Posted by William Charles on February 25, 2017
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Published on February 25th, 2017 | by William Charles


New Invite Only Gap Visa Signature Card – Up to 3x Everywhere

GAP (and associated brands like Banana Republic, Old Navy & Athleta) have introduced a new credit card called the “Gap Inc. Visa Signature Card”. The only way to get the card is to be invited, it seems like currently they are targeted existing cardholders with high spend on the card in the last one to two years.

Reader MontyFC received an invitation for this card and this is what we know:

  • All the same benefits as the old card as well as the below:
  • Card earns:
    • 2x Rewards points on all purchases outside their brands
    • 3x Rewards points on all purchases outside their brands during your birthday month
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Dedicated customer service line (1866 657 8467)
  • Free 3-5 shipping whenever you use your card
  • Exclusive offer at their family of brands for your birthday (must have made at least one purchase in the last twelve months)

The Banana republic card in particular is known for sending out targeted spending bonuses that can be very lucrative. That’s why it’s ranked as the #1 store card by us. If anybody does get this upgrade, let us know if you continue to get the targeted offers as well or not. Thanks again to MontyFC for providing the following images:

gap plus

gap4 gap3 gap2 gap5 gap6

23 Responses to New Invite Only Gap Visa Signature Card – Up to 3x Everywhere

  1. Rene says:

    I did have an Old Navy Credit Card (Navyist), which is pretty much the same as Banana Republic in regards to receiving regularly spending bonus offers. About two statement cycles ago I got silently upgraded to the Gap Signature Card.
    That immediately removed the spending requirement to keep the Navyist status and the currently active spending bonus (5x on Gas, Groceries, and Restaurants for Q1) stayed active. I didn’t receive a new offer yet since the currently active one is still going.

    Had the Card for about 4 years with regular spending bonuses, 1+ years as Navyist. 10k Credit Line, my Fico is about 800.

    • Rene says:

      FWIW: I noticed that the spending bonuses got less generous over the past months. I used to got regularly 5x on everything or 10x on gas, groceries, restaurants offers. However the past months I “only” got offers for 3x or 5x on certain categories.

  2. DWT says:

    Thanks for this very timely update… I have not received this new card yet (have been a BR Luxe Visa holder for about 15 years now), BUT I did notice something unusual yesterday when I logged into my account (from iPad only… because it brought up the mobile interface). The card design for my BR card had changed to something I had never seen before, which is a Visa Signature Card rotated 90 degrees clockwise (so the chip is now at the bottom), and the card art at the top reads “Gap * Banana Republic * Old Navy * Athleta.

    So it sounds like I probably have a new card coming… and people can probably check their accounts the same way to see if this is also the case for them.

  3. Noah says:

    Any info on what these reward points are worth and how they can be used?

  4. Dollar Wells says:

    Man, my SO has a Banana card and she never gets any targeted offers. Drives me nuts! I’m thinking about signing up for one myself.

  5. Jeremy says:

    I am really entertained by the idea of an invite only Old Navy card being thrown around at high end business meetings as a status symbol.

  6. Ryan R says:

    My wife got upgraded to this card last week, presumably bc she spent a lot last year during a “5x everywhere” promotion they had. But, given that 2% cash back > 2% in Gap rewards, it really doesn’t make sense to use the card outside of the birthday month.

    • Bill says:

      I’d take 2% cash over 2% in points almost any day, unless I was looking for an excuse to not have to account for the points. Since we can buy gift cards for a merchant at either a discount or at face value but earn bonused rewards, gift cards aren’t always 1:1. The Gap brands also often run promotions where the discount requires the card to be used.

      After seeing this post, I did go to the Banana Republic web site and received my CLI to $5k. 🙂

  7. Rene says:

    I find it odd that apparently some Cardholders are upgraded silently and some receive an Invitation. Seems to be the weirdest A/B Test.

    • Maybe the ones thta have been upgraded silently just haven’t received their invite yet.

      • Rene says:

        Yeah. Sorry, I realized later that it’s not an invite but a notice that you’ve been upgraded (as in no way to accept/decline).

        I assume that my new card just got lost in the mail. I didn’t feel like contacting them yet because they’d probably freeze my account which cuts into spending bonus time. Given that the mail was lost for at least 6 weeks at the time I noticed the upgrade (originally, I thought they just got the picture wrong on the statement), I believe it’s actually lost and not stolen.

  8. Al says:

    Wait aren’t these reward points only usable at gap or old navy? Or are they transferable to cash and airlines

  9. Dan says:

    How much are Gap points worth? “3x” means nothing to me without a value to convert into cash equivalent. For example, they could give me 100x but if each point is worth 0.00000001 cents, then it’s not that great of a deal.

    • Rene says:

      If you don’t shop at Gap Brands its worth $0.00 — otherwise 1 point is worth about $0.008 (taking into account that you can buy Gap Brand Gift Cards for about 80% of face value).

      Personally, I value 2x cash higher than 3x gap points. I don’t use the card if it’s less than 5x.

    • Points are worth 1¢ in GAP brand credit.

  10. cm says:

    I love Gap’s clothing, but their card is crap.

    First of all, it’s Synchrony.

    Second, you’re only getting back a Gap gift card, which are already valued at 80% or less.

    Third, I’ve had mixed experience with these Gap GC when doing a return; it seems like it just disappears, because as I remember, it wasn’t actually a GC, but just a coupon attached to a purchase (I can only shop online, as I am M Tall). Perhaps I was doing something wrong; it was pre-churning for me. How to make sure you don’t lose out on return?

    In the end, I found it to be too much hassle, and switched to using my other cards.

  11. Vincent Jimenez says:

    If anyone can post what the new card looks like I’ll appreciate it

  12. Michelle says:

    I think this card is great! I earn rewards so fast that I always have a large balance. I buy almost all of my son’s clothes at Old Navy and for me and my husband I get a lot from Gap/Banana. By using my card for pretty much every purchase I can practically clothe my family for free!

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