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ShopKick Review – Is It Worth Signing Up For?

[Shop Kick gives you 2,500 free kicks ($10) for each friend you refer. Instead of posting our own link we will allow our readers to leave helpful comments with their referral link. Comments which are just the link or provide no value will be removed. We also did something similar for Plink]

ShopKick is a mobile app based loyalty program that gives you points (known as kicks) for visiting stores and scanning specific items. At the time of writing there are 6,000,000 people who have downloaded shop kick for their mobile device. It’s currently available on android and iphone devices.

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ShopKick will also let you know of specials that a store is currently having, some of which are shop kick only specials. They also show you which stores are participating and how far away each store is and how many kicks you’ll receive for entering the store. ShopKick makes money on the premise that when a business gets a customer inside a store they are able to sell them products they might not have otherwise purchased. They charge businesses to get additional customers in the store and then give some of this money back to consumers through the application.

How To Earn Kicks

You can earn kicks a few different ways:

  • Entering a store: Stores that are partnered with shop kick will pay you 30-100 kicks to enter their store. Usually you need to wait near the entrance for a few seconds with your shopkick application open to earn the points


  • Scan specific items: Stores will also pay you to scan specific items with your shop kick app. Generally you’ll get 10 kicks per scan and can scan multiple items per store (although usually these items aren’t very close together)

scanning items

  • Purchase an item: You can also earn kicks by purchasing items from participating stores. The exact amount of kicks you’ll earn is dependent on the item you’re buying and from what store.

kicks for purchasing

  • Surprises: You can earn kicks by looking through the look books of each participating store and you’ll “randomly” earn points on different pages.

tap for a surprise

  • Refer friends: You’ll earn half the kicks any people you refer earns within their first two weeks of account use. Up to a maximum of 2,500 points.
  • Link your credit card: When you link one of your credit cards you’ll receive up to 200 bonus kicks.
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They regularly post about specials and competitions in which you can earn bonus kicks. Click here to like them now.

Redeeming Kicks


Kicks can be redeemed at the rewards mall for gift cards and items. In general 1 kick = 0.4¢, this means you’ll need 1,250 kicks to be able to redeem for a $5 gift card. The redemption rate will be slightly different for items, but your best value is usually gotten from redeeming for gift cards. The minimum you can redeem for is $2 or 500 kicks. They offer the following gift cards:

  • Target gift cards (starting at $2 or 500 kicks)
  • Aerie gift card (starting at $5 or 1,250 kicks)
  • American eagle gift card (starting at $2 or 500 kicks)
  • Arden B. gift card (starting at $5 or 1,250 kicks)
  • Fandango gift card (starting at $10 or 2,500 kicks)
  • Game stop gift card (starting at $5 or 1,250 kicks)
  • Papa johns gift card (starting at $5 or 1,250 kicks)
  • Sports authority gift card (starting at $5 or 1,250 kicks)
  • Toys ‘R’ Us gift card (starting at $5 or 1,250 kicks)
  • iTunes gift card (starting at $10 or 2,500 kicks)
  • Lowe’s gift card (starting at $10 or 2,500 kicks)
  • Nike gift card (starting at $10 or 2,500 kicks)
  • Sephora gift card (starting at $10 or 2,500 kicks)
  • Old navy gift card (starting at $10 or 2,500 kicks)
  • 1-800 flowers gift card (starting at $25 or 6,250 kicks)
  • Customized gas gift cards (starting at $10 or 3,400 kicks, note this values your kicks at 0.29¢ each instead of the usual 0.4¢)
  • gift card (starting at $25 or 875 kicks this values your kicks at 2.87¢ each – but gift cards are easily purchased for 20% of their face value)
  • Shutterfly gift card (starting at $25 or 6,250 kicks)
  • Best Buy gift card (starting at $5 or 1,250 kicks)
  • Macy’s gift card (starting at $5 or 1,250 kicks)
  • Starbucks gift card (starting at $5 or 1,250 kicks)
  • Coach gift card (starting at $300 or 75,000 kicks)
  • Kate spade gift card (starting at $300 or 75,000 kicks)
  • Tiffy & co (starting at $300 or 75,000 kicks)

Our Verdict

At most you’re going to get 40¢ per store you walk into. This certainly isn’t going to make you rich any time soon, for those with a lot of free time you might find this worth whiled. Most people will only find value on this if they are able to generate large amounts of shopkick points for purchases that they’d usually make anyway. I think the only way I’ll actually use this app is if I can find a participating store that I’m already using as part of my manufacturing spending strategy.

I’ve gone ahead and installed this application on my phone, but I honestly don’t know when I’ll use it next. I’ll update this page in the next month or two with any progress I’ve made.

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Shop Kick Resources:

Know of any other useful resources for shop kick? Let us know in the comments.

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120 Responses to ShopKick Review – Is It Worth Signing Up For?

  1. bart says:

    Several times I went into a store (JCPenny, Macy’s, Office Depot) and the walkins promised did not add to my award total. The thing did not work. I tried to find out from store managers how to get the kicks and none of them new anything about shopkick. This happened irregiularly and I finally complained about it after the fourth or fifth time. I tried to contact shopkick about the issue. They told me I would not be able to get the kicks added even though they admitted” maybe their wifi router was not working properly.” Too bad. No help. I was finally told I’d have to send them a copy of a receipt from the store showing the store logo, date, address and time. The walkin kicks do not require a purchase so unless I made a purchase there was no way to do this. I complained about that as well.
    Then one day when I tried to use the shopkick again I got a screen which read in HUGE letters “TOO BAD!” and went on to say: “Unfortunately your account history indicates that you have not followed the shop kick rules…You will not be able to collect or redeem any more kicks.”

    When I emailed about this I eventually received the following email:

    “Due to activity outside our terms, which you can find in our previous message and within the app, we will not be able to re-open your shopkick account. It is our policy not to share more specific information on this issue. You are welcome to continue to use shopkick to find great offers and deals with our partners, but you will no longer be able to collect or redeem kicks. This will be our final communication on this issue.

    and they confiscated the 1971 kicks I had legitimately accumulated. They would not let me collect them.
    And now no more response.

    They just do NOT feel the need to respond to any questions or to treat people fairly. The app doe not work about half the time. If you complain, they just shut down your account and confiscate your awards.

    • Linda Ellis says:

      The same thing happened to me just yesterday. They will not respond to my emails either and I have sent several. I think it is a way for them to get your kicks without doing the work themselves. Think about it, if they send the same message to who knows how many people they earn a lot of gift cards. SCAM-SCAM-SCAM!!!!!!!!

      • Tasha says:

        I also received the same message yesterday after using shopkick did for years. I have sent emails asking if they could explain to me which rule I did not follow since I have been using it the same way for years and they told me they didn’t have to explain and there would be no further communication on the matter

    • Tink79 says:

      I was having problems with getting my kicks entering stores. For instance my Walmart has 3 entrances, but only one of them has the shopkick device. So you only get the points by entering in that specific entrance. You may just need to experiment with individual stores.

      • Matt says:

        According to what I’ve read online Walmart doesn’t use the shopkick transmitter devices. They use GPS for walk-ins only.

    • Lee says:

      I’ve read this same complaint by other users as well. I will not be DL this app with the kind of Customer Service this company has a reputation for. They should be investigated.

    • J says:

      Thank you SOO VM for sparing us of this SCAM BAIT !

      Much LUV wish you the best!

  2. Christy says:

    So far, I am enjoying shopkick. It’s a win-win for the developer, retailers and consumers!
    I’ve only had it for a few days, but I’m enjoying going through the look books and getting surprises. There are great products I probably wouldn have even thought to buy without looking through those books, too.
    One thing you mentioned is points for linking your credit card. I’m having trouble linking one of mine for some reason, (it’s a visa) so I wonder if certain banks have restrictions??
    On another note, you can purchase certain items through the app and get kicks. It doesn’t work with everything, though only items with “buy, get kicks” option on the product image. I wish that you could buy anything through the app and get kicks because while I might have liked to buy the item (for example, a throw pillow), but they were sold out of the color… Just seeing the image of the pillow prompted me to consider other throw pillows but they weren’t part of the buy, get kicks option.
    All in all, it’s a great app!!
    thanks for giving us the opportunity to add our link! Try Shopkick!!

    • Never mind says:

      This review sounds like it was written by an employee.

      • Heidi says:

        Yep lol. You can smell a paid review a mile away.

        • JennAnne says:

          I totally agree…I will not be downloading this app due to the higher percentage of people NOT having success than the one “customer” who supposedly is having “great” success! I wanted to see reviews of this app BEFORE I downloaded (and apparently would have gotten frustrated with) this app! Thanks to those of you who commented honestly to help those of us who were thinking about trying it!

          • Leeee says:

            I’ve had this app almost since it was released. I am NOT an employee of ShopKicks or in any way related to this company! While it’s true that their customer service is extremely lacking, I’ve had great success with the app. Yes, there are some stores that aren’t easy to get walk-in kicks, but I avoid them after a few tries. To date, I’ve gotten around $250 in gift cards & once you redeem your kicks, the cards are instantly added to your account. There are TONS of various gift card options so you’re not limited to only 2 or 3 stores.

    • Jasmine says:

      The gift cards are only worth like $2 😡

  3. Demetrio says:

    They are a fraud: Like the previous poster said: “They just do NOT feel the need to respond to any questions or to treat people fairly. The app doe not work about half the time. If you complain, they just shut down your account and confiscate your awards”.

    Me and my wife had the exact same experience: no kicks earned for walkins at Office Depot and Macys. Complained from within the app and surprise:
    “Unfortunately your account history indicates that you have not
    followed the shop kick rules”….

    When we reached their customer disservice they only kept accused us of not following the rules (they say we scanned barcodes from websites, which we didn’t)….There is no complain or dispute procedure in their terms, you even accept their decision with no right to fight against any damage they may cause you in a court or tort they could have.

    Should have seen wikipedia page first (tells you a lot of customers are banned right before cashing their kicks, more revenue for shopkicks, they cash in your job from their partners and never shell out a dime).

    Even their facebook page shows this kind of fraudulent behaviour:

    I made the time to reach them several times but they didn’t remove their ban, they didn’t care to check if this was a legitimate one or not….so knew this….when they want your earned kicks they take them and you are out, no appeal!

    Be aware, don’t waste your time with these fraudster! They are becoming reach stoling from the app users!!!

    Read also:

    • Casey says:

      This EXACT same thing happened to me! I didn’t even know it was possible to cheat their system, but when I complained that my kicks weren’t adding up (seriously, they cheat you – start keeping track with a pen and paper), they immediately shut down my account for fraud and refused to reply to my requests for help. I had over $75 worth of kick accumulated over years!

    • Linda Ellis says:

      They shut me down and took my 3618 shopkicks said i wasn’t following thier rules I wasn’t getting my walk in points and some of the scans weren’t registering. Never got Kroger walkins.

  4. Jamie says:

    I just downloaded shopkick today and have already earned my first Target gift card without spending a dime! 🙂 I highly recommend this app! Use the link below for bonus “kicks” (points) at sign up:

    Happy shopkicking!

    • Linda Ellis says:

      Jamie- watch out after awhile having it they shut you down especially if you have accumulated a lot of kicks and they want them!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anthony Thomas (@djfourmoney) says:

        Wrong I’ve not spent a dime and gotten gift cards. At that time and I think that it’s still the case, only certain stores will give you points for purchases.

        One in Best Buy. I know you can get points at American, Old Navy and a few other clothes stores. The apps is geared towards women obviously but that doesn’t mean you can’t collect a ton of points and I rarely venture into the stores directly.

      • Jasmine says:

        I have had Shopkick for 3 years now and have redeemed for $55 dollars worth of gift cards. I will admit for the first 2 years, it was just a passive app on my phone, but in the past 6 months I have redeemed for $30 worth of gift cards. I don’t use it as a “get rich quick” deal, but it is great because I am a college freshman, who loves starbucks and I use shopkick to fuel my caffeine addiction.

        • Tamara L. says:

          I agree with you totally Jasmine. I’ve had it about 3 or 4 years, originally I really didn’t get the concept. The app needs to have access to the microphone on whatever phone you use and bluetooth I think plays a part I just started using my bluetooth setting in the last 2 years. I’ve accumulated points by linking my debit card to the app settings, referral points, then there’s the surprise points (how I accumulated most of my points). I do know with Best Buy you have to tell their cashier that you’re using shop kicks and they use a number that generates inside of the app. Works good combined with the Best Buy reward program. NO I’m not an employee for any of these companies or the app, I’m a real estate agent. Since that seems to be the notion by any commenters that don’t get or don’t know how to use the App.

      • m.lee says:

        So is it like we are doing the work for them to get paid? I only have about 60kicks …

      • Jay says:

        I have been using Shopkick for over three years (possibly four) and have redeemed over one-hundred dollars worth of giftcards successfully. At one point, I believe I had banked nearly 15,000 kicks that I held on to for months. Have never had any issues with the app.

        • Dana says:

          Jay what part of the US do you live in? I am thinking it may have something to do with this. I have not downloaded the APP yet. There is many bad reviews on here. Just curious.

    • Dennis L says:

      Ok so after 2 $25 gift cards all of a certian i was unable to scan in any store. I got my walk in kicks from target but when i tried to scan an item it says sorry you have to be in store. Been like that for 3 weeks now, i e-mail them and got your generic response . They don’t care. I haven’t been banned yet(still waiting for it) but i still complain about it. Get your card as soon as you can and use it before they take it from you. I use an android phone.

      • Dee says:

        I can’t get the app to work on my Android. I went to the Verizon store and the employee checked all of my settings and everything was working properly.

  5. Satin Holcomb says:

    I have been using shop kick for a few weeks and I rarely get the walk in points. I stand in the entrance, walk around the area and back to the entrance…but nothing. I file a report every time as I am standing at the entrance. I have lost out on nearly 500 kicks in just a few weeks. I live in a smaller town, so my only retailers I have to choose from are Walmart, JCP, and Kroger. Kroger has never worked and 1 of the 2 walmarts I have gone to has not worked.


    • Anthony Thomas (@djfourmoney) says:

      Walmarts have been problematic for me. One’s signal is so strong I get it out in the parking lot, but no points as it tell you to come closer to the entrance. Even then it still won’t work, but has worked on occasion, weird.

      Scanning products always works in WalMart though even if cell service is patchy in most stores.

      It does work at most Alberston, Ralph’s and Von’s stores now as well.

      • Anthony Thomas (@djfourmoney) says:

        Wal-Mart now works, it was my phone. I am using a Moto E LTE that I picked up for $60 and it works better with Shopkick than my Jellybean phone.

  6. Jason Tosh says:

    I have been using shop kick for about two weeks and have about 2,000 kicks. I like that they have daily special locations near me that give up to 200 kicks just for walking in. I sure can’t go to all of them but if I’m in the area anyways it’s worth it. Give it a try. I will do an update in a few weeks. use my link if you would like to sign up. Thanks again.

  7. Liz says:

    I noticed that there are several Shopkick participating stores in my local mall. So if you’re the kind of person who likes to walk around shopping centers and window shop, or maybe you hang out there with friends anyway, then you can get a ton of kicks on a single trip. Feel free to use my link =)

  8. Dee says:

    The only problem I have had with ShopKick, is that it has said friends I have referred used a different link (when I know they’ve used mine.) I have told everyone I know about this app, and I can assure it is legit as I’ve redeemed giftcards at multiple stores. Feel free to use my link and comment with any questions, i’d be happy to help!

  9. My says:

    LOVE Shopkick! It’s super easy.

    Already got 2 target gift cards, which I used to roll gift cards, and 1 JCP gift card.

    Linking you credit or debit card is worth the extra shopping kicks.

    You get 200 kicks at sign up and 200 for linking your card. Plus invite 3 friends to join and get 2,000 kicks!

    My kids think I’m crazy for walking in and then right back out of stores just to get kicks lol

    Well worth having if your a shopper or couponer!

    They also have plenty of chances to earn high (100+) kicks

    • Braxton says:

      Have you actually redeemed your gift cards and have they worked? I have a 25$ footlocker gift card I have just redeemed but I’m not sure if it will work and don’t want to go into the store looking like an idiot with a fake gift card number. Any help?

      • Anthony Thomas (@djfourmoney) says:

        Like I said in my post, it works, just boot up the app, go to your purchased gift cards and tap on it. It will open up to bar code or an access number or both in the case of Target cards.

        The cashier can easily scan this, it might take a minute but it works.

  10. Megan says:

    Have had all the same negative problems with shopkicks same with my husband. Whenever we were having technical issues or not getting our points we would advise them so that they would be able to fix the issues. At times they would reward us but today out of no where they banned is. Oth from their app saying we didn’t follow their rules. We both emailed them asking them to please explain which ones we don’t follow and never got response back from. They just took all the points we ha accumulated!! Horrible People who run this !! Scammers !!

  11. david says:

    shopkick sucks!!!! theyre a scam!!! no one should ever go there their fake,fonies, and frauds!!!!!

  12. Anthony Thomas (@djfourmoney) says:

    I’ve used Shop Kick for two and half years now. Earned over 94,994 kicks all time and bought several things via gift cards from Target and Best Buy.

    Scam? Hardly, Sucks? Hardly.

    Lots of things will depend where you are. I live in Los Angeles County and that affords lots of chances to earn points (kicks). It was even better before the recent rash of updates to the app that prevent double. triple and quadruple dipping.

    What I mean by that is for example –

    Best Buy is giving 100 Walk-In Kicks. I would go to all four area Best Buy stores and get 400 points. This is especially advantageous during heavy shopping seasons like Christmas and Back To School.

    I have made over 1,000 kicks in one day using this technique. I will agree that you need quite a bit of free time to earn what I did. I was unemployed at the time and used the bus to get everywhere. But I have paid for a month’s worth of cat food and cat litter with one $25 card from Target. All it took was taking the time to earn the points.

    Now with the changes to the app, it’s much harder to earn enough points for a $25 gift card a month which is what I was doing (6250 points = $25 Gift Card or $10 Gas Card). They also offered Amazon gift cards before they dropped them or Amazon dropped them.

    With the changes to the app and I will admit I didn’t always go out like I did before to earn points, so I likely left at least 600-700 points out there, but it took me since Jan 2015 to earn enough points for a $25 gift card.

    If you hustle you can earn more than enough for a $10 Gift Card (2500 points) in a month. I see they offer Walmart cards up to $100 for 25,000 kicks/points. I’ve heard more than $100 worth of $25 cards many times before.

    It works, it’s not a scam and the cards are digital, there’s a bar code on your phone that can be scanned.

    Best Buy employees are most familiar with this app and you can get kicks on anything purchased there. Just tell them you have ShopKick, give them the phone number of the phone with ShopKick on it and you’ll get your points instantly.

    You’ll also get points for purchases over $75.

    • Lee says:

      Just bc it hasn’t happened to you (the frozen acts and kicks taken away) doesn’t mean it’s not real. It has happened to alot of people. And SK probably does it randomly and you’ve just not been a target. 6 million users, think about that? I’ve read maybe 10 reviews here and on the App site itself and almost 90% had their accounts frozen and the company’s “non-response” was the same. It’s sounds very shady to me. But you shouldn’t dismiss other user’s experiences just bc it hasn’t happened to you….yet.

  13. Zach says:

    I have been using this app for a while now and I only have good things to say about it! Please at least try it and follow my link. Once you join you get free kicks just for following my link! Thanks everyone!

  14. Ashley says:

    Question about bonus purchase kicks:

    Okay, the Disney store offers 750 bonus kicks when you spend $75. Does anyone know if you were to spend $150 would you get double bonus points so 1500? Or would you have to do 2 separate $75 purchases?

  15. Rebecca says:

    Mine has worked great! Walk ins and scans always register- sign up!

  16. oge says:

    Pls do they charge when you link your card to d hop kick?

    • Anthony Thomas (@djfourmoney) says:

      Charge you? Eh?…. When your link your card, when you shop at Old Navy, Best Buy, TJ Maxx, whatever, you get points. I tell the cashier every time on Best Buy that I have Shopkick, they put my number in and whatever I bought I get points.

      It used to be easy to build points with ShopKick and it is, but I used to be able to make enough points in a month for a $25 gift card. That rarely happens now, it takes two months to get enough points.

  17. Grace says:

    I love shopkick!!!!
    Such a easy way to save money.
    Use my link !

  18. Recya Robertson says:

    Good morning,

    I’m looking for some people to add me to their shopkick and for me to add them. It will benefit the both of us. How about it? Help me and I’ll help you near or far.


  19. Judith says:
    Use that to register for shop kick and get fifty free kicks

  20. Noelle says:

    I really enjoy this app. You earn points by simply walking into stores! By using the link below, you’ll get 50 free points to start with!


  22. Cynthia says:

    if you go to the mall and open shopkick, you usually can get lots of kicks. also, walk ins usually give the most kicks, and don’t try scanning stuff from online barcodes, they’ll ban you.

  23. MK says:


    I’ve been using shop kick for a few weeks now and really like it! If you’re thinking about trying it, please use my link!


  24. jus says:

    Amazing idea: Companies pay an app techie to move customers (app users) in the door (rather than wasting it on advertising). App techie shares its profit with the app users, as the motive to move them in the door.

    1. The app often (read that as OFTEN) does not record points (thus money) earned by customer.
    2. There is NO RECORD of history for customer to review, to see they have been deprived of money due to them. They only get a point total (Caveat Emptor – WATCH YOUR POINT TOTALS!)
    3. Even when the app recognizes you entered a store (and will not let you enter again), it often takes those points away with a quick notification, saying: “Oops, this store is not awarding (points) today.” Why? Well, if you read their fine print (and you should), the stores only allocate so many reimbursements, and shop kick does not have to inform you when that limit is reached (and it doesn’t). So if the store only pays for the first 3 customers, and 2000 more come, shop kick only has to give kicks/points to the first 3 customers, and will continue to let the remaining 1,997 come in, justifying their fee and encouraging the store to retain them. I tried to use an offer they were boasting of in their OWN BANNER – but it was worthless; no points could be earned.
    4. Many app users have reported being banned for “breaking a rule”, with the caveat:
    a. they are not told which rule they broke,
    b. all the money they previously EARNED in their account is forfeited back to shopkick. (Many users report losing significant amounts, and encourage cashing out earned funds frequently.)
    c. all future correspondence with the app user is officially declared terminated; so the app user is never allowed to learn what rule they allegedly violated. (one user reported having over $200 in money due, which she planned to buy Christmas presents with; they banned her and took all of her money, again citing she had broken some unidentified rule.)
    5. All of this is reviewed on the wikipedia entry about shopkick, and numerous complaints can be read on the Shopkick Facebook page. It has received a grade of “F” which can be reviewed in detail on the California location of the Better Business Bureau.

    They purportedly took in 110 million dollars in profits in 2014.

    • Anthony Thomas (@djfourmoney) says:

      Solution: Don’t game the app… When it allowed double/triple dipping points by going to the same store but in different locations around your city/town I did it but the app no longer allows that.

      I’ve never been reprimanded for doing no-no’s in the app. People that complain are trying to game the system somehow for maximum points. I am not protecting Shopkick at all but there’s no reason to complain.

      • Matt says:

        Not everyone that get’s reprimanded is trying to game the system. A lot of us that got banned simply actively use the app. I would go out every day on my lunch hour and collect whatever walk-ins or scans showed up in the app that day.

        One day one of my scans didn’t work while in Petsmart, so I contacted support. Their response to my support request was an instant ban. Only thing I can think of is they didn’t like how often I was using the app.

        There IS a reason to complain if you are simply going out gathering points that they offer in their app, and then ban you and not tell you why or give you an indication as to what activity triggered it. They simply state “This is our final communication on the matter” and never reply to you again.

        • Anthony Thomas (@djfourmoney) says:

          I don’t know what others are doing but I’ve never been warned about anything and I always have problems getting kicks in Walmart stores.

          I’ve e-mailed more than a few times to tell them what happen and which store and I get those points. But I haven’t done that lately as it’s just not that important anymore.

          My historical total is just under 100,000 kicks for about three years of use.

          • jus says:

            If I were you, I’d cash in those points, if you have not yet. Just me, based on what I’ve read from the Better Business Bureau, Wikipedia, and numerous sites critiquing this app.

            If you do, let me know how it goes. But I have grave reservations based on my own experience and what it led me to read of others’ experiences.

      • Jayson says:

        You are making assumptions. I never gamed the app. It took me 8 months and I had enough for 3 x $5 gift cards. I never redeemed anything. The next day, I got a message saying I was banned. No response or reasoning given. Claims the I was gaming the system are ludicrous. I game the system for $2 a month? That makes no sense. The bans seem random. There is not real logiic behind the bans, and real people don’t analyze the data. My ban seems to be a shopkick app error as that is the only reasonable thing it could be. The company refused to even look at the reason why the ban happened to make sure there wasn’t an error. Really game the system for $2/month? I would be interested in filing a class action lawsuit against the company. Just a matter of time until lawyers jump on this and decide to stop the random bans by the company and taking the money out of the peoples pockets that DO follow the rules.

  25. Yup it’s true what people are saying I became a victim myself after working my butt off to personally invite over 30 friends/family member/social network friends to sign up ($35 worth of shopkick points) they rigged my redemption when I emailed them eillen swatson sent me the copy and paste…it’s basically fraudulent banning and virtual currency theft….

  26. Anthony Thomas (@djfourmoney) says:

    Again I haven’t had any banning problems with Shop Kick. Like I said, I don’t know what you all are doing to get maximum points nor should you disclose it on a public forum.

    As I said between my increased work schedule and not using public transportation much anymore, I don’t use this app as much as I once did and especially after they made changes to prevent double and triple dipping by going to all the area stores the same day.

    I doubt I will cash in my points until Black Friday.

    • Lee says:

      Your continued responses suggest you work for SK and are implying that the folks that lost their points/kicks MUST have done something wrong bc YOU have never had a problem! Stop already, we all got it. You’ve not lost your account and thats great! But it doesn’t help the people who have. You’re defending a company that arbitrarily freezes accts. and won’t explain why, won’t communicate with their customers, has no appeal process, takes points without impunity and that’s ok with you??? Wow, the more I read the more I know this company should be shut down until it changes its policies and procedures and you really sound like an employee.

      • Lee says:

        ****with impunity**** is what I should have stated.

      • Anthony Thomas (@djfourmoney) says:

        If that were true I haven’t told them where to send the check. If you have had a bad experience contact CS. If nothing happen, cut your loses and delete the app.

        I had issues with Viggle, I deleted it. I wasn’t getting credit for the shows I watched.

        I just don’t understand why the many of you have had problems and I haven’t across three phones (one core, dual core, quad core) and the apps’ performance gets better with updates. That doesn’t mean I am marginalizing your experience, you just feel that’s what I am doing.

        So when a Black person experiences racism and Whites dismiss it, I guess you know how they feel…

        • Lee says:

          Wow, you missed the entire point. No use in talking to you. …..and the comparison you made truly speaks to your ignorance. Enjoy the App….although if you had understood instead of defending, it’s NOT ABOUT THE APP, it’s about the company. Good luck and good bye.

          • Lee says:

            Wow, you missed the entire point. No use in talking to you. …..and the comparison you made truly speaks to your ignorance. Enjoy the App….although if you had understood instead of defending, it’s NOT ABOUT THE APP, it’s about the company. Good luck and good bye.BTW, it’s not for you to understand why people are having issued and problems. The fact that they ARE is the point, but like is said you’re too busy defending Shopkick than accepting g that there are real problems with the company internally NOT THE APP. Geesh!!

          • Anthony Thomas (@djfourmoney) says:

            I didn’t miss anything and today is my day off (control over your schedule is nice). Why not answer a reply?

            If I had experienced problems you (and others have had) I may understand but I just explained my problems with the app again and it hasn’t led to me to file a complaint because it’s not worth my time.

            I’ve maybe lost 1,000 kicks to Walmart alone. Still not enough to warrant lodging a complaint.

            You may have problems with the app, others may as well. I didn’t say you weren’t you are just mad, I’m not adding to the Chorus Line in saying “Yeah the app sucks, they steal points from me and froze my account”.

            That would be lying wouldn’t? That isn’t my experience.

        • Lee says:

          I’m off today and tomorrow so I know all about having control over one’s schedule. Just so you know, I’ve never DL this App, will never use it so let based on what that majority of the complaints are. Just bc you’very not had any doesn’t mean they don’t exist. It’s just strange to me that you go over and above trying to convince people there is nothing wrong. The stats are against you. Like I said, enjoy the App and all your points but don’t disregard other people’s experiences with the COMPANY not the App.

  27. Amber says:

    I LOVE shopkicks. Sometimes I have to go further into stores like Macy’s to get the kicks but other than that I’ve had no issues with getting them. I have earned multiple $25 gift cards from doing nothing but going to the store and scanning items. It’s free money and definitely worth it!

    • Anthony Thomas (@djfourmoney) says:

      The only stores I have to walk further into are Sports Authority. I get within 20 feet of Macy’s and it works. I get within 10 feet of the mall entrance of JCP and it works. Most of the time I can come to the door of a store and it works.

      Best Buy I usually have to get to the front door, in Tar’gett I have to be inside. I mainly shop at Tar’get this isn’t an issue.

      You are right though even with the changes in the app, if you make it a point to go out everyday and pick up 100-250 points, it adds up to a $25 card every month.

  28. Baron says:

    Fun at first, pain in the arse now. Walk-ins prone to not working. “Report issue” immediately, so they KNOW it. Not awarded kicks, so I inquire. They respond by either blaming me, blaming my equipment, asking for info they have, or requiring me to provide proof of purchase for a walk-in, which is different & distinct from a purchase or a scan! And they love to stall, hoping you get frustrated and give up.
    Also, their scans don’t work a lot of times. They also violate their own policy of having an assortment of scans. Sometimes only one, and it’s not there.
    Customer Service full of snot-nosed Millenials who obviously have never been told they are inefficient and ineffective. They probably have an abundance of Participant ribbons at home in mommy’s basement. Then they threaten to not reply to you cuz you “lashed out”. Whiiiiiiiiiiiiine!!! Mommy!!!! Mommy!!!!
    All we want are the kicks we earned. Yes, earned. Report to the FTC, the BBB, the state of CA and every social media site you can. Then go further — write to the companies they do business with. That’s right, every company on that list. Tell them your experience with shopkick. Tell them you will not support stores who are linked to shopkick. Money talks people.

    • Anthony Thomas (@djfourmoney) says:

      Wal-Mart kicks don’t work that often. Around here it’s the stores. Because I can go out of the general area and it works without an issue.

      Target always works, Best Buy always works, Office Depot I don’t think is apart of the app anymore, but Macy’s always works, JC Penny, etc.

      I get 300-400 kicks every weekend when they offer extra kicks. If I make an effort, I will earn another 200-300 during the week.

      As of now, I have 102,684 lifetime kicks.

      • Ryse says:

        It is very apparent that Anthony Thomas is a representative for the company. He has responded in defense to the majority of the comments here. I would be weary of any disinformation on this page. Don’t set yourself up to be taken advantage of. Very few people are out for your interest.

  29. Jerri says:

    I just installed this app tonight. And was excited about using it,until I read all these reviews. Now I am kinda scared. Gosh.if this company is so bad why is it still allowed to operate? Why hasn’t anyone shut it down? Seems to me if it is so fraudulent somebody would have done something by now.

    • Anthony Thomas (@djfourmoney) says:

      There is nothing wrong with this app. I’ve been using it going on three years now and I get gift cards all the time. I’ve never been banned by the app, ever. I don’t try to cheat it, I know some of you try and get caught.

      My only issue is Wal-Mart walk-in kicks work infrequently around this area. Otherwise it works perfectly, almost never crashes and I’ve used it on three different phones; my points/kicks carry over without issue.

      @Jerri go out on Black Friday. Not last year but the year before when I could go to all three area Best Buy stores and get 200 points each; between that and the other places I made 1,000 kicks.

  30. Kathy says:

    Bull! This has many numerous complaints. Check this out on the BBB website in their area. They also have a history of NOT responding to BBB queries. You will see that in their BBB profile. In fact, I just received this week my own BBB follow up. Naturally, BBB states “no response from company”.
    The only time I have had any cooperation with this company is when I did these things: filed BBB complaint; threatened a class action lawsuit; filed a FTC report, and was prepared to notify every State Attorney General in all 50 states. You bet I would have done it too. And I still may do each & every one of these. And no, I did not attempt to cheat the company. I simply want what was promised; I want what I earned; and I want the fraud to stop. And no, they have not banned me- yet. That would definitely make me more determined and more creative in my efforts.

  31. Kathy says:

    Follow up: after not getting another walkin reward about 2 weeks back, I had our store manager investigate what happened. She nosed around and told me that her store, despite being part of a chain listed on shopkick, quit participating. Then came the biggie:’ she informed me that ALL the stores in this major chain would eventually be spinning out of shopkick. No reason they were willing to share. This is a MAJOR company doing business in the northeast and Midwestern states.

    • jus says:

      And as I said in my general review above, Kathy: so long as a store gives the corporation credit for ONE shopkick use, Shopkick can advertise it to all the app users, and simply not give anyone but one person credit. It’s in their fine print.
      I agree about Anthony Thomas (sorry Anthony)- for someone to check in every few weeks is one thing, but to respond in defense of Shopkick to nearly everyone (EVERYONE) on here who criticizes it – it’s a shame Shopkick would spend money to hire someone like you, but not hire a decent Consumer Affairs department and simply do what it is supposed to do – share generated revenue from store attendance.

  32. Anthony Thomas (@djfourmoney) says:

    If you have complaints and frankly there are lots of complaints on companies on the BBB website. That is not to downplay issues people have had, but as I said; no problems here.

    I think the Wal-Mart issues are local store related.

  33. Kathy says:

    I, too, had no problems in the beginning. Then you will experience what so many have written. The app works haphazardly. That is bad enough
    Worse is violating their own rules in holding back your points! Anthony, READ their website. “THREE ways to earn kicks”‘, right? So when THEIR shaky app doesn’t work, they blame YOU and then want you to produce a scan or a receipt–which are the OTHER two ways to earn. They claim they offer a variety of scans in a store. Wrong. Sometimes only one. They are holding my Macy’s points hostage for 2 MONTHS til I can use them. Their customer service is god awful.
    As for the bbb, you imply that lots of complaints registered with them are unjustified. Perhaps some are. But as the saying goes, “where there is smoke, there is fire”. And no professional company would ignore all these complaints.
    Enjoy the app, til it doesn’t work right. Then you will see. Remember, we all were thrilled in the beginning too.

  34. Anthony Thomas (@djfourmoney) says:

    No denial of problems. Like I said Wal-Marts do work but not around here, seems store related.

    Otherwise no problems, rarely crashes and I get my cards every time I request one, never had a problem.

    I downloaded the app to my Samsung Infuse 4G to give you a reference point when I found a video how to make money with your phone on U Tube.

    I’ve been using it since, daily or almost daily and haven’t had any major problems. I have gotten kicks when they didn’t work at Wal-Mart and other stores but I just stop asking. They reply to me promptly, usually no more than 24 hours pass.

    I can’t and I won’t try to explain the problems you and others are having because I have no idea what you have done or what your doing.

    They are in SF, I’m in LA, no issues here.

  35. Lucy says:

    Have used for about 2 years with no problems other than one department store that never registers my walk-in. Have earned $90 in GCs to date. Not a lot, but nice to have some Starbucks treats now and then.

  36. John says:

    While this app is appealing, it has obvious problems and it is more than obvious Mr. Thomas has too much time on his hands or has a vested interest in the app.

    For myself the application has worked on and off again…I receive errors in Wal-Mart. Since adding the app, my battery on my phone seems to drain much faster.

    Things to consider that were not mentioned so far:

    This app tracks your movement and habits.

    It also tracks your creditcard history if you link it, which I would advise against.

    Notice also in all the reviews no one is getting anything really worth while. No real large prizes reported.

    After what I read and my experiences I have had I will be deleting it after the holidays.

    I will also tell this to every one I know.

    You might consider doing the same if you have experienced problems as reported.

  37. Jason says:

    Shopkick is not perfect. There have been times when I lost kicks – should have gotten kicks for walk-ins, and kicks for scans, but did not due to app errors, or maxing out the number of kicks made available. And there was the time my wife got 5000+ kicks when she should have only gotten perhaps 1000 on Black Friday … not sure why … no complaints!

    BUT, if you know which stores to shop at, it can be a gold mine for earning purchase kicks. Not going to tell you which one(s), but has already been mentioned here.

    Tip: Turn OFF your wi-fi when entering stores, if you have strong cellular data signal, as SK gets confused when your phone tries to switch to wi-fi, trying to log-in to store wi-fi networks. Strong cell data signal with wi-fi off almost always cures the app issue of not connecting or not awarding walk-in kicks, as long as you do not exceed the 30-day limits, etc.

    • Anthony Thomas (@djfourmoney) says:

      I was able to do that before they changed the app. I was able to go to all the Target, Best Buy and Macy’s stores in the area and get 200-300 kicks every time.

      I used to get a $25 gift card every month but now it takes a little longer.

  38. Nat says:

    Anthony sounds like the creator of the app LOL!!!!!

    • Jus says:

      As Shakespeare wrote in McBeth: “Me think thou protesteth too much”. I’m inclined to agree with you, Nat.

      • Anthony Thomas (@djfourmoney) says:

        Seriously if I had invented the thing I wouldn’t be spending my time replying to accusations.

        Maybe I’m just good, I emailed CS once for Kayak and got the CEO, so whatever you guys are doing wrong doesn’t mean I’m a shill nor does it mean the app doesn’t work or you never get your kicks (points).

  39. Jeff says:

    Dominoes had a FREE DELIVERY benefit for ShopKick members, but recently dropped it. DRATT
    That was the only benefit I ever got as a ShopKick Member.

  40. Emily says:

    I love shopkick, I have had a few problems with getting walkins, mostly at Macy’s because the music isn’t loud enough, but most places I just stand in the entrance for a couple seconds and it loads, I can’t get walkin kicks from Target and Walmart right now because I have walked in to many times, it says I can come back in 30days, but I can still scan. I had no money and ran out of baby formula and used one of my gift cards and it worked fine. Im up to about $25 dollars now, it’s fun looking for everything to scan!

    • Anthony Thomas (@djfourmoney) says:

      You don’t have to wait 30 days, maybe 3-4 days until walk-ins come back. I use to get that message all the time because I mainly shop at Targ’et. Macy’s has always worked but Wal-Mart never did; turns out it was phone related because I put Shop Kick on a new Motorola E and I get kicks everywhere now.

  41. diane says:

    I have joined shopkicks and until i had friends sign up and I did not receive my kicks for them, i sent a message to shopkicks and never heard back . And yes i know my friends signed up because I was with them when they did it . Don’t know what else to do!!

  42. Anthony Thomas (@djfourmoney) says:

    Interesting, last time I signed up somebody (which is rare) I got kicks everytime I they scanned something.

    Was great got me to $25 card faster.

    I would email them again, they respond to me so I can’t comment on why not to you.

  43. Lakynn says:

    I love shop kick, I’m assuming most of the issues reported here have been fixed because I’ve redeemed $15 in kicks in two weeks time and they’ve worked like a charm every time. Very helpful during the holiday season. Also with a lot of stores you only have to drive or walk past their doors to collect walk in kicks. I’ve earned probably 700 kicks just using that method. Also the 2500 referral bonus no longer exists but you do get half of your friends kick for the first two weeks and just off of that alone I earned one $5 gift card. Not a bad deal if you ask me, free money for about 30 minutes of my time per week. The only drawback is that walk in kicks are limited and after so many at the same store they are turned off for a certain number of days, that sucks for someone like me who frequents the grocery stores and Walmart at least 6 times per week.

  44. The walk-in portion of the application works randomly and despite copping my receipts and submitting them in sections as indicated I’ve yet to have one be excepted .
    Frankly they’re too many other opportunities out there with in-store programs credit cards records etc. that are far more reliable and a better use of my time .
    Ultimately for all the hype there is with this app I think the rewards are minimal for the amount of effort and time that it takes .

  45. Beth says:

    I got this app a bit before Christmas a few months ago. I haven’t earned much, but I also haven’t been trying. I do most of my grocery shopping at Meijer and Kroger, and I don’t often search to scan items- I just pick up the walk-ins. Once in a while I’ll get walk-ins from Target or stores in the mall. Often times I don’t have to actually enter the mall stores- just walking by them picks them up.

    I’ve only earned a $5 Starbucks gift card so far, but considering I put next to no effort in it, that’s fine with me.

    If you’d like, use my referral link- like every other link, you’ll get 50 kicks, plus my gratitude:

  46. Stephanie Grice says:

    I love shopkicking!!!! If I go to a store and the kiccks dontwork, I just move on and go to another store thats all… Some stores have the same things to scan so it may already be scanned and theres no need to go to another store unless its offering walk in kicks…. I would like to know why JCP isnt participating any longer…. Alot of workers in the stores dont know anything about shopkicks. Most of the time they ask me what I am doing an I explain, but I forget to give them my link… I have to start doing that… I get my walking exercise in by shopkicking, I truely love it….

  47. Gabby says:

    Only problems have been that I don’t get credit for walking into a store. Always sent a message when it happened. Never got a response but after 1 year the store finally worked. Still have the same issue with another store. I didn’t know this was a huge issue. Its getting harder to get kicks so it seems this app is not doing well. I wonder if anyone ever got a Vespa or a Tiffany’s gift card.

  48. Eric says:

    I’ve glanced through some of these comments and many are very negative. Is this app really that bad? The website is quite vague in how much you earn from each activity and which stores participate. Is it only 6 stores shown on the homepage? How much can you reasonably earn per week without having to go out of your way? For whoever answers my questions I’ll sign up through your referral link if you include it.

    • Jus says:

      I wrote up my research on this app above (July 27, 2015). Ive used a good many apps (Checkout 51, Savingstar, Mobisave, Shopmium, Coupons, and Ibotta (this last one is by far the best imo)). I was extremely unhappy with shopkicks. And I suspect they put a lot more effort into writing bogus rave reviews of themselves on sites like this, than on customer support. Caveat Emptor.

  49. Anthony says:

    The truth –

    They have changed the app about two years ago now. When I wasn’t employed, I had more free time so earning points (kicks) was easier with a simple strategy.

    Now it takes more work but you can still earn $25 gift card per month if you live in a major metro area or a suburb with lots of the supported retail stores.

    I basically only collect when I am near something or in the mood. So now it takes me about 5 weeks to earn enough for a $25 gift card.

    The key is going out every single day and picking up what kicks you can. When the weekend comes go in hard on Friday and Saturday.

    Just in my area if I did that I would make 90-130 kicks a day, just in walk-ins and 130+ with walk-ins plus scans.

    The main complain here is that kicks for walk-ins aren’t picked up. That was a problem for me but it’s been fixed, all my local Wal-Marts now work for walk-ins, but only one store has good enough cell penetration that I can get my scan kicks in-store.

    Just download the app and earn

    • Eric says:

      Which stores do you go to the most to get the kicks? $25 in 5 weeks doesn’t seem bad at all. Does this use a lot of cell phone data? What is your referral link? You are the only one that replied to me so if I sign up I’ll be sure to use yours.

      • Maria says:

        I use shopkicks and so far love it, you have to remember to turn on your Bluetooth and then open the app in the door. I had to complain a few times, 1st time the responder wasn’t very friendly 2nd better. Anyways I haven’t been deleted. I collect often. I have had to update, refresh and reinstall to get the app working properly. For me walmart and Kroger are my best. Meijer is good to but need to get close to entrance for app to upload points. Used to hit family dollar and dollar store but I haven’t seen kicks for them in a while. App gives location,if I don’t hit that location I refresh or reopen app and it chances location for me. Like I may need to hit walmart further away, I can still collect at any location. I don’t have my link available to send but I’d try the app and maybe not get my hopes up. After reading reviews I’m worried my account could be deleted for no reason. Lucktastic is awsom. You collect points for viewing advertisements. Yes it takes a while to get enough points for anything good but if you open app and scratch card everyday you get daily points and entries which add up fast. You get cards through out day. My kids love it.

  50. acsmith1972 says:

    This is why you should avoid the app only programs. Go for Swagbucks instead. At least there if you get banned for the same b.s. you can sign up again under a different email…

  51. Dustin says:

    I personally dont spend any money on these kinds of apps but i still get plenty of points by just going to these stores and turning on the app! If you want to join, you can use my reference link ->

    • Eric says:

      I used your referral link yesterday. I tried out the app and it is pretty easy to rack up Kicks by entering certain stores (ie Best Buy, Target, etc.). Actually finding items doesn’t really seem to be worth the time unless you are shopping in that aisle anyway. Some of the stores let you earn Kicks for making purchases so that could be useful for some. Anyway, below is my referral link for anyone interested in joining.

      • Anthony Thomas says:

        The closest Target to me is 10 mins away. When shopping I just plain my route it’s not hard at all to pick up kicks.

        Lifetime kicks 139,223

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  53. Maria says:

    I’ve used swagbucks and racked up with it. Had money loaded on pay pal card. I’ve gotten a lot of freebies as well. Magazine’s and samples. Also try receipt hog it works and points add up somewhat fast. I’ve already redeemed $10. If you stick with it, these apps will earn you freebies. I think it’s worth it.

  54. Greg says:

    I can see this working if you have nothing better to do that to waste gas and time walking stores, or if you frequent the appropriate stores to begin with. for myself my time is more valuable than that. Doing the Shopping Annuity will yield far greater return with the time wasted.

    • Eric says:

      What’s the Shopping Annuity?

    • Anthony Thomas says:

      Greg I did this solely using the bus when I was unemployed. I didn’t waste gas and even now I frequent the stores in the app not because I need to collect kicks but because I work as a merchandiser and I work in these stores.

      This allows me to collect while in various malls too. No extra fuel used to earn kicks.

  55. Elaine says:


    The shopkick company is bad news and practices deceptive marketing to app users. I collected kicks for 3 years saving 75,000 kicks and when I was getting ready to turn them in I received and email stating I was not following the rules, but they would give me a pass this one time. When I actually turned in my kicks I was told I had not followed the rules and was now banned. Shopkick would not tell me what rules I had broken and the last communication stated

    “Due to activity outside our terms, which you can find in our previous message and within the app, we will not be able to re-open your shopkick account. In order for a free app to work, we need to ensure that everyone follows the rules and we hope you understand. For security reasons, we are regrettably unable to share more specific information on this situation.”

    Security reasons??? REALLY????

    I understand the lure to get free gift cards/merchandise but this company should not be allowed to profit and cheat people.

    I am seriously thinking about contacting all of the companies who do business with them and advise them to check out their business practices along with their BBB standing.

    • Marc says:

      Totally agree!! Have been using almost daily for last year and just had enough saved up for a Tiffany gift card to give to my daughter for her graduation in a few weeks. Then with no warning suddenly get this suspended message and the support activity does not respond to any emails after first one just referencing Terms of Service. Seems they really don’t care about the people using App.

    • So true. I also received a message that I was unable to redeem or continue Shopkicks as the account had been suspended. They locked my 20,000 something points and I never used them to redeem anything. I emailed them and response back was ALWAYS per Terms and Conditions. I asked for the reason and Philip Hornsby replies with the same message l, “We apologize for any continued confusion. We have manually re-reviewed your Shopkick account activity again and must confirm that, due to repeated activity outside our terms, which you can find in our previous message and within the app, we will not be able to re-open your shopkick account. In order for a free app to work, we need to ensure that everyone follows the rules and we hope you understand. We wish you all the best.” BS is my reply. I don’t know who else to ask but this is messed up.

  56. Jeaniey G says:

    Ive been doing shopkicks since September of 2016. So far I average a $25 gift card every month without spending a penny. You may think that is peanuts…but is $25 a month that is mine…for whatever I wish to do with it. I love it so much I signed my husband up for it. Hes been shopkicking since February. He doesnt cash his kicks in like I do and he is about to cash in for his 1st giftcard…$100 at Lowes. He has saved up 25000 kicks. Ive cashe in every month and never had any troubles recieving or using my giftcards. I dont know why anyone thinks its a scam. Ive had nothing but wonderful customer service. I had to contact them once for something and it turns out it was my error…not theirs. They still gave me 500 kicks for being nice to them and praising them for their prompt and curtious reply to my problem. They have always been good to me and no one I have referred ever had a problem. Ive referred7 people so far. All have earned cards and love shopkick as much as I do.

  57. Anthony Thomas says:

    I have not been as aggressive with Shop Kick since I started working full time again.

    You can’t double/triple up on walk-ins as you used too but that’s been the case for about three years now.

    Walk Ins where I typically go do work regularly and I’ve used this app on five different Android phones.

    Wal-Marts typically have poor reception at least in my area they do. Target is usually the best. Macy’s, JC Penny and Old Navy have stopped offering walk-in points.

    You can still earn more $25 GC per month if you just remember to turn on the app every day and pick up kicks by watching videos and looking at products.

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