Posted by William Charles on November 8, 2017
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Published on November 8th, 2017 | by William Charles


Stop & Shop/GIANT: $20 Off Next Order When You Purchase $100 In Third Party Gift Cards (11/10-11/30)

The Offer

  • Earn $20 off your next shop with any $100 gift card purchase

The Fine Print

  • Valid until November 10th until November 30th
  • Coupon expires 12/7/17
  • Stop and Shop gift cards/American Express/ Mastercard & Visa cards are all excuded
  • Coupon will automatically print
  • One offer per transaction
  • Coupon cannot be used towards the purchase of a gift card

Our Verdict

Make sure you use a credit card that earns at a high rate on grocery store purchases. Reselling some of the gift cards would be profitable if you value the $20 off at face value. Shame that VGC & MGC are excluded but $20 off would have been too good to be true on those.

Hat tip to Living Rich With Coupons via reader @J_Turnbow

10 Responses to Stop & Shop/GIANT: $20 Off Next Order When You Purchase $100 In Third Party Gift Cards (11/10-11/30)

  1. Dima says:

    Amazon included? That’s as good as cash to some people I know.

  2. Borgdrone says:

    Can this be combined with the $10 in free groceries with digital coupon that is currently going on in stop and shop? What if you buy $50 staples and $50 macys or kohls can you get $20 in groceries with purchase and then receive a coupon for another $20 in groceries?

  3. Frito Pendejo says:

    Are these the coupons that print with your receipt when you check out in store?

  4. Gaurav says:

    Any one know if the coupons can be combined when using them to purchase groceries?

  5. joe says:

    this is crazy good if it combines with the other offer…i’m going to try on friday.

  6. Credit says:

    How margin do these stores have on these cards?

    20% seems huge. Or is it a loss leader?

    • NBG says:

      I asked a store manager on how they make money on these gas deals and these $$ off deals. He said in short the GC company pays for it. I didn’t ask further on the details.

    • HarryTheFirstHarry says:

      Its not that you are getting 20% off the GC. You are getting “store cash”. The store sells most things at a steep steep markup. Usually to redeem the 20 people would buy $30 in goods (as well as come back for a future shopping to their store versus others) which should be sufficient to cover their costs plus some profit also. And this is assuming the GC company plays no part in this which as pointed out below may not be the case.
      I used to shop at S&S some time back and then when I got into couponing both at S&S as well as other stores, I realized the levels of markup that these stores sell at.
      Of course couponers and thinking shoppers are not the majority nor the target of such promos though we do make best use of them, I think we would be a small minority.

  7. Rrrr says:

    Which cards are best for reselling?

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