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Published on June 21st, 2017 | by William Charles


Shopping Cart Trick 2017 – Get Credit Cards Without The Hard Pull

There is something known as a “shopping cart trick” that can allow you to get store specific credit cards that don’t result in a hard pull on your credit report. Using this trick doesn’t result in a hard pull, it will still affect your credit as these cards are reported on your credit report (which will decrease your average age of accounts). There are a couple of rules we need to follow when trying to do this trick:

  • You need to be opted in for credit card promotional e-mails. You’re automatically opted in, so unless you have manually opted out you won’t need to do anything. I recommend being opted in anyway, you might receive a good targeted promotion if you are (here is how you can check for these offers).
  • Only works on cards issued by Comenity bank (and some cards issued by Synchrony & Wells Fargo)
  • Turn your pop up blocker off if you use one. A lot of the credit card offers pop up, if you have a pop up blocker then you might miss it.
  • If your asked for your full SSN, it might be a hard pull. Some of these websites ask for your full SSN when applying for the store cards, whilst others ask for your last four digits. If it asks for your full SSN it might be a hard pull so be careful. As always, your mileage may vary.

How To Do The Trick:

  • Go to the website of the store you want a card for.
  • Join their loyalty program (some people find more success skipping this step and just checking out as a guest)
  • Add some items to your shopping cart
  • Start to check out
  • Enter in your address, make sure this matches your address listed in your credit reports exactly
  • Continue going through the check out process until you get to the final payment page. You should receive your offer before this page, if you haven’t then either the shopping cart trick isn’t working or you need to try again.
  • Choose to accept your offer
  • Complete the application
Make sure you enter your information in the same as it’s displayed on your credit report.

When joining the websites loyalty programs, it’s extremely important that the information you enter is the same as it’s displayed on your credit report. Whilst the shopping cart trick isn’t a hard pull, it’s still a soft pull and if they are unable to verify your identity you will not be offered a card. Comenity bank usually uses your Experian report.

You don’t need to actually purchase anything at the store you use this trick on. Once your application is finished you’ll automatically be taken back to your check out page (if this was closed earlier) you can just abandon this after you’ve finished applying.

Credit limits on these cards are extremely low, usually $500 or less.

You can request a credit limit increase and they usually give automatic credit limit increases if you put any decent amount of spend on the cards. They typically won’t increase the credit limits if the card is not 9 months or older. Requesting a credit limit online is usually a soft pull. You might be able to get higher limits on these cards by adding a lot of items (e.g several thousand) to your shopping cart before trying this trick.

Why Is This Useful?

There are three main reasons as to why you might find this trick helpful:

  • Help to build your credit when your credit is bad. Because they don’t do a hard pull on your credit report, they will not be able to see if you have any bankruptcies on file or other derogatory items. Typically lenders feel more comfortable loaning to people with bad credit that have received credit from other lenders, as this allows the borrower to show that they are capable of making on time payments and might have turned over a new leaf.
  • Bonuses on the credit card. A lot of these store specific cards offer bonuses to cardholders to encourage them to use the cards or shop at the store. It’s not unusual to see stores offering a $10 statement credit to use the card for example. Some will offer a “sign up bonus” that is an instant discount on purchases. The best cards offer on going bonuses.
  • Fee free American Express credit cards. These cards can be used for Small Business Saturdays and some American Express sync offers. Unfortunately Comenity seems to only really have Visa cards so you’re pretty restricted in using this trick for that, but Dillard’s is a card that this trick works for that has an American Express version.
    • Dillard’s

Stores That This Trick Works With

Below are a list of stores that I’ve seen successful reports on this trick working. The trick won’t work 100% of the time, so if you don’t see a pre-approved offer don’t stress out, just try again in a few weeks and hope for the best.

Comenity Bank Store Credit Cards

Most people find Victoria Secrets one of the easiest cards to get using this method, I’ve also had a lot of success with Overstock as well. If you’ve gotten the shopping cart trick to work on any other cards then please let me know.

Synchrony Bank Store Credit Cards

Wells Fargo Store Credit Cards

Other Resources

The following are some resources & blog posts that you might find useful if you’re getting into the shopping cart trick.

Are there any blog posts or forums / threads which you think I missed? Let me know and I’ll add them.

Final Thoughts

These methods aren’t going to be for everybody, but if you have bad credit and want to get some positive trade lines reporting this might be an alternative option to a secured credit card. For people with good credit (and a high AAoA) then some of these cards might be worth considering for the on going bonuses. I also think it’s worth trying to get the Dillard’s card to have another fee free American Express card, although I haven’t been able to get that card to show recently.

Thanks to PFDigest & MyFICO forums for continually making me aware of this trick.

896 Responses to Shopping Cart Trick 2017 – Get Credit Cards Without The Hard Pull

  1. To clarify: while I have experience with Comenity cards (and in fact just used one today), I have never personally used the shopping cart trick. I only wrote about it because it is indeed a neat little trick.

    • How come you didn’t use it for the Comenity cards you do have?

      • I didn’t know about it at the time I applied.

        • Ah, that makes sense! I wish I knew all of these little tricks long ago, would’ve made everything so much easier.

          • I AM MAN says:

            I applied for overstock$4000/ king size direct$750/ Victoria secrets $750.. my fico went 28 points, cause the new cards shorten your history average. More new cards shorter and shorter history..

            Victoria secret card was a fluke, never got pop up.. so I created account, applied with regular app.. yes regular app first of ss# correct.. 1 of 2 middle ss# incorrect.. last four of ss# correct which is used for soft inquiry, got alert 2 days later stating a new trade $750.. was shocked.. vs never popped for me.. zales too never popped.. will try that again near future, my history is more important now

        • Dennis says:

          On JCrew I will get the I am pre approved page and it flashes long enough to click accept and the 2nd page flashes and disappears before I can enter my info and does the same thing when I go back out and sign back in, got any ideas?
          594 616 r my scores

          • doris says:

            Oh my God this works! Just got approve for 1000 credit limit for overstock, and I have a bankruptcy!

          • gary m pritchard says:

            i got approved for a 3 commenity cards in one day with the shopping cart trick. sportsman m/c gander mountian m/c and virgin america visa $ 9000 cl with virgin you join there elevate club (no charge) than create a expensive round trip ticket filled in everything including my seats on the plane. went to check out got the pop up took the card offer and DID NOT submit for purchase of tickets

      • chris says:

        I don’t see any way to message you directly, so…

        These cards are also Synchrony Bank Store Credit Cards:

        Care Credit (Only medical professionals can accept this: Drs, vets, dentists, etc. Fantastic emergency card to have!)
        PC Richard & Son
        Toys R Us

        These Store cards are all issued by Citibank:

        Best Buy
        Home Depot

        Hope this helps you complete your list.

      • Dj68TN says:

        Tried to find a way to post a new thread but was unable to.
        I was able to get the pop ups for the following in the month of June 2016: Jcrew, Buckle, Overstock, Victoria Secrets, Boscovs, HSN, Avenue, The Limited. All without a hard pull. Wayfair and Frontgate BOTH dd a HP! I haven’t gotten any other of the sites to direct me with the popup, yet. ?

        • lynette tay says:

          Hi did you get a pop up while using your cell phone or on a computer??

          • Cherry says:

            I think I have 14 comenity cards but one applied in the store was preapproval. but always got the pop up on the computer. If u use your phone u would probably do it the same so u can get the preapproval. There videos on how to get the pop up register with the store and she would happens.

          • CarolS says:

            Cellphone for vict secret, wayfair,forever21

      • Todd says:

        I just tried the shopping cart trick at and after I put my information and I got the pop up it asked for my entire social I did all zeros except for the last four and I got approved $3,500 I don’t see it on the list though

        • Toni Taylor says:

          I may have missed it, but I have never seen the all zeros mentioned before. Does this work for all?

        • Was it a hard pull on your credit? Usually when it’s full SSN it is.

          • Todd says:

            No hard pull. Sweet. Overstock ask full ssn and it wasnt a hard pull. But i went on a wing with the zeros. Lol.

        • stacey says:

          I tried it twice with PB and didn’t get the pop up 🙁

        • Gigi says:

          How much did you put in your cart?

        • 800 says:

          I just stumbled upon this neat trick and tied it every day this week and more than doubled my overall credit line from 6000 to 15000. My CS is around 620, with one paid collection that I cannot remove although I’ve been attacking it for about 6 months. I was able to remove all other blemishes including a judgment. I currently have a Citi card, secured Cap1, and a two other credit building Master Cards. All for about 2 years.

          With the SCT I was able to get West Elm 2500, Williams Sonoma 1000, Pottery Barn 1500, Ann Taylor 250, Crate & Barrel 3000 and Overstock 750. All of them were soft pulls except the last two. I just checked my Equifax and C&B and Overstock were hard pulls. I don’t even care because my score did not change, plus in two years they will be gone . . .

          I’m considering trying J Crew and JJill, but think I may be overdoing it, since my credit length is going to take a huge hit with these 6 new cards. Not sure if I should keep going or stop, but the enticement of having larger credit lines (and not over using them) has me all excited!

        • Sophie says:

          Pottery Barn, West Elam and Williams Sonoma al ask for full ss# but they were all SP’s

      • Staci says:

        Comenity has never given me a card, it’s as if they hate me! Haha! I have bank credit cards and a norstorms card which has a high credit limit . The balance is zero. My creditcard payments are NEVER LATE, and I ALWAYS give each card $100 or more according to my credit limit ! Any help would be appreciated!

      • Nisa says:


    • Rose Bronson says:

      I finally got the shopping cart trick to work at J.Crew! It said *subject to credit approval* below this. So I’m not sure if this is a HP or SP? Not that I care since I wasn’t going for the card anyway. Just seeing if it works.

    • AJ says:

      The “trick” is total BS! Well it is for me anyway. Doesn’t work what so ever for me. Have opted into so much crap trying to get it to work that I have a full mailbox and email. Ugh! I hate that I even read about this.

      I wanted a VS card and came across this article. Tried to get this “trick” to work for MONTHS and it never did!!! I finally bit the bullet and just applied. I got a message on screen that did not say I was approved. Under review or something. Can’t remember. Got the letter in the mail and thought it was a denial. Nope! Called the number on the paper and verified myself and voila!

      So screw your little shopping cart “trick” …

      • Just because it didn’t work for you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

        • Mel says:

          I second that, and here’s why:

          -If your credit score is really, really bad this trick will not work. At all. I tried it during a time when my average score was around 500-525.

          -I opened a secured credit card with my bank ($500) and used it wisely for 4 months (wisely as in never used more than 25% of my line, made payments two times a month, and always paid in full BEFORE the reporting date so).

          -After those 4 months my Experian score improved by 75 points, so I tried the trick and it worked. I now have 2 cards, one with Gander Mountain and another for Victoria’s Secret ($300 and $500).

          • Gretchen says:

            My score is much higher than that and I have been trying for months as well to no avail. So frustrating

          • Tony says:

            Oh it definitely works. I appreciate this webpage. Overstock and J. Crew. I didn’t get the VS I’ve been trying for months, so screw VS, not the SCT. It works.

          • Jessica says:

            Have you lived at another address lately. It didnt work for me until i tried my old address. I havent lived at this address in over 18 months. But as soon as i put in my old address it work! Also My credit score was 501 and i still was approved for 4 cc. With all having a CL of $250

          • Judith says:

            I have a bank credit card too, and I earn enough on a weekly basis, like $500 to 900 every week, if you have bank issued credit card, let me know, I’ll tell step by step what to do

        • Glodie says:

          Right on
          It works, because it has for me

      • Toni Taylor says:

        OK Guess this is a silly question, but is the ‘trick’ for example when you are QVC or Overstock and the banner for the card appears at the top? Or is the invite something else?

        • ZiggyZ says:

          If it’s a Banner ANYWHERE on the actual Web page itself, then it’s just an general advertising banner for the card and will be a Hard Pull if you apply that way.

          It has to be an actual pop-up that will have verbiage to the extent of saying that YOU have been pre-qualified. The pop-up will be a new window/page that pops-up on top of the current shopping cart checkout page. It will usually occur after you’ve entered in your billing/shipping name, address & phone number. On this specific page after you fill out your information and you click to continue, the next 1-2 pages typically will present the pop-up. However, it should happen by the time you get to the last/final page in the checkout process.

          The final/last page will have a submit, submit order, complete order, etc button on it. If you’ve reached this page, and you did not get the pop up, do NOT click submit or any button that is consistent with submitting the order for processing. You should receive the pop up by the time you get to the last page in the checkout process. Generally you’ll get the pop up on the billing screen that asks for your payment information. The popup is known to either happen when you get to this page or after you’ve entered in your billing and payment information and click Continue to go to the next page. But be careful, some of these payment screens maybe the last page or step in the order process. However, very few sites have them as the last page. Just keep a watchful eye.
          The reason that I stress that last final page, is because some sites once you submit an order, it cannot be cancelled. Not all sites are like this.

          One site that I know of that you cannot cancel an order once it’s been submitted is the Eddie Bauer website. Once you submit an order on this website, there is no way to cancel the order. Even if you do call customer service. After you place the order on this site, you have to wait until the package either gets delivered to return it or if your home when the UPS driver comes to your door you have to refuse the package.

          Some people may be scratching their head asking,”why would I want to submit an order? ” Believe it or not, there are a few websites out there that will give you the shopping cart trick pop-up after you’ve submitted an order. It will have verbiage to the extent of the obvious pre-approval/qualify that your familiar with, but will also let you know that you can receive a discount on the CURRENT order along with giving you an additional anywhere between 10-30 minutes to shop for anything else that you would like to add to the current order to receive the discount.

      • jenna says:

        thank you for making me laugh today.

      • BLS says:

        If you have your pop up blocker enabled it will not work and some security features on anti-virus software will also block it.

      • Hil says:

        The shopping cart trick didn’t work for you for the same reason you didn’t get the card … your credit score isn’t high enough. Once you hit 580, you should be able to get some to pop up.

      • mary k says:

        Worked for me, now let the credit rebuilding begin. Very pleased with the results

      • Mike says:

        I’ve gotten Four to work but only excepted three due to the low CL.

        My wive has four that worked

      • Nmgh says:

        It worked for me. Did you make sure to take off the pop up blocker FIRST? That makes a difference. I got three cards in 20 minutes

      • Lb2Shay says:

        There’s a site called, which serves the purpose of temporary disposable email, you can send and receive emails through their system for as long as you need it then dispose of and forget. Very useful tool for things such as this you don’t wanna be bothered too much by. Lol speaking of which I’m going to use on here as well

      • Amber says:

        It worked for me…I just signed up on their website. Added a bra to my cart, clicked checkout, and a screen came up that said your preapproved, it only asked my dob and last 4 of ss. I got instant $150 credit limit. My credit is only a 574. Try again

      • aSHLEY says:

        This wouldn’t work for me either. You actually have to Opt-In to be eligible via

        If you don’t opt-in, it won’t work regardless of your credit score! So far, I’m 5 and 11, but that’s better than nothing!

        • Rebecca says:

          No one is mentioning doing this first. It would make sense; otherwise, how would the companies know to offer you the card?

          I am incredibly curious to know if everyone else did this first. I wish some people would respond about it.

          What do you mean ” 5 and 11″?

          • DJ says:


            I did this and got the following cards; Victoria’s Secret, Woman Within, Buckle, Fullbeauty, and Roamans. I tried more than once before the offers popped up.. I did opt-in and got the results above.

          • Dave says:

            It worked for me without using that link, I was able to get VS – $350 CL, I bought a $150 giftcard for the wife. My scores are between 510 and 535 but I do have multiple secured cards, a few bank cards a car loan and a Zebit line

      • Nicole says:

        I love stupid thinking people, they make the world go around!

        I recieved total of 4 using trick. VS,, NY&CO, Buckle

        • stephanie says:

          how far did you have to go on overstock in the check out process? VS popped up right away but so far overstock hasn’t popped up for me 🙁

      • datrucking210 says:

        So you took a hard pull on a store card, brilliant.

      • Tina says:

        I received 5 cards this way. First being the VS card. You must be below 500. Sorry it didnt work for you

      • James says:

        Has worked for me, I have had a lot of pre approvals

      • Cyn says:

        It worked for me on the first trick and so did overstock. Wayfair and bath and body didn’t but I’m happy with the ones that did.

      • LadyB says:

        It totally worked for me just yesterday.
        Perhaps it’s the updated software, my computer keeps telling me to update and I have not. Also make sure pop up blocker are turned off. Also create an email address just for this purpose so your true inbox is not flooded. Side note: I did not give email address until after approval.
        Good luck.

      • Todd says:

        In the past 4 months I have gotten 16 credit cards through Comenity Bank all of them the credit limits are $1,000 or more the last one I just got wasn’t even on the list it was for Pottery Barn $3,500 got it today

      • Toni says:

        AJ, I have also tried for months…it finally worked yesterday! I got my VS with $350CL. You just need to have patience, there are many other factors that could be preventing you from receiving offers.

      • Toni Taylor says:

        Dear AJ, It has taken me a little over a year to get the SCT to work for me. During that time I sold a house and bought another and my credit hovered between 598-656. Finally, in the past week I got it to work on 3 accounts. You just need to have patience and you need to understand your credit and work on it in the meantime. My credit score has been at 655 for awhile but before I sold my house my debt to credit ratio was a bit high, now it’s below 50% and I know that helped me a great deal. What I’m saying is that it takes some action on your part too :). It does work.

      • denise says:

        It didnt work for me until I found out that the soft pull, may have your old address. I went to the optin website entered my old address, and I tried NY&C and was approved for 250.00 Something you are entering does not match…

      • Tina says:

        I have tried a bunch of them over and over and not gotten it to work I don’t know what i’m doing wrong or not doing but I am very frustrated

        • Shawn says:

          Clear all history on pc and make sure pop up blocker is off. I’ve tried in Chrome, Edge and Mozilla browsers. Strange it has only worked for me in Mozilla. Also, Comenity use Equifax and Experian mostly. Be sure name and address match. But everyone out there re: soft vs hard pull. I rcvd preapproval for Brylane Homes and Pier 1 store card and they did Hard pulls. As for Overstock, Wayfair, VS, Jcrew, Full Beauty and Boscov’s they were soft. The cards I keep trying and NEVER ever pop-up are Sportsman’s Guide, Total Rewards, Orbitz, Pottery Barn, Crate n Barrel, Express and Buckle (which are the ones I’d use and want, NEVER give me the pop-up. HSN as well!

    • Genyne says:

      Rebuilding credit following BK chp7 discharge 5 years ago…. EQ 635 TU637 EX622 Approved for VS $250, HSN $1000! I did the loyalty signup for both but cleared ALL browser history. Thank you so much I feel as though I’m headed in the right direction!

      • Dana says:

        I am also rebuilding… EQ525 TU 545 EX 602 I got VS 250 HSN 1750 J CREW 250 Limited and Express all 250 Meijer and Sports Authority 500 NY&Co 250 Talbots 300 Buckle and Abercrombie 250… plus several more and just got approved for a 2015 Chevy Cruze for my son!!! Super excited!

        • denise says:

          can u tell me how u got thr shopping cart trick to work not able

          • ZiggyZ says:

            Look through some of the post towards the top of the page. There are several people that have posted many comments about how they were able to get it to work.

            Also, make sure you follow the instructions posted at the top of the page about making sure you are opted-in for offers.

    • Keesha says:

      Hi I actually did this last night with NY & Co, and it worked, as you said it was a limit of $300, and only took 5 minutes

    • Haley says:

      This is a bunch of B.S. I did this and yes got accepted to both VS 750 and Gandermountain.1500 and both were hard pulls! Don’t do it….. I did exactly like he said, and did not even enter entire social and got 2 hard pulls from same bank… SO MAD!

      • Janet says:

        This is completely a YMMV thing. On some forums, others have reported a hard pull for VS.

        As per one of my responses below, ALL Comenity Visa/MC’s will result in a hard pull with the exception of Sportsmans Guide and that is definitely a YMMV. Some have reported a hard pull while the majority report a soft pull. Mine was a soft for both.

      • stephanie says:

        VS didn’t do a hard pull on me. Maybe it’s just some and not everyone?

    • Goober says:

      This works!!! I have terrible credit (FICO 589) and am trying to rebuild. I did exactly as it said and it didn’t work for me until I tried Victoria’s Secret. Although I’m a guy and don’t think I’d ever use the card, it worked just like it said. I added one item to my shopping card, proceeded to check out and then a pop-up came up saying I’d been pre approved for $500. It only asked for the last four of my SS#, I completed the application. I got the final approval and then didn’t need to complete the purchase. I guess to get positive information on my credit report I need to use this once a month. Guess my sister is about to get a random gift each month. haha!

    • Donald says:

      I tried a few of these links…no prequalify offers popped up

      • cherry says:

        did u turn off your pop up blocker it work for me. sign up for there emails the next time u log in should get the pop up. i have Wayfair, The Limited, Express, Ny & Company, VIctoria Secerts, HSN, Overstock, Simply The Be, Brylane home,Marisota,changed the name to my JD Williams,Woman With In, Loft/Ann Taylor. don’t give up i started with First Permier, Credit One Visa, Capitial One, Credit One Mastercard, Best Buy Visa. thanks capital one and comenity for opening the doors for cards with no fees now i’m getting offers from discover all citi credit cards and different cards for cards . use your credit wisely i’m the other comenity i use them one or two times they increase those limits from 750 to 1000 who’s complaining but i must say i use vs the most. clear your browser history and turn pop blocks off . i use chrome, but i got some using different web browser this should help.

    • Rebecca says:

      I was just asked at Camping World about this. Said I was offered a card with them. I applied at check out and just before I checked out, I told the cashier my new address change. When he had me enter my information for credit check, he said more information was needed. I would receive a letter in the mail. That was Wednesday a week ago. I called Comenity Bank and asked why no letter stating what they needed. All I got was that they could see my application and that a letter was sent and should be in the mail any day. Oh, they claim it is because my address changed. I think I was denied but who knows. I have good scores, nothing bad, just low on accounts. I was just approved Thursday for a Cap1 Platinum card with $2000 LOC.

    • Rocko says:

      People make sure your address is the address on your credit report

    • TiffanyJ says:

      This actually just worked for me. I didnt beleive it until I was shopping on VS and I decided to just try it and see. They told me I was pre-approved for a 350 credit limit, so I entered in my information. I didnt have to enter in my whole SSN, and I got approved, I’ve been wanting a store credit card to assist with rebuilding my credit but I didnt want to add any more inquiries to my credit because I do have a lot .This is awesome ! Thanks for the trick

    • Melissa says:

      Can you use the shopping cart trick on your iPad or does it have to be on the computer?

    • michael says:

      thats sucks i just tried kirklands
      denied with 672 transunion fico score
      and have 6k total of credit limit
      wffnatbank (welss fargo) hit 2 hard inqurie on my trans union
      well who knows i might have on all three bureau 2 hard pull
      thats insane how they do this horrible
      what the hell they gain from those hards which hurt our scores un belevable reckless behavior against consumer WTF

    • Dawn says:

      Thanks for the information. I found that this does actually work. I’ve been trying to rebuild my credit and this information has come in very handy.

    • Pamela says:

      I did attempt overstock but it didn’t work i just hope it wasnt an hard pull. Victoria secrets and hsn worked for me

    • Sylvi says:

      I used the cocomenity card trick. Soft Pull/last 4 of social only. Applied for too many @ one . They granted me two credit cards. The 3rd one -Victoria Secrets – Comeninty rang and. asked for my full social and i gave it. I was honest and stated i did not want a hard and would forgo the acceptance of the . card. They said “ok, well just to verify who u r and we will let u know when/if we send u the card.

      Two weeks later, my two other approved cards arrived from Comenity. Upon calling to activate, i was told cards were cancelled. Issuance pays attention to NEW applicants and spotted the full social in connection with Victoria’s ❗They then immediately contacted Trans Union to report their cards issued to me as closed. So 1 hard and 2 closes via Comenity, cost me 13 points shaved off my credit score (all 3 credit Beureos)❗

    • Shyra says:

      I was pre-approved for an Overstock card, I entered my social by entering zeros until the last 4. Upon completion of the application, I received a message that my application was under review and I would get a notification by mail. Does this mean I was denied?

  2. dreamroar says:

    Nice post! First time to know this trick. Some people in Myfico reported HPs on some stores, it seems your list here gives all Soft pulls store. Good job! Hopefully Dillard’s will 100% be a soft pull and work for me. Considering to try it after I apply several normal cards next time

  3. Zack says:

    Did it with Victoria, Overstock, HSN and Express

    Victoria Secret worked when with a account the rest worked by checking out as a guest.

    • Santosh says:

      For me, Victoria is asking for 9 digits of SSN with existing account…Am i doing something wrong . Let me try with a guest

    • Brandon Lee says:

      Can someone please give me the step-by-step instructions for Overstock and HSN?

      • J R Y says:

        Call up on the phone to place your order….They told both my friend & I we were preapproved, would we like to get the card.This is for HSN. Of course you need to be placing a real order of something you really want, but, it worked for us.

  4. XP1 says:

    Did anyone try Dillard’s Amex and was successful?

    What items and how much did you add to your cart?

    • Devon says:

      I keep trying on different browsers, being logged in, not being logged in, etc and can’t get it to popup.

      • Try again in a few weeks! Just gotta be patient, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. No idea how they determine it.

        • I just got the Dillard’s AMEX to show up. Added a $125 Ugg robe and went to guest checkout. The app asks for full SSN so decided not to chance it.

          • Devon says:

            It shows up almost every time for me like that(not a popup but within the screen) and always has full SSN. I’m not willing to risk a HP unless there’s data to prove it’s not. I wonder if someone else has had it popup with just the last 4 of SSN or this is truly the one way it appears.

          • I know people have gotten it without a hard pull in the past, but I think they were asked for only last four digits of SSN. I wouldn’t risk it if it’s your full SSN. Can anybody chime in on this?

          • Jason says:

            Did it show a fixed credit line for you? If yes, I guess it would be a SP. Still waiting for someone to confirm this.

          • Kristy says:

            I’ve used my full ss for the pre-approval popups I’ve only met one site where it didn’t ask for all numbers and all sites regardless were sp NOT hp. If you apply directly it’s a HP and I know this bc I just happened to want one for Lenovo and I would also suspect there may be HP’s for high $ carts so as not to seem totally insane as a biz practice unless the sp shows up with a really high cs. I wish we could do this with our biz accounts to build some cr with our fein – anyone had any luck doing this?

  5. Gene says:

    this is some next level shit. i like. though i dont personally have a need for this. very cool.

  6. Devon says:

    I don’t see it listed here but do in MyFico and other lists. The Marathon Visa. I can’t figure out where it would appear though unless when shopping their separate merchandise site. Anyone know and/or have success with getting the Marathon card this way? Thanks!

  7. William, great post. This is great for people who want to make payments through Evolve to dept store cards. Can you do a post on how long it takes department store cards to refund you an over balance and if any store cards really don’t like you doing that? I know it took my Macy’s card about 6 months before they refunded me my balance.

    • I’d love to do a post like that, unfortunately I just don’t really have any data points so it wouldn’t really be possible.

      • Janet says:

        For cards I don’t use, I push a payment from my bank to the card in the amount of $1. This keeps the card active and forces the credit card company to report each month whereas without activity, some don’t.

        I’ve had them refund the overage anywhere between 1 billing cycle and 3 (1-3 months).

    • ZiggyZ says:

      For a refund on a credit balance or overage that exists 9n an account, it’s usually 60 – 90 days, depending on the card.

      This is done for accounting purposes and to eliminate possible confusion to the consumer and the rep you may speak to if you were to call in about it.

      If it’s a card I don’t really use, I’d rather just get the refund. If I use it, just infrequently, then I’d rather the overage just sit on the account as a credit balance for my next purchase. I guess that also depends on how much as well. If it’s less than $20, I’d rather it sit on the account.

  8. Marlon says:

    Thanks, helpful post as usual.
    I was able to get the Overstock pop up and got approved for 5k with no hp.
    Was wondering if anyone got Walmart to work?

    • River says:

      I got the Overstock pre-approved pop up. It required my entire social security number. It approved me for 12k. I read in other forums that sometimes it requires the entire social security number and still is a soft pull. I guess I will know in a day or so if my credit monitoring alerts me. I sure hope it’s a soft pull.

    • Beccam says:

      The only one that has worked for me thus far is Walmart. It popped up, I filled it out, instant approval.

      • ZiggyZ says:

        The Walmart store card goes through Synchrony Bank not Comenity unfortunately. If you applied for this card, it will be a hard pull.

    • Kim says:

      How far did you have to go with Overstock?

  9. Momma says:

    The “shopping cart trick” worked for me with quite a few of Comenity Bank cards: Woman Within, Victoria Secrets, Roamans, Jessica London, The Loft, One Stop Plus, Brylane Home, Buckle, Express, The Limited, HSN, and a few more. I accepted several of them and turned down those with low limits. I did go to Overstock website a few times and the pop up never came for me. That’s okay, as I have enough.

    • Kisses says:

      Would you explain what you did to make the HSN pop up? I can’t get it, don’t know if I’m doing something wrong.

      • BLS says:

        I didn’t know about this “trick” when it popped up on hsn for me however this is how I did it… There was one item I wanted to purchase and didn’t plan n shopping there regularly so I went to guest checkout. I was entering my personal debit card number when it popped up that I was approved. I accepted and charged it to my hsn card instead. Make sure your popup blocker is off. I was on my tablet when I did this and that wasn’t an issue.

        • Shonnie says:

          Thanks so much. Went and placed in my CC info and got 3K. Not sure if that’s what helped it but it finally worked. 3months I kept the same item in my cart as well. I did change the item from a table to a watch then it popped right up. Hope this helps 🙂

      • ZiggyZ says:


        Don’t waste your time with HSN or Overstock. Based on some of your posts ive read, it apears as though your probably rebuilding credit based on having some bad credit.

        Just an observation.

        If you jave any bad credit currently that is also still outstanding, that you still owe money on, more than likely you may not get approved for these cards.

        But also from the sounds of it, that you’ve been approved for a couple of others, you’re off to a good start to rebuilding.

        • Hil says:

          Overstock popped for me once I hit 610 with a few unpaid baddies.

        • Foxxy001 says:

          Overstock is one of the easiest ones to get. I got the pop up as I was entering my debit card number but got a really low starting SL at $250. That was 6 mo ago when my scores were in the low 600’s. I recommend waiting for the cards you really want. Now, all of my SCT approvals are $700-$1500. If it’s a card that you dont see yourself using much or spending very much at once, go for it. Wait a few months for the cards you really want/need so that you get a higher SL. I was wondering why some people were getting approvals for thousands of dollars for Overstock and Wayfair and mine were so low. I’ve now had Overstock for 6 months I will request a CLI in early September and see what happens. Most Comenity cards will generally consider an increase after 9 months. I was approved for an Express via SCT in December 2016. My Express received a $270 auto-increase this month. From $500 to $770 so increases are possible before the 9 month period. I received e-mails from several of my Comenity cards asking me to update my income in April 2016. I assume this is a result of my updating this one. Though, it’s the only one I responded to. I pay $10 over the minimum each month because I’ve had to use it for gift purchases and I cant afford to PIF.

      • Ieasha says:

        I constantly shop there so today as I was checking out it just popped up for me. The same happened with Victoria Secrets.

  10. Karen says:

    Devon… I did get the Marathon has card this way. I only have the store card. Just google Comenity Marathon Gas Card. It only asked for my last 4 ss. It did not pop up that I was instantly approved. It came to my junk email folder later saying I was approved.

  11. Yumeng says:

    I tried Victoria and total rewards credit cards. Victoria works fine, but I find one hard inquiry on Equifax for the total rewards credit card. They both asked for the last four digit of my social. It seems that the difference is that the Victoria will show a fixed amount of credit limit before I submit my application, while the total rewards give me a high credit limit after I submit the application.

  12. ADRIANA says:

    worked perfect for me in full Thanks!!!

  13. Jessica Brown says:

    Would anyone having been successful with these stores ‘shopping cart trick’ be willing to share their credit score and/or FICO ( anonymously of course)? As a student starting out fresh in life, I have absolutely no credit/score, just a bank & investment account. Any advice is much appreciated!

    • Jay says:

      Oh, lucky you! If only those were the only things I had applied for, I would be in great shape. Just take it slow with one or two accounts you can maintain.

    • Brenda says:

      It worked for me today! Opted in for coupons/mailers put my info(address name Dob) put items in my cart. Pre approval offer popped up for $250 and I was approved!! I’m super stoked. I wanted a store card as I’m rebuilding after divorce. Only $250 but super happy. THANK YOU! Don’t know my fico just CK equ 618 Tu 598

    • Beverly says:

      Jessica Brown I can give you some advice if you are still interested. You may private message me.

  14. Shawn says:

    I got the pop up for Victioria’s secret. $250.00. I accepted and it gave me a message saying I will be notified in 10 days. Does that typically mean it will be declined?

  15. BeyondtheWrap says:

    I saw that PayPal Credit is also issued by Comenity. Any idea if this trick works for that?

  16. Nikki says:

    I have tried this several times and have never gotten a popup. Am i doing somethi by wrong? I tried as a guest and a registered user. My credit score isnt terrible so i was just wondering. Thanks

    • Jay says:

      Same with me. I think it could be due to me opting out of credit offers recently. I opted back but still nothing.

  17. Compeek says:

    I did the trick with the Overstock card and now I have a hard pull on Equifax. Your note says it shouldn’t be a hard pull even though it asks for the full SSN, but it looks like it might be now. Just wanted to add a data point.

  18. Alex says:

    Just worked on Victoria’s Secret and Sportsman guide !!! Awesome !!!

    • Tooite says:

      How did you get Sportsman guide to work?? I’ve been trying for weeks….how much did you add to your cart?

  19. anisha says:

    I recently got vs, marisota, simply be, and full beauty and Jessica london scores are 563 tu 558 eq 575 ex. Shopping cart trick

  20. Santosh says:

    Dillard is giving option but asking for 9 digits SSN . I did not apply, could it be a hard pull . I wanted Dillard as its amex .

  21. Christina says:

    I have been trying this for a few months now and tried again last night, pre approval for Marisota and Simply Be. Wish I could get this for VS and Express.

  22. saj says:

    Worked for VS and Full Beauty TU 575 eq 580.

  23. anvernis says:


  24. Mikaela says:

    I’ve gotten the pop up for JCrew, Overstock, Express, LOFT, Brylane Home, Overstock, and a ton others but I can’t get it to work for VS and it’s the only one I want! FICO 678. I noticed that while I get popups sign up for e-mail/discounts, I don’t get it for VS. Popup blocker off, tried with account and as guest, and nothing 🙁

    • Jay says:

      Mikaela, I cannot get the pop-up to come up on any of them. With VS, I just applied on my own a few days ago, before I knew about the shopping cart trick. They approved me for a small amount, and I know my FICO is quite a bit lower than yours. I already placed my order and it’s been shipped. You can even use the credit to purchase gift cards. That is a plus!

    • Stephanie says:

      I got the pop up for vs $250 for me and my hubby. Recently got pop up for express as well. My fico Tu 589 and eq 595. I also went into Walmart at in store check out and got $400 and jcpennys $300. Been trying for sportsman guide, hsn and overstock no luck. I’ll keep trying to see what happens. No hp on any of the ones I got either not even in store.

  25. Tia says:

    Does anyone know if this trick also works with Value City Furniture?

  26. Jim says:

    Paypal Credit (formerly Bill Me Later) HARD PULL on experian. They only ask for 4 digits but it is a hard pull. Shows up as ccb/bml

  27. Melissa says:

    The Cart Trick does work!!!! I was pre approved for Express and Overstock.. TU 629 and Experian 600… I did not work for me with Walmart and Dillards.

  28. Bridget says:

    Would anyone be willing to share their scores? I have been trying this for MONTHS in every possible combination and I have not gotten it to work yet. After really messing up when I was younger I’m repairing now and would really like a store card. Walmart today gave me the 7-10 message. I called to see if I could speak to someone but the CSR told me once it’s denied it’s denied.

    Specifically, does anyone know the lowest score that’s been approved? Just wondering – thanks for your help!

    • warren says:

      my eq is 609 and got overstock and express

      • Kay says:

        @Warren I have tried over and over for VS, HSN, Overstock and Express. My Equifax is 621 but I cant seem to get any of these pop ups. My TU is 555 and Experian 581, but all my SP have been placed on Equifax, so I’m puzzled as to why… I get the sportsman guide visa pop up every time but keep getting the 7-10 day letter never to get anything in the mail. On top of that when I contact the CSR for Sportsman, they don’t even see an application showing that I applied, its like it disappears in thin air. Once CSR had me to apply while on the phone with her I got the delay for processing and letter 7-10 days and she still wasn’t able to see the application. This is very weird.

        • ZiggyZ says:


          The sportsman’s guide customer service will not be able to see if you have a pending credit application or not. If you applied over the phone with their customer service, they may be able to see the fact that you applied for a card, but only if you did it over the phone. However, they may also only have the ability to assist with a customer applying for the card, which it sounds like they did for you. If you received instant approval, obviously they see that. However once the representative submits an application on your behalf, and they receive a response of the 7 – 10 day notice, that’s it.

          Representatives will never receive a credit decision other than Approved, just about anywhere go, call or visit online. Even some supervisors at some lenders, like Capital One, are not able to see denials, unless they have access to another part of the system.

          Most people don’t think or realize about the fact that telling somebody they have been denied credit could be a potential big deal or legal issue. 1 being able to handle or deal with with customer push back, or an upset customer. But that’s just lip service from an angry customer/applicant. The potential legal ramifications of somebody telling you that you’ve been denied credit is a big deal and requires a representative to be specially trained with how to handle denials and conveying the message without creating a potential liability or legal issue for the lender. You get the wrong representative on the phone that tells you that you got denied for whatever reason, may try to offer you good intended advice or tips or speak on behalf of the company in a wrong way. It’s all a matter of interpretation. Just because it’s in English, doesn’t mean it’s understood as such.

          Telling a customer 7 to 10 business days to receive a letter with a decision makes a long story short, especially for the representative on the phone because that response to your application is pretty much open ended. You could get approved after all it just requires additional attention. However, most people already know that the 7-10 message typically means they have been denied, but since there’s no hint of the actual reason of the denial, there’s not much to say or do until you receive that letter in the mail. The representative, in most cases, can’t do anything for you. Most lenders have a credit department that you can request to have your application manually reviewed, instead of the good old automated process. Some people need to get a manual review because they have a fraud alert on their credit file. A fraud alert is an automatic denial, and if you talk to the right people at the lender, they may consider manually reviewing your credit file for reconsideration. However 9/10 times they won’t consider anybody with a fraud alert. You may be invited to reapply after the fraud alert has been removed. Several lenders have a 3 to 6 month policy, whereas you have to wait 3 to 6 months from the time the fraud alert was removed to reapply in order to have a chance at approval.

          About 80% of credit applications that received the 7 to 10 days message are denials. The remaining 20% are decisional that somebody looked over your application and your credit report and compares information. This 20% usually is an approval, however, its decisional because of perhaps your income, or questionable information on your credit report or application. This is also where your credit score comes in. You can have an 800 score, but if you have $14,000 annual income, and several trade lines on your credit bureau, more than likely you will get denied on the basis that you don’t have sufficient income to support taking on additional credit.

          More than likely they will not be able to see the fact that you applied previously.

          You have to contact the card issuer, which is comenity bank.

          • Kay says:

            @ ZiggyZ, thanks for the advice, my only thing is I have never received any letters, so I really don’t know why they have or have not denied because there is no letter being generated all. If a letter was sent shouldn’t they be able to see that?

          • ZiggyZ says:

            Also, keep in mind that regardless of the real reason for 7-10 business days, a representative will NEVER have access to your credit report or what may be so decisional/questionable about not getting approved.

            If it’s obvious and you know on why you got denied, don’t waste your time any further.

          • ZiggyZ says:

            Going back to my original post regarding a CSR from Sportsmans guide, if these are employees of the company itself, Sportmans guide, then no. It’s a conflict of interest because they have nothing to do with whether or not you are approved, and its none of their business.

            If your talking about a CSR from the Lender Comenity Bank, then they should be able to see if a letter was generated and sent out to you in regards to your application, but wouldn’t have access to the details of the letter itself, as they don’t have a need to know. If nothing about their job entails discussing anything regarding the details about the ultimate credit decision, like a denial, then they would not have a need to know.

            Regardless, at minimum the lender reps would/should have access to whether or not a letter was sent out. Or if it is a complete separate dept that deals with application status, then a CSR will not be able to see anything at all unless an account was opened. Otherwise, if you were denied, then they may have a dept specifically for applications.

            So call Comenity, and when you speak to a CSR ask about application status again. If the person you speak to gives you the same issue, ask the if there is a dept that you can speak to regarding application status. keep in mind, this dept may not be able to speak to you regardig a denial, just acknowledge whether a letter has been sent out.

            As far as not receiving ANY letters, with some lenders, the address you provide on your application may not be the address they send it to. If they have a reason to believe that your real address is somewhere else, then they will send it to that address. having a fraud alert or freeze on your CBR will cause that.

          • kay says:

            It was the actual supervisor of community bank. She was also no able to find an application or see one. They kept me on hold trying every avenue. I even have screen shots.. it’s weird, I have seen 1 other post on fico saying the same thing. Application no where to be found.

    • Sarah says:

      600 worked for VS,OS,FB and WF

      Current credit cards Wmrt MasterCard, GameStop,Cap one,CreditOne, First Premier,kohls.

      9/2015 Fico score 489 raised score over 100 point in less then a year by floating credit cards… Made many bad credit choices when I was younger and am now focused on rebuilding.

  29. Mark Zhang says:

    Worked for me at JCrew, HSN, Express, Overstock and Buckle. I really wanted A&F, also Pascun and Sprortsman Guide, but no luck at those three sites.

    P.S. I actually only have ITIN associated credit history.

  30. ky says:

    just got message “Thanks for applying for the J.Crew Credit Card. Your application is currently under review. You will be notified regarding the status of your application via regular mail within 7–10 business days” is that normal or gonna be declined?

    • AJ says:

      50/50 shot

    • sap says:

      I got the application being reviewed, got the letter in the mail and it said call them within 14 days, called the same day, gave them my gross income again, and they asked some security questions, but I got approved. So don’t give up because you get the dreaded application being reviewed, you can still be approved. Mines was Victoria Secrets, and you can use VS at Bath and Body Works

  31. Sandra says:

    Worked for me at VS, JCrew, hSN and Loft. TU is 557.

    • Gretchen says:

      @Sandra thanks for posting your score. Although mine is only slightly higher than that I think it’s not working for me due to my address not matching my CR. There are addresses on my CR i have never lived at and one doesn’t even exist. Weird. It probably won’t work until the address matches. I’ve read that’s a factor and I’ve had ZERO accounts for more than 8 years. I just opened two secured cards though so I hope that fixes it.

      Thanks for the info!

    • Kisses says:

      @Sandra my TU is currently 594 and I haven’t been able to get HSN to pop up. What were the steps you took to get it to pop up? Thanks for sharing.

      • Sandra says:

        You actually have to enter a CC number but not complete the order to get it to pop up. Hope this helps!

        • AJ says:

          Still no luck. When I put in a CC number it literally goes to process the order. No links. No pop-up. I’m beginning to wonder if it doesn’t come up if the site offers PayPal. I’ll update if I find this to be the case for me.

  32. Kay says:

    I have not been able to get any of the pop ups for credit… Do I need to at least enter my credit card information as if I am going to pay first?

    • Gretchen says:

      @Kay – No. The point is to get the soft pull without having to make the purchase. I suggest you check your CR to confirm your address matches exactly.

  33. Kay says:

    Hi all,

    Tried on VS never got the pop up as a guest or by adding to the loyal program… Once I get to adding my address and payment information do I need to put my credit card info in as I am about the check out to get the pop up?

  34. kay says:

    By chance can someone please post a pic of the pop up… I have tried several of these sites and none have worked.

  35. Gretchen says:

    There are a few factors that you need to have this trick to work. Your address has to match your CR EXACTLY or it won’t work. So check your CR and make sure you are entering it the same exact way. There is a minimum score needed but I’m not certain what it is. I’ve read other posts regarding the SCT with scores ranging from 550 on up so I guess it’s the luck of the draw. I’ve been trying to get this to work now for months with no luck. I’m rebuilding and looking for a couple of tradelines to boost my score. When pulling my CR I saw that my address info is wrong, but probably due to not having any type of credit for the last 8 years so I’m in the process of fixing that.

    Hope this info helps.

    • AJ says:

      Everything matches, no pop-up blocker, decent credit score (I have open trade lines). It just works for some people and for others it just does not work.

  36. Kay says:

    Thank you Gretchen!!!

    But yes everything matches… I moved 2 months ago but even changed the info back to my old address to see if that was the issue; still nothing. My mail is still being forwarded and I still have family at the old address, so I’m thinking that’s not the issue.

  37. Gretchen says:

    @ Kay – You’re welcome! Just make sure your credit report matches that address to the letter, Right down to the abbreviations (Street ST, Ave, Avenue). I believe this is for identity purposes and the soft pull has to match exactly. Put more than $100 purchase in the cart, use different browsers, clear your browser history, make sure YOU ARE OPTED IN for pre-screened offers (very important) and check to be sure your pop-up blocker is off. If it’s not you won’t get the pop-up. If you have opted out in the past you can opt back in but will need to wait a few days.

    Most of all – keep trying!

    If I have any luck EVER I will post!

  38. Gretchen says:

    @Kay – open this site in a browser and fill out all your information and check the opt-in boxes. That should take care of it. Takes a few days to process but you should be good after that.

    Keep trying! Good luck!

  39. Kay says:

    @ Gretchen… Thank you!!!! I will keep you posted!!! Good Luck!!!!

  40. Andrea says:

    just worked with VS, instantly approved for $ 750 and paypal, but i did not get a message in regards to the limit.
    Both asked for only last 4 of my social
    Will see now, if they were soft pulls.I surely hope so, because i really did not need 2 more HI
    Will keep you posted 🙂
    Still did not work with Abercrombie or Overstock

    • Andrea says:

      update : paypal 1k credit line

      • Kisses says:

        Have you noticed a hard pull on any of your credit reports for PayPal credit? I was denied and it was a hard pull even though they asked for last four of ssn

    • Kay says:

      @Andrea did you get through as a guest or by joining? Do you mind sharing your score or a round about figure?

      • Andreea says:

        hi Kay.i am a paypal member for many years now.
        And the update is that paypal did a HI on Equifax even if i only input last 4 of my social
        Just got my creditkarma report.
        -14 of my score
        Yesterday i was TU 687 EQ667 EX 685
        I ll keep you posted on the Vs.When i got the VS pop up i was checked in as a member

  41. Kay says:

    @ Andrea I really only want the VS, Express, and New York, but cant get any to work. Not wanting any hard pulls, just got approved for 2 secured cards so I know my credit is at least getting back to where I would like it TU went up to 609.

    • andrea says:

      Eddie Bauer also worked yesterday for 250.soft pull
      Can’t get any other to work 🙁

    • Hil says:

      NY won’t work until you put your debit card number in the order form… same as HSN.

      • Brendag says:

        New York worked for me without the debit card and also my mom last week ….it took a few weeks after my VS and express approvals and I noticed my fico was a little higher not sure if that’s what it was. Overstock popped up once and I haven’t been able to get it back.

        • ZiggyZ says:

          Try using a different browser for New York. Or you could clear out your cookies and cache, close your browser completely down then try again.

          However, some SCT pop-up’so have limits on them to only provide the pop-up so many times. One of the reasons for this, is so that it does not become an annoyance. There a lot of people out there that don’t like pop ups at all. For the shopper that has no intention or want for one of these cards, go get irritated by constant popups. They don’t want to lose the the shopper and or they don’t want the customer to get confused. When you go to a website that has constant pop ups, most of them are advertising pop ups for another website or company. So to that effect, the pop ups could be getting tracked with-in your browser. Once the site has detected that you’ve received the pop-up, whether it was once or a couple of times, it’s not going offer the pop up again.

          Also, the website directly or the lender, could be tracking how many times the specific pop-up has been offered to you, based on just tracking your information alone.

          Again, after so many times of being made the offer, it won’t make the offer anymore.

          Kind of imagine it like a panhandler that asks you for change. Some panhandlers will take no for an answer the first time. Others, will ask you a few times, until they’re convinced that you won’t help them. Then there are others that will do nothing but continue to ask you over and over again, becoming a pest about it. Whether it’s on the same day for every day that you pass them. You may eventually get annoyed or uncomfortable enough to start taking another route to get to where I need to go. Or like going to a dealership to buy a car. You’ll have a salesman that may try to get your business once or twice. You try to tell him no because you’re shopping around. A good salesman will take no for an answer by the 2nd attempt with asking for your business. If he doesn’t, more than likely you will be deterred from going back there, hence risking losing potential business.

          In the case of the Internet, if you’re shopping around, you’re going to be going from one site to the next to find the best deal or the best quality and service, because sometimes it’s not always about the amount of money you spend.

          If you go to a website that has nothing but popups on every page, more than likely you may stay clear of that site and go to a different website that offers similar goods and services, without the hassle and hussle of constant pop ups.

          So there’s a reason that after getting the SCT, and not following through with it, that it’s not offered to you anymore.

  42. Kisses says:

    I am new to the SCT. I have had some success so far though.
    VS $500
    Express $250
    Avenue $250
    Buckle $250

    All of these were SP’s. Al these I will use. I also have two capital one platinum master cards that are in the credit steps program. I’ve had one since Dec 2014 and Jan 2015. Low limits though. I really would like HSN and a jewlrey card as well as one more actual visa or mastercard. It feels real good to be given a second chance at proving you can be responsible when it comes to managing your credit card accounts.

    • AJ says:

      I’m determined to make this work! LOL
      Can you walk us through step by step what you did when the pop up generated?

      • kisses says:

        @ AJ I made sure my browsers were clean, I use Chrome and made sure I can get pops. I go on the site, place an item or two or three in my bag, click on checkout. I checkout as a guest, type in all my information, my address the way it is on my credit report, click continue. After that the pop up pre approval would come up, then accept it.

  43. Gretchen says:

    Still can’t get any to work. My CS has shot up almost 100 points in a month so not sure what the issue is. When I logged on to Marisota there was a pop-up screen shown but it was blank so not sure what happened there. It works with Marisota and Simply Be as well. Checked the pop-up blockers so that’s not it. Might have to wait for another month to cycle by so that my cc’s are reported. So frustrating!

    • kay says:

      @Gretchen, I have not been able to get any to work… Are the stores looking for a certain credit rating before offering the pop ups you think? will try Marisota and Simply Be as well.

      • Kisses says:

        @Kay, try Marisota. It was the very first I tried after reading about SCT.

        • kay says:

          @kisses tried marisota via cell… at check out no pop up just a regular application to apply for credit came up… once i clicked on it I was asked for my full SS number so I didn’t try for it.

          • Kisses says:

            @Kay. It’s a good thing you didn’t fill out app. No need for a hard pull if it’s not needed. I just tried my mom’s info today and she got pre approve of $750 for VS. I only got $500. She is superstoked.

    • Kisses says:

      @Gretchen, Brylane ans Marisota popped up for me but I didn’t accept. The limits were $250. I may go back to Brylane though.

  44. Gretchen says:

    @Kay – I’m sure there is a minimum credit score but I haven’t been able to find out what it is. Mine are hovering around low 600’s and I’m expecting it to jump another 40 points or so this month as my accounts begin to age. I was SURE I had the Marisota one this morning and then the blank window disappeared after hovering there for about two minutes.

    Let me know if you have any luck!

  45. Andrea says:

    hi, i just got the popup for Marisota,but did not accept it
    i ll do everything in 1 day later on, so i don t lower my average lenght too much
    TU 675 EQ 650 today

  46. Gretchen says:

    @Andrea – Thanks for sharing! Congrats!

  47. kay says:

    Has anyone tried doing this via their cell phone????? Just asking

    • Andreea says:

      hi.yes,Eddie bauer,Marisota and Simply be all poped up on my cell.all signed into my account
      Android system

    • Tonya says:

      I did Avenue on my cell phone Wednesday night and got a pre approval pop up for $250. I accepted because I am plus size. I can’t ever get Lane Bryant to pop up.

  48. AJ says:

    OK so here’s an update…
    I started on the Marisota website. Looked around and a pop up for a survey came up almost instantly. I selected that I would do the survey. Put stuff in my cart. Went to check out. Had to register. Some box pops up and is completely empty. Let it sit for a bit, got frustrated and said screw it. Closed the site and did the survey. I went to SimplyBe next. Went through put stuff in my cart and a pop up box came up then went away immediately. The page refreshed and I was back to the “checkout securely” page. Scrolled all the way down to the bottom, after I put in my address info, and on the left (very discreetly) it said I was pre-approved. I clicked the link, new page loaded asking for date of birth, last 4 of SSN then income. Click the accept terms box, then the “approve” or whatever box activates and I click that. The page gets stuck. I tried this 3 times…same outcome!! I went back to the Marisota site and had the exact same outcome. Then…a stroke of brilliance!

    I opened IE (I was using Chrome). Went back to SimplyBe and went through the whole process again. This time when I clicked on the “Accept and agree” box it re-loaded the page and gave me a credit limit of $200. I went to the Marisota site and did the same thing. Put stuff in my cart, started the checkout process. Since I’ve already registered, I put in my email and password, put in my address, and got to the payment screen. At the bottom are 3 tabs: My Marisota “you have been pre-approved”, Credit Card, PayPal. I clicked the “Apply now and save” link and new window pops up…clicked on “yes, I’m interested” and new page loads…asks for date of birth, last 4, income, click terms and conditions box, and then “yes, I’m interested” link lights up. Click link, Congrats you have $200 of buying power.

    Feeling lucky, went to express website (on internet explorer instead of chrome)…no luck
    Tried Overstock (I really hate overstock) … nada … even tried to just bite the bullet and submit an ap and got the “under review” message.

  49. Gretchen says:

    @Andrea – congrats! I got that blank box pop-up at Marisota the other day too.It stayed there for about two minutes and then disappeared. I actually really like the clothing at Marisota and Simply Be so I would use it.

    So frustrated. I’ll keep trying but I get so annoyed!

    P.S. I’ve actually had the blank pop-up on IE.I usually use Chrome but just for the heck of it I tried IE, which was where I got the blank pop-up.

  50. Gretchen says:

    @AJ- Tried what you suggested but no bueno. Still asking for full SS#.

    Guess I’m just going to have to be patient.

    • AJ says:

      I know what you mean.
      I looked at my CR on MyFi and my experian dropped 7 pts from those “just bit the bullet” HPs. Eeesh. Patience is hard for me, but now I’ve definitely learned I need to wait and let them come to me.

  51. Gretchen says:

    @AJ – So get this…I get an email from Ebay about the item in my cart. A cell phone case for $4.99 that I do actually need. It’s been there for about two weeks and the item is expiring soon. I go to their new checkout page and there is an Invitation for Paypal Credit in a little tiny box under the cart. Curious, I clicked it and found it’s by Invite Only. The app only wants my last 4 digits of SS#. They offer $10 sign-up credit, blah, blah, blah.

    Weary of this, I did some research and found that there are serious problems with this credit line.Not to mention that I’ve read it’s a HARD HARD INQUIRY. I’m kind of shocked I was invited, and I can only conclude that since I’ve been a member of Ebay and PayPal for over 5 years as a buyer and seller, I’ve been well verified with them.

    I’m tempted but I’m steering clear. I don’t want to get myself into a situation I can’t handle although I know i’d use it because I do shop frequently on Ebay for all sorts of things.

    • Andrea says:

      Gretchen, yes, it is HI on Eq in my case
      I got an 1000 CL, but they do not report to CB, they ONLY do the Hi and when you close your account.
      Otherwise, they do not report anything else.
      So, unless you don t mind the HI, you can use a high percentage of it, and deal with repaying in your own terms, as it won’t affect your % of credit usage.
      On the other side, they have a good deal now, no interest for 6 months if paid in full by then.
      So, for me, as i shop a lot on ebay, it was useful at this point 🙂

    • AJ says:

      @Gretchen: PayPal Smart Connect is the account I have with them that Synchrony Bank runs. So far I haven’t had any issues, outside of convincing merchants to take a payment via PayPal. LOL But everything that was on eBay that I wanted went through just fine. I haven’t received a statement from them yet, but I probably opted for paperless billing. I’ll probably go pay the account off on Thursday. It’s always good to know how long it takes for them to process payments.

    • CJ says:

      I have a 7500$ CL with paypal and I have never used it.. I actually hate it as it gets in the way at ebay checkout at times. It is pretty much worthless and doesn’t even show on your reports because it is a Hidden CL… I never signed up for it, never gave them my info… just one day had it and if they did a HI it was over 6-7 years ago so I have no way to see.

      stupid paypal… I friggin hate you you paranoid bunch of SOB’s… Verify your identity 3 times just to check out once… Pretty sure if the person that stole my identity can verify once using my phone… the extra 2 times isn’t going to do crap to stop them, it just annoys the heck out of me!! Yarg Rant Rant Yarg….

  52. Kay says:

    Hi all…

    I have a fraud alert that i placed with all 3 credit breaus about 8 months ago when i noticed that there was 2 credit cards issued in my name that i didnt have… is it possible that even though now that the cards have been removed for fraud that it could cause issues while trying to use the SCT???

  53. Gretchen says:

    @Kay – That could be. Are your reports frozen? I would check that out because that could have something to do with it.

    • kay says:

      @Gretchen… no its not frozen just a fraud alert where they would call me via phone to verify that indeed it’s me trying to obtain credit.

  54. Kisses says:

    @Kay I had a fraud alert when I applied to Fingerhut a few years ago and they called me to verify some information. Which reminds me does anyone have a Fingerhut account and is it a hard pull? They sent me a catalog with pre approved credit asking for my full ssn.

    • kay says:

      @kisses.. I got approved for 2 secured cards and they contacted me… but I’m thinking that’s why I haven’t gotten any of the popups.

  55. Gretchen says:

    @Kay – I have a Fingerhut account, And yes, it’s a hard pull, but in my opinion it’s worth having as it reports as an installment account. The merchandise is a bit pricey, but if you are rebuilding I think it’s worth it. It gave me a 40 point jump. Just use it wisely and then when you graduate from the Fresh Start program they raise your CL. Up to you, but I think it was a good decision for me. No annual fee, low monthly payments, etc. Hope that helps.

  56. Gretchen says:

    Whoops ! @Kisses that Fingerhut info was meant for you, or actually whomever finds it useful.

  57. Kisses says:

    @Gretchen thank you for the Fingerhut info. I need a 40 point jump. Which credit bureau did Fingerhut pull from? If you say it’s worth it then I will go ahead. Will it bring down your utilization?

  58. kay says:

    @Gretchen does Fingerhut give you a 40 point jump right after applying? I know when I applied for the First Progress card the same day it gave my Credit a 50 point lift.

  59. Gretchen says:

    @Kay @Kisses – As long as you keep the utilization under 30% it should be a huge help. They started me out with a VERY low credit line of $230. I ordered a coffeepot for $60, and made the required $30 downpayment, The payments are next to nothing. Here’s the thing, though. In order for this to report you have to USE it. I’ve had this since Feb of this year and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t reporting. As soon as I placed the order and the 30 day trial period was up, it started to report. Wish I had known that in Feb as I would have used it right away. I’d be in much better shape now, Oh well.Live and learn.

    They pulled EQ initially but are supposed to report to all three. When my CK updates I’m going to look. So the 40 point jump didn’t happen until after it started to report. I also opened two secured credit cards, Cap1 and Merrick Bank and so far so good. 100 point jump in 30-45 days. Now it’s time to let everything age.

    Keeping everything as far under 30% util is key as well as age of accounts. I’m curious to see if the SCT will begin to work soon, as now I’m sort of obsessed with it 🙂

    Hope this helps!

  60. Kisses says:

    Thanks Gretchen! I will do the fingerhut this week using my customer # on my catalog. I just received my VS card in the mail yesterday. I am waiting on my Buckle, Express and Avenue card. I have two Captial One unsecured credit steps program. I think my first guaranteed CLi happens this week for one of my cards. In the meantime I’ve been trying to get some negative items removed from my CR’s. But yeah, I love the SCT. Too bad all of them don’t work. There’s a very long list of Commenity cards. Btw how did you go about getting your secured cards?

    • AJ says:

      I’m still waiting on my VS card. The SCT did not work, but I did a hard app and got approved via mail. That was 7/30. I called b/c I hadn’t received the card yet and the lil fella told me that they processed my new card on 8/03 so I may not get it until the 17th!! I’m uber bummed b/c they had an awesome sale over the weekend and I missed out. They don’t give your account number over the phone.

    • AJ says:

      Forgot to update y’all on the good news. VS card finally arrived in the mail today. Double points through tomorrow I think.

  61. Gretchen says:

    @Kisses – I did some research and looked at what Credit Karma recommended for my situation, I applied via their respective websites. Actually with Cap1 I used the prequalify tool first.

    I too am working on some very old bad stuff on my report as I’ve neglected it for too long. My student loans were in default, but I just graduated from the Dept of Ed’s Rehab program after 10 months of on-time payments and that was a HUGE boost. The rest is little stuff that is totally fixable with diligence and responsibility.

    The nice thing about the Cap1 Secured card is that it reports as Unsecured. That is a plus. I didn’t qualify yet for an unsecured Cap1 card, but in time I will. I wonder with the Holidays right around the corner if the Comenity cards will be more accessible as they love to promote them for holiday shopping. I would love to have a JCPenney and a Walmart card as I would actually use those. But for now i’m just building. This will fix itself in time as long as I stay on top of it. There’s life after credit blunder but it takes work and dedication.

    Good luck to us all!!!

    • kay says:

      @kisses, I applied for the Credit 1 Card 2 weeks ago and paid my secured card amount of $200 last Friday. I’m just waiting for my card to come in the mail.

      • AJ says:

        I LOVED Credit1 when I had them. They were great. I could call them and tell them I wasn’t going to be able to make my payment and they’d do a post-dated check by phone. I hate that I didn’t take the credit card protection with them. If I had, I’d still have them because I would have had that safety net when I lost my job. So they’re solid.

  62. Kisses says:

    Does anyone have a Kay’s Jewelry account and/or Jareds account? If so, what was and is your experience with them?
    Thanks for the info.

    • Brenda says:

      I applied for a Kay’s a month ago. Myfico was 612, had dropped from opening a few new accounts with SCT but at the time of app it was 612. I believe they finance through Sterling. 5 minute app for a watch purchase of 600 and was approved for 1500. She told me I was approved for 2000 but it ended up being 1500. They offer 0% int if you give 20% down otherwise around 26% or 28% I believe.

  63. Gretchen says:

    @Kisses – Great question – I’ve been reading about them for awhile. Apparently they do their own financing and are quite generous with CL’s, especially rebuilders. I’d love to hear anyone who has experience with them. Every comment I’ve read really gives them thumbs up. I’ve just been too afraid to bite the bullet. Rejection sucks esp when it results in a HI.

    Sorry to take over the board. I’m just struggling to rebuild and let it go for way too long. Now I have 0 patience LOL.

    • AJ says:

      @Gretchen & @Kisses:
      I applied with Kay. Denied. Didn’t apply with Jared. Kinda crushed after the Kay denial.
      I wanted to also comment on the Fingerhut account thing. I got approved for a small limit with them but haven’t used it. After reading your post, I just might.

      We should start a blog to talk about all this stuff: where we applied, our FICOs when we applied, were we approved and if it was a hard pull or if the SCT worked. I know there’s that MyFico forum but it’s kinda hard to search for stuff “efficiently”. With a blog, we could keep a table updated or something and make it easy to access.

      Oooh, and give them (these stores) a REAL consumer rating system. LOL

    • Cheryl says:

      Applied for it today…I have a 642 credit score…..most places said they approved most of the time with generous credit lines….apparently, I am the odd case, because they put my app under review for an hour and then ultimately denied it. I have a PILE of credit cards (most of which are not being used) and an auto installment loan through a credit union. Haven’t missed a payment EVER or been late. I am really ticked off about this, but, it is what it is.

      • ZiggyZ says:

        @Cheryl, Assuming you have no Late payments, and have an established Credit History longer than 3 years; the fact that you have a pile of credit cards that are not being used would be a good reason that you would have a lower than expected score, and also a potential reason for denial.

        I know it sounds like a catch-22, but you have to demonstrate your responsible with these cards by utilizing them. Some, use them once a month for a Gas purchase, another one for groceries and another for another type of purchase. Then take the Cash that you have in the bank that you would have used to pay these expenses and either hold/keep it in the bank. Or if you don’t trust yourself, just transfer it to a different account. Then once you receive the statements for these cards, pay them in full.

        The fact that you may have a portfolio or variety of different types of cards is good, but not using them can be detrimental.

        Lenders will view you as a high risk because you are not demonstrating that you can handle or manage that much/many credit cards, regardless of their limits being low or high.

        Assuming they denied you for this reason, they have no reason to extend you credit when you are not demonstrating responsible borrowing. It goes both ways. If you don’t use them, it’s not good, but if you max them out (Always near the CL), even if you pay on-time and paying the minimum payment, is High risk.

        So as you can see responsible borrowing/lending goes in both directions.

        Also, having a zero balance with no activity on several cards, for an extended period of time is a red flag as well, but not what you would think.
        It’s a Red flag because they are not making any money off of you. There is no point to extending you credit, if there is no possibility of turning a profit. This is why some banks will lower your Credit Limit. They may not cancel the card, because there may be potential to make money on you, but not clear reason to give you a nice Credit limit, when they could be providing it to a mor profitible customer.

        Also, not using your card for an extended period of time may cause a lender to close your account as well. Again, the business of lending money to someone is always a risk, regardless of how low or high of a risk you are. The fact you have access to it is a risk. If your not proving yourself every once and a while and/or making them any money, you will be considered a higher risk to them than what your CBR says.

        As a business and a lender, I’d rather loan money to someone who is going to use it and make me money than to someone who is not using it.

        The common denominator here is 1 word, and 1 word only RISK.

        If you are going to have 1 or 2 cards on standby with no balances that are specific for Emergencies, then use them at least once every 6-12 months for a tank of gas and groceries; basically things you know you can pay off right away w/o having to worry about running a balance.

        Also, not using them can effect your ability to get a CLI as well.

        In closing, for anyone else reading this, everyone actually has 2 Credit reports. #1 is your External Credit Profile, which is the 3 major CBR’s. #2 is your Internal Credit Profile with the Lender. After you’ve established a relationship with a Lender, you now start your internal Credit profile. Most lenders that will consider a CLI may do a Soft pull on your CBR’s then they will look at your internal Credit report with them; if your External reports look great, then thats awesome, but if your internal is inconsistent with lower performance, they may turn you down, or approve you, but for a small CLI, until you can handle it.

        Cap1 will turn you down for a CLI just because you “Don’t have enough experience with your current limit.”

        Hopefully this makes sense, especially at 4am in the morning. lol

    • ZiggyZ says:

      Merchants who provide their own financing, whereas they are the underwriters and are the creditor, typically offer the best terms and/or are easier to get approved for. They stand the most to gain ad they are making money off of you twice. Once on the purchase itself, and secondly, residually each month you pay your bill.

  64. Kisses says:

    @AJ great advice! By all means go ahead and start a blog. I haven’t the slightest idea of where to begin. I am so glad I found this site. You guys have been very helpful and informative about your situations. Any good helpful advice is welcomed. I’m also glad I stumbled across this site.
    I thought Kay approves scores in the high 400’S from other posts I’ve read.

    • AJ says:

      The denial letter said something about my bankruptcy and the lack of positive credit since. I filed in 2006 and it discharged in 2007. My lowest score is 580 according to MyFico. Somebody sent me a denial letter saying it was 503 which is very strange.

  65. Gretchen says:

    @Kay @Kisses @AJ- I’m SOOOOOO glad to hear you a good experience with Credit 1. I was scared to death after reading some horrible experiences with them. But on the flip side, I read just as many great reviews as well. I did bite the bullet on that one. Because it’s a true unsecured card for rebuilding, the AF kind bites but you win some you lose some until your situation is better. The APR is kinda high, but that’s the price we pay for messing up in the first place so, it is what it is. They mailed my card yesterday. I plan to use it like I am my other two and paying the transactions as they post and it’s working well for me. I won’t be able to avoid interest because there is no grace period for purchases but, again, it is what it is. I’m feeling good that I’m on my way to rebuilding a solid financial future now.

    Thank you all for your comments and help. I, for one really appreciate all your input!

    • Andrea says:

      Hi all,
      I got the Credit One card 2 months ago, did the pre approval online.
      300 CLI, paid 2 times until the first statement, when thei gave me CLI for $100 without asking.
      Is not a card to use for large amounts, and it needs to be paid right away, as there is no grace period.

      But otherwise,very smooth, payments post the next day, and they report accurately to all 3 CB, right after the statement issuing

      So, for rebuilders only !!, great card

      • Gretchen says:

        @Andrea! Thanks for that input. I was worried about this one, but I plan on using it for small purchases and paying it right off like I am the other two. No grace period really isn’t optimum but it’s a tool to bridge up to the next level. Great info on the CLI! Good to know!

        • Dana says:

          I have a Credit 1 card also… 400 CL had it for about 2 months… No increase yet tho… Still a great card to rebuild.

          • Diane says:

            Is the credit one an hp, even if you are preapproved?

          • ZiggyZ says:

            CreditOne will offer to do SP for pre-qualifying. Then if you want the card, it is a HP.

            Watch out though, Credit one is like the brother to 1st Premier, just much cleaner looking. Both cards are fee based. There is an Annual fee, monthly fee, AU fee, CL increase fee, etc. They can be good for rebuilding, as they will give anyone a card. Just as long as you don’t have any bad blood with them directly.

            However, both cards are predatory. Sure they help people who don’t have good credit, but take advantage of a persons misfortune. By charging a fee for everything.

            Then again, at the end of the day, it’s a personal choice to get the card and agree to the terms. If you call every year when they charge the Annual fee, they will offer to credit back $40.

  66. Gretchen says:

    @AJ @Kisses @Kay – I have found that scores can vary widely and that each place uses a different scoring model. My scores are from 587-618 as of right now. My Cap1 statement just posted so I expect to see a change in the next few days. I use CK, Credit Sesame, and they ALL say something different. And my Cap1 Credit tracker says 537, until it updates in two weeks and Cap1 goes by TU.

    FYI, there is also a store called which is owned and operated by the same company that owns and operates Fingerhut. Same merchandise, plus some more, but the prices are better. Same looking website, same payment terms, etc. But I’ve read some HORRIFIC reviews so I’m on the fence. Fingerhut has worked so well for me, I just don’t know. Anybody who wants to try it out feel free and then if you could, report your experiences here!

    • AJ says:

      You’re not kidding about the scores being all over the place. On MyFico, you can see all 3 bureaus and the different variations of credit scores. Like the ones they show are Fico8 but a creditor may pull a fico4 or something. MyFico shows you all of those. But I’ll put a list of sites and descriptions on our blog. What should we call it?

      • Kisses says:

        @AJ Finally a blog. I am so thankful for these informative forums regarding anything dealing with credit and trying to help people get on the right track. Its most helpful knowing you and I arent the only ones dealing with this because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. As far as a name for the blog, my mind is still discombobbled from watching the season finale of Pretty Little Liars!

        • Gretchen says:

          @Kisses @AJ – I, too, am grateful for this forum. I’ve learned quite a bit and now with the credit industry getting ready to yet again shift the way they score, it’s going to be neverending. Everyone’s input helps, that’s the beauty of this. Thank you all!

      • Gretchen says:

        @AJ – I know right!!! There are literally hundreds of scoring models and your report can change several times a month depending on when your cc companies cut their statements. I have been reading A LOT over the last few months and I’ve gotten quite an education. Then I feel like an idiot because I wonder how I’ve gotten this far without knowing any of this stuff!!!!

        Blog name??? I’m gonna think on that one – what a great idea!!!!

  67. Kisses says:

    Gretchen I’ve tried to access Credit sesame but the site couldn’t identify me for whatever reason, go figure. I didn’t bother anymore with it because it’s another FAKO anyway. I pulled Privacy guard beginning of May. It showed all three scores which were of course different from CK, and of Credit tracker from capital one.
    As far as Gettington, I’ve looked on their site and they aren’t as pricey as Fingerhut. Since FH already pre approved me then I will try them out at some point.

  68. Kisses says:

    One Main Financial keeps sending me these pre selected invites, not pre approved. These have been coming in the mail for several months, I just toss them. While I was looking over my TU credit report I did see where One Main did a promotional on me so I guess if I were to take them up on the offer they would HP TU. Has anyone else received any invites from them?

    • Kristina says:

      My husband works for CitiFinancial and they are being bought out by OneMain Financial. He works in the collections dept and says that they approve pretty much anyone, so if you actually got a preapproval I would say your odds are pretty good. I think even with the promotional ones that has an actual promo code on it vs just an advertisement type one are pretty ok odds.

      • Kisses says:

        One Main only sent me a promotion saying I was pre selected to receive $6000. Not pre approved. I would never get that much with them. Their reviews haven’t been to nice.

  69. Kisses says:

    Sorry for the long post. Wanted to share something with my new found SCT club…hahaha

    I did a dumb thing tonite because I had an itch, I went out on a limb and applied for a Barclay Rewards Mastercard for Fair to Good credit. Got denied of course, waiting on my denial letter in the next 7 to 10 days. They pulled TU which now I have another inquiry. Eeeekkk. In the meantime CK updated for me sooner than expected. My TU dropped two points because of inquiry and my Equifax upped six points because of two SCT cards I recently got which also bought my utilization down. I looked on my report and saw where Commenity soft pulled from Equifax for the SCT cards. I wonder if they will report to the other two credit bureaus as well. Also CK showed two collections that were removed. You would think with those two removed and two more tradelines added my score would have jumped more than six points.

    With this being said, I am not applying for anything else for a while although there is still that FH preapproved account waiting on me. I am still waiting on my preapproved for Credit limit increases from Capital One with the credit steps program. I think this will not be until the Sept and Oct statements come out.

  70. kay says:

    Hi all… just a question, is it best to pull credit scores from the actually credit bureaus in order to get an actual correct score?

    • Kisses says:

      I would try the actuall website only if they have a free trial period and you only have to pay $1. Make sure you cancel before the trial period ends so they will not charge your cc those monthly payments.

  71. Gretchen says:

    @Kisses – Don’t beat yourself up too much. It’s a learning process and we are all learning through this process. Funny, I was reading about the Barclay Rewards MC tonight because CS recommended it for me. Well. I’m glad I did some reading. The glowing reviews we read are all pushed to the top. It’s the ones towards the bottoms of the page I pay attention to. Essentially, anything less than a 720 is pretty much a no go. They also like to see age if your score is below the magic number. Just keep in mind, all these credit reporting sites receive compensation to endorse these cc companies so they push them. It’s up to us to be a smart consumer and do the research. I’m learning some hard lessons myself, but slowly I’m climbing back up. I think the FH is a good idea because it will give you some variation in your mix of accounts because it reports as installment payments. If you’ve got CLI’s coming that should help as well. Don’t worry, the few points you lost will be regained shortly, just have to be patient. Speaking for myself, patience is rough.

    We will get there! Don’t give up! This is all going to pay off!

    • Kisses says:

      @Gretchen I feel bad instead of having that inquiry for Barclay it should have been for FH. Ughhh. I dont want to get insane with the Hp’s. Ive read where some people have tons on their report and still have decent credit scores and cards, go figure.

    • AJ says:

      @Gretchen & Kisses
      I applied for the Barclays reward MasterCard on a whim. Ok so it was more like an app bender. Anyway, I got approved.
      Here are my scores…
      CK (credit karma): TU/558, EQ/549
      MyFico (all Fico 8): EQ/570, TU/642, EX/627.

      Barclays pulled TU, Fico 8. At the time it was 634. After, 642. They also pulled EX which was 627. But by then I had been approved for my VS card. I don’t know which bureau comenity pulled. For pier 1 it was EX, and for overstock it was EQ. I know I applied for the Barclays card like a day or two after I was approved for the Cap1 Quicksilver 1 (got an invitation in the mail).

      Aww man!! I totally forgot that it depends on what state you live in. Check out creditboards and go to the credit pulls tab. Scroll to the bottom and put in Barclays rewards and search. See what the variance is.

      • Kisses says:

        @AJ those are good scores though. Congrats on Barclay. I checked Experian credit tracker, 617 right now. I need three of my medical collections to be removed on Experian. Avenue and Buckle will be added maybe this week. VS and Express were added I see.

      • Gretchen says:

        Congrats!!!! That kinda shoots down the theory of the 720 magic number then. How long is you AAoA?

      • Gretchen says:

        @AJ – Are you paying monthly for MyFico? Their rates are little pricey…Just curious.

        • AJ says:

          I am. There’s always a coupon code online for them so I use that to start off then put it on my CapOne QS1 so I have a recurring charge. I pay $30/mo for the 3 score report.

  72. Gretchen says:

    @Kisses – I understand. Just have faith. I did the same thing not too long ago with the same result. Nothing we can do about it now. Hopefully with the FH you’ll get a decent CL right off the bat which will help quite a bit.

  73. kay says:

    Blog…. Credit Rebuilders????

    • AJ says:

      The perfect name just came to me. I’ll work on it tomorrow and post the link. But to gi e you a hint, think about words that describe all of our experience with credit. It’s going to be great!

  74. Kay says:

    Hi All,

    So I found out that Equifax had placed a File Blocked For Promotional Purposes on my account and even though I opt back in a week ago it still remains… I will contact them to get this correct and let you all know if any of the sites work for me.

  75. Gretchen says:

    Whoa! I missed a lot last night! Thanks everybody for sharing! And congrats on the new cards!!! I am unhealthily obsessed with this SCT (hangs head 🙂 ) Anyway, I’m not giving up till it works SOMEWHERE!

    Funny blog name “It’s CREDIT Bitches! There is life after destroying your credit…” Or “The Girlfriends Guide to Rebuilding Your Credit”. Sorry 🙂 I’m punchy today after driving all night. Those are just silly names but I’m serious about doing it. This info and the input from everybody has been invaluable to me!

    Can’t wait to hear today’s adventures- “Dude! Where’s My Credit?” LOL

  76. Kisses says:

    @Gretchen @MySCT friends. The Girlfriends guide to rebuilding credit sounds good. I still haven’t had time to think of a name. But the sooner the blog can go up the better
    This morning I received an email from Equifax, my dispute is complete. I’ve been trying to view but t he site won’t respond. CK had shown last night that two collection items were deleted. Yay! if this is true.

  77. Kay says:

    Ok all,

    So, I have contacted Equifax to have them remove the File Blocked For Promotional Purposes from my credit report, seems like they were the only bureau with that on there’s. Question… I was wonder does most of the stores review Equifax when determining if they will give you the pop up or not?????

    • Kisses says:

      @Kay. I noticed on my Equifax soft pull section where VS, Express, Buckle and Avenue. Nothing on TH and I don’t recall seeing anything on Experian.
      @AJ did you get an instant approval from Barclays and what limit did they start you out at?

      • andreea says:

        @ Kisses
        where did you see your soft pulls on Eq report?
        did you get it from them directly?thanks

      • Kay says:

        @Kisses… Ok Equifax is the one that had the block so hopefully it wont take to long for them to update this information. Once I can see that it has been removed via my CR I will try VS again, because I really think that was the issue… Hoping for the Best!!!!!!!

      • AJ says:

        I did get an instant approval for $500. I’m pretty sure I saw the card on the MyFico forums and went to their website to see which cards they offer. I can’t really remember though.

    • Gretchen says:

      go to and click on the creditpulls tab. You can look up by individual creditor and State where you are located. It will tell you which creditor pulls which CRA.

  78. AJ says:

    @Kisses & @Gretchen
    Update on credit card payments and posting thereof…
    I made 3 payments yesterday online via electronic check (i.e. went to CC website and added bank info and submitted an EFT payment)
    CapOne (Platinum and Quicksilver 1) – Posted last night, reflected in available credit today.
    Barclaycard – Posted yesterday after 8pm, reflected in available credit today.

  79. Gretchen says:

    @AJ – Awesome! My payments post within 1-2 days with Cap1 and with Merrick Bank takes about 3 days. FH took longer in the beginning, but now that I’m established with them it takes about 3 days to post. I use their websites and use either direct EFT or debit card. Working out well.

    Great news!

  80. Kisses says:

    Good aftenoon. At work and decided to lool on CO and noticed my Equifax score has shot up from 538 to 593. I still have two cards that aren’t reporting yet from the SCT. My captial one balance decreased but not by much, I’m too ashamed to say. Lol. Last night CK had EQ reporting at 532 to 538 then this morning it updated again. Baby steps and I am glad. Way more to go!

    • Kay says:

      @Kisses, Can you tell me what site you are using to see if your credit rating has changed. Are they charging you a daily fee? Do they change your score daily? Are you able to check each day for an updated score without paying each time? Which company is best to go by if anyone knows, I know normally each has different scores.

      • Kisses says:

        Kay I looked at Credit Karma. It’s free. The site does update TU and EQ. Of course the scores aren’t exactly correct but the thing I look at is my scores are coming up. Now Credit Karma does let me know if and when a hard inquiry hits or if accounts are added or removed. I
        Also if any changes to your report are made. I thought it only changes on a particular day but apparently not, I guess whenever something affects your credit report. I also did a trial $1 period with EX site and it shows my score. TU also has a $1 trial period as well to view your score and report from their site. Credit Karma is okay and it doesn’t charge. How have you been keeping up with your score and reports???

        • kay says:

          I paid for my reports and am disputing items now. … my credit score came at the bottom of my approval letters for the 2 secured cards i got.

          • Kisses says:

            Kay are your scores different from the scores listed on credit karma? Good luck disputing. Equifax and Experian are buttholes when it comes to disputing. These collection agencies are a piece of work too.

    • Gretchen says:

      @Kisses – Nice !!!! Way to go!!!!

    • Jenn Delgado says:

      I have just recently heard about sct and have tried over and over on VS….nothing..UGH
      My kc is 536 and 534 . I have told myself my score is just to low and that’s why I never ever get a popup. Which has made me upset…grrrrr. I am desperately trying to rebuild but can’t get the popup ever. What do I do to get a popup or can someone tell me how to rebuild if No one will take a chance and give me credit?
      Is there anyone with the same situation that is being able to get these offers tell me where and what to do? Please

  81. kay says:

    @AJ…. just fir thought… Credit Come Back, as another name…lol

  82. kay says:

    @Kisses… Credit Karma wanrs me to mail in a copy of my DL as well as a bill ti verify its me… i have 1 company in collections reporting 2 times on Experian so the rep did request the duplicate to be removed… i will have to most likely go the credit bureaus to get my scores.

    • Kristina says:

      Hi, I just found these comments and you ladies have a lot of good info! I wanted to add about credit karma…. if you wait a few days and retry signing up they will just ask you the verification questions again, giving you a chance to get them right. I answered one wrong the first time and didn’t want to go through faxing dl etc. So I waited a bit and tried again then it worked. I’m new at rebuilding my credit also and have almost become obsessed with getting the SCT to work as well as reading tons of forums. Credit Karma is cool because it has a lot of good comments about what works for other people in similar situations.

      • Kisses says:

        @Kristina glad you found this site. Have you had any luck with the SCT? Do share? Also what processes are you taking to clear up your credit reports? Any suggestions or tips are welcomed

  83. Kisses says:

    @Kay. Yes the initial dispute you need to send a copy of your driver license and a copy of a bill with your current address.

    • kay says:

      @Kisses… Sending today… its not for the dispute though… I dispute with each actual credit bureau. CK says they need it to verify who I am in order to be able to show me my report or scores on their site period… Never had that happen before, but I appreciate their precaution.

  84. Gretchen says:

    Tried Marisota again this morning. NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Starting to think it’s my address. Fingerhut had my old address and reported it as such before I could change it. All my other cc’s have the correct address. I think the confusion is why it’s not working. It seems as though my scores are high enough for SCT to work so the only thing I can come up with is the address debacle.

    FYI Merrick Bank reports the minute you open the account, It’s a secured card and it reports as such but it gave me a 40 point increase immediately.

    • kay says:

      @Gretchen… I thought about applying for the Merrick Bank card but I read reviews that stated… This card DOES report as a secured credit card to Equifax and Transunion, however on Experian it doesn’t…. From your research have you gotten the same response? Does it report as secured?

      • Gretchen says:

        @Kay – Yes Merrick does report as secured to TU and EQ. Currently checking on EXP.

      • Gretchen says:

        @Kay – Merrick just reports as “Credit Card-Open”. Nothing showing as to secured or not. I did notice that my Cap1 is not reporting there yet. EXP shows my score as 568 today. Different than every other report I’ve gotten LOL.

        • Kisses says:

          @Gretchen I am planning to start working on my EX again. I have three negative accounts on there. I’m still waiting on results from Equifax and TU. Hopefully at the end of the month if not sooner. Are any of you using Sample letters with your disputes? Please keep us posted on your strategies and outcomes. Disputing to get negative accounts removed is just as good as establishing credit with new credit cards, SCT too.

          • Gretchen says:

            @Kisses – Yup. I’m not using sample letters, as I’ve been doing them online, but now with the address confusion, looks like I’ll be doing them in writing. I’ll keep everybody posted!

  85. Kisses says:

    My mother is now addicted to the SCT. But….she doesn’t own a computer. I got her started by applying for her a VS card w/out a HP and she was thrilled. I’ve since got her J Jill $750, Brylane $700. Her VS is $750. I told her that’s all she is getting for now as far as store cards. She needs a started visa or mastercard. She is wary about HP’s so hopefully she will get some pre approved offers in the mail now.

    • Gretchen says:

      @Kisses – Good for mom! I know the feeling. Wish I could get at least one of them to work. As far as Visa’s go, the SCT trick works with the MyPoints Visa, Virgin American Visa as well. Just register, etc, etc, No HP I believe.

      • Kisses says:

        @Gretchen I’m actually registered with My Points Visa but I haven’t seen any pop ups. Maybe my score isn’t high enough. Did you get the visa the first time you signed up? Maybe I missed a step. What was your Cl and your score?

        • Gretchen says:

          @Kisses – I don’t have the MyPoints Visa, but I am registered and do the surveys. I’ve read that it’s kind of hit or miss, but that if you log in every so often, if your score is high enough it will auto prompt that you have been pre-approved. Don’t think my scores are quite there yet, but I’m working on it.

  86. Gretchen says:

    @AJ – Super cute blog! Awesome job! I’m on it already ~~~~~

    • Kisses says:

      Hi everyone. Any new updates or good news today?

      • Gretchen says:

        Kisses – Hey ! Nothing from me. I’m so deflated from this. Tempted to just go ahead and apply but I know I’ll be devastated if I’m rejected. Plus I don’t want the hard pull.I need to learn patience. Patience LOL. Uggghhhhh. Also it seems to me that once you are approved for one of Comenity’s card, then it’s cake from there.

        • Kisses says:

          Gretchen have you been able to look at the new blog? I’ve been trying all day. I haven’t come across anything.
          No hard pulls maam!

          • Gretchen says:

            @Kisses – Yup. Went on as soon as AJ announced it was up. Left 4 or 5 comments. It’s very cool. I think it’s going to be very useful for all of us as we go forward. Props to @AJ for the effort!

  87. Kisses says:

    Can someone send me a link? And maybe I’m typing it wrong

  88. kay says:

    @kisses… try copy and paste .. thats what i had to do.

  89. Kisses says:

    The only thing about the Blog, it doesn’t notify us if others comment. I wonder if there is a way to fix that?????

  90. Kisses says:

    Hi all. How is the blog working out for everyone? Has anyone tried to do the SCT in the last few day? I’ve done Brylane twice hoping the credit limit would be a little more but it isnt. J Jill offered a low limit but I didint accept. That store is expensive!

    • Gretchen says:

      @Kisses — I did. Marisota. got the blank pop=up that lingered for about a minute but no go. Merrick seems to be great at reporting the account immediately and my statement just cut. Cap 1 still not reporting yet. Credit 1 card came yesterday and they have already slapped on the $75 AF LOL. That didn’t take long. It’s not reporting yet but I’m assuming it will.

      • Kisses says:

        Marisota was the first one I did a few weeks ago and got a pop of $250, didn’t take it though.
        I do recall back in April I tried VS and no go. I guess my score needed to get up a bit so when I tried at end of July it worked. I’m thinking maybe in another month, like the middle of Sept maybe our score will be up more to SCT for other stores.

        • Gretchen says:

          @Kisses – I’m thinking that patience is the key here for sure. By mid-Sept I do think things will look much different. All accounts are paid with zero balances except for FH which I’m letting age. So when the statements close it should boost up. I have to say I’m really happy with Merrick. Their payments post within 1-3 days, the website is easy to use and they report instantly as soon as the account is opened which is nice because that was a 40 point boost. They have unsecured cards as well but they are by invitation only. The secured one you can open by applying. So far so good.

  91. Kisses says:

    How much did you have to send in to open a secured card with Merrick? What do you use your Merrick card for?

    • Gretchen says:

      $200 is the minimum. I think max is $3,000 but the $200 was very easy. Multiple ways to send in. You can even use your bank’s online bill pay which is what I did. Simple and it reported right away.

  92. Kisses says:

    Came across this group on Facebook. 800 credit score club. Look it up and send a request to join. I just did, waiting for acceptance. In the meantime I’ve been reading all the posts and comments. The person that hosts the group has really good advice as far as getting your credit issues straight. As soon as I’m accepted I will be able to ask questions. Right now I can only look, read, share and like

  93. kay says:

    Hi All…

    So the block for promotional purposes has been removed, i received an update from Equifax..hopefully that was why i wasn’t getting the pop ups… i also had address removed and my marriage name since divorving as this may help as well not having different names. …i will keep you all posted!!!! Btw… capitol one sent me an email today stating that they are mailing my card.

  94. Kisses says:

    @Kay this is good news. Is your Capital One a secured or unsecured? I have two capital ones that are unsecured, low limits. Looking forward to an increase on them both within the next month hopefully through their credit step program.
    I’ve been on the blog site but Gretchen and I are the only ones conversing.
    I got my mom one last SCT card for now, Buckle. I told her that was it until Nov or Dec. Let them garden.

    • kay says:

      @Kisses… I got the secured, used my bank account to deposit 200 and got email today saying that its going to be mailed… haven’t been able to get an unsecured card yet though.

  95. Kristina says:

    Hi Ladies, I wanted to add a little info as I have been reading your comments and found a lot of useful info. Hopefully I can spread something that might help. I ruined my credit in my early 20s after losing my job and not being able to keep up with the payments. I had a lot of retail stores because I’m a shopper 🙂 My credit rebound from that and then I bought a house with ex. My scores were in the mid 600s and for me that was ok, considering I didn’t focus on getting a lot of credit at that point. I lost my job again, separated from my ex, and downwards again from there. I was also going to school at the same time so I have about $20k in student loans. From the first downward spiral and the last I didn’t work on my credit at all! I really had the mentality that I would let it fall off especially since I wasn’t working at really didn’t have a need to have credit. I got with my current husband and he has really bad credit. We tried to get a few cards to furnish our apt etc. and we’re able to slowly build both of our credit until he lost his job and same repeat as before. Sorry this is getting long….. so fast forward a bit. Today my scores are in the mid 500s, I don’t have a bankruptcy or anything but a lot of accounts that are still unpaid that again i’m going to let fall off. Fingerhut was my first rebuild card with the fresh card program. I paid the little deposit, order something, etc. and they offered me a secured account and my limit is now $500. After that I got a capital one secured card, put like $200 I think, they matched my deposit to $400 and then I sent another $150 so I’m at $500 on that one. I paid on both of those faithfully and decided to try to Montgomery Wards and Stoneberry since I thought they were similar to Fingerhut and got little limits like $250. Actually Stoneberry sent me a preapproval catalog…. I started to get a lot of those preapproval catalogs but for weird places. K. Jordan…actually they have cute clothes. But when I checked on the disclosure page I think the preapproval was for a $100. So I’m saving that one for a rainy day. Lol. Masseys is another, I did take the $100 credit and bought my girls shoes for school. They have a lot of name brand shoes (sketchers, sperrys, etc) and I think the price is comparable to dept stores. After that, I started testing my credit waters, well more like obsessed on trying to get the sct trick to work and finding easy approval credit cards. Fingerhut sent me an offer through their other program called fingehut flex and they have more electronics, furniture, it reminds of like rent a center or those places you pay every two weeks for. I got approved for $600 or a $1000 I don’t remember, simple process. I know it was pretty high because I bought a 6 seat dining table and I only pay $15 every two weeks for it. Guess it good if you want to update/furnish your house as I am. From there I applied for Walmart and was approved for $300 for the store card, then Macy’s for $200, Then Merrick sent me an offer for the unsecured card with $500 and said if I make my payments on time for 7 months I think they will double my credit line to a $1000. So I took that. Then I got surge for $500, first premier bank for $300, first access for $300, and total for I think $300. Those last few cards you have to pay a processing fee and obviously have really high interest rates. But I think if I charge a little pay a little that will help increase my scores. And in my opinion I think its cheaper than sending in $200 etc for a secured card. I started applying for the comenity cards and have been trying to do the sct trick and it never works!!!! But I have gone on a limb and just taken the hp and got approved. I got VS that way with a $300 CL, SimplyBe, and Marisota. And the last two I literally tried the sct every which way I could based on what I read and nothing. And I forgot to mention I also got a card with gettington which is kinda like fingerhut by wayyyyyy better stuff. And a Kay’s card with a $1000 CL. I’m really excited about that one. The cards I tried for either sct way or hp and didn’t get: Old Navy, Pier 1, Amazon, Barclay, HSN, Overstock, The Room Place, J Crew, and Discover. Those are the ones I really want.. I feel like the ones connected to Syncrony bank (amazon, paypal credit, etc.) are harder to get except for Walmart. I think that has an easy approval. Also Kohls! I got that one too and that’s almost my favorite because they have a really good rewards program. Comenity seems like easy approval, but I’ve only did a hp on a few because I couldn’t get the sct to work ….but in the end I did get approved. So I’m slowly getting there. I use credit karma, my fico score to keep in the credit loop and those are great resources for info. DAD CC Cards has some good articles too, like they had one with all the links you can check to see if your preapproved with a soft pull. It has capital one, credit one, bank of America, discover. etc. I did that one and got approved for the secured card but they only give you 5 days to make the deposit and I didn’t have it at the time. so beware of that if you do get approved before you accept it. Ive read that once you get one like that from discover or wells fargo, they make your score go up quite a bit and they review you after a year for a regular card and give you your security deposit back in some cases. Also, Merrick Bank and Capital one both offer credit tracking which I found helpful too. Hopefully in that deadly long story you found something helpful, I don’t have super amazing cards with high income but if I’m able to do that with my credit being pretty bad I think theres something for everyone and once you get a few under your belt I think it makes it easier to get approved for other stuff.

    • Kisses says:

      @Kristina was Gettington an instant approval? Do they do the fresh stat thing like Fingerhut? I have been thinking of doing Gettington instead of Fingerhut. How many points did your credit score go up?

      • Kristina says:

        Gettington is issued through Webbank which is the same bank Fingerhut uses. Which could be part of the reason why they approved my account. I think the approval is easier because the app was simplier if that makes sense. Like some apps have several pages, consent, disclosures, etc. This one they have a big banner about how you save 20% on your order when you open a card at the top of the website. So I went through like I was placing an order, then towards the end it had the three tabs one said apply for credit then ssn, dob, and income. Then if you want paper statements and credit protection. That’s it. They don’t do a fresh start like fingerhut but I like it because after that they give you payment options for paying it off which I think is tied into the overall approval rate. So you can do shorter payments like 4 months for example at a lower interest rate or like 10 months with higher interest rate. they base it on the amount of your order. Almost like flex payments. I think originally my credit went up about 30-40 points and with the inquiries it went down maybe 8 points. I read somewhere obviously more than 5 hps is bad but at the same time if you have a lot like close to 20 in my scenario it only went down a little. I think overall its worth a hp if you can get the new account esp. if it really only makes a difference of a point here and there if even that. The number one thing is utilization and timely payments that affects your credit like 65% or so. so the new account helps because you get more of a credit line to work with to lower your utilization and of course paying on time. And with all the new cards I have, I’m focusing on charging a little and paying it off in full when the bill comes. And my score hasn’t gone up a lot but by doing that has helped me get more approvals I think. Because honestly I haven’t done anything else (as far as cleaning up my credit) about 10 of those cards… Walmart, kohls, vs, simplybe, marisota, masseys, gettington, and actual credit cards I got within the past few weeks. A few I haven’t even used yet, I feel like if I’m going to get the hp or lose the few points might as well do it now at the same time then not try for maybe 3-4 months to let my credit start to rebound on its own. I just wished the sct worked because I do get approved and I could avoid the hp. but I relied a lot on credit karma by reading the comments about the card and seeing the credit range of those who got approved then if 4-5 people with my same credit score or lower got approved then I go for it. That has worked every time except for Barclays and a lot of people had lower scores than me so I think they look at something else as their main combining factor and milestone credit card, they also have a preapproval link and I think they do low 500s but I can’t get that either.

  96. Kisses says:

    @Kristina you have a lot of cards. With all those I’m surprised the SCT hasn’t worked for you. I did the SCT for Simply Be and King Size this evening. Both were $250. King Size is for the hubs and my son of course. When I was in college in the early 90’s I had a Belks, Hechts and a visa card oh and a jewlrey store card. Big mistake for a young 18 year old with no job. Earlier 2000’s I had a target, Wal-Mart and JCP card. I was in between jobs and wasnt able to make the payments. Currently I have been clearing up my credit reports so that my scores will start climbing and they have been, slowly.

    • Kristina says:

      King size… I have to look into that one. I feel a little sad because I have a lot of cards for myself and nothing really for my husband. Just a little. Lol. I try to balance it out by ordering stuff for the house too. Yea I had Target, Best Buy, and a lot of capital one, orchard bank, since you were able to have more than one card. Then they all went bad and now I can’t reapply for any of those. I was surprise because capital one did let me get the secured card after I had the two bad ones, and so did first premier bank…. that one wasn’t secured and I know that one is one of the better “bad credit” cards.

      • Kisses says:

        For Masseys, was it a soft pull? I was looking on their site and to get their card they ask for the last four of your ssn.

        • Kristina says:

          I think I’ve read if they just ask for the last 4 of your ssn its generally a soft pull. In my case, they already sent me a preapproval catalog. And I’m telling you once get a catalog card every week you’ll probably get at least 1-2 preapproved catalogs and then you can just choose from those without getting the hp. So maybe you got one and threw it away, I did at first because I thought they were just junk catalogs vs preapprovals. Ginny’s always send me one too I might get that one too because the limit is higher like $300-450. If you look on the disclosure page next to the ordering page in small print you’ll see your credit limit. I like them because even though you start low they send promo codes all the time, have lower monthlys like $5.99-7.99, and give you gradual increases. I find it easier to manage because I can charge up a $100 or 200 and then pay it off next cycle. So even with the lower limits I have been able to get quite a few things in a short period of time.

          • Kristina says:

            And those cards that have like $5.99 monthly I always got in the habit of sending like $15 or $20 for my payment if I wasn’t going to pay it off in full. I think while I’m not cleaning up my credit, I think the way I manage my credit is what increases my approval odds. I only have a few years before my old stuff falls off so I focus on making sure I either overpay, pay off, keep my balances low, and never ever pay late. I generally do my payment 5-7 days before its due just to be on the safe side and I bet that looks good too.

          • Kisses says:

            Not so sure about soft pull. I tried to do PayPal credit, they asked for last four and it was a hard pull on my Equifax. Ughhh and I got denied. I’m gonna do the Gettington, I do like their stuff a lot better. I was looking online at Massey as I mentioned and I like their stuff as well. Oh I would love to have an account with them. Kristina you are very I formative as well. Thanks for sharing and keep up the info and experiences.

          • Andrea says:

            can you please tell me how is this Masseys reported on your reports?

          • Gretchen says:

            @Kristina – which of those report to the CRA’s? Seventh Ave and Montgomery Ward don’t report. What about your other accounts?

  97. Kristina says:

    I just did paypal credit too and true that one is a hp for some reason, but the others should be a sp. Because they already have your basic info to make a decision and I think it’s more true (being a sp) for smaller credit stores vs paypal credit. I found out paypal credit used to be bill me later and that used to be the hardest thing to get approved for. The only reason why I even tried paypal credit because a few credit forums said it was easy to get. Although I was in the same credit range, when they sent the denial it was a long list of why they said no. Whereas, the smaller credit cards I think if you meet the range you generally get approved. Awww, thanks! I’m glad I had some useful info. Like I said I personally like Gettington a lot better than fingerhut because they do have better stuff and its closer to what you would pay in the store. I always find fingerhut about 10-15% more than the store. And Gettington sends promo codes all the time so I’m always ordering little things here and there. I guess if you don’t get approved for Gettington you could do the freshstart and once they convert you over to the regular account, Gettington should be easy at that point. But if you have some of those other major dept store cards I think you have a good shot! (do it, do it,) lol

    • Kisses says:

      I really would like the SCT to work for me on a gas card. That would really be of more help to me than my store cards. Gas is always a necessity. I’m gonna try for Masseys too. Until you mentioned it I had never heard of Masseys or Stoneberry. I did request a catalog for the both of them last night, can’t wait to get them.
      Does your Credit Karma update your TU and EQ information every so often?

      • Gretchen says:

        @Kisses – Did you try Marathon? They are Comenity Bank. I don’t know where any Marathon stations are around here but they are on the list.

        • Kisses says:

          @Gretchen I have one near my house. Do you know if the SCT works or do I take a HP?

          • Gretchen says:

            @Kisses-I’m not sure if HP or not, but I’ve read elsewhere that it does work with SCT so worth a try!

          • kisses says:

            @Gretchen I had read that to but when I went to the site it was just a regular application that you had to fill out, so that to me meant HP.
            You know Credit Karma is showing my TU score at 592 and the denial letter I just got today says 634. Thats a big difference.

          • DGS says:

            I was approved for a regular Marathon gas card with only a soft pull. You must first register for their online store and place an order before you apply.

          • DGS says:

            I would like the get an account with Floor & Decor. Their card is issued by Synchrony….Will SCT work for them?

      • Kristina says:

        I never heard of a lot of those smaller catalog ones either. I like them because a lot of the comenity ones are for generally for plus size, which I’m not, but since I just had a baby I’m definitely looking to update my wardrobe. I did get the simplybe card because when they sent me a catalog it had quite of bit of stuff in my size even though they call it plus size. CK does update every so often, it says my next update is in 10 days but I think it updates certain factors sooner. Like the inquires for example, I see those when they happen. And I noticed my score is probably about a 20-30 score differential from different credit reporting sites.. guess depending on how often they update. My score is still around the mid 500s to right under 600. So still have a lot of rebuilding to do. I would like a gas card too, I’ve read you can do the sct on it but it course it doesn’t work for me. and some site said I had gas locations near me where another one like the comenity website itself said it didn’t or vice versa so I haven’t applied or looked into it deeper. I have the Walmart card so im ok gas wise. Although I heard a really good gas one with easy approval in the 500 range is the chevron/techron card and they do gas points etc. I applied and didn’t get it although my score was way higher than others that got approved. So I guess its other factors that goes into that one, but something to look into… because of all our negative factors are different. I know some I don’t get because it says too many recent new accounts. So I think If I try again in maybe 6 months I should get approved. Did you do the sct on King Size and it work?

        • Kisses says:

          Yes even though our scores are around the same as others that are approved and we are denied, it is because of other factors such as other delinquent accounts reporting on our credit reports. That was one of the reasons I got denied for Barclays. I do have several medical collections reporting and three other old accounts that are due to fall of next year. I wish they would just fall off now, it would help out alot.
          King Size was SCT last night along with Simply Be. $250 for both. I was reading up on Masseys and I will wait until I get the catalog before I make a decision. I also read that it’s easier to get Fingerhut than Gettington even though they both web bank. Besides I get pre approval catalogs from FH never Gettington.

          • Kristina says:

            Yes, that’s what I’m learning is the other factors that tie into the approval. you said that when you do the sct is usually works on chrome for you? and how much are you adding to your basket? and do you checkout as guest register first? I usually do chrome or firefox add about $150 worth of stuff, check out as guest, etc. then it just goes to the payment part. But on one of my credit report it has TRL for trail and the other TR so I try it both ways since I don’t know what report they are pulling from although someone said its usually TR but I had one that wanted to correct the address to match the EQ so I thought for sure I would get the pop up but nothing. 🙁

          • kisses says:

            I always check out as a guest, not sure this makes a difference though. Then I usually put about $50-$150 in my basket then I go straight to check out as a guest. I input my address info, name and such then hit the continue button. Its usually after I click that button is when the pre approval pop up will show up. Then it gives you the amount pre approved for and click if you want. Your last four and your date of birth is what they need and you have your new card. Of course the details of the card agreement is shown. Your card can either be used right then or you can wait until it arrives. I used my Avenue account a few days after I was approved, before my physical card actually came. Ive not used any others yet. I use Google Chrome. I havent tried any others. I have even got the pre approval pop up on my cell phone.

      • Kristina says:

        Do you think by requesting a catalog they might send a preapproval one? Does that even work like that or maybe that’s unrelated. I came across another one call Mason and they have an easy pay credit plan. A variety of stuff for the whole family including kids. I’m going to request a catalog before I apply.

        • Kisses says:

          I’m not sure how that works. I do know a year ago I applied with fingerhut, they called me to verify info because I had a fraud alert still on from when my wallet was stolen. After the verification I was approved $250 but for the fresh start. I never used it and a year later they still send pre approved catalogs. I called in and they said I had to re apply. I still have the hp from the last time I applied 4/2014.
          I just got my denial letter from Barclays, they pulled from TU. My score at the bottom says 634. They listed the factors for the denial which they made it sound like I had a disease. Go figure!

          • Kristina says:

            Yes, Barclay is kind of a harsh denial letter. Lol. But at least you know where you stand. Your TU score is higher than mine, it seems unfair that fingerhut will do another hp… who know maybe you’ll get the regular card now.

          • kisses says:

            oh yeah. Words like “severe” too high”, too short” “insufficient credit history and number of accounts” all this at a 634. None of the recent credit store cards I have gotten are showing on TU. I dont know why. Not all of them are on Equifax but two.

        • Kisses says:

          @Kristina I did it. Submitted with Gettington and got instant approval for $400. I can start shopping immediately. I feel good about this TL because I will probably end up getting one or two increases before my other store cards I just received.

          • Kristina says:

            @Kisses that’s awesome! You’ll like it, a lot of nice stuff. I think I had my fingerhut account for maybe less than 2 years and they gave me several little increases, so I think it will be the same with Gettington. I think I’ve read with the major retailers they usually do 90 days, 6 months, or 1 year CLI. I ordered some outfits from Simplybe so I’m curious of the material, quality, sizing etc. I saw the store is based in the UK which I didn’t know prior so we’ll be rocking the British Fashion! lol.

          • Kisses says:

            @Kristina there is a blog you should visit :
   Visit it today and feel free to leave comments.

  98. Kristina says:

    Ok, I just looked at my inquires which I usually don’t because it’s such a small impact to my overall credit. Gettington did show up as hp on both TU and EQ. Masseys isn’t on there yet, because I just got it last month. I don’t see that they did a hp either unless its on Experian but that’s my worst report of the 3. When I spoke to a rep she said that they have Masseys and Stoneberry accounts so that could be how I got the preapproval. Paypal credit shows as CCB/PPC.

    • ZiggyZ says:

      If it’s a Banner ANYWHERE on the actual Web page itself, then it’s just an general advertising banner for the card and will be a Hard Pull if you apply that way.

      It has to be an actual pop-up that will have verbiage to the extent of saying that YOU have been pre-qualified. The pop-up will be a new window/page that pops-up on top of the current shopping cart checkout page. It will usually occur after you’ve entered in your billing/shipping name, address & phone number. On this specific page after you fill out your information and you click to continue, the next 1-2 pages typically will present the pop-up. However, it should happen by the time you get to the last/final page in the checkout process.

      The final/last page will have a submit, submit order, complete order, etc button on it. If you’ve reached this page, and you did not get the pop up, do NOT click submit or any button that is consistent with submitting the order for processing. You should receive the pop up by the time you get to the last page in the checkout process. Generally you’ll get the pop up on the billing screen that asks for your payment information. The popup is known to either happen when you get to this page or after you’ve entered in your billing and payment information and click Continue to go to the next page. But be careful, some of these payment screens maybe the last page or step in the order process. However, very few sites have them as the last page. Just keep a watchful eye.
      The reason that I stress that last final page, is because some sites once you submit an order, it cannot be cancelled. Not all sites are like this.

      One site that I know of that you cannot cancel an order once it’s been submitted is the Eddie Bauer website. Once you submit an order on this website, there is no way to cancel the order. Even if you do call customer service. After you place the order on this site, you have to wait until the package either gets delivered to return it or if your home when the UPS driver comes to your door you have to refuse the package.

      Some people may be scratching their head asking,”why would I want to submit an order? ” Believe it or not, there are a few websites out there that will give you the shopping cart trick pop-up after you’ve submitted an order. It will have verbiage to the extent of the obvious pre-approval/qualify that your familiar with, but will also let you know that you can receive a discount on the CURRENT order along with giving you an additional anywhere between 10-30 minutes to shop for anything else that you would like to add to the current order to receive the discount.

  99. Kay says:

    Hi All,

    Just a little update… Equifax has completed 1 of my disputes and the GOOD NEWS IS… The deleted 1 collection, 1 credit account and 9 hard inquires…. I will try to see if any of the sites work for me now that the report has been completed. I will keep you all posted, hopefully my score goes UP….. 🙂

    • Kisses says:

      @Kay that is great news! Good for you! Inquiries are very hard to get off. I disputed two with the credit bureaus, which were unauthorized and they sent me a generated letter stating hard inquiries had to stay on for two years. What gives? So they don’t care if they were unauthorized.
      What was your strategy to get them removed?

      • Kay says:

        @Kisses… Do not dispute the inquiry’s online… Call them and speak with the fraud dept. Let them enter your dispute into the system and see what happens. I disputed online and then when I got those results back saying that they are factual called in as a last resort and got my report back today saying that they have been deleted… Don’t give UP!!!!

    • Kisses says:

      @Kay Make sure you post comments on our blog. It’s up and running, full of different credit experiences and updates.

  100. Kisses says:

    @Kay so just call the fraud dept? Do I need to place a fraud alert? Did you have to or did they make you?
    Do you have the #?

    • Kay says:

      @Kisses… I just phoned the regular number for Equifax 1-800-685-1111 and they transferred me. A fraud alert was placed on all 3 of my reports for the last 1 year, when I first started seeing inquires that were not mine. I still have them on and maybe that’s why I haven’t gotten any hits on the SCT popups, but I am opted-in; so it really shouldn’t be an issue…

      • Kisses says:

        @Kay that may be the reason SCT isn’t working, probably is the reason. I had a fraud alert last year and a creditor called me to ask if it was really me.

        • Kay says:

          @Kisses… I think once m disputes for the other 2 credit reports are completed. I will have the fraud alert removed to see if I get any popups, but once I’ve gotten the cards I’m interested in I will have them place that alert back for my protection.

  101. Kay says:

    Hi all…

    Credit Karma is only showing me my Transunion score… i thought someone said they give you all 3????

  102. Kisses says:

    @Kay, Credit Karma gives you Equifax and Transunion. gives you Experian.
    You need to join us at the new blog AJ set up. We have been having all types of credit discussions, trying to help each other out as well as anyone that wants to give their suggestions and comments.
    I was wondering why I haven’t seen any recent posts from you.

  103. ZiggyZ says:

    HSN just worked for me WITH the pop-up. After clicking on the link, the app only asked for Last 4 SSN. provided the rest of my info. Once I clicked submit, I counted 2 seconds and I Was approved for a $1,700 limit. My TRU CBR Score is 729.

    Previously, I tried 5 days ago, and didn’t receive the pop-up. Then wasn’t sure if I opted in or out for Direct Marketing. It was mentioned at the top of the article, 2nd paragraph, “You need to be opted in for credit card promotional e-mails.” THere is a link up there that I clicked on that took me to the website, and found that I was in fact opted out. So I opted back in. The direct marketing site said it can take a couple of days to process and update everything. So I waited a good 5 days. Now I tried again and received the pre-approved pop-up.

    As per other peoples recommendations, I built up my cart full of $300 worth of merchandise. Chose to “checkout as Guest,” and proceeded to Checkout.

    I PUT IN my CC info and clicked on Proceed. If it would have said Submit, then I wouldn’t have clicked on it, because I didn’t receive the Pop-up on the billing screen. I clicked on Proceed, then the same billing screen stayed populated on the screen and I received the Pre-approval pop-up.

    Then I just clicked on the link in the pop-up. The app only asked for Last 4 SSN. I Provided the rest of my info. Once I clicked submit, I counted 2 seconds and I Was approved for a $1,700 limit. I’m assuming this is a soft hit. since it was so instant.

    On the back end of things, since I just opted back in and waited a few days, whoever or whatever company that controls that stuff probably did a softpull of my CBR for the prescreen. After confirming my info with Prescreen, is probably why it was so quick. So part of my logic on why some people receive a “decisional” message versus an instant approval is because the direct marketing companies may not have a recent Soft Pull of your CBR. A Decisional message is the message whereas, they more than likely want to approve you, but because your prior soft pull info may be out of date, they need to do a new one that is more relevant. If that makes sense.

    It’s been 20 mins now and haven’t received an alert from my CBR monitoring service that my CBR took a hard hit.

    • Kisses says:

      @Ziggy this is wonderful news. I would love to have an HSN pop-up approval. My scores aren’t near 700 maybe that’s why. Congratulations that’s a good card/account to have. Hopefully I will have better luck next time. Keep us posted on your other SCT success.

  104. ZiggyZ says:

    For those that are worried that your card will be charged for the order for the sake of still getting the pop-up, Just put in a bad Expiration Date with the CC Number. A Date that is way off. Some of these sites will have the billing and everything all on one page and want you to submit at that point. Some of them the pop-up won’t happen until AFTER you click to submit your order. Just put in a bad Exp Date for CC. That way, eitherway the Order won’t go through.

    • Sly says:

      Just a word of caution – be very careful when you put in a bad Expiration Date. I did that exact thing on the Overstock site and it did, in fact, charge my credit card. I had to call and cancel the order.

      • ZiggyZ says:

        As long as the Card number is good, the transaction will still go through as a request for an Authorization. But typically, if everything else doesn’t match up, the transaction won’t go through and it will get kicked back by the merchant.

        You may still see a temporary Authorization or hold on your CC that you using.

        I also should have added in with my comment as well to make sure you enter in a bad CCV as well. The CCV has to be way wrong. Eg: if your CCv is 989, enter in 123 instead. because it’s nothing close.

        Some people will enter in a bad Exp Date that is a small difference from the real expiration date. Cards like Discover will still allow the transaction to go through and give the approval if you provide a bad expiration date that isn’t too far off of the real one. Eg: your Exp date may actually be 06/2020. But you enter in 09/2020 as your exp date. Discover may still give the approval because it’s easy to make that mistake. Either way, Discover is very lenient about when it comes to wrong info.

        Idk why they have such a loose policy, because some CC’s it can be easy to figure out what the Exp date is if you know who the Lender is. some lenders will have Exp dates that are anywhere from 2, 4 or 6 years from the date of issuance of the card. Depends on the lender.

  105. ZiggyZ says:

    Also, keep in mind, that Commity bank may limit one credit app approval a day.

  106. Kay says:

    Ok All….

    I got the popup my first 1 on HSN… I added $168 to my cart and started to check out… put in my name and billing address and then put in my credit card like I was going to pay and when I clicked to proceed go the popup… But it says they will contact me via mail within 10days… Does that mean I will be denied???? Has this happened with anyone else?

    • Kisses says:

      @Kay that is great news! Hopefully this means an approval. Did you select pay in full or flex pays? What are your credit scores for each bureau?

      • Kay says:


        I selected full pay… TU 583 Eq 526 Ex 500….I wonder if they normally approve those… it didn’t give any other explanation, so I’m not sure if I was approved or denied.

        • Kisses says:

          @Kay, just the fact you got a pop up is good news. I’ve tried several times and nothing. I haven’t tried in about two weeks. Gave up! I doubt the pre approve pop up would appear if they wasn’t going to extend credit to you. Can you call them before the 7-10 days?

        • Kisses says:

          My scores are in the 600’s. Maybe there are other factors involved.
          Do you have anymore SCT cards? If so, what are your limits?
          Have you received any pre approval offers in the mail or email?

  107. Prasanna says:

    I am not sure this counts as a shopping cart trick. But when you sign up for hotel rewards program and you apply for their credit card it gets approved. I tried it for the SPG and Wyndham. They were both approved.

    • star says:

      Prasanna – did you get a hard pull or were you asked for your full SSN? Check your Experian?

    • star says:

      Prasanna – did you get a hard pull or were you asked for your full SSN? Check your Experian?

      Today I used the shopping cart trick for Ann Taylor and received a line of $1250, and Total Rewards for a line of $6000.

      • ZiggyZ says:

        Was your Total Rewards a Visa or retail card? Do you remember if you signed up/joined the site ahead of time or did you go through as a guest?

        • Kisses says:

          @Ziggy a couple of posts back u mentioned “noise” on credit reports. Well mine is on Experian and Experian has so many incorrect addresses listed and they have literally messed up my birth name. I have disputed this with them by sending a copy of my Experian report with the wrong info circled and they refuse to remove. I need help!

  108. Kay says:

    Hi All,

    Ok, so today I tried and got my 2nd pop up for the Simply Be store… Again I got the same thing as I did for HSN (your credit app is under review and you will receive a letter in 7 to 10 business days…. Has anyone else had this to happen and was still approved or does this mean I will be denied? My credit score went up 24 points this month as well….

    • Kisses says:

      Kay did you ever get a respond from HSN about their decision?

      • Kay says:

        @Kisses…Not yet, I called HSN and Simply Be and was told the same thing.. Both C/S reps said they do not have access to the application information and I would have to wait for the letter.

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  110. Kay says:

    Hi All,

    I was just approved for $750 Full Beauty… My first approval so far!!!

    • Gretchen says:

      Congratulations Kay! That’s a fantastic credit line! I also was able to obtain Express, Simply Be, and Marisota, but only $250 and $200 each respectively with the SCT. Those are the ones I wanted and I’m pretty happy. What a thrill when it actually worked!

      My scores have gone up dramatically since we started this journey, about 120+ points since June and I’ve had luck with getting some major things deleted as well. So the work and constant attention is paying off!

      So happy for you!

      • kay says:

        @Kisses and Gretchen…

        Thanks! Glad I didn’t give up. I got the HSN pop last Friday and it said that they would mail a letter in 7-10 business days, but I hadn’t gotten anything yet. Also, I got the simply be pop up that said the same thing, so I’m not sure if I was approved or denied those cards. Really would like VS, Express, NewYork and Company, but haven’t had any luck with those.

        • Kisses says:

          @Gretchen I was looking at my EQ credit file the other day and noticed a soft inquiry when I tried to do a SCT with them. Nothing happened, no pop up. My scores must have not been high enough.
          This may be the reason some of the SCT do not work for you.

  111. Kisses says:

    That’s good news Kay!

    • Kay says:

      @Kisses I was approved for Brylane Homes $500, sportsman guide visa got the pop up, but it said I would receive notice through mail so I’m not sure if I was approved, called they couldn’t tell me anything. Venus- got pop up, but the same thing they stated they would mail 7-10 days. Simply Be- Mail, and HSN- I have applied last Friday still hadn’t gotten anything via mail. I really want the VS, Express, New York & Company, Torrid, and a Visa, but I have never gotten pop ups for these… not sure why. Has anyone on the site ever gotten the 7-10 days message and ended up still getting approved or denied??? Just wondering if anyone has ever received an approved result via mail.

      • Kisses says:

        @Kay your scores must be good. All my SCT cards were $250 except VS and it was $500. I’ve not gotten a 7-10 message for any pop ups. I got my mom a couple of SCT cards and all her limits were $750. I haven’t been able to get her one for Avenue. I don’t even know if there is a pop up for half the Commenity stores listed on the website. I’m working on removing negative items from my credit report to help my score out as well. EQ is very asanine about their process.

  112. kay says:

    How did you get total rewards? What site did you go through? ?

    • star says:

      I just logged in to my Total Rewards account and before I even did anything a huge popup came up with the offer and asked if I was interested.

  113. Kay says:

    Hi All,

    Got a letter about the HSN… I was not approved due to information not matching name, address, ss#. I have contact equifax to have this issue corrected. They changed my Credit report to my new address and now some how it has been changed right back to the old address.

    • Gretchen says:

      @Kay – I have the same problem with EQ. They are the absolute worst with updating anything in a timely manner. I had the same issues with them and the address confusion. They also have the wrong information and I updated it with them. I’m hoping this month when all my accounts report they will finally update it so I can be done with it. They are so behind with all my information and they are my lowest score. I wish they would get it together already.

      • Kay says:

        @Gretchen- same here EQ is my lowest score… that’s makes me so upset, being that its hard to get the dang popups.. hopefully once the information is corrected for the 2nd time I might get it again…. Trying to only stick with cards I am going to use. VS, Express, Bath & Body works, Limited and Justice is really all I want. I got the pop up for the Sportsman Guide as well and it said they would mail 7-10 days, and that was for the MasterCard that could be used anywhere….;(

      • Kay says:

        @Gretchen, I called the Recon line to see what was the issue with my HSN approval… They told me the SS didn’t match… Wth… I have Equifax Advantage how can that be… EQ is driving me nuts right now…. May be this is why I’m not getting VS, or Express pop ups.

  114. Gretchen says:

    @Kay – I hear you. It’s so frustrating to get anything accomplished with EQ. I had the service too but cancelled before the free trial was over. I sent utility bills, DL, etc. They don’t have half my accounts reporting, address is still FUBAR, and of course they are wayyyyy behind TU and EX with removing my negatives. I don’t know what else to do. They run on their own schedule and it’s slow as molasses in January.

  115. Kay says:

    Hi All,

    Has anyone gotten Care Credit to work as a pop up????

    • ZiggyZ says:

      Care Credit does not have SCT at all. Although they give you the opportunity to apply online for these cards, they are usually applied for on the spot at the vet or medical facilities like for a chiropractor, lasik, ER, etc.

      Maybe 1 of us can show up in a shopping cart at the next vet appt. Lol.

      I’ve never known Synchrony to ever do a Soft pull for any initial credit app, similar to SCT, for anything. They always been a HP. They are however new to most of these, not all, retail cards like care credit. The bought out GE Capital’s credit portfolio. Almost 2 years ago.

      Also with the CareCredit card specifically, if you request a CLI, it will be a HP.

      Otherwise, a lot of their other retail cards like Walmart & JCP are a SP for a CLI.

  116. Kay says:

    All.. Unbelievable just call EQ they had my dang SS# and address incorrect… Obviously the reason I got pop ups and then the 7-10 on 5 dang stores…

  117. Kay says:

    Hi All,

    Does anyone know if Total Rewards is a HP??? Also, can we use the visa for any purchase or is it just for the casinos. If so I dont even need to apply not trying to rack up Huge new bill.

    • star says:

      turns out I did get a hard pull on Equifax for that Total Rewards. Oh well…but yes, you can use the visa anywhere.

      • kay says:

        @star…ugh..i read on another site about that card, sportsman, and vitacosta visa….not sure if the name is exactly correct. I really need a visa but im not sure if i would get it with a HP…did you get approved? If so do you care to tell what your equifax score was????

        • Kisses says:

          @Kay do you not have any Visa/Mastercards? Have you tried Capital One pre qualify tool? Credit One?

          • kay says:

            @kisses yes i have capital one secured for 200 and first progress for 300… just wanted a higher limit… on have 2 cards fr the SCT… EQ yesterday i had to contact again they messed up as usual anx had my address as a blvd and st.. so i assume thats why i got the 7-10 day message for the other 4 Cards… so they will most likely be denial letters the same thing when i contacted HSN after getting a letter. .. they yo me my ss# and name was not matching so i had to call EQ back… now that they have updated again im hoping i will finally get the VS, Express, Loft, New York and Company
            .. Really on trying to get stores i will use… browsing through i noticed that some of the other smaller stores sell the same clothing.

          • Lawrence says:

            Becareful with Credit One they are Previously 1st National Bank of Marin….a somewhat shady bank that now has a name close to Capital One for those that dont really notice they are not the same. !st Premier and Providian are all in the same boat. Shady, which is why they were sued for excessive and deceptive fee shedules. Its almost best to get a secured card with Capital One if you cant get an unsecured card because within a year’s time they will convert it to an unsecured account, as long as you miss no payments AND pay a lil more than the minimum, as well as refund your initial deposit.

  118. Kisses says:

    @Kay are your two credit cards allowed credit limit increases by request? If so, try it. Or are they allowed for upgrades? I would certainly call and ask. My capital one platinum mastercard got upgraded this week to a Quicksilver w/ 1.5% cashback. I’m still waiting on my credit steps auto credit limit increase.

    • kay says:

      @kisses i will check since the cards are secured i was think they wouldn’t unless i sent more money in… first progress will i knoe if i funded more. Ill check though. Did yall sign into your accounts when or check out as guest when the pop up for Vs Or NY came up… they seem way harder to get.

    • kay says:

      @kisses i will check since the cards are secured i was think they wouldn’t unless i sent more money in… first progress will i knoe if i funded more. Ill check though. Did yall sign into your accounts or check out as guest when the pop up for Vs Or NY came up… they seem way harder to get.

    • kay says:

      @kisses i will check since the cards are secured i was think they wouldn’t unless i sent more money in… first progress will i knoe if i funded more. Ill check though.

  119. Kisses says:

    @Kay with all the SCT cards I have I checked out as a guest. All of my limits are low though, $250 except VS is $500. I’ve only used VS, Buckle and Avenue.

  120. kay says:

    Hi all… ok since Equifax had my address incorrect. .. i received letters from all my card offers saying that since the address name or ss number wasin correct they could not extend me credit 6 offers total…. now that my dispute has been processed and my address is correct how long before i may see pop ups again if any?

  121. Gretchen says:

    @Kay – congrats for getting that straightened out. EQ is a pain in the hoo-hoo. I had the same problem and just got it straightened out with them.

    Give it about a week and you should see pop-ups then. It took about a week for me, then I got right away Marisota, Simply Be, Express, Avenue all within a week of each other. Marisota and Simply Be were back-to-back the same day.

    Good luck!

  122. Lawrence says:

    This SCT IS addicting but if common sense is applied and the credit used with crdit utilization in mind you can quickly build decent credit. So far I was offer Overstock, Brylane, Motorola, Jcrew, Buckle, Express, Linen Source and Eddie Bauer. I am now “gardening” and working on my AAoA, so I have opted out of pre screening for 5 years…in addition to the SCT cards I also have Cap One Platinum, Cap Quick Silver, Walmart, Finger Hut, and Navy Federal Credit Union Rewards Visa. When I am done gardening my credit scores should be between 750 and 800. Lots of work to do, and the cards that I got from the SCT are a hue help. Fico is 655 now. If I can offer any help or answer any questions I will try my best. 🙂

    • ZiggyZ says:

      Your right, SCT is a bit addictive. Lol. More so after you get your 2nd SCT card.

      My FICO Credit Score is: 739/729/726
      I was approved for:
      1st – HSN $1,750
      2nd – Fingerhut $180, I turned it down.
      3rd – OverStock for $4,500
      4th – Eddie Bauer $500. I stopped here.

      I turned FH Down for basically slapping me in the face. It was SCT, and offered before any of the other ones have been reported to my CBR. They offered it to me w/o even asking about income and job status. I almost felt compelled to call them to ask them WTF. However, not a big deal, as I really don’t want them. I’m stingy in some ways, whereas I disagree with paying 3-4X the cost of an item. I don’t care what my situation is, unless it’s dire. Most stuff on their site are primarily wants and not a nessessity.

      I have a friend that has an 810 score who doesn’t want or need any further credit but wanted to put the SCT to the test to see if it really worked, because they didn’t believe you could get a nice CL w/o the HP. My friend was approved for FH for $250. They felt the same way as I did.

      I had a hunch, and it appears as though FH primarily target demographic are credit stressed or low CBR Score customers. Like the higher your score the lower the limit.

      There is more money to make in a short period of time or even long term on low score customers because of their higher prices and they have more of a structured arrangement. HSN & QVC are more successful than FH For this reason.
      Products like Flex pay structures it w/o all the complex BS about APR, interest rate, membership fee, annual fee, etc. For some, regardless of having good credit or not, all this in between BS can make things confusing and is a reason why even some of the most good intention people who do make good money, have a good situation etc end up failing miserably because of the lack of transparency and simplicity.

      Even though current laws require lenders to make all the important info transparent, it’s still confusing and overwhelming, and people still mess up. Then the same lenders cry fowl because they are trying to say it dsnt matter whether they make the info easily accessible or continue to bury it in T&C. They are right I some ways, however at the end of the day, it just needs to be put in English or more understandable terms for those that do care. Otherwise, most people dont read T&C and just checkmark the box and click submit.

      Low score customers statistically have limited credit options, and are more likely to stay loyal to a business or person who is willing to help them, regardless of the history and cost of doing so. They are less likely to go elsewere and remain loyal because of their current situation, the lack of available options and choices, and the fact that someone is willing to take a chance on them. They want to hang onto this lifeline.

      Also, places like FH & HSN take advantage of this for 2 reasons. 1, because they can and they know people will pay it. 2. High risk customers have a higher chance of default, so prices are hiked up as such to further mitigate potential loss in case of default. That’s some of the long and short of it. Also, just like a retail store that suffers a lot of theft or loss, they hike up the prices of everything else to help make up and offset that loss. However, that’s no excuse for taking advantage of people. Sure, you can reward me as a customer by giving me a CL increase, but if the interest rate or all other terms are the same, what good does that do me in the long run? That just sets me up from disaster later on. Of course they care about someone defaulting on monies owed, because legally you owe it. However, down the road by the time that happens, they are already 2 steps ahead of you anyways because they’ve already made all their money back from you in goods and quite a bit in interest and profit.

      People that alrdy have financial difficulties, should be rewarded better for their good efforts. I don’t disagree with giving a CL increase, but if that’s all they ever do, then that’s just predatory. When you reward someone for “good behavior” Most of the time it encourages them to keep up the good work and actually focus more on how to improve their situation, even if it’s little by little. All good things take time to work out.

      So, as it can be seen, there is a market for every type of credit customer.

      Either way, I would have expected FH to at least give me a better CL than $180. All that does it push me away as a potential customer. Credit is a business. If you have someone that is willing to pay what you want them to, why not capitalize on that. However, their focus is a different type of demographic.

  123. Janet says:

    Couple of things to help this trick work (I have 4 store cards and 4 Visa’s all via the SCT):

    1. Google credit pulls and go to the website. Check to see which credit bureau is pulled for the card you’re seeking. Others experiences will also show if you have a shot (e.g. score, profile etc)

    2. If the current address listed on the bureau for that card doesn’t work, try an older address. I couldn’t get Victoria’s Secret to work for the life of me until I used an older address. Again, the address has to be exact even down to Street or St.

    If you get the pop up to work and accept the offer, you can go to and search for the store (e.g. Victoria’s Secret, Overstock etc). Once there, click sign up and no for not knowing the account information. Enter your ssn#, first initial, last name, dob and zip code for the address you entered and you’ll be able to set up your account. It should also show you your credit limit.

    One last thing, you can hit the credit limit increase button immediately and as many times as you want until you get the 7-10 day message.

  124. ZiggyZ says:

    @Janet – The main reason and the purpose behind why this is called the “Shopping Cart Trick” is the actual “Trick” of being able to get approved for a Line of Credit, regardless of the amount, without the actual Hard Pull of a CBR. Yes, a pop-up at the shopping cart is part of the process and is the key for getting this to work. However, if they were all Hard Pulls, then there would be no actual real “Trick.”

    Thanks for posting the additional information about using an older address. Your logic is correct and are right about this. I agree further because not all Credit Bureaus are the same. I’ll use TRU as a good example. They don’t do a good job of always having the most up-to-day relevant current address on file for someone. Either way though,your right, even if your current address is on file with the bureau, and that doesn’t work, using an old, but more recent address, like your address before your current address, should also do the trick, as long as it is an address that has been reported on your bureau. The Key is that it’s an address that matches to your bureau.

    Also, Janet, what did you mean at the end of your post about “immediately hitting the CL Increase button as many times as you want until receiving the 7-10 day message?” Are you implying that someone should request a CL increase immediately after logging in to see if they are able to get more credit right away? Can you explain in more detail what your referring towards exactly?

    • Janet says:

      The “trick” is that you have been pre-approved for a line of credit without having to actually cold apply.

      Most report that Victoria’s Secret is a soft pull while others are reporting they received hard pulls. A few months ago, Comenity changed this with their Visa/MasterCard offers. Most are now hard pulls, however, like the store cards, some are reporting varying results. I received the Sportsmans Guide Visa popup and accepted with no hard pull. Total Rewards, Modell’s and Good Sam/Camping World were all hard pulls. These are definitely a “your mileage may vary”.

      With regard to the credit limit increase button: Yes, hit it as soon as you create the account. You can continue requesting a credit limit increase until you receive the 7-10 review message. This works even before you get the card.

      Overstock netted me a $400 increase immediately upon opening the online account. I’ve received this same increase every 31 days since.

      iComfort netted me a $500 increase immediately upon opening the online account. Also receive this same increase every 31 days.

      The only Visa I was able to get an immediate increase on was Total Rewards. Hit the increase button and received an additional $500.

      Motorola didn’t give me anything until recently (I still try monthly with the others). I had made a purchase and a payment and finally received a $300 increase.

      Tried with Victoria’s Secret though I’ve already they don’t give increases until you’ve had the card 9 months. Some have reported an increase around month 6.

      I’ve read the Visa’s and MasterCard’s wait for an increase are 4-6 months, many are reporting they’ve received one at month 4.

      • ZiggyZ says:

        When hitting the CL increase button right away, this is a Soft pull still?

        • Janet says:

          Mine have all been soft pulls including the Total Rewards Visa cli.

          My understanding is that there will be a check box for you to authorize a hard pull if they require one. As always, YMMV. Read through the threads on MyFICO regarding this to get a feel for what the experiences of the majority are.

          • ZiggyZ says:

            Janet, I just did the CLI for Overstock. All they did was ask for Income. They approved it and added another $300 to the $4,500 limit I was approved for a few weeks ago. So now I have $4,800 CL. The 1st bill generated a week after the account was opened.

            Awesome Thanks!

      • ZiggyZ says:

        Janet, have you had any Hard Pulls from any of the Comenity Bank store cards like OverStock from requests CL increase online through their portal?

        • Janet says:

          Ziggy, not one.

          Not when I originally accepted the popup nor for any of the cli’s. I requested a cli on all the popup’s I accepted immediately and then again monthly.

          • Janet says:

            To add:

            Overstock, Motorola and iComfort were all obtained in May.

            Victoria’s Secret (sp), Total Rewards Visa (hp for original additional for cli), Modell’s Visa (hp), Good Sam’s/Camping World Visa (hp) and Sportmans Guide Visa (sp) were all obtained this month.

      • Kisses says:

        On one of my SCT cards I hit the cli button and was told account was to new. This was on my Avenue card. I’m going to try on my other Commenity cards today just to see.
        For those of you that did the SCT and received high limits what were your credit scores?

        • Janet says:

          Hi Kisses,

          Mark your calendar for 30-35 days from the date you opened the account to hit the button again. Mine has been 31 days exactly from each cli date but some are a little more.

          My Motorola account was opened in May but did not receive a credit limit between then and August. I finally got one this month after using the account for the 0% interest. The denial reason was that they wanted to see a consistent payment history first.

          Not all Comenity accounts will receive immediate or even monthly cli’s. Victoria’s Secret is 6-9 months. Most Visa’s are 4-6 months. Avenue may well be one that needs a couple of months under its belt before they’ll give you one. It doesn’t hurt to try every 31 days.

          P.S. Every 31 days would be from the date of your last cli. So if I received an Overstock cli on 9/8, I’ll try again on 10/9 and so on.

        • Janet says:

          Sorry, forgot to answer your other question: credit scores.

          On 5/30/15, my scores were as follows: EQ 718, TU 720, EX 713 with zero negatives. My file is also a thin file with my history only going back to November 2014.

          As of 9/14/15, my scores are as follows: EQ 713, TU 717, EX 718 with zero negatives.

          In May, I got:

          Overstock ($6k SL, now $8k)
          Motorola ($2.5k SL, now $2.8k)
          iComfort ($5k SL, now $7.5k)

          Of the Visa’s I received this month, Sportsmans Guide is my highest limit at $6.5k. All others were $2k with Total Rewards giving me an immediate cli to $2.5k.

          Good luck. 🙂

          Keep in mind that lenders are not just looking at scores. There are many others that have gotten the popups with lower scores than mine and definitely thicker files.

          • ZiggyZ says:

            How did you get Motorola? Was it a SCT? Did you create a profile then add things to your Cart or did you check out as Guest? I’ve been trying for several months to get a motorola acct because I would like to purchase a few things for them. However, not every SCT is created equal.

            Also, was Motorola a HP or SP? What about iComfort?

  125. ZiggyZ says:

    Keep in mind guys, MOST Unsecured Visa & Mastercard offers will more than likely NOT be a soft pull; well very few are an actual Soft Pull. This also includes eBay and Paypal, as these types of cards are universal and can be used and spent just about anywhere on the web, as they have no real restrictions on use and are similar in a lot of ways to a Major Credit card because you can use them just about anywhere on the web and also in person as well.

    Compared with strictly a Store Card is easier to qualify for because you are restricted to just that merchant or and/or that type of spending.

  126. ZiggyZ says:

    One thing that I’ve found and provide a little bit of a push for getting approved for a more favorable line is having at least $125-$200 worth of goodies put in your Cart.

  127. ZiggyZ says:

    I just went onto and put $183 worth of crap I don’t want in the shopping cart. Then when I clicked to go to final checkout, it said i was preapproved for $500. However, I’m going to turn it down, as I’m not interested in this site at all. The clothes are too big, and the CL is too low for me. However, I turned it down and when I returned back to the CArt it had a link in there saying that I do have a pre approval available. I clicked on it again, and the promotional 10% they offered me on the 1st pop-up changed to 15%.

    I’m looking to expand my overall total CBR limits not have my CBR littered with several different accounts with Low limits. You can have a thing as too much Credit. Part of having too much credit isn’t necessarily just the Limits themselves, its also the number of open accounts you have as well.

    However having several small limits for someone who has a low Credit score could be ideal as well, as it could reflect that you a better risk since it looks like you can manage your finances better.

    If you have a total of 30 open accounts on your your CBR, and they each had a $1k CL, for a total of $30k CL available, and each one had a balance on them, you could be pegged as having too much credit, because each one of those accounts is considered a Bill you have to pay each month. As opposed to having 15 open accounts all of which may have some balance on them and having the same overall CL of $30k between them all collectively. Hope that makes sense. Be careful how many open accounts your have. The example I have above also depends on that persons actual personal circumstances as well. If you fit the bill as an ideal Risk based on other factors, then you could be fine.

  128. ZiggyZ says:

    Update on the KingSize Card that I turned down. I turned it down once, then went back to my Cart. It still provided an opportunity to reconsider. I clicked on it a 2nd time and a new window popped up offering the same $500 CL but they increased the original 10% discount to 15%. I declined again and now the link wasn’t make available to me again.

    I was going to try and experiment with increasing the shopping cart amount to see if I could get a higher limit.

    • Lawrence says:

      Not sure if anyone knows this however, even though you may not have a need or use the Kingsized TL, there are about 14 different store names associated with that card which that card can be used to shop with. For instance I have a Linen Source CC and while browing for home goods, on their site, I was informed that I could also use my card at ANY of the other 14 or so sites (I think its 14, may 11 other sites) to complete my transactions. I thought it was pretty useful and a nice touch as I didnt have to try the STC on any of the other sites that I may have had an interest in. Just food for thought…again, of course you should start out with attempting to get cards you will actually used and benefit from, not just collecting them for the purpose of collecting them. 🙂

  129. Janet says:


    I added a watch to my cart on Motorola at the time I did it to see if I’d get the popup. Some have added the more expensive Nexus 6 but I didn’t need to.

    For iComfort, I added a bed and frame. I don’t know if this problem still exists for the popup here but if you get the popup and can’t accept (seems to not move forward) do NOT click the flag that says billing and shipping are the same address. This has “fixed” the problem for many and we were able to move forward with accepting the pre-approval.

    Both of these were soft pulls.

    Also: Try using different browsers (incognito works best), clearing cache and cookies before trying. If that doesn’t work, try using another address listed on your credit report. Both of these cards pull Equifax.

    • ZiggyZ says:

      @Janet, did you check out as Guest for both Motorola & iComfort?

      For iComfort, they didn’t have a pop-up, but more of an advertisement for credit through the checkout process. Didn’t indicate anything about pre-approval.

      • Janet says:

        Always as a guest unless I’m forced to create an account.

        As for iComfort, it would definitely be a popup if you’re approved. Exactly like the others that says “Congratulations Ziggy! You’ve been preapproved……”. I went to the site and see what you’re referring to but that isn’t the preapproval popup. 🙂

  130. Kay says:

    @Janet… Can the bath and body works card be used at VS as well or just the other way around?

  131. Kay says:

    Once opt in again, does it take exactly five days before they system updates and you can get pop ups again?

    • ZiggyZ says:

      Previously, I didn’t receive the SCT pop-ups. Only to learn and remember that I previously opted out of Direct marketing. I went and opted back in through their website.

      On day 6, I tried again and I started to receive the SCT pop-ups. Since then, I have received a total of 6 SCT pop-ups, 3 of which I accepted.

      If you use the find feature in your browser, and do a search for my name, ZiggyZ, you’ll see my posts about all the cards I received the pop-ups for an which ones I accepted and declined.

    • janetweiss says:

      We don’t know what reports these lenders are looking at (age-wise) or how often they’re refreshed. Things I was denied for in May, I was just approved for throughout this month. Nothing on my reports have changed except for aging of credit lines. In fact, my actual scores are slightly lower (but still in the low 700’s) than they were in May.

      Just keep trying. You’ll hit that magic window before you know it. 🙂

  132. Kay says:

    Hi all… Just wanted to mention that the Toyota and Lexus Visa card is coming to Comenity Bank this fall.

    • janetweiss says:

      I saw that too but don’t know if we’ll be able to get a popup out of it. I hope so, even though the Visa’s are hard pulls. 🙂

  133. Kay says:

    Hi All,

    Now that I have all of my information corrected with Equifax the only pop up I get is for sportmans guide and I keep getting the 7 to 10 day mail. I was denied last month, stating that there was not a match of my Name, SS# or address, but this information is correct on Equifax. I was denied for 5 SCT cards all the same reason and all tried through Equifax… Has anyone else experienced this?

  134. ZiggyZ says:

    Has anyone had luck with PayPal Credit? A few years ago, I actually applied with them, it was a Hard Pull. Everyone that I’ve known that’s applied for them said it was a Hard Pull.

    HOWEVER, 3 nights ago I went to purchase an Unlock code for my phone for $24. When I was on the checkout page in the middle of typing my CC info to pay, I received a pop-up offering me PayPal Credit. Didn’t ask for income, just basic info and last 4 of SSN.

    I was REALLY hesitant because I’ve never known PayPal to be a soft pull.

    But sure enough, I was APPROVED in less than 5 seconds for $2,750. (Why the odd $50??) It was a Soft Hit as well. VERY surprised.

    The only catch to this, is that whatever your purchasing, you have to purchase, because the credit app went through at the same time as the transaction.

    It’s $24, and I think it’s going to fall through anyways, because the seller can’t get the code.

    Either way, I’m very surprised.

    Anyone have aNY incite?

    • Lawrence says:

      Thats awesome! I wanna try for this, but I am gardening for the next 12 months in my hunt for 800 scores across the board, and though this is a SP it would effect my AAoAs. Nice CL too Ziggy! (This gardening is hard, lol)

    • Kisses says:

      I tried PayPal credit in August, it wasn’t a pre approval though. The screen asked for my last four ssn, so I entered it and of course denied. It was a hard pull on Equifax. I received a denial letter with my actual Equifax score at the bottom. Whether it’s a soft or hard pull doesn’t matter now, you got the credit. Congratulations!
      Oh I’ve read on several sites that some of Comenitys cards are hard pulls even if you do get a pop up. I think this applies to their actual credit cards that aren’t store specific.

      • ZiggyZ says:

        @Kisses, It’s mostly all about how you apply for these cards, which is where the Trick comes in. Based on all your comments, it seems like your well versed on it as well.

        With the PayPal credit, it was a pop-up for me, just like SCT for everything else, while I was typing my CC info to make payment for what I was purchasing.

        It gave me my approval in way less than 5 seconds, similar to all the SCT. Otherwise, typically, if it is going to be a HP, it will more than likely take longer than a couple seconds to receive approval.

        I can confirm that this WAS a SoftPull. I just pulled my CBR from all 3 bureau’s and nothing showed up but a Promotional Inquiry (SP) for the PayPal Credit. WIsh we were able to post pics in our comments because I would show a screenshot. Either way I think being able to post a pic would be good because People could post pics of screens of what certain things should look like. IT would be helpful for those that are applying for some of these cards to make sure they are not going through with a HP.

        • Kisses says:

          @Ziggy I tried to get the pop up for Eddie Bauer in August, no luck. Tried again last week and got it. My credit limit was only $250. I think with the SCT cards I have, CK has my AAOA as poor. I would love to get an Overstock and HSN preapproval. I’ve been in the rebuilding credit process since for a while. It’s a slow process if you are doing it yourself. Other than VS @ $500 credit limit, my other SCT cards have allbeen $250. Maybe I will give PayPal another shot in the next month or so and do like you said, sign in like I’m doing credit card transaction.

          • ZiggyZ says:

            @Kisses, if you have anything below a 630 dont waste yoir time on Paypal. More than likely you will get turned down or lured into having a HP on your CBR. Its worth the HP. Depending on which site is giving the score, because each site might be using a different Credit scoring model. Example: Vantage Score 1, 2, the new 3.0, FICO, etc. It can be misleading.

            Also, since you credit may be in rough shape, as you’ve mentioned before, dont take on too much credit too soon. Another words, if your offered 5 SCT and accept them, that could be considered taking on too much in a short period of time. Versus someone who has good credit, although still considered in the same boat. Too much new credit in a short period time will not have as much negative weight with someone with good credit versus someone that doesn’t have good credit.

            Too much credit in a short period of time could have you viewed as a much bigger risk than you alrdy are.

            I must say though, it’s too tempting to just start going on a shopping spree.

      • ZiggyZ says:

        The cards that are Major credit cards like Visa & Mastercard are 90% of the time HP on a CBR. 1 Visa card that apparently isn’t a HP is the Sportsman’s Guide.

        I didn’t receive a Pop-up for them, but there was a minor error on my CBR that I just had fixed and removed and my score went up, so I’ll try again.

        • Kay says:

          @ZiggyZ… The sportsman pop up is the only pop up that I have gotten since my corrections with Equifax and they keep denying me for the same reason, either they say my name, address or ss# its right and it is. I have notice that where I am Equifax is the only credit bureau being pulled and even though i tried and was denied, there are no sp showing up on my credit at all… nothing… I get the Sportman’s Guide pop every single time I go on there page no mater how many times a day and the keep denying for the same thing that I know is correct. I do have an extended fraud alert on my credit report but i opted in for promotional offers, so that shouldn’t matter.

          • ZiggyZ says:

            If you have an extended Fraud Alert, no matter how perfect, cleaned up or corrected you report is now, you will get denied. Unless, its going to be a HP and it’s for credit more than likely in person.
            When there is big money on the line like at a dealership or at a Bank for a loan, they will see the alert and be in a better position to verify your ID and follow the necessary steps.

            Online credit apps, like SCT and store cards will 99% of the time deny you.

            I’m sure you have a good reason for the Fraud alert. However, when it’s run its course, and comes off your credit, you will more than likely start getting more SCT and approvals.

            Otherwise, if your comfortable enough with making a request to remove the Fraud Alert. If the CBR allows you to remove it, you will need to wait at least 30+ days before trying again for most SCT. Depending on the Bureau, and the type of Fraud Alert or credit freeze, you may have a mandatory waiting period before you can have it removed. Some mandatory waiting periods range from 3, 6 or 12 months. Once requested, you won’t be allowed to remove it until this time expires. Some freezes or alerts will stay on for a certain period of time or indefinitely until you request it to be removed.

            A credit freeze will prevent any at all from pulling your CBR and alert may still allow for the pull, but will require the merchant, like a dealership, or lender to verify your info and then they have to call a special number and go through a special process of asking you for more info, then they have to call the number that was designated on the alert.

            It can be quite the process and there is a lot of uncertainty as to your CBR. All freezes won’t allow your CBR to be touched. There are different types of fraud alerts, some will pull and others won’t until the Lender follows protocol.

            If your nervous about removing it because of your situation, you can always remove it, and place a consumer statement on each bureau. That way you can still get your CBR Soft or Hard Pull and the merchant will still see the attached consumer statement as well. If you have a good score, they may still give you the 7-10 day letter reason or request that you call a special number. The letter routine will give them a couple days to have someone take a peek at your CBR and they will more than likely call you.

            Otherwise, if your score is below a 620 don’t bother with the statement. They’ll see your score and just turn you down.

            If your comfortable enough, find out if you are able to remove the fraud Alert or freeze you have on your CBR. If you can, remove them and wait 31 days. One thing to add, it’s either all or nothing. Most bureaus, last time I checked anyways, now require all in or all out. You can’t just add or remove the statement from just one and not the other.

            As I mentioned above some of these freezes & alerts will stay on your CBR for a defined period of time, like 2 years for example, but will allow you to remove ithe once at least 6 months has passed.

  135. ZiggyZ says:

    I think in order to get the PayPal SCT so that it is a SP make sure your on a Shopping cart of a seller than accepts PayPal exclusively.

    There are MANY sellers out there that only accept PayPal as a Payment method, however, they will still accept a CC payment from you because the CC payment is processed through PayPal, You’ll know if PayPal is exclusive to the seller because on checkout it may ask you to sign in with PayPal.

    Once you receive the prompt to sign in With PayPal, DON’T sign-in. Just proceed to paying with CC without signing in. Then just like SCT for most merchants, just get to the final Order Submission Page, and you should receive the pop-up.

    Keep in mind though, if you have a really low score, you may not have good odds at receiving the pop-up or even if you apply on your own on a separate page that had nothing to do with a Shopping Cart, it will be a HP.

    Most of these Store cards, although they are through Comenity Bank, They all have prerequisites that need to be met like a prefered score range for SCT offers. Most have to do with just a simple score range and your info has to match, and that’s it; your automatically approved.

    Otherwise, there is another Range, I call this the “Decisional” range. This Range is if your score still falls within their approval range but requires further attention. Someone will actually need to click the button to approve you. They will more than likely take a quick glance at your CBR to see why the system flagged it as “decisional”. Decisional is basically not a denial per-say and not that they don’t want to extend credit to you, they just want to further evaluate your info, whether it’s your personal info or your actual report itself.

    You can still get flagged with a “Decisional” status even if you have a high enough score to meet their prerequisites for automatic approval because you may have a Bankruptcy within the last 3 years, had a recent late payment, or something that happened recently on your CBR within the last 6-12 months. Or if your denied for this reason, doesn’t mean you can’t get approved in the future, you just have to prove that the late payment was just a bump not a risk. Just because you have 1 recent late payment doesn’t mean your score is going to get destroyed, but it will still impact your score. It just may flag a decisional status on your Credit app for someone to look at. This person will look for the type of payment you were recently late on, like a CC, Store Card, Auto, Mortgage, etc. If you were recently late on an Auto or Mortgage, then that would more than likely be a denial.

    Just because you’ve received SCT on a couple merchants doesn’t mean you will receive it for everyone. The bank has agreements worked out with all of these merchants. One of the things in these agreements are demographics or the type of customer. Some merchants will have tougher prerequisites for credit than others. Some you have to be low risk period. As opposed to most of the merchants will have looser requirements of Low-medium risk or Average credit bearing. It just depends on how forgiving a bank is willing to be. Credit unions are known to be the most forgiving, or most reasonable common sense lenders. Just because you’ve had 1 late/missed payment doesn’t mean your high risk. Risk is assess in MANY ways. You can be Low risk because your Credit score says you are, but if you’ve only had Credit for 2 years, then you may get denied.

    I have a friend who is 19 doesn’t have any credit other than the student loans that were recently opened 4 months ago. I added them as an authorized user to my Discover and Cap 1 account. 45 days later, their score jumped from a 580 to a 690. They still were denied credit because of their clear lack of experience of credit because of their obvious age. Their score jumped because their average age of accounts went from 2 months to now 5 years and a good payment history.

    • Kisses says:

      @Ziggy this is a well informative post. Do you have any comments or suggestions on how to deal with negative accounts reporting on your credit reports that really shouldn’t be there?
      What other SCT cards have you been able to get and what are your starting credit limits?

      • ZiggyZ says:

        You mentioned,
        negative accounts reporting on your credit reports that REALLY shouldn’t be there.” It’s either supposed to be there or its not.

        Is the info on your reports completely false and or doesn’t belong on your report at all or are they being either misreported and need to get fixed or updated? Does it have your name on it, and you unfortunately were the poor sole who co-signed for someone who decided not to pay? Was it part of a divorce? If any of these types of scenarios apply, I would probably say that the items “really” don’t belong either.

        However, there are things you can do about these items as well, where your Name was part of the account, but life seemed to wiggle it’s devilish tail around and made things difficult.

        The CBR’S allow you to dispute factual items and select the statement that best fits the reasoning or situation. They will then send the dispute and info to the lender for further review.

        Depending on the situation, some lenders will update their records and your CBR To remove the late payments being reported.

        1 such reason is you wrecked your car for whatever reason. More than likely you’re going to stop making payments on that car because the insurance company already said that they’re going to pay. However, you didn’t realize insurance company was going to take 60 days to send your lender the payoff, causing you to become late.

        Or you traded in your car, and didn’t realize your old or new lender was going to take their time with processing a payment, whether by the new lender or old lender.

        If it’s a negative item that doesn’t belong there, then dispute it. On the 1st round of disputes, most disputes regarding negative credit information like an inquiry or Trade Line typically come back saying that the information is factual, and will remain. If you disagree, to contact the reporting source, like the lender, if you have any questions. Or you can contact the bureau again to dispute, but will need to do so in writing.

        For people trying to remove factual negative info, having to write a letter is enough of a deteriant to leave it be.

        However, for issues of negative info that is incorrect or false all together and doesn’t belong at all, 70% of these people will follow through with writing in and going through the motions until it’s removed. The remaining 30% feel discouraged and won’t follow through because of the amount of work involved that they dont understand or they only read the 1st page of the investigation results telling them that it’s staying and they won’t read past the 1st page to find out they can still dispute and challenge the issue and what options and steps they need to complete.

        Also for divorce or relationship issues, there are reasoning statements that you can select to include in your dispute. Or a statement pertaining to the situation can be added to the credit item itself, if you have no luck getting the item removed of updated. If it’s an item that has to stay, then obviously it will still effect your score. However, if applying for a loan that requires human interaction they’ll see the statement and may have a few questions to better understand your particular situation before considering you. Credit unions tend to be the most understanding when your honest and as long as it’s a situation that is beyond your control like the wrecked vehicle situation.

        Consumer statements on a trade line won’t change your credit score, but to many of them are a red flag. Depending on the lender, their system may be setup to flag a cbr That has any consumer statements at all or only red flag it there is more than 1.

  136. ZiggyZ says:

    Some of these SCT pop-ups I’ve notice don’t always come right up immediately. Sometimes you have to sit on the final page for a few seconds.

    That’s what I did when I received the OverStock and Eddie Bauer. I went on a hunch on this. When I was on Overstock, I didn’t get the SCT pop-up right away like I was hoping. I was distracted by another product placement ad, and I clicked on it, which navigated me away from the Checkout page. I looked at the details of the product I was looking at, then clicked back on the Shopping cart. Then once I arrived back to the final page to process the order, I received the pop-up, which is what gave me the hunch that sometimes a little more time is needed on the back end of processing for the SCT to happen. When I went to Eddie Bauer, I arrived at the final checkout screen, I didn’t receive the SCT pop-up as I was anticipating. I went on my hunch and just let the page sit for about 10-15 seconds. Then I refreshed the page and I received the SCT pop-up.

    So, If you don’t get the pop-up right away like your supposed to, let the Final Order Submission page (Final checkout page) sit for about 10 – 15 seconds or so. Or to ensure better odds, let it sit for no more than 30 seconds, then refresh the page. You may get the pop-up. Also, have at least $100 – $200 in merchandise in your cart upon checking out. Sometimes what you have in your cart is used to determine your credit limit. Example, If you have just a $10 item in your cart, you may get approved for a $500 Credit line. versus if you have a $250 worth of merchandise, you may get approve for $2k. Just because you were approved for $500 for a low dollar item in your cart, doesn’t mean you don’t qualify for a high credit limit.

  137. kay says:

    @ZiggyZ… The sportsman pop up is the only pop up that I have gotten since my corrections with Equifax and they keep denying me for the same reason, either they say my name, address or ss# its right and it is. I have notice that where I am Equifax is the only credit bureau being pulled and even though i tried and was denied, there are no sp showing up on my credit at all… nothing… I get the Sportman’s Guide pop every single time I go on there page no mater how many times a day and the keep denying for the same thing that I know is correct. I do have an extended fraud alert on my credit report but i opted in for promotional offers, so that shouldn’t matter.

    • Janet says:

      I do believe the problem may be the fraud alert.

      While it may not matter for promotional offers, it will matter when you actually apply. They’re on your report(s) to prevent someone fraudulently appying as you. If you were to outright apply, you wouldn’t be given an instant approval, you’d have to call to verify your identity.

      • kay says:

        @Janet… that’s most likely why when I was approved for 2 cards they sent me letters saying I was denied even though I was able to see the credit limits I was approved for. I emailed all my needed documents to Equifax on yesterday to have my fraud alert removed. I was told that then I could place it back by clicking a button myself to remove and add it when needed, once control is on my end.

  138. Kay says:

    @ZiggyZ… the alert has been removed, but I am still no receiving any popups at all CK Eq 612 Tu 589

    • ZiggyZ says:

      You might not meet the Score requirements.
      Also, Clear out your Cookies and Cache, and empty the %TEMP% folder on your computer.
      Then try a different browser.

      Also, another thing to consider is there may be a Limit as to how many Credit accounts you can have with this bank as well.

      • kay says:

        @ZiggyZ, I will this evening… maybe i should try Fox…I have tried Internet Explorer and Crome I have no cards with this bank at all and I always get the popup for Sportsman guide, but I keep getting the 10 day and never anything in the mail. Its weird, when I first tried I got popups but was denied because, either my SS, Address or name was incorrect according to all 7 letters but now nothing at all.

        • ZiggyZ says:

          After removing a fraud alert, you need to wait at least 31+ days before applying for anything again, especially if it was with a lender you alrdy applied for. Some lenders have mandatory waiting periods before reapplying or in the case of a fraud alert, some may have a 60-90 day waiting period. It’s meant as a safety net and less risky.

          You may not know it, but anyone, even if they are NOT you can get a fraud alert removed. If they stole your wallet, all they have to do is fax or mail in a copy of your ID and obtain a utility bill that is in your name. All they have to do is turn on a utility at a different address then within 48 hours request a letter from the utility company for proof of the utility. The utility company will ask for the reason why, and the criminal will say they need it for Social Services or for employment reasons or anything else that someone would need a utility bill to show proof of address.

          Going to these lengths can be a bit of work, but also very easily done. That’s just the begining.

          It’s also another reason why some companies ask for a W-2 or paystub. Those are or can be more difficult to obtain. However, if it’s a criminal thats a family member, they will already know who the victim works for and more than likely who the payroll company is, like ADP. ADP allows you reset your credentials through the website. It’s up to HR dept of the employer on if they will enable that reset functionality from their employees. If they dont, then if the employee locks themselves out of there website, only HR can request an online reset for payroll.

          Fraud knows no limits. In fact, as long as technology is around, fraud will never have a limt.

  139. ZiggyZ says:

    They will not sending you any further letters in the mail regarding the same reason after receiving the same letter XX amount of times.

    Regardless, make sure your info is updated on the OptOut Marking/Mailing list and the DoNotCall list as well. Make sure you wait up to 7-10 Business days, which is basically 2 weeks.

    Also, Clear out your cookies and Cache and make sure that your Pop-Up Blocker(s) are turned off. It is possible to have 2 pop-up blockers in IE. Google Toolbar has one built in and it is activated/turned on by default. IE pop-up blocker has to be turned off in the settings.

    Regardless of pop-up blockers, if your not sure how to turn them off, the work around to enabling them temporary is on a click-by-click basis. Just hold down the Ctrl/Control key when you click on a link or Button on a webpage. An example of this would be to Hold down Ctrl and click on the continue/next button on one of the shopping carts. What will happen, is that if there is a pop-up that is intended to happen, it will happen. Or a new tab will open in place of an actual pop-up. But 90% of the time it will be an actual pop-up. Once your pop-up happens release the Ctrl Key. Practice this so that you understand how it works. You can practice simply by clicking on an email message or on a Google Search result. These may generate a new tab with the page. Samething. When this finelly works for you, then you know you will know it will work for you.

    The only thing with SCT trick with using the Ctrl key to temporarily unblock pop-ups, is when you press and hold the key when clicking on continue, Keep holding the Ctrl key until the next page fully and completely loads until the page stops loading. Then release the Ctrl Key. The SCT pop-up may not pop-up immediately when the next page starts to load. Common times, it takes a few seconds to even get the pop-up, meanwhile, the next page has already loaded, but isn’t fully complete. Then BAM the SCT pop-up happens.

    Also, the SCT pop-up will only happen XX amount of times. After a few times of it loading, or attempting to load, it will no longer pop-up for the intended site any longer. The sites cookies that are on your computer to help the site keep track of your activity with the site help control this. I experienced this limit with one of the furniture sites and on a clothing site. I acted on a hunch of trying to manipulate the pop-up “credit” limit that was being preemptively shown to me. Long story short, I would trigger the SCT pop-up on one of the furniture sites, and was greeted with a SCT of $2,500 pre-approved limit. Then I let it sit for a couple minutes. I filled out the app, but didn’t submit it. I Closed the page. Came back to it 30 minutes later and went to my shopping cart and attempted to cash out, and then I as greeted a 2nd time with the SCT of a $3,900 pre-approved Limit. I did the same thing. Came back to the page a short time later and received a SCT of $4,500. This was my hard limit. lol I came back a 4th time, and I didn’t receive any further offers.

    Another clothing store site did it a total of 2 Times. Once for $1,500. 2nd time for $2,400. Then nothing further.

    I’m not bummed about it, as I’ve received a total of 8 individual unique SCT offers from 8 different stores, of which I’ve acted on 4 of them. I’m fine where I’m at. I don’t want to over extend myself and/or have too much credit.

    One last thing to note, I would wait at least 30-45 days before trying a SCT again that is associated with Comenity Bank. With receiving so many denials, it would be wise to back off. Kind of like that creepy stalker b/f. He can try a few times to get someplace with you, of which you may entertain giving him the time of day a few times. After that, you won’t even answer your door or his calls any further. bUt then down the road, if you see him again or he reaches out, you may give it another chance. But it all depends on the impression he/they left on you.

    If you keep trying and trying, you will eventually wear out your welcome for good, unless you’re willing to formally apply and go through with the HP.

    Make sure you look at your CBR again and check out your address history itself, not just your most recent/current address. If there are a lot of old addresses or your current address and it’s listed 5 different ways with just minor differences in each listing/variation, delete them. Same thing for your name. For example, if your real name is Christopher, your name may be listed as Christopher, Chris, Cristopher, Cris, etc. Get rid of ALL the name variations and only have just your full name on your CBR. Dispute all of the variations. The only thing that should be on there, is your full name and possibly 2 different last names if your a female and if you are or have been married before. However, if you are married, and it’s been at least 15 years, delete your maiden name from your CBR. Or likewise if your divorced. If you’re divorced, and you changed your last name back to your maiden name, and it’s been at least 10 years since you’ve been divorced, delete the old married name, unless it’s still relevant.

    Samething applies to a DOB.

    Just initiate a dispute with each bureau. Dispute each address, Name and anything else that could be cluttering your CBR. Lenders expect some level of Clutter or “Noise” on your CBR in regards to your personal info, but when there is too much info, especially when it’s potentially irrelevant. It can cause a potential lender to back away just because your personal info alone is causing you to become high risk. It’s a sign of either instability and not being responsible or potential fraud.

    I’ve helped 3 friends in the last year alone clean up their CBR to get ride of the “Noise.” In case you haven’t guessed it CBR’s are something I specialize in. But I’m always open to learning new things.

  140. sherry says:

    there is no limit i have 8 comenity cards 1 hard pull with overstock . i got vs, marisota, limited, ny & company, simply be, woman within, overstock, ann taylor/loft

  141. Lawrence says:

    How are your credit scores with so many new cards? I can’t imagine your AAOA being positive. How far apart are you guys accepting these new cards? Just curious. 🙂

    • Breng1 says:

      I accepted 3 of these SCT cards and my TU fico dropped 9 points. Pretty bummed about that but I hope it goes back up soon. EQ dropped 5. EX 0 my AAoA Was 82 months I believe

      • ZiggyZ says:

        If you accept ANY SCT account, your CBR will take a brief hit on Points.

        Anytime you take on new credit, regardless of the Credit limit, even if you left it at $0, it will more than likely impact your score negatively.

        Your score only went down 9 points and you took on 3 new accounts? Thats actually pretty good and a very low impact on your CBR. You’ll probably gain those points back within 3-6 months with good overall utilization of your accts and these accts as well. Keep the utilization of these new accts below 25%. They do say 30%, which is the truth however, if you stick with below 25%, it will help with rebalancing other accts that may be at or just over the 30% mark. I’m talking about your overall utilization.

        One thing to keep in mind, depending on how old your oldest accounts are, I wouldn’t take on any more new credit. The more new credit you take on, can end up having a negative impact on your overall average age of accounts. If you have just one account that’s 10 years old and 8 other accounts that are two years old or less, your average age of accounts will probably hover around the 3+ years range or so. Turning it into an unfair advantage. Having a low average is not good and could impact your score dramatically. As you continue to take on new credit continue to take on new credit, each new account will end up having a bigger and bigger negative impact on your score. All this new credit can end up having a cause and effect 3-6 months from now, even if you aren’t doing anything wrong and everything right. Because the law of averages ALWAYS triumphs whether it’s fair or not. Things eventually will balance themselves out with a little time.

        Gaining lost points back in general, depending on how many points, can take anywhere from a few months up to a year, depending on a variety of factors.

        1 being how you initially use the card.

        Now, if you were granted a generous CL to begin with, there is a slight possibility it may have very little impact, if any at all, depending on yor current overall credit utilization & performance. Which may have been what happened with you. If you have a Cap1 or Discover card, and its been longer than 6 months since your last increase and you always pay more than the minimum payment, log into your accounts and ask for a CL Increase. Once granted, it will help lower your credit utilization not just on those accts, but your overall CBR utilization as well. That will help gain some ground as well.

        If you have an overall credit utilization on your CBR of 20% or less AND your given a generous CL on a new card or CL increase, there is a chance you will have very little negative impact on your CBR.

        Any impact of less than 10 points is not a big deal. But at he same time, it also depends on where your score currently sits. Lenders go based on score ranges. Meaning, if your score is between 630 -660, then you might qualify for a 8% APR Interstate rate. If it’s 660 – 700 then it may be 6% APR you qualify for. Keep in mind, these are all just examples and not necessarily reflective directly on a specific lender.

        Lenders utilize a score range for a reason. Because your credit score can change several times a year, month-to-month or even day-to-day.

        Depending on what all of your lenders have to say about you and when they report it. That 1 large purchase you just made that just used 75% of your credit limit on 1 card could impact your score 9 points. But then you receive a CL increase from another Lender that bumped your score up 5 points. Then the following month, 2 of your other accounts have their 1 and 2 year anniversaries. That may have just have you a nice 10-15 point bump. Then you decided to co-sign a loan for your daughter. The inquiry itself may have impacted your score 5-10 points. 1 month later that new loan may have caused your score to go down 15 points. Then 3 months later you have a HP (inquiry) fall off, that caused your score to go up 5 points. 2 months later he receive generous credit limit increase from Capital One of $5,000. This may have caused a bump in your score to go up 10 points. 6 months go by, your payment history is good and you followed through on paying double the minimum monthly payment on all of your accounts and all of your balances have come down an overall 15%, this may cause you to get a nice 20 point bump in your score.

        As you can see, this is a constant balancing act. This is also why lenders have credit score ranges that they go by. They do this so they don’t basically penalize potential good borrowers.

        Additionally, just because you get turned down for a new card or get turned down for a credit limit increase, doesn’t mean you won’t qualify again in 3 – 6 months. Lenders also know that the potential good borrowers that get turned down, that some of them are smart enough to read between the lines of the denial reasons, because not everybody knows whats on their Credit Report.

        If I was denied for anything, & I was under the impression that I had good credit, the first thing I’d be doing would be looking at my credit bureau to find out what the issue is & match that with the denial reason that I’m being told, and see what I can do to fix the issue. It can take up to 90 days just to fix an error on a credit bureau. Likewise, capital one can turn you down for a credit limit increase because you may have a high utilization rate. They do tell you that you can try again in 90 days. A lot can change in three months. You could get your balances paid down and reapply and get approved.

        Now one thing that a 10 point difference can do, even though it is small, can end up putting you in a different credit bracket. Like the ABCDEF. 2 years ago, I was right on the cusp with a 696 score. 5 more points, would have put me into the next highest tier.

        • Breng1 says:

          Thank you so much for all the great info. I wasn’t given a high limit as I’m rebuilding but I recently requested a CLI (soft pull) on my cap1 cards(2) and raised those up an extra 1500 these three SCT cards have given me another 750 so my utilization dropped which I hope helps, I will definitely not apply for anymore. Cap1 is set to give me another increase in January so I don’t need anything else. I’ll charge small amounts and keep under 20% My scores have increased since jan from 550 to 641 they increased much more when I added the Cap1 cards. I’m thankful to have found these threads as my credit suffered after a job loss and divorce in the same month. I’ve learned so much as I’m also tracking with my fico. Credit is so important and I need to keep myself informed and use it wisely.

          • ZiggyZ says:

            Remember with cap1, after they give you the automatic increase they promised you, you can ask for an increase once every 180 days, or 181 days. I say 181 because you have to wait at lest 180 days.

            As long as you keep your utilization with them reasonable and make MORE than just the minimum payment each month, your next increase could be a nice block buster.

            With Cap1, If you have small limit that is less than $1,000, make sure NOT to have your balance go above 50%. If it does for one month, make sure you pay that balance down to less than 50%.

            Don’t settle on making just the minimum payment. This has nothing to do with how much your paying in interest. That”s another aspect and good thing about paying more than the minimum. Regardless, if your minimum payment is $35, pay $50+ if possible EVERY month. You have to show consistency, which helps to determine your average monthly payment. Most things about credit cards are about average this and average that about 80% of things in general.

            If you have a nice high Average payment, keep the utilization low every month, you will be taken care of.

            You won’t be sorry.

            Last thing to keep in mind, most of the decisions that cap1 makes about your account primarily have to do with your Internal Credit report with them, or should I say your individual performance with them. If your good to them, they;ll be good to you. On that note However, they are not stupid either Cap1 DOES make a SP of your CBR every time you ask for a CLI, it’s not the primary basis for whether you get an additional CLI, but if your good with them, but they see your CBR looks like it’s in rough shape as a result of their SP, they will either deny you a CLI or grant you a CLI, but a small increase of probably $250. A SoftPull will give them your Credit Score.

            If you have good credit, they will generally do a SP once a year, even if your granted 2 CLI for the year. Otherwise, if you have bad Credit, they will do a SP every time.

    • Janet says:

      I’ve opened 19 new accounts between September 8th and November 12th. Oldest account is a year old.

      AAoA is definitely low, FICO 08 scores are in the low 700’s.

      • Kisses says:

        @janet being that my scores are in the middle 600’s, I would say your score and AAoA are good. Maybe there is hope for me yet. I don’t have that many new accounts opened though. Do you have any baddies on your CR’s? Thanks

        • Janet says:

          My AAoA is between 2-3 months. It will stay open until I stop applying. Lol

          I don’t have any baddies.

        • ZiggyZ says:

          I I thought she mentioned she opened several accounts within the last 2 months. So her AAoA is going to be very poor. When lenders are looking for the average age of accounts, they’re looking for the average age to be as old as possible for length of time that is. You can have one account that is 8 years old and then all of a sudden have 12 new accounts that are less than a year old. Your AAOA may actually average out to being a year and a half maybe two if you’re lucky.

          Her score sounds pretty good, for now. What will that more than likely happen, is that over the next 6 months or score may start to decline by few points here and there. The 6 & 12 month mark is important with any new trade line that’s opened. Then after about that time frame each one of those accounts will help her credit either maintain a stable credit score that ranges within 10 points, and then out of nowhere I’ll have another one year to year 3 year anniversaries on some of these accounts and noticed that her credit score jumps.

          I do have to add though, I’m going to at this point put a little disclaimer of my own. The advice or information/wisdom that I provide is for informational/ educational purposes only. Lol

          I bring this up, because everybody, & I do mean everybody and their situation is different. The advice and information I provide may vary. And some of those reasons that may vary as you can have the same identical credit as, say, your twin sister. However your scores may be a bit different. That’s because of the timing of payments, how much you pay, how you maintain and utilize these accounts, etc.

          I’ll use the car as an example the kind of simplified little bit more. You and your brother both have the same car. I’ll just say, you may drive A 2010 Honda Civic. Both cars are identical. You both drive to the same destination, do all the same things, there’s no deviation in where you drive. However, how you drive the is a bit of a story.

          The one brother is Leadfoot and brakes at the last minute and drives it like he stole it. The other brother drives the car little bit more on the conservative side, drives the speed limit, when you see the stop sign or signal light, he’ll take his foot off the gas then start to break much more in advance. Believe it or not the brother that drives like an animal, will use a lot more gas much quicker then the brother they drive his vehicle more conservatively.

          Now I’m not saying that you have to be conservative on credit per se, which that wasn’t my point. But my point is but everybody uses the credit differently even if it is the same everything.

          Both of these brothers will more than likely have much different credit scores.

          As they say, your mileage may vary. Lol

          And please please, I don’t like it when people get too hung up on their credit score. Yes your credit score is important and should be maintained. But all your credit score really is, is like your ID in your hand and your waiting in line for an event or a bar. Once upon your turn, you show your ID, then the bouncer will take a look at you, make sure that you fit the bill, which would basically be your credit score then allow me to go. The next person you have to see is the person that’s going to collect your cover charge. Which is basically presenting your credit report. Another big difference between a cover charge and a credit report. Lol but there is some correlation if you think about it.

          Some creditors will just take you at your credit score and just the brief snapshot that they see when they do a soft pull. Others will look to score then let you inside the door I want to get to know you a little bit better very briefly which would be looking at your credit report a lil bit more closely.

          Having several inquiries on your credit report, although it only makes up time maybe 15% of your credit score, can make or break the fact of getting approved. I already spoke about that another post.

  142. Jesi says:

    Shockingly worked for me. I have low 500 scores. About an hour before I came across this page I read online Victoria Secret is easy to get. I hate that store but read Bath and Body Works accepts their card. I applied and got the 7-10 day notice. I’ve only been approved for a card one time after getting that. Then I found this page. Went to the VS website signed up for an account. Put $30 worth of fragrance in my cart and sure as heck the pre approval pop up came up. It said I was pre approved for $350 but once I filled it out it only approved $150. It did ask for my full social security number but what’s weird is not an hour prior I got the 7-10 notice. I haven’t had this trick work on any other sites for me yet and I’ve tried about 5 so far. One is better than none though!

  143. BeBe says:

    I finally got the pop-ups on Limited, Modells, & Express. I already have a Simplyb & Marisota. When I got the pop-up it said that I was approved and I just typed in my last four digits and then it went to another prompt that said the seven to ten day thing. Anyone else have this issue?

    • Kay says:

      @BeBe… I read your post via yahoo, and its not showing the AMP maybe it was a typing error yahoos part… here is how it showed up that’s why I asked about AMP.. Sorry!

      Author: BeBe
      I finally got the pop-ups on Limited, Modells, & Express. I already have a Simplyb & Marisota. When I got the pop-up it said that I was approved and I just typed in my last four digits and then it went to another prompt that said the seven to ten day thing. Anyone else have this issue?

  144. Kay says:

    @BeBe… what kind of store is AMP, looked it up and didn’t find anything but music which i assume is it… I got the pop up for Modell and was approved, said my card would arrive in 10 days… that would be my first card with this company, not applying for anymore until I can get the pop ups for the cards I really have interest in. Modell is good for kids shoes so that works for me.

  145. Kay says:

    Hi All what site do we sign up with in order to receive pre approved credit card offers via email. I have signed up for the DMA, but when I hit for credit cards it takes me to the opt out prescreen site, said that they don’t control that.

    • Janet says:

      Hi Kay: You opt in (or out if you choose) here: It may take a few months for your profile to reach the credit card companies and offers to be sent. It all depends on how often they obtain the information from credit bureaus.

      • Kay says:

        @Janet… Thank you for the reply… I opted in already maybe they will show up soon. I hadn’t been able to get any pop-ups via the sites that denied me 2 months ago when I first tried, but this morning I tried a new one which was Modell, and got the congrats you are approved for $500 and your card should arrive in 10 days, so hopefully this time the card shows up… I think I will chill with trying the sites I got denied for because of address, name, or ss not matching for a month to give them time to be updated via the stores system and then retry the ones I ONLY will really intend on using. I’ll post if I actually receive the card this time in the mail.

  146. ZiggyZ says:

    Anyone who gets the SCT for Paypal credit, if you get approved, GREAT! However, beware that PayPal Credit doesn’t report to ANY of the credit bureaus at all.

    I was SCT approved for $2,750 3 months ago. (I don’t get the $50 part, go figure). Awesome, as I consider PayPal Credit to be ALMOST as universal as a regular CC through VS or MC because they are accepted on a lot of sites and in some stores like Home depot.

    If your getting any of these SCT cards to help your CBR, AWESOME, but if you really don’t need it, not going to use it, AND it’s not going to show up on your CBR, DON’T BOTHER or waste your time.

    • Janet says:

      Actually, having a hidden tradeline can be quite beneficial. While it won’t help buffer overall report utilization, it won’t show individual utilization. Holidays coming up and you use 80% of the card limit? If that reported to your reports it would likely drag your score down. Without it reporting, your score doesn’t take a hit.

      • ZiggyZ says:

        You do have a point on this one. As I mentioned in another comment that I posted, having straight line not reported to your Bureau can be a blessing in disguise. You can run it up and not have to worry about it affecting your credit bureau or credit utilization anyways. However, if you have several trade lines, and only one of those accounts has a high balance, isn’t necessarily going to drag your credit bureau down. It all depends on how many trade lines you have if you only have 5 accounts reporting to your credit bureau, if one of those accounts is nearest credit limit or has a really high balance, that has the potential of affecting your 15 to 20% of your score. Which is a reason why most creditors go off of your average overall credit utilization. Because one high balance shouldn’t ruin your credit report. But again it all depends on what you have on your credit. If you have 4 $500 credit limit cards & a 5th card that has a $5,000 credit limit, that’s at its limit, chances are you’ll have a below average credit score but not anything particularly high, but not the best score because your utilization is high. You may be able to achieve something close to around a 600 score, maybe a few points higher. But you won’t have garbage credit if you don’t necessarily have bad credit either.

    • kay says:

      Wondering why do HP if your not even reporting to any CBR…. that may be able to be removed

      • Janet says:

        Any time you apply for credit, you are authorizing them to pull your credit. Disputing hp’s when you gave permission is not wise.

        • ZiggyZ says:

          Janet, what’s not wise about disputing a hard pull? You have nothing further to lose.

          • Kisses says:

            @Ziggy you seem very knowledgeable about credit. I did acquire some cards by doing the SCT but my question is in reference to AaoA and having collection accounts drop off your report. It seems like your score may go up when something bad is removed but then it messes up your AaoA Would you explain and make any suggestions?

          • ZiggyZ says:

            If your talking about your Average Account Age; when a collection account falls off, you will get a nice little bump in your Score because obviously that negative mark has been removed.

            Now, those collection accounts, although they were negative, they also played a roll in your AAOA because chances are that collection account may have been your oldest account that is/was being reported. It does get calculated into your Average Age of Accounts. When it falls off, then that could effect your AAOA. It could have a potentially bigger negative effect that you think depending on how many accounts your have. To determine your AAOA, it’s the sum of the monthly age of the accounts you entered divided by the number of accounts you entered, rounded down to the nearest whole year. If your actual result was less than 12 months, it was rounded up to 1 year. Accounts missing either the month or year were ignored. This is how AAOA is calculated for your FICO score.

            I found a nice calculator for this:

            Give it a try.

          • Janet says:

            I have read several reports of people being put into “special handling” at the bureau’s as a result. If this happens l, you are only allowed to deal with one person and it’s not a pleasant experience.

            Also, disputing a go may result in the actual account being closed for fraud.

            Unintended conseauences.

          • ZiggyZ says:

            Janet is right, disputing a factual account l, depending on the dispute reason, could result in its unintended closure.

            However, like I said, it depends on the reason. As Janet mentioned, if it’s for Fraud, that’s usually 99% guaranteed closure.

            Once the lender receives the dispute for fraud, they may put freeze on the account that lasts less that 24 hours, bcs it’s special handling, then once they have someone look into it more they will flag it fraud and close it.

            Once an account is closed for fraud, there is no opening it back up, even if it was by mistake. The lenders idea is to cut their loses on the account and prevent any further liability and loss.

            The only way to get the card back is to reapply. This reapplication will require a Hard Pull.

            There won’t be any instant approval at all. Then you’ll “receive a letter in 7-10 days.”

            If your CBR is within their score range of approval, Their letter will more than likely outline the fact that you applied. The it will go on and saying something to the effect of “for us to further process your application…………….in a lot of ways they’ve already determined that they want to extend credit to you, but it’s pending final approval. Otherwise, they are not going to waste their time, for the most part.

            The letter will more than likely ask you to send in 2 – 3 forms of ID, which may conist of some form of Gov’t issued ID, SSN Card, W-2, Paystubs, Utility Bill, a notorized letter of intent, etc. Utility bills and paystubs have to be within the last 30-60 days. Paystub can be used for ID purposes but also the want you to prove your income.

            Disputing accounts in general can have their advantagesuction on your score, but like wise be a disadvantage.

            Disputed accounts are similar to disputing a charge on your credit card. They can’t be held against you temporarily while the dispute process is ongoing, but it can be very short lived. And it depends on the reason for dispute.

      • ZiggyZ says:

        Removing a HP, if you were not extended a form of credit, or getting any financial gain out of it, is possible to get removed. Its hard, but not impossible. However, too much to type about.

        As far as why a creditor decides not report in general, is a mystery to most. However, 1 of the main reasons is because it does cost money for creditors to report to your credit bureau every month. Of course they’re going to report on your credit bureau if you decided to screw them over. If you decide to screw them over, they’re going to turn around and screw you over on your credit. Rightfully so.

        Then there is the cost and overhead of a dept that oversees it. Then when a customer files a dispute. I’m not saying that a company is charged every time somebody files a dispute. However, rather, when you have people file disputes, those disputes have to get handled between you, the customee, the credit bureau, fcra and legal compliance and licenses. The list goes on. At the end of the day, you can handle it all in house. Obviously, theres more to it. But the liabilities are significantly less, way less.

        Back in the days of a small town, you could purchase some things “on account” with the local general store. Usually people like farmers or other people that own businesses would borrow on account. Then when the farmer is finished growing his crops and sells them he would then settle up the debt and pay it back. Kind of work like having an American Express card. The traditional AMEX card gets paid in full at the end of each billing cycle. In a small town sometimes other payment terms would be worked out or the true meaning of what terms and conditions are supposed to mean. If the debt went longer than what is reasonable, then there would be terms and conditions set on the loan.

        Back then they didn’t have a credit Bureau report. Rather you have the reporting of word of mouth of other people in town. More specifically other businesses that you borrow from on account. If you screwed one merchant over, the world would quickly spread to everybody else or anybody else that you may have borrowed money from and then all of a sudden no one would let you borrow money or goods on account until the person you screwed over decided to report you as good or settle. One thing about back then, if you screwed some people over on money, all you had to do was moved to another town. For the microwave, you wouldn’t move to another town close by.

        At the end of the day, I’ll give you one guess we’re all points to. MONEY. Always about the money

      • ZiggyZ says:

        I feel if a company pulls your credit and/or has the right to report bad credit, they should be required to report to the credit bureaus about the good accounts. But at the same time, they can be a blessing in disguise.

        Credit in general, is an all or nothing kind of deal. It’s typically black and white, yes or no.

  147. Porsha says:

    This trick just worked for me!!!! Yay!!!!! I used it on which is now managed by Comenity. I got a $500 limit. Thanks so much for this. I already had a Fingerhut account and I keep getting credit line increases for that site so I wanted another site similar to it because ever since I got the Fingerhut account my credit score has risen from a 568 to a 612 in less than 3 months. I was afraid of putting a hard pull on my credit so I’m glad I found this. Pop-ups being off makes a huge difference. It will NOT work if the pop-ups aren’t off.

    • ZiggyZ says:

      I couldn’t get Wayfair to work for me. I think I’m at my limit with comenity
      however, I just asked for a CLI for my Overstock card I’ve used 3X for small purchases in the 3 months I’ve had them. My CLI request was approved, and I went from $4,300 – $5,100.

  148. ZiggyZ says:

    I had a $0 balance on one of my Cap1 cards just about every month, But I wanted a CLI, because the CL was $2k. So I used an old trick of inflating my Payments to form a higher average payment. Because I know if your payment history yields a low average payment history, regardless if you put a small purchase here and there and paid it off, it still didn’t change the fact of your average monthly payments

    So I started using my card for everyday purchases for about 6 months. The money that would normally come from my Bank Debit card (cash) for most of my purchases, I just bumped over to a 2ndary checking account, so I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

    Every week for about 4 months,I would add up all my purchases, then make a payment toward the card. Then the remaining 2+ months, I would just wait for he bill and pay it off. I’ll correct part of what I said; for 1 month, I paid most of the balance, then let the remaining $120 I had go into the next cycle to purposely generate paying some interest on the card. The the remaining 1-2 months, I would just pay the BIF off.

    The logic behind running a balance for over a month, was to allow cap1 to make some month off of me, the $4 that they made. The logic behind letting them make some money, is that you have to let them make something off of you every once and a while. Otherwise, your not considered a good business risk. THe very nature of running a business is to make money. however, for Credit cards, they can extend all the credit they want to you, but that doesn’t mean they will make anything off of you. That’s not to say, they will get rid of you, which they won’t, but you have to demonstrate some good will/faith. Even if they are making a couple $$ here and there, your still considered profitable. Otherwise, yes it’s good practice to pay BIF each month, but if they are not making any money off of you, they may not be so inclined to give you a CLI all the time. Or if/when they do, it may not be the $3-$5k you were hoping for. It might be $1k-$1,500.

    Or if your still not convinced about what I’m saying, most companies reward their most profitable customers the most. To make it fair, a lot of companies offer a rewards or frequent shopper or even frequent flies program. The more you shop, the more you earn. At the same time, every customer regardless of how much they spends, deserves good service with a smile. The ones that shop everyday, like myself at Walgreens, gets taken care of once a month in my rewards alone.

    Other companies like Bestbuy, JCP and Samsung have nice loyalty programs. With Best buy, the more money your spend, the more rewards certificates you get and you build a nice status to go along with it. once your hit Elite Plus, your return policy goes from the store policy of 15 days to 45 days. and you also earn 2 or 2.5 points per $1 spent. JCP give your $10 Cash for every $100 you spend plus some nice generous coupons and a special color coded Store CC card based on your status. When The store associates see the Black JCP card, they know they have to go the extra mile to make sure your taken care of. With Samsung, the more Samsung devices you purchase, register and use, the higher your internal status goes. It maks a big difference for how your taken care of.

    Get this, I have Samsung Platinum status, the highest status. 1 of the benefits of this, is that if I call for support, I’ll always talk to someone in a It’s never someone ina foreign country.

    So when it comes to cap1, as long as you give a little and make it worth their while, they will definitely make it worth yours.

  149. Gretchen says:

    @ Ziggy – Thanks for that advice. I am currently rebuilding and have two CO cards, a secured and a QS1 card. I have been using my credit cards as debit cards now for awhile and I have to say it is a great idea, as it has already paid off for me resulting in CLI’s with several other companies. I am due for a CLI increase in March with Cap 1 and I’m hoping it’s more than the amount they stated but I will be grateful for an increase in either event. I am rebuilding and currently have bumped my score well over 150 points within a six month period and have vowed not to screw it up again because it’s taken years to fix it. I have learned some great things on this site and the shared advice is invaluable.

    • ZiggyZ says:

      Keep in mind, the more credit cards you open in a short amount of time, in particular opening several SCT Card in a short period of time, will lower your average age of accounts.

      With Capital One, if in the letter they stated that they give you a $1,500 credit limit increase by a certain date, there’s a good 90% chance that, that is what your new credit limit will be. They don’t typically deviate away from what they’ve promised in the letter. It is possible that they might give you a little bit more, but it’s very rare. This is not meant to discourage you in any way. However, cap1 does a good job of setting the expectations and the terms very much straight forward and understandable.

      I wish there was some kind of private message system on this board. I would send you a PM with my email address or something and provide you some help if you wanted. I only have a few people here. Because it can be very time consuming on my end.

      It’s usually the things that you volunteer your time to the most that seem to be the most time consuming. Lol

      None the less, I see that you have a lot of potential and I wouldn’t mind helping you out a bit. From the sounds of what you have going on you actually have a lot of good potential and also a lot of other things going for you that I could work with to help you get it even a much better place. You have plenty to work with that you stand a lot to gain much sooner than you think.

      I would post my email address, but I fear I would be inundated with many emails. Lol unless you don’t mind posting yours.

      Let me know.

    • ZiggyZ says:


      I took a second look at your post. With your cap one card, after your one year mark, but more than likely double the credit limit on that card. Keep the good payment history go above the minimum don’t go but 50%.

      • ZiggyZ says:

        Sorry, google mistranscribed my voice slightly. Lol

        After your 1 year mark with Cap1, they’ll more than likely double your credit limit. Keep a good average payment history, pay above the minimum and don’t go above 50% of the CL. If you do, get it back down below 50% asap.

        You can run a balance above 50% and still receive a CLI. However, the closer to the CL you run a balance, and have it hang there or the longer it stays there, when it comes time for a CLI, it may not be as high as it could or should be.

        Also, depending on your running balance, pay double the minimum. I say “depending on,” because if your minimum is $50, double is $100, and double isn’t always within everyone’s budget.

  150. Bill says:

    Hello all:
    I recently was pre-approved via the sct at Buckle for $1,000. However, the pre-approval also included a condensed snapshot of my shopping cart and stated that my order would automatically be billed to my new card. Since I had randomly selected items to put in the shopping cart to try to get this pop-up, there wasn’t anything I actually wanted. There was an option to decline the offer and another option that stated something like “ask me again later” or “maybe next time”. I chose the one that read something like “maybe next time”. I immediately left the site, cleared my history, cache, etc and logged back on to Buckle. I have not been able to get this elusive pop-up again. I’ve tried logging back on in my account and logging in as a guest. I’ve tried daily for about a week now. I really wanted that card. My question, should anyone have experienced this before… Since I was pre-approved for the $1,000, theoretically, I would think I would be approved if I just simply applied and took the hit. Am I erring in my assumption to think this? I hate to waste a hard pull…currently I have 2. Thanks in advance to any comments or suggestions! Have a great day!

    • ZiggyZ says:

      If you do go through with a HP, you may get a bigger CL OR get something lower OR get denied all together. So be careful what you wish for.

      A SP only reveals a snap shot or brief overview of your CBR, NOT your entire detailed CBR. I’m not saying you may have something to hide, or you may everything to gain.

      The pop-up itself is directly tied to the lender that is extending the offer and NOT the merchant. When you received the pop-up, it generated a new cookie in the browser, which is a separate cookie from the merchants cookie. Which means, one of the reasons you didn’t receive the pop-up again is because the tracking cookie from the lender was deleted, when it was anticipated that it was going to stay.

      To the lender’s computer, it did what it was designed to do. When It sent the offer Pop-up, it was accompanied by a tracking cookie, as is with ALL advertising pop-ups that occur. Then from there, it’s up to the Cookie to do the rest. Part of the responsibility of the cookie is to let the lender know when you accepted the offer. When you click on accept or turn down the offer, then it will send a response to the lenders computer. OR if you don’t do anything at all, then the cookie will do it’s job with requesting the lender serve up a new pop-up next time or if you don’t do anything, then the cookie will eventually expire. Or in your case, the cookie no longer existed, so to the lender’s computer, the offer may have been waiting on stand-by until it’s expiration. Expiration could be anywhere from 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month, etc. A cookie is a cookie.

      If anything, you probably won’t receive another pop-up offer pertaining to the merchant credit card until the lenders original offer expires in it’s system. Even if you attempt to checkout as a guest, every time your info is shared with the Lender, it already knows there’s an outstanding offer that was already extended. So it’s going to wait until the 1st offer has expired before making a new offer.

    • ZiggyZ says:

      Also, with the snapshot about your cart, I mentioned in another comment that sometimes you do have to complete your purchase in order to receive the card.

      I’ve already completed a few purchases for stuff I didn’t want, nor did I expect to purchase, just to get the card. For the card’s that require you to complete a purchase, wait 10 mins then just cancel the order, if possible, or just refuse the package upon it’s delivery. Refusing it is much cheaper on shipping costs on the merchant and less of a hassle of having to call to request a return label. Also by refusing the delivery gives you more of a chance at receiving a refund on shipping costs to you. That is why I would also recommend choosing items, or putting enough items in your cart that would give you free shipping.

      Not all merchants will refund shipping to you. If you live someplace where UPS or FedEx will still just leave your packages regardless of “signature required,” especially if you work or not home when your driver comes around. Once you receive notification that the package has shipped, stay on top of tracking and wait until you see that movement has generated by the 1st or 2nd scan being generated. Then call the carrier, like UPS or FedEx, and request a “return to sender” prior to it arriving to your local area. To make a long story short with the carrier, let them know the order was generated by your spouse by mistake and there was no option to cancel the order.

      It’s a lot easier than it sounds.

      • ZiggyZ says:

        If you want some help, your welcome to drop me a line @ kccccasey@

        • Bill says:

          Thank-you kindly for such a detailed and informative response to my questions…. greatly appreciated!

        • Bill says:

          Just an update: I had not been able to get the pop-up back at Buckle since it first appeared on the 16th. I decided to risk the hard pull since I really wanted the card. The pop-up on the 16th stated I was pre-approved for $1,000. So the other day (23rd) I went ahead and applied and received an instant approval. There was no hard pull, however, there was a soft pull from back on the 16th when I received the original pop-up but clicked the “maybe next time” button.
          Thanks again to everyone here for the wealth of information, that I’ve been able to utilize, since stumbling upon this site.

    • ZiggyZ says:

      I just went to NY&C threw in $150 worth of rags in my cart. lol after providing my billing and shipping address and clicked continue.

      The after the next page finished loading, I immediately received a pop-up, saying:
      “You have been pre-approved 1 for the NY&C Rewards Credit Card

      Get more with everything the NY&C credit card has to offer…”
      and at the bottom:

      “YES, I’M INTERESTED (Click On)
      NO THANKS (Click On)
      1 Subject to final credit approval. Comenity Bank issues NY&C Credit Card accounts.
      You can choose to stop receiving “prescreened” offer of credit from this and other companies by calling toll-free 1-888-567-8688. See PRESCREEN & OPT-OUT NOTICE in the Terms and Conditions for more information about prescreen offers.”

      No CL indicated, So I bailed because literally 1 second later, I received the pre-approved pop-up. I didn’t trust it because I don’t want another hard pull.

      • ZiggyZ says:

        most SCT will provide provide a bit more info in regards to an actual credit limit, not a plain solicitation.

        Probably if I created an account, I may have received a better offer.

        I would have turned it down either way, unless, I would have received a nice hefty CL like OverStock offered me $5k.

        It just didn’t smell right.

        So the moral of today is that they target all new guests with the same thing, unless you receive an actual offer of a CL and the options that were mentioned above.

      • Kay says:

        @ziggyz.. do you mind saying what your scores were.. thats one store I ant and can’t get the pop up.. Eq sent an alert my score went up to 630 after avenue and women within reported. Not sure if my TU or r EX changed.

        • ZiggyZ says:


          At 1st in was inclined to say I posted my scores already, but that is like 1M posts

          My scores are 739, 723, 726.

          Or convert them to the newer models that are slowly being adopted, my score is converted to a 670. Most lenders that are converting to the newer score models are also adjusting their approval ranges lower to accommodate for it.

  151. kay says:

    Just an update…. to my surprise even though I got the 7-10 notice.. I received the following cards in the mail today… wayfair-$700, women within- 250, avenue -500, venus 250, models -500.. the only other cards I am interested in are vs, new York and company, hsn, and sportsman guide… I applied for the quicksilver Capitol one .. took the HP and was approved for 1200

    • ZiggyZ says:


      Awesome! Congratulations, I’m happy for you. Glad It all worked out well for you.

      This is a good example about how open ended those “7 to 10 business days” messages can be. They can cause such anxiety because of this, but at the same time, leave you with a stomach turning feeling thinking that you didn’t get approved. The anxiety part of not knowing the truth until you get the letter in the mail or the card.

      • Kay says:

        @ ZiggyZ Thank you!… Question for ya.. I have a company reporting on collections on all 6 reports. I have disputed this 3 times and each time they have came back to say the debt is valid… I came across this letter and think I will send out to them today, they have 2 accounts on my credit report. Just wanting to know what you think about me taking this route to see if I can have them deleted.

        Sample Debt Validation Letter (Send via certified mail, return receipt requested)Date:

        Your Name

        Your AddressYour City, State, Zip

        Collection Agency Name

        Collection Agency Address

        Collection Agency City, State, Zip

        RE: Account # (Fill in Account Number)

        To Whom It May Concern:

        Be advised this is not a refusal to pay, but a notice that
        your claim is disputed and validation is requested. Under the Fair Debt
        collection Practices Act (FDCPA), I have the right to request validation of the
        debt you say I owe you. I am requesting proof that I am indeed the party you
        are asking to pay this debt, and there is some contractual obligation that is
        binding on me to pay this debt.

        This is NOT a request for “verification” or proof of my
        mailing address, but a request for VALIDATION made pursuant to 15 USC 1692g
        Sec. 809 (b) of the FDCPA. I respectfully request that your offices provide me
        with competent evidence that I have any legal obligation to pay you.

        At this time I will also inform you that if your offices
        have or continue to report invalidated information to any of the three major
        credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, Trans Union), this action might constitute
        fraud under both federal and state laws. Due to this fact, if any negative mark
        is found or continues to report on any of my credit reports by your company or
        the company you represent, I will not hesitate in bringing legal action against
        you and your client for the following: Violation of the Fair Debt Collection
        Practices Act and Defamation of Character.

        I am sure your legal staff will agree that non-compliance
        with this request could put your company in serious legal trouble with the FTC
        and other state or federal agencies.

        If your offices are able to provide the proper documentation
        as requested in the following declaration, I will require 30 days to
        investigate this information and during such time all collection activity must
        cease and desist. Also, during this validation period, if any action is taken
        which could be considered detrimental to any of my credit reports, I will
        consult with legal counsel for suit. This includes any listing of any
        information to a credit-reporting repository that could be inaccurate or
        invalidated. If your offices fail to respond to this validation request within
        30 days from the date of your receipt, all references to this account must be
        deleted and completely removed from my credit file and a copy of such deletion
        request shall be sent to me immediately.

        It would be advisable that you and your client assure that
        your records are in order before I am forced to take legal action.


        Please provide the following:

        • Agreement with your client that grants you the authority
        to collect on this alleged debt.

        • Agreement that bears the signature of the alleged debtor
        wherein he/she agreed to pay the creditor.

        • Any insurance claims been made by any creditor regarding
        this account.

        • Any Judgments obtained by any creditor regarding this

        • Name and address of alleged creditor.

        • Name on file of alleged debtor.

        • Alleged account number.

        • Address on file for alleged debtor.

        • Amount of alleged debt.

        • Date this alleged debt became payable.

        • Date of original charge off or delinquency.

        • Verification that this debt was assigned or sold to

        • Complete accounting of alleged debt.• Commission for debt
        collector if collection efforts are successful.

        Please provide the name and address of the bonding agent for (Collection Agency) in case legal action becomes necessary. Your claim
        cannot and WILL NOT be considered if any portion of the above is not completed
        and returned with copies of all requested documents. This is a request for validation
        made pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Please allow 30 days
        for processing after I receive this information back.

        Best Regards

        (Your Signature)

        cc: Federal Trade Commission/




  152. Kay says:

    FYI… Capitol One Secured sent me a letter stating that as of January 19, 2016, they wil not have the option where customers can increase their limit by adding extra funds to your credit card account. the letter states that even though they will not have that option for customers, in the future based on payment history and creditworthiness you may receive a higher limit increase… I assume they are going to be turning secured cards to unsecured if you pay on time and stay in good standing.. has anyne else heard anything about the changes?

    • Gretchen says:

      @Kay – I got the same letter from Capital One today. I’m hoping they unsecure my card in January when I hit the six month mark with that card. They’ve already sent me an email regarding my QuicksilverOne card that in Feb 2016 I will be getting a credit limit increase due to my payment activity on that card. I use my cc’s as debit cards and pay the bill every week or two. I’m earning 1.5% cash back on my QS1 card so I may as well be earning cash back on items I need anyway such as groceries and gas and they pay 1.5% on all purchases. This behavior is working out very well for me. Not only do I never have to worry about paying the bill on time, but I’m PIF every month.

      • kay says:

        @Gretchen.. I just called they will be reviewing accounts.. So secured cards will go to unsecured with a cli if your account is in good standing.

      • ZiggyZ says:

        If your Cap1 secured card is less than a year old, it will more than likely stay secured for at least one year. After which time, the card may be considered to be converted to an unsecured card.

  153. ZiggyZ says:

    I just received the SCT for sportsman’s guide for $3k.

    If it was just a regular retail card, then I’d turn it down, but since it’s a Visa card, I’ll keep it. After receiving and accepting SCT for 4 other Retails cards, and also having some of my own already established retail cards, I’m done building my retail portfolio.

    I have a fair balance of regular major cards like Visa, Master card and discover. This Visa will be a nice edition to the portfolio, and will also be my last for now. Unless I receive a nice CLI from Discover or Cap1card. If that happens, then I’ll do a balance Xfer and probably close 2 of my youngest retail cards.

    It’s not a good idea to have too much credit.

  154. Kay says:

    Hi All, So I went to the Mall on yesterday… Told the girl I was pre approved for the Torrid Card but never got the pop up… The nice CSR entered my address and asked me to enter in the last 4 of my SS# and I got a SP approval. So now I have Torrid off my list. Tried VS, Express and New York and Company and they all said that I would have to go through the whole application process, I said no.. Not wanting any more HP only have had my Cap 1 cards do hard pulls. Has anyone tried any of the stores that claimed I would have to complete a new application, if so let me know how you got the card without waiting on the pop up.

  155. tress poole says:

    I’ve tried several times, I just want to get in the door with comenity bank!!! My score is 595EQ and have a target, kohl’s, kays, and 2 capitol ones. Do i need to register with a new email address each time or keep the same one. I have not been able to get any pop ups.What am I doing wrong. I have any question I get all my mail at a PO BOX and only use the street address casue of credit card could this be the problem. Some cards I got approved for actually called and vertified the address and then gave me credit.

    • ZiggyZ says:

      Your use of the street address for your PO Box vs Just the PO Box itself is not the issue. I do the same thing.

      Using a straight PO Box will trigger a potential issue.

      Make sure when you use the street address itself, that you put “UNIT 1234” on the same line as the street address itself. Do NOT put Unit on the 2nd line. Postal regulations call for the “Unit” to be on the 1st line.

      Since you’ve applied over and over for the ones that you havent generated an offer for, you must wait 30 days before trying again.

      File a dispute with the CBR’s to update your primary address that is being reported. And also remove ALL unnecessary additonal address histories that are being reported. They will have it updated within usually anywhere btwn 1-5 business days.

      If you have a lot of different addresses reported on your cbr, that could be a red flag for no consideration by some lenders, as it could demonstrate instability or lack of stability. Or it could also be a yellow flag, which is a caution decisional flag, which could trigger the phone call to or from the lender to verify your address. If the ask, and you verify your PO BOX street address, have them make sure they list your address accord lyft as I mentioned above.

      Likewise, the cards to were approved for, update your address to the formal I described above. Not only does your address need to be reported by you, like from an application, but also reported by the Lender when they report the Trade line.

      Even if you do report the correct format, some may still want to verify, because the POWER Street address, depending on which address verification system they use, does come back as a Gov’t building or “possible po box”.

    • ZiggyZ says:

      Your use of the street address for your PO Box vs Just the PO Box itself is not the issue. I do the same thing.

      Using a straight PO Box will trigger a potential issue, as lenders want a street address and NOT. PO Box bcs of liability issues.m

      Make sure when you use the street address itself, that you put “UNIT 1234” on the same line as the street address itself. Do NOT put Unit on the 2nd line. Postal regulations call for the “Unit” to be on the 1st line.

      Since you’ve applied over and over for the ones that you havent generated an offer for, you must wait 30 days before trying again.

      File a dispute with the CBR’s to update your primary address that is being reported. And also remove ALL unnecessary additonal address histories that are being reported. They will have it updated within usually anywhere btwn 1-5 business days.

      If you have a lot of different addresses reported on your cbr, that could be a red flag for no consideration by some lenders, as it could demonstrate instability or lack of stability. Or it could also be a yellow flag, which is a caution decisional flag, which could trigger the phone call to or from the lender to verify your address. If the ask, and you verify your PO BOX street address, have them make sure they list your address accord lyft as I mentioned above.

      Likewise, the cards to were approved for, update your address to the formal I described above. Not only does your address need to be reported by you, like from an application, but also reported by the Lender when they report the Trade line.

      Even if you do report the correct format, some may still want to verify, because the POWER Street address, depending on which address verification system they use, does come back as a Gov’t building or “possible po box”.

  156. Mikey W. says:

    Tried the SCT over the last 3 days @ Buckle $750, Wal-Mart $1000, VS $1000, & Overstock. Was successful at all but Overstock. Will try again in a couple weeks. EX 675, EQ 690, TU 667. Less than 6 months ago I was low 500’s. I explain it all

    • ZiggyZ says:

      In about a week, check your CBR’S for Walmart. In general, Synchrony cards are a HP & not a SP. I’ve never known a GE Money/Capital or Synchrony bank CC to be anything but a HP when initially applying. Unless things have changed with this bank over a last year.

      With over stock, make sure that you create an online account with their website. I tried checking out with guest with them and I didn’t receive the pop-up. But when I created my online profile with them, I tried again and I received the SCT.

    • ZiggyZ says:

      3 years ago I applied for a Walmart card and was approved for $600 at the time. At that time, my scores were a bit