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This page is dedicated to the growing number of credit acronyms used on this site and others. If you come across an acronyms not on this list that you feel should be included, please contact us so we can get it added. Make sure you use “Acronyms” as the subject line.

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  • B6: Jetblue Airways
  • BA: British Airways
  • BB/BBY: Best Buy or Bluebird (BB only)
  • BB+/BBP: Blue Business Plus
  • BBR: Better Balance Rewards
  • BCE: Blue Cash Everyday
  • BCP: Blue Cash Peferred
  • BF: BeFrugal
  • BGR: Business Gold Rewards
  • BOA/BofA: Bank of America
  • BRM: Business Relationship Manager. Manager at Chase that deals with high value business accounts, has been useful for bypassing the 5/24 rule in the past.
  • BRG: Business Rewards Gold or Best Rate Gaurantee




  • ECOA: Equal Credit Opportunity Act
  • ED: AmEx Everyday
  • EDP: AmEx Everyday Preferred
  • EK: Emirates Airlines
  • ENES: Experian National Equivalency Score
  • EQ: Equifax
  • EWS: Early Warning Systems
  • EY: Etihad Airlines
  • EXExperian




  • HH: Hilton Honors or Heavy Hitters
  • HP: Hard Pull, an inquiry on your credit that does affect your score
  • HUCA: Hang Up, Call Again. Often if you don’t get the response from a customer service representative you want/expect the advice is to HUCA.


  • IHG: Intercontinental Hotel Group
  • INK: Chase Ink Cards (usually referring to the Chase Ink Cash & Cash Ink Plus & Not Chase Ink Preferred as that card has a different earning structure)


  • J: Business Class
  • JAL: Japan Airlines


  • KE: Korean Air






  • PC: Product Change/Conversion
  • PFD: Personal Finance Digest
  • PO: Post Office
  • POS: Point Of Sale
  • PP: Priority Pass or Paypal
  • PPBDMC: Paypal Business Debit Mastercard
  • PPDG: Paypal Digital Giftcards
  • PPMC: Paypal MyCash
  • PRG: Premier Rewards Gold




  • SAH: Shop At Home
  • SCF: Saverocity Forums
  • SD: Slickdeals
  • SM: Secured Message
  • SP: Soft Pull, an inquiry on your credit that doesn’t affect your score
  • SPG: Starwood Preferred Guest
  • SSN: Social Security Number
  • SW: Southwest Airlines
  • SYWR: Shop Your Way Rewards, Sears loyalty program.



  • UA: United Airlines
  • USB: U.S. Bank
  • ULCC = Ultra Low-Cost Carrier
  • USPS: United States Postal Service
  • UR: Ultimate Rewards, Chase branded loyalty program.



  • WAG: Walgreens
  • WF: Wells Fargo
  • WMT: Walmart
  • WTF: What The F***



  • Y: Economy Class
  • YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary


15 Responses to Popular Credit, Finance & Travel hacking Acronyms

  1. John P says:

    Great list. I wish I had this when I started out reading flyer talk. Is there any room for slang? like:
    beans= Vanilla reload
    Kate= Kiosk (Walmart)

    Just a thought..


  2. Jon says:

    Kate = Kiosk at the entrance

  3. Bikeguy says:

    Please add ARS. I have no idea what it means. I’ve seen it in the US Bank closure thread though.

  4. Ll says:

    I’m a newbie here. Just wondering what INK stands for?

    • Ink is a range of cards offered by Chase (e.g Chase Ink Cash, Ink Plus & Ink Preferred). Usually when people are talking about it they are talking about the cash & plus cards that earn 5x points on specific categories.

  5. Jesse says:

    What about DP?

  6. m says:

    TPM The Plastic Merchant
    WAG walgreens
    GS Gamestop
    HH heavy hitter (also Hilton Honors already in list)

  7. JohnB says:

    Since you don’t have anything for L yet –

    LMGTFY – Let Me Google That For You Likely to be seen by new folks at some point.

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  9. SamSimon says:

    WM is short for WallMart?

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