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Published on February 4th, 2016 | by William Charles


22 Things Everybody Should Know About US Bank Credit Cards

US Bank doesn’t have the the most enticing credit card offerings, but they do have a few credit cards worth applying for. Before doing so (or if you already have one of their credit cards) there are a few (

  1. Before applying for any US Bank credit cards, you freeze your SageStream & ARS credit reports. US Bank checks these reports, but it doesn’t seem to help in the approval process at all, just another reason to deny you. Although you will need to have these unfrozen when you sign up for a US Bank checking account (they sometimes offer promotional bonuses, don’t need to be unfrozen if applying in branch).
  2. US Bank allows you to view your pre-approved offers before applying. This can be useful for people that don’t have great credit, just remember that this doesn’t guarantee pre-approval.
  3. There is at least one data point of US Bank merging multiple inquiries in the same day into a single hard pull. That being said, US Bank is quite difficult to get approved with.
  4. There is no hard limit to the amount of US Bank credit cards you can hold. But keep in mind that the more cards you have with them, the more difficult it is to get approved.
  5. If you are denied for a credit card with US Bank, make sure you call their reconsideration department. You won’t always get approved, but it’s worth a call anyway. If you haven’t called reconsideration before, read these tips first.
  6. US Bank won’t agree to pull a different credit report if you have the one they want to use frozen. You can’t eve  give them a PIN to access the frozen report.
  7. It’s possible to churn US Bank credit cards. Just keep in mind they are such sticklers when it comes to approval.
  8. US Bank reports your credit utilization based on what it is on the 1st of each month. This is useful to know if you need to reduce your credit utilization for FICO score purposes.
  9. You can also change your statement closing date. It might make sense to change it to just before the end of the month, that way you’ll always show a low balance (as mentioned above).
  10. When it comes to credit limits, US Bank is quite weird. For increases they’ll run them as a soft pull if under $1,500 and a hard pull if over $1,500. For reallocations, they do a soft pull but you need to get a manager to approve those anyway.
  11. If US Bank increases the sign up bonus of one of their cards that you’ve recently applied for, they should match it. US Bank don’t mess with their sign up bonuses often, so we don’t have a lot of data on them but it’s worth a try.
  12. If you cancel your card within 30 days of the annual fee posting, they’ll refund it for you. Can be useful if you forget to cancel the card before the annual fee hits.
  13. You can’t product change between brands (e.g Club Carlson to Cash+). If you do want to downgrade a US Bank branded card, then the Cash+ card is likely to be your best option with your choice of 5% categories (even if most of the good ones are gone).
  14. US Bank offers a referral program. If you want to refer one of your friends to one of their cards, then you can get a bonus of up to 10,000 points per referral.
  15. When meeting minimum spend requirements, the clock starts when your card is approved.
  16. Spend on authorized user accounts doesn’t count for minimum spend requirements. Only spend on the primary card counts.
  17. US Bank will usually waive the annual fee on FlexPerks cards when calling retention. Actually they’ll just give you enough points to offset the annual fee, but same difference really (actually a little better since you could pay the AF in cash and then use the points to get more than that value in travel redemption).
  18. It’s not possible to get sign up bonuses paid out earlier than expected. So make sure you apply with plenty of time before you want to redeem those points/miles.
  19. US Bank waives the fees on their checking account if you have one of their credit cards. This is useful when they are offering a sign up bonus on those accounts. Personal credit cards will waive the fees on personal accounts and business credit cards will waive the fee on business accounts.
  20. US Bank doesn’t report business credit cards to the personal credit bureaus which is useful for keeping your credit report cleaner.
  21. You cannot check your application status with U.S. Bank online, instead you must call them on (800) 947-1444.
  22. If you have auto-pay set up with U.S. bank they will pay the full statement balance if you make a partial payment, we’re unsure what they will do if you make the full payment. 

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If you want to discuss any of this in the comments, please do so. I’d recommend not referring to each item by it’s number, as that changes as we add in more/remove others.

92 Responses to 22 Things Everybody Should Know About US Bank Credit Cards

  1. Mohammad M says:

    Please do this for other banks too.

  2. Gerald says:

    Having a US Bank credit card comes in handy when going for their checking account bonus, since they waive monthly fees for card holders.

  3. milespoints says:

    I am pretty sure US Bank reports the balance on the last business day of the month, not the 1st.

    So if the calendar works out
    Friday – 30th
    Saturday – 31st
    Sunday – 1st

    They will report the Friday balance

  4. Ted says:

    Point 10: Reallocation of CL with US Bank is soft pull. Manager approval still applies, results are instant.

    Points 16: For US Bank Flexperks card, they will give you the points equivalent of the annual fee as retention, so you can redeem those points to cover the annual fee. Been doing that every year since the Olympics bonus

  5. JJ says:

    I have gotten a retention bonus on my flexperks AMEX. Fee waived for the first year (standard) and also the second year (retention). They did ask me why I would like one and I just made up some stuff about how it is my last year in college and how I don’t like their reward system as other credit cards. (Maybe they gave it to me since I am about to be out of college and they want my business in the upcoming months. I have been banking with them since I’ve been a baby and they gave me huge CL on both of my cards I have with them.)

  6. Varun says:

    18. Money spent on an authorized user account will not qualify for minimum spend required for a sign-up bonus. Only money spent by the primary account holder will count.

  7. HG says:

    You don’t need ARS/SS frozen to open a bank account- at least in branch.

  8. Jon says:

    I surprisingly received a retention bonus of 5K points on the Flexperks Visa. It took two calls with a manager and a few days of waiting for a return call before the retention bonus was offered. Had the card for 7 years and a good relationship with the bank.

  9. jesseprado says:

    hi, i have a us bank aeromexico card, do you know if i can downgrade to a regular us bank credit card ?

  10. Brenton says:

    For my first card, the flexperks Visa, I had to call 4 separate times before finally being approved. Call until they give you a firm no and are unwilling to resubmit (I’d want to hear this from multiple reps before quitting) Since then I’ve added a business flexperks and just got the amex.

  11. jim says:

    they told me i have 30 days (unlike 60 to 180 days with other issuers) to pay fee or not pay fee to cancel the card so I waited and was out of the country and was late for fee payment by 2 weeks. Was charged late and interest fee of $31. STill paid $75 but the 2 supervisors I spoke to says I missed out on the 40k renewal bonus cos I was late for annual fee payment and paying fee now won’t make difference.

    I will do what I can do get the renewal bonus and cancel this card for their pathetic customer service

  12. Winston says:

    I have four US Bank credit cards, and here are some more data points.

    First, a credit line move is a hard pull. It just happened to me last week.

    Second, the referral bonus sucks, and the offer match sucks. I referred a friend about a year ago, and sent an email to them for my referral bonus. They asked for some information, and then replied an email which totally made no sense. Also, they called me to ask me to apply for Cash+. Two weeks later I saw a $100 sign-up bonus (previously no bonus). The offer was right online, and I called three customer reps. All of them said that the offer was not for me (a public one not for me?). I said I will close the account, the reps simply said it is up to you.

    In general US bank sucks. The only reason I keep it is due to the FlexPerks card.

  13. Quippy says:

    I didn’t do the freeze and am a pretty heavy churner. Approved with no problems for the US BANK Flexperks. The conventional wisdom is prevalent that you must freeze, but take it for it’s worth.

  14. Arneal says:

    This is my experience regarding points 3, 7, and 11 (the experience intertwines the three).

    I applied for the US Bank FlexPerks Amex (with annual fee) last year, and I was approved with a bonus of 20 000 points after spending $3500. I was foolish enough to not check my pre-approved offers until after the fact, and I saw that there was an offer for the same card for the same points but with a minimum spend requirement of only $500.

    I called them up, but they couldn’t match me to the better offer because it was targeted. However, they said they would immediately cancel the card and that they’d submit a new application with me while I was on the phone. I was approved with the same credit limit and everything, and I received the bonus after only needing to spend the lower amount.

    That indicates it’s possible to be approved for the same card twice, and I spoke with a representative who told me that it’s possible to get the bonus so long as you’re approved.

    I then applied for the Korean Air card and was also approved.

    I only had one credit inquiry (well, two because they pulled from two different bureaus).

    That means they do combine inquiries, they do allow churning (if the representative is to be taken at his word, but you know my experience with representatives), and they do allow matching of offers (although in my case, the method by which they matched me was weird).

  15. Arneal says:

    Regarding point 6, I have some information that might be useful but is a little tangential. I had a freeze on my ARS and SageStream reports, and I applied for a checking account. They called me up and informed me that I would need to either lift the freeze or go in person to verify my identity to approve the account. I was able to send an email to a manager with my PINs, and they were able to approve me.

  16. Electroman says:

    I got the Club Carlson business and personal with one hard pull – so combining pulls worked for me.

  17. Ken says:

    FWIW, if you have a Biz card they will waive fees for Biz checking accounts, but not for personal accounts. And same vice versa. A teller told me this yesterday.

  18. Loall says:

    In a scale from 1 to 5 How easy or difficult is to get Credit Card approval from US. Bank? I’m tempted to apply for one card though not sure if revolving credit balances on other cards will affect my application. BTW, thanks for info already posted on here.

  19. Richelle says:

    I have a US Bank Secured Visa, 2 yrs post BK with perfect payment hx and and applied for the Cash+ card and was denied. Called the retention dept and they advised that a hard rule is that they will not convert secured cards to unsecured until your BK has been discharged for at least 5 years. Just thought this might help anyone trying to move from secured > unsecured. Also, this is an application for a new card, they do not automatically convert secured cards through USB.

  20. K. says:

    is there any compilation of data points for how long one hard pull is “good for” for each bank?

    e.g., Mario and Free-quent Flyer’s exchange here ( says that several U.S. Bank applications within one month would generate only one HP.

    it’d be great to take advantage of that with the current checking acct promo and the upcoming likely Olympics promo, but that post was two years ago, so I’m wary.

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  23. james says:

    I already have 2 personal us bank credit cards i want to apply for the business edge card using my EIN. Are you saying US Bank doesn’t report business credit cards to the personal credit bureaus which is useful for keeping your credit report cleaner. So there won’t be a hard pull when applying for us bank business card

  24. Dee says:

    hi chuck,
    i opened the U.S. BANK FLEXPERKS VISA in feb 2014 and closed it in feb 2015.
    am i entitled to the sign up bonus + the olympics bonus if i apply and get approved now?
    thanks 🙂

  25. Jason says:

    FYI: Point 3: I applied both flexperks visa and amex on same day and only resulted in one hard pull. Both cards were approved. I have at least seen other two people had same experience.

  26. james says:

    Hi William,
    I applied for the business card using s corp, but there is a pull on personal credit

  27. Ted says:

    Here is my data point:

    I have never had my Sagestream and ARS reports frozen. Prior to this current Olympics round of apps, I have had 3 cards successfully approved without going to recon. 1 (Flexperks Visa) in 2012, 2 (Flexperks Amex and Club Carlson Premier) in 2015. I closed my Flexperks Visa one week prior to applying this round (though it still shows no indication of being closed online, neither does new statement that just came out yesterday say anything).

    I applied for Olympics Flexperks personal and business on same day. Resulted in one pull on EX. Personal approved within 2 days with $5k CL. Business denied, telling me to contact ARS for more details. I asked business app to be reconsidered, they said they will put in through second review. One day later, TU was pulled but business app was approved with $19k CL.

    My wife never had US Bank cards, also don’t have Sagestream and ARS frozen. She applied for personal and business too. Hers were both automatically approved within 2 days without going to recon. $5k and $12k CL. One pull on EX.

    We are in NY and we each have 25+ new accounts in these past 2 years alone. Each had about 15 inquiries on EX. I had 8 on TU. FWIW, we both had checking and savings account with US Bank up till late July.

    One thing about Flexperks program. My original first Flexperks Visa and Flexperks Amex have same Flexpoints account number so the points are pooled together at the “Household Level.” Within the Household Level, there are individual “Account Levels.” I was told by supervisor that if I close my Flexperks Visa, the points earned from that “Account Level” would be lost, despite them being pooled together at “Household Level.” However, supervisor had the power to transfer the Visa points (50k+) over to the Amex account, even bypassing the 20k limit imposed when you transfer between Flexpoints accounts. That was a bonus to keep points alive. Supervisor also said downgrading is no longer an option.

    • Ted says:

      UPDATE 1: I called about my first Flexperks Visa account that I requested to be closed on 8/19 and rep said it is “in the process of being closed.” Apparently there is a roughly 1 month or 1 statement cycle period for a credit card account to be fully closed with US Bank. Will see how that impacts my new Flexperks Visa bonus.

    • Ted says:

      UPDATE 2: Received letter for my initial business card denial. It listed the following agencies that they have obtained information from:
      1) Experian
      2) IDA, Inc
      3) Advanced Resolution Services, Inc
      4) Dun and Bradstreet

      First 3 not new, 4th is my first time hearing about them, but I suppose that is specifically for businesses?

  28. XP1 says:

    US Bank pulled TransUnion. 2 days later, I got a TU credit change alert about employer added to my credit report.

    US Bank application had a field for the employer. Coincidence?

    Did this happen to anyone else?

  29. mlane says:

    I have had a US Bank Visa Gold since ’88. They offer me nothing, no perks, no bonuses, no nothing, despite my 790 FICO………….so, this evening we had some words. Apparently, in 1990, they claim I “opted out from offers,” so they have never bothered to ask if I wanted to reconsider.

    Twice per wk, I get annoyed by the “successor of Rachel” fake bank card services thing, which USB card services is uninterested in stopping. Now THAT’s quite a perk! While my other card is presently offering me 12 mo 0% intr., 12.25 reg. has great balance transf. offers, and keeps me updated, as to what is being offered,, USB offered 12.99 Promo from 14.25%. Spoke to super after being on hold for 10 min, asked why was being treated so poorly, etc.

    NO GOOD Answer. Except that in 1990, I had opted out from offers and they cared so little that they never re-inquired.

    This is apparently a bank so arrogant and uncaring that their attitude is FU…………..who cares……..not us.

    And, my really stupid bad, I have put up with this since 1988. Fool me once, shame on you; foll me twice, shame on me………… game over for USB…………………………………..Callous? yup. Arrogant? yup. Customer service? non-existent. Time to exit, stage left.


  30. Sean says:

    Does freezing SageStream and ARS matter if you have a targetted offer (with code)?
    Of course, it couldn’t hurt to freeze anyway but I’m more concerned about timing.

  31. Kyle says:

    I closed my Flexperks visa on 10/1/2016. I know regret the decision. However, I went into a branch today to see if it was possible to reinstate the card. The answer was no. I then asked if I would be able to get the bonus again if I signed up. Their answer: I would be eligible again after 90 days. Obviously, I cannot confirm this right now, but I will sign up again in a couple weeks and report back if I do get the bonus.

  32. f says:

    I have an old US Bank card that was my very first card. Tried like hell to do a product change to something that did not have an annual fee–it’s essentially impossible with US Bank. They said I’d have to apply for a new card. I ended up canceling the card.

    • Lou says:

      I know it IS possible to product change at USBANK. I’ve dealt with them. Every time you call a rep will tell you different things in regard to your request, whatever it might be. Call at least 3 times (at separate times) to different phone numbers (that lead to the credit services). You might get someone who eventually knows -for sure- his/her job…. Recently, I requested a CLI. The rep go I got was so well informed I was in shock! I asked info regarding a credit increase and before I even finished asking, she said “soft pull on credit line increase unless you request a lot!” I then request if my cards have any offers and she goes “I can product change your other boring cards with no rewards if you’d like!” Car was not even 6 months old… So BINGO!.
      My experience with this bank is that most reps don’t bother with their job duties. When a rep doesn’t know well, they’ll tell ya to go to a branch to confirm and then when at the branch they’d turn you back to the credit services on the phone. It can be done. It just takes miles of patience with them.

  33. Abey says:

    Yay, applied for the Club Carlson Business and was approved.
    Tried recently the personal after closing it a year ago but was denied.
    This US Bank barely approves appocations and yet they have so many credit cards i think more then any other bank.
    (Meanwhile there is a misspell in #6 it says eve instead of even).

  34. Marty says:

    Are there any general rules that US Bank credit applicants should know about? Ie do they have a set number of inquiries in a set amount of time that you need to be under? Any other rules for accounts like Chase 5/24 2/30, Ames 2/90 etc…? Very interested in the Club Carlson business. I will wait a couple months after just getting 3 new cards last week between me and my wife.

    • No set rules, but they are strict with new accounts so most people can only get 1-2 cards with them.

      • Lou says:

        I’d let you in a secret William, if you go to the bank and open a checking account the system will run a soft pull and, like your ‘shopping cart trick’, it will display all the good stuff you qualify for. I don’t work for them. I just keep my eyes open. Sometimes you can eye the 3 cards all at once.

  35. Lou says:

    William, in reference to point 10: ” For increases they’ll run them as a soft pull if under $1,500 and a hard pull if over $1,500.”…
    Will having a high credit limit interfere with the pull done?
    Usually, USBANK reps ask “how much you would like to request? Instead of “how much would you like to be the total credit line on this card?” (BTW, this could be different by requesting increases online as opposed to calling a rep).

    I recently learned that the amount you put in for the request also will include the credit you already have. Meaning, if the account has 1,000 and you want to ADD an increase by $1,500, then you add both of them and request/provide that total to the rep: “I want to request $2500” as opposed to “I want to request $1500.”
    Let me know if you have any idea how the pull runs on. This will be interesting to know since most of us (here) might have a credit line higher than $5000.

  36. Chelsea says:

    DP for multiple US Bank apps in one day!

    Today I received a mailer for the 40k Skypass Visa. I’d just applied for the Barclay A+ card after cancelling with instant approval so I figure I’d go ahead and apply for the Skypass card today as I’d been wanting to try for the 40k bonus. Boom, instant approval. Since US Bank combines inquiries, I decided to apply for both the personal and business Club Carlson cards. Again, automatically approved for both, one right after the other.

    This is truly incredible as I just took advantage of the Citi AA no 24 mo language link (2x) and also was approved for the AmEx Blue today. In the last 6 months, I have 8 inquiries before applying for the Club Carlson cards, and 6 new personal (and 2 biz) accounts.

    A little history – I applied for a Club Carlson card a year ago and was straight up denied. Not even recon worked on account of too many recent inquiries. I then froze my SageStream and ARS a while back but was busying applying for other cc’s I liked better. I don’t do any banking with US Bank.

  37. David says:

    I thought the general consensus was US Bank cards ARE churnable?
    DP: received US Bank Flexperks card in 2012, canceled in 2013, opened again in 2016 without problems receiving the bonus again. Thank you, Olympics!

    • zjts says:

      I already have this card (U.S. Bank Cash+) & earned the $100 bonus +$25 redemption bonus back in Oct 2015. The card is till open. I know I can open another U.S. Bank Cash+ card, but will I be able to qualify for this $100bonus on the new card after required spending $500 within 3 months ? Any experience & opnions are appreciated

  38. trifecta guy says:

    I found something interesting in the fine print of a targeted us bank business application i recieved. It talks about a minimum spend bonus. Its says “$500 cash back will be credited to your account if you are approved for the us bank business edge cash rewards card and after eligible net purchases totaling $4500 or more are made to your account in the first 150 days. Each card meeting the spend requirement will earn the cash back. Spend on multiple cards may not be combined to meet the requirement”

    “Each card meeting the spend requirement will earn the cash back.” ? This peaked my interest because i wondered is if each authorized signer met thier own $4500 spending requirement does that mean each authorized signer will get thier own $500 bonus?

    I called US bank 4 times to ask and the first 3 reps and after being on hold for some time said yes each authorized signer can qualify for thier own bonus! The 4th rep I called said no you just get it once 🙁 Seems too good to be true but hopefully someone can chime in to provide a datapoint or opinion.

    • sirtheta says:

      I cannot provide a DP, but I can provide an opinion. (Opinion solidified by this FatWallet thread:

      By my reading of those terms, each employee card is considered to be their own account (technically they are all employee cards, even the primary card) and each is eligible for their own bonus. Spend across multiple employee cards does *not* combine to get the bonus.

      By my reading of the FatWallet thread, user dl73 DID get the bonus on an employee card.

      The real question is whether you can add employee cards later and still get the bonus—you may be restricted to just those added on the application.

      This is an extremely unusual bonus, but I think you’ve got it right.

      For comparison, check out the terms of the American Express Business Platinum: “To be eligible to earn 50,000 additional points, you must charge $10,000 of qualifying purchases*, OR to be eligible for another 25,000 additional points (for a total of 75,000 points), you must charge a total of $20,000 in qualifying purchases*. Qualifying purchases can be made by the Basic Card Member and any Additional Card Members on a single Card Account.

      • trifecta guy says:

        Wow this is great information. Thanks for the well researched quick response! I feel confident enough to try it and ill report back the result. In my case au was added after the application so we’ll see. Im still within the initial 150 days to meet spend.

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  40. Zak says:

    So can you sign up for the Flex Perks Travel 20k, Amex Gold 30k Flex Points, and Amex Select 10k and combine all the points? I’m getting shot down for the Barlcay Arrival and the VentureOne cards for too many accounts opened recently. I want to book a trip for September, but I want it to be ‘free’. I don’t want to burn miles.

  41. Ryan says:

    I opened a savings account online with them yesterday so I can apply for the Altitude Reserve card when it comes out. (Apparently you have to be a customer for 35 days before applying)

    At the end of the account setup, a preapproval screen popped up offering the Cash+ Visa or Cash365 Amex. The limit offered on both was $4500, which is low compared to my other cards, but that seems common for USBank. It was interesting because I had checked my preapprovals earlier and had none, so they must’ve done a soft pull and generated the new ones on the fly.

    • UncivilEngineer says:

      According to the blog/Reddit post on the card, you can also apply as a new customer if your banker calls underwriting to confirm you as a new customer.

      I’m currently debating on whether to go for a checking/savings account and fund with credit now, and try to get the Reserve card, or to just go in-branch without any account.

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  43. Jatt says:

    If a US bank credit card gets downgraded, will it be considered as a new card in the credit report? Thanks.

  44. CJ says:

    Received 6000 flexperks points when calling for retention offer. Only 3500 needed to offset annual fee.

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  46. Daniel says:

    So do you still recommend freezing ARS & Sagestream even though US Bank is denying credit card application if you froze it? Or did the situation ameliorated from then?

  47. Tasha says:

    Thanks for the helpful information! If I’ve just been approved for a credit card with US Bank, will they rerun my credit (hard inquiry) if I want to open a checking account with them?

  48. J T says:

    I called for both of my FlexPerks cards, Travel & Gold AmEx, with AF just posted, and received a hard no for each request. No AF refund, no compensatory points, no spending bonus to offset the AF. Also no option to downgrade either card. Just no.

    Any specific number to call, department to request, or key phrase to drop to make this happen?

    Not USBank, but I got same answer, 3 different calls, when I tried to reduce the AF or downgrade my Barclay Arrival+ earlier this year.

  49. John says:

    Flexperks Data point:

    Received a firm no when requesting the fee on my Flexperks Amex Gold to be waived (or for points to be provided to offset it) after they failed to volunteer any retention options.

    I asked to product change to the no annual fee Flexperks, but that wasn’t an option. However, the rep was able to product change me to the Flexperks Travel Rewards Visa Signature with the first year’s annual fee waived and I kept all my flexpoints. The $85 annual fee hit my statement as usual and I couldn’t log into my flexpoints account for a week during the transition, but then the $85 was reversed and all was well.

    Before all of the above, a couple years ago, I had the old Flexperks Amex (not the Gold or the no AF; the discontinued Flexperks Amex) and successfully applied for the (then-new) Flexperks Gold Amex. After the Flexperks Gold Amex arrived, I cancelled the Flexperks Amex and lost the 6k orphaned Flexpoints I had in my account. I called customer service but they wouldn’t reinstate the points; apparently, your flexpoints accounts are separate and can’t be merged. (Obviously I would have just redeemed 5k flexpoints against the Flexperks Amex AF if I’d known this at the time).

    Bottom line: Always product change flexperks cards, don’t close them. Flexpoints aren’t like MR or UR; you can’t just get a 2nd card in the same family to extend their expiration.

    • Ted says:

      You most certainly can. They don’t merge or combine automatically by default. You’ll need to call and they can move it from one FP account to the next.

    • J T says:

      (888) 229-8864 FlexPerks Rewards direct line, for transfers over 20k points, redemptions, etc.

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