Posted by William Charles on April 8, 2018
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Published on April 8th, 2018 | by William Charles


JetBlue Has Made Flights Until January 7th, 2019 Available

JetBlue has extended their flight schedule and you can now book flights through January 7th, 2019. I’m always a fan of looking at flight prices when they are first released as it gives me a good base line of how much to expect to pay for travel during certain dates. Flights are usually at their lowest when first released, but JetBlue often has sales that will make it cheaper than these launch fares. Schedule is now open for Christmas and New Years as well, some people like to get those flights locked away and paid for early as they don’t normally come up on sale. Keep in mind JetBlue award flights cost are tied to the actual ticket cost as well.

Hat tip to Running With Miles

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Sometimes i just book with Delta to lock a price with miles while Jet Blue is still unavailable. I wonder what is Jet Blues business strategy.

American Airlines needs to release flights and award availability much earlier than they do. Many of my clients are leaving AA’s program because they can use other programs which open up dates far in advance of AA with the partners they have. Some airlines will open award avails for their partners (who also open earlier now) and beat out those in the AA program (meaning no award seats left on that partner because someone with a different program could nab those seats earlier), making AA points/miles worthless for some people and some destinations and it’s getting worse. If AA cares about loyalty, they must change or more will ditch their program.

Hi.. i need to book jetblue in february 2019.. you have any idea when jetblue will do the next “jump” in available dates to book?

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