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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on July 29th, 2016 | by William Charles


PNC $300 Checking Bonus [AL, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, MO, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, SC, VA, WI and WV]

  • Maximum bonus amount: Up to $300 
  • Availability: AL, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, MO, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, SC, VA, WI and WV
  • Direct deposit required: $500-$5,000 depending on bonus
  • Additional requirements: 10 debit card transactions
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft 
  • Credit card funding: Up to $2,000 with Visa or Mastercard
  • Monthly fees: $7-$25, waive-able 
  • Early account termination fee: $25 if closed within six months
  • Household Limit: None
  • Expiration date: June 30th, 2016 August 31st, 2016 September 30th, 2016 October 31st, 2016 December 31st, 2016 February 28th, 2017 March 31st, 2017 June 30th, 2017 September 30th, 2017 December 31st, 2017

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • PNC are back and offering up to $300 in checking bonuses. All of the bonuses require at least 10 debit card transactions. How much you’ll receive depends on the account you plan to open and is broken down as follows:
    • Open a Virtual Wallet Account and receive $50 with direct deposits totaling $500
    • Open a Virtual Wallet with Performance Spend and receive $200 with direct deposits totaling $2,000
    • Open a Virtual Wallet with Performance Select and receive $300 with direct deposits totaling $5,000

pnc $300 checking bonus

The Fine Print

  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them
  • You will only be considered for one reward amount, which is based on the product type you open
  • Requirements must be met within 60 days of account opening
  • Your checking account must remain open in order for you to receive the reward, which will be credited to the eligible account within 60-90 days after all conditions have been met and will be identified as “Credits_Web_Promos” on your monthly statement
  • A qualifying Direct Deposit is defined as a recurring Direct Deposit of a paycheck, pension, Social Security or other regular monthly income electronically deposited by an employer or an outside agency
  • New account will not be eligible for offer if any signer has signing authority on an existing PNC Bank consumer checking account or has closed an account within the past 90 days, or has been paid a promotional premium in the past 12 months

Avoiding Fees

Virtual Wallet $7 Monthly Fee ($50 Bonus)

You can get this fee waived if you meet any of the following:

  • Average monthly balance of $500 or more
  • Qualifying direct deposit of $500 or more
  • Use only ATM, online banking, mobile banking or other self-serve electronic methods to make withdrawals and deposits
  • Provide proof of active enrollment in a qualifying educational institution (expires 6 years after the account is enrolled in the student banking program

Virtual Wallet With Performance Spend $15 Monthly Fee ($200 Bonus)

You can get this fee waived if you meet any of the following:

  • Average monthly balance of $2,000 or more
  • Qualifying direct deposit of $2,000 or more
  • $15,000 in linked eligible accounts

Virtual Wallet With Performance Select $25 Monthly Fee ($300 Bonus)

You can get this fee waived if you meet any of the following:

  • Average monthly balance of $5,000 or more
  • Qualifying direct deposits of $5,000 or more
  • $25,000 in linked eligible accounts

Early Account Termination Fee

There is an early account termination fee of $25. This is charged if you close your account within 180 days. There is some evidence to suggest that they don’t actually charge this fee, but YMMV.

Our Verdict

This is a good bonus, but PNC seems to offer bonuses of up to $400 with the exact same requirements,  that being said this $300 offer has now been going for a long time so maybe the $400 offer is a thing of the past. Keep in mind you can only get this bonus once every twelve months. We’ve added this bonus to our list of the top checking account offers.

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Hat tip to reader Jay

917 Responses to PNC $300 Checking Bonus [AL, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, MO, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, SC, VA, WI and WV]

  1. M says:

    Is this online only?

  2. jay says:

    Thank you for the hattip.

  3. Anonybank says:

    Just a heads up, the fine print for the $300 bonus says “$5,000
    in qualifying MONTHLY direct deposits to your Spend account” required to avoid the $25 monthly account fee.

  4. Jeff says:

    I received a $400 PNC bonus a few months ago in 2015. I’ve called PNC multiple times about receiving my 1099 for tax purposes, and they said I won’t get one since they don’t report bonuses/interest under $600. Does anyone have any experience or more information with this? I thought we have to report all bonuses on our tax returns?

  5. mike says:

    not sure where to put this – is anyone else having trouble getting a 1099 from PNC for bonus last year?

    Wife & i both hit it for 400 but neither received bonus. Called in and they cannot verify me over the phone since my acct is now closed. They told me to go to branch. However, i live 2.5 hours from closest branch. So then they told me to send letter to their channel services.

    This seems very excessive but maybe PNC does not report to IRS. I am having same problem with wells fargo but they are investigating & i had to go to branch for them too.

    • Jeff says:

      Mike, please see my comment a few before yours. I had same issue – PNC told me they don’t send out 1099s for under $600. They said they don’t report to IRS, but many people have advised me to include the bonus anyway as interest income on tax return.

      • El Guapo says:

        Many organizations do not send 1099s for those receiving less than 600 from them, but you should include it in your self-reported interest income. I’ve learned this from years of doing textbook reviews for college publishers, most of which pay less than 600. That’s even worse because it’s miscellaneous taxable income (higher rate than interest income).

  6. Anita says:

    Data point… On 2/9, I tried online and (after entering all my secure info… grrrrr) got “Can’t verify your security, come into branch”. I went into branch on 2/10. Got my $300 bonus on 3/30. A friend wanted to go for the bonus, so today I see on the PNC site, the offer is now available 4/1 to 4/30. But when I clicked “email me a coupon”, I get “Sorry, your coupon request was not successful: A Coupon is not available for this product.” Curious if anyone else is able to get past this?.

  7. Ql says:

    How to fund it with credit card after opening? Can you do it online?

  8. Jim says:

    I opened a virtual wallet with performance select for the $300 bonus on 1/15/16, and did a diverse set of online ACH transfers from different banks and the billpay. I never got the bonus, and I stopped into a branch the other day asking about it where I was told that I didn’t fulfill the requirements. He showed me on his workstation’s “genesis” system window where they all were clearly identifiable as “ACH” transfers not from an employer. I had him downgrade to the lowest tier of account so I can stop intervening. Obviously it’s working for some people but a word of warning that it’s obviously not guaranteed.


    • LWT says:

      Out of curiosity, did you ever receive e-mails from PNC saying they received direct deposits? I took an approach similar to the one you did — I sent ACH transfers from two different sources hoping it would increase my chances that at least one would be recognized as a direct deposit. I’ve received e-mails from PNC with the subject line “Direct Deposit Greater Than $1.00 Credited To Your Checking Account” for transfers from both Capital One 360 and Discover.

      • KB says:

        LWT, did you get the bonus? I also received that email with an ACH that I actually pulled from WF. Wondering if it will count as a DD.

    • Zal says:

      Did you by any chance have a transfer from your own business account to the account as one of your ACH transfers?

  9. Nick says:

    No luck with Serve or Bluebird yet. Opened the $200 one on 4/13, did 4K of ACH via Serve and Bluebird in April, still no bonus. Also did the 10 debits via Square Cash if that makes a difference…maybe they need to be real debits?

    • Nick says:

      I should add that the 4K I put in showed up on my statement as Direct deposit, not transfer. I did make two square cash payments into the account tho, maybe they see this as a return and aren’t counting my debits?

      Just figured I’d share. Most data I’ve seen indicates a few weeks lag from requirements to bonus, but it’s been almost a month now and nothing.

  10. Keith says:

    Anyone here has experience with closing the account? I was looking online and could not find any information about how to go about closing the accounts. Any help is appreciated.

  11. Wayne says:

    Aren’t the instructions missing the third step?

    3) Make at least 10 purchases with your PNC Bank Visa® Debit Card

  12. Tony says:

    Anybody know the routing number for one of these accounts?

  13. Wayne says:

    Note: previously with PNC, tried opening account online and it stopped me before depositing funds and instructed me to go to branch. Went to branch and banker + bank support via phone did not permit funding with CC unless it was a cash advance.

    • Patrick says:

      Thanks for the DP. Have you tried to let them make the cc deposit after you lower the cash advance limit?

  14. Wayne says:

    The new promo also doesn’t require bill pay

  15. Brian says:

    Any current datapoints showing that 360 ACH push would count as Direct Deposit for this promotion?

    • LWT says:

      March 2nd is the latest I’ve seen confirming the bonus. I used it and got an e-mail today saying Direct Deposit Credited, so I assume I’ll get the bonus too, but too early to know for sure.

      • Dave_B says:

        Unfortunately that auto email notification of direct deposit doesn’t actually mean it worked for the bonus. Last time around this was showing for Discover ACH transfers, but no bonuses were paid out for that.

        Some people have indicated that you can use that automated email to argue with the bank that you did in fact have a direct deposit that met the requirements, but YMMV on that.

  16. Oleg says:

    Had a PP Direct deposit on 4/28 and BillPay on 5/5 – no bonus yet … should I be calling PNC Customer Service?

  17. mark says:

    6/14/16- $5k ACH transfer from Alliant CU was coded as a direct deposit. After the transfer was recorded, I received an alert from PNC stating “Direct Deposit Greater Than $1.00 Credited To Your Checking Account” .

    6/14/16- I’ve completed my 10 debit card purchases (at the self checker at W-mart) and will post when I receive the bonus.

  18. Tim says:

    Since one of the $7 fee waiver options for Virtual Wallet is:
    “Use only ATM, online banking, mobile banking or other self-serve electronic methods to make withdrawals and deposits”

    Does that mean no activity (which includes not going to branch/tellers) fulfills that requirement as well?

  19. Vasv says:

    First time trying to apply PNC but turned down at the start.”We are unable to accept online applications from non-U.S. citizens at this time. Please call us at 1-800-762-5684 or visit one of our branches to apply. Thank you for choosing PNC Bank.” looks like online application is only for US citizens currently and in branch not sure we can fund with credit card. Was this same for the previous PNC offers as well?

  20. wayne says:

    6/1/16 – completed 10 debit card purchases
    6/20/16 – $5k ACH transfer from Capital One 360
    7/8/16 – received the $300 bonus as “Promo Reward”

    • Josh says:

      Were your 10 debit transactions online like getting amazon gift cards or were they point of sale transactions?

      • nh says:

        I contacted a PNC rep via live chat, and Yvonne mentioned that both point of sale, and online transactions had counted so far on my account towards meeting the 10 debit card transactions. I have not received the bonus yet, but simply have verified that it would meet the requirement with customer service.

  21. Fiby says:

    I got an email today saying I’ll get $15 if I pay two bills through their bill pay before the end of next month.

    Email quoted below.

    PNC Bank Online Bill Pay is a faster, safer, more convenient way to pay your bills. Since you’re already enrolled, it’s easy to get started. In fact, we’re so sure you’ll love the benefits of PNC Bank Online Bill Pay, we’ll PAY you to try it!

    We’ll credit $15 directly to your account when you use PNC Bank Online Bill Pay to complete two bill payments before the end of the next calendar month. No catch, no kidding, FIFTEEN dollars! Grab one of your bills and give PNC Bank Online Bill Pay a try today! (1)

  22. Ken says:

    DP: I applied for this account using the $300 coupon a month ago. Got my reward today, but instead of getting $300 I received $400…Not sure why this is the case.
    I am a non-US citizen so I had to go to a branch to open my account. Told the banker I’m employed and he told me to open a workplace account with this coupon instead of the regular account. The workplace account has no monthly fee, other than that it’s the same as the regular checking account. And maybe that’s why I got $400 instead?

  23. Adam D says:

    Any data points on fidelity working as a DD? Also if you close the account after the bonus posts but before 6 months will they claw back the bonus? Do you need to keep making DD’s after thr bonus posted?

  24. Rich says:

    Data point on if the Fidelity Rewards Visa codes as a purchase or cash advance? I called trying to lower the cash advance limit and they said its set at 25% and can’t be changed.

  25. Blake says:

    No one ever asks this so I guess I will: is it possible to open the account, meet the spend, get the bonus, ACH out, then close the account eating the $25 fee? Or will the bonus be clawed back?

  26. Dustin says:

    Good news for CSR.

    Funded $2000 using CSR. Showing up as:


    +2000 points

    Half the required spend.

  27. Jason says:

    Data Point:

    Initiated incoming transfer in PNC to transfer from TD bank, $2000 on 8/24, received email on 8/29 that “Direct Deposit Greater Than $1.00 Credited To Your Checking Account – $2,000.00 was credited to your account via direct deposit. ”

    Just done another $2000 from PNC and $1000 from discover saving to meet the $5000 requirement. Will advise when bank bonus is posted.

    • JASON says:

      No bonus posted yet as of 10/13, account opened on 7/26, that means even though I want to use another way to do DD it won’t count towards within 60 days, I used TD bank to initiate transfer. Seeing recent post that one got the bonus on 10/4, so I’m afraid mine will not post

  28. Derek says:

    Another data point for the CSR.

    Funded $2000 using CSR and coded as sale – PNCBANK NA ONLINE RETAIL

    – AYP

  29. Dan says:

    To fund with the CSR, do you first need to call CSR and ask them to close out the cash advance option on the cc?

    Also pnc extended bonus again to end of september

    • Steve says:

      Where do you see it til the end of September?

      This is what I see: “To qualify for the reward, the new checking account must be opened online via the “Apply Now” links on this web page OR at a branch using the appropriate coupon between 07/01/2016 and 08/31/2016″

  30. dan says:

    not available for tx, too bad

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  33. leo says:

    How soon after closing an account are you eligible to receive the bonus again?

  34. jim says:

    How do you have to keep the account open? I will go for the $50 bonus for $500 daily balance req.
    Only interested in this for meeting spend Req. Can I open online, fund it today and close in3 weeks?

  35. jim says:

    Do you have to call Chase to set your saphire reserve cahs advance to zero first?

    In my question above, I mean” How long do you have to keep the account open”? I was looking to open fund and close in 2 weeks.

  36. Mark H says:

    So, is the 2k funded from a CC qualify as a direct deposit?

    I.E. 2k from CC, 3k in ACH = 5k qualifying DD?

  37. Dan says:

    can you fund the $2000 if opened in branch? Im guessing no cause they usually run those on cash advance machines. I’ve only had luck funding accounts with credit card when opened online

  38. David says:

    Can’t CC fund on branch, online only.

  39. Jason says:

    Forgot to mention DP:

    Funded $2000 with Citi Double Cash, coded as purchase

  40. Yang says:

    Anyway to fund online for an existing pnc checking account, just wanna meet the 2k spending requirement form the US bank cc
    Any ideas?

    • Jason says:

      1. Login to your online PNC banking account
      2. Under “customer service” tab, – “summary” and scroll down then find where it says “Services & Products”
      3. Under ” Services & Products”, under “PNC Products”, find the accounts you need to add, and it will direct you to the general account set up page where initially you created your existing account, but this time you choose you are existing customer and have online account option.
      4. Some of your info already fill it, so continue till you see it gives you the method for account funding (initial deposit).

      • Yang says:

        Thanks a lot! Jason !

      • shashi says:

        Will it be counted as purchase if I open this account in branch and follow your instructions to fund using credit card. I want to meet a minimum spend as well.

        • Jason says:

          Hello Shashi, I don’t know what credit card you will be using but when I used my Citibank Double Cash and it coded as purchase.

          And please note PNC only allows U.S. citizens to open up the account online. That being said, anyone wants to use CC to meet min. spending requirement by funding PNC banking account must be U.S. citizens. I don’t know if they allow you to fund account while in branch, I doubt it. Hope this helps.

          • shashi says:

            Thank you Jason

          • Eric says:

            Hey Jason, What about this method? For non us-citizen

            go to a branch to open a checking account

            after getting the account setup, open a savings account and fund it using visa/mastercard upto 2k?

            This way at least I can meet a minimum spend on a card?

            Also, what would happen if i call to open an account instead of visiting a branch?

          • Jason says:

            Hello Eric, if applying in branch, most likely they wouldn’t allow you to fund with CC.

            I never call so I don’t know if you can do so. Read their terms and conditions to make sure whether calling to open account can fund with CC and/or eligible for the bank account bonus.

            By the way, if meeting CC min. purchase is only what you need, I’ll suggest to open a bank account at Blue Federal Credit Union which is public to everyone. I opened up one checking for my mom last year and one for my cousin this month by using my Citi Double Cash to fund $3000 each time. (Myself appears to have too many inquiries in Chex so I got to wait for a while.) Some ppl report that they can fund up to $5000 with their chase CSR and coded as purchase. Opening an account online is just within 20 mins. Of course, make sure you call your credit card company to lower CA as low as possible before proceeding.

          • AD says:

            Hi Jason, I want to meet min purchase for my CSP and I saw your comment on Blue Federal Credit Union (January 27). Unfortunately could not reply on that comment. Sorry about that.
            I am from DE and a non resident. will they allow online account open with initial CC funding?
            Also I am not able to see a min DD requirement or account closure fees in their website.
            Any idea if there is a minimum time for keeping the account open?
            I was checking for reviews and saw complaints someone opening multiple accounts on their behalf and also doing hard pull.

      • arch says:

        Was opening online intending to fund 2k w/ Doublecash. CC info not recognized even though it was correct. Went in branch to open, went online to fund. Here are the steps Jason outlined above to do so.
        1. Login to your online PNC banking account
        2. Under “customer service” tab, – “summary” and scroll down then find where it says “Services & Products”
        3. Under ” Services & Products”, under “PNC Products”, find the accounts you need to add, and it will direct you to the general account set up page where initially you created your existing account, but this time you choose you are existing customer and have online account option.
        4. Some of your info already fill it, so continue till you see it gives you the method for account funding (initial deposit).
        Under “PNC Products” the only viable option is ” Personal Accounts”, which only starts a circle to log in again. Is thsi method dead or am I missing something?

  41. jim says:

    do you have to call chase to set your sapphire reserve cash advance to zero first?

  42. Maury says:

    Could someone tell me if I go for the $300 bonus account, to keep it fee free do I have to direct deposit $5k every month or just one time? Thanks

    • sam says:

      Maury, I just called them – within 60 days you have to direct deposit $5,000. Then if you want to waive the fees you need to keep $5,000 Balance on the account. And they said within 100 days AFTER that 60 direct deposit days will pass = so total around in 160 days we will get our bonus ))

      “No Monthly Service Charge if you meet any one of the following:
       $5,000 combined average monthly balance in your Spend, Reserve
      and/or up to 6 linked PNC consumer checking accounts1
       $25,000 combined average monthly balance across linked PNC
      consumer deposit and/or investment accounts1
       $5,000 in qualifying2 monthly direct deposits to your Spend account”

      HERE DOCUMENTS. PICK “Virtual Wallet with Performance Select”

  43. Nicole says:

    Did anyone downgrade your account to Virtual Wallet after receiving bonus since VW is easier to waive monthly fee? TIA.
    2016/7 Opened account.
    2016/7/25 Completed DD(from Capital One) and 10 debit card transactions.
    2016/9/7 Recieved bonus.

  44. Rose says:

    I funded $2,000 using CSR, but it did not show up in my PNC account yet. How long does everyone’s CC fund show up in the PNC account?

    • DEREK says:

      Same problem here. I called PNC and was told that PNC has not received any funds (I used my CSR), despite the fact that the purchase has posted on my Chase account. He mentioned that this has happened to a handful of people that have called in and then told me I should dispute the charge and then try to refund, noting that I would not be able to use a CC since not the initial funding…

    • jeein says:

      Same, funded 09/02, posted on CSR on 09/04, but nothing on PNC.

      Their branch is across the street from my work and I intended to use PNC as my main account anyway, so I dropped by the branch today. The banker gave a few calls and found out that PNC is having a system-wide trouble funding its checking account with a cc, and they’re working on it to fix. He said the best would be to give it a few more days, and if it still doesn’t come up, dispute it to cc company (chase).

    • Mark says:

      Any updates regarding it posting on ur account?

    • Ar0049 says:

      I funded $2000 on 09/08 and with CSR and was thinking of disputing after reading the response, but decided to wait few more days.
      This morning Pnc account shows 2k funding on my account. So looks like they did resolve the issue.

  45. shashi says:

    Does PNC pull chex systems? I have an overdrafts on other checking accounts. Thats stopping me from opening new accounts?

  46. DirtyLilRat says:

    You still recommending we wait for the $400 bonus they often have?

  47. GregordianKnot says:

    DP Funded $2000 with Citi Double Cash. Coded as purchase.

  48. Moose Cow says:

    Anyone know if PayPal or Serve still work?

  49. Jayesh says:

    I went to open the account for $300 bonus but banker offered me Bears account for $400 bonus. I Could not fund with CSR as it got declined, I do not know why it got declined.

  50. WorldTraveler says:

    Any recent datapoints about funding a PNC account with a Capital One or Barclay card?

    • scwam says:

      Yes. Capital one 2% Spark Business card funded 2k to PNC and posted as a purchase (see cut n’ paste below of my billing):
      Transaction DateTuesday, 4/11/2017
      Posted DateWednesday, 4/12/2017
      DetailsPersonal Services
      Appears on your statement as: PNCBANK NA ONLINE RETAIL 888-762-2265 PA 15222 US

      And I had called prior to lower my c/a limit to 0 and they told me impossible. So, my c/a limit was 5k and still posted as purchase at time of account opening.

  51. sam says:

    For those who have no branches in your city PNC will no open an account! In my case I live in Brooklyn (no PNC branches here) they have 3 branches in Manhattan! they said they open only account if: you work in manhattan, you stdy in manhattan, or you live in manhattan!!! So no Brooklyn or Queens residents can open account there without meeting there terms which I wrote! If you are US citizen you can try to open only – they only allow US citizens to open accounts only! I’m a green card holder!

  52. Rob says:

    Data point – used CSR to fund 2k! woohoo! (dropped cash advance limit to $100 before attempting). Let me know if you have any questions.

  53. Dan H says:

    Since Paypal counts as a direct deposit for PNC (per DAD CC Cards bank page) can you deposit $2,500 dollars from Paypal into the account, send it back to Paypal, then deposit it again to get the $5k required minimin direct deposit?

  54. Vir says:

    Has anyone tried using Barclays CC to see if it posts as purchase

  55. jeein says:

    09/04 funded with CSR, posted 09/12.

    Also I’m continuing my business with this bank for sure. The banker was ridiculously nice. He checked my account everyday to see if the 2k posted, and called me right away when he saw that it did.

  56. Dan H says:

    Tried to fund this with my new Chase Sapphire Preferred. They put a security hold and I had to call to unlock it. They asked to confirm if I was trying to open a bank account and warned me not to do it because it is considered a cash advance.

    Is this true? It seems to contradict the some of the DP here.


    • says:

      No, this is not true. On Sep 12 I opened a PNC Virtual Wallet account with $2K dep charging my CSR Visa. It is considered as merchant transaction and not a cash advance by CSR card.

  57. Curmudgeon says:

    Data Point: Opened 9/15/16. Funded $2000 with Citi Hilton. Shows as pending purchase on Citi website. Will update if anything changes.

  58. Rick says:

    Can you use an American Express Credit Card to fund the account?

  59. Di Yao says:

    May I know how you guys fund initially with a credit card?
    Just tell the representatives to make cash advance with the CC? I just wanna use my Citi AAdvantage card to initial fund but just got declined.

    • greyhk says:

      Data Point: 2/7/2017. I also tried to fund with a Citi AAdvantage Business MasterCard online. It was declined, and now it is not giving me the choice to fund with a credit card at all.

      • greyhk says:

        Update: I just called Citi. I had Citi make my Cash Advance limit zero. They said the charge tried to come in from PNC as a cash advance, so they declined it.

  60. doug says:

    will the arrival+ work for funding or itll be a CA?

  61. febzz says:

    I was going to do this and was offered a better “secret” deal by the Banker. It’s a $400 bonus.

    Refer to my Thread on SlickDeals to learn more about the Offer:

  62. Patti says:

    I would love to hear any other experiences with the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. I’m considering this but don’t want a big hassle.

  63. Patti says:

    Also, to avoid the monthly fee for the next 6 months, do you simply schedule recurring $5000 in monthly DD, let’s say a push from Capital One 360?
    Could you keep re-pushing the same $2500 biweekly? For example, push it on 1st of the month from Cap One 360. Then on the 10th pull it back. Then on the 15th push it. Then on 20th pull it back.

    I currently do this for my Chase checking but it’s only $500 each time.
    This amount will be a bit harder to maintain.

    Maybe it will work to do $1500 with a weekly push & pull?

  64. Nate says:

    DP: I dropped my cash advance limit to $0 on my Citi Hilton Reserve and was unable to open an account using that card. I was able to use my Citi Hilton (no AF) to fund a new account up to my cash advance limit, although it was finally processed as a purchase. Maybe we should stop advising people to lower their cash advance limit on Citi cards?

  65. Ted says:

    We’re sorry. Your application can not be completed online.

    Security is a priority at PNC, and our online application process includes measures that are designed to protect you and prevent the spread of identity theft. Sometimes we need more information than that which can be provided online, therefore we cannot continue processing your online application at this time.

    However, you may still be able to open an account with PNC.

    While we can’t open an account for you online, you may still be eligible to open your account through another method. We hope that you’ll stop by your local branch to have a PNC representative assist you.

    We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your interest in PNC Bank products.

    Bah. We had opened same account in 6/2015, received bonus in 7/2015, and closed in 1/2016

    • Ted says:

      I’d like to add that this was before Identification questions were even asked, after clicking submit at the verify personal details page.

      Anyone get this as well? I’d be really interested to know why both my wife and I are getting that.

      Our Chex reports are clean and have around 10 inquiries in last 12 months.

      Let’s hope my repeated attempts at this didn’t ding create an inquiry every time…

      • J says:

        I wish I knew, I’m having the same problem. Tried jiggering my middle initial, street abbreviation, etc. but kept getting the same result.

        PNC CSR sent me to “back office” rep who then offered to open an acct over the phone, but wasn’t sure about getting the promo… plus no CC funding without cash advance (just like opening in branch; I think he was using the same system as the bankers).

  66. Sam says:

    I called Chase to lower my Cash Advance limit to $100. I visited PNC branch and asked Cash Advance for $2000 from my Chase Sapphire Reserve. At PNC, my request got denied. I don’t know why, does someone has clue? I am in Maryland. Should I try another PNC branch?

  67. Johnny says:

    Opened account today. Funded 2k with my Chase freedom unlimited (1.5x points baby) and will transfer those points to my CSR. 5k direct deposit in 2 months though is probably quite difficult for most people i’d reckon

  68. Mikek says:

    Anyone know if the switch from 1 bill pay to 10 debit card purchases was June 30 or was it earlier?
    I signed up June 22 and thought I had the 1 bill pay bonus, but they are saying I had the 10 debit purchases so I didn’t get the bonus.

  69. kp says:

    Can someone confirm that either paypal or discover bank ach still works as direct deposits?
    hearing mixed reports on Discover
    thank you

  70. Johnny says:

    Planning on doing ach payments from my chase and citi accounts for 5k. Then for the 10 debit card transactions, planning on going to the walgreens and buying 10 items (that i need), and swiping the card once per item for about $1-5 a piece. That should do it for the requirements or am i missing something?

  71. Vasv says:

    Received bonus

    8/30/2016 – account opened in branch
    9/13/2016 – alliant ach transfer
    10/4/2016 – received $300

  72. Mark says:

    You can only receive bonus once every 12 months. Is it from the date you recd bonus? or is it from account opening, a/c closing? can someone clarify what do they mean by once e very 12 months?

  73. Eric says:

    Data point for CSR – showed up as purchase. Also of note – I live in CA and called up to see if I’d still be eligible for the bonus. They surprisingly said that since the promo code is on my account I am eligible.

    I am highly suspicious of this answer, does anyone have any success getting this bonus outside the eligible states?

  74. Arthur says:

    Is discover still working as dd? Any recent datapoints?

  75. Robert says:

    8/30 – Opened account with Chase Sapphire Reserve, funded 2,000, it was recorded as a purchase.
    9/15 – $5,000 ACH from CapitalOne360
    10/7 – Completed 10 debit card transactions (gas station)
    10/21 – $300 bonus posted.

    Can’t decide if I want to close and eat the $25 fee so I can get the bonus again sooner or downgrade to Virtual Wallet and tie up only $500 for 4 more months and then close with no fee. Any suggestions?

  76. tommyvdp says:

    How can I tell if direct deposit was credited? I deposited $5k PayPal, and it shows up as category ‘Transfers’. Is there any other way to tell? I did not receive an email saying something about a high value direct deposit.
    Thank you

  77. bradpetrik says:

    Negative DP for the CSR and PNC:

    I was routed to their executive escalations when I found that my initial deposit was withdrawn without my consent in September. According to their executive escalations rep they do not accept credit card transactions made online that get coded as a purchase (which mine did). That’s why they withdrew the money from my account and returned the funds to Chase. So I’m not getting any new account bonus because of this.

  78. DH7 says:

    Just a note, there’s a daily transfer limit of $2,000 out of the account and a monthly limit of $5,000. It also seems to be setting my limit to $0 until the first transfer is completed

  79. Rj says:

    Data Point for Chase Ink and Chase Freedom:

    Went to branch to open an account,
    Chase Ink got declined (Cash Advance Limit set to 1000$)
    Chase Freedom got declined (Cash Advance Limit set to 1500$)

    Had to return without the credit card funding, Disappointed 🙁

  80. Rj says:

    I am not a US citizen, so I had to goto the bank to open the account. I had no choice.

    • sb says:

      In the same boat. Wonder what would happen if the below steps are used as suggested by Jason.

      Jason says:
      September 6, 2016 at 11:15 am
      1. Login to your online PNC banking account
      2. Under “customer service” tab, – “summary” and scroll down then find where it says “Services & Products”
      3. Under ” Services & Products”, under “PNC Products”, find the accounts you need to add, and it will direct you to the general account set up page where initially you created your existing account, but this time you choose you are existing customer and have online account option.
      4. Some of your info already fill it, so continue till you see it gives you the method for account funding (initial deposit).

      • Mendel says:

        if i opened account in branch with $25 and I want to fund with CSR $2000

        Can I still do it or once there is $25 in account it wont work?
        Also do i turn off totally my cash advance or leave 1 dollar?

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  82. Curmudgeon says:

    Process complete!

    Account open 9/15/16. Funded $2k w/Citi Hilton. Posted as purchase.

    9/27: ACH from TIAA
    9/28: Direct Deposit – Payroll
    9/29: Debits – 10 Amazon gift card reloads @ .50 each
    11/2: “Promo Reward Cash” $300 posted

    Thanks DoC!

    • Adam D says:

      Hey, I also have TIAA, I tried fidelity but shows as “transfer” description but fid bkg moneyline. I want to try TIAA, Are you saying that on 9/27 you pushed ach from TIAA and on 9/28 TIAA showed up as Direct Deposit – payroll? Im doing the bear1 $400 bonus

      • Curmudgeon says:

        On the PNC activity list it shows:

        I also got an email that said:
        Virtual Wallet with Performance Select…xxxx
        Payment From: TIAA-CREF TRUST 9
        Amount: $x,000.00
        Alert Threshold: $1.00
        Date: 9/27/16

        The title of the email was:
        Direct Deposit Greater Than $1.00 Credited To Your Checking Account

        So, it doesn’t say anything about payroll on the description, but it was treated as a direct deposit as the only two deposits were an actual payroll direct deposit and the TIAA transfer.

        Unless something’s changed it should work for you also.

  83. Rick Davies says:

    9-13 Opened acct for $200 Bonus promo
    9-20 Finished 10 POS purchases
    10-7 ACH Deposit over $2,000
    11-3 Received $200 Bonus

  84. Rose says:

    My Capital One ACH was coded as “ACH WEB PAYMENT CAPITAL1 P2P” in the “Transfer” category on September 20. Will it be able to trigger the Direct Deposit? I still did not receive any bonus yet (I finished the 10 debit card transactions on September 21.

  85. Jason says:

    This has been extended to 12/31/2016.

  86. Rob says:

    9/13 – Opened Account (accidentally did the $200 one. d’oh!). Chase Reserve – coded as a sale! (brought down my cash advance to $100 prior)
    9/21 – made 10 different $0.01 amazon gift card purchases
    9/23 – Did ACH transfer from Discover bank, showed up as ACH WEB PAYMENT FIRSTNAME LASTNAME DISCOVER BANK P2P. I did not receive a notification that it was a DD
    10/3 – Did ACH payment from Fidelity. Did get an email notification saying it was a DD
    11/2 – Received $200 (bleh, not $300 bc of my stupid mistake…so the lesson here is double check!)

  87. Spartan24 says:

    9/20 Opened performance vw account with CSR (coded as purchase).
    9/30 Completed 10 card transactions
    10/5 completed little over $5000 in ACH transactions from local credit union
    11/2 online chat to see status of bonus and they said they would investigate
    11/2 $300 bonus posted (not sure if because of my inquire or automatic)
    11/3 changed from performance to regular virtual wallet and no monthly fee charged with statement ending 11/3

    • Yong says:

      Your comment really help. A few mentioned to down grade but never tell us whether it worked except you. Sometime it’s easy to meet bonus requirement but not monthly fee.

      So downgrade is one way but so far I know only Huntington let you downgrade from Huntington5 ($5 monthly fee) to Hassel free ($0). Key bank won’t allow you to downgrade
      to avoid fee or 10 transactions.

      Thanks for taking time to detail you successful experience. Hope it work for me.

  88. DirtyLilRat says:

    Looks to be extended till Dec 31. $400 national deal is nowhere to be found, so must settle for the $300?

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  90. Rose says:

    I opened this checking account on 08/30, and fulfilled the requirements in early September, but the representative and investigation team stated that the ACH from other bank couldn’t be counted. I am so lost.

  91. Jelena says:

    Any more recent data points as to what counts for direct deposit? I currently have a Serve account open, but have no problem opening a 360 or Discover checking account. Not sure which avenue to try and I’m running out of time because I was going to actually set up dd to this account but husband decided to stay with primary bank, Thanks!

  92. Jelena says:

    I am so lost. With my Serve account do I just use the “withdraw to bank” function to mimic the direct deposit?

  93. Rose says:

    I used Capital One Bank as the ACH method, but now PNC refused to reward $300 bonus. How can I do it now? Can someone help me with it?

    • Curmudgeon says:

      Are you still within the 60 day time limit? If so, try transferring funds from a different account. If you’ve missed the 60 day window, you’re probably out of luck.

      • Rose says:

        Every time I called the CSR said I would receive it within 60 days, but now it’s over 60 days (although I did receive the “Direct Deposit” email from PNC).

  94. Betty says:

    Interesting! I initially wanted this offer because of the $2K CC spend. I’m in TN so didn’t think I would get the $300 offer, however, I applied and initially deposited by $2K from CSR and got an email in the email stating that I got the offer and need to DD $5K by 1/13. I will go ahead and try to fulfill the offer and will post back if I receive the bonus. Has anyone received the bonus from a non-qualifying state??

  95. Doug says:

    Any DP’s of transfer from Chase checking counting as direct deposit?

  96. DirtyLilRat says:

    I got rejected. I did a PNC bonus a while back. Do they blacklist you after doing one promo or something? I think my rejection asked me to come to a branch, which is not an option for me.

  97. C says:

    Will the initial deposit count towards bonus spend for CSP as well?

  98. nicto says:

    Any DP on an ACH from Chase business working for direct deposit? And to clarify, I can complete the requirements and downgrade and not lose the $300? I don’t want to have to DD $5k per month to it.

    • Illy123 says:

      I know this post was a while back, but I did a transfer from a chase business to pnc and i got an email saying it was a DD, but category ACH CREDIT JPMORGAN CHASE EoughXT TRNSFR, so not sure if it will count. On the Growth page where it calculates direct deposit amounts it does classify it as a direct deposit though.

  99. Samuel Adams says:

    Data Point: I funded using Bank of America Merrill Plus card and it posted as a purchase.

  100. Johnny says:

    Got my bonus today!!! highly recommend PNC and their timeliness. This was my timeline:

    9/30: Opened account
    10/15: Finished with about 15 swipes of my debit card. Bought bananas for $1 each time at my company cafeteria
    10:31: First payroll direct deposit of $2000
    11/15: Second payroll direct deposit of $2000
    11/16: Realized my third deposit would be on 11/30 and that is exactly at the 2 month mark of their conditions
    11/18: Paypal ACH transfer of $1500
    11/18: Online chat with customer support to see if I’ve satisfied all the requirements. They confirmed that I have.
    12/06: Received $300!

    • howard says:

      Congrats! That’s great, at least it shows Paypal still counts as DD?
      May I know how was your Paypal ACH coded in your transaction? Thanks!

  101. Jordan Nepute says:

    9/6: Account opened online; Funded with $2000 from Chase Sapphire Reserve
    9/13: Online account opened; $2000 coded as purchase
    9/14: Unable to add money to my PayPal account (the feature appears to be discontinued) so could not try PayPal transfer as direct deposit
    9/16: Completed 10 debit card transactions by buying Amazon gift cards
    10/31: Direct deposit requirement completed
    11/1: Left $5000 in the account to avoid the monthly fee
    11/3: $300 bonus received
    12/2: Account withdrawn to $0
    12/8: Account closed via online chat

  102. Mendel says:

    11/02/2016 DEPOSIT $25.00
    11/04/2016 ACH CREDIT 45XJ29WLEJCCJ PAYPAL TRANSFER $3,000.00
    11/14/2016 ACH CREDIT 45XJ29WWUSL8Y PAYPAL TRANSFER $2,000.00
    + 10 debit card transactions .50 each to Amazon

    got this email today…what do i do?

    Good afternoon, Mr I am following up with you in regards to the 300.00 promotion that you chose when starting a relationship at PNC Bank on November 2, 2016. In reviewing your account I noticed that you had two paypal transfers go into the account, and you completed the 10 necessary transaction with your debit card. The amounts of the transfers are enough to satisfy the requirement however the amount needed to come into the account via direct deposit (i.e. employer, social security, retirement). In order to receive your incentive please have cumulative direct deposits of the same amount you transferred go into the account before the end of the month because the offer requires the stipulations to be met within 60 days of account opening. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at my number below. Thank you for choosing PNC Bank, and we wish you a happy holiday season!

    Best regards,

  103. Strema says:

    10/6 Opened account
    10/20 Push $5k from Alliant
    10/25 Completed 10th debit card purchase
    12/9 $300 bonus posted

  104. DH7 says:

    10/11 – Opened account with Chase Freedom, funded 2k – recorded as a Transfer
    10/21 – $5,000 ACH from CapitalOne360
    10/27 – Completed 10 debit card transactions (Amazon GC account reload)
    12/09 – $300 bonus posted

    I was pretty worried about cap360 not posting based on other comments on here, but I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I noticed it posted.I think I’m going to close the account and eat the $25 fee.
    Thanks, DoC!

  105. AM says:

    DP: Used CSR to fund $2k into PNC account. Coded as purchase. Will update when I’ve fulfilled DD requirements! Going for the $200 bonus.

  106. howard says:

    does anyone know if PayPal will still work? I see some mixed DPs. I just did mine and the transaction posted as “ACH credit, PayPal Transfer”, though I did receive an email alerting me direct deposit of more than $1.00. What should I do now?

  107. Ethan says:

    Just received my bonus. That took a while tho.

    Opened account on 9/30;
    Alliant ACH completed on 10/31
    Debit Card transactions completed on 10/31
    Bank Bonus finally paid on 12/13

    Don’t know why it took so long, but I didn’t call the bank for sure and just waited it out! Regardless, another data point for Alliant CU.

  108. Jelena says:

    So I screwed up when trying to ACH money into this account. I managed to move $500 from Serve, and then $4,500 from Capital One. It was all a huge paint in the butt because Capital One held my funds and demanded to know why I was transferring the money. The $5,000 total posted barely in time. I messaged PNC asking if I qualified for the bonus which I know I shouldn’t have done but I wanted to close it right away to avoid fees.

    The rep told me I didn’t qualify as these weren’t direct deposits. I didn’t argue, and planned on closing the account chalking it up to a life lesson.

    A few days ago I got the $300 credit to my account! Yay DoC!

    • Rose says:

      Can you post the dates for those events? And what kind of Capital One (360, High Yield, checking, money market…) did you use?

    • GregordianKnot says:

      I had the exact same thing happen with Capital One 360. The customer service there is pathetic. I called to ask why I was locked out of my account, was on hold for an hour and a half. They did resolve the issue, and I did get the bonus from PNC with no hassle.

    • Tomtoo says:

      Thanks for the heads-up. For those of us who are not running under the wire, probably good to split it up a bit if the full amount is coming from Capital One. The biggest push I’ve done from them is $1700.00 last July with no problem, but I don’t know what their max is (CapOne360 Savings). My terms show no max last time I checked, but CSR has told me $5000 in the past.

    • Eric says:


      It didn’t do you any good, did it?

    • Schmekel says:

      “It was all a huge paint in the butt because Capital One held my funds and demanded to know why I was transferring the money.”

      What right did Capital One have to question you? On what grounds were they giving you a problem?

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  110. Eric says:

    Funded $4k ($2k checking, $2k savings) with CSR, posted as purchase and put my spend over the $4k/3mo threshold, got 100kurbonus soon after.

    Ach pushes from Schwab checking triggered email alert for direct deposit. I’m hoping that will get me the bonus.

  111. Sam says:

    do you guys know if this is extended or expired already?

  112. Haris says:

    12/30 – Opened PNC account online, funded 2k with CSR
    1/1 – Checked CSR account, coded as purchase
    1/6 – Received PNC Debit Card
    1/7 – Signed up for online banking — Account balance is $0 ??
    – Casually called CSR, they confirmed no holds/frauds on account, and $2k was funded to PNC

    Should I wait it out and see if the desposit shows up? Or should I escalate with PNC?
    Not sure if PNC can decline deposit from a credit card (its an option on their site!?)

    Any advice?

  113. PMartinez says:

    Weird DP with Cap360. Did two $2500+ transfers into account using Cap360. Just noticed that only one shows up as ACH Credit and the other showing up as “Credit Card”. Not sure why the difference or why it would be coded as such. Doing another transfer from Cap360 to see what happens.

  114. Sam says:

    Positive DP for using PayPal with PNC!
    Whoo, I’m excited that went through. I don’t do this often, but just needed a new checking acct and was drawn by the big promo. Thus, I physically went to a branch and had to fight to get them to open the performance select. I foolishly even asked if PayPal deposits would work since that’s how my overseas employer legitimately sends paychecks. Of course they said no, but afterwards I saw this website and tried anyway!

    Opened acct at end of Oct 2016
    Multiple PayPal transfers adding up to $5000 by mid Dec, shows up as ACH Credit PayPal Transfer and triggered Direct Deposit notification
    Various PIN purchases
    Reward received early Jan 2017

  115. thershope says:

    Those who are funding through CSR, are you reducing your Cash Advance Limit to $20 or leaving it above $2000 to fund the account?

    Soon i will be getting the CSR and will open this account and fund 4k to open Checking and Savings and wanted to check the correct way of doing the Funding and not to hit with a Cash Advance Fee

    • PMartinez says:

      No. you should purposely should have Cash Advance limit as low as possible in the event the bank doesn’t charge it as a purchase, so you can avoid fees.

      In this instance, PNC charges as a Purchase and not Cash Advance, so you shouldn’t any problem.

    • Jelena says:

      I lowered mine to $100 which is what the rep told me was the lowest possible. Coded as purchase.

      Are people opening a separate savings account for the 2k funding? I was only able to fund 2k through my checking account.

    • Ian says:

      According to William reply on September 6, lowering your cash advance limit is not necessary. But, none of the datapoints say what their cash advance limit was at time of use, except for 2 who say to lower it. 1 DP for Citi Hilton with lowered cash advance limit was denied; but used another Citi Hilton upto the CA limit and went fine, as purchase.

  116. jags4186 says:

    Opened account 11/14 with Citi Double Cash $2k
    Did 10 Amazon $0.50 gift card reloads 11/22
    Transferred $5000 from Cap360 11/28 (showed up as credit card payment I think someone above asked about that)
    Bonus posted today 1/12

    • Patti says:

      Jags, Do you have to keep pushing from Cap One 360 every month x 6 months to avoid the fee? Or do you just leave it there and the $5000 avg balance waives the fee?

      I’d like to be able to do this for my husband and I but don’t have $10k to leave sitting for 6 months. I could keep pushing $5000 to mine, then pull back, then push it to hubby’s, right?

      I love the Amazon gift card idea. So easy to use.

      • Jags4186 says:

        I left $5k in there until the bonus posted and I found out that you can actually downgrade your account on the website without talking to anyone. So as soon as I got the bonus I downgraded and left $500 in there. Will close after 6 months.

        • Superchurn says:

          how do u downgrade it on the site? where do u go?

          • Theory says:

            I just did this as follows:

            My Accounts tab –> Accounts Activity sub-tab –> Now you’re in that more mobile-looking view –> Preferences, on the right near the top –> Slide the bar down in the $500 range –> scroll down and click “Change Edition” on the right.

  117. Mendel says:

    Finally got $300 bonus today!
    Nov 2 Deposit $25.00 in branch opened account
    Nov 4 Transfer $3,000.00 Transfer (Paypal)
    Nov 14 Transfer $2,000.00 ” ”
    Nov 16 completed 10 debit card transactions

    Dec 8 email

    Good afternoon, Mr . I am following up with you in regards to the 300.00 promotion that you chose when starting a relationship at PNC Bank on November 2, 2016. In reviewing your account I noticed that you had two paypal transfers go into the account, and you completed the 10 necessary transaction with your debit card. The amounts of the transfers are enough to satisfy the requirement however the amount needed to come into the account via direct deposit (i.e. employer, social security, retirement). In order to receive your incentive please have cumulative direct deposits of the same amount you transferred go into the account before the end of the month because the offer requires the stipulations to be met within 60 days of account opening. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at my number below. Thank you for choosing PNC Bank, and we wish you a happy holiday season!

    From my employer….
    Dec 15 JPMorgan Chase & Co. $2,500.00 Transfers
    Dec 22 JPMorgan Chase & Co. $2,500.00 Transfers

    They wouldnt accept until I was able to prove it came from a biz account which I sent them a copy of employers bank statement.

    Jan 12 Rewards $300.00

    Received email for Bill pay $15 awaiting for $15 before begining to close account

    Hope this helps

    Thx Doc!

  118. mgmny says:

    Just signed up for PNC checking and savings with CSR, both for $2000. How long should I wait before closing them, if i don’t want to wait the 6 months (no interest in these accounts compared to other areas i can make better interest). I’m fine with the $25 early termination fee for both, but i don’t want to pull it out, tomorrow, for instance…? The signup bonuses are not available in my state.

    I also needed to send in the signature card for the savings account only.

  119. cf says:

    “Qualifying direct deposits of $5,000 or more” Does this mean a) per direct deposit b) per month c) in total, within 60 days?

  120. Staedtler says:

    If I open a PNC account with CSR and fund 2k for savings and checking.. Then use those funds to pay off the card and close the account within a month, is that wrong? I’m just looking to get the signup bonus for the CSR and unfortunately don’t have the funds to float 4k for that long.

    • Mark says:


      I don’t see any problem doing that.

    • MarcoPolo says:

      @ Staedtler
      But you have to pay the early termination fee of $25 for each account.
      better would be to take out most of your money, keep the accounts open and pay the $15 monthly fee for Checking & $5 for Savings i.e. $20/month ($120) for 6 months.
      This way you’ll still make $80 ($200-$120) if you are going for the second option.

      • Pete says:

        Couldn’t you just wait until you received the bonus and then canceled? That way you get $200, get hit with the two $25 fees for ETF and come out with $150.

  121. ted says:

    For those who already received their bonus, did initial deposit transaction details changed after a couple days? I did a small test transfer and when it posted it showed as direct deposit, but checked recently and now transaction details show ‘ACH Web Payment…’. When transfer completed I received email from PNC saying “Direct Deposit Greater Than $1.00 Credited To Your Checking Account”.

  122. Mark says:

    I opened one account but I am seeing three:

    Virtual Wallet with Performance Spend
    Virtual Wallet Reserve
    Virtual Wallet Growth

    What gives?

  123. Mark says:

    Opened a Savings account with PNC few days ago along with what I thought a Checking account (Virtual Wallet with Performance Spend).
    Today I received an angry call from PNC rep asking me why did I open a Savings account as Virtual Wallet is a Checking AND Savings account.
    First time I have ever heard that but it certainly answers my above question as “Why do I see three accounts when I only opened ONE Checking account.”

  124. KC says:

    Account opened:11/27/16
    Funded: $2000 from CSR
    *10 debit card transactions (loaded Amazon GC, $0.5×10)
    $1,000 DD from Capital One 360 on 12/8,
    $1,000 DD from Capital One 360 on 12/27
    $200 bonus credited to the account on 1/14/17
    Closed the account through online chat on 1/24/17.

    I didn’t go for $300 bonus because I didn’t have $5,000 on hand, however, after I transferred $1000 from 360 then transferred it back to PNC and do it again, I didn’t encounter any problem. Not sure if I do it for five times will raise a red flag or not.

    ps: This is my first time getting bonus through what I have learned here, and it worked smoothly, thank you all for your contribution.:)

  125. ZK says:

    Has anyone applied in-branch and successfully got the credit card funding to code as a purchase? I went to open in branch because it locked me out of the online application and she scared me off by explicitly saying that it will be a cash advance. Not sure if the card transaction is different online versus in-branch. I have a BOA Merrill which according to the DPs says it will be a purchase.

  126. Traveler says:

    Anyone know when the monthly fee is applicable? I.e. when does the clock start on this? Will I need to have 2k in it for the first month to avoid the monthly fee, or did they provide a grace period until the deposit hits?

    • JuicyJosh says:

      Usually the fee isnt in effect for at least the first month. Your 2k deposit OR 2k avg daily bal should waive it for you though so seems like youll be good if going for the $200 promo.

  127. JuicyJosh says:

    I funded 5k with Fidelity ach because a prior comment spooked me with Paypal. Well looks like Paypal worked so now I am wondering if a 2015 DP for Fidelity still holds true. Anyone have any recent news on Fidelity working? Will probably start working on doing 5k from Fidelity before statement cycles.

    • Derrick Winje says:

      so you did indeed transfer 5k from paypal and received the bonus? What date was this?

      • JuicyJosh says:

        I started the process to get 5k to PayPal so I can send it back to PNC last night. Saw another thread on a PNC bonus that mentioned Fidelity did not trigger bonus. Looks like I should know for sure by if Fidelity works as bonus would be expected by 2/3/17. However if I wait I will be really close to the 60 day window. Will follow up if Fidelity in fact worked or if PayPal worked. Should know by end of February either way.

    • JuicyJosh says:

      Confirming Fidelity does in fact work. Received bonus today. Sweet. Here are DPs.

      Jan 5 FID Banking Service $5,001.00Deposits
      Jan 13 10 transactions completed
      Jan 30 Rewards Spend + $300.00 Rewards

  128. Jeff says:

    I’m going for the $200 bonus and need advice,
    1/17 I funded $2,000 with CSR. Shows up as “Deposit”
    1/27 deposited $200 via Target “Redbird” accnt. Shows up as “Direct Deposit/Salary.”
    1/28 Finished 10 debit card transactions.
    Is the $2k from CSR not going to count as qualifying direct deposits? Should I deposit another $1,800 via my Target Account?

  129. Globetrotter12 says:

    Does the Barclays Arrival + code as Purchase or Cash Advance? Any recent DPs?

  130. Pam says:

    Data point – Funded $2,000 on my Fidelity 2% card – posted as a purchase!

  131. cf says:

    Is there a minimum transaction size for the debit card requirement? Because I made a $0.22 purchase and I want to make sure it counts as one of the 10.

  132. paandemic says:

    DP: Paypal still works. Received bonus 31 days after completing requirements. DD from Paypal.

  133. Schmekel says:

    Has anyone successfully gotten the bonus whose residential address is not in one of the states listed [AL, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, MO, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, SC, VA, WI and WV]?

    I am not in one of those.

    I called up to ask some general questions, and without mentioning the offer the cs rep said “What state are you in, because if you’re not in one of the states mentioned in the offer you won’t get the bonus being offered if that’s why you’re calling”.

    He also made it sound doubtful that one could get an account at all, even without the bonus.

  134. cf says:

    DP: Fidelity still works for DD. Got an email confirmation that I did a direct deposit immediately following the Fidelity transfer.

  135. JuicyJosh says:

    Before I reach out to PNC, does anyone know if this account is downgradable from the max to the min account type? Sure would love to maintain a smaller ADB. Since bonus just received will wait til next statement cycle.

  136. Ari says:

    Funded PNC checking and savings for my wife with $2k each using CSP. Funded PNC checking for me with $2k using CSR but they wouldn’t let me open a savings for myself online and they don’t allow CC funding in branch. Instead I funded 1st Mariner checking with $2k using CSR. All 4 cleared as purchases.

  137. MarcoPolo says:

    DP: Transfer from SCHWAB BROKERAGE counted as DD.

    • Tortoiseshell says:

      I just got my first paper statement. Schwab coded as “ACH Web Pmt-Rc- PT2P” for me.

      These coded as DD on the statement: CapitalOne, Serve, Fidelity, and initial funding from my CSR.

      Now waiting on my bonus!

  138. joe says:

    has anyone gotten this bonus 2x? ie once in 2015 and were able to open a new account and get the bonus again?

  139. Joe says:

    Chase SW Plus card denied for funding… Have the cash advance limit lowered to $25.

  140. Matt says:

    DP: Chase Freedom Unlimited posted as a purchase.

    Successfully funded $2,000 opening deposit, with $20 cash advance limit. The purchase was declined on the first attempt. I immediately received a fraud alert message by e-mail. After confirming it was me, I attempted the same transaction a second time, and it worked properly.

  141. Samuel says:

    DP: I applied for the account in December using a MN address, despite not being one of the states listed. The $200 bonus posted yesterday! I probably should have gone for the $300 bonus but I didn’t know at the time that I could meet the requirement using methods other than my payroll direct deposit.

  142. RM says:

    12/29 – Opened Performance Select Checking account
    1/17 – Fulfilled debit transactions requirement with 10 Amazon GC purchases for ~$1 each.
    1/19 – Completed second direct deposit from Paypal ($1000 each)
    2/6 – $400 bonus posted (IL resident – Bears promo)

    • Derek says:

      did it code as direct deposit on your online detail or did it say “ACH transfer PayPal”. My paycheck says direct deposit next to it, but none of my other deposits do. (Chase transfer, PayPal)

      • RM says:

        Paypal coded as ‘ACH Credit Paypal Transfer’ in my Transactions list but if you go to Online Statements > Activity Detail, you will see the transaction there as ‘Direct Deposit – Transfer Paypal’. Best advice is to be patient as others have said before.. it took some time for my bonus to post.

        • Tortoiseshell says:

          Thank you for this info! I was starting to get worried because the deposits I was hoping would count for DD were coding as transfers. I’ll be patient 🙂

          (I think the 60 day deadline for the DD also makes it more nerve-wracking).

  143. Chao says:

    Are there any other recently DP for those who does not live in the mentioned states [AL, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, MO, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, SC, VA, WI and WV] get the bonus? I am the unlucky one does not live in those states, wanna check the DP before I apply.

    Thanks for Samuel for his DP.

  144. Michael says:

    Funded $2k from Bank of America Alaska Business and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Both went through as purchases.

  145. Lagerback says:

    Will this satisfy the debit card requirement? Paying my Citi Doublecash credit card bill with PNC debit card.

    Citi credit cards allow you to pay your bill with a debit card either over the phone or their online chat services. Your pin number is not used or asked when doing this.

    Let know your thoughts.

  146. Brett says:

    $2k fundings with credit cards have posted as purchases for checking and savings with these cards:

    Citi AA Plat
    Chase Sapphire Reserve

  147. stacker says:

    DP – It appears that PNC’s system blocks some previous customers from opening accounts online for a certain number of years. I opened and closed accounts in 2012 and 2014. The system would not let me open an account online in 2015-2016 and the message said to go to the branch to open an account. I just opened an account online today. Same address and everything as previous accounts.

  148. Jake says:

    Probably going to wait until after February, 28th to see if the $400 offer returns.

  149. Ngoc says:

    Used my Marriott Business card and it went through as a sale.

    Thanks for all the info on this site – very helpful!

  150. Chap says:

    Does anyone know if the credit card billing address has to match the address you are signing up under?

  151. SEFlyer says:

    I’m planning on opening a PNC checking account for the bonus and potential MO deposits. Found this in the T&C
    “New account will not be eligible for offer if any signer has signing authority on an existing PNC Bank consumer checking account or has closed an account within the past 90 days, or has been paid a promotional premium in the past 12 months.”
    I have POA for my mothers PNC checking account in another state. Will this “signing authority” preclude me from the bonus. It seems as if it might. Anyone have any experience before I give it a try?
    I know be the DP I want. I will try and post if no replies. But thought it was worth it to ask and maybe avoid failure.

    • My understanding is you’re not eligible, but you should be able to talk to PNC to clarify.

      • SEFlyer says:

        Thank you for replying, should have worded question differently. If I apply online, so I can fund $2000 with CC, how likely is it that PNC finds my POA authority on mother’s account in another state through their regular approval process?

        A little more detail. I’ve never had any account with PNC in my name, my mother’s account was opened when I was a minor child, we haven’t lived in the same state for over 40 years, and I was added as POA to her existing account over 5 years ago before PNC expanded into the state where I reside. My name is not on the account and I don’t receive any duplicate statements. Since I’ve lived in the same state for over 40 years, same residence for last 20 years, would PNC even look for accounts in another state? How good are the records and do they search that deep?

  152. John Galt says:

    DP: Used my ‘new’ ML Visa to fund the account opening for $2k and came through as a ‘purchase’.

    Card type: Visa
    Transaction type: Purchases
    Merchant information: 888-762-2265, PA
    Merchant Name: PNCBANK NA ONLINE RETAILSelect to Edit the merchant name
    Transaction Category:get more information about transaction category Finance: LoansSelect to Edit

  153. DirtyLilRat says:

    I totally dropped the ball on this one — I forgot about the 10 debit transactions (though it could have been better emphasized in the post).

    Best course of action? Should I just downgrade to the basic virtual wallet and keep $500 in there until 6 months pass and the close it out?

    • I’ve bolded it, it’s also listed in the additional requirements section.

      • DirtyLilRat says:

        Thanks. So what do y’all think? Should I close it now lose the $25? Or just downgrade to the $500 monthly min account and wait it out till end of May?

        • Tortoiseshell says:

          I think this would depend on how else you would use the $5k in there. $5k in a regular online 1% savings account would earn exactly $25, so not worth moving. OTOH, if you could get a different bonus or a higher rate on it, probably worth downgrading.

    • sam says:

      did you try to call and get any help? maybe speak with a manager? local branch?

  154. RTC says:

    Any recent dp’s on cap360–>PNC satisfying $300 bonus? Would a single $5k push work or does it need to be repeating?

    • Tomtoo says:

      Cap1 360 worked for both my wife’s and my PNC accounts in getting the $300 bonus. I would not suggest doing the $5000 in one push. It has been reported elsewhere that some people have gotten their accounts frozen trying that, or it didn’t go through and they had to hassle with CSR’s getting it to go through.

      We did ours with 2 deposits per account and had no problems. My wife’s Cap1 360 was brand new with a balance around $5200 and she had no problem doing the 2 transfers. The only problem was their extra long time of holding her newly deposited funds hostage before making them available for use. BTW, we have both experienced this: Cap1 360 tells you when the funds will be available but they are usually released before that date. I think my wife’s hold was actually supposed to be 17 days total, but she had use of them in 15 days. Still too long.

  155. RTC says:

    Ya, I’m posting again: I can’t remember from when I opened my initial PNC virtual wallet account, but is funding via Amex possible?

  156. Matt says:

    Update on my previous DP from February 6th. The tl;dr is that Freedom Unlimited posts as a purchase when funding $2,000 for the opening deposit, but it took 10 business days before the money actually showed up in my PNC account, and there was no record of the transaction anywhere in their system in the meantime.

    I opened a Performance Spend account online on 2/4 (which was a Saturday). Funded $2K with Freedom Unlimited (w/ $20 CA limit). Posted as a purchase on the Chase website on 2/6.

    My PNC account showed an open date of 2/6 as well, but it showed a $0 balance for quite some time I visited a local branch on 2/10, and the banker said he had no record of that $2K deposit anywhere in his system. He said to come back and escalate if it didn’t show up by Tuesday, 2/14. It didn’t.

    I called customer service on 2/15 and was transferred to an escalations manager. She did some research, and said she also did not find any record of the $2K transaction anywhere. No pending, no blocks, no holds, nothing. Vanished. She said they would open a dispute, and recommended filing a chargeback with Chase. I got busy with work, so I never got around to calling them.

    The $2,000 opening deposit FINALLY posted online yesterday, 2/17. Showed up as “OLB NEW ACCOUNT FUNDING”. So it took 10 business days to post, without any kind of confirmation or pending transaction listed anywhere in the system, even on their end. I can understand there being a delay, but I didn’t think it would take quite this long. You would think they would have mentioned that somewhere in the application, or shown the transaction as “Pending”, but evidently they don’t.

    After reading through the comment history here, it looks like there were several DPs with the same exact experience back in September, but none since then. Not sure if this is a glitch or how PNC normally does CC funding, but it was a little nerve-wracking to say the least, haha.

    Passing this along as an FYI for anyone else in the future. Just be assured that the money will eventually show up after a while. I would recommend trying to avoid the temptation to call PNC or your CC company to complain….if they start noticing a repeating pattern of problems and escalation tickets, I think that only increases the chances of this loophole being closed. $2,000 is by far the highest CC funding limit out there that I’m aware of, hopefully that doesn’t get taken away at some point.

    • Michael says:

      Thanks for that DP. I’m going through the same issue. Opened two accounts, one in my name, one in my wife’s. My wife’s $2k deposit credited within a day or two — still waiting on mine after a week or so, even though it’s posted on my credit card. I called and got the same runaround, no record of anything — they told me to challenge with my credit card issuer (which I haven’t done yet).

      I’ll keep waiting. Thanks!

  157. P says:

    The bonus is only for select states, but does anyone know if opening an account and funding with credit card is nationwide?

  158. Jake says:

    Any chance of the $400 bonus coming back?

  159. kw says:

    Anyone received $300 in February via Paypal?
    Paypal $5000+ transfer completed on Feb 3 and I have already completed 10 debit card purchases. Haven’t received my $300 as of today…

  160. Frank says:

    12/17/2016: Opened in branch
    12/20/2016: $1700 via Venmo
    12/21/2016: $5000 via Cap1 360
    01/30/2017: $10 debit card transactions (gas station)
    02/10/2017-02/17/2017: $3300 via PayPal (multiple deposits)
    02/22/2017: $300 Promo Posted

    22 days from fulfilling the requirements to bonus posted (assuming Cap1 fulfilled it)
    or 12 days if it was PayPal that fulfilled it.

    Will try and see if I can downgrade the account later this week so I don’t have to park 5k in PNC

  161. Shane says:

    1/13 – Opened and Funded $2,000 with CSR
    1/19 – Paypal transfer of $5,014.48
    2/6 – Completed 10th POS Debit transaction (actually had 14 debit transactions at that point, but only 10 were coded as POS, the others coded simply as “Debit Card Purchase”)

    It’s been 17 days, I assumed I would’ve received the bonus by now, but as of this morning, nothing.

    Is there a typical time frame that one should expect after fulfilling the requirements? I know the last poster said his took 22 days, is that in line with what to expect?

    I’m ready to get the funds back, with the net $275 ($25 for closing early).

    Thanks for your help and insight.

    • sam says:

      pls keep us posted

      • Shane Caldwell says:

        As of this morning, nothing. I really thought yesterday was going to be the day. Maybe tomorrow on the 1st it will post. My statement period closes on March 3rd, so hopefully something before then. This has taken way too loooong.

    • Ian says:

      Was cash advance limit set to $100 before using it?

    • nonimmigranth1b says:

      someone in reddit mentioned today that PNC no longer counts Paypal as direct deposit.
      Just heads up for you but i hope you get the bonus.

      I just opened the account for my wife and did Cap1 360 deposit. Hoping to get the bonus.

      • We’ve legit just had people say paypal does count, most likely the person on reddit hasn’t been patient enough

        • Shane Caldwell says:

          I’ve grown too impatient plus my 60 days is up on Saturday (apparently I opened my account on a different date in my original post, the date I listed was the date that the CSR deposit posted). Therefore, I have a payroll deposit of $5,000+ hitting tomorrow which will eventually trigger the bonus, who knows when, but I’ll never know if Paypal worked for me (though it obviously has worked for others).

        • JL says:

          Paypal is showing as “Transfer” with the following description:
          “ACH CREDIT ############# PAYPAL TRANSFER”. # being the transaction ID.


          My real paycheck DD showed up as “Direct Deposit/Salary”
          “ACH CREDIT ############ ####### BANK NA DIR DEP

          This is all last week & this week. Not sure if PNC has updated their system.

  162. Eric says:

    fresh $300 bonus, fresh data point

    12/13/2017 opened “virtual wallet with performance select” and “standard savings” online funded with $2k each with CSR, coded as purchase.
    1/12/2017 third ACH push from schwab checking, total $5k+
    1/20/2017 tenth debit card transaction, Amazon gift card reloads
    2/22/2017 $300 credit (PROMO REWARD CASH TRANS ACH CREDIT ID)
    2/23/2017 product change to “virtual wallet” online

  163. Grant says:

    PayPal does appear to qualify for direct deposit. I haven’t received the $200 yet, but the website explicitly shows my deposit in a Direct Deposit section. To see for yourself:

    1. Log in
    2. Click on Virtual Wallet under Account List
    3. On the left, click Growth
    4. In the center, under Progress to March Interest Rate, observe the Direct Deposits amount reflects the PayPal amount deposited.

    Right next to the DD section, you can also see how many purchases have been recorded.

    • Derek says:

      you need to view your statement at the end of the month. Paypal is included in the direct deposit section.

      • Grant says:

        Derek, thanks for the info, but I’m not sure why you replied with this information. It seems like the PayPal deposit shows as DD on the website directly without having to wait for end-of-month. That’s what I was describing with my steps.

    • sam says:

      pls keep us posted, I want to open account too and fund using PayPal

      • Grant says:

        It’s been over four months, and I never did receive the $200 bonus, sadly. Not sure what went wrong in my case since others appear to have had success with PayPal.

  164. John says:

    Data Point: Used Consumer Credit Union Visa Signature credit card to fund PNC account with $900 and coded as purchase

  165. Yoshi says:

    Got rejected applying online (first time that’s happened to me in 7 total applications). It wasn’t entirely clear to me why I was rejected (may have gotten a security question wrong?). Could also be Chex inquiries (4 so far in 2017, 6 going back to September of 2016).

    When I clicked the link to email me a coupon to take to the branch, the pop-up said:

    ‘You’ll soon receive an email with your coupon ID. Please bring the coupon to your local PNC branch at the time of account opening. Hurry, offer ends March 31, 2017.”

    Looks like they may be extending the deal again. The small print at the bottom of the page still has the old dates, however, so any further extension is definitely NOT official yet. (After reading the email, the small print dates in the email have been updated. Looks like the offer has been extended, but the webpage has not yet been changed. I only skimmed through the requirements, but they look to be the same: 10 debit card charges, tiered DD of $500/$2000/$5000).

  166. TJ says:

    Does PNC send 1099’s? Neither my spouse nor I received one for 2016.

    • nonimmigranth1b says:

      They do not.I had chat with two different CSR’s and they told me that they do not report the bonus as interest so no 1099’s. They even said that if bonus is more than $600 then they will report it to IRS as 1099-MISC.Hope this helps.

    • nonimmigranth1b says:

      They don’t report to IRS so no 1099’s.

  167. cf says:

    1/19: Opened account
    2/1: Completed 10th transaction and completed Fidelity transfer for DD
    3/1: Got $300 Promo

    Guess I’ll downgrade now.

  168. DT says:

    Bonus posted. Here’s the timeline:
    1/18 – Account opened
    1/30 – Direct deposit from Chase
    2/01 – Finished 10 transactions
    3/01 – Bonus posted

  169. BK says:


    Signed up 1/13/17

    I received a confirmation email saying that I was eligible for the bonus.

    Two $2,500 PayPal Direct deposits 1/26.

    10 debit card transactions 1/27.

    $300 reward 3/01.

    I was not in the targeted states as the offer says you need to be.

  170. Ace says:

    My timeline:

    01/9/17- Account opened, used CSR to fund $2000, went through as purchase and was posted in my account by the time I received my credit card.

    1/17/17- Received Debit card, completed 10 Amazon $.50 cents reloads.

    1/19/17- PayPal transfer posted. Only did one.

    3/2/17- Bonus Posted.

    Be patient, I did lots of checking, as long as you get the DD notification & see 10 card transactions on your statement you’re golden. I thought I may need more than one DD but by the time I was about to do the second one it had already posted.

    • DMS says:

      Have you received the bonus points from your CSR yet? I just want to make sure the funding counts towards the minimum spend.

      • Ace says:

        I haven’t gotten the 100K yet but I did receive 2000 points for 1x all other purchases category, you should be more than fine.

    • Ian says:

      Did you lower your credit card cash advance limit to $100 before using it, or you left it at high?

  171. Patti says:

    I’d like to go after the $300 bonus. Does the $5000 dd have to be every month? Or just over the 1st 60 days? Can I do $2500 as a push then pull it back, then push again and be done with it? Therby only having to tie up $2500 for a few days.

    Also is it possble to trigger the bonus and close the acct before being subjected to the monthly service charge? This is one instance where I’d rather pay the early termination fee to close asap.

  172. PayPal worked for me, unless they claw it back.

    01/23 – Open account
    01/31 – $2,501 transfer from PayPal
    02/01 – 11x $1 debit card transactions Amazon
    02/06 – $2,501 transfer from PayPal
    03/01 – $300 bonus posted

    I will reply to this comment once I close the account after six months.

  173. ross says:

    Opened account on 1/7/16
    -funded max $2,000 with Sapphire Reserve.
    -Did Amazon gift card load off $2.50 x 10 on 1/19.
    (to buy a wallet I wanted anyway)
    -Direct deposit hit on 1/27
    Received $200 bonus today 3/2

    Interesting to note that PNC has an online tracker of what counts as DD. They counted the initial load from CSR and Serve withdrawls.

  174. larry says:

    Curious if a AMEX or Discover Savings account will trigger the DD. Or even a BOA transfer from checking account.

  175. RTC says:

    Same as above, $300 bonus posted today [3/2/17].

    Opened: 1/13/17 via $2000 CSR
    Debits: 10 x $0.50 @ Amazon 1/24/17
    Direct Deposits: had 3 legit DD’s via my wife’s work totalling around $3k, but the remaining $2k was a mix of PayPal and CapOne360 pushes.

    BTW: to check direct deposit, QuickView–>Growth–>DirectDeposit [small box in center of screen]. With that said, mine took a few weeks to register *anything* in the direct deposit box, but once it did the following showed as counting as a direct deposit: Paypal, Cap360 push, $300 promo deposit

  176. PandakA says:

    Are you required to keep the DD funds in your account or you can move the funds as needed. I did 3 DD from payroll.

    • Patti says:

      I haven’t done this PNC offer yet but I did 3 others last year and for all 3 I only kept the absolute minimum in there needed. I let the DD sit in there for a day or 2 then pull it right back. I’ll be doing this one for myself, hubby & 20 yr old son. (All of this switching around feels like the “shell game” to them and I lose them quickly.) lol

    • MarcoPolo says:

      You can move them but beware of the monthly fees kicking in.

      • sam says:

        “monthly fees kicking in” what? to transfer out your money you would have to pay the fee? When if will kick in? Where can I read about it? Thanks

  177. James says:

    Can I just ach push/pull $2500 twice a month to meet the $5000 in direct deposits/avoid monthly fees for the $300 offer?

  178. Jon says:

    Please add this link and everyone out of PNC State territory should try this link.

    Vijay says:
    March 3, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    If someone doesn’t have an PNC bank nearby, you can use the below link for $300 offer.

    doesn’t have any state restrictions…

  179. Jay says:

    Has anybody successfully applied by phone?
    I used to have an account, now they are saying they can’t verify my identity and to come to a branch. Still living at the same address and security answers are 100% correct.

  180. MarcoPolo says:

    Tried downgrading but got this message:

    You can’t downgrade your edition online right now. It’s been less than 45 days since you last changed your edition. You’ll be able to downgrade your edition again online on March 26, 2017.

    If you’d like to switch earlier, You can call us at 1-800-352-2255 Monday – Friday 1 a.m. – 10 p.m., Saturday & Sunday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET, or by visiting your nearest PNC branch.

  181. MarcoPolo says:

    Extended till 03/31/2017

  182. Jake says:

    Should I give up on the $400 bonus coming back?

  183. Dave C says:

    Doc, plan is to DD $5k in, back out a month later, do 10 debit transactions in first month. Pay $25 fee for second month, (and third month if needed) receive $300 bonus, downgrade and/or close.

    I’ll net $250 for 10 debits and $5k in DD (which I’ll then push back out).

    Any major issues with this plan?

  184. Duane H says:

    Does anyone who got this bonus have PNCs federal ID number? I never got my 1099 and that’s really all I need. Thanks!

  185. Jake says:

    Anyone know if the 90 day rule is enforced? I may just have to ask PNC customer service

    • Patti says:

      I would not call the bank to ask if they enforce the rules. Whether they tell you yes or no is no guarantee that it will be that way for you. So if they say tel you now on the phone that they don’t enforce it, you apply but then don’t receive your bonus, are you going to call back again and complain that you were told that they dont enforce it? That would be silly.
      Either take a chance and find out if they enforce it or wait and play by their rules.

  186. Devon says:

    Is there a household limit on this?

  187. NBG says:

    I went and opened the account in branch. They had a similar flyer for the offer but there it clearly states either open a Virtual Wallet with Performance select or just performance select (without the Virtual wallet) for the $300 offer. So i opted for the plain Performance select. Now when i login online, i dont see the word performance select anywhere in my account. All it says is interest checking. Is that what all of you guys see?. Am i losing here by not choosing Virtual wallet?.

    • Ian says:

      It should say Performance or Performance Select Interest Checking on your 1st statement if you opened a traditional Performance or Select.

  188. Pete says:

    How do I fund the savings account with $2K after I opened up a Virtual Wallet checking with $2K?


    • TJ says:

      They open three accounts for you at once. It’s a package. You get two checking, and a savings. So you can’t find more than 2k. You’ll see it when you log into OLB. It’s different. Main checking, “reserves” and “long term savings.”

      • NBG says:

        Is that true for in-branch also for 3 accounts in package?. per my earlier post, i opened in branch and the flyer specifically states, i can open either a virtual wallet with performance select or just the performance select checking. I need some DP from those who opened in-branch.

  189. TJ says:

    I thought I posted this, but:

    March 2017 DP: CSR funding of 2k. Didn’t lower or touch CA limit and it posted as purchase.

    Thanks DoC!

  190. Derek says:

    Data point. Applied on 1/26. Combination of actual DD, paypal transfer, Chase ACH. made 10 debit card purchases in first 2 weeks, bonus posted on 3/11. Downgraded account this morning to standard Virtual Wallet in order to minimize DD requirements to $500/month

  191. sam says:

    Boss – William!
    what about this link

    What the difference Virtual Wallet with Performance Select VS. Performance Select Checking?
    And people are stating PNC will open 3 accounts? 2 checking one saving? so it won’t be one account?

    • Ian says:

      I don’t think you need all the nonsense after the “.html?” in link. The difference is VW is an online package of 3 sub accounts: Spend, Reserve, Growth. The latter is a traditional Perfomance Select Checking account only.

  192. NC says:

    DP: Opened and funded $2k with Citi AA on 3/13. It cleared to today as purchase, Services – MORTGAGE COMPANIES-FINANCIAL INSTITUTION .

  193. 40 or Fight says:

    I’m thinking of opening a checking and a savings account (which it seems from comments above can potentially be done when initially applying only for performance select checking and also adding a savings account?).

    Does anyone know for sure whether the total $4k funding could be split between two cards? I saw some data above saying it is two separate charges, but not completely clear whether it could be two separate cards.

    I’d love to knock out both the Chase SW Plus and Chase SW Premier with this. Historical data points seem good for Chase SW cards, but one comment in this chain above for the SW Plus said it was a problem if the cash advance limit is too low (as mine is). Any other recent data points on the Chase SW cards with PNC?

    Many thanks.

  194. Zack says:

    There seems to be a lot of bank bonuses in NY/NJ but not CA. Am I able to apply for these using my parents’ address (I live in CA, they are in NJ)?

  195. JC says:

    Tried to applied today and it stated this message…

    Security is a priority at PNC, and our online application process includes measures that are designed to protect you and prevent the spread of identity theft. Sometimes we need more information than that which can be provided online, therefore we cannot continue processing your online application at this time.

    While we can’t open an account for you online, you may still be eligible to open your account through another method. We hope that you’ll stop by your local branch to have a PNC representative assist you.

    We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your interest in PNC Bank products.”

    Is is so annoying. I did called them but they were unable to help. I asked if they use ChexSystem for verification and the representative told me they do. Which I don’t get it because I received my report a few days ago and everything is fine. Any recommendations instead of going personally (I want to fund using my CSR)? Should I try in a couple of days?

    • Patti says:

      Is it possible that you answered one of the security questions incorrectly?

      • JC says:

        Thank you for the reply Patti. The security questions were NEVER ASKED for PNC, Santander, M&T, nor Ocean First. I’m trying to find out why, in order to fix it. I wonder what do they have in common regarding online application process. I know Chex is fine, would have to verify EWS.

        Any recommendations are most welcome. Thanks again!

  196. David Ann Arbor says:

    The bank charges a $25 fee if you close it before 6 months is up.

  197. Dave says:

    PNC denied me an VW account. I assume it’s too many accounts open. They used Early Warning Services for soft pull. Asked Early Warning Services for the report, will get it in a month though.

    Did anybody else get denied?

    • Mike says:

      How do you know which system they used, and how did they let you know that you were denied?

      • Dave says:

        First I applied online and on the last page as it about to processes it redirected me and showed me a generic letter telling me I was denied due to info on Early Warning Services. It showed me how I can get an EWS report. Similar to a credit card rejection. I then went into a branch and was denied in branch also with the banker giving me the ladle letter as the reason why. The letter also doesn’t tell you why. It just tells you that you were rejected due to info on EWS.

        • Jeremy says:

          Dave: I received the letter with the denial citing Early Warning as well. I requested my EWS report. It took about three weeks to process and receive the report. I didn’t have any accounts listed as closed for cause so I assume that there isn’t any negative information on the report. Also the report shows nine accounts were opened within the past 12 months and it shows that 6 accounts are currently open. It is showing 11 inquires have been made by various banks. I will note that many of the smaller banks don’t seem to report to Early Warning since I have 24 checking/saving accounts currently but only 6 of them show up on Early Warning.

  198. Patti says:

    So if I open this and fund $2000 with a cc, which of the 3 accounts gets the funds? Or is it divided between the 3? Just curious..

  199. Austin Auclair says:

    yall think this is actually gonna end on the 31st?

  200. Jeff says:

    Has anyone tried re-applying? Got denied online (presumably because the online questions were too hard), wondering if I wait a week or so and try again what my chances are?

  201. Hamm899 says:

    I applied back in Feb and had my tax refund post to the account. I see it coded as DD so hopefully my bonus will apply shortly.

    • Saabfan says:

      my tax refund coded as “tax refund”, which I think will not count. Gonna DD more money to ensure I get the bonus.

      • Max says:

        I have the same issue from a tax refund. The statement category says “Refund” but clicking the description it says “ACH Credit … IRS Treasury.”

        Does anyone know if there’s a definitive way to know if it was counted as DD? Thanks 🙂

  202. 40 or Fight says:

    Denied to due Early Warning. Will request the report to see what it says.

  203. LagerBack says:

    I just received $300 bonus and want to downgrade to the Virtual Wallet, so I don’t tie up $5000 to avoid the monthly fee. Can I downgrade without having the bonus clawed back? Or any other ramifications?

    • MarcoPolo says:

      I downgraded and no clawback.
      To clawback they have to mention in their T&C anyway.

      • LagerBack says:

        So yes, I can downgrade and no clawback correct?

        How did you downgrade your account? In-branch or over the phone?

        • MarcoPolo says:

          Try reading the comments-it has been mentioned many times.
          This is how I do it:
          1. Hit Ctrl+F
          2. Type “downgrade” in the little window which opens.
          3. Keep hitting enter so that you can read comments mentioning “downgrade”.

          I’ll include the comment by sloebrake here:

          PNC has an online option to downgrade.
          Go to account summary (The fancy page with a bar)
          On the upper right side of the screen click preferences.
          Choose virtual wallet.

          • Dan R says:

            How long does everyone feel is an OK amount to keep a checking account open after a bonus. Like i dont want to get blackballed by the bank but i don’t want to lose too much in monthly fees or keeping too much cash tied up to avoid the fees. Any ideas?

          • MarcoPolo says:

            @Dan R
            You have to keep the account open for 180 days to avoid $25 early termination fee.

          • Gadget says:

            To Dan R: There is no database of “blackballed” customers for chasing bonuses. I personally been doing this hobby for years, and really hard for the last year, and only had “issues” with one bank where I feel I can’t go back. (Thanks Discover!) But, as long as you don’t leave with negative balances, bounced checks, or filing bogus complaints, you should be fine. IMHO, you should never pay fees and keep paying them just to make a bank “happy”. I call every time I get a fee, and usually get it removed. At the end of the day, your just a number, and they don’t have time to keep notes on everything when they have other problem children to deal with.

  204. Patti says:

    Only a few more days remaining to sign up for this. I’m torn though. Maybe April 1 will bring something better, or maybe something not as good. It’s a gamble for sure.

  205. Devon says:

    Anyone have success recently with PayPal as their Direct Deposit? I see the 18 or so datapoints on that page but I just did 3 PayPal deposits and none triggered my Direct Deposit alert emails. They all also are listed as Transfers and then say “ACH CREDIT 59P22A3MWTA8C PAYPAL TRANSFER” in the descriptions. I don’t feel confident those will work to earn the bonus.

  206. Patti says:

    Hubby and I were both denied online apps. We live in the list of states and have lots of PNC banks in our area. The security questions were easy so I don’t know where we went wrong.
    For $600 (both of us) I should want to go in branch but I really was hoping to fund by a cc and do it all online. It makes things so much easier. Maybe I’ll borrow from my summer vacation fund…

    • Eric says:

      A couple of years ago I tried several times to open an account online and kept on receiving the “identity” error message. I would just open in-branch if I was you.

  207. Patti says:

    Extended to June!

    Got this message when I requested the coupon to be emailed to me:

    “Thank you. Your coupon is on its way

    Coupon ID:

    You’ll soon receive an email with your coupon ID. Please bring the coupon to your local PNC branch at the time of account opening

    Hurry, offer ends June 30, 2017.”

  208. Jon says:

    I applied for checking account this morning and got this following message:

    Your online application has been received and is under review.
    Thank you for your interest in PNC Bank. Your application is currently under review. If your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation email in 2-4 business days. If your request is denied, you will receive a letter via USPS mail within 7-10 business days.

    Anyone else get this?

    • Patti says:

      Did you finally get approval by PNC?
      At least yours wasn’t a flat out no like ours was. lol

      • Jon says:

        Yes I was able to get it open online. I called PNC about the app, and they told me it failed (and not denied) but with no specific reason given. I retried the app and it was approved immediately. I must have incorrectly entered personal information.

  209. leahcim says:

    DP for PayPal —

    2/1 – opened account (for $300 bonus) with $2000 on CSR, posted as purchase
    2/16 – transferred $2500 from PayPal, posted as direct deposit ACH transfer
    2/17 – transferred $2500 from PayPal, posted as direct deposit ACH transfer
    2/28 – 10 POS debit transactions around $1/each
    3/30 – bonus posted, downgraded to lower fee virtual wallet

  210. Shea Travels says:

    Feb 13 – Opened account – Funded $2k with Fidelity Visa, coded as purchase
    Feb 16 – Transferred $5k from Alliant CU
    Feb 16 – Completed 10x $0.50 Amazon gift balance reloads
    Mar 29 – $300 Promo Reward Cash Credit

    Thanks Doc!

  211. David says:

    DP. Applied Performance Spend on February 7th with Texas address, met requirements February 21, and bonus posted March 29. Looks like state requirement did not matter. I know its last day but if you have been holding out, looks worth it.

    • Chap says:

      Confirming David almost exactly. Opened 2/14, met requirements on 2/28, bonus posted on 3/29. It seems they do batch bonus posting. OUT OF STATE (TX) and still worked! 🙂

  212. Sam says:

    I dont have any money currently in my PayPal..Do I have to transfer funds first from my bank account first to PayPal and only then transfer to PNC? or is there another way? thanks

  213. Chris says:

    DP for Wells Fargo

    02/24 opened VW account(Performance Spend) with $2000 on Chase Ink+, posted as purchase
    03/06 transferred $2000 from Wells Fargo, posted as ACH CREDIT WELLS FARGO DDA TO DDA
    03/08 10x($.50) Amazon reloads
    03/29 $200 Bonus, posted as Rewards(ACH CREDIT ID PROMO REWARD CASH TRANS)

    • john says:

      Does it have to be a certain type of Wells Fargo account to count as a direct deposit (would a WF everyday checking account work)?

      • Robert says:

        I think DDA = Demand Deposit Account = Checking Account… So, I am not sure if this would count as a direct deposit but not sure.

        Were there any other transactions that may have reported as the direct deposit and triggered the bonus?

  214. Jeff says:

    A mixture of Paypal and TD Ameritrade transfers both worked for the direct deposit bonus. Conditions satisfied March 7. Bonus paid March 29.

  215. Patti says:

    Online offer has been extended to June 30. See fine print in the direct link.

  216. Tom says:

    For this bonus (and others like it), I am getting hung up on the word “recurring”, which to me means regularly repetitive. For my pension, I have DD going into my credit union but I can also set up 3 “Financial Allotments”. I am hoping the banks see this as a direct deposit. I can set the amount and cancel them whenever I want. For march (paid on 3/31), I set up 3 new allotments to (hopefully) trigger the TDbank, Santander, and Chase bonuses. I was able to meet the requirements with ONE Financial Allotment/DD but I am concerned if I stop them now (so I can create new ones for the PNC bonus,etc) it won’t be considered “recurring”?????? Help would be appreciated

  217. Information Booth says:

    dp: opened v-wallet w/PNC. Funded $2000 using Wells Fargo Cashwise Visa. Coded as a purchase.

  218. JC says:

    Tried to opened account online again and got the “Identity Verification” message stating that is unable to verify my ID, and to go to a branch. So annoying. Agent told me they use ChexSystem but I have NOT seeing the inquiry on my Chex Report. Do they also use EWS?

  219. Tom says:

    Opened a PNC v-wallet and savings and funded both with CSR ($2,,000 x2)

    Both coded as purchase: PNCBANK NA ONLINE RETAIL

    +4000 points

    Working on getting PNC’s bonus now

    • Greg says:

      Did you do both v-wallet & savings in 1 online application ($2000 x 2) or did you setup v-wallet first with $2000 and you started a new savings app to do the other $2000? Thanks!

      • Tom says:

        I opened the v-wallet first and waited to see if it coded as a purchase (about 4-5 days). When it did, I opened a savings and funded it with CSR.

        • Greg says:

          Thanks Tom! Do you remember when you opened Savings (I’m choosing Standard Savings), which of these options did you choose: What is your current relationship with PNC?
          I am a PNC Online Banking Customer.
          I have an account with PNC but have not yet registered for online account access.
          I do not have an account with PNC.
          I just opened my v-wallet today and its showing $2000 pending PNCBANK NA ONLINE RETAIL (I also set my cash advance to $0 for Chase Ink Preferred). I chose option 3 (don’t have an account) for savings and it’s blocking due to thinking its fraud. I’ll wait 2 days like you and try option 1?

          • Tom says:

            I opened my Standard Savings the last week of March. V-Wallet was my first account with PNC. I signed up for online banking after the I applied for my V-Wallet.

            When I open the savings it was easy because PNC already had all my info. All I had to do was fund it. Maybe you are encountering that issue because you are funding $4k in a single day and Chase is flagging it as fraud.

  220. Charles says:

    Opened a PNC v wallet with performance spend. Funded with $1995.00 Arrival +. CA set to $100. Coded as purchase. $2100 ACH push from Barclays online savings account triggered direct deposit. 10 purchases with amazon reloads 50-60 cents each. Haven’t got the bonus yet.

  221. Pete says:

    Paypal is now being coded as “ACH CREDIT XXXXXXXXX PAYPAL TRANSFER”

    No more direct deposit or am I doing something wrong?

    • Roger says:

      Any update on this? Did Paypal still count as a DD?

      • Pete says:

        I’ve just transferred $2000 into my VW account earlier this week from my Paypal. When the money was pending, PNC shows DD. After it was completed, it then says its ACH CREDIT. I’m not sure this is how it usually works for PNC for DD since this is my first experience banking with them.

        • Daniel says:

          If you wait until your statement closes, then look at the statement online, the PayPal transaction will show as a Direct Deposit.

  222. SD says:

    Does anyone know how long I need to keep this account open so not to get the bonus forfeited?

    Thank you.

    • Gadget says:

      From article: Early account termination fee: $25 if closed within six months

      There is no instance for bonus forfeit… unless of course you never earn it.

  223. Bob says:

    Do you have to do anything with amazon gift card reloads? Like to opt out the PIN-less debit card option on Amazon?

  224. NBG says:

    If anyone doesn’t want the virtual wallet thingy – here is a link that lets you apply for one without the virtual wallet.

  225. El Guapo says:

    How quickly did you receive your PNC account number after opening online? Did you get it quickly by online delivery, or was it snail mail? My employer is slow to set up direct deposit changes, so waiting for the paper mailing from the bank to get an account number can be a problem sometimes.

    • Bob says:

      Immediately. As soon as the application goes through, you see the information on a page. Very clear, just don’t click quickly and you’ll see all the info

  226. Bob says:

    Out of state (CT) success:
    2/14 Opened ($2k funding BoA CC)
    3/31 Reqs completed (Alliant ACH, Amazon 50¢)
    4/22 $300 posted

    Going to downgrade now to lowest tier Virtual Wallet. 10/10 would churn again

  227. alex says:

    Funded my PNC account with the Merrill+ card for 2k and came through as a purchase. My cash advance limit is set at 6k.

    I called up BofA and a rep told me that they cannot lower my cash advance limit without lowering my total credit line as well. Has anyone heard of this? I asked what my new credit line would be if I lowered my cash advance to $200 and he said my new credit line would be $500. What the heck?

    • Gadget says:

      H.U.C.A. You had a CSR that either didn’t know, or they have changed their rules within the last couple months. I opened my Merrill+ in December. Called right away and got my CA lowered to $200, which is lowest BofA will go. Try chat or secure message. sometimes SM reps will give you a different answer then phone reps. This happens a lot with Chase.

  228. Patti says:

    Has anyone been declined when trying to open in person? We were declined to open online but it didn’t say for security reasons; it just said can’t be opened at this time but invited us to visit a branch.
    We did 3 bonuses last year, June-July, and 4 bonuses this year, Feb-April.
    Would that be enough to decline us in branch? Do our FICO scores matter?

  229. Gadget says:

    They can’t see how many bonuses you did, only that you applied for new & additional checking/savings accounts. FICO shouldn’t matter, unless you added overdraft or applied for credit.

    At least one person reported PNC was inquiry sensitive, but they had 30+ accounts over the last 3 years. Because of that comment, I had previously decided not to open a savings account at PNC. I have been a member there for a long time, but checking only.

    If I were you, I would go in branch and face the music. Maybe it’s not inquiry related and something else they need to verify, or you live to far from the nearest branch. Banks tend to overlook the distance issue when you are standing in front of their face. (they often overlook state lines as well, as I have been able to open accounts in WI at other banks when on vacation that would not allow my state normally)

    • Patti says:

      It can’t be the distance factor; there’s a branch 2 miles from home. Our regular bank is less than 2 miles from PNC so I’d guess there is some competition there.

      30 accounts in 3 years is an average of 10 per year. I’m up to 7 already in the past 12 months.
      I wonder if they only look at the past 12 months? or do they look 3 years back? Maybe I should wait until the end of June to try in branch but in the meantime M&T gives out accounts like candy with very little effort on my part to keep fee free.

      Maybe I’ll keep a watch on this offer and try it when M&T is sick of me. lol

      • Gadget says:

        When a couple banks have denied me, they would not give me a straight answer on the number of inquires that IS acceptable. (Sandy Spring Bank, Quorum FCU) Someone said Chartway FCU looks back a year, and cannot have more than two inquires – I guess some banks are really sensitive about competition. They reserve the right to screen as they see fit, as long as it’s not discrimination.

        As for the DP, they probably did not tell him their formula. He may have assumed they looked at the 3 years, since that is how far back Chex keeps a record.

        You can request a copy of your Chex online. I would do that, and it takes about a week to get in the mail. Then go in branch, and be truthful, that you signed up online, got an error saying to go in branch, and you were interested in the promo. Worst they can say is no, and get another Chex inquiry.

        • Patti says:

          Thank you for your help.

          • Gadget says:

            No problem. This isn’t my 1st rodeo and I like to attempt to help. Also, I am running out of offers to do… LOL

        • Gadget says:

          Oh, and the only bad thing about going in branch, besides being a time-suck and getting pitched other products, is that every bank I have seen, CC funding in branch would count as a cash advance. If you have your CA limit set low like me, it just gets rejected, and then you feel like a deadbeat when the banker hands the card back. Also, that can be a huge turn-off if you’re trying to meet a minimum spend.

          • Patti says:

            I never touched my ca limit and when I could use a cc to fund it still posted as a purchase.
            We did get sucked into opening a cc at the Chase branch. We do love the CSP card and are trying to earn UR points for free flights in 2018.
            Would be nice to get 2000 pts x3 accounts.
            The whole thing is a very addicting game. The thrill of the hunt and all that…

  230. Devon says:

    DP: Canceled by chat this morning. Took about 10 minutes as they had to tell me nine million warnings and try to convince me to switch to a different account. I’m taking the $25 hit as I got the $300 bonus and don’t feel like avoiding fees for 5 more months. Worth way more than $25 to me for less hassle.

    • Mike says:

      If you dont mind when did you open, finish requirements, and when did your bonus post?

    • JuicyJosh says:

      Probably water under the bridge by now… But via online chat you can downgrade to the basic checking account. I went from the $5k minimum account down to the $500 minimum account after the bonus posted then my statement cycled. I know the fee is small but just letting ya know there is an alternative.

  231. th0r0bred says:

    Sorry but can someone who has done a 2k credit card fund transfer to a Select Wallet account online, please instruct on how you executed this? I don’t see the option on the site for doing so. Thanks in advance for your help

    • BB says:

      If I’m reading your question correctly, it sounds like you already have a Select Wallet account. The credit card funding is only for initial deposits on new accounts.

      • th0r0bred says:

        Thanks BB, Lesson learned here for the newbie. I applied and funded in branch and the new banker said she thought I “might” be able to upfund CC online still. Oh well, experience is the best teacher… 🙂

  232. Ashok says:

    Hello – DOes AMex serve still work for DD with PNC??
    Dont want to play with paypal as it my seller account

  233. Min Kang says:

    I’m not sure if Schwab works anymore. I opened my account 3/7, completed all requirements 3/21. I have sill yet to see my bonus. Scwhab checking ACH push did trigger DD email, but on the statement it says P2P, same for Ally.

  234. Sammy says:

    Does anyone know if I can fund the account with my wife’s credit card?

  235. Larry says:

    Opened my account on 3/6 with $2,000 credit card funding. Transferred $5,100 from AMEX Savings account on 3/14. Bonus was just posted 4/28. Going to downgrade to the basic checking.

  236. TJ says:

    DP: Opened 3/8.
    March 14 – 10x Debit transactions
    I did a real employer DD but I also pushed money to total the 5500 in first month so not sure what worked. Second month was mixture of same (real DD, and bank push) Wishing I did $300 bonus instead of $200.
    April 28 – $200 posted

    Thanks DoC!

  237. NBG says:

    Do i need to do the DD every month or one is fine(5K) to meet the requirement?. I already did one.

  238. NBG says:

    Update: Got my $300 bonus posted today 5/1 with a date of 4/28. Applied on 3/9. Employer DD on 4/5 for 5K.

  239. NBG says:

    Forgot to mention – Did a chat and downgraded to standard checking with lower requirement.

  240. Josh says:

    Opened account on 3/15/17. Completed requirements on 3/30/17. Still haven’t received any bonus?

  241. Mike says:

    Datapoint: This offer may now be nationwide. I am a Minnesotan and was able to successfully open up the account online and fund with my credit card using the link for the $300 bonus.

  242. Jatan says:

    3/16 Opened account online (funded $2000 with Chase Reserve)
    3/27-3/28 Made 11 debit card purchases (7 online & 4 in-store)
    4/4 Transferred $2000 from Fidelity checking
    5/1 $200 bonus posted

    Will downgrade to a regular account in a few days

  243. TWoK says:

    You can downgrade your account online:

    “Please click on your My Accounts Tab.
    Select your Virtual Wallet Account.
    Select the “Preference” tab in the top right corner.
    On this page it shows your current version, as well as your options. You would want to select “Change Edition”.

  244. Gadget says:

    S.O. was denied. Error at end of application was not specific on why denied, but it was her 1st account ever with PNC. I am assuming it was due to CHEX inquires. She has about 7 new accounts this year, most of them being M&T. Ordering a copy of Chex report to see if PNC pulled it.

  245. Cicero says:

    I still haven’t received the bonus. Met the requirements on 3/20. 10 amazon purchases and ACH from Schwab Checking. The deposits triggered direct deposit emails and are categorized as Direct Deposit on my account overview. They are listed as this however:


    • Mike says:

      Same here I used Schwab checking as well, and coded as the same. It looks like SCWAB isn’t being triggered as DD in the system anymore.

      Should update on the list of bank DD triggers.

      • Mike says:

        Should add that I opened my account 3/7, met requirements 3/21 using SCHWAB, and have yet to see the bonus.

        • Robert says:

          I am in similar data range, I just did a fidelity push as I don’t have time to get proper DD from employer before 60 days is up. Worse case I just be thankful for the credit card funding, close after min time and try again since I didn’t get a bonus paid.

        • John M says:

          Another DP to confirm that Schwab Checking no longer works as DD with PNC. I opened the account on 8/25, and pushed $5,000 from Schwab Checking on 8/31 (also finished debit card transactions on 8/31). It’s 10/23 and bonus did not post. As soon as I realized that it might not work, I started pushing from other sources, so fingers crossed.

          @DoC, could you update the DD list to clarify the difference between Schwab Checking & Brokerage? Thanks!

    • encin says:

      My wife met the requirements on 3/10 and has not received the bonus yet, we did real DD from my work for her account and did 10 transactions with amazon.

      I also did this promo myself using real dd and amazon for transactions – both requirements were met by 3/20 and I got the bonus 4/7.

      Is it best to follow-up with SM first?

  246. Max says:

    Hey Will

    DP: pnc in Manhattan did not allow out of state application in branch. Required proof that I live or work in Manhattan

  247. Hardtacokit says:

    I don’t live in one of the listed states (I live in Vermont), but I took the chance with this one and I got the Bonus last week anyway!

  248. generalmills says:

    DP: Deposited $5k from Barclays, coded as ACH transfer. Confirmed via secure message that the transfer did not count as Direct Deposit. Will try Alliant next.

    • Confirming by SM is just stupid, all you’re doing is drawing attention to your account that you’re not meeting the requirements legitimately.

      • generalmills says:

        Follow up on the DP: $5k deposit from Barclays posted 3/20, did not get the notification that a direct deposit was made, coded as ACH transfer. Was in the process of trying to trigger with Alliant, but before any transfer went through, $300 bonus posted yesterday, 5/23. Looks like Barclays did trigger it, just didn’t get the notification that it was direct deposit, and it took 63 days to post.

  249. Mrdioji says:

    My wife got the $300 bonus opening online in CA. Posted a few days ago. CapOne 360 worked for DD. The CC funding even showed as DD on my statement. Not sure id that would’ve actually counted. It was only $2,500 of the required $5k. Did 2 more $2.5k via CapOne

  250. RhinoWho says:

    Anybody have success using USAA for a DD trigger?

  251. Elver Galarga says:

    DP: CanOne 360 push did not count as DD.
    4/12: Opened acccount.
    4/22: 10 transactions and $5100 push from CapOne 360 posted.
    5/18: Sent secured msg inquiring if requirements had been met and was told that push form CapOne 360 did not count as DD.

    • JuicyJosh says:

      Your SM is same as calling the bank. Anyone can tell you 360 is not a direct deposit…. If you haven’t drawn attention to your account, try PayPal if you still have time left.

      Also, other DPs indicate 4 to 1 that it worked and maybe you need to wait a little longer?

      • Elver Galarga says:

        I didnt metion my capone push on my Sm. I just said if I had met the requirements. They replied that they only saw 1 DD for $2200 which was from my employer. I’ll still be able to meet the 5,000 requirement thru employer DD but I guess I will have to wait long for the bonus payout.

        • JuicyJosh says:

          That is def a good back up plan. No way they can refute a legit DD. Had to do the same with 5/3 bank.

    • Elver galarga says:

      Update DP. By 5/21 I had second payroll DD hit totaling $4400 in tea DD. I did a push for $600 from NFCU for regular expenses and today 5/24 $300 posted so it looks like in my case Capone 360 push didn’t work but NFCU pushed worked.

  252. James says:

    I know PNC is chex sensitive, does anyone know how they cpunt inquiries? Is it just based off too many off a certain period of time or in total?

  253. Jason says:

    Anyone know I appiled online in California will be work and Qualify the bonus????

  254. Sam says:

    $300 bonus posted. Can I close out the account or it has to be kept open for some time?

    • JuicyJosh says:

      You can but they charge and ETF. As an alternative, after your statement cycles, send a secured message or online chat and downgrade to the basic account. You only need $500 vs $5000 to remain fee free.

  255. Matthew Davis says:

    There was a comment in January about PNC requiring $5,000 PER MONTH of DD in order to avoid the $25 fee. Does anybody know if this is accurate?

  256. Jon says:

    DP: Transfer from Chase personal checking worked. Shows up as ACH CREDIT XXXXXXXXX JPMORGAN CHASE EXT TRNSFR on statement.

    4/26 – Opened account in-branch
    4/26 – $5000 transfer from Chase, 10 Amazon transactions
    5/24 – Bonus posted

  257. illy says:

    1 Account opened in branch 4/10
    2. Transferred from Chase Business triggered DD on 4/14
    3. 10 swipes completed 4/14
    4. Bonus posted 5/24

  258. pnc says:


    4/20 DD via Fidelity for $2010 (“FID Banking Service / ACH CREDIT XXXXXXXXXXXX FID BKG SVC LLC MONEYLINE”)
    4/27 10x Amazon GC $0.50
    5/23 $200 bonus deposited

  259. Tom says:


    4/17 – 2 Purepoint Financial ACH transfers of $2500
    4/18 – 10 Amazon .50 Reloads
    5/23 – $300 bonus posted!

  260. Grant says:

    I completed all requirements on 2/23 through Amazon purchases and ACH from PayPal and Schwab (each for > $2k). Still no bonus posted, sadly. It’s been over 90 days, which I think was the wait period PNC specified.

    I assume the protocol is to simply chalk it up to bad luck and not contact them, is that right? Also prob worthwhile to take note (DP) that neither PayPal nor Schwab seems to have been sufficient for the direct deposit requirement.

    • Jim says:

      Grant: When you say “>2k”, did the DD sum total upto at least $5k? Also, in our statements, did the push from paypal and schwab code as “direct deposit”?

      • Grant says:

        Hey Jim,

        The sum didn’t exceed $5k because I was doing the $200 bonus, not the $300 bonus. For $200, you only needed to have direct deposits exceeding $2k.

        In my statements, each of PayPal and Schwab have “Direct Deposit” in the description. Each of those also qualified me for a higher interest rate tier from PNC, which is awarded based on eligible DD.

  261. SD says:

    Data Point:
    Open ‘Virtual Wallet with Performance Select’ online on 09-Apr-2017.
    Completed 10 signature transactions by 01-May-2017.
    Received legit $5k direct deposits by 15-May-2017.
    $300 bonus posted on 24-May-2017.

  262. seespotjump says:

    Nine bank accounts opened since 4/25. Was not able to open PNC in California.

    Security is a priority at PNC, and our online application process includes measures that are designed to protect you and prevent the spread of identity theft. Sometimes we need more information than that which can be provided online, therefore we cannot continue processing your online application at this time.

    While we can’t open an account for you online, you may still be eligible to open your account through another method. We hope that you’ll stop by your local branch to have a PNC representative assist you.

    We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your interest in PNC Bank products.

  263. John says:

    Has anyone been able to switch from the $200 to $300 bonus? I stupidly signed up for the $200

  264. Jess says:

    Can someone verify that Paypal is still a valid DD? I just pinged CS at PNC and they said it counts as a transfer not a DD. Also it shows as an ACH Credit Transfer on my account

    • Dan says:

      Your ping indirectly says ” hey! I’m trying to take advantage of your bank by not doing an actual DD through my employer. Is that ok?”. This merely brings more attention to your account and probably eventual closing of the loophole

    • M. Smith says:

      Falls under /dont-call-the-bank/. If the list for PNC does not have up to date data points (/knowledge-base/list-methods-banks-count-direct-deposits/#PNC), you might need to “be the data point you want to see” as William (or Chuck) says.

      • Jess says:

        I wasn’t going to respond to Dan’s comment, primarily because I thought he overall had a good point, but given that I’ve received more than one less-than-helpful reply:

        Thanks for the link but I’ve read all the rules and pages on this website. Also, this isn’t my first bonus offer. There is an absence of recent Paypal DP’s for this offer, which is why I went the CS route. Rather than piling up such answers, actual DPs would be helpful. @Dan There are many small but legitimate business that pay their employees via Paypal (e.g. dog walkers, etc.), and I used such language while asking.

        FYI I deposited $5k to my PNC account via Paypal on 5/31 + fulfilled the purchase req. I will post back if I receive a bonus

  265. Justin says:

    Was not able to open online (see above for how they worded it). I previously had an issue with PNC because I had opened through my work computer which reroutes through another state and they shut my account down (I got it reopened after sending in license and bills) so that is likely the case. Oh well 🙁

  266. A says:

    Was able to open online. (Live in one of their states). Funded $2k with Merrill+ coded as purchase.

    Just a heads up, the pin for the debit card took weeks to show and then was incorrect. So I couldn’t set up online banking until making it into a physical branch. Quite the PITA experience.

  267. Same says:

    How do you opt out of overdraft protection??

    The “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” page shows three docs, one of which is about overdraft. There is no separate OD opt-in or out, just the overall ” I agree to the terms and conditions of the above agreements.” option for all three. Can’t say “I don’t agree” and continue. Will this be a hard pull???

  268. Robert says:

    3/26: Account Opened

    5/8: Paypal DD of $5100. Statement lists is as a Direct Deposit – Transfer Paypal. Received email that a direct deposit was made to my account.

    5/10: Made 10 Amazon reloads of various amounts.

    6/9: Still no bonus….

    • SamSimon says:

      I see Sam! Thx
      Robert please keep us posted! Thx

    • Jess says:

      I don’t think Paypal is a valid DD for this offer any longer. I have tried again using Serve

      • Josh says:

        Another possible DP, agreeing with Jess. I’m thinking Paypal may no longer be working.

        Opened account for my wife as follows:

        5/2-Acct Opened
        5/12 – Paypal $5K deposit
        5/16 – 10 debit transactions completed

        6/21-Still no bonus …

        Used the same methodology to get the PNC bonus for an account for myself in March.

        Will keep everyone posted.

        • SamSimon says:

          Josh, hey, please keep posted, because i transferred $2,000 into PayPal and ready to open account with PNC…..

        • Josh says:

          Can confirm, like others today, that PP still working. Received bonus today. PNC just seems to be moving a little slower than in the past. Stick with the s=usual advice, check the DP’s and be patient. Don’t call or SM the bank!!!

      • Rox says:

        Paypal worked for me recently. Check my comment here /pnc-300-checking/#comment-428393

  269. SamSimon says:

    why you need “10 Amazon reloads” ? thx

  270. F S says:

    Already got a checking and a savings, has anyone tried to open “S is for savings” and funded it with CC? I want to open two of them, one for each of my kids.

  271. jamesheine says:

    When Schwab is mentioned as a direct deposit, does that mean I can just transfer $ from Schwab into a new account and that will satisfy what is needed?

  272. Lisa says:

    i opened an account and received the bonus without living in one of the listed states (TX).

    4/18 – opened account with CSR
    4/24 – $3k ACH transfer from USAA
    5/2 – 10 amazon purchases
    6/1 – $3k DD – payroll
    6/16 – received $300 bonus

  273. Ryan says:

    DP: rep tells me that ACH transfers from Cap One 360 totalling $5k do NOT count as DD.

    As a reference point, I used CapOne on this same account one year ago and it did previously mark as a DD.

    Going to try Chase and if that doesn’t work, going to close it down.

    • JuicyJosh says:

      Anyone on this site will tell you a Cap1 ach transfer is not a DD. Don’t call and ask that. It’s the frst rule of bank bonuses. Now you just have eyes on your account for no reason. Consult the list of banks transfers that count as DD or read other DPs.

      Doc, can you add “don’t call the bank” to the pop up message that asks you to join the mailing list?

    • Ryan says:

      Ok, so this is crazy.

      Even though I was told my CapOne wasn’t a DD, it turns out it WAS.

      Got $300 today.

      • JuicyJosh says:

        And this is exactly why there is no point asking the bank if X method counts as a DD. Their answer will always be no unless it’s an actual DD.

        Congrats on the bonus. I’ll be happy when I’m able to plunder PNC for a second time.

        Ps, A CapOne ACH transfer is not a DD 😉

      • Ferris says:

        It’s not crazy. Banks require a “DD”. CapOne is NOT a “DD”, it is simply an ACH, the same type that a real payroll direct deposit is. Most of the time, ACH pushes work, but not always. NEVER, I mean NEVER ask the bank this. There is a reason so many people leave data points here. We don’t want people like you asking the bank themselves, discovering the issue and ruining it for everyone else.

        Never ask the bank again.

  274. bob wiley says:

    Online application wont complete for me .. not sure why.. ( PNC gives me some message about security)
    Have opened 3 accounts within the past 2 weeks, that could be why.

    Can you fund with CC if I open in branch?

  275. scott says:

    Does anyone know how long you can wait between opening a checking and savings? I want to open the checking before the 6/30 expiration date and fund that with a credit card. But I want to apply for a new credit card on July 1 and then use that to fund a savings account for $2K and meet the minimum spend on the card. The reason I’m asking is I opened a checking account with BMO and funded it with $1K. I tried opening a savings account a week later and was declined.

  276. JuicyJosh says:

    Just logged into the PNC account I opened back in Dec. Want to double check some dates to make sure closing with no fee. There is a nice big happy 6 month anniversary banner with balloons and all. I dont even need to check the dates now. 180 days met. Time to clear out and close. Its been real! Thanks PNC!

  277. Vinstravel says:

    Schwab ACH on 3/23. still no bonus. called and was told that was not a DD and does not count 🙁

  278. JC says:

    I will be taking advantage of this offer once it’s hopefully extended past June 30.

    How can I ensure I am able to open an additional savings account for an extra 2k in CC loading? I am a little confused if this needs to be a separate account from the “Virtual Wallet” setup.

  279. Ben says:

    In the past week I’ve tried twice to open a PNC account and fund $2000 with my Fidelity 2% Visa. Both times, it was declined. Today I called Fidelity, they said it was blocked because my Cash Advance limit was too low (only $1,250_25% of $5k). This insinuates it would be a cash advance, but all the dp’s I’ve seen here say Fidelity 2% visa codes as a purchase. I know at some banks the charge initially goes thru as CA, then posts as purchase. But does Fidelity do it like this? To anyone that has funded $2k with a Fidelity 2% visa, was your CA limit $2k or greater?

  280. Justin says:

    Does anyone know if the USAA Limitless card is NOT considered a cash advance transaction to fund the PNC checking account?

  281. Sarah says:

    I attempted to open PNC account and fund with Chase Southwest – both Business and Rapid Rewards Plus. Both declined. I did have the Cash advance set to zero and $100 respectively. Any thoughts on why and what steps I can take? Virtual chat with PNC told me they can’t access applications and referred me back to Chase.

  282. scott says:

    I tried to open a PNC account on Sunday with funding from a Freedom Unlimited card. Both attempts at $2,000 were declined. I didn’t want a try a third time as I heard Chase will then block the card. I also don’t want to call Chase because I don’t know how to explain the $2,000 charge to PNC. Do you think it’s best to wait a couple of days and try again with the same card? Or should I try a different Chase card?

    • Scott says:

      Just a follow-up. I contacted Chase and they told me the charge was declined on my Freedom Unlimited because the expiration date on the card I was using doesn’t match the updated card that I have not yet received(I recently downgraded my Sapphire Preferred to FU and was trying to use the Sapphire). I’m not sure how accurate that response is since I did a test charge for $1 on Amazon with the old expiration date and it went through.

      I ended up using the Sapphire Reserved for the $2,000 in funding and it went through with no problems.

      • Will says:

        Curious: What is your cash advance limit? I just opened the CSP and set the cash advance limit to $100 and I am wondering if that will prevent a $2,000 funding for this account from going through. Considering opening this account to help meet the bonus spend.

  283. Sarah says:

    Received a call from Chase fraud department. They confirmed the charge with me, but now PNC says I have exceeded my attempts to use a CC to fund and I have to use bank account.

  284. Atul says:

    I Opened PNC account – Funded by Chase Freedom Ultumate.
    First attempt was declined and received email from chase to confirm that this transaction is made by me.
    Clicked yes and tried again, it went through…no problem.

    Cash advance was set to $50.

    also did 10 debit card transactions and 2 deposits of 2600 and 2700 from 360.

    Now waiting for bonus.

  285. Rox says:

    DP: Paypal still working.

    April 29, 2017 – A/C Opened. Opened normal (non-virtual wallet account) with promo code by mistake at the branch.
    May 6: Changed to Virtual wallet in the branch and confirmed via chat that promo code is attached to the virtual wallet.
    May 9: Paypal Transfer: 3 transfers totaling $5200 from May 2 to May 9 and 10 debit transaction.
    June 27: Bonus posted.

    I gave up hope thinking paypal is no more working. I was running out of time for Huntington business checking account as it was ending by June 30. In fact, I opened Huntington biz checking on June 24th and all set to transfer the $5000 from PNC to Huntington in a couple of days. Thanks DoC and everyone for the DPs.

    • Peddi says:

      I have zero balance on my Paypal account. I have 1 credit card and 1 bank account (regions) linked to my Paypal account. How do I transfer money from Paypal account linked Credit card to PNC bank as ACH? Do I need to first transfer from my regions account to paypal and then transfer it to PNC bank?

    • Rav says:

      What did the paypal transfer show up as on your PNC account?