Sample Cease All Contact Letter To A Debt Collector

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  1. Lisa says:

    Please send me the following Please.
    Sample Cease All Contact Letter To A Debt Collector
    Thank you so much.
    Lisa Paseltiner

    • Tab Carmel says:

      From the book of Bud Hibbs, (Link –>

      may he rest in peace somewhere, hopefully in heaven if there is one.



      VIA CERTIFIED MAIL RRR #Z 683 294 613
      XYZ Collection Agency
      A Debt Collection Agency
      PO Box 4321
      Dallas, TX 75221
      RE: Account #314075900/ Deadman’s Hospital/ Amt: $343.22
      Dear Debt Collection Agency:
      This will serve as your legal notice under federal law, the Fair Debt
      Collection Practices Act, to cease all communication with me in ref-
      erence to the above account.
      If you fail to heed this notice, I w
      ill file a formal complaint against
      you with the Federal Trade Commission, who is responsible for
      enforcement, and the state Attorney General’s Office, as well as the
      American Collector’s Association, who monitors for noncompliance.
      I/We have decided that I/We do not desire to work with a collection
      agency under any circumstances. I/We will contact the original
      creditor to resolve this matter directly.
      You are also notified that if any adverse items are placed against my/our
      credit reports as a result of this notice that I/We will be forced to take
      appropriate action against you, and the client that you represent.
      Give this matter the attention it deserves, as the consequences could
      be severe.
      Yours truly,

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