Posted by William Charles on September 18, 2018
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Published on September 18th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Targeted/YMMV] American Express Business Platinum/Gold Rewards Spending Bonus: Spend $5,000/$10,000 & Receive 25,000/30,000 MR Points

Update: Reports of this also being available on the Platinum card and some people have an offer for 25,000 points after $5,000 spend (and the extra 10,000 after an additional $5,000).

The Offer

Direct Link to offers: BRG 20,000/10,000 offer (please share the others if you have it). Sent out via e-mail and subject line is ‘<name>, you’ve been selected to earn up to 30,000 Membership Rewards® points’

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I just got this on my BBP too, same numbers all around.

Oops, sprung too quickly on the Post button. I meant, in a hopefully-now-deleted comment…

I just got this on my *BGR too, same numbers all around.

Received this on my Business Platinum. Earn 25k after 5k, additional 10k after additional 5k. Annual fee due in March

Same offer for me. Fee due in April.

Waiting for a link

After 12,000 test runs, United takes on gate overcrowding with new boarding process

-Premier Gold members will be bumped up to group 1, because group 2, which includes co-branded United credit card holders.

I received an email about the change yesterday as a Chase United card holder.

…let the United jokes begin

Got mine on a 5 month old BGR.

I just got this promotion for my business platinum. My annual fee is due in February.

Title: 30,0000 MR Points… ><

If the link doesn’t work, this also shows up under “Special Promotions for You” on the Rewards tab. I was able to find it there.

I received this offer via mail and on my online account homepage last month for a Business Platinum card. It was 25,000 MR points after $5000 in spend, then 10,000 more after an additional $5000. I did two $5000 transactions (thus earning 7500 MR points each time with the 1.5 points per dollar bonus for transactions of $5000 or greater). The bonus points posted within a day or two each time.

1/3 targeted

I can’t get the terms to pull up. Does spend on an AU card typically count toward these offers?

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