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Published on January 13th, 2016 | by William Charles


Luxury Card’s From Barclaycard: Titanium, Black & Gold Reviews

Update: These cards no longer offer a sign up bonus and Barclaycard has cut benefits for military cardholders.

Two days ago we reported that Barclaycard had launched three new cards under their Luxury Card brand. I thought these cards deserved an in depth review due to the high annual fees they charge ($195-$995) to see if there is any value to be had. We’ll start by looking at what’s the same between the cards and then the individual benefits of each.

luxury card reviews titanium black & gold card

All Cards

Points Earning & Points Worth

All of these cards earn one point per dollar spent and there are absolutely no bonus categories to speak of. All cards can also redeem points for airfare at a rate of one point = 2¢. You can also redeem these points for statement credit, the rate you receive depends on the card you have and is as follows:

  • Titanium: 1 point = 1¢
  • Black: 1 point = 1.5¢
  • Gold: 1 point = 2¢

One of the nice things about these cards is that the minimum redemption rate is really low, when redeeming for airfare you can redeem for as few as 50 points and in increments of 50 points. When redeeming for statement credit you can redeem in chunks of $1. Redemption can be done online at or by calling 844-724-2500, option 1, between 7:00am and 9:00pm Monday through Friday, and between 9:00am and 9:00pm Saturday and Sunday Eastern Time.

Some other information about points:

  • Points don’t expire as long as card is open, active, and in good standing
  • You cannot transfer points

Redeeming For Flights

Redeeming for flights is always only as good as the travel portal you have to use. There are a few things to consider:

  • All airline tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-changeable (have to make any changes directly with the airline)
  • There is no limit to the price of your ticket. Any combination of Points and other forms of payment can be applied to the purchase price
  • If you select to receive paper tickets a $50 fee will be charged

It looks like they use a company called TLI for bookings.

Luxury Card Concierge

All three cards come with Luxury Card Concierge, this service is available 24/7 and 365 days per year. This concierge service is run by (the same provider that American Express currently uses) and cardholders can access this benefit through the following website:

I don’t have a lot of experience with credit card concierge services (I usually find it quicker just to google the information myself), so if you do please share them in the comments or if you know of any good reviews of Aspire let me know and I’ll add them here.

Luxury Magazine

Another benefit available to all three cards is the members only Luxury Magazine, this is a quarterly publication. Although it’s supposed to be members only, it looks like anybody can access it by simply going to: and clicking view now. A lot of it seems to be ads for expensive products, although I found a few interesting articles as well. I’d assume that cardholders receive a hard copy as well, but I don’t see anywhere to input your mailing details so unless Barclaycard just use the details they have no file it’s likely online only.

Other Benefits

  • 0% APR on balance transfers for first fifteen billing cycles (3% BT fee)

Airline Credits (Black & Gold Only)

The Black & Gold cards both come with an airline credit ($100 & $200 respectively), according to the fine print this is available on a calendar year basis (based on the transaction date). The credit is automatic and should post to your account within two weeks of the transaction date. According to the fine print the following counts (emphasis mine):

  • Qualifying airline purchases are defined as purchases made by the primary cardmember or authorized user(s) with an airline for items including airfare, baggage fees, lounge access, and some in-flight purchases, as determined by the merchant category code.  Barclaycard does not determine and is not responsible for whether merchants correctly identify themselves and bill transactions as being made at locations in a particular category.

This seems similar to the Citi Prestige benefit in that airfare counts, so almost any airline purchase (including gift cards) should also trigger this bonus. Some previous gifts have included the following: Cross pen set, Ray-Ban aviator glasses and a Swatch chronograph watch (let us know what else in the comments).

Luxury Gifts (Black & Gold Only)

Both the Black & Gold cards get access to something called Luxury Gifts. There is no set frequency of when you’ll receive a luxury gift, or even how many gifts you’ll receive in a card member year. Barclaycard used to issue the Black Card before the Luxury Card rebranding and this also had a luxury gift program.

Global Entry Credit (Black & Gold Only)

Like most premium cards, the the black & gold cards come with a global entry credit. You’ll receive a statement credit of $100 when making payment for your Global Entry using this card, this credit resets once every five years (this is how long Global Entry lasts). Your card must be open for 7 days before charging this fee to your card (seems like a silly rule).

Lounge Club (Black & Gold Only)

Another benefit for Black & Gold cardholders only is a Lounge Club membership. This looks like an unlimited access pass (meaning you don’t need  to pay the $27 fee to access the lounge) for yourself and as many guests as the lounge allows. Fine print below:

Primary cardmembers are eligible for a complimentary membership to participating airport lounges which allows for unlimited visits for yourself as well as guests


  • Annual fee of $195 and $95 for authorized users
  • Card aesthetics: Brushed Stainless Steel/Carbon Card
  • Sign up bonus of 10,000 points after $1,000 in spend within first 90 days of account opening
  • Points can be redeemed for 1¢ for statement credit or 2¢ for airfare


  • Annual fee of $495 and $195 for authorized users
  • Card aesthetics: Stainless Steel/Carbon Card
  • Sign up bonus of 25,000 points after $1,000 in spend within first 90 days of account opening
  • Points can be redeemed for 1.5¢ for statement credit or 2¢ for airfare


  • Annual fee of $995 and $295 for authorized users
  • Card aesthetics: 24K-Gold-Plated/Carbon Card
  • Sign up bonus of 50,000 points after $1,000 in spend within first 90 days of account opening
  • Points can be redeemed for 2¢ for statement credit or 2¢ for airfare

Application Information

When you apply for this card, it’s run through Barclaycard’s normal application procedure, this means it should be a TransUnion credit pull and it should be possible to get multiple inquiries merged. If you apply for any of these cards, let us know if you were approved/denied and some more information (income, credit score etc).

Apparently all applications for these go automatically into manual review, you can expedite this by calling in. Few reasons why they might deny you:

  • Bankruptcy on file
  • Too many new accounts

Our Verdict

Update: Military members do get the annual fee on this card waived.

The Gold Card is probably the card of most interest, the sign up bonus would be worth $1,000. Obviously this only cancels out the annual fee, but some people should be able to get that refunded (and various other tricks might work as well). Even if not you should be able to double dip the airline credit as it’s per calendar year and get $400 in airline purchases reimbursed, that’s a pretty good outcome for a TransUnion pull (and even better if you can get that AF waived/refunded).

46 Responses to Luxury Card’s From Barclaycard: Titanium, Black & Gold Reviews

  1. Jonathan says:

    Dad has the black card. They mail you the actual magazine. The luxury gift last year was a pair of Ray-Bans. Other than that the card sucked

  2. jcm says:

    Citi Prestige Concierge is run by Ten Lifestyle Management Ltd., at least for the fourth night free benefit.

  3. LA Rams2016 says:

    I have the black card. It sucks. The annual fee is not worth it. 24hour concierge is a joke. I called once when booking a trip and the person on the other end kept saying they had no idea. Thanks for the help. Plus side, except for one time calling customer service, they all have been very nice and speak English. I hate to be re-routed to someone in another country that I cannot understand. I never got Ray Bans. That would have been nice. I got a Cross pen and I have bought pens at Office Depot that work better. If they gave a nice Mont Blanc, then we are talking. Truthfully, if you spend enough and pay it off each month you make out ok. The point reception and airline credit for travel make up for the annual fee. However, it is still steep for what you get. I always laugh when people see the card. They get excited. I am like no you don’t understand, this isn’t the American Express one. My ex and I divorced and these are the only people who would give me a credit card in my name, even though my credit score is 720. I got the flyer in the mail and I got approved. They prob just wanted to get the annual fee. It is now 2016. Hopefully, they will send out more luxury gifts. Also, the first year I signed up they gave me 14% APR which I found to be good if you don’t pay off your bill every month. Since the new year, they sent me a notice saying it went up to 29% now. Just an FYI. PS. I do love Ray Bans, but to say those are “luxury gifts” is stretching it. Now a pair of Chanel sunglasses……..

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  5. Jack Sprat says:

    Signed up for the card because of the airline credit and global entry credit.

    I was told they pulled from Experian and had a 780 score. I also had to close out an unused aviator account.

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  7. Erik says:

    I was thinking about signing up for the card. I spend around $20k a year. That is $300 in cash back. (20000 x 1.5%). Then, I get 20000 points because of 1 point per dollar spent, that is $400 more (20000 x 0.02 cents). Not even counting $1000-1500 on airfare. Also, you get $100 for airfare fees and $100 for global entry fee. All that sums up to $900 which covers the $495 AF and gives you $405 + plus an annual gift (say Ray Bans that cost around $150). In the end, you end up winning aroun $500-600. Are my calculations right or is this card as bad as everyone says?

    Oh! And didn’t even coun the sign up bonus which gives you 25000 points that equate to $500 more…

    • I think you’re doubling dipping here, you don’t get cash back and points. You just get points and they are worth different amounts depending on how you redeem them.

    • Costin says:

      Erik, I have the Black Card for 3 years now. You are correct on most calcs but not on the first one. You dont get both cash back and airline points to spend (just one). Let me tell you how I think about the value:
      1. Lounge club $300 – over $1,000 depending on usage. I fly min. 2x to Europe with my wife. Lounge access is about $35 per person on cheaper lounges (I do 2 lounges x 2 people x 2 times x $35). I also use it in the states and Caribbean vacations that is why for me it is close to $1,000 in value. Remember that priority pass have double the number of lounges plus Delta but you pay $27 per guest (if you travel by yourself most of time AMEX Platinum would be better). Loungeclud is free with unlimited guests (most I brought in is +3 and had no issue)
      2. I spend 50k-75k on the card, that is 1k-1.5k flight. Since trips to Europe are much cheaper now 2015-2016 I get 2 free tickets round trip ti Europe
      3. Airline credit $100 it is smaller than AMEX but better than before when I hav the BC with Visa
      4. Global Entry – I already got the $100 credit but you only renew ebery 5 years so that is a $25 per year
      5. Annual gift $50 I only got the cross pen, gifts are not quality but you can add some value if it makes you feel better.
      6. I will not put value (myself, but others might) for the following:
      executive status with national car rental
      vacation perks for high end hotels (breakfast, upgrades, champagne)
      luxury limo rentals and other useless perks
      7 I will put non monetary value on two perks I personally like though I heard others dont care about. The BC is a credit card while AMEX Platinum is not. You do not need to pay your amount in full every month, you can carry a balance (at a cost of course) but at least you can carry. Second every restaurant, hotel, bar, sports event I take the card out, I dont only get the attention from people arround me, but I get better service (or at least as i observe it). Drinks get refilled without asking what are you drinking, generally concierge gets me a prime table, and this does matter to me.
      I also did not consider sign up bonus this is more on an ongoing bases

      Ok so lets tally up. I get about 2.7k in benefit for my $495, plus I can carry a balance, and get a little extra attention which is nice.

      Now if you don’t fly and don’t spend money do not get the card, you will never get the benefits to add up to 5oo. It is funny to me to see other people that spend 5k a year weighing in on the value of this card

  8. Erik says:

    And I am talking about the Black, of course 🙂

  9. Erik says:

    Yea, I am sorry I got confused. Anyways, I am looking for an all around card wirh travel perks, AF that pays for itself and do not want to be aware of points or miles. Just a good credit card.

    Also, I already have Priority Pass from my credit card back home, so rhat complements the lounges for this card.

    You think this is the best one for what I am looking or are there any better options?

    Thank you in advance.

  10. Erik says:

    when I say AF that pays for itself I include the $100 of incidential fees + cash back or airfare points redemption.

  11. Tribesman says:

    Does anyone know yet if GCs trigger the credit?

  12. tribesman says:

    Does anyone know if GCs trigger the credit?

  13. John Sav says:

    Just signed up for this card.

  14. erik says:

    What does this mean: “you should be able to double dip the airline credit as it’s per calendar year and get $400 in airline purchases reimbursed.”

    How do you do that?

  15. Ken Grant says:

    I have 2 Barclay cards in excellent standing and they denied me because of too many new accounts and “insufficient experience” with them. Barclay actually hurt my credit by doing like 5 hard pulls total in less than 6 months. they do hard pulls even if you ask for a credit increase but do not tell you so these inquiries lower your scores. I am in NH. My credit score at the time was 739

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  17. jane says:

    Are they still offering bonus for this card? When I apply I don’t see it mentioned anywhere

  18. Brad says:

    Its an Equifax pull not transunion

  19. Randy Ng says:

    I love this card. $495 is worth it for those who are the travel person all the times. You will enjoy the luxury services. Getting line for security check point, it get me frustrated. Enjoy the nice lounge at the airport is the great benefit.

    – Priority Pass Airport Lounge Access
    – Travel Assistance Services
    – Plus I do have $100 credit for book ticket on the card.

    This is only 3 features. I give it 5 star cross aboard.

  20. Ken says:

    Applied 3 weeks ago. Pulled TU score. 755 average from all 3 beureus. 98k annual salary.They declined.

    • Aleksy says:

      Thats funny because I make around 20k a year with a 750 and they approved me. I don’t quite understand why that would happen.

  21. Tony says:

    I applied yesterday for the Luxury Black card and received an approval. I checked today and they pulled a TU (783) credit report. My income is about 235,000.00 a year. I’m putting to bed my Amex Platinum Card for better rewards.

  22. Travelscoach says:

    The unique way I could get this card approbed was closing one of my old credit cards and move the available credit to the black new one…. It is not the best credit card but I just want to have a metal card 😛

  23. Jason says:

    $995 annual fee for gold card for that 2% on statement credit. This card is a joke. I just saw the ad today after login out my yahoo email account, then I realized I should search it on DOC. Ar ha~~

  24. Joy J says:

    Just applied for the black card. 780 credit score. 150k income. Own my home for 14 years. Was approved immediately.

    Can’t wait to get my new Cross pen. Haha

  25. Aleksy says:

    I am 20, going on 21 in May, and I did happen to get approved for the Titanium card with a current credit score of 750. I am expecting it in the mail any day now, and this was a good summary of the card and its benefits. Surprising considering both Credit Karma and rates this as an elite card.

  26. Ron C says:

    I got the Luxury Black Card in July 2016. Credit score 807 with a reported income of $102,000. I pick the card over American Express Platinum because a elite travel card should be accepted everywhere. MasterCard world elite has better acceptance period. Next flexibility- pay total Bill or monthly. I good with paying the total. Travel credit is good with Any airline and fares, not just your favorite pick and no fares like the platinum card. But it is less of a credit. The global entrance is the same. The hotels, car rental and spa credit same. Luxury has more properties if you get a chance to visit them all, platinum has more lounges same story. People see more platinum cards so the exclusive is not there. Black Card turns heads every time. Luxury card offers unlimited guest access, sorry platinum don’t. But my favorite is my new Chase Sapphire Resever. Cheap metal made card but lots of perks and easy to use travel credit. Oh, Luxury did waived my first year annual fee and 3 months later I got a black cross pen. The only spent on the card was for global entry. I love the heavy metal luxury black card uses. I did notice lot of bad things said about the card came from people whom either don’t have the card, got disapproved or fail to do right and their interest rates increases. Which means you still wanted it. Rest couldn’t afford the annual fee or just didn’t want to pay it.

  27. Aaron says:

    Applied for.titanium… got the manadtory wait message. However, 24 hours later I got a thank you email for signing up for paperless on my acount ending in XXXX,with 4 numbers. So I am I in? Havent heard anything else yet…but if it was a no, why would I have an account number ?

    • Ron says:

      It’s pretty much approved. I had the same experience. Did you compare the offering to American Express Premier gold card and see which one fit your life style? It’s has a 100 travel credit, 75 hotel credit, sign up bonus and good points 3x travel, 2x dining and entertainment, 1x everything. Bad thing is picking your favorite airline at the beginning of each year.

  28. Vlad says:

    I just received an invite today. So I applied for the Black Card. I do have another Barclaycard but have a BK from 3 years ago. I keep my cards at a low utilization but had a couple inquiries recently. My credit score is 670 and was approved immediately at $5k. I assume that’s an extremely low initial credit limit. Gonna be tough to make the card worthwhile, but I’ve got my Black Card.

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  30. Jessie says:

    I applied for and received the Black Card and a few months later rolled into the Gold Card. To be honest I think these cards are a joke and the advertising for them is a bigger one. There is nothing hard or prestigious about getting one of these cards and Barkley’s is just banking on the annual fees. I have not used the Gold Card yet so it’s going in the mail tomorrow. I would rather spend the 995.00 a year on other things. 🙂

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  32. Harry says:

    What is the minimum income requirement for titanium and black cards?

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