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Published on February 27th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Must Be A Member of A Christian Ministry] Christian Community Credit Union $200 Checking Account Bonus + 4% CD

Offer at a glance

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Christian Community Credit Union are offering a bonus of $200 when you open your first free checking or checking plus account and complete the following requirements:
    • Open with a minimum deposit of $100
    • Sign up for eStatements
    • Receive recurring direct deposits within 60 days of account opening
  • They also offer a 4% APY CD ($2,500 maximum) that can be opened within 30 days of account opening.

christian community credit union $200 bonus

The Fine Print

  • To receive the $200 checking bonus: 1) Open your first free Checking or Checking Plus Account with a $100 minimum opening deposit. 2) Sign up for eStatement and recurring direct deposit within 60 days of account opening.
  • The bonus cannot be used as the opening deposit.
  • Direct deposit needs to be an electronic deposit of your paycheck, pension, or government benefits (such as Social Security) from your employer or the government.
  • The bonus will be deposited within 60 days into your Checking Account after membership eligibility and Checking Account are approved and you have met the Direct Deposit and eStatement requirements.
  • Offer is not available to existing Christian Community Credit Union members with Checking Accounts or those whose membership or Checking Accounts have been closed.
  • Bonus offer available to U.S. residents.
  • The bonus is considered taxable income and will be reported to the IRS on your 1099-INT form.
  • If your Checking Account is closed within six months after account opening, the bonus will be deducted from the closing balance.
  • Offer effective 02/21/17 and is subject to change without notice.
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them


Some of you will probably be wondering how strict that ‘must be a member of a christian ministry’ requirement is. According to comments in a previous deal post, it’s very strict. They want to call your church or send a copy of tithe statement or have something from the church on an official letter head.

Avoiding Fees

Their free checking account has no monthly fees. You will forfeit the bonus if you close account within 6 months of account opening though.

Our Verdict

Also keep in mind that this CU is insured by ASI, rather than FDIC/NCUA (e.g it’s private insurance rather than government). Church requirement will kill this deal for most people, if somebody does sign up then please share your experiences in the comments below (especially the religious requirements). I’ve added this to our best bank account bonus page.

Hat tip to leaguemastergam on FWF

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85 Responses to [Must Be A Member of A Christian Ministry] Christian Community Credit Union $200 Checking Account Bonus + 4% CD

  1. MJG says:

    I did this one last year because I saw it promoted through Samaritan Ministries (it’s a health insurance alternative that I’m a member of). Since I was part of Samaritan I didn’t have to provide any other documentation. At the time it was a $100 checking bonus I think, but there was no DD requirement, just opening the account, and no hard pull. And the CD part was 5% for up to $5K. So I opened checking and CD accounts for wife and I, got free $200 + 5% return on $10K. Pretty sweet deal and everything went smoothly, though as with many small banks the online system can be quirky. Will just be closing up the CDs this month and closing out all accounts. I’m pretty sure they do pull ChexSystems.

  2. steven says:

    denied due to too many credit inquiries on my account…

  3. Matt K says:

    I applied last night and it’s pending. Will report back if any hard pull. Did just the free checking first since trying to do the checking/CD requires $600 min opening and max cc funding is $500. So would seem you’d have to separate the openings to max out cc funding.

  4. Georgia says:

    Applied. Says a representative will review my application and contact me within 3-4 business days so it looks like an actual person reviews each application. As for proof in the app I had to state that my eligibility is through my church and then provide my affiliation (ie member), name the church and provide the city and state. I actually am affiliated with a church so I can back this up with phone calls or get a letter from my church if the rep requests these items in the next few days.

    In all honesty I would have skipped this one if I wasn’t a member of a Christian ministry community. The not FDIC insured part does unnerve me but since I don’t have to maintain a 1,500 balance I decided I was ok with it.

  5. MIke says:

    Will I go to Hell if I apply and do not belong to a Christian MInistry? I’m going to Hell anyway. Just thought I might get double Hell for this…..

  6. Matt says:

    I noticed their extensive list of acceptable denominations doesn’t include Catholicism. Anyone have any DPs on if these folks are anti-Catholic and would deny me for being a very active Christian, but just not a protestant/evangelical?

    • PD says:

      Do they have a statement of faith on the website that they presume the listed denominations attest to, and you could as well?

      • Matt says:

        I can certainly agree with everything in their statement of faith, but based on what I’m reading, the Catholic Church is not “on their eligibility list”. From experience, I can tell you some (not all!) protestant groups claim that Catholics aren’t Christian, and you simply cannot convince them otherwise.

    • Matt says:

      Sigh… apparently they *are* that anti-Catholic, according to an old Fatwallet post:

      I guess the Church that Jesus founded isn’t “Christian enough” for them.

      • PD says:

        You can also qualify if a relative of yours has an account. Any relatives with Protestant-affiliations that you could convince to open an account, and refer you?

      • MJG says:

        This makes me feel better about taking their money, then, as a Catholic. I qualified through Samaritan Ministries which is evangelical but accepts Catholics as long as you agree with the faith statement (which has some weird lines, but via some Thomistic jujitsu I decided I could assent).

    • Darv says:

      Catholics are not accepted. My wife tried last year and was rejected. Looking at her rejection message from them, the language is: “The Catholic church is not in full alignment with our statement of faith.” She even pointed out that her father is a Lutheran pastor, they still wouldn’t accept her.

      So yes, very strict.

      I am not eligible either–not a member of a church.

  7. Wyle says:

    Note: “open your *first* free Checking or Checking Plus Account …”

    “Offer is not available to existing Christian Community Credit Union members with Checking Accounts or those those membership or Checking Accounts have been closed.”

    Strongly sounds like its not churnable.

  8. Scott says:

    Does direct deposit have to be a paycheck? Any other triggers?

  9. niiimz says:

    Any DP’s on what qualifies as a DD? Any help would be much appreciated! Otherwise I guess I will be the DP soon enough.

  10. Matt K. says:

    Opened wife’s account first. Checking is approved and now waiting on the CD funding. CD had to do ACH transfer since anything over $500 could not be credit card and they don’t let you fund $500 and then add the rest later. Anyways, her BofA AS Biz card posted as a purchase…

    Transaction type:Purchase
    Expense category:Service Providers

    …doing my app next, attempting $500 on AA Plat.

    • Matt K. says:

      I should clarify, used BofA AS Biz on the checking $500 funding.

      • Wilson says:

        What was the DP on Citi AA Plat MC?

        • Matt K. says:

          My app just got approved today on the checking. Received a call and then follow up encrypted email with member #, acct #, routing #. Similar encrypted email on my wife’s checking when she opened so keep an eye out for that message as it has all the info you need to set up DD and get logged in. Checking was approved but since I did the CD on a separate app to separate the funding ($500 CC on checking, then ACH transfer for $2500 CD) they said that was still pending. Checked on Citi’s website and it says its a pending purchase transaction.

  11. Superchurn says:

    I was looking for a reason to renew my faith, and this is just the ticket!

  12. Jake says:

    What a joke – They pulled Chex.

    Then sent me a letter saying I’m denied for new checking account, without providing any explanation.

  13. niiimz says:

    DP: They appear to be sensitive to Chex inquiries.

    I applied with proof of association with a ministry (went on a medical mission last year). However, they denied me due to “excessive Chexsystems inquiries.” I asked to speak to a manager, they sent me to voicemail. I left a friendly voicemail asking to discuss the situation, never heard back. I may persist, both the checking and the 4% CD are a pretty sweet combo.

    FYI they said I have 26 inquiries. :-} So I thought it was time to request my report to see exactly what’s on there.

  14. Steven says:

    Funded $500 for the checking account, no problem.
    No sign of a hard pull.
    I’m low enough on Chex that my DP isn’t useful.
    Trying DD through AZ merchant, will follow up.

  15. Chris says:

    Is this bank “churnable?” I applied for this offer last year and even opened a CD. Closed the account after 6 months and just cashed out the CD in January.

  16. Paul says:

    T&C says it has to be “your first” checking account with them to qualify for the bonus so I’d say no.

  17. BJ says:

    Applied using the name of my childhood church (wasn’t Catholic) as a member and got approved. I’m actually a Atheist and haven’t been to that church since I was 9 years old. I wouldn’t have applied but this bonus was too nice to pass up. I had some moral qualms about taking $200 from a Christian organization that actually funds projects that help others, but if they don’t consider Catholics Christians who help others their equal then they can kick rocks and I will take their $200.

    DP:I was able to apply and got accepted stating that I was a member (I’m not) of a none Catholic (Protestant) church. I had to verify my identity and digitally sign secure documents, they are quite uptight about verifying your identity but verifying your religious convictions was never brought up (great customer service BTW).

  18. Steven says:

    Any DPs on bonus triggers?

    • ajpl says:

      I’ve tried three things so far:

      1) Direct Deposit of Chase UR ($200). Coded as “RWRD” so probably not going to work.
      2) Transfer from Ally ($500). Coded as “P2P” so probably not going to work either.
      3) Transfer from Schools First ($500). Coded as “ACH” so there’s some hope there, although it also coded as CHRISTIANCOMMUNITY under the Orig Co, which is weird.

      No bonus yet.

      • Steven says:

        I have two AZ payments (legit from a reselling business that is winding down), and they don’t code as P2P or ACH, just DEPOSITS. Which would give me hope, but…
        Thanks for sharing on this rather quiet thread.

    • Georgia says:

      I had one deposit from my employer. I asked via SM to confirm that I had met the req’s and was told that if I met the requirements for recurring direct deposit and e-statements I will be given the bonus according to the offer. Not helpful at all. Sounds like it might be a bank of the west situation where someone manually reviews the accounts? Also, they might be a stickler for “recurring” DD. I was hoping one work DD would do it but no bonus has posted and I’m coming up on my 60 days to fulfill the requirements so I’m gonna do another work DD to be safe on the “recurring” requirement.

  19. Georgia says:

    FWIW my work paycheck DD coded as Deposit ACH [name of work]. What I’m concerned about with regards to the DD is the “recurring” part. How many do they expect? So far I’ve done just one but I think I’ll do a second just to be safe.

    Also don’t forget to sign up for the electronic statements! I almost did, it’s its own process kinda. You log into your online account and from there you have to set up a login ID and password to get access to the statements. I got an email confirmation immediately afterwards confirming e-statement sign up.

    • Steven says:

      Thanks, Georgia! A very important tip here. I assumed that I’d ticked a box to receive eStatements when I signed up, which was a huge error on my part.

      As you say, I had to go to the “Additional Services” drop down tab, click on eStatements, and register separately – a distinct login and password (well, I used the same, but the two are distinct).

      This should be emphasized, DoC!

  20. Harv says:

    I was able to open an account because I am a member of a health care cost sharing ministry. I need a check to submit to my employer to set up direct deposit. I called them and they said checks cost $20.47, which I declined. (Just ordered cheapo online checks for $7.50, which will probably arrive in a month or two.) When I called on a Monday at 2pm ET (11am PT out there in CA) it announced that there were 12 callers waiting ahead of me. Called back a bit later and waited 10 minutes before someone answered. Got the impression I was dealt with like it was a call center, and nothin’ special.

  21. Georgia says:

    Second work DD posted 4/28, $200 bonus posted 5/8!

  22. Steven says:

    Was informed today that none of my DD attempts qualified – from the other comments, it looks like they are sticklers for salary deposits. Probably not worth the hassle.

  23. Jason says:

    DP. I ask about the bonus and my DD from my salary to my wife’s account did not count as the names didn’t match on the DD. This is the first bank that has looked at that.

  24. Calliope says:

    DP: Opening Deposit 4/4. 3 salary bi weekly DD of $200. Bonus posted 6/7.

  25. TJ says:

    I had 6 Chex inquiries w/i the past 12 months when I applied a month ago and was confirmed w/i a week. Used Merill+ for my opening deposit and it coded as a purchase.

  26. Matt K says:

    I got the bonus but my wife did not. SM’d them and like others stated, very strict on the DD. Only do this if its your own employer DD. In their response quoted below, they bolded (doesn’t show up here) from the requirements where it states “your”.

    “The requirements state the direct deposit needs to be an electronic deposit of your [CCCU bolded this] paycheck, pension, or government benefits (such as Social Security) from your [CCCU bolded this} employer or the government.”

    I was doing DD from my employer to both of our accounts. My name doesn’t even show up in the activity but I believe there is a customer reference section that some banks do and others don’t show to us that they all see. For instance I see my employee ID in BMO but no name and in another bank my name shows but no employee ID.

  27. Chris M says:

    03/28 – applied
    04/03 – opened
    05/25 – 1st payroll deposit
    06/09 – 2nd payroll deposit

    still waiting on bonus

    I figured I would wait 60 days from 5/25 when I met the requirements, but I see that several of you received the bonus before 60 days from your first DD. Is anyone that had an actual recurring DD of their paycheck still waiting on the bonus to post?

  28. lingua says:

    For those who have signed up for this, has their been follow up request for proof regarding your affiliation requirement?

  29. Noah Gekiere says:

    I was just approved for the account the other day. I’m a college student and am in a Christian organization called Cru, but I guess you have to be on staff for that one to work.
    For my church, I’m not an official member, but was able to provide proof I attend. I sent screenshots of my personal profile page with my church and the groups I’m a part of with the church and that was good enough for them.

  30. Salt says:

    I am not a Christian and do not belong to any of the church ministires listed in the application.
    But if need to join any of the ministries – what is the right method.
    Do I need to just go to church on a Sunday, hangout and I am in or is it more involved ?

    Just looking out for the $200 bonus

  31. Davezilla says:

    Quick DP
    I only opened a checking and was able to submit a request for $500 funding (no CD required). I’m not sure if they have instant approval on these. It said they would be contacting me in within $200. Also they have a “switch kit” which I think is pretty cool. It looks like you can just mail/fax that to a bank and have an account at a different bank closed. Could make for a cool post/article doing some research into these – a little different than your current how to close accounts post. Anyhow sorry for the ramble.

  32. Daniel says:

    Feel like I tried everything I could on this one, so I thought I’d share some datapoints. I started off with 1 direct deposit from my former employer. It was actually my last paycheck, so I never really had a chance to get that one reoccuring. Being that my new employer is far more difficult to change direct deposit, I tried various other routes for more deposits. My final deposit (which I think actually triggered the bonus) was a reimbursement from my employer sponsored Flexible Spending Account. I’m finding that Healthcare or Dependent care Flexible Spending/Health Savings accounts tend to show up like an employee paycheck to many banking systems.

    5/16 – Opening Deposit of $100
    7/6 – Deposit VENMO / TYPE: CASHOUT CO: VENMO – $40
    7/12 – Deposit PAYPAL / TYPE: TRANSFER CO: PAYPAL – $50
    7/17 – Deposit BENEFIT / TYPE: PAYMENT CO: BENEFIT – $115
    7/17 – Deposit New Cking Promo – $200

  33. Dave_B says:

    They now allow up to $500 CC funding for the checking account. No need to open the CD for MS.

  34. Jeff G says:

    These comments are quite hilarious. Gave me a good laugh reading, thanks everyone.

  35. crowderd says:

    8/2 Opening $100 deposit
    8/8 Funds xferred for checking acct and new member certificate
    8/20 Set up employer DD
    8/25 1st DD successful
    10/10 New checking bonus posted

  36. Godless says:

    10/17/2017 Applied use CC to fund $500
    10/18/2017 They requested an id
    10/18/2017 They requested proof of church. The problem is that I am an atheist.

    It seems they check the applications carefully.

    I will call a few churches and see if they can be my wing man.

    Peace to all and good luck,


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