for your credit card to be expedited, but they charge a $15 fee (might now be lower according to the comments). Customer service representatives can and will waive this fee sometimes, so just make sure you have a valid reason for wanting it expedited.
  9. They won’t issue you an instant credit card number either. So that option is out the window.
  10. On Barclaycard branded cards (e.g Arrival) the sign up bonus will post with the transaction that met the minimum spend requirement. On co branded cards (e.g Wyndham) it’ll post after the statement closes in which you meet the minimum spend requirement. Don’t think there is anyway to get these expedited.
  11. If you’re not approved for a Barclaycard credit then call their reconsideration department. If you’ve never called reconsideration before, then read this guide first.
  12. Barclaycard will regularly offer credit limit increases, but if you initiate one yourself it’ll result in a hard pull. Some phone representatives will be able to process this as a soft inquiry though, just ask in advance.
  13. When it comes to reallocating credit, the rules are tricky. No matter what, if they allow you to do it it’ll be a soft pull. They are more likely to offer this when you open a new card or close an old card. Full rules found here.
  14. Barclaycard card’s are churnable, meaning you can get the sign up bonus on cards more than once. If you get approved, you’ll get the sign up bonus. The difficult thing is getting the card approved, you’ll need to have cancelled the previous card and usually a wait for at least six months is required. In addition it’s a good idea to be putting spend through any existing Barclaycard credit cards before applying for a new card.
  15. There is no hard limit on the amount of credit cards you can have with them. But following the rules in the point above is a good idea (e.g waiting six months in between applications and putting spend on existing applications).
  16. Barclaycard will merge multiple inquiries into a single hard pull if made on the same day. Maximum of three and only one will usually be auto-approved, in my experience extremely difficult to get multiples approved.
  17. If you’re denied for a credit card and you already have at least one credit card with Barclaycard, they usually won’t do a hard pull on your credit report. This isn’t always the case as J points out in the comments, if significant change has occurred in your report (e.g new inquiries) they will still do a hard pull.
  18. You can view your pre-approved offers online. Barclaycard removed this functionality for awhile, but it’s back now. They don’t offer increased bonuses through this checker though.
  19. They report your statement balance to credit bureaus for credit utilization purposes. If you want to lower your credit utilization then simply pay your credit card before your statement closes.
  20. You can also change this statement closing date by calling the number on the back of your credit card.
  21. They will refund your annual fee as long as you cancel your card within 60 days of the annual fee posting.
  22. They’ll usually waive balances of under $1. Obviously abusing this isn’t a good idea.
  23. Unclear if they report business credit cards to the credit bureaus which matters for purposes of keeping your credit report cleaner.
  24. Barclay’s will reinstate a closed credit card account soon after it was closed if you change your mind and decide you want the card.
  25. They do not offer a public referral program, so no getting points/miles cash back for referring your friends. Although they sometimes offer targeted promotions. Thanks to Moe for pointing this out.
  26. Their cards support chip + PIN functionality. Most other credit cards have EMV chips, but they are chip + Signature. Barclaycard allows you to set a PIN, this is extremely useful when traveling internationally where chip + PIN is the standard (less explaining that they can still swipe it or use chip + Signature) and it also means that unmanned kiosks will work.
  27. You can check your credit card’s application status online.
  28. If you make a partial or full payment and have auto pay set up they will pull the full amount.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully everybody found this helpful, this is the last credit card issuer we’re going to be covering in this series (unless I’m an idiot and have missed a major issuer again). You can view the posts on other issuers below:

If any of the information above is wrong or if you think I missed something, let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to update it. If you liked this content, why not follow me on Twitter & share it?

94 Responses to 28 Things You Should Know About Barclaycard Credit Cards

  1. Chucks says:

    Barclaycard may not have a hard limit for the number of cards, but they are far more paranoid about the number of their cards they’ll let you have than any other issuer, even with good scores, usage, etc. Three cards are tough, four cards involves pulling teeth.

  2. Mark says:

    I have the Arrival+ card. Can I also sign-up for the no-fee version and hold both cards?

  3. Moe says:

    I was targeted visitors email to refer and have successfully done so. Bonus was 5k on the arrival plus

  4. J says:

    “If you’re denied for a credit card and you already have at least one credit card with Barclaycard, they won’t do a hard pull on your credit report.”

    Not true. I have an Aviator, and I applied for Arrival in December. I got declined, and I see an inquiry on my TU report.

  5. Dukie02 says:

    I’d been denied for Arrival+ a couple years ago, so put Barclay’s off my radar. In Jan, got pre-approved offer for Hawaiian for 50k, so applied. Realized after I’d applied that I was also pre-approved for Arrival+, so decided to apply for it that night also (because I’d read they combined pulls). Hawaiian was instant approval; Arrival+ was pending. Quick recon call, told them I wished I’d applied for A+ first, as I like the flexibility, so they offered to split the balance and approved both with full bonuses.
    Two weeks later, I decided to apply for a card I thought was Chase, but turned out to be Barclays. I was approved instantly with a small CL. I was really surprised given my last recon call and being told that without a Barclay’s history, I’d need to wait at least 6 months to get an approval or a CLI.
    So, 3 cards in 2 weeks, all with no history with Barclays.

  6. Arneal says:

    Number 12 is wrong to some extent. Most of the time, a credit limit increase is a hard inquiry. However, I’ve also been successful multiple times in getting a phone representative to only do a soft inquiry. I had more luck when calling during business hours.

    • Chuck says:

      I’ll also chime in with my data point: I called to try getting the A+ annual fee waived with no luck, but they gave offered me a CLI with no hard pull, and I took it.

    • Updated this to be clearer.

    • Shawn says:

      Similar situation as well. I saw a thread on myFico about calling and asking to have your APR reduced. You will get transferred and then ask the rep that gets on the line if they have any other offers available on your account.

      My experience is that it works but I’ve never gotten more than $500 increase that way.

  7. JB says:

    “as they are frequently not used” what do you mean by that? On my Transunion report there’s like 19 inquiries and on the other 2 bureaus there’s only like a handful hardpulls combined! In other words: my TU report is the one taking the brunt for all inquiries and I’m glad if a new issuer pulls EQ or EX for a change…

  8. Cowboyguy says:

    I had Arrival Plus and downgraded it to Arrival 7 months ago? Can I get Arrival Plus again and get the bonus?

  9. nope says:

    you missed one — all their cards support chip+PIN for unattended kiosks in other countries.

  10. Susan says:

    Chuck, have you noticed that for auto payments, they don’t account for any payments you’ve already made prior to the payment due date? With Chase and AMEX, auto payment will calculate the remaining balance of the statement amount. With my Barclay Arrival Plus, they don’t account for any payments made already and will deduct the full statement balance from my bank. This is annoying because occasionally they’ll deduct more than the total balance because I like making small payments throughout the billing cycle to keep total balance down. I have to cancel auto payment, because otherwise, they’ll deduct the full amount every single time.

    Maybe you can add that to the list.

    • Chuck says:

      I think you’re saying that they’ll always pull the full SPENT amount on the auto-pay, even though it was already partially paid off before the statement closed. That is crazy!

      • Susan says:

        Yes, exactly. For example if the statement balance is $10k, and i setup a recurring bill payment for $1k every week from my bank (eg Discover Checking for that 10 cent bonus), Barclay will still pull the full $10k on the auto pay date. This doesn’t happen with AMEX, Chase, or Citi.

        This is important to note because if people didn’t know about this, they might not have enough money in the bank to make the auto pay.

      • Susan says:

        The reason I noticed is because I have a Discover Checking account that gives me 10 cents per bill pay. I have weekly recurring payments setup on Discover, but I also have auto payment setup on the credit card website to “catch” the remaining balance.

        Barclay is the only one that pulls the full statement amount. I have AMEX, Chase, Discover, Citi, and US Bank. I’ve had to cancel auto pay for Barclay but get nervous about forgetting to pay the full amount.

        • T says:

          I have Discover too. Curious how much are you getting per month using the auto pay method? I’m paying about 6-8 cards per month and have thought about splitting the payments but was worried it might be deemed as abuse

  11. Rebecca says:

    I recently (Jan 2016) applied for the card and had the card overnighted for a fee of $15.00. I had a large spend opportunity pop up and it was well worth the $15.00 fee. My one issue with Barclay arrival is that the charge has to be over $100 to use your miles. I had an hotel and they broke the bill out into more than one charge and as a result I couldn’t use my awards. No one charge was over 100. I can use miles but I had plan on using it toward this trip.

  12. ben says:

    it appears that I am banned by Barclay due to US airways churn. everytime I applied, I will get an auto deny and when I call, they said they can’t approve and no escalation is possible. any idea to unblock me?

  13. PV says:

    #8 is now changed to 15$ for the express delivery. atleast to arizona. not sure it might change based on address.

  14. rob black says:

    JUST applied for Hawaiian Airlines and did not get instantly approved. Do you have a telephone number to call to negotiate?

  15. John K says:

    Applied for Arrival+ in March and was status pending. Called recon and was able to get approved. Seems they were concerned that I had recently opened two other cards (BoA Travel and Chase United) in the last two months.

    Applied for annual fee Wyndham, Choice Hotels, and NFL on 6/1, trying to get the multiple pulls on one inquiry. All three were sent to pending status. Called recon, and was able to get Wyndham approved. After three successive calls I was unable to get another approved. Both are now showing as declined in my application status screen.

    Their major complaint was with the number of new accounts I have. I have been aggressively pursuing the BoA MLB cash rewards cards, and they mentioned that due to several BoA lines open with few or zero months of history they weren’t ready to extend me any additional credit.

    I asked when they would recommend reapplying, and all three reps were unwilling to provide a timeline, other than one who said – “when you feel you have built enough credit history to try again.”

  16. Jeff S. says:

    In ref to rule #1

    DataPoint – Barclaycard Arrival CC application on 6/5/2016 resulted in a pull of Transunion AND Experian, but NOT Equifax. Approved. Will update again Equifax pops.

  17. Mark Zhang says:

    One other piece of info. The representative on the recon line told me they will not pull again if you apply for the same card within 120days and it will be automatically declined. In addition, they look for good payment records, and the also consider the number of new accounts in the past 12 months. The last was the only reason he declined my application. I had about 3-4 HPs in the past 6 months, but he mentioned nothing about that.

  18. Bungy says:

    FYI I talked to a rep about a credit line increase on a Barclaycards reward card. I asked if it was a hard or soft pull. She said she didn’t know. I asked to speak to a supervisor. They said a soft pull. It ended up being a hard pull and for much lower than what I asked for. Not happy at all. Also they said card activity was a factor in my credit line inquiry.

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  22. Terry says:

    The link for checking the status of your application has changed:

  23. mangoceviche says:

    Barclays is super weird. they refuse to approve me for a jetblue card (applied 3x already) yet they approved me for a miles & more card with a huge CL 32 days after I closed the previous one.

  24. Aarvard says:

    I cancelled my Arrival + 8 days before reapplying for the same card and still got approved. So 6 month waiting period is YMMV I guess.

  25. Abey says:

    Barclaycatd has been very Strange
    I started with the Arrival plus, The Wyndham and the US Airways. Then i got declined for the Hawaiian airlines, Miles and more and later the Jet Blue card.
    The Arrival plus i downgraded
    The us airways i got the annual fee waived and this year with the Aviator they offered me 15Kmiles for $500 spend 3 months each so i paid the $89 annual fee.
    The wyndham i closed when the annual fee showed up and now when they offered 45K points i got so excited and applied even though i couldve sworn i will get declined and No they approved me!
    (Wyndham You are my Ritz Carlton Jr 🙂
    P.S Barclaycard sends the most checks in the mail for balance transfers or so. Almost every two weeks.

  26. Abey says:

    Anyone has a link or can list
    All Barclays business cards?
    Cant find one and they dont list them
    On their website.

  27. Abey says:

    Applied and approved for the
    Jet Blue Business credit card
    On 12/26 and i see via credit karma
    an inquiry on my Trans union from
    Barclays bank Delaware on 12/26.

    • T says:

      Hi! Can I ask how many Transunion inquiries you had prior to applying? Have been wanting to apply for a JetBlue card, but don’t want to get denied. Currently have two inquiries on my TU report (one is 1.5 years old, one is 2 months old).

  28. Sa says:

    “10. On Barclaycard branded cards (e.g Arrival) the sign up bonus will post with the transaction that met the minimum spend requirement”.
    How certain are we about this? Can anyone confirm? On my Arrival plus, the bonus did not post with the transaction that satisfied the spend requirement. The statement is not closed yet, I will update when it does. Thanks.

  29. Bungy says:

    Big Data point: Barclay’s pulled my EXPERIAN in addition to TU the first time I applied for A+. I have a screenshot of my CR if no one believes me. This went to pending than a denial.

    Another DP: Last week I applied for the Jet Blue and A+ (again). These inquiries were NOT merged. One application was denied, one went pending. 2 TU pulls, though I agreed to the pull with recon and ending up getting the A+ finally.

    I will say the keywords I used with recon is I carry a near zero balance on $100,000 of credit and am looking to make barclays my daily spend

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  31. PMC says:

    For a data point on number 8, I just last week applied for the Barclay Wyndham Card and asked for expedited shipping. It showed up 2 business days later and they did charge $15 to the account.

  32. Jeff H says:

    Barclay CashForward card
    April 2016 – applied and after spend met, received sign up bonus with CL twice what other cards in an AppOrama gave at the same time frame. About 5-6 months later got automatic (not requested) CL increase about 0.375% of original CL. Now March 2017 another automatic (not requested) CL increase.
    New CL is now slightly more than double original CL.

  33. Not a Dr says:

    I have a data point – I have one barclay affiliated card – only used for very small monthly charges to keep it active since running through some original signup promo years ago.

    Last weekend, I applied for both Arrival+ and then Ring on the same day, responding to mailed offers for both (50k bonus points for Arrival+, 15 month 0% on ring). I read up here & elsewhere, sounded like a longshot, but if the inquiries would be combined, worth a try.

    My credit score is very high right now, well over 800, verifiable income well into six figures too. No issuer would deny me as a credit risk, though I always wonder if they’ll ever really wise up about how unprofitable I am.

    I applied for Arrival+ first, instant approval for $12.5k. That’s a little low for my typical credit lines, but not by a lot, and still plenty for what I need. I tried applying for Ring online too, but started getting server errors and couldn’t complete the app. I eventually called in and got a deferral. I’ve been checking status online, still says deferral. So I called the recon line just now, confirmed income and added a little new info about my job, and after a minute on hold got approved too, though only a $5k limit. That’s definitely the lowest line I’ve gotten for a new card in a long time. I was nervous about having to justify getting both new cards, but that wasn’t even mentioned.

    One unhappy surprise is that I have two separate hard inquiries, posted the same day. I had seen reports that same day applications with barclaycard would be combined, but maybe my separate online vs call-in applications bypassed that. Or maybe that can’t be assumed any more. It looks like the inquiries are TU only.

    Once I get the new cards, I will probably call to try to shift most of my now 3 lines to the Ring to make best use of its 0 fee 0% balance transfer promo.

  34. Winnie says:

    Adding my own data point:

    I just tried to apply for Arrival+ card and I got the dreaded “Your application requires further review, which can take up to 10 days.” message. I called recon immediately thanks to this post.

    The nice rep said the key decision for the denial was because I had a newly opened Chase Ritz credit card account with 32k credit limit. I explained that I did not ask for that much credit, but Chase just gave it to me. The rep opened a review with me on the phone and asked me a few questions: how much money I make, what I do for a living, and how long I have been at my current role. He noted that I have a very good payment history and I manage my credit very well.

    At the end of the call, he reversed the denial and told me I can expert my card in the mail in 7-10 business days.

    Definitely call recon!

  35. TomTX says:

    As a DP on hard pulls: I applied for and was approved for the Arrival+ and Cash Forward on the same day in January 2017. Insta-approved on the first, pending/recon on the second.

    Barclay made 2 separate hard pulls to TU, dated the same day.

  36. J T says:

    My 2nd AF on Arrival+ posted last month, so I called to downgrade and told its “not available”. CSR said the option to downgrade is either present or its not, status can change occasionally, but it cannot be manually entered. So I have ~45 days to wait and see if a downgrade option returns.

    The other unpleasant surprise was being told that the $50 credit on my account would reduce the AF refund I would get (if I could downgrade) to $39. The credit was for a spending bonus I was offered last year to offset my first AF (and which required practically pulling teeth to get Barclays to honor months later). I think this is horseshit. That $50 was mine and has f*ckall to do with this AF, which should be refunded in full if I close or (can) downgrade inside 60 days. Am I missing something?

  37. DSP says:

    Barclays card approval rules – new rule?

    I applied yesterday and was immediately denied. I called recon today and the rep told me that their system will auto-deny anyone who applies more than once within a 4 month period and no hardpull is done. He encouraged me to apply again in 2 days when the 4 month window is past.

    • Kaleb says:

      Hmm might explain my instant denial I just received. I got an aviator red in march and just and applied for the wyndham. I’m gonna call tomorrow and see what’s up however they did do a hardpull on my TU.

  38. Austin says:

    I had an Arrival+ that I downgraded to an Arrival ~8 months ago.
    Can I apply for the Arrival+ again, or will it be considered the same product?

    • Dave C says:

      It’ll be same product. You have to PC to a non-Arrival card.

    • Shyam says:

      Hi Austin,
      I’ve downgraded Arrival+ to Arrival ~8 months ago.
      When I tried to apply for Arrival+ 7 months ago, I was denied for having the same Arrival family card.
      I was not able to PC to a different Barclay card until last month(may a 6 month mark is there since the PC, YMMV)
      I’ve PCed Arrival to ‘Barclay Rewards’ last month and also got a $100 back after spending $1000 in 3 months. All existing Arrival miles are converted to Rewards points 1:1 and I can redeem for statement credit.
      After a statement close of the Rewards card, I applied for the Arrival+ yesterday and was instantly approved.

      • Peter says:

        <<<<also got a $100 back after spending $1000 in 3 months

        Was that a special offer for product changing (instead of cancelling) or the regular sign up bonus for new cards?

  39. HariOm says:

    I got rejected for an Arrival+ and it was five months after my last Barclay’s app (Aviator red). Have already had and cancelled Arrival+ twice before. Letter said: “…Our records show that you’ve already established the maximum allowable number of this product with us.”

  40. D L says:

    I was approved for the Arrival+ and applied for the Cash Forward which went into pending. I thought the hard pulls would be combined but it appears that 2 separate inquiries were made.

  41. Saf says:

    DP 6/7: Applied for Aviator (Instant Approved), Applied for A+ few minutes later (Pending). Recon would NOT consider opening A+ due to no history with bank. Also they pulled Experian

    Will update if I get an alert from TU

  42. Dee says:

    I applied for this card on June 1, 2017 and was not instantly approved. The application status link first said that it was under review but that changed to a denial a day later. I called recon and they said that i needed to submit the following addl documentation before proceeding further

    a) Driver’s License
    b) Social Security Card
    c) Proof of address

    In hindsight, this seems like its due to my being a non-citizen as the application clearly asked for status. I snail-mailed them (they refused to accept via email) and am waiting to find out the result. Will report back once I hear from them.

    Barclays sure hates non-citizens

    • Andrey says:

      Au contraire. I applied for 2 cards with them within a one year span and was immediately approved for each.

    • andy says:

      I am in your situation now… How long did it take them to process the documents you provided?

      • Dee says:

        From the time they received my package it took them one week to approve but on both occasions (Arrival+ and Aviator Red) it was I who called them to get it done. On the first instance, I called them a day after they received it and they asked for a week’s time to get to it and respond themselves but that didn’t happen and it could have just been that rep’s thoughts. I’d say give them 2 days and give it a try.

  43. Shaun says:

    Had Sallie Mae/Commence since 2015.
    Got Arrival+ this February, Aviator in March.
    Applied for CashForward, went pending.
    Denial letter claimed they’d extended as much credit that they can to me.
    Called recon.
    I Asked if I could transfer some credit line from Arrival+
    Recon said they cannot approve me since I’ve had six new accounts this year.

  44. krysanthus says:

    I just applied for the Barclay Arrival and was denied instantly for having “too many credit cards opened recently”. I called reconsideration line several times. It seems questionable to me that Barclay is not very up front about how many is too many, and what “recently” means. With the last agent I pushed hard, and he told me that basically any more than 2 credit cards opened in the last 12 months looks “suspicious” to them and they won’t even consider anything else. Wow

    • Oldmacdonald says:

      @krysanthis: that isn’t true though. I have 17 new accounts in last 6 months and just approved for second Barclay Card in last 3 months.

  45. VL says:

    Will, Chuck, some infor on the most recent application(s)

    Just applied for Wyndham (with AF), while the bonus is 45K..
    Was not instantly approved, called “reconsideration” number from DoC post, told them “in case if they need any additional info would be happy to provide”, did not even ask them to approve on the spot, just offered to answer any questions if they had some.

    They located the application, and said they need me to mail (no fax) the copies of (a) my Driver’s License front and back, (b) the copy of my SS card front and back, (c) the copy of a utility bill or bank statement showing my name and my address. They said everything is OK with the application, but they need to verify the identity.

    I asked if the identity can be verified over the phone (as many banks do with the questions generated based on your credit history, past accounts and other personal info)… they said that such option exists, but not for me. I need to mail them the docs.

    I have no problem mailing the needed documents, obviously, I have them all… but sounded strange.
    Has anybody experienced anything like that before?

    My story: no previous history with Barclay Bank, Credit Score 820+, several (may be 5-6 between all reports) hard inquires over the last year (last one within a couple of weeks). 3/24 situation.

    Applied for my spouse, and also was NOT instantly approved, but decided to not call, and just wait.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!

  46. tassojunior says:

    update: Applied for the wyndham 45K, which I closed 6 months ago. Got rejection letter. On a whim I phoned. CSR said just because it still showed active and he approved me for a new one moving some credit from my 3 open BC cards.

    Then decided to try my luck and applied for the 60K Red AA. Pending so called. Another CSR approved it by moving more credit.

    So BC has loosened up.

  47. Trippy says:

    Applied for Arrival+ and got auto approved with a $2k credit. I initially assumed its not the Elite version judging from the CL, but seems like it is, which is quite strange.

    Went ahead and applied for the Aviator Red with the employee code. Got instant denied, but 500 miles showed on AAdvantage account. Called reconsideration but no dice. Funnily enough, the lady is not referencing my just opened card and simply reading out the report with the other cards and saying credit history is not deep enough.

    I received a notification from Creditwise (of Capital One) for the first application, but nothing for the second. My score is 725 (the Vantage one used by Creditwise). Have 2 cards around 6 months old, and 4 inquiries (2 of them from my housing rental).

  48. exodus says:

    Hi Everyone, would like to apply for the Aviator 60k promo but already got an existing Aviator inherited from US Airways days. Wonder if Barclay will likely deny if I already have same version of the card?

    Any successful case of getting a new Aviator card while already have an existing aviator? Thanks very much 🙂

  49. MarcoPolo says:

    Applied for Ring Card for BT and got auto approved with a $5k limit.
    This is my first ever Barclaycard.
    My credit score is >800 and they pulled TU
    Interestingly, Chase denied (first ever) me for a Slate card earlier this week citing 5/24.
    Called reconsideration line since the 5th card was AU but they didn’t budge.

  50. Ivan X says:

    Above, it says “All Barclays cards are churnable…you’ll need to have cancelled the previous card and usually a wait for at least six months is required.”

    I understand that to mean it’s a good idea to wait six months after closing a card before applying for it again.

    But at /list-of-churnable-credit-cards/#Barclaycard it says:

    “All Barclays cards are churnable…it’s best to wait a minimum of six months in between applications.”

    That seems to suggest that as long as it’s been at least six months between when you last applied for the card, it doesn’t matter how recently you closed it.

    Which of these do you think is the right one? Or am I misreading it?

    • It’s not a hard and fast rule, you need to have closed the account. I recommend waiting six months in between closing and reopening so you have some sort of excuse for getting the card again if you need to call reconsideration. Hope that helps

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