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Published on September 18th, 2018 | by William Charles


Retailmenot App Deals: Sam’s Club, Staples, CVS, Home Depot, Walgreens & More

Reposting as there are a lot more offers than originally thought.

The Offers

  • Retailmenot has loaded some new offers into the app:
    • Walgreens: Spend $25+ & get $10 cash back
    • Sam’s Club: Spend $50+ online & Get $5 back
    • Papa John’s: Spend $25+ & get $10 back
    • Staples: Spend $20+ & get $10 cash back
    • CVS: Spend $25, get $10 back
    • Macy’s: Spend $20, get $10 back
    • Home Depot: Spend $20, get $10 back

Our Verdict

I believe Retailmenot now lets you reuse offers but you’re limited to a maximum of 10 per month. Usually the terms excluded gift cards, in practice that hasn’t been enforced (but YMMV and who knows if a claw back will happen. Deals are better when you stack, some options:

  • Sam’s Club: American Express spend $50, get $10 back deal
  • Walgreens: Maybe useful if you haven’t max out your Chase Freedom

Older deals can be found here.

Hat tip to readers @play_ukulele, mawn & newbie

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It has been tracking very consistently for all my previous purchases but today was the first time I did not get a notification when i bought something at Kohl’s. I am wondering if it is just a temporary glitch or it is more widespread issue.

Can you share some data points on where it successfully tracked with instant notification in this latest promo period starting 9/17?

I also made a purchase today at Walgreen’s and it did not track. This was the first time it happened for me too. They may be having technical difficulties – earlier today none of my offers were showing, and it said my lifetime cashback was $0.00 (which was incorrect).

I had the exact experience as well. I’m used to getting a notification from their app immediately after making a purchase. I didn’t get one, so I looked at the app when I got home and no offers were showing as well. The offers and my previous cashback are showing now, but the purchase I made at Walgreens today isn’t showing as “pending”. I’m not sure whether or not to contact them regarding this, as gift cards are technically excluded from these deals.

I wouldn’t contact them if you don’t want eyes on your account. I’m not going to contact them – I’m just going to try again today since everything seems to be functioning normally again.

As a followup to my previous post, I went to Walgreens again today and it didn’t track again. I went across to CVS and that one tracked. So, I wonder if there is a problem with Walgreen’s tracking. Anyone else having a similar issue?

How many RMN deals have you claimed at Walgreens this month. Could there be a limit per store?

Lisa – I had two previous successful claims earlier this month. Now you have me wondering if there is a limit. Let me do some research -> ok, research done -> according to the link I will post at the bottom, it says there is a limit of 3 redemptions per merchant in a calendar month. So, since I’ve only done two, the limit can’t be the problem here:

Offer linked on 9/17 (this one that I’m trying to get now)
Offer linked on 9/13 (and claimed)
Offer linked on 9/6 (and claimed)

RTM Limit Source:

I posted the terms regarding this later in this thread. You are looking at the “Online Cashback” Terms. These are the terms for “Card-Linked” Cashback:

Now the confusion is whether it is a rolling 30 day window or calendar month.

Last update – my Walgreens purchase from a couple hours ago finally tracked – finally got the popup notification on my phone. So, just a heads up to all that some notifications may be delayed.

Interesting, thanks for the DP. IME if you don’t get the tracking notification immediately after purchase, it’s not coming.

Walgreens tracked for me last night and Staples tracked this morning. However, the CVS purchase I made this morning did not track.

CVS didn’t track for me either when I bought a gift card awhile ago. Most stores track immediately but on my most recent Walgreens run ($5 off 50), it took a couple of days. I haven’t done gift cards at Staples yet but when I bought stamps it didn’t track and I contacted RMN after 20 days from date of purchase and they loaded the cashback immediately.

Just tracked instantly for me at Walgreens with Freedom

Did you use Visa or Amex?. It may be a coincidence but 2 purchases I’ve made with Visa tracked, but I got nothing when used linked Amex at other stores.

Hmmm… On the previous Walgreens deal, both my mom and I went in to Walgreens together and bought the same gift card. New accounts for each of us. Mine tracked immediately, her’s didn’t even go to pending. Several days later, at the same time, both accounts received their funds. Mine was CF (visa). Hers was PRG (amex). Maybe the difference was visa vs amex?

Staples and Walgreens VISA and AMEX purchases tracked today (9/17).

Was it a gift card purchase?

Yes, all purchases were $25 Amazon Gift Cards

My Kohls purchase instantly tracked on 9/17 using Visa card.
(bought sth for +$20 and got a $10 reward notice)

Is this Visa only?

No. It is whatever cards you link in the RetailMeNot app.

Source: the RetailMeNot app.

CVS also $10 for $25 spend
Staples $10 for $20 spend
Home Depot $10 for $20 spend
Macy’s $10 for $20 spend
Papa Johns $10 for $25 spend
Theses are examples and not the complete list.
Offers expire September 30th

I got these same offers…

I’m also getting these. Lots of $10 off $20 spend deals on my app.

Today, I knocked off:
CVS also $10 for $25 spend
Staples $10 for $20 spend
Home Depot $10 for $20 spend
Walgreen’s $10 for $25 spend

I did the exact same and everything tracked properly. Not sure what happened yesterday. looks like a temporary glitch.

Did you buy gift cards at CVS, or just regular products?

Were these all GC purchases? I could not get CVS to track for me.

If you have an offer linked already and then add a new card to wallet, will the offer be linked to this new card automatically?

Bought VGC last night at Walgreens with Citi Mastercard and it tracked immediately after purchase.

William Charles I think the max 10 offers per month is only for online cashback, not in-store. This is the new terms from the email I received from RMN on 8/29:

“Thank you for being a loyal RetailMeNot customer. We want to make you aware of changes to our Online Cash Back Offers Program.

First, as of September 1, 2018 the maximum number of eligible payouts that a user can receive for online purchases at the same merchant is capped at three per calendar month. Additionally, the total number of eligible payouts that a user can receive in a calendar month, will be capped at ten.”

You’re misreading the terms you just copy pasted. It clearly states online capped at 3, all capped at 10 as mentioned in the post.

Under the Online Cash Back Terms: “Number of Rewards Offers per Person” means a limit of 10 Rewards Offers (September 1, 2018) in the aggregate under all RetailMeNot Promotions in any calendar month and a limit of three Rewards per Merchant in any calendar month, unless otherwise specified in the Promotion Landing Page.”

Under the Card Linked Cash Back Terms: “Number of Rewards Offers per Person” means a limit of 30 Rewards Offers in the aggregate under all RetailMeNot Promotions in any 30-day period…”

I’ve re-read the email updates and understand it applies to ONLINE purchases via the app, not to in-store offers. I have already done 3 payouts for Sept and maybe that’s why I have $5 and $10 pending, or else, they would’ve not tracked after 3.

IME, I quit linking CVS when it didn’t track my first test purchase for gee-C.

Information Booth

Walgreens also earns pts on the Drop app. If you’re new to Drop you can use Will or Chuck’s referral codes to sign up. I’ve not run across anything that doesn’t stack with Drop and you don’t lose your pts for returns. John 3:16

Does Drop pay if you buy gift cards? I remember them refusing to pay for gift cards before, though maybe they don’t care anymore if they have reduced limits.

Can you use this multiple times at one visit?
For example if you go to CVS or Walgreens how many transactions can you do to get the cash back?

NO, you qualify just once each time you link an offer and purchase the threshold amount in one transaction. When it gets tracked and goes to pending status, you have to wait till payment is available before you can press the link button if offer hasn’t expired yet. Be mindful of term limits set by RMN.

So far RMN has worked for buying GC at WG. They pay out fast, too. I immediately transfer out to PayPal and then bank to avoid any possible clawback.

DP: just bought gee-C @ wag with MC cc, tracked immediately after purchase.

FWIW, also linked $5/$50 offer on the 16th and it also tracked after purchase same day.

I recieved the $10 CVS cashback offer by doing an “Amazon cash” load of $26 at a CVS using an AMEX linked to my Retailnot account. Thanks for posting this Doc!

Just realized I have $10 still pending on the RMN app for a Walgreens vgc purchase I made on 7/31. Any reason to contact them about this or would it draw attention to the VGC and get denied anyway? Anybody have experience having RMN credit/approve missing or still pending cashback?

I have had a couple I have addressed. They want your receipt so if it was only a GC I would not bother drawing attn to yourself.

Yes, I have 2 times $10 not tracked but I chose not to contact them. If my purchase was organic, I would fight for the $10..

Let us know if it will work. The previous $5 worked for me with a $500 vgc purchase at walgreens. I wanna do it again this time.
I wonder if I can get ithe cashback on vgc purchases from Staples and CVS! Does CVS sell the $500 Vanilla vgc?

It seems it is not quite compatible with Apple pay. I used the Apple pay at CVS but did not get any notification. They tended to response within several minutes for my previous purchases.

CVS already started taking Apple Pay? I heard just weeks ago it seemed that they finally agreed to. Good to k ow they finally started.

I would thing that mobile wallets that convert your number, like Discover does, would interfere with a linked card. But that’s just a guess.

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