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TD Bank up To $300 Checking Bonus [CT, DC, DE, FL, MD, ME, MA, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, VT, & VA]

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $300
  • Availability: CT, DC, DE, FL, MD, ME, MA, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, VT, & VA only
  • Direct deposit required: Yes, $500+ for $150 bonus or $2,500 for $300 bonus
  • Additional requirements: None
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • Credit card funding: Up to $300 (a lot of cards process as cash advance)
  • Monthly fees: Up to $25, waive-able
  • Early account termination fee: None
  • Household Limit: None mentioned
  • Expiration date: Unknown

The Offer

Direct link to offer

TD Bank is offering two checking sign up bonuses of $150 and $300 depending on the account-type:

  • Earn $150 when you open a TD Convenience checking account and receive direct deposits totaling $500 or more within 60 days
  • Earn $300 when you open a TD Premier/Relationship checking account and receive direct deposits totaling $2,500 or more within 60 days

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 1.25.13 PM Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 1.25.07 PM

The Fine Print

  • Offer is available to new personal checking Customers who do not have an existing or prior personal checking account at TD Bank, open their account online via this web page and complete the required qualifying criteria.
  • $300 bonus offer available to eligible new personal checking Customers when opening a TD Premier CheckingSMaccount with cumulative direct deposit funds of $2,500 or more into the new account within 60 days of account opening. $150 bonus available to eligible new personal checking Customers when opening a TD Convenience CheckingSM account with cumulative direct deposit funds of $500 or more into the new account within 60 days of account opening.
  • Qualifying direct deposits are recurring electronic deposits of your paycheck, pension or government benefits (such as Social Security) from your Employer or the Government. Person-to-Person and bank transfers between your TD Bank accounts or accounts you have at other financial institutions or brokerages do not qualify.
  • Once the offer criteria is met, the bonus will be credited into the new personal checking account no later than 95 days from account opening.
  • Account must remain open, active, in good standing, and in the same product type through the qualifying period to receive the bonus.
  • Bonus will be reported as taxable income to the IRS on a 1099-MISC.
  • Offer may be withdrawn at any time and is subject to change.
  • One bonus per Customer and cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • TD Bank employees and Canadian cross-border banking Customers are not eligible.

Avoiding Fees

TD Convenience Checking $15 Monthly Fee

This is waived if you have a minimum daily balance of $100.

TD Premier Checking $25 Monthly Fee

This is waived if you have a minimum daily balance of $2,500.

Early Account Termination Fee

In their online fee schedule, there is no mention of an early account termination fee. This comment confirms the same.

Our Verdict

Given that you can only get this bonus once per lifetime, it’s worth going for the $300 bonus as it’s not that much more difficult to trigger the bonus requirements or keep it fee free. $300 is also the largest bonus we’ve seen on this account (it fluctuates between $150/$300 and then reduced to $100/$200). We will be adding this to our list of best checking promotions.

If you run into the issue of them being unable to verify your identity, try using your passport instead of your drivers license. Also according to this you can open out of state via phone, but not possible to get the bonus (share any other date points you have below).

(Hat tip: can’t remember who)

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220 Responses to TD Bank up To $300 Checking Bonus [CT, DC, DE, FL, MD, ME, MA, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, VT, & VA]

  1. Yet Another Redditor says:

    Isnt this an affiliate link? Says so on the page header.

  2. Jon says:

    I just opened up this account last week. Something I noticed is they let you mobile deposit MOs, which I didn’t see posted in any forums. Right now my limit is small: is 500/day, 1000/month, but it should go up from there once the account ages a bit.

  3. Emily says:

    In light of M&T raining down irresistible (and fast to post!) bonuses on us, would appreciate anybody’s DPs as to which banks are especially Chex sensitive.

    I’m in MA, and Webster just shut down a checking account I had opened 3 weeks ago for the $350 bonus (before I started churning M&T hard) due to information on my Chex report! Found that incredibly odd!

    Would love to go for this one too, but I’m now wary that I’ve been going too hard and fast on Chex.

  4. Onsale says:

    What kind of luck have people had using the list of methods that banks count as direct deposits? I’m trying to figure out if it is worth the bother of trying to get one of these bonuses that require a direct deposit when you have to rely on “non-traditional” forms of direct deposit.

    Have you had success?
    Have you had failure?
    What’s been the proportion of outcomes between success and failure?
    All else being the same, does the probability of success justify the effort and time? (I realize that trade-off can be different for everyone, but generally speaking…)

  5. Rob says:

    Can you downgrade to the TD Convenience Checking after a while?

  6. Eric says:

    Has anyone attempted a TD bonus that was an existing customer? I’m curious if they enforce the terms.

  7. Reg says:

    I do not see the geographic restrictions in the terms. How do you know that it’s limited to those states?

    If it is in the terms or I missed it, has anyone successfully received the bonus from a state that isn’t listed.

  8. Max says:

    Takes like 2-3 months for bonus to post after meeting requirements, annoying to have 2500 tied up for that long.

  9. Mark says:

    Beware: The $300 credit card funding (MC/Visa only) is sent through as a cash advance (at least for a Chase card)!

  10. Superchurn says:

    So, call me crazy, but has anyone tried opening this account and offer via phone to get around the state restriction?

    Its not fun, but I have opened an account over the phone with BMO before…just a thought for all of us not living in the appropriate dropdown selection.

    If not, I just might try and become the datapoint I seek.

  11. Steve says:

    Last time i tried signing up online, a few months ago, it was unable to verify my identity or something so i couldnt complete the application. I tried my state ID and passport and it wasnt working. I’ll cross my fingers and try it again soon.

  12. AndyK says:

    Called them just now to ask if I am eligible for this promo… in other words to ask if I have ever had an account with them due to bank mergers and so forth. And the first thing the dude said was that even if I had ever been a Commerce bank customer (which I guessed got gobbled up by them) then I would still be eligible because I wasn’t a TD Bank customer. Reason I am typing this is because I have been reading in the comments sections for these TD Bank promos on this site about “a Commerce account in the past making them ineligible” so I thought I would just post what the guy just told me. On a side note, my social brought up nothing so perhaps I will give this a try even though I don’t have a “valid” FL address anymore but my FL license is still valid.

    • AndyK says:

      Well, received no targeted checking offer from BOA today (am waiting on one) so said ok, what the heck and did this one instead. No probs using my FL license as ID. I did leave the funding totally empty and website said if you don’t fund it within 45 days they will close the account. Well, that should work out cuz I plan to do a 2500 push from either discover or schwab – whatever some more datapoints show as working – on pension payday 1 May so am thinking I shouldn’t incur any $25 maintenance fee before that 45th day which is mid may. On a side note, as an overseas retired ex-mil with my FL license expiring on my b-day next year, I need to do as much of these acct bonuses as I can as there’s no way I am going back to the states just to renew my dr license 😉

  13. LagerBack says:

    Am I eligible for this bonus based off of below experience?

    I did this $300 promo last June and I did not get the bonus because I didn’t meet the dd required amount (I literally missed it by a day). Although I didn’t get the bonus, I still kept the TD checkings account until last month March when I decided to close it. So my status with TD Bank is I did have an account with them before, but never earned a promo bonus from them.

  14. John says:

    Tried to fund $300 with Chase CSR. Cash advance limit lowered to $100 before funding. Received an email saying funding was unsuccessful.

  15. Data point: I got an email that my funding was unsuccessful with my Citi Double Cash card with CA limit set to $0.

  16. Will Ryan says:

    This page doesn’t say anything about a state restriction, are we sure that is still the case?

    Also any DP’s on DD? It specifically says no brokerage accounts, so no Schwab/Fidelity if they are able to detect that. How are people meeting that requirement?

  17. Gadget says:

    Tried $300 funding on Chase U/L. Been two business days now and nothing posted, no temp authorization or holds, so I think it bounced. C/A limit is set to $20 previously, to avoid the possibility of getting hit with the CA fees. Either that, or they are just slow about processing the opening deposit.

  18. Guillermo Lover of Life says:

    Funded with CIti AA and posted as cash advance. Tried to call to lower cash advance to $0 before funding account, but CSR said that the card couldn’t be lowered below $750. Any way to get this fixed o CSR being misinformed? Since I’m now seeing other people able to lower their CIti Cash Advance limits


    Don’t really want to pay that fee.

  19. marshall says:

    Can I open in branch?

  20. marshall says:

    It shows”We can’t find you in the public record.

    The most common reason this happens is discrepancies between the personal information you provided and the public record – for instance, name, contact information or forms of ID.

    If you think this is the case with your application, please try again.

    Call us 24/7 at 1-888-751-9000 Visiting a TD Bank near you”

    What can do? if I open in branch, will they honor the account opening bonus?

  21. marshall says:

    Can I open it in branch to get this offer? The online application doesn’t allow me apply online and ask me to go to branch, but I’m not sure if the offer still valid if I apply in branch.

  22. ThanksDoc! says:


    2/16 Completed one ACH push from PNC for $1500

    2/23 Completed one ACH push from Chase for $1250

    4/13 Bonus Posted

    Seems both Chase and PNC counted as DD, as neither individual push was enough to satisfy the requirements.

    • MarcoPolo says:


      What did you do to keep the account fee free for those two months?
      Did you leave the $1500+$1250 in the account till the bonus posted?

    • RS says:

      Chase checking $2,500 transfer/ACH also worked for me as the “direct deposit”. I’ll keep $2.5k in the account till the $300 bonus posts to avoid fees.

      • Keenan says:

        @RS How do you know it worked as the “direct deposit” if the bonus hasn’t posted yet? Did you call them to confirm?

        • RS says:

          @Keenen Yes, I called (on 2 separate occasions) and was told the direct deposit criteria for the bonus had been met, and the bonus should post within 95 days. I’ll update when that happens or if there are any issues.

          • RS says:

            Also I’ve seen the PSA about not calling (/dont-call-the-bank/), but I had to call them for other issues, and simply asked if I’d met the bonus criteria and was told “yes”.

          • Keenan says:

            Thanks RS. For me, it seems they can’t tell if the promotion is on the account when asked or through SM. Although no deposits yet here. Maybe a deposit needs to post for it to trigger. Sounds like they are able to tell with your account since a deposit posted.

      • CChris says:

        Could you tell me how did you do the transfer from Chase? Was it just a transfer between accounts or was it done via Bill Pay? This will be the first I do this so I’m not sure which one to use. Thank you.

    • CChris says:

      Could you tell me how did you do the transfer from Chase? Was it just a transfer between accounts or was it done via Bill Pay? This will be the first I do this so I’m not sure which one to use. Thank you.

      • RS says:

        Hi yes, it was a transfer between accounts (from Chase checking). Chase has the instant external account linking/verification by providing account & routing #’s and signing in online (no trial deposits required), which was convenient.

  23. Nathan says:

    Is there any DP’s on downgrading the account before the bonus posts and still getting the bonus?

  24. BigD says:

    Anyone from Georgia who was able to open this account and get bonus??

  25. RS says:

    There’s needs to be a warning that TD Bank treats the $300 in credit card funding as a “cash advance” instead of a “purchase”. I now have to call them to fight the classification and try to get the cash advance fee reversed. Very frustrating!!!

  26. Wendel says:

    Successful funding of $300 with Ritz Carlton Visa. I never adjusted cash advance with Chase so it’s entirely possible it codes as CA to start with. Selected Visa Credit from the drop down during the app process.

  27. Deagan says:

    At the bottom of the customer service forum (, there’s a staff comment saying that the promotion is no longer there. There’s no mention of when the promotion ended though. Can y’all provide DPs for recent applications that got the bonus?

  28. NBG says:

    Any recent DP on how long it takes for the bonus to post?.
    I Opened 2/27 and Employer DD of $2500 on 3/3. Still no bonus in sight. Too early?.

    • joE says:

      rules said within 95 days of account opening so looks like you have a bit more to go.

      if you don’t see it within that time frame then you’re going to have to call them. Keep us posted please.

  29. Salen says:

    Opened on 2/28 and pushed $2500 from Capital One 360 account on 3/2. Coded as DIRECT DEPOSIT on statement. Sent an e-mail inquiring about bonus yesterday and just heard back that my deposit did not in fact count as DD. E-mailed back to argue my case. Will report back if anything changes…

    • joE says:

      Very interesting because as you probably already know it “shows” as direct deposit under type when you log in. So keep us posted on what happens.


    • Jeff says:

      Any update on this? I also used Capital One 360 as my direct deposit. Thanks.

    • jcm says:

      Hmm, I used Cap One too. Going to be irritated if it doesn’t go through, since the online banking has Type DIRECTDEP.

      • jcm says:

        My bonus just came in. I opened the account in late February, made the initial deposit in early March, and then ACH pushed $2550 from Capital One 360.

  30. Avi says:

    DP: Santander ACH push caused a Direct Deposit for my TD Premier

  31. bmanamex says:

    DP: Vanguard Brokerage did not trigger the bonus 🙁
    After a good run of using it as my hub, I have to use something else for this bank going forward.

    • How long did you wait?

      • bmanamex says:

        2/10: Opened Account
        2/22: Deposited $2500 and left it there.

        Sent Secure Message because it’s been almost 3 months, and they said I did not fulfill the requirements.

        Trying to fight it because Vanguard codes as DIRECTDEP.

        • bmanamex says:

          Ok forget the above…I think it hasn’t paid out because I just remembered I used to have a TD Ameritrade Brokerage options account like 7 years ago.

  32. Dan says:

    Chase push did not trigger a bonus.
    Where in the account page, it is coded as Direct Deposit.
    Account was opened early March.

    • When did you receive the Chase deposit? Bit early to definitively say it didn’t trigger the bonus I think?

      • Dan says:

        Sorry it was a typo.

        Account opened on Feb 10 2017, Chase push 2500 on Feb 23

        Send a message to them today. Response as follows:
        “Thank you for contacting us in regard to a promotion.

        We apologize, however it does not appear that your account met the requirements for qualifying deposit activity.

        Qualifying direct deposits are ……blah blah blah……. “

    • Dan says:

      Update to the Original Reply.

      Bonus posted on May 23

      Push from Chase Checking.

      • Jeff says:

        This confirms my suspicions that a lot of times the representatives will tell you that it doesn’t count while as long as the DD is coded as DD in their system it will push your bonus through regardless. So I think for all of us waiting for our bonuses to be pushed, as long as your DD is coded as DD in your account online it should be good to go. Right?

  33. seespotjump says:

    Anyone try this in California?

  34. bmanamex says:

    While complaining today to CSR through Secure Message, they sent me this email alluding to being able to get a personal checking bonus if you have been a PREVIOUS CUSTOMER, just not personal checking customer. I can’t verify this, because I can’t find their offer anywhere on the site.

    Thank you for contacting us in regards to the checking account offer.

    TD Bank is currently offering a new promotion that is available only through the Online Banking, by clicking on the “apply now” through the Ad on Once the account has been opened through the landing page, the applicant can choose between one of two options:
    • Open a TD Convenience CheckingSM account plus receive direct deposit(s) totaling $500 or more within 90 days of account opening to earn a $150 bonus
    • Open a TD Premier CheckingSM account plus receive direct deposit(s) totaling $2,500 or more within 90 days of account opening to earn a $300 bonus

    Qualifying direct deposits are recurring electronic deposits of your paycheck, pension or government benefits (such as Social Security) from your Employer or the Government. Person-to-Person and bank transfers between your TD Bank accounts or accounts you have at other financial institutions or brokerages do not qualify.

    The account must be opened for at least 125 calendar days to receive the incentive. In addition the applicants must be a new personal checking customer, meaning, they must have no existing or prior personal checking accounts at TD Bank. However, they may have an existing relationship at TD Bank.

    Due to this we will be unable to check the status of the promotion until the 125 days has been completed. Please reply back to this secure message or contact us again once this time period has passed.

    We apologize for any confusion.

  35. Maxwell B Turner says:

    Multiple direct deposits from different banks totaling >5k in first 2 months and td tells me i have not met the requirements for the deposit bonus 3 months later. Fuck these cunts.

  36. Patti says:

    Has ANYONE received a bonus from TD lately? It seems the past 3 weeks or so a lot of people have been disappointed. I pushed $2500 in from CO360 on 3/14 then again in April from Wells Fargo just to be on the safe side since this is a one-time deal.
    I opened the account on 3/8 so officially July 11 is the 125 day mark.
    Feels like an eternity compared to M&T. 🙁
    I hope it’s not all for nothing.

  37. Ray says:

    Finally 300 bonus posted today.
    Here is the timeline: opened my account on 02/08, first DD $1000 from Chase push on 03/10, second DD $1500 push on 03/24, shown as “JPMORGAN CHASE EXT TRNSFR”, Chase definitely triggered the bonus. Also made another DD from Citi shown as “CITIBANK XFER P2P” just for testing. Today 05/23 bonus posted (actually posted 05/22 night)

  38. bmanamex says:

    New DP: Vanguard Brokerage works for DD
    2/8 – Opened Account
    2/15 – Deposited 2.5k
    5/24 – Bonus Posted

    They claimed I was under the “up to 125 days to post” bonus, but it took about 100 days for it to post. Some CSRs said I had been ineligible as my direct deposits were not “real direct deposits” but it posted any way. Other CSRs were able to confirm that I had met the requirements.

    Hang in there, it just takes a while to post.

    Also, I had a TD Ameritrade brokerage account that was closed about 6 years ago, and this still posted. I had not received a bonus in that brokerage account.

  39. Josh says:

    DP-Citi Costco Cash VISA DID NOT code as cash advance for opening deposit.

  40. Gary says:

    hey guys, I often read all of the comments posted and being someone that works in the industry, I think it would help all ‘readers’, if someone walks thru the process of doing a DD push, as many of us (me included) dont know how to do it. I know only certain deposits trigger the Bonus so can someone just walk us thru 2 examples of ways that a person can send themselves a direct deposit to trigger the deposit? I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Adrian says:

      You work in the industry, and you don’t know how to set up ACH transfers?

      Hm…nice try TD Bank.

    • Anna says:

      @ Gary
      It’s all there in the original post.
      Just click the hyperlink “A Beginners Guide To Bank Account Bonuses” below “our Verdict”

  41. Gary says:

    hey Adrian, to be clear, I work in the financial industry, not for a bank…so rather than you assume anything, just ask…no need to be a sarcastic…clearly, you’re not interested in contributing to anyone as my question was pretty simple and straightforward….so if you have nothing to contribute, then dont say anything…lol..what an idiot

  42. John says:

    Open 2/21, pushed $2500 next day from chase, no bonus to date

    • Anna says:

      I am also waiting for my bonus and $25 monthly fee already posted.
      If the bonus doesn’t post then this will be the first promotion I’ll will be losing money.
      Finger’s crossed.

  43. DT says:

    Bonus posted yesterday. Timeline:
    2/14 – Account opened
    2/21 – $2500 ALLY BANK P2P
    5/31 – $300 bonus

  44. R W says:

    Received the bonus on 5/31.

    Account Opened 3/23
    $2600 Amex Saving Account Push 3/23

    Easy $300.

  45. C Lane says:

    Bonus Applied 5/31/17
    Account Opened 2/16/17

    $2500 CapitalOne360 Checking Push 2/23/17
    * it will show as P2P on your paper statement, but will show as a DD on the online inquiry

  46. JC says:

    2/16 – Premier Accnt Opened
    3/01 – $2500 DD Discover Checking
    5/31 – $300 Bonus posted

    Thank you DoC! 😉

  47. Cristi says:

    Funded $300 with BoA Alaska business card. Coded as purchase.

  48. Ben says:

    04/07 – Premier Checking Acct opened
    04/27 – $3500 Transfer from Cap One 360 posted as DIRECTDEP
    06/14 – $300 Bonus posted

    Additional notes:
    -I pulled the $3500 out a couple of days after the transfer from 360.
    -Was never charged any fees

    I will SM to close within the next couple of days…Thank you DoC and thanks to everyone who has provided valuable DP’s

  49. Greg says:

    4/10 – Opened Account
    4/18 – $2500 transfer from Capital 1 – showed as DIRECTDEP CAPITAL1 P2P
    4/24 – $2500 transfer from Capital 360 – showed as DIRECTDEP CAPITAL ONE N.A. CAPITALONE
    6/9 – $2500 real payroll DD – concerned after some DPs indicated 360 may not count as DD
    6/14 – $300 Bonus hit
    Looks like I probably didn’t need to do a real DD but oh well.
    Thanks DOC and All for the great info!

  50. AndyK says:

    4/05 – Opened account with $25
    5/03 – ACH $2500 from Chase Premier Plus Checking Account (which I only opened for that $300 bonus)
    6/14 – $300 TD Bank Bonus… bingo!

    As I wrote earlier in this thread I used my soon to expire FL drivers license to open the TD Bank account even though don’t live FL anymore since I am retired mil living overseas with FPO address but used the FL address that’s on my license. Who knows where the paper checks ended up haha. Closing this account after doing a pull from Fidelity for $2825 puts this project to rest…

    Thanks for the posting DOC!

  51. KS says:

    Bonus posted here as well. Seems like a number of us here were in that batch distribution.

    04/10: opened
    05/23: $2500 Capital One ACH
    05/27: $2500 real DD
    06/14: $300 bonus posted

    Both deposits posted as DIRECTDEP type.

  52. Juangui says:

    4/4 – Opened Account
    4/10 – $2500 transfer from Capital One 360
    6/14 – $300 Bonus hit

    As most of said, looks like we were on the same batch of bonus disbursement.

  53. Wes says:

    4/4: account opened
    4/10: ach push $2505 from Chase personal checking account
    6/14: $300 bonus posted

    Thanks, Doc!

  54. stammers95 says:

    DP: Hey guys, I am not sure what is special with my TD Bank account but I opened my premier checking account on June 20th and then on the same day I ACH transferred $2,525 from my Etrade account which posted on the June 21st. It’s now June 22nd (2 days after opening account) and I now see the $300 bonus being posted to my checking account. This turnaround time frame is as good as M&T bonuses and I have seen many DP saying that it takes 60-90 days from opening account. I do have a TD Ameritrade account but I don’t believe their systems are linked in anyway. The only thing I can think of is that when this offer was initially launched, the traffic for this bonus may have been high and it took longer to post to individual accounts. Im sure TD Bank anticipated for this high demand and maybe why they added the 95 day language. At any rate, awesome and many thanks Dr of credit for yet another bonus deposited in my name.

  55. NBG says:

    How long does it take for the account to be closed?.
    I SM’d them on 6/20 and still no response so far.
    Also what option did u choose in the SM menu?

    • MarcoPolo says:

      Did you manage to close your account in time?
      How long did it take?

      • NBG says:

        I went to branch and they closed it right away. Had to do the same for wife. The SM was responded after 3 days and still wasn’t closed. So i chose to go to branch as i was close to the statement closing date (account balance was 0).
        In Branch – they can’t close right away if balance is zero. So they asked for a $1 and deposited it and closed and gave it back with interest.

        • MarcoPolo says:

          Thanks @NBG
          I SMed them to close my DW’s account and I assume it is closed since It is giving me this error while trying to log into the account:

          “Signon Failed.
          We are sorry, we are unable to process your request. Please try again.”
          But the problem is there is no way to confirm since I cannot log into the account and I don’t think they will send a letter to confirm.
          Very strange bank IMHO

          • Patti says:

            Ours did that too. They only bank that let us continue to log in after an acct was closed is Wells Fargo. They stated up front we’d have access for a month or so. All the other banks just shut you out.
            Where’s the love? Lol

          • MarcoPolo says:

            Thanks for confirming.
            Much appreciated.

  56. Mike says:

    guys, in the fine print it says DD can only be paycheck, pension, or govco benefits….how are you guys getting the bonus when you transfer $$ from other financial institutions?

    “Qualifying direct deposits are recurring electronic deposits of your paycheck, pension or government benefits (such as Social Security) from your Employer or the Government. Person-to-Person and bank transfers between your TD Bank accounts or accounts you have at other financial institutions or brokerages do not qualify.”

    • Patti says:

      Yeah Mike, that’s all talk. Most often, it can’t tell the difference. When funds get pushed into an account, it assumes it’s a dd.

  57. Patti says:

    Bonus of $300 just posted this morning. Opened account on March 9.
    I was trying so hard to not give up all hope. Hang in there!
    (DDs were pushes from Cap One 360 & Wells Fargo)

    Thank you DoC!!!!

  58. Eli C says:

    DP: applied online Friday for new account (I’ve never banked w/ TD before), approved, tried funding $300 w/ Chase Sapphire Reserve, has $100 cash advance limit, charge declined.

  59. Avi says:

    Finally bonus posted after a long wait.
    Account opened: 4/15
    Employer DDs completed: 05/26
    Bonus posted: 06/29
    Can’t wait to close it! 😀

  60. Cicero says:

    My bonus posted today as well!

    Opened 4/23/17
    Ally $2500 transfer which posted as P2P 4/25/17
    Bonus Posted today 6/29/17

  61. MarcoPolo says:

    My bonus posted as well.
    Used Tax refund as DD and withdrew it after few days.
    However, my net bonus is $250 only as I ended up paying fee for two months.

  62. Roger says:

    Still waiting here as well…

    2/15 – opened account
    3/16 – direct deposit from my employers
    6/30 – still no sign of the bonus

    I tried sending an online message but they claim my account deposit was P2P and therefore doesnt qualify. However, I made a real direct deposit the next month. I tried calling customer service but they directed me to a branch.

    Anything else I can do to get some help or speed this along?

  63. Liz says:

    Ally push worked as a DD to trigger the bonus. It took a LONG time.

    After receiving the bonus, I downgraded the account to the convenience checking, which only requires a minimum balance of $100. As they don’t have international ATM fees and there are many branches in my city, I’m going to keep it open as a backup.

    • Christina says:

      Any issues with clawback after downgrading? My bonus posted last week (opened account 7/2) and I would love to free up that $2500!

  64. Ashley says:

    DP – Just checked both my husbands account and mine:

    Both opened TD premier/relationship checking with $100 initial deposit on 4/16/2017. Then pushed $2500 to each account from our Capital One360 checking account on 5/10/2017. Received $300 bonus on both accounts on 6/28/2017 so about 9 weeks from opening and 6 weeks from ACH

  65. RS says:

    4/11 – Opened account, funded $300 by cc (don’t use Citi Double Cash, coded as purchase before I set the cash advance limit to $0, successfully disputed and refunded)
    4/17 – $2.5k online transfer from Chase checking (personal account)
    6/28 – $300 bonus received, transferred entire balance
    7/7 – Account balance $0, closed account by phone

  66. PushPull says:

    Does it matter if the DD from BOA is a pull from TD bank as initial deposit (via BofA) or a ACH push from BofA after account creation? I did a pull but wondering now if that will end up counting.

  67. speksynder says:

    5/9/17: Opened Premier acct
    5/17/17: $2500 ACH push from Chase (posted as “DIRECTDEP”)
    7/11/17: Received $300 bonus

  68. matt says:

    New to the site here. Is the ACH transfer the same as transferring to “external account” or is it a different process or are they the same?

  69. Anthony says:

    Funded $200 with my Sapphire Reserve, worked fine no cash advance. Thanks DoC!

  70. hi says:

    discover DD no longer works

  71. MarcoPolo says:

    Not a lot of DPs on closing the account.
    Please post your DPs on account closure.

  72. Patti says:

    No problem closing the account by SM. It was a bit delayed because I sent the message on the Thurs before July 4 weekend so it ended up taking about a week. I did get an apology letter on July 5 that it was taking so long and to tell me my SM wasn’t forgotten.

    • MarcoPolo says:

      Thanks @Patti
      I managed to close both our accounts.
      Closed mine at the branch ( quick and easy – no questions asked) and DW’s via SM.
      But the odd thing about this bank is that they don’t provide any confirmation.
      Another odd thing is that once your account is closed you lose online access so there is no way to check your SM for the confirmation (if any) of account closure.

  73. Josh says:

    Wanted to give another data point:

    05/08- Opened account
    05/11- Initial funding
    05/12- $2500 ACH from Ally (shown as type DirectDep online, with description of Ally Bank P2P)
    07/11- Bonus posted

    • Joanne says:

      Hey Josh
      Just circling back. The initial $200 I pulled from Ally Bank to TD Bank is showing Direct Deposit, under description TDBANK P2P. This time I did what you said and pushed some funds from Ally to TD . I will be interested to see how it posts. Just wondering if I want to see ACH or P2P or doesn’t it matter ?


  74. Terrence Donohue says:

    5/20 – Opened account
    5/23 – $2500 ACH Deposit Bethpage FCU (Showed as DirectDep online with P2P description in monthly statement)
    6/15 – $1,439.76 Real Work DD
    6/30 – 1,060.30 Real Work DD
    7/26 – Bonus Posted (The day after the monthly statement posted)
    Don’t know which DD triggered the bonus, I’m guessing the first on 5/23 because from posts above it seems the bonus posts about 2 months after DD.

  75. deals68 says:

    I’m not sure why, but when I tried to open the account online, the website said it couldn’t verify my identity.
    I know it’s an online-only promotion. But is it possible to get the bonus if we open in branch?


  76. scott says:

    5/20–opened account
    5/26–$1224 DD from work
    06/02–$1071 DD from work
    7/26–$300 bonus posted

  77. Key says:

    I do not believe Cap360 works anymore. Opened account 4/20, funded 2500.05 from Cap360 Checking on 4/25, no sign of bonus as of 8/6.

  78. Amol says:

    Opened 6/6, deposited $2500 Schwab 6/22, then tried Cap1 $2501 7/25, bonus posted today 8/9. Now to close it!

  79. Greg says:

    My goodness this bonus took ages to post…

  80. Datapoint says:

    For those that complain about no way to verify account closed and online logon not working, simple method is to open a TD Bank Credit Card (plus you get 150 back for 500 spend) BEFORE you close the Checking account. This way you keep your online logon and can see that the checking account is closed.

    • Gadget says:

      Some people value their hard pulls, and worse yet a newly reported CC, at more than $150. Depends on the individual. My SO got targeted for a 200 buck offer. I thought she had a separate login for her CC, but maybe that was for the rewards.

  81. V says:

    Anyone else run into this? From an SM (which took 3 days to get a response instead of the allotted ‘within 24 hour’ time frame):

    “The account must be opened for at least 95 calendar days to receive the incentive. In addition the applicants must be a new personal checking customer, meaning, they must have no existing or prior personal checking accounts at TD Bank. However, they may have an existing relationship at TD Bank.

    Due to this we will be unable to check the status of the promotion until the 95 days has been completed. Please reply back to this secure message or contact us again once this time period has passed.”

  82. Datapoint says:

    Why did many posts reference a DD over 2500, ie. 2501,2505 etc and not precisely 2500 ?

    The rules for qualifying do not state a requirement to open the account with “initial funds” just a timeframe to fund account and bonus amounts are precise.

    • Gadget says:

      Says 2500 DD or more. I assume some people want to be overachievers. Also, I think it looks less suspicious, to possibly avoid the bank being upset if you game the system and do the absolute bare minimum. Lastly, the minimum balance to be fee free is 2500; if any charge or fee came through you would be under 2500. That would set you up for a monthly fee, so it’s certainly not a bad idea to have a few extra bucks in the account.

      In two player mode. I have done this bonus twice. Took almost exactly 95 days to post – which was perfect timing to avoid the early closure fee.

  83. Andre says:

    A DP about credit card funding: Chase IHG cash advance (the transaction is final and is labeled as cash advance, the CA fee is also posted)

  84. Stephen says:

    Opened 6/2

    Transfer from Ally 2,500 6/6

    Bonus posted 8/8 300$

    • Stephen says:

      FYI, closed my accounts about 10/2

      Transferred every cent out, waited for it to clear, sent Secure message requesting the account be closed.

      A couple days later my log in didn’t work.

      A week later I received preferred customer mailer to apply for TD cash back CC 150 bonus on 500 spending. Thank you yes I will. 🙂

  85. Renz says:

    Opened on 8/15.

    Funded initial amount with Chase Ink Preferred Business card for max amount of $300.00

    TD Bank sent me an email that initial funded could not be completed.

    DP: Does not work with Chase Ink Business credit cards as of 8/15/2017

  86. Christina says:

    Opened on 07/02/2017. Funded initial amount with Chase Sapphire Preferred card for max amount of $300.

    Application completion screen included this message “Your credit/debit card xxxxxxx#### was charged $300.00 on 07/02/2017. You will see this charge on your next monthly statement as an Automatic Clearing House (ACH) transfer. The deposit will appear in your new account within 2 business days.”

    TD Bank sent an email that the funding could not be completed.

    DP: CC funding does not work with Chase Sapphire Preferred as of 07/02/2017.

    * 1st asterisk: TD account opened in my name only but the CSP is in my husband’s name (with me as AU). Not sure if that mattered. He/we never changed the CA limit, so I know it didn’t fail because the CA limit was $0 or something.
    * 2nd asterisk: CSP was relatively new at the time (opened 05/05/2017)

    • Christina says:

      Update/DP: ACH push from Schwab Investor Checking works to trigger DD.
      (I’ve previously only seen DPs specifying “Schwab Brokerage” or non-specific “Schwab”, so this may be helpful to some people.)

      07/02/17 Account opened
      08/09/17 $2500 ACH push from Schwab Investor Checking
      08/18/17 $1250 employer DD**
      09/06/17 $300 Bonus posted!!

      **I was worried the Schwab Investor Checking ACH push wouldn’t trigger the bonus, so I set up a partial DD with my employer to send $1250 of each August paycheck to this account. My employer messed up and didn’t “start” the new DD even though it was entered in their system, so I got a check that week. I was *sure* I would miss out on the bonus because of that, but I didn’t so yay!

  87. Julian Sanchez says:


    I got this bonus last year and closed the account four months ago

    Great account btw, I could use the debit card at any ATM anywhere in the world and they wouldn’t charge any fees and would reimburse any fees charged by said ATM

    Anyone know if I can apply for it again?

    I have gotten bonuses twice with PNC after a certain time period


  88. V says:

    Did anyone not get this bonus after meeting the req with employer DD’s?

    Opened 5/17/2017
    Requirement Met 6/15/2017

    I was going back and forth with them and mentioned offhandedly I saw the promo as part of a pack I got when I moved. They seem to be running with that and are saying if I wasn’t targeted specifically I will not get the bonus.

    • V says:

      Is there another link that was working when this expired in June?

    • Andy says:

      I did not get any bonus with employer DD.

      Account opened 5/25/17
      First DD over 2500 5/31/17

      Still did not get the bonus posted to my account. Sent SM. Will report once I hear back.

      • Matt says:

        How did the SM work out?

        • Andy says:

          I don’t get it, I definitely used the link from this page. But they claim that I didn’t use an affliate link. Will close the account. Any suggestions as to what I can do?

          Here’s the sm I got:

          Thank you for contacting us in regard to a promotional credit.

          Upon research, our records show the time you opened your account, the only promotions we were running at the time of this account opening was our online affiliate offer or our Direct Mailer offer. To qualify for the online affiliate, the account must be opened through a link on our affiliate sites. It does not appear that your account was opened through this avenue.

          We apologize for any inconvenience.

          If you have any further questions, please contact us via email or call 1-888-751-9000 to speak with a Customer Service Representative, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  89. Mike says:

    I knew these monkeys would do this.
    -opened td preimer on 3/9/17
    -DD $2996 on 3/16/17 (real DD from student loan refund)
    -withdrew difference to keep exactly $2500 in account
    -90 days up on 9/9/17 but I called to ask today on 9/5
    -they now saying it had to be a consistent, monthly DD to qualify. told the idiot lady that’s not what the promo says. she says i’ll be in touch with the promo team within 3~5 bus days for explanation.
    -i’ll update this once i get a reply back from them.

    • Christina says:

      Wait why were your 90 days up on 9/9 if you opened the account on 3/9 ??

      • Mike says:

        oops I meant to say 180 days.

        • Christina says:

          Is it generally accepted to have to wait 180 days for this one? I thought it was supposed to be paid out at the 90 day mark, or maybe the 125 day mark, but not 180 days!! The fine print above says “Once the offer criteria is met, the bonus will be credited into the new personal checking account no later than 95 days from account opening.”

          • V says:

            I’ve had them tell me all the above. Currently ~ 120 days waiting another 5 days to SM. Assuming I’ll get a reply for 180 smh.

  90. zalmy says:

    Unable to verify identity for me and my wife.. tried licenses and passports. Tips?

  91. Arnold says:

    Strange DP: Tried applying from my laptop with both DL and passport, no luck and gave up. Don’t know what struck me, tried doing with the passport from my mobile last night and bingo, approved instantly. Don’t know what’s going on!

  92. Matt says:

    Opened 7/5
    Chase push $2500 7/14 (coded as dd)

    Still no bonus posted

    • John M says:

      Same here. TD Bank appears to be slowing down bonus payments – or perhaps Ally is no longer a valid DD option.

      Opened 7/10/17
      Ally ACH push 7/11/17 & 7/13/17 total $2,500
      No bonus posted as of 9/19/17

      • Jeff says:

        I’m in the same boat so I hope not:

        Opened 7/12
        Ally ACH $2500 7/19
        No bonus as of 9/20

        90 days for me is 10/17, so I’m thinking they’re just taking their time.

      • John M says:

        UPDATE: Bonus posted yesterday 9/20/17. Just was getting nervous!

        Based on DoC’s latest post on bank bonus posting timelines, this matches up with his hypothesis that TD Bank posts bonuses bi-weekly on Wednesdays (maybe delayed this time, because of the Labor Day holiday?)

        Also, another DP for my partner, who did the same bonus:

        Opened 7/16/17
        Schwab Bank ACH push $2,500 7/19/17
        Bonus posted 9/20/17

      • Jeff says:

        Also update:

        Opened 7/12
        Ally ACH $2500 7/19
        $300 bonus posted 7/20

        Will update on closing process once I can make it to a TD this week.

    • Matt says:

      *Update. Just posted today for me as well

  93. Court J says:

    Opened 7/5/17
    Deposit $980 7/14 ACH CCU
    Deposit $980 7/21 ACH CCU
    Deposit $980 7/28 ACH CCU
    Deposit $980 8/4 ACH CCU
    Deposit $980 8/11 ACH CCU
    Deposit $980 8/18 ACH CCU
    Bonus Posted 9/20 $300

  94. bob wiley says:

    any Cap360 DDer’s get a bonus successfully recently? I DD’d with Cap360 in June and haven’t gotten the bonus yet.

  95. Kit says:

    Any DPs on the bonus for previous customers who did not get a bonus? I opened an account a while back to take advantage of their Penny Arcade and didn’t apply under a bonus. Closed the account in Nov 2016. I know verbiage says no previous customers but wasn’t sure if anyone had success, looks like all Qs about this are unanswered. Thanks!

    • Avalondon says:

      Previous customer here. I applied for an account with the $300 bonus, but totally forgot I opened an account with TD many many years ago. After some back and forth, they denied me the bonus. So I can confirm that a previous customer will not receive the bonus.

  96. V says:

    Anyone smart enough to get a copy of the terms while they were still available via ? Or even a picture of the webpage?

  97. Mark says:

    Has anyone received the bonus lately? I’m over 60 days with a legit DD, so curious if it’s been paying out for anyone.

    • joanne says:

      Found this under TC: Once the offer criteria is met, the bonus will be credited to the new personal checking account no later than 125 days from account opening.

  98. jz says:

    I had TD checking account before and got a bonus as well. Today i got a mail saying opening premier checking account and earn $300 when DD totaling $2500 or more within 90 days.

    Should I try to open it since it’s targeted? I remember TD checking promo is once lifetime.

  99. Mark says:

    Does anyone know if they waive the minimum daily balance requirement within a certain period of time?

    I funded the initial account opening with $25 and sent another 80 via paypal after I forgot about the the daily minimum and the banker never mentioned it during the account opening.

    Paypal is going to take 2 days and it would suck to get hit with the fee for the first 2 days I opened the account.


    • Christina says:

      You definitely get a short grace period. I’m not sure exactly how long it is, but I was not ever charged and my balance was below the minimum daily balance for the first 10 days.

      • Mark says:

        Thanks for the fast and specific response Christina!

        That’s a relief. I should definitely be above it before 10 days.

  100. Avi says:


    7/18 – Opened
    8/3 – Chase checking ACH $2500 (appears at as Type: DIRECTDEP and Description: JPMORGAN CHASE EXT TRNSFR)
    10/18 – $300 bonus posted

  101. Fernanda says:

    TD Bank
    Opened 8/15
    Ally ACH $2500 8/16
    $300 bonus posted 10/19

  102. Datapoint says:

    Before closing TD Bank Premier checking … is there anything special to know or is a message to customer service needed before doing an ACH pull to Zero out the account ?

    • datapoint says:

      Here is the official reply from TD Bank and I assume the word “email” can also mean simply internal message (Send Us a Message – function) with the “account number listed” – included.
      In order to close an account by email, the balance must be zero.

      Once all outstanding checks, ACH debits and debit card transactions have cleared your account and both the current and available account balances read zero, you may send us an email with the account number listed and a specific request to have the account closed.

  103. Leo says:

    TD Bank
    Opened 8/4
    Etrade ACH $1250 7/8 and 8/4
    $300 bonus posted 10/18

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