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Bank Account Bonuses Bank of America $300 Bonus

Published on August 20th, 2017 | by sirtheta


[Targeted] Bank of America $300 Checking Bonus

Reposting as offer is back again and lots of readers targeted.

This is a quarterly refresh of a standard targeted Bank of America checking bonus, but I’ve written it up for two reasons: (a) you can check if you’re targeted very easily; (b) you won’t be misled if you see this elsewhere without the full details. You will not get this bonus if you are not targeted, so I wouldn’t even try.

With respect to (a), you can check if you are targeted by logging in to online banking & clicking on the “Special Offers & Deals” header. You may also see it prominently displayed in the Activity Center, after clicking on the “Special Offers & Deals” square. If it’s in your online banking, you should also receive e-mails & physical mail about the offer over the course of the promotion. Some people also see it when they log out. Those without any relationship with Bank of America may still get the offer via physical mail.

Having done this offer in summer 2016, my experience is that having credit cards with Bank of America is a good way to be targeted. An existing non-checking relationship, such as a savings accounts, is also likely to be a good way.

Offer at a glance

The Offer

Targeted offer, see above.

  • Open a new Bank of America Core Checking ($25 opening deposit) or Bank of America Interest Checking ($100 opening deposit) account and receive a $300 bonus when you:
    • Are targeted, AND
    • Set up and receive qualifying direct deposits totaling $4,000 or more within the first 90 days of opening your new checking account

The Fine Print

  • This exclusive offer is only for select Bank of America customers who don’t already have a personal checking account with us and who received an email or direct communication from Bank of America, or have seen the offer when signed into Online or Mobile Banking.
  • Must open a new Bank of America Core Checking OR Bank of America Interest Checking personal checking account by April 15, 2017 December 31st, 2017, in a participating financial center, online, or via phone, AND
  • Set up and receive Qualifying Direct Deposits equaling a total of $4000 or more in your new personal checking account within 90 days from account opening.
  • You are not eligible for this offer if you were a signer on or owner of a Bank of America personal checking account within the last six (6) months.
  • Bank of America may change or terminate this offer before this date without notice.
  • A “Qualifying Direct Deposit” is a recurring direct deposit of a paycheck, pension, Social Security or other eligible regular monthly income, electronically deposited by an employer or an outside agency into your new checking account. A transfer done via ATM, online, or teller, or a transfer from a bank or brokerage account, Merrill Edge® or Merrill Lynch® account is not a Qualifying Direct Deposit.
  • If you meet all the requirements for the $300 Checking Account bonus, the earned bonus will be deposited directly into your new checking account within sixty (60) days of meeting the qualifications. Your new personal checking account must be open up to and including the date the bonus is paid in order to receive the bonus.
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest, and as such you have to pay taxes on them. You will be issued a 1099-INT at the start of next year.

Avoiding Fees

Core Checking

The Core Checking account has a $12 monthly fee, which can be waived in any of the following ways:

  • Make at least one qualifying Direct Deposit of $250 or more, OR
  • Maintain a minimum daily balance of $1,500 or more, OR
  • Be a student under age 23 and enrolled in high school, college, or vocational program, OR
  • Enroll in the Preferred Rewards program and qualify for the Gold, Platinum, or Platinum Honors tier (first 4 checking accounts only).

Interest Checking

The Interest Checking account has a $25 monthly fee, which can be waived in either of the following ways:

  • Maintain combined balances of $10,000 or more each statement cycle, OR
  • Enroll in the Preferred Rewards program and qualify for the Gold, Platinum or Platinum Honors tier (first 4 checking accounts only).
  • “Combined balances” include:
    • Average daily balances for the statement cycle in eligible linked checking, savings and money market savings accounts, AND
    • The current balances, as of the end of the Interest Checking statement cycle in linked personal CDs and IRAs, AND
    • The current balance, as of two business days before the end of the Interest Checking statement cycle, in your eligible linked Merrill Edge and Merrill Lynch investment accounts.

Our Verdict

This is a standard targeted offer and pretty much as good as it gets with Bank of America. Go for it if you have it and can meet the DD requirement (you can view our DPs here). Do note that Bank of America is pretty strict when it comes to what counts as a DD, and many ACH transfers have been found not to work. Unless you’re aiming to become a Preferred Rewards client, the Core Checking account is the way to go, due to the low requirements for the fee to be waived.

You may be targeted for lower offers (commonly $100), which are worth holding off on to see if something better comes around.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Useful posts regarding bank bonuses:

Hat tip to u/seamuson on r/churning, who was very thorough.

231 Responses to [Targeted] Bank of America $300 Checking Bonus

  1. Mjs says:

    From experience, don’t apply if you aren’t targeted– they have an efficient cross-check system based on current customer/SSN. This is one bank bonus where you won’t slip through if not targeted.

  2. Jason says:

    Dad’s account is targeted for $100 only because of merrill lynch CC is added into online banking. When clicking the above direct link seeing there’s a place to enter the offer code so I stopped right there. I know the offer is targeted. But I just sent an email to a banker at BofA and hope he can get me the code.

  3. Elmer says:

    I just opened Merrill+ card in November and have no previous relationship with BofA. I was targeted for just $100 checking bonus. Boo!

    • sirtheta says:

      Give it time 🙂 I had a credit card with BOA for over 2 years before noticing I was targeted this summer. (Whether I had been targeted before…who knows, I didn’t pay enough attention before getting into churning!)

  4. Peter says:

    Woohoo targeted! An added benefit of my December BofA CC application spree! Almost makes up for them only approving me for the Platinum Plus Alaska card.

    Application went to pending, but I assume that’s fairly normal for BofA (certainly has been for many CCs), and they’ll ultimately approve it.

  5. Marco says:

    I closed a personal checking account with Bank of America on 8/27/2016. I should be good for this bonus after 2/27/2017, right? Hopefully, I’ll still be targeted for the $300 bonus by then.

    • sirtheta says:

      You should be targeted for the entirety of the promotion. I would likely delay a little further than 3/1—you don’t want to have to go through the whole rigmarole of getting it manually credited because BOA’s automated systems think you’re within the 6 month window.

  6. Brandon says:

    Didn’t get targeted for the $300 offer, but noticed a similar $100 offer that popped up in the last few days, requiring 2 separate direct deposits of >$250 each, within 90 days (expires 4/15/17).

    Also have had a $200 small business checking offer on that page for a while, requiring only a deposit of ?$1k within 60 days (expires 12/31/17).

  7. Dan says:

    In my account logged in under “Special Offers & Deals” I see this offer. Nice 🙂

  8. AndyK says:

    Bad day for me… first earlier tonight was denied opening a Santander checking account in an attempt to get in on the $150 deal and now this… no nothing nada zero special offers are displayed in my Special Offers section when logging into BOA even though I have three current BOA credit cards (NEA, Worldpoints & Cash Rewards) and had the MLB last year. What’s the trick? At least I should be good to go on the WF $250 deal 😉

  9. Darv says:

    Thanks for the tips. I churned checking accounts with them past two years but without a personal credit card open with them at this time, am not targeted. I just opened a savings account per your advice.

  10. renzhen says:

    Doc, I do not have account or credit cards with BofA, but I clicked on the link you posted, I saw the following message

    As a valued customer, you’re eligible to receive this
    exclusive offerFootnote *
    Here’s how to qualifyFootnote 1:

    I have not received any targeted letter or email for this offer. so do you think the message shown above would make me eligible? Thanks.

    • Peter says:

      The link is public, but it says “*This exclusive offer is only for select Bank of America® customers who don’t already have a personal checking account with us and who received an email or direct communication from Bank of America, or have seen the offer when signed into Online or Mobile Banking.”. My suspicion is they will easily be able to identify you’re not targeted when you sign up and you won’t get the offer.

  11. TJ says:

    Only $150 targeted for me. I usually don’t bother unless it’s over $200.

  12. travelmom says:

    I was targeted for $300 when I checked the special offers for you tab. Thanks!!!

  13. Buttercup says:

    I have a CC and an Auto Loan. But I wasnt targeted.

  14. dizzy says:

    Nope. Almost 1 yr with just one BOA CC. Oh well.

  15. Chap says:

    There is a DP on Reddit saying a transfer from Chase is currently waiving the fee that requires a DD so may be worth to try.

  16. Onsale says:

    On the list of things that count as a Direct Deposit (/knowledge-base/list-methods-banks-count-direct-deposits/#Bank_of_America), “ACH” is mentioned several times and in various ways (i.e. “ACH Transfer” or “Ally ACH”). Can someone explain what an “ACH Transfer” is and why that is different from other types of ACH such as “Ally ACH”?

    • sirtheta says:

      ACH transfers are bank-to-bank transfers that aren’t wire transfers, etc. Wikipedia has a fine article about it.

      All ACH transfers are obviously ACH transfers. An Ally ACH transfer would be an ACH transfer specifically originating from Ally Bank. (It’s call an “ACH push” because you are pushing from one bank account to another, which is often categorized as a DD).

      • Onsale says:

        thanks for the reply.

        Are all ACH transfers considered to be an “ACH push”?

        • sirtheta says:

          Good question! There is also an ACH pull — the difference is in where it originates. If you are logged in to bank account A and tell it to send funds to bank account B, that’s a push (and may categorized as a DD). If you’re logged in to bank account B and request that it take funds from bank account A, that’s an ACH pull (won’t be categorized as DD).

          Some banks have fees for pushes but not pulls.

  17. Ferris says:

    just got an idea to meet DD. We can probably sign up for the free month one trial that payroll HR sites like Gusto offers and push the DD from there right?

    anyone tried this?

  18. Thomas says:

    Anyone know how chex sensitive BoA is?

  19. Jan B says:

    My son received a small flyer type communication in his BOA CC bill for this offer last year. IF you receive paper statements, take a moment to eye the paper stuff that might come with a CC bill

  20. Champagne Dan says:

    If we’re targeted for a crappy bonus (I also got the $100), I’m guessing it won’t change for the duration of the promo. Does anyone know otherwise? I have some genuine interest in opening an account for the Preferred Honors perks since I have enough in my Merrill account anyway, but it would be nice to get a couple extra bills for the trouble of setting up something new.

  21. BusyBee says:

    Offer is on both my and dh’s accounts. Just signed up for the cap on and Regions offers though.

  22. W says:

    cost $3 to ACH from BOA to another bank?
    What is the best way to close this BOA account?

    Bank of America charges the following fees for outside the bank transfers.

    Outbound 3rd Day:$3
    Inbound 3rd Day: Free
    Outbound Next Day: $10
    Inbound Next Day: Free
    Outbound Same Day: $30
    Outbound International (foreign exchange): $35
    Outbound International (U.S. dollars): $45

  23. loki says:

    Got targeted, but couldn’t finish the application online. Received message I needed to go to branch with 2 forms of ID.
    Went to local branched, and opened an account.
    The reason I was not able to do it online, according to the banker, was because I opened the credit card account online. Ok, makes sense.

    In the middle, he said he can’t move forward because Experian is frozen and they need to do a soft pull. I was a little skeptical because I thought soft pulls can be done with a freeze. He asked his manager if he could override, but they could not. I temporarily thawed Experian and was able to proceed.

    Now I’m thinking my online app failed because of the frozen report. TU and EQ are not frozen. I haven’t checked my EX report to see if it really was just a soft pull.

    Need to set up DD now. I may try ACH $4000 just to get the bonus earlier.

  24. Saabfan says:

    *data point* So I was not targeted, so I called the bank (yes, I broke the #1 rule) on Friday. They said they would talk to marketing and came back and said there is nothing they can do.

    Today I check my offers and there is an offer there for $100. $100 isn’t worth it, but, hopefully this gets me a better offer in the future.

    • sirtheta says:

      For what it’s worth, I think calling the bank in this scenario is totally fine (and a good idea!)—it’s a public, targeted offer & you want to know if you’re targeted! You aren’t skirting any rules.

    • artgriego says:

      “Don’t call” only applies when you’re trying to meet requirements through weaknesses in their automatic systems – e.g. used a bank transfer for your direct deposit. In that case, don’t call and ask “Did I meet the requirements?” because you’ll a) call attention to your own sneakiness and b) potentially cause them to close out that loophole, screwing everyone else.

      • Saabfan says:

        I rejected the $100 offer way back when. So, now i have an offer for $300. I guess calling worked after all?

  25. captainsave says:

    Got an email for this offer today. Check ur mail guys!

  26. TomJ says:

    Can this be funded with CC ? How much max ?

  27. Lily says:

    What’s wrong with the BOA site, no where i can email or chat with them?

  28. Ahmed says:

    I called BofA at 1-800-432-1000 and asked if I’ve been targeted for the $300 bonus. The rep said I was within a few seconds without having to check with anyone else and was able to open account over the phone. They had information on file for me from checking and credit card accounts I had with them a few years ago. I don’t have any Bank of America accounts besides a Merrill edge Roth and cma account. Hope that helps.

  29. Ben says:

    Hi doc, does Fidelity ach count as a DD for BofA?

  30. calwatch says:

    I funded BoA with a Nationwide Buxx card in my name. I suspect that GiftCardMall cards in the owner’s name may work. Note that it is max $250 for the checking account and $250 for the savings account, for a total of $500 (I funded to an amount where I could round down to an even $20 amount to pull out the remaining from my NW Buxx and save the trouble of getting a MO to clean the account out).

  31. Josh says:

    Anyone have any luck with ACH transfer recently to trigger bonus?
    DoC’s list is thin for BofA.
    Ally bank? The link doesn’t say it did not work

  32. Ferris says:

    Anyone get their bonus posted yet? trying to figure out if my transfer from a PayPal Business account makes any difference

  33. Dan says:

    Any chance they would match? I signed up for the $100 offer about a month ago, bonus hasn’t posted yet, and I’m targeted for the $300.

  34. Ferris says:

    Just a heads up for those that opened a new BOA checking for the bonus. Not sure if this will happen to everyone, but for some reason my pay from account on BOA’s online banking that I used to pay my credit card with them magically disappeared. I was going to make my credit card payment today and it was only letting me select the new BOA checking instead of the external account I’ve been using for years. So I had to add the account again and now wait for BOA to verify it. -_- Luckily my payment isnt due today so i have a few days to deal with this b/s, but you guys wanna make sure they didn’t delete any of your old pay from accounts at another bank.

    • sirtheta says:

      This happened to me too! I thought I was just unlucky…

    • NN says:

      happened to me also !
      thanks for the head up

      also, for those who opened the checking for 300$, did you receive any confirmation about the bonus attached to your account? I received the targeted email and signed up through that but never got any confirmation from BofA.

  35. L T says:

    For whatever reason the banner from the online account disappeared when I was going to sign up today, but I phoned 1-800-432-1000 and a rep opened up the account by phone with the offer when I asked if it was still active. Will try Fidelity to see if that works, otherwise will use regular DD…

    • Guy Bucktastik says:

      did fidelity work for you?

      fidelity has not worked for me, completed $4k from fidelity to boa more than a month ago.

  36. Sven Katesh says:

    Has anyone had luck with the bonus yet?

    I planned to satisfy the DD requirement using a transfer from Schwab (did it within 1 week of account opening).

    However, I received a letter in the mail today that explicitly excludes “transfer done via ATM, online, teller, a transfer from a bank or BROKERAGE ACCOUNT, Merill Edge … that is not a Qualifying Direct Deposit” (emphasis mine).

  37. EZPZ says:

    I’m using my federal & state tax returns. Already enrolled DD. Wonder how quickly the bonus posts?

    • Alex says:

      I also had our tax refunds direct deposited to a new Core Checking account with the $300 targeted bonus attached. The last deposit hit on 3/2/2017 and no bonus as of yet. Assuming I remember to I’ll update when/if the bonus posts.

      • Nick says:

        Any luck with your deposit yet?. Mine deposit was done on the second as well and nothing so far.

        • Lily says:

          My DD of more than $4k was in December but still nothing, so I called them again today and was told still in processing. And this time the agent told me it’s 60 days after the 90 day waiting period, not 60 day after meeting the DD. Ridiculous! I swear after this is over i will not want to deal with them again. I hate their website anyways, even making a payment to their credit card is not an easy task.

          • Jordan says:

            Did you ever get the bonus? I got told the exact same thing and I opened in January and hit DD February 2nd. Still waiting on mine.

        • Alex says:

          I previously called, end of March, to ask about the bonus and to confirm if the federal and tax payments counted towards the DD $4k amount. I was told they DID NOT count.

          I also did HSBC ACH transfers into the BoA account which appears to keep the account fee free which I would imagine means they have counted towards the $4k DD total.

          No bonus has posted as of today.

  38. Marco says:

    Does anyone know if the fee is waived at the beginning for new Bank of America checking accounts?

  39. Tom says:

    Has anyone got the bonus. Per Lilly, I dont want to have to wait 150 and all the fees and still possibly not get the bonus. I used my 360 account.

  40. T says:

    I get my paycheck every other week. In order to hit $4000 in 90 days, I’ll need payroll to send at least $667 per paycheck for the next 6 pay period to meet the minimum. Does that sound right? Is that what most people are doing? Most other banks’ language is usually a minimum DD of $250 or $500. Not used to this. Thanks

    • sirtheta says:

      That’s partially correct, but you are being too skimpy with your calculations. It takes time for you to get your account info and for your work to process the DD change. I would suggest $800 per pay period at minimum – you don’t want to lose out on that bonus by accident!

      • Yong says:

        I’m targeted but never received any email. Does that mean I’m NOT targeted? When applying online do they ask security, credit report kind questions, like applying HSBC checking?

        Do you know that the $250 DD to waive monthly fee more lax than DD meeting bonus requirement ($4000 in 90 days)? In HSBC I use transfer to waive monthly fee, not the qualified DD.

        Thank you for taking time to help us.

  41. EZPZ says:

    I’m DD $500 a week. Already met the DD req a while ago. Federal & state refund didn’t do much for me but put me a little over the threshold at that time. Waiting ever so patiently for this $300 bonus. Regions $400 bonus too.

  42. Guy Bucktastik says:

    Might have just received the bonus; still processing, hasn’t posted yet. “ACH CREDIT BANK OF AMERICA PAYMENT ON 3/31” for $300 Requirements were met with employer DD on 3/17

    Another household members was targeted, requirements were met with Fidelity Moneyline ACH push on 3/9. Have not received bonus yet.

    After I’m pretty sure the Fidelity ACH won’t trigger the bonus, I’ll try another DD method.

    • Guy Bucktastik says:

      fidelity checking account ach has still failed to work

      employer dd worked just as it should

  43. Matt K says:

    I just received mine yesterday. Opened 2/8. Employer DD 2/24, 3/10 and 3/24.

  44. eclipsor says:

    yay now it’s time to be I paranoid my DD methods didn’t work

  45. Marco says:

    I’m guessing that Bank of America rolls out their bonuses on certain dates, because it seems like a bunch of people got theirs yesterday. I finished the direct deposit requirement on 3/15/2017, and the bonus is pending right now just waiting for me to be cashed out. As a data point, my direct deposit came from Flight Club.

  46. Frito Pendejo says:

    I opened this account and tried to fund with a $100 citadel visa gift card. It appeared to work, but shortly after an email from BoA says it failed. There is still a pending $100 charge on the gift card. The BoA account has zero balance. I expect the GC will be eventually refunded.

  47. Chap says:

    Met requirements (legit DD from payroll) for two accounts on 2/25/17. Bonus posted on both accounts 3/31/17

    • Guy Bucktastik says:

      someone in my household met requirements a day before 3/31/2017, and received bonus on 3/31/2017.

      maybe they do it in large batches every month.

  48. Creig says:

    Is there a fee for closing Boa core checking account after getting bonus?

  49. Wong says:

    Can you do transfers in, transfers out, then transfers back into the account? I’m using Citibank + Serve at the moment to do DDs. Back in 2014, Citi ACH pushes count as DDs. Will update you once I get it, Doc.

  50. Eddy says:

    Just bumping up a previous post about BOA cancelling your outside checking accounts, it happened to me and I had auto bill pay !! My next payment would not have been made automatically and I would not have been informed. I’m sure BOA would have eaten the late fee because it would have been their fault but what a hassle !! If you had any outside accounts associated with your credit card, they were probably deleted. You will have to go in and add them again and/or set up your new BOA checking account as auto payee.

    “Ferris says:
    February 17, 2017 at 2:27 pm”
    Just a heads up for those that opened a new BOA checking for the bonus. Not sure if this will happen to everyone, but for some reason my pay from account on BOA’s online banking that I used to pay my credit card with them magically disappeared. I was going to make my credit card payment today and it was only letting me select the new BOA checking instead of the external account I’ve been using for years. So I had to add the account again and now wait for BOA to verify it. -_- Luckily my payment isnt due today so i have a few days to deal with this b/s, but you guys wanna make sure they didn’t delete any of your old pay from accounts at another bank.”

    • sirtheta says:

      This is a good point; it happened to me when I did the deal, and it was extremely annoying (I called in and everything). I may make a separate post about this.

      • Harold says:

        The same thing happened to me. Please place a warning near the top of this page so that other people won’t be surprised by this.

        It appears that BoA has two bill-pay systems, one for people with a checking account and one for people without. When you open a checking account, you get automatically switched to the other biller and the bill-pays from the old biller are cancelled. The new biller wouldn’t let me set up bill pay for my credit cards: it complained that I was having e-bills sent elsewhere and I needed to cancel the old e-bills first. I needed to call customer service to get this accomplished. You need to speak with the Digital Services or Biller Direct department. They are the only ones who can see the old e-bills.

  51. eclipsor says:

    am I the only who didn’t get the bonus yet?

  52. Allen says:

    My final Serve round cleared 4/14, still waiting on the bonus. Somewhat relieved to see others with similar timeframes still pending; Boa seemed to be posting them very quickly initially. Will update once it hits..

  53. AZ says:

    Serve cleared 4/17, Will update once the bonus hits.

  54. travelmom says:

    My $300 bonus is pending today. Last serve deposit was 4/6.

  55. Eddy says:

    Got my bonus pending as of 4-21-17. Did only one DD posted on 3-31-17 from NYS. This is one of the fastest bonus promos I’ve ever received !!

  56. calwatch says:

    Second payroll deposit to trigger bonus was made March 30, bonus received April 21. Easy peasy. Glad I waited until I was targeted to sign on.

  57. Ryan says:

    DP: CapOne360 did NOT work for DD.

  58. NN says:

    got my bonus today 5/5
    finish requirement with real DD from 3/30
    dang, it’s slow compared to Cap 1 🙂

  59. Mark says:

    Finished DD on 4/28 and got my bonus on 5/5

  60. Matt says:

    Requirements met 5/3 (DD’s from employer)
    Bonus posted 5/5
    I was targeted for this offer

    Am I OK to empty and close the acct.? The OP states there is no EATF, but it’s more reassuring for me to read a few data points.

  61. Cole says:

    just got a new promo similar in the mail

    • Cole says:

      Also, Anyone ever use one spouses (1) paycheck to deposit into another spouses (2) account, without spouse (1) being on the account? to manage to do DD? My wife doesn’t work outside the home.

      i assume i don’t want either of the accounts joint, trying to figure out how to take advantage of the flyer that was targeted to her.

      • Guy Bucktastik says:

        i split my spouses paycheck into both our accounts.

        so got bonus right after requirements met, now we’re waiting on my dd requirement.

        we both were targeted, we both opened checking accounts with bonus offer. no joint accounts, seperate, single owner accounts. One DD was split between these two accounts. I’m hoping to get bonus pretty soon after may 26th

  62. L T says:

    Have met the requirements with the last payroll DD, putting the total above the $4k mark on 05/15. No bonus yet (5/24). Had tried CapOne360 a bit after mid-March, but seems that did not qualify, as at least one other person pointed out here. I had been targeted via online, but ended up applying via phone. Given the data points, I’ll wait until 6/15 or so and if nothing yet, inquire then.

  63. Guy Bucktastik says:

    I’ve posted this elsewhere, but will share here too.

    Do’s for Fidelity ACH triggering BOA dd bonus are seven years old. Me and at least one other recent DP show that Fidelity ACH does not work for BOA bonus.

    • James B. says:

      I can 2nd this comment. I used Fidelity ACH in Feb and no bonus yet. Fidelity ACH appears not to trigger bonus.

      William, do you want to update DD page?

      • Updated. It helps if people post when they did their DD though and when they opened the account. Far too often people wait a week and then post something didn’t work.

        • James B. says:

          DP: Opened account Jan 2017 and Fidelity ACH in Feb 2017. No bonus as of June 2017. Targeted for $300 bonus offer.

          It looks like BOA has tightened their DD requirements for the bonus. Many previous transfer options are not working now to qualify for the bonus.

  64. ClockworkTomato says:

    Pending $300 payment just posted to my BOA account.

    Targeted and met the requirements with payroll deposit on 5/26.

    Now to figure out the least painless and inconvenient way to close the account — I’m thinking written request via snail mail, as apparently all of the online chat and secure messaging options are missing/have been removed. That alone would be reason enough for me not to want to keep the account. Get with the program, BOA.

  65. Samuel says:

    Unfortunately it doesn’t appear I’ll be getting the bonus. I completed my DD on 5/2 through CapitalOne 360 thinking that would work. I guess I didn’t notice the DP’s that it might not work anymore. I also tried Alliant on 5/30 and that hasn’t worked so far either. I didn’t have time to set up anything else before my 90 days was up. Oh well, can’t win them all. I’ll wait another month just in case and then close the account.

  66. stacker says:

    No bonus yet. I was targeted for the $150 offer. I needed to make 2 x $250 direct deposits within 90 days. The data points here seem to suggest that the bonus usually posts within 1-4 weeks. Here’s what I did.

    2 x $250 Capital One 360 completed 4/26
    2 x $250 PayPal completed 5/8

    I am going to try Square next since I still have a month left. I am hesitant because I don’t want to possibly get shut down by Square. My transactions are usually under $50 and I don’t want to set off any red flags. Has anyone ever gotten shut down by Square for 2 x $250 transactions? Btw, I don’t use Square to MS.

  67. Stack101 says:

    Targeted for $300 with 4k DD requirement


    PurePoint Financial online saving works for DD bonus req;
    Chase will waive the monthly fee, WILL NOT MEET DD bonus req.

    Tip: There are 10 counters for linking PurePoint external accounts, deleting external accounts won’t work, once you used up 10 counters, you will get exceed account limit error, I have it for less than 2 months, so I am not dared to call yet, gonna wait few more months to see if I am stuck. They also don’t take trial deposits back, but don’t go wild.

  68. eclipsor says:

    Still no bonus for me, was targeted. Seems like TD Ameritrade, Serve, and Cap 360 all didn’t work 🙁

  69. Jeff says:

    My bonus is just $250. Also it’ll be very hard to meet the $4k DD requirement in 3 months as I DD just $350 a week from my work due to taxes, retirement, insurance, so many other things..

  70. Klad says:

    They are pretty stinky with what count as DD. They refused to accept my tax refund as DD and did not honour the bonus after many calls.

    • jz says:

      I had to argue with them on tax refund as DD and they gave me the bonus eventually. I guess I was lucky. Maybe I opened the account at the branch and the guy at the branch talked to them on the phone when i was there.

  71. Jeremy says:

    The Link is not working.

  72. P says:

    I only see an Alaska business card offer but I already have four credit card with Bank of America. I wonder if I’ll get approved.

  73. Sam says:

    I logged in to my BoA credit card account.. and I see this $300 offer under “Special Offers & Deals” section. Is that sufficient ? or Do I need to wait for email or physical mail to be considered targeted offer ?

    Just wanted to make sure I met all the “targeted” offer requirements, before I change my employer’s DD for this bonus.

    Thanks DoC for a wonderful job you do everyday in keeping us informed of various bonus deals !!!

  74. Saturn says:

    After meeting MSR on Merrill+ in 2 months I received the offer in the mail. However, the online deal only lists $100 for me. I’m holding off in any case, but it makes the quality of their targeting questionable.

  75. ChaseJuggler says:

    Heads up for anyone trying a Robinhood ACH push. The money has to sit in Robinhood for 60 days before you can push it to another bank. I’m still going to try it since I have 90 days to get the DD done, but I’m obviously not thrilled about $4001 just sitting around for 60 days!

    Anyone got a DP for Robinhood working lately on this DD requirement?

    • paz says:

      IIRC, that 60-day verbiage is referring to money coming in from and going out to the same external bank account. Again IIRC, if you read it carefully, there’s a workaround that could get money in and then out for meeting the DD requirement much much faster 60 days.

      • paz says:

        On second thought, I might have gotten the previous IIRC backwards–the 60-day limitation by RH is referring to xferring money coming in from Account A out to Account B, via RH. Whatever the case, I met the DD requirement using RH in no more than 5-7 biz days.

        • anthonyjh21 says:

          Are you intentionally being cryptic to not give away the method you used? If not I’d really appreciate you sharing. If it was intentional then no harm done I get it.

          • paz says:

            Umm, it’s semi-intentional. (Don’t want RH catching on or ChaseBOA&Co. wising up to this last resort, now that Fido/ChuckSchwab/et al. are kaputt.) Actually I thought I was a little too clear, and not being cryptic at all, if those two previous posts of mine are read back-to-back.

  76. SEFlyer says:

    The $100 offer was available under deals for the past several months. Checked today to see if I got the $300 offer, I was hoping for, but instead there is no offer at all not even the $100. Bummed!

  77. Tommy B. says:

    When I log into my BoA account, at the top of the page it states “Business Online Banking”. I have both business & personal Alaska cards and the Merrill+. The only additional products I see available to me are business products. Am I likely NOT to receive offers like this $300 targeted one now or in the future since I have a business account? If so, any ideas how to change my online account?

  78. DirtyLilRat says:

    Would it be a good idea to open a savings account in hopes of getting targeted for the checking promo in the future?

  79. Samuel says:

    DP: Please remove Capital One 360 from the methods that work for direct deposit. It didn’t work for me. Alliant didn’t work either.

  80. Adam Mark Sessions says:

    I was target because I signed up for the MLB CC offer from BoA. I started the DD on 3/31/17 and completed 4k total on 5/31/17. I received the bonus on 6/19/17. When can I cancel my Checking account with out paying a closing fee?


  81. Dan says:

    Only seeing the $100 offer :/

  82. Amanda says:

    Thanks for posting about this. I see the $300 offer when I login to my credit card. One question I have, I am self employed so can’t do direct deposit of a paycheck. But I am wondering, can I use my husbands paycheck? We currently dd his paycheck into a different bank, but could change it over. Wasn’t sure if it would be a problem if I opened the account in my name and then deposited his paycheck.

  83. Luke says:

    DP: Was targeted – Applied 4/13/2017, completed $4000 in direct deposits from employer 6/19/2017, received bonus 7/8/2017.

  84. dan says:

    as i’m self-employed, assumed that if open a joint acct with wife whereby doing spouse employer DD will work, right? TIA

  85. Lisa says:


    I’m planning to open up a checking, account with BofA, but i’m not targeted…is there anyone who can share their promo code for the $300 offer if they are not planing to use it? thanks so much

    • Eddy says:

      There was no promo code to my knowledge. I’d suggest you open up a savings account (300 min). Then check your offers tab. If you really want the bonus and plan on keeping the account open anyway.

  86. Eduardo Baez says:

    Applied in branch on 06/15/2017 after receiving targeted $300 offer. Real direct deposits from employer on 06/23/2017 and 07/07/2017. Met the requirements on 07/07/2017. $300 Bonus posted as ACH CREDIT BANK OF AMERICA PAYMENT ON 07/19.

  87. Aditya says:

    I’m targeted but when I click on “Learn More”, it takes me to an error page.

  88. Joe says:

    Was targeted (only via po-up in my online banking of Merrill+ card)
    Did two 2k transfers from Serve and two 2k ACH pushes from Citibank checking account.
    Got my $300 bonus from BOA.

  89. 08/02/2017 & 08/03/2017 Robinhood deposited into account
    08/10/2017 $100 bonus posted

  90. paz says:

    I wonder: does Chase UR points redemption into a Chase checking account cound as DD by Chase? I was able to meet Chase’s DD requirement for a family member with a brokerage EFT/ACH, but a subsequent test UR redemption seemed identical, after the bonus had already become pending.

  91. stacker says:

    DP. Was targeted. No go for the following 4 methods:
    Capital One 360 completed 4/26
    PayPal completed 5/8
    Square completed 7/5
    Fidelity brokerage completed 7/7

    If the bonus posts I will update although I am doubtful since they seem to post within a month. PayPal triggered the bonus in 2015.

  92. bernie says:

    Has anyone attempted to trigger the BOA bonus with Direct Deposit from Schwab brokerage? Thanks!

  93. zap says:

    Evil Fidelity (who shut down my accounts for life) EFT/ACH did not trigger BOA $100 Bank At Work new checking bonus earlier this year.

    • James B. says:

      Hi zap,

      Why did Fidelity shut down your accounts for life?

      • zap says:

        From my after-the-fact “research”, it’s a combination of factors I think: moving funds in and out through their EFT/ACH too much for their liking; linking my Fido mySmartCash to many of my own bank accounts; setting up “third-party EFT” (linking my Fido mysmartcash to family members’ bank accounts) manually through paper submission, after online setup failed due to data from “Early Warning”. There were all for meeting bank bonus DD requirements.

        Also, accessed my Fido account using an international SIM on my phone, which probably made Fido backoffice AML/Risk (frontline retail saw me going in to submit EFT paperwork) believe that I had moved offshore (Fido accounts are for [legal] US residents only; they shut down expats and retirees moving overseas according to my reading); ultimately, no longer having a six-figure balance at Fido, and trading much less than before, which made me far less profitable for their taste. Since the ban is by SSN, I’m effectively banned for life. Since there is no longer Fido accounts for my Fido Visa points to redeem to, I could only get $0.5 per point at 5k-point minimum redeeming to my non-FIdo account, and I have to a few thousand points left there no worth redeeming.

        They shut down all accounts immediately, and send a snail mail. So by the time the ex-customer finds out, it’s usually days/week after the fact. Bill Pays bounce and all that jazz. There’s no appeal. It’s final. In my reading, there’s only one guy on Fatwallet who claimed to have managed to restore business relationship with Fido, with no details on how.

        • Jeff H says:

          Thanks for your comment. I received one Early Warning when trying to add BMO Harris. I was successful by paper in a Fidelity office. I checked my Early Warning about a month later. No mention of Fidelity. I probably have added about ten banks in the past year and turned off four after closing those bank accounts.

          Maybe I better cool it.

          In my favor, I trade stocks actively in my Fidelity account and only do a few transfers and bill pays a month.

  94. Heather says:

    Targeted last time around did Chase Business Account ACH – did NOT receive the bonus

  95. P says:

    I still only see the $100 offer that’s been there since January with the same requirements as written on this article. sigh.

    • Shaun says:

      Same. Although my offer only requires two $250 direct deposits.

      • P says:

        Just checked mine and you’re right, it is two $250. Never bothered to check since the first time because the bonus $ never changed. Expires end of 2017. Hopefully, there’s a better one 2018.

  96. chenf404 says:

    Can I close the account after getting the bonus?

    • John M says:

      Yes, you can. No early termination fee. I closed my account about a week after receiving the bonus. You have to call or go to a branch, though.

      • John M says:

        Clarification: or you can close the account by mail, but of course that takes longer. Just wanted to note there is no way to close it online.

  97. John M says:

    Another data point. Received targeted offer via Online Banking (long-time BofA credit card holder).

    7/22/17 Applied & approved online
    7/26/17 PurePoint ACH push $4,000
    8/29/17 Bonus posted $300

  98. RS says:

    6/26/17 – Opened account, setup employer DD
    7/31 & 8/15/17 – Employer paycheck DDs, met $4k criteria on 8/15
    8/29/17 – $300 bonus received.

    Debating when to close this (I know it can be closed anytime once the bonus posts). Is this one churnable, or is BofA like CapitalOne where bonus is only for new customers?

  99. Simple says:

    Tried four methods:

    9/5 Gemini ACH Txfer WEB
    9/6 Alliant Online WD PPD
    9/7 Vanguard Investment VMC REC PPD
    9/8 Chase Ext Trnsfr PPD

  100. Craig says:

    I am targeted for $250 instead of $300 has anyone else targeted the same amount?

    Also is there a way for me to ask if BOA can match it to $300 like others?

  101. John says:

    DP: saw the $300 offer via the Special Offers section of my BoA account, but their system was unable to verify my identity and thus couldn’t open an account for me online. I printed the offer page just in case and brought that with me to a branch today, where they had no record of the promotion being offered to me. Wondering if I “burned” my opportunity to redeem the offer when the online application failed..? Opened the account anyway and the banker told me she would open an investigation to hopefully get me the bonus on the “back end.” I won’t hold my breath!

  102. Fufu Grayson says:

    I was targeted, but serve worked. It was $250 bonus for $4,000 DD. Started 6/26, posted today, 9/28.

  103. MM Dallas says:

    Does this post assume that you have to be a BofA customer (Credit card etc)? I assume then only you will be able to login on BofA Account.

  104. Waingro says:

    Met min spend 9/15/17 and got bonus 9/28/17

  105. Sam says:

    I opened a Core Checking account over the phone and was told I was targeted. They noted that I just needed to deposit $250 into the account at the branch for the $300 bonus. They didn’t mention about $4,000 in direct deposits reqd also….has this changed, is only a deposit required now?

  106. Jack S says:

    Data point:
    I was targeted for $300 bonus with 4k direct deposit offer. Opened back in Feb ’17.
    Transferred $4k+ each from Schwab Brokerage and Amazon Payments within 90 days.

    They said Schwab doesn’t qualify.
    Opened a case to marketing team about Amazon Payments. Got denied on that as well.

    Waste of time!

  107. anthonyjh21 says:

    Can confirm $4k Serve works to meet the DD requirement.

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