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Published on April 7th, 2017 | by William Charles


TravElite Credit Card From FNBO Review – Now With 25,000 Point ($250 Sign Up Bonus), No AF + $100 Travel Credit

The TravElite Credit Card from FNBO now comes with a 25,000 point after $2,500 in spend within the first three months sign up bonus. The card is also now publicly available. In addition they have also dropped the annual fee Continue reading for our full review.

fnbo traveelite

Card Basics

  • No annual fee
  • Sign up bonus of 25,000 points after $2,500 in spend within the first three months 
  • $100 in statement credits for airline incidentals
  • $100 global entry reimbursement
  • Earns at the following rates:
    • 3x points per dollar spent on all airline and hotel purchases
    • 1.5x points on all other purchases
  • Access to Premium Concierge
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • This card does come with a free FICO8 score

How Much Are Points Worth?

Whenever a company starts talking about points my first thought is “how much are points actually worth? and what can they be redeemed for?”. Here’s what we know:

  • Points can not be transferred into other loyalty programs, this means they have no hotel or airline partners
  • Points can be used for travel, gift cards, merchandise or cash back as a credit to your account

Points are worth $0.01 a point (1¢ a point). So a $25 gift card will set you back 2,500 points. When booking a flight a fee of $15 is added. If you’re purchasing merchandise then shipping and handling are also added. There are currently 81 merchants listed that you can get gift cards for and as we mentioned previously you can redeem for cash back. There are over 200 airline and 50,000 hotels that you can redeem for worldwide (but keep in mind the $15 booking fees).

Obviously the best option will be to just redeem for cash back and then purchase gift cards/travel as you see fit.

$100 Travel Discretionary Fund

Officially this fund can be used for incidental air travel fees that are separate from airline ticket charges. You must also enroll in this benefit. The following are examples of what do not count:

  • Airline tickets, upgrades, mileage points purchases, mileage points transfer fees, gift cards, duty-free purchases and award tickets

Examples of what does count is as follows:

  • Baggage, fees, airport lounge access, on-board food and beverage

Allow 2-4 weeks for the credit to post and contact them if it doesn’t post after that four week period. Please share your own datapoints on what did/didn’t trigger this credit in the comments below.

Data Points From Readers

The following do trigger the credit:

  • JetBlue:
    • Award taxes: 1
  •  Southwest:
  • United:
    • Gift registry: 1
  • Delta:
    • Award taxes: 1

The following might not work:

  • American:
    • Giftcards: 1
    • Taxes: 1

Our Verdict

This card is now significantly better than it once was, it comes with a sign up bonus worth $250, no annual fee and $100 in travel incidentals. Getting $100 in travel incidentals without any annual fee means keeping this card long term makes sense. I suspect a lot of readers will be interested in this card and also not that familiar with FNBO. I’d recommend reading this post explaining more about this card issuer. Biggest thing for most people is that they are inquiry sensitive, so keep that in mind.

211 Responses to TravElite Credit Card From FNBO Review – Now With 25,000 Point ($250 Sign Up Bonus), No AF + $100 Travel Credit

  1. James says:

    Outstanding review of the Travelite card, I almost got sucked in. What card can I get and ultimately get a better profit margin?

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  3. Emily says:

    Searched through past posts on FNBO and couldn’t find any mention as to which bureau they typically pull. I know it varies by state, but any DP out there? Hoping for Transunion or Equifax…

  4. Bob says:

    Doc – how come you say “no EMV chip” when the attached image has a chip on it?

  5. Bob says:

    I’m sorry if it’s a stupid question. But when we click the link, it looks like we can just apply right there?

  6. Rick says:

    Is it possible to do a product change to this card? There aren’t many DP on FNBO though

    • DGS says:

      I called FNBO yesterday and asked if i could PC my current FNBO Amex Card to TravElite Card. CSR said that TravElite wasnt even one of their cards and denied my request.

  7. Tom says:

    I am curious how inquiry sensitive they are in people’s experiences. Is 13 inquiries in the past 2 years, 6 in the past 12 months too much?

    • E Dantes says:

      Wondering the same thing. Any DPs anyone has here would be greatly appreciated!

    • Filippo says:

      Applied this week for another card with FNBO: pulled only Experian (Michigan), I had 6 inquiries over the last 12 months, FICO8 ~750, got pending then approved after 48h for $15K CL.

    • Elliott says:

      I was just instantly approved and I have 800-775 with 5 hard pulls in the past 8 months, Not sure but probably well over 13 in the past 2 years.

  8. Andrew says:

    Will this fall under AMEX’s 2/90 rule? I’d imagine so but just wanted to make sure

  9. joE says:

    Is FNBO known to change credit card perks? I can’t foresee this $100 travel credit lasting for years to come.

    • Dima says:

      Yeah, it will probably change to ‘if you spend at least $X0,000 per year’

    • Not that I know of, but they have already change this card previously (to improve it by removing the AF).

    • Jeff H says:

      I have two “limited time offers” ** from FNBO. Both have the same terms and rewards after about three years and 18 months respectfully.. IMO. I would be very shocked if they turn around or modify the terms and conditions on this one. Historically, when they say “limited time offer”, they mean it. The only exceptions that they have done is CLIs for each card without my request..

      ** Gas and Groceries = 3% cash back in points on those categories.
      ** Bucks Back = 2% cash back in points every day spending

      • Jeff H says:


        Personal card pulls Equifax
        Business card pull Experian

        Reinstated checking account back up line of credit after favorable change of terms. Soft pull. I was the one who previously canceled after negative change of terms.

  10. Jeremy says:

    This doesn’t appear to be sustainable. There’s little incentive to use the card other than the credits.

  11. Josh says:

    Just applied for it and instantly got this message, “Thank you for applying! Your application has been submitted. You will receive written status of your application within 2 weeks.”

    They haven’t pulled my credit yet so it looks like it’ll be manually reviewed. I’ll add to this post as I obtain more information.

  12. Michael says:

    Not targeted, but applied for my wife and I. Got the manual review notice as well, so I will let you all know how it turns out.

    But how could I not try? Free miles, and $100 travel credit, with no annual fee? Its a no-brainer..

    • Michael says:

      As an update, I got an email today asking me to call in to provide more info. They asked the usual public records multiple choice questions, i.e. what vehicle have you recently owned, what state have you lived previously, etc..

      After answering 3, I was told they would finish up my application shortly. Waiting for the approval before I have my wife call in to verify hers.


  13. NinjaX says:

    this is not sustainable… no annual feel? joking me. expect this to burn soon. act now.

    • Elmer says:

      Of course, if you believe the WSJ article, most banks are waiving the annual fees when requested, so FNBO might just have streamlined that process and been able to save on some phone support down the road,

  14. Ed says:

    I applied online today with no invitation and was approved within minutes.

  15. jeff says:

    Is cash back also at $0.01 per point? Is there a minimum redemption? It seems there wouldn’t be much point to any other redemption if that were the case.

  16. Robert says:

    I just applied, was not targeted.

    “Thank you for applying!
    Your TravElite American Express® Card Application has been submitted. You should receive written status of your application within 2-4 weeks.”

    Instant Experian pull. Crossing my fingers 🙂

    • Robert says:

      I received a call today from an ‘Unknown’ number. FNBO bank wanting to ask me a few security questions to process my application. Answered 4 questions and after that the rep said that the questions matched and that she should have the application approved later today. Sure enough, went on the status site and was APPROVED with $2,900 credit limit.

      Stats: 794/787 credit karma
      4 inquiries in the last 3 months
      6 inquiries in the last 6 months
      21 inquiries in the last 2 years

      • John K says:

        How did you see the instant experian pull?

        With the 2,900 CL, were you still eligible for all the benefits? I’m only asking because I know Visa/MC is weird about those rules…


        • Robert says:

          Experian monitors credit for free without giving the exact score. It sent a notification that my credit report had changed.

          I’ve been eligible for all benefits–enrolled in the travel reimbursement and global entry without a problem.

  17. sirtheta says:

    $350 + ongoing $100 a year is surprisingly good, assuming the travel credit can be hacked. I’d file this under “maybe at some point”.

    • Darv says:

      Definitely worth doing, but I too have a few higher prioities.

      Hopefully folks report back on what triggers the travel credit.

  18. Dan says:

    Anyone try to PC to this card?

  19. Eric says:

    I just app this afternoon 07April. They pulled Experian here in Dallas. Got declined. Their reason was “too many recent inquiries from the beginning of the year till now”. I have 2 active cc acct w/them. Both are 2-4yr. As of today, 4 approved app out of 5 app so far this year. 12 out of 13 approved w/in the last 12 months. 26 out of 27 approved within the last 24 months. Scores were 722 – 751

  20. Eric says:

    I asked to change product from Visa Rewards but the rep said no and had to app for specific product and get approved for it. So no PC.

  21. Jon says:

    I checked status online about four hours after submitting the application today and was approved. I have been looking for a replacement card on hotels in case my UPromise MC is eventually discontinued. I was thinking about AAA rewards card from BOA (no AF, no FTF) but this one appears better.

    Thanks for the information.

  22. culinarykid92 says:

    Any idea on the min credit limit, if any? And are points used towards travel worth more?

    As for those that say the credits couldn’t stay, I wouldn’t be shocked. However, considering all the 2 or 2.5% flat rate cards out now, I think it is sustainable. Most people who fly either have elite status and a better card overall. Those who don’t want the hassle and travel infrequently use Southwest for the no checked bags fee, so the cost is no hassle and built in. I see a few using the $100 for checked bags. Airport lounges are similar, many infrequent flyers don’t know or care about them, while frequent flyers have access through a card. Fees seem a little ambiguous, so I’d say they could get away with not crediting that one. That leaves food and beverages. Many just take the complimentary bev and snack. As for alcohol, some may use the $100 for that or it may not even get used.

    I noticed this in the Terms: CASH BACK IN THE FORM OF A STATEMENT CREDIT: Only points can be used to redeem for cash back, which cannot be redeemed using a combination of points and a credit card. Cash back is redeemable in denominations of $25, $50, $100, and $250. Cash back in the form of a statement credit will be applied as a credit to the Account. The regular monthly minimum payments shown on the billing statements must still be made.
    So Amex has this similar to Blue Cash, which make it a bit of a hassle if it is used as occasional small bill to keep it open while not travelling.

    As I don’t travel often, can I charge bag fees on this card, while using a card like the Reserve for my flight itself (whether it be through rewards or cash)?

    I also noticed the statement: Enroll your TravElite Card with Premium Concierge and receive up to $100 in statement credits yearly to use for baggage, fees, airport lounge access, on-board food and beverage and more.
    Is there a cost to the Premium Concierge? And how do I enroll? Do I need to enroll for each trip I take? If so, I can see why the credit may never bother them.

    • culinarykid92 says:

      And does it get Amex Offers? That alone may get me to apply because of the credits. And this card could get me to try and travel (inexpensive and short, occasional trips). And anyone know if any other cards with NO AF offer travel credit?

    • SA says:

      Hi I just called to enroll my card for the $100 credit and was told that it’s a one time thing, part of the sign on bonus. where did you see “yearly”? wondering if they’ve already changed the terms…

      • culinarykid92 says:

        “$100 Travel Discretionary Fund3 – Enroll your TravElite Card with Premium Concierge and receive up to $100 in statement credits yearly to use for baggage, fees, airport lounge access, on-board food and beverage and more.”

        The link provided is to the card page, which DoC already links to. It is stated there. I would call and double check if it is a one time thing to enroll or for the credit. Please let me know, as I am considering the card, but would easily leave it if the credit is not yearly. And if you do call, can you check if the Global Entry credit is a one time or every time you have to renew it?

        • YZ says:

          $100 Travel Discretionary Fund3 – Enroll your TravElite Card with Premium Concierge and receive up to $100 in statement credits————- yearly ————to use for baggage, fees, airport lounge access, on-board food and beverage and more.

          same for me, if it is only one time, i will skip it.

      • Robert says:

        and after calling to enroll in Global Entry:

        “You have successfully enrolled your First National Bank of Omaha TravElite American Express(R) Card ending in ***** for the Global Entry Application Fee Credit benefit. You will receive a $100 statement credit after applying for the Global Entry program and charging the $100 fee on your enrolled TravElite Card.
        Please visit to apply for the Global Entry program.
        If approved, membership into the Global Entry program is valid for 5 years, subject to the program’s terms and conditions. The $100 fee must be paid upon submitting the Global Entry application. Whether or not your application is approved, the $100 application Fee Credit is available once every five years.


        Terms & Conditions

        Global Entry is a U.S. government program. American Express and First National Bank of Omaha do not have control over the application and/or approval process, and do not have access to any information provided to the government by Cardmembers. American Express and First National Bank of Omaha have no liability regarding the Global Entry program.
        Cardmembers who need more information regarding the application and/or approval process, as well as the full terms and conditions of this program, should go to The Global Entry statement credit is available to TravElite Cardmembers and applies when the Cardmember selects the “Global Entry” program on the program application and pays the application fee with an enrolled Card. Other program applications including, but not limited to, NEXUS, SENTRI, and Privium are not eligible for the statement credit. If a Cardmember selects any other program in addition to the Global Entry program, the transaction is not eligible for the statement credit. Only primary Cardmembers are eligible for the $100 statement credit. If approved, membership into the Global Entry program is valid for 5 years without additional charges and subject to the program’s terms and conditions. Cardmembers should allow 1-4 weeks after the qualifying Global Entry transaction is charged to the eligible Card account for the statement credit to be posted to the account. Cardmembers can call Concierge if the statement credit has not posted within four (4) weeks from the date of the qualifying charge.
        Cardmembers are responsible for payment of all charges until the statement credit posts to the Card account and must still make all required payments as reflected on their monthly Card statements. To be eligible for this benefit, the Card account must be active and not in default at the time of statement credit fulfillment.”

    • Jeff H says:

      When you get the card, look the rewards over to see if the did something like the business Absolute Rewards. Bad redemption terms on the $25.00 .. better reward terms at $50.00 and higher.

  23. Bob says:

    So looks like it’s very inquiry sensitive, like US Bank. If you apply, please share your DP! Thank you! 🙂

  24. Evan says:

    Received an email from FNB to login for their decision on my application…DECLINED (letter to follow with reason) – credit score approx. 800, applications in the last year…umm, is there an accountant in the house? 🙂

  25. matt says:

    Just applied. They pulled experian. Socal. Written status in 2-4 weeks message.

  26. Seeker says:

    DP – applied and went to pending. Checked the online status checker today and was approved. 710 fico on exp. 17/12 inquiries

  27. Mike says:

    Declined. 21/24 new accounts. 5 recent inquires. 820+ fico.

  28. Bobby says:

    Where are you guys checking the app status? I too got the 2-4 week response. Instant exp alert 784 score….

  29. Kevin says:

    Does anyone know what Amex Connect is?

  30. J says:

    For DP
    Declined with 5/24 Though to be fair I just applied for a card and approved a week ago. So maybe that was too soon?

  31. idchiang says:

    For DP
    Applied 04/11 (with “waiting mail in 2~4 weeks” msg); Approved 04/12.

    Pulled EX
    HP: 11/24 5/12 4/6
    FICO: 748

  32. Gabriel says:

    Applied 4/11 – wait 2-4 weeks. Check status – Approved 4/12. $10k CL

    about 5 inquiries in past 6 months.

  33. Kyle says:

    Applied 4/11. FNBO called next day for verification. Approved later that day CL $2100, 30k income. 7/12, 10/24. Experian score: 741.

    • Jeff H says:

      My track record with them has also been very modest CL to start.

      Use the card some .. maybe up close to that limit, but not over. Give it 6 to 8 months. Then call and ask for a CLI. Every time I have done so, I have been a choice of soft pull or hard pull process. I chose soft pull each time. Each time was successful. Give it another 6-8 months. Rinse and repeat. This year, they automatically gave out CLI without my request.

  34. Nate says:

    DP: applied 4/14, got 2-4 weeks message. Approved 4/15 with $4,500 CL. 7/12. 813 fico

  35. Thomas Tullis says:

    is there anyway to use the $100 Travel Discretionary Fund on the TravElite (no AF) credit card towards giftcards or is it truly a airfare-incidental refund only? is there some loophole to use this bonus if I dont pay for flight food or checked luggage?

  36. Aaron says:

    DP: Applied 4/12 with frozen Exp, was auto denied and called asking if they can use another report was told they will only pull my Experian. Unfroze experian and asked them to check again and was denied for the card due to too many inquiries in the past 12 months. 14 Inquiries.

    • YZ says:

      not true.

      Applied just now.checked credit karma, found out surprisingly they pull EQ. not sure about EX whether had another pull yet. Searching for DPs now…

  37. S. Rosenberg says:

    Applied on April 22nd Experian was pulled, Fico 791, 12 inquires in total, 6 of them in last year, 7/24 approved same day for $8500

  38. Nancy says:

    Applied on April 22 Experian was pulled (NY), Fico 724 11/12 inquiries and checked status today 4/26 Denied

  39. I-Da Chiang says:

    (Already enrolled by calling) Bought $40 Southwest giftcard on 04/27 and got credit on 04/28.

  40. Will says:

    Hey Will, when did changes to this card take place? Did you reach out to them to see how long this “Limited Time” will last? Thanks!

  41. Ted says:

    NY pulled Experian, 1 inquiry in last 3 months, 3/6mo, 6/12mo and 17/24mo.
    Score close to 800, very low utilization.

    Denied due to “too many inquiries from ICS report, we look at 3 months and 6 months mark”.

    Now I want to get a hold of that report and see what is on there that is different from Experian report.

    Anyone have any ideas on ICS?

  42. Ryan says:

    I’ve enrolled the travel fund and bought a $50 American Airlines gift card on 4/26/2017. I did not get reimbursed. I’m wondering if it only works for Southwest giftcards?

  43. Arries says:

    Got approved with a 3.3k limit. Just checked the status with the link given above (

    Had a 766 credit score. I was scared that I wasn’t going to be approved as it stated that they were inquiry sensitive. I think I had about 6 hard pulls this past year. A couple of them is from applying for Chase Sapphire Preferred, Reserve and the Hyatt card.

    Now to wait for the actual card. I applied for this card since the offer sounded good? Read all the terms, benefits that comes with the card with no annual fee and felt like it was a no-brainer card to apply for.

  44. John K says:

    5/8 Applied for card

    5/9 received email saying app received, generally takes 10-14 days to review

    5/10 checked status of app (
    “Application Approved
    Your application was approved on 05/09/2017 with an initial credit line of $7,000.00. A card will be sent to you within 7-10 business days.

    Address in Illinois. FNBO pulled Experian. (experian): 0 inq last 3, 2 inq last 6 mos, 12 total last 25 mos; no lates

    Credit karma: TU 798, 7 inq last 25 (1 in last 6 mos); Equifax 802, 5 inquiries last 25 (0 last 6 mos), no lates

    Looking forward to this card – thanks DoC!

  45. Andy says:

    Received a targeted mailer for this card yesterday (5/9), applied & approved today (5/10). Instant online approval. Should be receiving card in 7-10 days.

    Pulled Experian (WI)

    767 EX score. 5 previous inquiries in the last 6 mos, 25+ in the last 24 mos.

    From what I’ve read it looks like being targeted helps a lot if you have a lot of inquiries. Hoping the travel credit can be used for United MPX – will report back with DPs.

  46. Jeremy says:

    Received targed mailer as well. Applied today with instant approval.

    Pulled experian (WI), 5 inquiries in the last 6 months

  47. John says:

    Received targeted mailer as well. Applied today with instant approval.

    I’ll come back and add where they pulled (I live in Tennessee), and how many inquires I had.

  48. Chris says:

    Applied today after receiving mailer. 2-4 week notice, called 18004446220 and was told I had already been approved. My only question before receiving the card is what exactly Premium Concierge is. Looks like enrollment is necessary to get Global Entry and airline credit. Is enrollment free/simple?

    • Ed says:

      Free yes. Getting Global Entry is a process which can take weeks to a couple of months depending on your city and when you want the interview appointment. We have GE from getting a different cc, but will keep this card at least 5 years as long as it continues to offer that credit (so I can renew GE) and as long as it remains fee free annually. This is a keeper for now and we’ll use it for spending. We’ve forgotten all about Altitude.

  49. lc says:

    Already received the card and bonus. Got a mailer today for the same card with same sign up bonus. Should I apply one more?

    • John K says:

      If you do, let us know how it goes! Would be interesting to know if you can have multiple cards.

      • Devon says:

        Same here for my wife. Let us know!

        On separate yet related, has anyone been denied then received the targeted mailer and been approved on 2nd attempt? I was denied a few weeks back (never received a reason or anything in mail) then received targeted mailer yesterday.

    • Miz says:

      So did you apply? What happened?

  50. Jags says:

    Held off because of inquiry sensitivity. Received targeted mailer. Instantly approved.

  51. Robert says:

    DP: Can confirm again at SW 22.40 GC bought online trigger travel credit. Additionally, Delta Award taxes ($5.60) also triggered the credit.

  52. Glt says:

    Applied on 10th. Approved on 11th. Received targeted mailing on 11th 🙂

  53. TG says:

    Received targeted mailer with no pre-approval language, just an invitation to apply. Declined.

    • William says:

      Do you mind sharing your credit score range and inquiries?
      I’ve got an mailer and am tempted, but seeing it not a sure-fire kinda holds me back.

  54. Robert says:

    American Airlines award taxes do not work for travel credit. Tried for $5.60 and ~$78, neither of which received credit.

    AA is a no-go with this issuer.

  55. Dan says:

    Anyone being shutdown for MS on this one?

  56. Gabriel says:

    For those who got the bonus, how long did it take after you met min spend?

  57. mec says:

    United gift registry and the incidental travel credit data?

  58. Gabriel says:

    Data point: Booked a flight on Southwest using points and I used this card to pay for the taxes & fees and they were refunded after 2 days.

    05/17 DTCOM – DALLAS, TX Airline $11.20

  59. SA says:

    DP: Bought $25 southwest gift card from and as reported earlier was refunded. Both transactions posted together.

  60. John says:

    DP: Bought $50 Southwest gift card from and it was refunded. Transaction posted 5/24, credit posted 5/25.

  61. hermitw says:

    called fnbo inquiring about 100 fund, rep knows nothing and ask me to call amex. On this webpage it seems one need to call to enroll in this program:


    This benefit is available to TravElite Cardmembers only. To receive statement credits of up to $100 a year toward incidental air travel fees, Cardmembers must enroll their TravElite Card account with the Premium Concierge by calling 1 (855) 327-1432 or 1 (630) 694 – 9784 (International). Only the primary Cardmember or an authorized user authorized by the primary Cardmember can enroll. Cardmembers may enroll at any time, and will remain enrolled until they cancel. Statement Credits: Incidental air travel fees must be charged on the enrolled Card account for the benefit to apply. Purchases made by both the primary Cardmembers and authorized users on the enrolled Card account are eligible for statement credits. However, each Card account is eligible for up to a total of $100 a year in statement credits across all Cards on the account. To qualify, incidental air travel fees must be separate charges from airline ticket charges. Incidental air travel fees charged prior to enrollment in this benefit are not eligible for statement credits. Airline tickets, upgrades, mileage points purchases, mileage points transfer fees, gift cards, duty free purchases, and award tickets are not deemed to be incidental fees.The airline must submit the incidental air travel fees under the appropriate merchant code, industry code, or required service or product identifier for the charge to qualify. Cardmembers should allow 2-4 weeks after the qualifying incidental air travel fee is charged to the Card account for statement credit(s) to be posted to the account. We rely on airlines to submit the correct information on airline transactions, so Cardmembers should call the number on the back of the Card if a statement credit has not posted within 4 weeks from the date of purchase. Cardmembers remain responsible for making all required payments as reflected on their monthly Card statements. To be eligible for this benefit, the Card account must be active and not in default at the time of statement credit fulfillment. For additional information about this benefit, Cardmembers should call the Premium Concierge at 1 (855) 327-1432 or 1 (630) 694 – 9784 (International)

  62. Dan says:

    Approved. 1 card in last 6 months; 15 cards last year.

  63. Jeff says:

    Does anyone know if Delta egift cards trigger the travel credit? I just got the card in the mail yesterday.

  64. F.S. says:

    No pre-approvals, never had any relationship with FNBO, and decided to apply on 5/29. Today I got a call in the morning asking me to answer 4 questions pulled from my Credit Report. Within 3-4 hours I checked my Application Status online and I got approved and the Card will be mailed in 7-10 days.

    I was 10/24 when they pulled my Experian report on 5/29 (at time of application).

  65. mec says:

    Looks like the application page has been pulled.

    • stampman says:

      The site still shows a link to reply as of today. You have to enter the access code and reservation number from the mailing. I haven’t tried the link yet because I was going to apply in a couple of weeks to coordinate with some planned spending in September. Maybe there was just a glitch or they won’t accept applications unless you got the invite. I’ll just mail it and see what happens if the link doesn’t work.

  66. AA says:

    It seems like the link is dead unless you have an access code and reservation number as stampman mentions.

  67. MonetaryDragon says:

    The link to reply to a mailer is here:

  68. Mark says:

    I got the mail offer and got approved. 3 year credit history, FICO 750, pulled experian. I doubt if my application would have been approved if I didn’t receive the mail offer. My complaint of this card is that it takes forever for the transactions to be posted, and there’s no way of knowing what the pending transactions are. And I haven’s utilized the airline credit yet but will post if buying gc works.

  69. Robert says:

    Is Airbnb considered hotel?

  70. Justin says:

    If someone has a non-targeted link, let me know.

  71. Phil says:


    – $100 SW GC DID trigger $100 incidental travel credit ~3 business days after purchase posted (must enroll in amex concierge before purchase)
    – 25,000 rewards points ($250) posted on the day of the first statement after $2,500 in spending (so not immediately after $2.5K spend, but once $2.5K in charges appears on statements)

  72. Moon says:

    Purchased $100 southwest gift card on 6/10
    Transaction and credit posted 6/12

    Thanks everyone for posting DP!

  73. John K says:

    I had a hard time finding the cash back redemption option, so I’ll post some instructions below:

    – Log in to your FNBO Omaha account
    – Click on your FNBO Travelite account
    – Click Rewards (In Menu column on the left)
    – Click Visit Rewards, will take you to the Rewards Member Landing
    – Click Cash Back (Left column, may have to scroll down to see, gray button)
    – Select your redemption amount, click add to cart
    – Click Radio box to Agree with Redemption Terms and Conditions, Select Yes I agree if pop up appears (and you agree)
    – Select Checkout
    – Click next
    – Fill in contact information, click confirm/next (can’t remember name of box)
    – You will receive a confirmation screen which you can print, points will be automatically deducted

    Per terms below, should post to your account with 5 business days, but may not appear on statement until 1-2 cycles. Can’t be used to pay required monthly payments.

    Also, interesting note in terms… if you buy merchandise, you may be able to get Velvet Glove delivery? LOL what is that!?!?

    Redemption Terms & Conditions
    You must agree to all terms and conditions before you can check out
    $25 Cash Back
    You may redeem points for Cash Rewards in the increments indicated in the “Denomination” drop down box.
    These Cash Rewards will post as a credit to your Account within 5 business days; however, it will take 1 to 2 Billing Cycles before you will see the credit on your monthly credit card statement.
    You must continue to make your regular monthly credit card payments even though you select this Cash Rewards option.
    The Cash Rewards cannot be used as a payment towards your credit card balance.
    Terms and Conditions
    First National Bank of Omaha

    For Rewards program Terms and Condition, please access your online account detail page and click on the link “View Rewards Terms and Conditions” to review.


    Cash back is redeemable in increments indicated in the “Denomination” drop down box. Any points redeemed for cash back in the form of a statement credit are treated as an additional payment on your Account. You are still required to make your regular monthly Account payments as indicated on your monthly statements. Statement Credits will post to your Account within 5 business days, but may not appear on your statement for 1 to 2 billing cycles.


    You may redeem points for the Reward items shown on this Website. The selection of Rewards and the number of points needed to obtain them may change at any time. Rewards are not to be returned or exchanged, unless the merchandise is damaged or defective. Featured Rewards may not necessarily reflect exact colors or models of actual Rewards. Purchase protection or extended warranty coverage associated with your Account is not applicable to Rewards. Warranty, service and/or support for Rewards may be available to you from third parties, not First Bankcard or the third party it has contracted with to manage the Rewards and the redemption portion of the Program (the “Service Provider”).

    Damaged or defective merchandise Rewards must be brought to the attention of the Rewards Service Center within 30 days of receipt or the item cannot be returned or replaced. The points you use to redeem merchandise Rewards may be credited back to your Account if you return the Reward in a timely fashion and in accordance with the procedures described in the previous sentence. Non-receipt of a Reward must be brought to the attention of the Rewards Service Center within 90 days after the ship date. You should call the Rewards Service Center for return/exchange authorization and assistance.

    You will find complete details about shipping, exchanges and refunds below or you can call our Rewards Service Center. Rewards are provided solely by the applicable manufacturers. First Bankcard and its Service Provider assume no responsibility or liability for such Rewards. All brand names are the trademarks and property of their respective owners and are used with permission.


    1. The shipping address must include a street address; APO/FPO/PO Box addresses are not accepted. Standard shipping is included only for merchandise shipped within the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia. All charges for shipping, transportation, freight, or services with a similar designation represent a single charge for shipping and handling. Charges for non-standard or expedited shipping may be computed, assessed, calculated, and collected and separately stated for sales tax purposes. Points cannot be redeemed for these charges. Where applicable, sales tax on standard shipping and handling charges will be included in the Points redemption amount or in the initial statement of the supplemental payment. Special shipping charges apply to merchandise shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Sales tax will be collected on shipping and handling fees, including any special shipping charges, where required by applicable law, determined with respect to the laws of the jurisdiction in which the shipping address for the Reward is located. Where permitted or required by applicable law, the charges for shipping and handling will be treated as additional purchase price and subject to sales tax.

    2. Velvet Glove Delivery. Velvet Glove delivery is available on select products. A daytime phone number must be provided for orders that require Velvet Glove delivery. You may be contacted by the carrier to schedule an appointment for delivery. The Velvet Glove crew will deliver your Reward to your shipping address, bring it onto the premises, unpack it in the room of your choice (access permitting) and take away all packaging materials. They will not install or setup your Reward for you. Please be sure to inspect all items delivered by the Velvet Glove team before signing for such items. Should you find an issue with the merchandise, you can refuse the order and contact your Rewards Service Center at the number listed on your confirmation email. Once you accept delivery, no refunds, exchanges, or replacements will be allowed.
    (remainder of terms removed for comment length)

  74. pat says:

    Does anyone know if the travel credit is granted per calendar year or every 12 billing cycles?

  75. MonetaryDragon says:

    Application data point:
    Applied using the mailer on 6-15, pulled Experian, got a call at my work phone on 6-16. Answered some identity verification questions, most difficult one was for me to name a credit card on my credit report along with it’s credit limit. Approved later that day.

    I had 3 Experian HPs prior to the application. They were 4, 13, and 22 months old.

    Was at 9/24 if not counting AU cards, otherwise was at 11/24.

    • The Value Traveler says:

      Just applied and didnt get instant approval. Will be on the look out for this phone call Monday AM. Hopefully Ill get approved. The benefits of this card are pretty good….just the $100 incremental credit is great for a no fee card.

  76. Nick says:

    Didn’t realize you needed to enroll in Premium Concierge to get Global Entry/travel credits. Had already purchased Global Entry, but after calling in to Premium Concierge they applied the reimbursement. In case anyone else forgot to enroll (I’m sure they would do the same for travel credits)

  77. Simon says:

    (6/22/17) Just applied using a mail offer and got instant approval with a weird credit line of $13100. Got instant notification from EX saying that FNBO pulled my report. Had 5 pulls on EX that were all over 1-yr-old.

  78. Steven T says:

    A few other additional AMEX options (Luxury Hotel Program, luggage ins, delay ins, rental damage ins) although the site is broken. Source code shows the details.

  79. Wes says:

    Applied using targeted mail offer. Instant approval. I’m at 10/24. Pulled Experian.

  80. Moldova says:

    Today is the last day to apply for this card (for those that received mail invitation).

    I have applied and got automatically approved.

  81. Daniel says:

    Applied after the public link was taken down using the targeted mailer (before the mailer expired). Pulled exp which had 6 HPs and showed 10/14. Instant approval with 13.6k CL.

    First statement just closed and the bonus posted immediately. Cash back redemption have to be taken in increments of $25 which is mildly annoying. The account has NOT shown up on my credit reports yet.

    I’ll probably sock drawer it until I fly next so more accurately, I’ll toss it in my travel wallet to use the rest of the credit. Southwest taxes on a rewards redemption triggered an automatic reimbursement.

  82. Eduardo S. says:

    By checking my first statement I noticed that Uber rides in US are tagged as “Transportation” which seems to count as Travel, 3x/$1.

    Uber rides in Brazil, however, are marked as “Mail/Television Orders”, 1.5x/$1 then.

    Anybody else has more data points on what counts of travel apart from airline and hotel purchases?

  83. Anon says:

    06/26 06/28 JETBLUE AIRWAYS 9010021 – JETBLUE, NY Airline $11.20

    JB Award taxes post, and are credited.

  84. COLLEY ACME says:

    So award fees count?

    Wifi purchase?

  85. Nick says:

    United Gift Registry posted for me as travel credit

  86. Miz says:

    After you had an eligible airline fee, how long did it take for travel credit to post?
    I purchased some food on a Delta flight five days ago. The charge posted 2 days ago, but the credit has not posted yet.

  87. Carini says:

    Looks like Im late to this party! Any tips on how to improve chances of getting a mailer?! TIA

  88. Wes says:

    DP: In my experience, my taxes on an international award ticket with Southwest we’re not reimbursed. The taxes were in the amount of $89.79. This is an important distinction, as all the positive SW dp’s seem to be for an amount consistent with domestic travel. Yes, I was already enrolled for the benefit via phone call prior to making the booking.

  89. captainsave says:

    Just got the 25k bonus pts. Whats the best value to redeem these pts.

  90. Brian says:

    DP: International award ticket taxes flying Southwest were reimbursed. Taxes were $47.06 for each, so total of $94.12 credited.

  91. cyndy says:

    DP: southwest gc 100 credit reimbursement posted after 3 days.

  92. Moldova says:

    Used the airline credit for United Gift Registry

    Redemption system is actually quite flexible. You can redeem points for cashback in increments of $25. The remaining balance can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards (min $10).

    Last 811 points I was able to redeem fully for a $10 amazon Gift card. There is an option to charge the remaining amount directly to card, so I charged $1.89 to card.

  93. Gabriel Flores says:

    DP on reddit that the reimbursement works on Alaska Airline certs.

    “DP: Alaska Airlines Gift Certs do count as an airline amenity charge for the FNBO TravElite AMEX card. I bought $100 GC and I got the credit for $100 in 3 days on my account.”

  94. ANDY says:

    Just a quick DP for everyone that the award taxes & fees for my Avios award flight DID NOT get reimbursed. The 3rd party “concierge” handles the travel reimbursement, so it’s an extra hoop to jump through but CS specifically told me that taxes & fees associated with purchasing tickets are not supposed to be eligible..only incidentals like baggage, meals, etc. Kind of a raw deal, but classic YMMV.

    Guess I’ll have to just buy a SW GC and call it a day.

  95. jk says:

    Southwest $100 gift card purchased, received travel credit two days later

  96. Ashley Francis says:

    Is this a real link or fake?

    Looks real but everyone said it was pulled down.

    • Peter says:

      you need an access code to apply. unless you got a mailer you’re SOL

      • Ashley Francis says:

        I called the help number and they told me they aren’t even sending out mailers with codes right now. I tried to act like I lost mine to see if they’d be able to look me up another way. They said to look for mailers around next year the same time and it would most likely come back as it was very popular.

  97. AT says:

    I wish I can this get card to get free Global Entry. Is there any other way?

  98. Miz says:

    Did anybody receive reimbursement for buying American Airlines gift card with this card? There are a few negative data points on reddit but look suspicious to me.

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