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Published on December 16th, 2014 | by William Charles


Rules For Reallocating Your Credit Limit With Each Credit Card Issuer

In the past we’ve shown you how to request a credit limit increase with each card issuer and whether it’s a hard or soft credit inquiry. In this post we’re going to talk about reallocating your credit limits between credit cards you have with the same issuer. This can be useful when a card issuer has extended as much credit as they are willing to, but you’d like an increased limit on one of your cards (e.g you have one card with a $10,000 limit which you rarely use and another with a $1,000 limit you use daily. You could request that the one you don’t use has $9,000 of it’s limit reallocated to the card you use daily).

  • The information in this post is kept as up to date as possible, that being said you might not have the exact results listed. When you speak to a customer service representative you should ask them if reallocating your credit limit will result in a hard pull, after doing this ask for a reference number for the phone call. That way if they say that a hard pull will not be done, you can make a complaint to get the hard pull removed if one eventuates.
  • When you reallocate your credit limit, make sure you clearly state that you don’t want to close either of your accounts. There are lots of reports of people asking to reallocate credit limits between two cards and ending up with one of the accounts being closed.
  • Some credit cards have a minimum credit limit, for example Visa signature cards must have a credit limit of at least $5,000. This means if you have a Visa signature card with a $6,000 limit, you’d only be able to reallocate $1,000 of that limit to a different card.
  • As far as I am aware, it’s not possible to reallocate credit limits between personal and business credit cards with any credit card issuer nor is it possible to reallocate limits between credit and charge cards (most of which do not have a preset limit). Update you can reallocate between business & personal on Bank of America

Large Card Issuers

American Express

We’ve talked about reallocating your credit limit with American Express in the past. It’s possible and there is no hard pull, there are a number of rules you should be aware of though. I’d recommend reading our previous post on this topic as it’s pretty comprehensive.

Bank of America

Update: Bank of America seems to now be doing a soft pull for these reallocations when you call in.


Everybody seems to have a different experience with Barclay and I think it really depends on which department you speak to. People have had more success by calling their credit analyst department (Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5PM EST). To get onto their credit analyst department, just call the regular number and ask to be transferred.

  • You can move limits around more easily when a card has just been opened (e.g within 30 days of approval)
  • Will often give you the option of reallocating your credit limits if they’ve extended you the maximum credit they are willing and you apply for another credit card (e.g, you apply for a credit card and they deny you because they don’t want to extend you anymore credit. You call the reconsideration line and they’ll approve you on the condition that you move some of your credit limits from your existing cards onto the new card)
  • Will often give you the option of reallocating your credit limit to other cards if you want to cancel one of your cards (e.g you want to cancel a card because the annual fee is due soon, you should be able to call and request that they move that credit limit onto other cards you have with Barclays. You’ll need to keep a minimum on the card being closed, varies depending on what card it is)
  • If they do allow you to do any reallocation, it should only be a soft pull but confirm before doing so.

Capital One

Capital One now allows you to do this online (similar to American Express), please read our full post on this process here.


With Chase it’s possible to reallocate your credit limit quite easily, you can either send a secured message or call them to request a reallocation.

  • Soft pull. If you’re moving credit onto a card that will cause that cards credit limit to exceed $35,000 it will result in a hard pull (although you should be warned about this first)
  • Cannot move credit limits between business and personal cards. Also cannot move credit limits between charge and credit cards.
  • Usually processed within 24 hours (most report it being done instantly), although the department that processes this is closed on the weekends


Citi front line customer service representatives are usually pretty clueless when it comes to credit reallocation, this is because in most cases they can’t actually process them. You might need to call more than once to speak with a representative that knows what they are talking about, alternatively you can state “I’d like to reallocate my credit limits, I’m aware you cannot do this. Can you please transfer me over to the credit analyst department? Thank you for your help”. This should speed up the process dramatically, but some representatives might still struggle, just hang up and call again.

  • Both cards have to be open a minimum of six months
  • Hard pull, although in some rare cases the front line CSR operators can process the reallocation and in this case a soft pull will be done.
  • You can only perform can only perform up to two credit limit increases and two credit limit decreases as part of the one hard pull (Thanks to reader Andre for pointing this out)


Most people will only have one credit card with Discover (e.g the Discover it or Discover secured credit card), so shouldn’t require any reallocation. That being said, it is possible for those with multiple cards to reallocate credit.

  • Can reallocate if you have two or more accounts, or one account and apply for another one.
  • If reallocating credit lines when opening a new account, a hard pull will be done for the next account but not the reallocation. If reallocating between existing credit limits, call them to discuss your options (varies on a case by case basis).
  • Both credit cards must have a credit limit of at least $500

U.S Bank

US Bank allows you to reallocate credit limits and it’s only a soft pull to do so, but you need to get manager approval first.

Wells Fargo

Thanks to O from the comments for this information.

Smaller Card Issuers

Elan Financial (Credit Unions)

Elan Financial issues credit cards for more than 1,600 financial institutions, most of which are credit unions. If your card is with Elan then reallocating your credit limit will result in a soft credit pull.

First National Bank of Omaha

Allows credit limit reallocation and doing so will result in only a soft pull. Remember this bank does a lot of co-branded and white label credit cards, so you might not always be aware that you have two cards issued by them.


It’s not possible to reallocate your lines of credit with Synchrony. Thanks to reader Cait for this information.


Not possible to reallocate credit limits with USAA.

Final Thoughts

Reallocating your credit limits can be a useful tool, especially if you’re planning to close an account but want to keep your credit limits mostly intact. I’d also like to thank everybody on twitter who helped to provide data points for this post, if you’ve got any more data points to share then please do so in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to follow me on twitter so you can help on future posts!

82 Responses to Rules For Reallocating Your Credit Limit With Each Credit Card Issuer

  1. David says:

    Can verify that reallocating my Chase card limits worked very easy a couple weeks ago via phone, and was instant (in less than 30 seconds could see the change in online accounts). Didn’t realize at the time that this was a “normal” request, and was expecting to have to jump through verbal hoops to do it, but the CSR made it seem like no big deal at all…nice.

  2. JB says:

    Interesting! IME Chase doesn’t allow a card go lower than $500. But this might be only when the card is closed. YMMV obviously.

    • David says:

      JB, you may be correct – my two cards originally had limits of 14.5k and 7k. I was able to transfer 13k from the first to the second card, since I want to use the second one almost exclusively more than the first now. Didn’t want to close the first card, though, and the CSR said I could move limits back and forth any time I wanted (did not mention $500 minimum to keep open however). As long as I wasn’t actually adding overall credit, then he confirmed that would be a hard pull in that case.

  3. JAMES B. says:

    Very useful and interesting blog post!

    I tried to move credit to some Chase CCs with +$25K credit lines and Chase would not let me move more credit to these +$25K credit lines without a hard pull and credit review, so I decided to move the credit to other Chase CCs with lower credit lines. YMMV..

  4. Dude, you have been killing it lately! How do I know? It’s because you are going to make that weird TBB blog again! 🙂

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  6. It's me says:

    You can reallocate US Bank credit lines. You just have to ask for a supervisor. I did it already.

    • Was it a soft or hard pull?

      • Ted says:

        Just did this, indeed have to ask for supervisor as frontline rep said not possible. Supervisor submitted request to underwriting and said would take up to 3 business days. I requested on Thursday 6pm and by Saturday it was already done.

        No hard pull showing yet on my Experian report from TrueCredit Instant Alerts. But then, I did apply for new card less than a month ago and they did pull then, so not sure if that had to do with it. When asked, supervisor said there MAY or may not be hard pull, looks like only underwriting knows for sure and may be dependent case by case?

  7. O says:

    I dealt with a Wells Fargo limit reallocation (moved from Wells Fargo Visa Rewards card to the Wells Fargo Propel World Amex). They allow it but they said that they do another hard inquiry for that. I decided to get that hit since it was after an AppoRama and used that hard inquiry for a credit line increase as well. I asked for $1000 to be left on the visa card and moved the remaining amount to the Propel World Amex (I am not sure about the lowest they would require to be left on the card).

    I spoke with Discover about how many card they allow per person back in Feb 2014 and they said that you can have up to 3 Disc cards at one time.

    • O says:

      Phone number to reach the Wells Fargo department that handles credit reallocation: 1-866-412-5997

    • J-Bert says:

      during a phone call earlier this year, I was told 2 Discover cards is the max, unless a authorized user of another account.

      Discover will Not reallocation between cards. I asked to increase my ChromeIT and take away from my RegualarIT (10/26/2015) and they explained in a call and again in a online chat that reallocation is Not possible at all. 🙁

  8. Andre says:

    Attempted to move credit lines with my accounts with Citi. As noted, the CSRs are not familiar with the process, so a request to talk to an Account Manager is required. Also as noted, a hard pull will be made as part of the process.

    But as I found out, the account managers can only perform up to 2 credit limit decreases and 2 credit limit increases as part of the 1 hard pull.

    I have 5 cards with Citi and I definitely would need to complete more than 4 actions to successfully move credit around, so for my case I may need more than 1 credit report to be pulled. I didn’t proceed after all as I rather not lose multiple points just by moving credit around.

    Maybe I will integrate this request with a coming App-o-rama so that the inquiry hits overlap with other new card applications.

  9. Ven says:

    For Barclays, I call the 866-408-4064 always. it is their credit analyst department and I have moved my CL to other open accounts, closed accounts with no issues.

    • Chris says:

      This worked very easily for me. No need to do anything extra, got connected to the right department right away and had a human on the phone within seconds. I asked to transfer credit limit from one card to another and she did it with no follow up questions. Thanks for the number and advice!

  10. Aahz says:

    Need to update since Capital One now allows has a consolidation tool right on their website.

  11. Jagir Jhaveri says:

    Bullet 3 towards the top about Visa Signature limit having to be a minimum of $5000. This is incorrect information as I have a British card and Southwest card, both with $1000 credit line to it.

    • It’s a requirement by Visa, not always enforced though.

      • Boo says:

        I’m very late to this party, I know, but when I contacted Chase by secure message yesterday to do a partial credit line consolidation (after reading this post — thanks!), I initially mentioned an amount that left $5000 on my Southwest card (since it’s a Visa Signature, I thought I needed to do that but didn’t mention my reasoning in my message).

        Instead of just taking that number and processing it, the Chase CSR who responded volunteered the information that all but $500 of the line on my Southwest card was eligible for transfer to my other Chase card and asked me to let him know how much I wanted to transfer.

        I sent him another message asking him to process the full consolidation amount allowed, and four hours later it was done. So it may be worth asking the CSR how much is eligible for consolidation rather than assuming that one needs to ask for a number that leaves $5000 on the Visa Signature cards.

  12. TomJ says:

    With Citi, whats the point of transferring CL to another card ? I am afraid that when you do so, you max out your available credit limit from Citi and then when you apply for a new citi card, you have to call and transfer some balance from an existing card to get the new one approved. But, if you had just closed the previous citi card without transferring CL, you could have gotten an automatic approval as you haven’t maxed out your credit line. Correct me please, if I am wrong.

    • Anonymous says:

      The main reason would be to take advantage of a balance transfer offer that one Citi card extends, but the other doesn’t. You then could transfer the credit from one card to the other and maximize the balance transfer benefit. Why Citi makes this so complex, boggles me. I suspect it’s to deter this kind of behavior – but if someone has a good payment history, that merely limits Citi’s profit potential.

      • Heidi says:

        Balance transfer offer? You mean those balance transfer checks with an ultra-low 0.0% APR for 6 months? If youre holding balances on your credit, then this game is not for you. Who in the world transfers balances?

        • Profit says:

          I MS 10K+ each month when I should really be paying off my mortgage! Now if I could pool all my Citi cards together for 50K on my citi diamond preferred, I would be able to transfer all of it to pay my mortgage early for a measly fee of $1.5K (@just 3% fee). I can pay off my cc in 21 months with my job and using my amortization calculator, I would save around 14K in principal interest if I used the 50K credit line now to pay it! Wish I could do it!!!

  13. Jordan says:

    Do you know if USAA allows for reallocating credit?

  14. garkman says:

    Just opened a couple CCs and called in a week later to reallocate credit between the two. Front line rep said that within 30 days of CC approval there’s no hard pull to do so. 4 days later and I still don’t see an additional pull in “ProtectMyID” credit monitoring, so appears to be correct. Also happened instantly with front line rep on a weekend, no escalation to a credit analyst req’d. And it was a fairly large 5 figure transfer, fyi.

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  16. Marco says:

    Discover can only do this for newly opened card. I opened my 2nd Discover it card in 2015 and was asked to allocate credit lines between the two cards. Later I called and ask to reallocate limits, and was told they cannot do it between 2 existing cards.

  17. JCS says:

    TD Bank will not allow you to reallocate CL. You can ask for your application to be re-evaluated within thirty calendar days without an additional hard pull though.

  18. M says:

    Barclay Credit Department can be reached directly at 1-866-408-4064

  19. Ted says:

    Reallocation of CL with US Bank is soft pull. Manager approval still applies, results are instant.

    • james says:

      called number for my us bank kroger account to move to my platinum, CSR said flatly no they don’t do that, now calling another number about my two rei usbank cards to reallocate and close one.

  20. M says:

    Has anyone been able to move credit from BoA cc to FIA Fidelity Amex?

  21. Hans says:

    Just spoke to CSR from the Citi prestige line and she says will be able to reallocate credit but will be a hard pull. I guess depends on who you speak to

    • Hunter says:

      Just had the same experience as you. Prestige CSR said he could reallocate credit but they’ll have to pull a credit report. I’m on the fence as to whether or not to do it – been paying my rent with Plastiq on my AT&T Access More which eats up more than half of the balance and isn’t good for my credit score every month. Adding most of my credit from my AA cards would help alleviate this, but not sure it’s worth a hard pull.

  22. Opie says:

    Can you move credit line from a joint account to a non-joint account (if both parties are on the non-joint account, one as an authorized user)?

  23. Stan L. says:

    US Bank reallocation. First tried 2 CSRs, they didn’t know it was possible. Asked for supervisor, he transferred me to Underwriting Dept. Term used is “Line Swapping” and the direct # is 800-947-1444. Underwriter notified he was to ask income questions, etc… and upon inquiry, he indicated that in order to reallocate credit line required a HARD pull. I bailed at that point as I was merely reallocating line from a no annual fee card.

    • Pat says:

      I just tried and (miserably) failed thrice to have credit limit reallocated from a US Bank Club Carlson to a US Bank FlexPerks. Two FP Member Services reps and a supervisor all said it was not possible to increase CL unless I specifically submitted a CL increase request (requiring consent to pull credit). Of note the 1-866-659-6801 number on the DoC article discussing CC companies and associated HPs leads to a prerecorded message. Sounds like a promotion recently ended regarding CL increases (possibly with the bespoke softpulls).


      • Nik says:

        I just called US Bank, got through to the supervisor who told me they don’t reallocate anymore. They can lower the limit on one card and then submit a request to increase the other one, with a hard pull.
        Said they stopped doing it in July 2016.

        I’m still gonna try and call the underwriting.

  24. JC says:

    Just curious what strategy you recommend. I have several personal chase cards and business card with Chase. I rarely use the business card and it has a generous credit line higher than any of my personal cards. I recently opened a new chase card and they only gave me a 5k limit and I would like to increase that without reallocating from my personal credit cards. If I lower my business credit limit with this increase the chances that chase will auto increase my credit limit since I am likely at the maximum exposure currently? If not any other suggestions on how to get a higher credit limit without reallocating from my existing cards?

  25. Kristen says:

    Does synchrony bank do this??

    • Cait says:

      I’m actually calling Synchrony about this tomorrow (06/26). I have three separate lines of credit from Synchrony that were for different retailers and do not use two of them anymore. I’ll post a reply tomorrow to let you know whether I was successful and what the details are!

      • Cait says:

        UPDATE: I called and spoke with Synchrony. They do not allow you to reallocate your lines of credit. The only option that was offered to me was to request a credit line increase. I also asked if the increase request would be a hard inquiry and they said that it would.

        As an aside, I also asked if lowering the credit lines on my other two Synchrony cards would increase the likelihood that I would receive an increase on the card I originally wanted to reallocate my old lines to. They told me that it would not make a difference.

        Hope this helps!

  26. jose says:

    Barclays does not do any type of credit report pull when reallocating your line of credit on their credit cards.

    Did a reallocating of credit today. Shows changes within minutes. When calling ask to be transfer
    to the credit department.

  27. KJ says:

    For Citi when you want to increase or reallocate the limits the magic words are I want to reallocate my credit limits can you transfer me to “credit” department. If you say credit analyst they think its another person working their.

    After long holding and transferring they were able to increase my ATT more limit to 20K from 7K.

    • Rikin says:

      KJ, I just called Citi to have a credit limit reallocation and the agent said they no longer do this. When did you call to have it done for yours?

      Also, what did you mean by the last line in your post “they were able to increase my ATT more limit to 20K from 7K.” Not familiar with the acronyms.

    • David Ann Arbor says:

      I must have tried three different phone calls today to get credit line transferred from one Citicard to another, and they state you have to ask for a credit line increase instead, which of course doesn’t really address the question of reallocation. And yes I asked to talk to the Credit Department.

      • ES says:

        I was almost able to do this today. I called the Citi card application number (888-201-4523) got past the automation to a person, they transferred me to a CSR for existing accounts. They told me it wasn’t doable, so I politely asked if they could transfer me to a supervisor. They did and the supervisor stated their title was “Account Manager”. He said he could do it, but after a brief hold he came back and said since the card I wanted to transfer credit off of had recently had its limit increased (automatically by Citi – not at my request) it wasn’t doable at this time. Apparently there is a 6 month time period before between an increase and ability to move the credit limit. If he had been able to do it, it would have been a hard pull.

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  30. Jason says:

    I moved all but $1500 of credit from a Ritz Carlton Rewards onto a Sapphire Reserve. After the move the Sapphire Reserve was well over the $35k limit, however I was not warned there would be a hard pull nor did I suffer a hard pull. Possible variables: called the JP Morgan support number on the back of the RCR, am CPC.

  31. Alex says:

    DP synchrony (Amazon store card):
    Main account page has a prominent “request more [credit]” button.
    When clicked, asks for update on annual income
    Contacted customer service, to this response:
    “it is impossible for us to determine if the request for a credit limit increase will result in a hard or soft inquiry as it is completely decided by the system. However, to be on the safe side we assume that it will be a hard check.”

  32. M says:

    Successful reallocation with Chase via secure messages over the weekend.

  33. The Man says:

    Hi Doc,

    Do you know by any chance if we are still able to reallocate credit with BOA without HP?

  34. MaryJ says:

    I use Citi DoubleCash (CL $5,500) for home care expense, which typically is $5,000 per month. Soon that expense will increase to $7,600. I always pay in full each month, sometimes must pay mid-month to avoid going over the CL. My other cards have CLs in $20K range, but Citi won’t. I want to use DblCash, but Citi won’t increase CL and won’t combine with my other Citi card. 1) Does using up most of the CL, month after month, adversely affect my FICO score? 2) Does Citi reallocate CLs? Thanks.

  35. Phantasmic says:

    FYI, you mentioned: “As far as I am aware, it’s not possible to reallocate credit limits between personal and business credit cards with any credit card issuer.” Just an update that BOA allowed reallocation from personal to biz. Also isn’t it possible with Amex?

  36. Bazzknog says:

    Has anyone heard of sign up bonuses being affected if your minimum spend hasn’t been completed yet and you take a Chase business card under the minimum of $5k? I had to move some credit lines today to open a new biz card and this is what the rep told me over the phone.

  37. Don L says:

    I signed up for the “Discover IT Miles” card today, have had the “Discover IT” card for over a year.

    Right after online auto approval, I called in and asked for a good portion of the credit line to be moved from the old to the new card – phone CSR said that they have no ability to move credit limits.

    A few hours later I tried again, a Chat CSR was able to successfully more the credit limit [I launched chat from the credit card application page – not sure if that mattered (I was signed in on another tab)].

  38. Don says:

    With Citi, since they technically consider these to be “credit limit decreases” and “credit limit increases” rather than a credit limit reallocation, is it really safe to request this, or could they decrease the limits but then decline to do the corresponding “increase(s)” based on the hard pull?

    It’s one thing to request this and be denied; quite another to request this and end up with your Citi CL(s) slashed. Thanks very much.

  39. gloreglabert says:

    I tried extensively to reallocate to a brand-new Discover card from a very old existing Discover card and had zero success. Multiple reps told me flatly that it was impossible, which sucks because there’s a very real chance that you get approved for a tiny credit line on a second card and have no way to move credit from a first card. That *includes* at the time of application (which is what I wanted to do).

    Unless we have any recent hard datapoints otherwise, I would update discover to “impossible under any circumstances”. I tried quite a few times and got nowhere.

    • Jack says:

      I was successful reallocating Discover limits between cards a couple of times within the last 12 months. I also had a time when I was told I couldn’t do it. I think there may be account conditions that make an account eligible or not eligible for reallocation at specific times. I don’t know what those conditions are. Perhaps credit score, usage, age of cards, and if the account you want to transfer to is currently eligible for a credit limit increase. I think that there may also be some reps that have the option on their screen and some that do not have the option on their screen. I’ve seen this mixed result for Discover reallocation for the last several years. It is possible if your account meets whatever criteria Discover uses but they are not forthcoming about explaining the process. If you want to reallocate Discover limits between cards, try calling and asking for a credit limit increase rather than a reallocation. You might end up talking to a rep that has the option on their screen to reallocate credit limits, or maybe the reallocation option comes up sometimes when you ask for a cli, or perhaps the reallocate option is buried in the cli part of their menu tree and it makes it easier for them to find it. I don’t know how or why, but I do know that I have been successful and unsuccessful reallocating between the same two accounts within the last year.

  40. Mark says:

    Does anyone have any DP for Santandeer? They are becoming a player in the Northest US and I have a card with them and need to get another card to eventually merge the CL’s.

    Thanks in advance.

  41. Mark-NY says:

    Consolidated credit lines with Wells Fargo (WF) today. Moved 15K from a personal card to another personal card that had 16.5k, for a total of 31.5k on one card. Income and rent/mortgage info was required and was told they didn’t need to do a credit pull for my request. I mentioned the CL’s just in case this is a factor in the credit pull requirement. Note that the standard script they read during the process will suggest they ‘may’ pull your credit but after the analyst is done reading you can inquire if it’s a hard or soft pull if they determine they need to do one for you.

  42. Mimi says:

    I have called Citi several times hoping to get someone to move credit on my CitiDC. NO GO for me each time. I was told by the credit dept that I can request for an increase on each card but I refused since that entails HP for each request. I’ll keep on trying, maybe one of these days they’ll change the rules.

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  44. Jeff H says:

    First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) will do a soft pull for a CLI. The amount of the increase YMMV. Consider doing that before asking for realigning CLs. Telephone agents are instructed to advise the caller before any HP. Being human, they sometimes forget. They are instructed to ask your approval before any offer is processed if you accept the offer.
    Ask about HPs before accepting any offer they give you. I generally ask just as they excuse themselves to process your request.

  45. Chucks says:

    Another DP with Barclays- Just called and asked to move credit around. Really no questions asked. Cards had all been open for well over 30 days. They indicated a $500 minimum remain on cards and that credit limits couldn’t dip below outstanding balances but that was about it.

    I’ve done this at least two other times with no issue, though it might have been shortly after changing a card.

  46. T says:

    Another DP for Chase. SMed them to move credit limits around and they didn’t ask any other questions, but did say that it would take a day or two to be reviewed. They messaged me back the next day saying it was approved and was reflected in my limits that day.

    I did it for the two SW cards on the day I had been approved. No problems and a really easy process.

  47. Ivan X says:

    Barclay first line rep could not transfer me to credit analyst dept, but gave me their direct number: 866-663-6532

    I called, and had no difficulty transferring my CL from my JetBlue Plus to my Aviator Red, and then closing the JetBlue Plus.

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