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Credit Card Offers Credit Card Offers Spreadsheet

Published on March 10th, 2017 | by sirtheta


A Spreadsheet of Current & Recent Credit Card Signup Bonuses for Major Issuers

Update, March 13, 2017: I have created several filter views that you can use with the view-only link to the spreadsheet: “Personal Only”, “Business Only”, “No AF”, “No AF or AF Waived”, “Minimum Spend < $500”, “Minimum Spend < $1,000”, “Minimum Spend < $2,000”, “Minimum Spend < $4,000”, and “Minimum Spend > $3,000”. They can be accessed by clicking the “Filter views…” button to the left of “View Only”, or by going to Data > Filter views… > {select filter}. You can also create your own temporary filters using those menus.

Piggybacking on Will’s post about the actual best offer on the American Express Platinum, I’d like to present an item I’ve been working on for a little while: a spreadsheet with current & recent credit card signup bonuses. It’s based off the “Current credit card offers” spreadsheet linked in the r/churning sidebar, which is a fantastic resource, but something that I felt needed a serious reworking.

The purpose of this spreadsheet is purely to record signup bonus information (defined loosely to include almost any item with a time limit stemming from card approval, but not recurring). As such, the intention is for it to be but one component of deciding what card to apply for—with particular focus on whether or not you are applying for the best offer once you’ve decided on a card.

Direct link to spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet is mostly self-explanatory. “Current Public Offer” is the current offer you would see if you went to an issuer’s website. Whether it is the “Best Publicly Available” is indicated by a conditionally formatted Y/N cell, which – if no – will contain a note pointing out what the best publicly available offer is and how to get to it. “Best Offer #1” & “Best Offer #2” are the recent best signup bonuses on the cards (last ~2 years); within these two headers is a “Code” indicating the channel by which the signup bonus was offered (explained in full using a note). Notes are used in many places to indicate useful information (for example, the fact that the $50 bonus on the Gold Delta is a statement credit after a Delta purchase in the first 3 months).

Credit Card Offers Spreadsheet

a sneak peek of the first few rows & columns

Suggestions, corrections, and anything else can be dropped in the comments below!

165 Responses to A Spreadsheet of Current & Recent Credit Card Signup Bonuses for Major Issuers

  1. TomT says:

    Where are the Citi Prestige, ThankYou Premier and ThankYou Preferred? Also, a direct link to the credit card application page would be very useful. The FlyerTalk page often does not have that, as least four the 4 or 5 I checked, it was not present.

  2. David B says:

    For the chase cards, could you add in the notes whether they fall under 5/24?

    • sirtheta says:

      I decided not to do that because I want to only include signup bonus information – basically, to force it to be used *only* as a signup bonus reference and force people to do independent research about the cards separately.

  3. Lisa says:

    Thank you! This is wonderful!

    Is there a way to download this?


    • sirtheta says:

      There are several options under File > Download As and you can also add it to your Google drive (File > Add to My Drive) or make a copy (File > Make a copy…).

      • Eli104 says:

        Quick question: if you only add it to your Google Drive, will it be updated when you update the spreadsheet? In other words, can it be saved as a “link” in GoogleDocs? (I have a love/hate relationship with Google… )

    • Geoffrey Stuart says:


      Bear in mind if you download it, you won’t be up-to-date the current data. Better to just drag the URL to your desktop so you can easily click on it without sifting through your emails to find it. Then you’ll always be looking at the updated info.

      My man, ten high fives to you for putting this together! What a labor of love! It puts my crude tracking sheet to shame. But I won’t shelve that effort entirely because it’s necessary to track when you actually got a card and also when you may have cancelled it, for re-signup purposes.

  4. mk712 says:

    Why do you people insist in branching off /r/churning resources instead of simply improving them?

    The /r/churning spreadsheet is a community resource, dozens of people have edit permission, and if someone else wants to improve it they can simply ask Rittersspare for edit permission instead of doing a copy / paste and edit it as a new spreadsheet.

    It wasn’t even the original spreadsheet, it was based on the one from Well Traveled Mile (but it was opened to anyone and became a real mess).

    So now we have three spreadsheets, more fragmentation, and it just confuses the hell out of people…

    • joe says:

      a lot of us don’t use reddit… ever.

      • Shin says:

        But you still get an enormous amount of info from r/churning through this blog. The spreadsheet they have is on google docs, just like this one. He could have linked to it directly so you could keep your hands off reddit if you wanted to so bad.

        • sirtheta says:

          I have, in fact, prominently linked said spreadsheet in the second sentence of this very post.

          You may also see my comment just below, and a forthcoming Reddit post (at some point soon-ish) for why I chose to do things this way.

          • Shin says:

            What I meant was that the r/churning sheet could have been the only thing that you mentioned in this post and “joe” wouldn’t have to touch Reddit. I am not arguing against you creating your own spreadsheet. I am ambivalent because as with all other churning-related spreadsheets, I only use my own.

      • edifess says:

        +1. Reddit is practically indecipherable for some of us. A disorganized mess of posts.

    • sirtheta says:

      Well, actually, my plan is to make a long post on r/churning about this spreadsheet explaining what I perceive to be the shortcomings of the existing spreadsheet and rationales for my changes, and I have the bulk of such a posted drafted. But practically none of that is relevant here, so my post mentions none of it. (Plus, it is useful as a novel piece of work for the DOC website since many people here do not use Reddit).

      I didn’t know that dozens of people have editing access to the existing spreadsheet (which may explain the filtering issue on the 12/17 sheet). The existing spreadsheet is wonderful, and I certainly have a soft spot for it since I’ve used it. But it is not well maintained* (contains a myriad of out-of-date information, etc.), and the fact that the dozens of editors haven’t gone through and kept it up-to-date does not inspire a lot of confidence in me.

      My goal is to have my spreadsheet to serve as an in-kind replacement for the current one (because that was the original reason I embarked on this project), assuming the group that runs the existing spreadsheet wants it (preferably, I plan to maintain this one [fingers crossed] and the existing editors can mirror it in the existing spreadsheet by importing the new sheets, and make whatever changes they desire – no link breakage). There’s a reason I kept the Walmart credit card, after all 😉

      * to be quite frank, it is extremely poorly maintained—which I do not intend as an indictment of the current editing group. I’ve spent a LOT of hours putting in all the information to my spreadsheet, so I understand very well that it takes a lot of time to update.

      • mk712 says:

        That does not answer my question: why create a new one instead of updating the existing one?

        • MM says:

          Well, if the Reddit version is swapped out for sirtheta’s new version, won’t he have accomplished the same thing?

          Lotta people on here aren’t Reddit users. Really don’t see why it’s so strange that someone might want to make their own version and use a well-read website as a vehicle to share it.

          Confusing as hell? Hardly. What’s confusing for people is the existing spreadsheet still being on Reddit, since it’s so riddled with errors.

          • Mel says:

            I like the spreadsheet posted here.

            There’s entirely an enormous amount of pages to surf not every surfer knows about.

            Reddit, myFico, Creditcardforum, Creditboards, FlyerTalk – to name just a few.

            DoC’s website feels like one of the traffic controllers in the surf. This site has it’s finger on the pulse of all those nooks and crannies. I appreciate that.

            DoC, the One Stop Shop for a reader on the Go.

        • sirtheta says:

          I would say my comment does answer your question, up to the fact that my spreadsheet is intended exactly as an update to the existing one (as a new sheet in the existing spreadsheet).

          (Obviously, my comment does not present a full answer since I am planning to make a post on Reddit about the rationales for all my changes!)

    • Lisa says:

      Just this week, as a rank amateur, I tried to collect similar data to make some choices of my own. I used the /r/churning spreadsheet as a starting point. It was certainly helpful. But even my amateur research found that the /r/churning spreadsheet is incomplete and out of date. (Not complaining. Just offering a point of view from someone who sees doc’s version as a huge upgrade.)

      Please DOC, continue to maintain this resource.

      • mk712 says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I fully agree the reddit spreadsheet needs updating. And don’t fool yourself, so will this one in a few months.

        My point is that the reddit spreadsheet is a community-maintained ressource, it has been set up so that people can update it. So why create a new one instead of simply updating the existing one?

        • sirtheta says:

          I’d bet an arbitrarily small amount that this spreadsheet will be better updated in a few months than the current spreadsheet is. (I’d prefer an arbitrarily large amount but then I’d be VERY motivated to keep it up to date!).

    • The other thing to consider is that by having our own spreadsheet on the site, we are able to link to our reviews and other pages on the site. This also provides us (sirtheta) with an incentive to keep it updated.

    • Sucks to suck says:

      “Wah wah, someone made something better than me.”

    • Sexy_Kitten7 says:

      I agree with Sirtheta. Reddit should just link to his sheet and be done with it.

      AFAIK there are only 10 people who have edit access (including myself), not dozens.

      I update things when people message me (which is rare). I do not bother keeping the sheet updated since that’s a Herculean task.

      /u/Rittersspare has been MIA for a long time.

  5. WR says:

    What I would find helpful is if the bonus columns were spread into 4 different categories for ease of applying analytics: 1) cash or cash equivalent bonus, 2) miles/points bonus, and 3) free nights, and 4) other bonus

    • sirtheta says:

      When I started working on this, I had basically done that, but unfortunately it just took up too much horizontal space, and so I decided to condense everything into one column. My preference is to maintain the shortest horizontal width possible while displaying full information since most offers don’t mix too many bonus types.

      • WR says:

        That’s a shame, would ve very useful. You could always add detail columns on the end, or group and collapse if google sheets supports that.

    • Gadget says:

      +1. Not everyone wants points to use on travel or hotels, so what I would like to know is the cash out equivalent or statement credit of a CC offer. I know there is blog-type website dedicated to points valuation and comparison, but from what I recall, it assumes you are using the points for travel, hence max value.

      Also, if a using a card points system means cashing out to gift cards, that is a huge disadvantage. I still have gift cards from 3+ years ago from a card I got targeted for – Honestly, I am too lazy to sell the GC’s, don’t want to take the risk, plus a 10-15% loss, and was waiting until I need them to make a large purchase at Home Depot to redeem. Fortunately, nothing needed replacing around my home in the last few years and they just sit in a drawer. Yes, I could use them for little purchases, but that’s a pain too. I don’t shop there very often, and I can often get things at better prices elsewhere. Add in the complication that I will lose 5% CC rewards for home improvement (Discover & Chase) typically have at least 1/2 of the year if I use the GC’s. I know; rich man, first world problems.

      • sirtheta says:

        I wouldn’t want to get into redemption options because my personal view is that this spreadsheet should be solely about the signup bonus information – basically, force it to be used *only* as a signup bonus reference and force people to do independent research about the rewards programs separate from it.

  6. Darv says:

    Not sure I’ll apply for the card at the bottom of the list-:)

    Very nice work! Thank you!

  7. Michael says:

    There has been a 250k offers for the Business plat, very rare but people have posted screenshots on flyertalk

  8. Mark says:


    Well done Man! All Wells Fargo CC have a language If you opened a Wells Fargo credit card account during the last 15 months from the date of this application you will not be eligible for the introductory APR(s) or bonus rewards offers until the 1st day of the calendar month after the 15 month anniversary.

    Is this 15 months wait true for the same WF card or any WF card?

    • Isn’t enforced AFAIK: /list-of-churnable-credit-cards/#Wells_Fargo

      If anybody has DP that it is, please share them!

      • V says:

        I have now been spreading the applications apart by 15 months and have been successful.

        Old DP from a few years ago (before they officially put this 15 months language in the terms), they approved my Dad for another Visa 5x reward card (he had a similar 5x card) but the APR was not the 0% as advertised and upon asking they said it won’t be 0% nor 5x reward because of an existing card. The precise answer they gave didn’t make sense because my Dad got the low APR on a Propel card at the same time (when they rejected the 5x benefit and 0% benefit on the new 5x reward card), despite having the 5x card in the past. I think now they might be applying it uniformly.

      • V says:

        And thanks to DoC, I got two family members the Propel World 40k points card by calling Wells Fargo. Both successful applications, both had a banking relationship and also had had WF cards in the past. One had the Propel 365 active as well (20k points card from 15 months ago).

  9. Michael says:

    Not sure it’s legit to state that 100,000 as the best bonus if it’s going to be available to only people with 1M+ in business management with Chase as Charles proposed may be the case…

  10. TomT says:

    For the Avianca Vuela card from Banco Popular, my wife and I each earned 60,000 LifeMiles by including promo code “AVSPWE” entered right on the online application. I believe many others earned the same. Therefore, it should at least show a higher historical bonus. Also, the Amtrak Guest Rewards card with annual fee had a 30,000 point bonus until recently, and the no fee card (missing from your list) has a 15,000 point bonus vs the current 12,000.

    • sirtheta says:

      Thanks Tom – I’ll look in to the Avianca Vuela and update the sheet. I added the Amtrak Platinum and the historical offers, thanks for the reminder!

  11. TomT says:

    For the Citi Hilton Reserve, I think the “2 Weekend Nights + $100” public offer is dead. The landing page still exists, but you get a “no longer offered” message when you click the Apply button. If you know of an active link with the $100 credit, please let me know. Finally, one more suggestion would be to add a known expiration date (if there is one) to the current offer set of columns.

    • sirtheta says:

      Oops – I forgot to hit “Apply Now” to check that those were still working; I’ve changed their status.

      Known expiration dates should all be indicated by notes if the Last Date is “Current” (let me know if I’ve missed any!). Originally I had the date in there, but I felt that might be a little confusing – I may go back and do that again, though. (since, on second thought, it’s probably less confusing than using a note!).

  12. TomT says:

    There are a few from ninor players you do not have listed: BBVA Compass NBA Rewards, Select & ClearPoints, FNBO Sun Country, HSBC Premier, Advance & Platinum Rewards and PenFed’s Travel Rewards, Platinum Rewards and Cash Rewards

  13. Rob says:

    Wow — Love this spreadsheet.. Thanks for the great work!

  14. Andy says:

    I would say the best recent historical offer for the Chase Hyatt included a fee waiver. (FYF, 2 nights, $50 statement credit and/or 5k for AU)

    • sirtheta says:

      That’s very fair, but I’d prefer to advantage current offers in the specific case where the historical offers don’t offer much valuable information (in the case of the Hyatt card, updating the minimum spend & removing the fee waiver likely means that that’s never coming back).

  15. mishyq says:

    Good work!

    One suggestion – would it be possible to create a filter (pivot table, perhaps) such that you can only have those business cards that doesnt count towards the number of new accounts to show up?

    This would be for folks wanting to spend the next 24 months trying to get back down to < 5/24

    Right now, I am going by the assumption that Business cards refer to any item with the word 'business' in Column B. And among these, all will not count as new accounts if approved, except those issued by Capital One and Discover. Did I miss anything else?

    • sirtheta says:

      Yeah, I believe I added “business” to all the business cards. I also believe you are correct about Cap1 and Discover being the only notable exceptions in that they appear on your personal report. (But I’m on mobile and I can’t be 100% confident about this because there are so many issuers).

      I wouldn’t want to get into what business cards count for 5/24 because my personal view is that this spreadsheet should be solely about the signup bonus information – basically, I want to force it to be used *only* as a signup bonus reference and force people to do independent research to find what suits their needs outside of the signup bonus.

  16. Rand says:

    Would be nice to be able to filter by Business cards or not.

  17. Tom says:

    Might include foreign transaction fee (Y/N) column
    I find it useful on my personal CC spreadsheet

    • sirtheta says:

      The r/churning spreadsheet does this, but I wouldn’t want to get into FTF because my personal view is that this spreadsheet should be solely about the signup bonus information – basically, I want to force it to be used *only* as a signup bonus reference and force people to do independent research to find what suits their needs outside of the signup bonus.

  18. Paul says:

    Could there be a button that would filter out what cards work under 5/24 for chase?

    • sirtheta says:

      I wouldn’t want to get into 5/24 because my personal view is that this spreadsheet should be solely about the signup bonus information – basically, I want to force it to be used *only* as a signup bonus reference and force people to do independent research to find what suits their needs outside of the signup bonus.

  19. Mitchell West says:

    @sirtheta Just a heads-up: The Alaska Airlines Visa Signature highest publicly-available offer states that you get $1000 in addition to the 30k miles and companion fare. Either that’s the best deal yet or you’ll want to change it to $100!

  20. Deb says:

    I’ve seen this on reddit and have bookmarked it too. I found it to be very helpful and was grateful it was put together. But as mentioned above, if it’s not up to date, then it’s less helpful than it could be. Maybe so many people having access to it makes it less likely anyone will be motivated enough to keep it up to date? Less of a sense of ownership maybe? I think it’s great that sirtheta is willing to keep an updated version. And knowing that it’s someone from this site lends some credence that it will be well kept.

    Thank you so much for doing this.

    • sirtheta says:

      In psychology, they’d call that phenomenon diffusion of responsibility (if you believe that’s a thing, which I more or less do) 🙂

      You’re welcome! (it was a nice way to brush up on some issuers with which I’m not very familiar :D).

      • Curmudgeon says:

        I’m not familiar with the term “diffusion of responsibility” but “tragedy of the commons” seems apt here.

        Kudos on the spreadsheet!

        Since everyone is being picky about why their personal fetish detail isn’t represented on the chart, why don’t you have a column that lets me sort the cards by color. Maybe I have too many blue cards and need some red ones to balance them out. 🙂

  21. josh says:

    I think some columns with cash equivalent (if redeemable for Cash or GC), typical reward value equivalent, and rate of return on spend would be very beneficial in the spreadsheet. Some people may not want a ton of airline reward points but not consider getting 50K airline miles and cashing it in for a $300 GC. I have something similar in a spreadsheet that I keep for my tracking.

    • sirtheta says:

      I wouldn’t want to get into redemption options because my personal view is that this spreadsheet should be solely about the signup bonus information – basically, force it to be used *only* as a signup bonus reference and force people to do independent research about the rewards programs separate from it.

  22. chaseaholic says:

    glanced at it pretty quickly, looks good and like a tremendous amount of work to maintain. Kudos to you if you keep it maintained in a couple months time as mk712 mentioned.

    one suggestion would be links to have a of the program nuances for applications [e.g Chase 5/24, AmEx 1 cc/day + charges; no more than 4-5 cc total]

    nice work

    • sirtheta says:

      I wouldn’t want to get into any application nuances because my personal view is that this spreadsheet should be solely about the signup bonus information – basically, force it to be used *only* as a signup bonus reference and force people to do independent research about the application process separate from it.

  23. Ian says:

    You should note you can get Avianca 60k with a promo code.

  24. Jim says:

    Thank you sirtheta!

  25. PJ says:

    I love how people complain that they are getting too much free information on how to use bonuses to their advantage. Ungrateful. Thank you Sirtheta!

  26. Olympia says:

    Thanks for doing this. Way more comprehensive than that other resource. I know your stated goal is sign up bonuses – and that’s great. Something I feel is needing is a resource that also has the additional spend bonuses. e.g. $12k spent on Fairmont gets you another free night (or used to anyway, who knows since they’re breaking up with Chase). Something like that would be so awesome as some issuers make it tougher for gamers/churners. I’m pretty sure you’re the right man for this job! 😉

    Great work.

  27. Olympia says:

    FYi Ameriprise Plat has had 40,000 points in the past.

  28. Jamie says:

    Wow! This is awesome and so incredibly helpful. I stopped looking at the Reddit spreadsheet after realizing how out-dated it is. Thank you a million times over!

  29. abmo224 says:

    Glad to see a much-needed update for this. A sortable column for personal vs business would be nice on the next revision!

  30. therealMARK says:

    siri this is amazong thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!11

  31. Curmudgeon says:

    The Spark Select Cash Business card (has the 1.5% cash back) has a targeted bonus of $500 when spending $4500. No annual fee. You have to get a mailer to qualify as I’ve never seen it available online. Might be worthwhile to add.

  32. ajpl says:

    Is there any trick to pulling up AmEx business incognito offers? I’ve tried just about everything and I can get all of the juicy personal incognito offers to pull up… but that 75k BRG eludes me.

  33. Ha_Ka says:

    The Korean Air Skypass credit cards under US Bank are missing.

  34. Alex says:

    It will be much easier to slide if you remove rows 110-1000

  35. Dante says:


  36. Like the spreadsheet, good work my friend.

  37. Tony says:

    Thank you for the incredible resource!! Wow.

    I was wondering if you can offer some advice:

    I am at 3/24 after taking a break for the last 2 years and it’s time to get back in. (I already got the Chase Sapphire Reserve). Any recommendations on which 2 chase products you would recommend I get first to hit the 5/24 before I start applying and churning some of the others?

    I have Chase BA, Chase Business Ink Plus, Chase IHG and Chase Sapphire Reserve.

    Thank you!

    • Chuck says:

      Maybe INK Preferred (it shouldn’t count against your 5/24 limit being a business card), then CSP for signup bonus, and maybe Freedom or Freedom Unlimited? Depends which cards you need.

      • Tony says:

        From what I have read, looks like the INK Preferred is subject to 5/24? I was thinking along the same lines – Freedom Unlimited and Ink Preferred (for signup bonus). I am still debating between CSP vs Ink Preferred for the bonus though. Thanks for your input.

        • Chuck says:

          INK Preferred is subject to 5/24, but – confusingly – it won’t count against your 5/24, meaning if you already had 5 cards opened within 24 months, you won’t get approved, but if you had 4 cards opened, you can get approved, and it won’t count as #5.

    • Hrm, probably Chase Ink Preferred & maybe CSP?

  38. Poof says:

    This looks oddly familiar and yet you pass it along as your own idea. This whole blog is built by bottom feeding content from other sources. Take a bit, chew, regurgitate, all in a desperate hope try to gain readership. I’d surmise that 90% of your content comes directly from reddit or forums.

    I remember when DoC first started. His tactic to gain attention was to relentlessly post nonsense comments on other most established blogs. Funny how he is still bottom feeding from start to finish.

    I can’t wait to see him sell out and watch him laugh all the way to the bank at you fools of readers.

    • sirtheta says:

      I can see how my assiduously sourced posts (not to mention, Will’s/Chuck’s/other writers’s) might confuse readers into believing that I am passing this off as my own idea. Taking this post as an example, readers must be very confused that the original concept is not my own since all I did was provide links to the original idea!

      Sarcasm aside, your comment is baffling. Well before I was invited to write here, I valued this website very highly for what it did: present unbiased, in-depth, and often novel information to readers. I would argue that DOC is great precisely because content from other sources (whether tertiary, secondary, or primary) is improved, or synthesized, or analyzed, or explicated further, or etc. when brought into the DOC “ecosystem” (the website). To take this post as an example, I would argue that my spreadsheet is very clearly superior to the current resource (in many ways) and was produced with plenty of original content—obviously, it then provides quite a bit of value over what is currently available! Likewise, you won’t be able to find a resource as comprehensive as my recent post about FICO scores from banks & CUs (/comparison-free-fico-scores-banks-cus/), nor many of the omnibus resources produced on DOC. Synthesizing information in this way, even if it is not original information, is very valuable—and more than that, very obviously valuable! So what if it comes from somewhere else?

      I fail to see what relevance DOC 3+ years ago has on DOC today. Websites change over time, and the DOC of today is awesome and offers plenty of value to readers (in my opinion, of course—I wouldn’t be writing for DOC if that weren’t the case!).

      • Geoffrey Stuart says:

        Fuhgedaboutit, as we say in Philly. Your website is a very valuable and complete compendium of good stuff and I don’t particularly care if you’re “bottom-feeding” in the words of Mr. PooHead. I subscribe to many of the source blogs and I still look forward to receiving yours, because you ALWAYS pick up on something I missed. Keep up the good work and know that many of us “fools of readers” know who the real fool is here…Mr. Poohead.

    • Sucks to suck says:

      Poof probably maintains the r/churning sheet and is trying to deflect from how shit a job he’s doing.

    • I can’t wait until I’m laughing all the way to the bank either. For now I’ll just try to stick to helping readers and ignoring trolls like yourself.

  39. james says:

    Great work! For the sake of completeness, there is a Citi thank you business card as well, not sure if it has an online link, though.

  40. Ian says:

    Do you plan to add smaller banks’ credit cards, like m&t, usaa, ally, key, first niagara, and other regionals that have a bonus?

  41. E Dantes says:

    This is a superlative post, Sirtheta. Thank you for your incredibly hard work and diligence here! Please ignore malcontents like Poof above here.

    One card you could also add — which I know has captured the fascination of some here on DoC if nothing else — is the NASA FCU Star Trek 50,000 bonus card. This one here: /nasa-fcu-star-trek-card-offering-50000-point-bonus/

    Hope that helps!

  42. Mel says:

    1. The last card in the sheet (Walmart credit card) has a bonus of either “Meet & Greet w/ IRS Agent” or Pumpkin Spice Latte. Nice.
    2. Any way we can split the bonus column into 2, one for points and one for cash? That will help us in sorting the data.

  43. Justin says:

    Just received a mailer for Amex Biz Plat 100k/$5k. This is relatively known as the best signup for the spend, correct?

  44. Antonio says:

    Anyone know of a similar spreadsheet that lists earning rates by category for each card? IE what cards give 3x, 2x, 5x etc in each category?

    Awesome work by the way.

  45. Hugh says:

    Thanks for the detailed spreadsheet! I downloaded a copy and added a few fields you might be interested in. Basically I added a column for point value and then multiplied that by the signup bonus to come up with a dollar value. I then subtracted the annual fee from that value to come up with a net bonus value. That way you can sort by value to see the most valuable cards.

    If you want to see a sample (10 rows) I can email it to you. Thanks again!

  46. JuicyJosh says:

    I need some advice from anyone who would have this info in the back of their mind. I am mainly a bank bonus guy. Spouse and I just meet the min requirements for CSR so i figure its time to move to the next bonus. She is dead set on getting the Chase Disney Visa ($200 cash back) which will basically be a free ticket as she says. But she isnt aware of 5/24 (or all of us crazy bonus people) and this does not seem worthy of 1/24. Is there a better card even if non Chase? I have a hard time comparing apples to apples on the sheet. Really, whats the best non-business cash value we can move to next? Redeemable for Disney tickets – even better. Any insight is greatly appreciated!

  47. Wes says:

    Holy cow, thanks for the great data!

  48. bakermama says:

    My husband just got a new Hyatt card offer that I don’t see updated on your spreadsheet:
    “Apply for your Hyatt Credit Card to‌day and earn 40,000 Bonus Points after you spend $2,000 on purchases with the Hyatt Credit Card in the first 3 months from account opening.* This product is available to you if you do not have this card and have not received a new cardmember bonus for this card in the past 24 months.”

    The card offer also includes globalist status and has no foreign transaction fees.

    Doesn’t appear to have first year fee waived ($75) but does include the one free night per year, category 1-4. Also nothing about bonus for additional cards.

  49. Justin says:

    Can confirm Hyatt 2 nights+$50 credit+5,000 for AU is still available via a dummy booking. Was approved yesterday

  50. TomT says:

    In your spare time, please update the spreadsheet to reflect that you can receive the 40,000 bonus for the Wells Fargo Propel World card by calling. You do not have to go to a branch. My wife and I each got one this week, so it is confirmed. Of course, you need to already have a banking relationship with Wells Fargo to get any of their credit cards.

  51. Silas Talbot says:

    Heads up — Amex SPG Personal is getting a 30k offer through the incognito search. However the spreadsheet only lists the expired 35k offers and 25k as the public. Might be useful to add the 30k as one of the secondaries…

  52. JASON says:

    Credit Card: Santander® Ultimate Cash Back℠ Credit Card® MasterCard®

    Basics: 1.5% cash back on all purchases. $100 statement credit after spending $500 within 90 days
    AF: none
    Credit Bureau: possibly Experian

    My review:

    I got my Santander Bravo Credit Card since Feb, have been enjoying MS since it gives 3% of up to $4000 purchases in supermarkets/retail stores per quarter. Previously I had my Experian frozen and applied for the Bravo card in branch. Received a call from underwriter in Baltimore 2 days later, asked me to unfreeze it as they are not able to use PIN to see the Experian report. I did not lift the freeze. Underwriter called me the other day and said she could access my other credit Bureau report (she said she couldn’t at the first place) so I told them to use Trans Union. Approved while I was over the phone for 8K CL.

    Above is my experience of getting the Bravo but not sure if they allow pulling another credit bureau other than Experian. Worth a try in my opion. In the past, Santander CC cannot be applied online and it seems it has been changed. Just applied for the Ultimate MasterCard and went pending, looks like a denial to me as I still have Experian frozen. Below is the message on web:

    Thank you for applying for a Santander® Ultimate Cash Back℠ Credit Card® MasterCard®.
    We are reviewing your application, and you should receive a decision in the mail within the next 30 days.

    Your application number is *******.

    Questions about the status of your application? Call 1-855-272-5965.

    Please print this page for your records.

  53. VL says:

    Wyndham current public offer is the one which is listed as “Best” 45K for $2k (30K for first purchase, 15K more after $2K spend). In case if this spreadsheet (which is extremely helpful) is still maintained you may want to update.

    Thank you big time for such a tremendous work!

  54. TomT says:

    Some updates for your spreadsheet:

    BofA Amtrak 30,000 points offer is currently active:
    Barclay JetBlue Plus is currently 40,000 miles:
    Citi Hilton cards should be removed
    Synchrony Cathay Pacific is currently 50,000 miles:

  55. CJ says:

    Does anyone know if any credit card companies use the Vantage score instead of the FICO score?

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