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How To Join DCU Credit Union

How To Join DCU Credit Union

dcu logoThe easiest way to join DCU is to become a member of one of their participating organizations, click here to view other options. We’ve listed them below, along with a link to their website and brief blurb on what they do and how much it costs to be a member per year.

  • Reach Out For Schools $10/yr or $25/3 yrs: a non profit that raises funds for primary and secondary schools. Join here.
  • AAPD (American Association of People with Disabilities)  $15/yr or $25/3 yrs: a non profit that raises funds to empower people with disabilities both economically and politically. Join here.
  • New England Chapter, PRRT&HS $15/yr : a non profit arm of PPRT&HS which aims to preserve the history of “the standard railroad of the world”. Join here.
  • MRWC – Merrimack River Watershed Council, Inc $25/yr:  non profit dedicated to preserving the natural resources of the Watershed. Join here. 
  • SHOLAN FARMS – $25/yr : A 169 acre non profit farm owned by City of Leominster and operated by Friends of Sholan Farms. Join here.
  • SOLF (Southborough Open Land Foundation) – $25/yr: another non profit farm with 126 acres. Join here.
  • OARS(Organization for the Assabet, Sudbury & Concord Rivers) $30/yr: non profit that aims to preserve the recreational features of the Assabet, Sudbury, and Concord rivers. Join here.
  • Worcester County Horticultural Society – Tower Hill Botanic Garden $55/yr: non profit that aims to improve the science and practice of horticulture. Join here.
  • The Free Software Foundation $120/yr: Global non profit that promotes free software. Join here.

Why Would You Want To Be A DCU Member?

There are two reasons why you’d want to be a member of DCU.

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  1. Volker says:

    I opened a checking account (and required savings account) with DCU and Equifax reported a hard credit pull.

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