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Published on October 30th, 2017 | by William Charles


[IN, MI, OH, IL, WI] New Buffalo Savings Bank: 2.27% APY On Balances Up To $15,000 & $25 Amazon Giftcard

Originally posted on 04/03/17. Reposting on 10/30/17 due to negative changes. Buffalo Savings Bank has sent out a letter stating a number of negative changes to the account:

  • Maximum balance reduced to $15,000 (previously $35,000). Effective 12/15/17 for existing account holders
  • They expect the account to be used for everyday expenses and reserve the right not to credit interest if they feel you are only trying to qualify for the rate

If you’re looking for a new savings account due to these changes, I’d start here.

Hat tip to David A

Offer at a glance

  • Interest Rate: 2.27% APY on balances up to $15,000 when requirements are met. 0.02% if requirements are not met
  • Minimum Balance: None
  • Maximum Balance: $15,000 for 2.27% APY, account then earns 0.25% APY on balances over this
  • Availability: IN, MI, OH, IL, WI only
  • Direct deposit required: No
  • Additional requirements: See below
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • ChexSystems: Unknown
  • Credit card funding: None 
  • Monthly fees: None
  • Insured: FDIC

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • New Buffalo Savings Bank offer a 2.27% APY account on balances up to $15,000 when you complete the following requirements:
    • Have at least 12 debit card purchases post and settle
    • Be enrolled in and agree to receive E-Statements
    • Be enrolled in and log into online banking
    • Valid e-mail address

Referral Bonus

You can also get a $25 Amazon gift card by referring a friend (both parties receive a $50 Amazon gift card). The requirements are as follows:

  • Enter e-mail
  • Open a free Kasasa checking account with New Buffalo Savings Bank
  • Qualify for your Kasasa account rewards within 180 days (same requires as needed for 2.27% APY rate)
  • Once we verify your qualifications, your gift card is delivered by email

Thanks to reader Kalf8483 for mentioning this bonus, this is their link. Feel free to share your link (once) in the comments. Note the referral bonus states it’s limited to Michigan, Indiana and Illinois – not sure if that is actually enforced or not. You can generate your own link here.

Avoiding Fees

This account has no monthly fees to worry about

Our Verdict

I like the fact that there is no monthly fees and also direct deposit isn’t required. In general these requirements are pretty easy to complete (here are some ideas on how to meet those debit card requirements). The downside is that they state they must be everyday transactions and reserve the right not to award the APY if they feel they aren’t every day transactions. The APY is higher than a basic high interest account, but not as good as most rewards checking accounts. The upside is that you also get the $50 Amazon gift card as well.

Much less useful due to the much smaller cap.

Hat tip to reader Connor C

183 Responses to [IN, MI, OH, IL, WI] New Buffalo Savings Bank: 2.27% APY On Balances Up To $15,000 & $25 Amazon Giftcard

  1. anne says:

    I just finished the application process and this is what I got:

    Thank You!
    We are currently verifying your application. Here’s what to expect next:

    Next Steps
    You will receive a confirmation email that we have received your application.
    You will be contacted within 1-2 business days by an New Buffalo Savings Bank representative who will let you know if any additional documentation or information is required.
    Once your application is successfully verified and we have received all necessary documentation we will process your opening deposit.

    You can only fund the account from bank transfer or coming to a branch. It is very likely that ChexSystem report was pulled since I had to answer the typical ID verification questions like most of other bank applications.

    • anne says:

      I just got an email asking for an extensive list of documentations: pay stub, mortgage paperwork, utility bill, phone bill, SSN, and driver license! Wow.

      • anne says:

        More update: The banker who handled my account opening informed me through email that 12 debit card must be “Does not include on line purchases. Needs to be point of sale purchases like Speedway, McDonalds, Walmart and so on.” I wonder she does not know what “point of sale means.

        • kalf8483 says:

          interesting. keep us updated. also, do you have a referral link?

          • an says:

            Just got signature card and debit card application forms and I need to mail them back. It is a very slow process to open an account with this bank. I don’t have a referral link.

        • Frito Pendejo says:

          She probably doesn’t understand. I bet amazon reloads will work, with pin-less debit.

        • David says:

          I got warned about the same thing. I even asked if the transactions are reviewed manually or automatically and she wasn’t sure.
          There is also another problem: the user interface, which btw seems to come directly from 1998, doesn’t show temporary authorizations/pending transactions so I’m having issues verifying my Serve account. Anyone else with the same problem?

          • anne says:

            I made 12 Cox transactions and we will see if those are counted. They may manually review the transactions and disqualify us.

          • anne says:

            I agree with you about the user interface. I think you can sort out the transactions by choosing transactions “since last log in” or something like that.

          • David says:

            Update: I made 12 debit transactions loading my serve account and they counted to get the reward rate. So at least we know the “retail purchase” requirement is not being enforced.

          • Ted says:

            May I ask how do you check if your purchase counts towards the reward rate? Thanks!

  2. windyfly says:

    Opened in minutes, resident of Texas. Waiting for the pull information. Funded with my DSV saving.

  3. Paul says:

    This has been around since at least April 2016. Previously it was reported this was only for Michigan residents but perhaps that has now changed

  4. Paul says:

    Let Us know if you get approved and post your $50 referral code and we can hopefully get a referral Conga going

  5. Mser says:

    I also just applied. But got “we are currently verifying your application”. No ID verification was done. Got the same “Next Steps” info as @anne reported above.

    Very small credit union. Only 3 branches/35 employees. Seems to be well capitalized but chronically losing money over the last few years. Don’t know why they haven’t merged themselves out of existence decades ago (opened in 1921).

  6. Superchurn says:

    this could be very sweet coupled with an auto-reload gift card balance setting on amazon. $60.53/month with no ba to deal with

  7. Aaron says:

    Is that 12 debit card purchases per month to maintain the 2.27%? Or is it just a one time thing, then it remains 2.27% onward without any further requirements?

  8. Ken says:

    I’m already doing 26+ AZ reloads a month, I don’t want to do anymore for fear of AZ action. Are there any other companies that allow you to reload small amounts to a single GC repeatedly?

  9. kalf8483 says:

    would appreciate it if anyone can confirm there is no hard pull

  10. lucy sims says:

    I contacted the banker, says its nationwide, i opened free checking account online with 200 dep, says pending review/approval. not sure hard pull or not, did 4 credit questions. FYI

  11. Chris B says:

    Dear Chris:

    In response to your question on a credit check for Kasasa. We do not do a hard credit pull. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

  12. Nis says:

    Please someone refer me on

  13. kalf8483 says:

    Anyone got a referral link? Looks like both parties get a $50 amazon GC

  14. lucy sims says:

    its strange that no one calls or email me about my 3/17 application as of 3/21/2017, maybe they are too slow, any one got more recent update or success opening an account?

    • Ken says:

      Four days isn’t really long. HSBC took 4-6 weeks for most people. For M&T they don’t call or email, they just send a letter in the mail. Be patient or call them up.

  15. Michael says:

    Can someone please refer me as well?

  16. Mser says:

    Interestingly, New Buffalo also has a 2% cashback debit card (but only up to $350/mo in charges = $7 cashback per month max). I don’t know if this is the same type of debit card that is issued with a Kasasa checking account or not. But if it is, takes the sting out of 12 debit purchases.

  17. kalf8483 says:

    If anyone is looking for a referral link. Gives both parties a $50 amazon gift card

  18. kalf8483 says:

    Confirmed soft pull as well

  19. windyfly says:

    Applied when first saw this post on 3/16.
    3/17 assigned banker
    3/21 ask for SSN and proof of address
    3/27 approved, but estatement access is granted much earlier
    3/29 signatures & DL
    still waiting for the debit card

    Soft pull. Great to move part of my saving here. Bill pay in processing.

    The link to generate reference is

    Mine is

    Thanks for using my link.

    • windyfly says:

      Many thanks for the ones clicked my link. I’m on the process of hitting the requirement.

      A little panic to swipe card for purchase with large amount of deposit inside. Decide to go with Amazon and will report back if it works.

      • windyfly says:

        Receved debit card back in 4/5. Somehow the statement closed on 4/12 and I didn’t make enough debit purchase. Only $6.88 interest for my 15k deposit since 4/6!

        How did they determine the APY for each period? From the date meet the requirement or will recalucate for the whole period once meet the requirement? I sm the manager but only mention the requirement.

        Maybe I should hit it hard with amazon reload at the first few days.

        DPs and info., plz.

        • windyfly says:

          Thanks for another sharing click.

          • windyfly says:

            Received a letter telling me that the cap for 2.27% APR will be changed into $15000, starting from 12/15/17.

            I have been using amazon reload as a way to hit the 12 debit purchase with no problem yet.

            Time to look for other options.

  20. MA says:

    Hi All

    If anyone needs a referral link to open an account, here you go, both parties get 50$ Amazon GIft Card

    Good luck and Happy savings !

  21. Raj says:

    Here is my referral link:

    Also, for some details on opening the account, I was emailed by a banker to send more information. They are very backed up so don’t expect any response for at least a week after that. The signature and debit card forms can be scanned and emailed back so you don’t have to mail them. My account was opened within hours after the week wait so it’s not so bad.


    are the 12 debit purchases a ONE TIME THING. Or must you do this EVERY CYCLE?

  23. Sue says:

    So will it work to get the Amazon card if you open an account online and live in Washington state?

    • kalf8483 says:

      Unclear, but you will likely get the referral credit given you can now open an acct nationwide. Data points for this won’t roll in for at least a few months

  24. David says:

    Here is my referral link:

    If you use it, we’ll both get a $50 Amazon card.

    • JasonP says:

      Applied using your referral link. Fingers crossed.

      • David says:

        Thanks Jason!

        • David says:

          Hi Jason,
          were you approved for this checking account?

          • JasonP says:

            Not yet…Another comment below mentioned he didn’t get approval until after a month…?

            Hopefully I will hear back from them soon…they are way too slow…

          • David says:

            Thanks for the follow up. My advice would be to reach out directly to them. I emailed back and forth with one of their employees and she was really responsive. Here is her contact info: Kim West
            Good luck!

          • JasonP says:

            David, just wanna give u a heads up. My account was opened, and mailed back the signature card last week (I was on vacation for about 6 weeks). Now waiting for my debit card and to meet the requirement. We should both get the gift card in a month or two. Keep touch.

          • DAVID says:

            Hi Jason,
            I appreciate the feedback! I’ll let you know when I receive the GC. Thanks

          • JasonP says:

            David, plz check your email to see if the $50 amz gc has arrived? I got mine this early morning in the email.

          • David says:

            Hey Jason,
            yep I got it!
            Thanks a lot!

  25. Steve says:

    Can anyone comment as to whether this account has bank to bank transfer available from their online banking? I’m thinking of possibly making this a main account of mine if it does.

    • anne says:

      My account was set up and I don’t really see bank to bank transfer option. Maybe I did not explore it carefully but the system interface look very outdated for me. The best option is link this account to another bank that offers free bank-to-bank transfer. Also the cycle starts on the second Wednesday of the month and end on the second Tuesday of the following month . Well I know they make the qualifying cycle very hard to remember in hope that people will mess up.

    • Mser says:

      Yes, they have Billpay and External Transfers. Have to go thru a bit of a setup online but it’s there. Select the “Personal Billpay” to find the links.

  26. Lori says:

    Here is my referral link for any one to use to get your $50 Amazon gift card, thanks for using it.

  27. NewSaver says:

    If anyone is looking for a referral link. Gives both parties a $50 amazon gift card. Great deal !!!!!

  28. George says:

    Successfully opened account in California.

    This is in fact available nationwide

  29. Lmao says:

    Here is my refer link:

    Enjoy the $50 amazon gift card.

  30. Rj says:

    Use my referral link and you will get a $50 Amazon GC. Additionally I will send you another $10 AGC after I have received mine from the bank:

    [please do not offer any incentives]

    Pls leave your email address in response to the comment so I send you the additional card.

  31. pete says:

    Thanks I used the above referral link
    I believe that makes me next now
    Please use the following link to apply to get the $50 Amazon card

    Thanks in advance

  32. Dmitry Radinsky says:

    I opened the checking account and today received the first statement. The process took longer than I anticipated but ended successfully. I am thinking to make it my family’s main account (working on adding my better half to it). Please feel free to use my link to sign up – we both will receive $50 Amazon gift card. Thanks

  33. None says:

    I used the above link and opened my account and below is my link for referral.

    Here are the terms to qualify for referral:

    When both individuals are 18 years of age or older, New Buffalo Savings Bank (“Institution”) will provide a $50 Gift Card (“Bonus”) to current accountholders (“Referrer”) and individual(s) they refer to the bank (“Friend(s)”) when Friend (a) uses the Referrer’s link, (b) opens a new Kasasa account and (c) meets the account’s qualification twice (as specified in the Kasasa account disclosure) within 180 days of receiving (a) initial Share Link referral from Referrer and (b) formally agreeing to the Share Kasasa Program’s (“Program”) Terms and Conditions (“Expiration Date”). Friend must have no previous relationship with our bank prior to opening a Kasasa account

  34. Jenn says:

    Used someone’s link above and my account finally opened, hope i get my $50 gift card later, here is my link for anyone would like to open a checking account with them @ 2.27 rate and get a 50$ gift card. thanks so much.

  35. Phill says:

    Paying it forward from. Account finally open so here is the referral link for Amazon $50 Gift card if anyone is interested in opening an account…..Cheers!

  36. stingerzing says:

    Does anyone have any data on if this bank is critical of what counts as a debit card transaction? I know a lot rewards checking accounts don’t like amazon 50 cent reloads and could close your account. That would be my plan if I opened an account.

  37. Tim S says:

    Does Circle pay count as debit card transaction for this account?

  38. ss says:

    For context, I’ve opened maybe 20 bank accounts in the past year or so. Just opened a new account w/ New Buffalo and here is the experience:

    Applied online Sunday evening 4/23. Easy application and online verification questions. Funded with bank account for $25

    1) Got an email Monday AM 4/24 from a helpful service rep requesting I send a picture of my Drivers License to verify my info (my drivers license mailing address does not match my home / billing address on the application)

    2) I responded within an hour with a picture of license

    3) ~3 or so hours later I was emailed the debit card application and signature card that I printed, signed, scanned and emailed back to service rep

    4) Tuesday 4/25 AM – Got an email confirming account was open with full account # and routing # (I requested it from rep) and I was able to set up online banking access, bill pay and linkage to my external accounts to set up trial ACH deposits like most other banks

    No idea how long it will take to get the debit card, to fully fund, and to start earning the 2.27%, but so far so good. Will update if there are any issues.

  39. Chris says:

    After exactly a month since I applied, finally the account is approved! I was advised in an email that the 12 purchases “Needs to be point of sale purchases like Speedway, McDonalds, Walmart and so on. Does not include on line purchases.”
    So, any clarification on that from experience? I was gonna use Amazon reloads half, and another half maybe the PayPal card reader (which has worked with other accounts to look like point of sale transaction.)

  40. NBG says:

    For any refer links i try, i get error processing request when i hit sign up.

  41. NBG says:

    @Phill, thanks for your refer link. Used yours and opened account. Now waiting for it to fully open etc..

  42. NBG says:

    Account fully approved and opened (out of state). Surprised to see it this fast turn around within 24 hours. Now waiting for the other stuff to come in the mail.

  43. NBG says:

    What does qualify for Kasasa rewards mean for the $50 bonus?.

  44. Ted says:

    Anyone knows how to tell if I’ve qualified for the rewards requirement? Only from statement?

  45. Chris says:

    Here is my fresh referral link that will get you a $50 Amazon Gift Card in addition to this awesome APY rate:

  46. Pete says:

    is is 12 transactions per calendar or statement month?
    Someone above didn’t think online paymetns would work. is that correct? No amazon .50 GC?

    • Chris says:

      12 transactions for statement period starting from the second Wednesday in the month.
      Maybe somebody with experience can share if Amazon payments work?

  47. Johnz says:

    You might (YMMV) get the $50 Amazon gift card without using a referal link or even if you don’t live in the required states of Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. (I’m in NY)

    Got the $50 card code in today’s email but I did not signup for the referral at all since I didn’t know about it when I opened my account April 4th. As of Tues May 9 I’d qualified for the 2.27% interest twice which coincidentally matches the referral’s requirements to get the $50 card.

  48. kalf8483 says:

    reloads work fine

  49. Darron says:

    Below is my referral link. Account was easy to setup.

    I am retiring from USAF. After 20 years, going to teach AFJROTC to high school kids. Would appreciate anyone using my link. Any money from referrals is going to that program. Thanks!

  50. Elle says:

    Thanks for sharing!

    Here is my referral link

  51. Chris B says:

    Shiny new referral
    It did take a little over a month to get this account opened and running but I surely like seeing online my interest accumulating every day!

  52. NBG says:

    Their website is so old. I don’t think they show any pending transactions and it doesn’t reflect in the balance. I did a bunch of debit card in store purchases and nothing showing so far.

    • kalf8483 says:

      It takes a few days. If you did them over the weekend, they will show up on Monday. I agree the website looks old, but it has all the functionality you need.

  53. dave says:

    Used Darron’s link a week or so ago and finally got the account opened. Had to chase the banker assigned to my account. Also received 3 emails following its opening in which some information contradicts each other (regarding signing paperwork and mailing out debit card).

    Anyhow, here’s my referral link:

    Thanks for using it in advance. 🙂

  54. NBG says:

    Here is referral link to help others. It was a breeze setting up account and sending in the signature card (via scan and email).


  55. Sam says:

    Hi. I used Darron’s Link. Thank You. Here is mine

  56. Pete says:

    I have some referral Amazon gift card questions and was hoping others could chime in.

    As anyone else gotten amazon GC? if so, when did you sign up? when did you meet requirements?
    Is there a number to call to ascertain you and/or your referral will get the card? Is that the Tanga number below?
    What does it mean when they say (see below) “Bonus will not be distributed if accountholder fails to meet their account’s qualifications at least two times before the Expiration Date.”
    Does that mean for 2 months?

    hen both individuals are 18 years of age or older, New Buffalo Savings Bank (“Institution”) will provide a $50 Gift Card (“Bonus”) to current accountholders (“Referrer”) and individual(s) they refer to the bank (“Friend(s)”) when Friend (a) uses the Referrer’s link, (b) opens a new Kasasa account and (c) meets the account’s qualification twice (as specified in the Kasasa account disclosure) within 180 days of receiving (a) initial Share Link referral from Referrer and (b) formally agreeing to the Share Kasasa Program’s (“Program”) Terms and Conditions (“Expiration Date”). Friend must have no previous relationship with our bank prior to opening a Kasasa account.

    On behalf of New Buffalo Savings Bank, Tango Card Inc. will deliver the Gift Cards to the email addresses supplied by the Referrer and Friend within seven (7) days of the Friend meeting her/his account qualifications for the second time prior to the bonus’ Expiration Date. Bonus will not be distributed if accountholder fails to meet their account’s qualifications at least two times before the Expiration Date. Questions regarding the redemption or usage of the Gift Card can be answered by calling 877-558-2646. At our bank’s sole discretion, the bonus may change and / or be discontinued at any time. Referrer’s bonus will be treated as determinable income for IRS (Form 1099 MISC) reporting purposes. Friend’s bonus will be treated an interest for IRS (Form 1099 INT) reporting purposes. No minimum deposit is required to open the account. No minimum balance is required to obtain either the Referrer bonus or the Friend bonus. is not a sponsor of this promotion. Except as required by law, Gift Cards (“GCs”) cannot be transferred for value or redeemed for cash. GCs may be used only for purchases of eligible goods on or certain of its affiliated websites. GCs cannot be redeemed for purchases of gift cards. Purchases are deducted from the GC balance. To redeem or view a GC balance, visit “Your Account” on Amazon is not responsible if a GC is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission. For complete terms and conditions, see GCs are issued by ACI Gift Cards, Inc., a Washington corporation. All Amazon ®, ™ & © are IP of, Inc. or its affiliates. No expiration date or service fees.

  57. Cindy says:

    I used your link Sam!

    • adam says:

      I have pageplus for my phone and they have no phone bills. Any advice what do I do for the phone bill? Thanks

  58. ThankYou says:

    Please consider using my referral link

  59. Chris says:

    Here is my fresh referral link that will give you (and me) $50 Amazon gift card each.
    FYI, you’d be helping a teacher. Appreciated!

  60. Mark says:

    Did any of you receive interest in May? I did not and used Amazon reload.

  61. ed says:

    Had a really easy time to Colin from Buffalo Savings. Got approved real quick.

    Here’s my link

  62. mel says:

    amazon reloads work.
    use this code for a $50 amazon gift card

  63. Nick says:

    Venmo transactions count as well.

  64. Frank says:

    mel, I used your code, so I hope it works out for you (and me).

  65. Travis says:

    Chris, I used your link, hope we both get $50 amazon GC. The rate is 2.2467% (apy 2.27%) up to 35K max, and you only need to swipe your debit card 12x/cycle that ends every second Tues of the Month (next cycle ends July 11). They give you the first cycle as a grace period to allow time to order and receive debit card so you should not apply close to Jul 11, better to wait till about July 13, otherwise you get a grace cycle of only few days. Online application is easy (soft pull), note they give you max of 5 mins to answer 4 verification questions from public record, No CC funding available in online application so I funded with min $25 ACH from my external bank. Contacted branch rep next day to provide my Drivers lic, SS card, and utility bill via email to complete application.

    If you found this helpful, please use my link:


  66. Jason says:

    If anyone would consider using my link I’d appreciate it. I was referred by a prior comment.

    The signup process was quite or ordeal for me, but the lady is nice. I strongly recommend you call her instead of email. She can get quite scattered and to get her full attention a call is needed. I can tell you this after three weeks of emailing her and resolved it with a single phone call.

  67. Mike says:

    I am a long time reader of DOC and I have had this New Buffalo Account for 2 months. I find it to be of great value. I had been allowing my funds to sit in a low rate account and am glad to see them put to work, and yet safe.
    Here is my link whereby we each receive a $50 Amazon gift card:

  68. Phil says:

    Hi all, I just recently had my account opened and transferred fund into it. Took about 4 weeks from initial application to receiving my debit card (account was opened within 2 weeks though). Had to email documentation and had a couple of back and forths to confirm everything. It seemed like a pretty manual process on their end to open the account.

    The online interface is pretty barebones, and there doesn’t seem to be an option to do ACH transfer. But the account will just be used for long term savings so I can live with it. Earning 2.27% on a decent upper limit, with not too much hassle, seems pretty hard to beat currently.

    For the first stub statement period they seem to be offering the 2.27% rate, which is nice since there really is no way to meet the requirements until you start the debit card transactions. Wish I had known that – I waited til receiving the debit card to transfer the bulk of the funds and probably missed out two weeks of interest. Not a huge deal

    Here is my referral link – we both get a $50 Amazon gift card. Would appreciate it if anyone uses it!

    • Phill says:

      BTW….you have to do push and pull ACH’s with this bank like netspend/insight/prepaid do….I have my Disco checking linked and good to go on transfers in/out from Disco.

  69. JasonP says:

    Hi folks,

    I used the referral from doc reader David under this post to open the account, and you can find below my referral.

    If you guys search “JasonP” in the comments, you will see that I am the type of person who will follow up on the bonus, which should be a plus if you use my referral and if bonus doesn’t post for whatever reason etc…

    Thanks in advance!

    Here is my link whereby we each receive a $50 Amazon gift card:

  70. Noone says:

    Just tried to update the address on my account and there was no option to do it online and when called they say to come to the branch or send a notarized letter to change the address 🙁

  71. SS says:

    I signed up a couple months back. See earlier comment under SS.

    Good account, basic, but easy to earn the 2.27% on a higher balance.

    If someone is looking to sign up please use my referral:

  72. Ty says:

    Used a previous link to open my account online, process was easy. To expedite the application, called next day, asked to speak to banker who was assigned my application. Banker was able to complete my application after I emailed her my drivers license, ss card and utility bill the same day! Banker can also send you a secure email with the signature cards that you can complete and email back instead of waiting for the paper documents in the mail, before they will order your debit card. Took about a week to get my debit card in the mail. The debit card is ATM surcharge free at all Allpoint locations.

    Mailed a check to fund my account up to the 35K max ( interest is accrued from day of deposit), nice they do give you the first statement cycle as a grace period so you get 2.27% interest for this cycle. You need to do 12 debit card purchases before you get the $50 Amazon Gift Card via email.

    Pretty easy and nice deal!

    Hope this helps people open their accounts, please use my link to get your $50 Amazon Gift card and a referral link for yourself:

    appreciate it!

  73. D says:

    Woke up today to a pleasant surprise. Got 2 gcs today for me and one for dw.

    I used someone else’s link here and then referred my wife. Our second statement just closed . I did Amazon reloads for us both. This was the first cycle we did them (thought it takes 2 cycles but seems the first cycle counted even without doing debit purchases).

    Anyhow if anyone is looking to apply still here’s my link-
    [link removed. Don’t be greedy you already shared it once]

    Looking forward to waking up with some more gcs 🙂

  74. Rick says:

    I used Jenn’s link above– hopefully you get the Amazon GC!

    Easy to get approved and open. Website is pretty basic but works well. Customer service is easy to get a hold of if needed also.

    Here’s my referral link (you and I will get the $50 Amazon gift card)

    Thanks DoC, and thanks to anyone who uses my link! 🙂

  75. Frank says:

    Has anyone actually received the Amazon $50 GC? If so, how long did it take?

    • NBG says:

      I got it after the first month statement.

      • Frank says:

        Thanks, I guess it will be after my first FULL month statement (my first onth was only a week or two and is considered a “grace period”). Want to make sure it words before doing this for my wife also.

  76. Richard says:

    Used Rick’s link to open my account.

    Very fast. Opened 7/20 at 11pm, sent my documents 7/21 morning and had my account number same day afternoon.

    Here is my referral link if someone needs.


  77. Frank says:

    Just tried the link I sent to my wifw and got the message – only 4 states, not California.
    What’s changed?

  78. Frank says:

    Sorry, 5 states: Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin. May only be for the $50 bonus, but the 2.27% seems to be still available.

  79. Rick says:

    Got the $50 Amazon GC at time of the second statement (the one where I actually completed the requirements instead of auto-qualifying).

    I live in CO, so outside of the 5 targeted states. Opened back in June so I can’t say if they changed the $50 bonus going forward at some point, but I do think it’s safe to say that if it wasn’t state-specific when you opened, you’ll still get the bonus once you qualify.

    • Ken says:

      And you’ve been earning the 2.27% up to $35k?

      • Rick says:

        I have, yes. Around $35k in the account and the interest posted as expected.

        The July-August statement just cycled, so I can only say for sure on that one. On the previous statement I auto-qualified because it was the first statement for the account.

        I guess we’ll see if it continues when the next statement cycles in mid-September, but I’m thinking it’ll be fine.

  80. james says:

    Wow that was easy as pie.

    Here’s my referral link (you and I will get the $50 Amazon gift card)

    Thanks to anyone who uses my link! 🙂

  81. EO says:

    I used someone’s link above. Sorry I don’t remember who. In any event, here is an additional referral link for anyone interested. Thanks in advance.

  82. Phill says:

    Bad News: Effective 12/15/17 the cap of 35k will be reduced to 15k. Just got a letter in the mail stating this change along with a valid email address added as an additional qualification, purpose and expected use of account break down, etc.

  83. John says:

    Noooo I only had this account for several months and I was able to apply in CA before the states restriction. Now I regret even more not signing up for the Old Missouri Bank 3.01% checking account when it was nationwide.

  84. Peter says:

    Referral link if you would like to help me out. I had used one above initially. Thanks for the update.

  85. SS says:

    Boooo as an existing account holder who got in at $35k threshold in NJ, the letter I received today with the new $15 cap is quite disappointing .

    Bummer that with raising interest rates they choose to essentially drop theirs.

  86. stacker says:

    Not happy about the change to 15k and still 12 debit purchases required.

  87. Sam says:

    Even the referral bonus is down to $25 Amazon GC, not $50 anymore….

  88. Sam says:

    It says 27% instead of 2.27% on their website 🙂

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