Posted by William Charles on November 16, 2016
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Published on November 16th, 2016 | by William Charles


Is There A New Citi Application Rule? One Card Per 60 Days

Citi has always had strict rules on how many credit cards you could be approved for. Previously these rules have been as follows (in addition to the one bonus per family of cards per 24 months):

  • You can only apply for one Citi personal card every 8 days
  • You can apply for no more than two Citi personal cards every 65 days
  • You can apply for one Citi business card every 95 days

There has been a few threads on reddit (1, 2, 3) that there is a new rule and that you’re limited to one personal card per 60 day period. According to what I’ve read, this excludes targeted/mailed offers and started at or around August 27th, 2016 (this is also when the new rule regarding one bonus per family of cards went into place).

I asked for datapoints on Twitter and only had readers confirming their experience:

Other datapoints agreeing with rule:

Datapoints disagreeing with rule:

My Thoughts

I have no idea if this is a new rule or not, I always think it’s suspicious when representatives mention specific time frames (e.g 60 days in this case) as it usually means that it’s a hard coded rule they can’t override. I don’t think it really matters that much anymore either as you’re limited to one bonus per family of cards per 24 months.

14 Responses to Is There A New Citi Application Rule? One Card Per 60 Days

  1. Lantean says:

    i wonder if Citi will start hurting from all these rules… their cards are just not fun any more.

    • Count Sling says:

      I think Citi got burned the last few years (100k AA, W>WE loophole, 50k AA/40k TYP Citigold, $100k CC funding, etc…) and they’ve taken a knee jerk approach. I see almost no value from Citi these days.

      The category bonuses used to be industry leading, but now Chase has completely upstaged them in that department.

      Citi ‘Offers For You’ appears to have been started with the aim of competing with Amex Offers, but it’s fallen completely flat and is rarely refreshed with new deals.

      Sign up bonuses are nearly non-existent nowadays with new rules surrounding once per card family, 24 month language, and targeted mailers becoming more and more hit or miss.

      Unless you have a reliable way of executing targeting mailers successfully, I would move on from Citi after grabbing 50k Prestige, 60k AA Personal, and 50k AA Biz.

  2. 5798 says:

    you are 2.5 months late doc

  3. Whynaomitravels says:

    I’ve been talking about this for a month since we got denied for this reason. Also provided a DP on twitter.

  4. Darv says:

    Recently, within past three weeks, denied for Citi Hilton, recon cited too many inquiries past six months. Aside from Chase’s 5/24, I have not had more problems with any other issuer. Even Chase pre-5/24, no problem getting approved.

    We live in a Delta hub so AA cards don’t work for us. Was hoping to pull the Hilton for wife and I, will perhaps try again in ~3 months. We have a Citi Double when not meeting minimum spend. But beyond Hilton, Citi cards aren’t attractive to us.

  5. alex says:

    what does “excluding targeted” offers exactly means??
    if i have 1 targeted offer in the mail for card A…..
    does that mean i can apply for card A and for any other citi card and be approved?
    or i need to have 2 targeted offers and only that way i can get 2 cards?

  6. Matt P says:

    I was denied under this rule when trying to beat the new family rule implementation to get the no fee Hilton when I had applied for the reserve about 40 days earlier. My denial letter said verification issues curiously, but I was told by 2 different reps after HUCA that it was a 60 day rule, so I chalk the letter up to well known Citi IT incompetence

  7. WR says:

    I recently applied for a Citi Hhonors Reserve and was denied. 800 credit score, $160k income, currently 4 citi cards with $50k total credit limit, also citi checking. I thought initially that I might have fell victim to this new rule, but then I realized it’s been about 75 days since my last new Citi card. I did recently PC my Citi Dividend to a double cash card, could this possibly count against the new rule? I will call recon line when I get the dreaded denial letter in the mail.

  8. Maddi says:

    Do we have data points for cards other than Hilton Honors? Those are the cards that I was denied for on 2 different accounts.

  9. Veejay says:

    @Maddi – I applied for Citi Prestige. Same problem.

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