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Published on August 3rd, 2015 | by William Charles


[Expired] [MA] Blue Hills Bank $200 Checking Promotion ($100 Without Direct Deposit) No Hard Pull + 1k CC Fundable

This deal has expired, but you can still get $100 plus $100 for the person that refers you here.

We’re reposting this deal because it’s a good one and has been extended until September 25th, 2015.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $200
  • Availability: Must live or work in MA
  • Direct deposit required: Optional, recurring direct deposit of at least $1,000 (+$100)
  • Additional requirements: Two online bill pays (+$100)
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • Credit card funding: Up to $1,000
  • Monthly fees: None
  • Early account termination fee: $25, 90 days
  • Expiration date: July 15th, 2015  September 25th, 2015


The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Receive a sign up bonus of $200 from Blue Hill Bank when you apply online or in branch and mention the promo code CHECKING200. You also need to complete the two following requirements, broken down as follows:
    • Receive $100: Two online bill pays
    • Receive $100: Recurring direct deposit of at least $1,000

blue hill bank

The Fine Print

  • Direct deposit and bill payees must be established and paid by November 30, 2015. Incentives will be paid by December 31, 2015
  • One per household
  • Valid for new checking customers only
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

Blue Hill Bank offers a free checking account, the only requirement is that you must open it with at least $10. Their fee schedule says that there is an early account termination fee of $25 if the account is closed within 90 days.

Our Verdict

This is a great bonus, you can initially fund $10,000 with a credit card, which means if you’re using a 2% cash back card you’d earn another $200. You can also get at least $100 of the bonus with no direct deposit, meaning things aren’t a total loss if doing an ACH transfer doesn’t work. We’ve added this bonus to our list of top bank account bonuses and it can also be viewed in our sortable table of all checking promotions.

Direct link to offer | Screenshot of offer

Hat tip to Maximizing Money

36 Responses to [Expired] [MA] Blue Hills Bank $200 Checking Promotion ($100 Without Direct Deposit) No Hard Pull + 1k CC Fundable

  1. Franklin's Dad says:

    As a Massachusetts resident I decided to investigate this. There is no hard credit pull — just ChexSystems — and you can fund with a credit card up to $10,000.

    I just applied and my application is currently pending review (this seems standard). The process was very user-friendly, you just need to upload your Drivers License. I already have a pending $10,000 purchase on my Arrival Plus that is currently coding as “Blue Hills Bank.” No indication of any cash advance to this point.

    Will update once the process is complete, but this looks like a very lucrative promotion if it holds up, even if you don’t complete the DD requirement.

    • Franklin's Dad says:

      I can now confirm that my account was successfully opened with no hard pull, funded with $10,000 from my Barclaycard Arrival Plus, which is now posting as a purchase (no cash advance). What a deal!

      • Franklin's Dad says:

        $100 bonus just posted yesterday, exactly four months after initially funding the account. I only went for the Bill Pay bonus and didn’t fuss with the direct deposit.

  2. Greg says:

    Thanks for the update. Putting 10k on Barclays makes this an amazing deal. I will be Doing this ASAP.

  3. Jay says:

    Apparently the link is dead. Damn it! I waited too damn long.

  4. mangoceviche says:

    I opened account on Tuesday and funded $5K with my Barclays Miles & More Mastercard. Transaction went from temporary auth to posted yesterday for the exactly the funding amount, no mention of cash advance fees. Also minimum spend miles + spend miles (35K) is already showing up on my Barclays account. I read that cash advances do not earn miles/points, so I am guessing it’s safe to assume that the transaction counts as a purchase?

  5. kevin says:

    Signed up for an account the other week. Their online banking system is kind of lacking. I have looked everywhere and can not for the life of me find an option for ACH transfer. Also, every time I click on Bill Pay, I keep getting this message:

    Either your webpay session has timed out:
    Please log in again
    Log In attempt resulted in an error:
    Please call Customer Support

    Was hoping this was just a temporary glitch, but it keeps occurring. I guess I’ll have to call and deal with customer support.

  6. kevin says:

    Update: Apparently, I did something wrong when signing up for the account. They were able to fix the issue for me. ACH transfer is located under Bill Pay so both my issues were solved.

  7. Manish says:

    So if You Do not stay in MA, but in other states (VA/NJ/OH/PA/WV etc etc), means you cannot apply for it Online and get this offer?

    Please specify………………….

  8. Mark says:

    Applied today and received email from Blue Hills saying application denied based on info from ChexSystems. Requested ChexSystems report. Guess I will have to MS new Barclay Arrival card the old-fashioned way.

    • info please says:

      same here. maybe they are denying based on too many accounts in the last 2 years because my chexsystems is clear. oh well.

  9. Kevin says:

    Hi, I’ve never seen any banks posting credit card funding amount on their website. For this offer, do I have to fund with $10k in order to not set up DD or is it still required to receive the bonus? Thanks

  10. Mark says:

    Called Blue Hills e-commerce after they declined my application.. They claimed they were unable to complete the ChexSystems inquiry. They suggested I re-apply for the checking account; did so; was approved, with funding of 10k on new Barclay Arrival card.

  11. GM says:

    Thanks for the great information regarding the bonus and credit card funding for this bank.

    I funded my Blue Hills Bank checking account with $10,000 charged to my Chase Hyatt credit card which coded as a purchase.

  12. LL says:

    Since I don’t have a credit limit of $10,000, is it possible to do two separate credit card funding transactions, one from arrival, one from miles and more?

  13. Nate Arminio says:

    For those using Chase/Barclay cars, are you setting the CA limit to $0? I have a Chase freedom with a $10k limit but wanted to avoid any chance of CA

    • GM says:

      As long as you fund more than your cash advance limit, the transaction will be declined if it is processed as a cash advance.

      For example, my Chase Hyatt has a $2000 cash advance limit, but I funded my account with $10,000 and the transaction went through because it was coded as a purchase.

  14. Duan says:

    Application declined as well. Got a latest copy of my ChexSystem report which turned out to be clear. Tried two other banking bonuses listed here and also got declined. One said they couldn’t verify my identity. 4 out of 5 id verification questions have nothing to do with me.

    • Mark says:

      You may wish to submit a new application to Blue Hills with a new login. It took me two tries.

      Their phone customer service is pretty friendly, too.

      • Duan says:

        My experience was exactly the opposite. I tried twice and both times failed. The system couldn’t verify my identity for some reason. The problem is their system charges your funding card up front, before verifying any information. So I ended up with two large pending auths on my cards that ate all my available CL.

        Usually the auths should fall off very soon as there was no transaction, but Blue Hills doesn’t have any capability to remove them. (Remember they are a bank! What a surprise.) The holds would stay on my cards for 30 days before being automatically dropped. I had to contact my card issuing bank, who told me only merchants can remove holds, either electronically or by calling in to the bank.

        Blue Hills was not very cooperating or responsible for the mess they had caused. In fact, a representative I spoke to was extremely rude and hung up on me, shouting “you are not a customer, you don’t have money with us”. Took me 5 calls to reach a manager at the call centre, who still wasn’t professional or capable enough to complete the simple task.

        Finally my bank took care of it as a one-time exception, after I called a backdoor number.

  15. VRHunter says:

    CC funding now appears to be limited to $1,000.
    Too bad. They take AmEx too, which would have been nice.

    • You sure? Somebody else funded 10k on the 10th as well….

      • VRHunter says:

        When I saw that they limited funding to $1,000 I bailed on the application. But evidently my attempt to fund for $10,000 triggered a pending charge like @Duan above. Their web form limits funding to $1,000 but they go ahead and authorize for $10,000? Unbelievable.

        • VRHunter says:

          Even though I bailed on the application after seeing that funding was reduced to $1,000, I got an email from them today saying my application was denied.

          They don’t reveal what the funding options are until after submitting personal information, then they put a temporary authorization on my credit card for an amount greater than what their system doesn’t allow, then even though I bail on the application they deny me an account? Some operation!

  16. Prasanna says:

    The link you provided seems to be not available because they updated their website recently. I try to find the same offer and it seems like it is not there on the site anymore.

  17. Emily says:

    Has anybody actually received this bonus? I completed the requirements in mid-August, and nothing. I’m considering closing the account.

  18. Pablo says:

    It looks like this bonus came back! Fine print says it will expire on October 31st, 2016.

    May need to create a new post if terms are very different or maybe just reuse this one?

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