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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on September 18th, 2015 | by William Charles


[IL, MN & WI only] Associated Bank $150 Promotion, No Direct Deposit Required + $50 Per Referral

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $150
  • Availability: IL, MN & WI only 
  • Direct deposit required: Optional
  • Additional requirements: Three bill pays or a direct deposit of $300+
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • Credit card funding: Up to $200, no American Express cards. 
  • Monthly fees: $11, waivable 
  • Early account termination fee: Bonus forfeit if closed within 12 months
  • Expiration date: February 26th, 2016 March 31st, 2016 May 31st, 2016 December 31st, 2016 June 30th, 2017 or December 31st, 2017

The Offer

 Badgers Offer | Brewers

  • Open a Packers Checking Account from AssociatedBank and receive a $150 bonus when you do the following:
    • Open your account with a minimum opening deposit of $100 by (date that changes based on the offer you go for)
    • Make three online bill payments OR add a direct deposit of $300 within 45 days of account opening

brewers offer

The Fine Print

  • Offer expires December 31, 2017 /June 30th, 2017
  • Minimum deposit required to open is $100. Deposits from existing accounts do not qualify.
  • Customer must complete a minimum of three payments using Associated Bank Online Bill Pay OR have one direct deposit of $300 or more to their account within 45 days of account opening.
  • Bonus will be deposited into their account within 75 days of account opening after meeting the qualifications.
  • Customers with an Associated Bank checking account in the last six months, joint owners on an existing Associated Bank checking account and Associated Bank colleagues are not eligible.
  • Account must be open at the time the bonus is paid and must remain open for a minimum of 12 months. If the account is closed within 12 months, Associated Bank reserves the right to deduct the monetary bonus from the account prior to closing.
  • Popmoney® and transfers to external accounts do not qualify for the required transactions to receive the monetary bonus. Exclusions apply.
  • Customer must be 18 years or older to qualify. Offer limited to one per household, cannot be combined with other offers and is subject to change (at Associated Bank’s discretion) at any time without notice.
  • For tax reporting purposes, a 1099 may be issued at year-end for the year in which the bonus is given.

  • Deposits from existing accounts do not qualify. Customers with an Associated checking account in the last 60 days, joint owners on an existing Associated checking account and Associated Bank colleagues are not eligible
  • Offer limited to one per household
  • Bonus will post within 75 days
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

There is a $11 monthly maintenance fee which is waived if you meet any of the following requirements:

  • $1,000 minimum daily balance
  • $2,500 in combined deposits
  • Direct deposits combining $500 or more per month
  • Under the age of 24 and enrolled in paperless statements.

There is no early account termination fee, but the account needs to be open  for 12 months or the bonus is forfeit.

$50 Referral Bonus

You can also refer friends if you visit here. You’ll receive $50 Visa gift card per person you refer and they should still be able to sign up for the $150 bonus (if anybody successfully does this, please confirm). Feel free to share your referral links in the comments, but make sure you also let us know some useful information (e.g soft pull/credit card funding etc etc) or your referral link will be removed.

Our Verdict

This seems like a pretty good bonus, especially because there is no direct deposit required. It’s a shame that you can only fund $200 with a credit card, but $150 is still a good bonus. This is worth completing if you live in the target area and it’s one of the better checking bonuses out there.

Useful posts regarding bank bonuses:

202 Responses to [IL, MN & WI only] Associated Bank $150 Promotion, No Direct Deposit Required + $50 Per Referral

  1. Brandon says:

    I’m in the target area- here’s the fee schedule and exemptions (

    There’s an option to fund via CC, so I’ll give that a try and report back.

  2. jack says:

    Couldn’t apply with a northern VA zip code “not in service area”

  3. Ghoku says:

    The expiration date at the top of the post should be February 26th, 2016.

  4. Michael Walker says:

    Is this a soft pull it hard pull I did not see that listed

  5. Douglas says:

    Also no Amex for funding. Most of my other cards were tied up with other things, so used Freedom. Will report back if it was purchase or CA.

  6. Michael says:

    I’d like to think that the Packers purposely run this promo in the State of Purple (MN)… it’s yet another attack on our home football team…. just saying.

  7. Michael says:

    If the Packers aren’t your thing and the Brewers are, there’s a $100 bonus for Brewers checking with similar requirements.

  8. Mike says:

    I am a Vikings fan and I will gladly take the $150 bonus and then run the Packers debit card through my credit card shredder.

  9. M. Smith says:

    Hum. Step two of the application, Account Selection, does not let you deselect “Debit/ATM Card Overdraft Service” under the “Additional Products and Services” section! I assume that means hard pull? Going to save my app for later until someone confirms.

    • Douglas says:

      I signed up for both this offer and business checking within the last couple weeks, I have not been hit with any hard pulls for this bank.

      • M. Smith says:

        Thanks for the reply, Douglas. Do you recall if you selected the ATM overdraft option?

        • Douglas says:

          I always try to decline that option if possible to avoid a hard pull. I want to say I did but unfortunately I don’t remember for sure.

          • M. Smith says:

            I went ahead and pressed on to finish my app. After that screen, you are taken to another screen to agree to the overdraft terms. There you can opt out. Totally not obvious from the previous screen, but I did it and assume not hard pull was involved.

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  11. Douglas says:

    Any data points on what works as a direct deposit? Figure that’s the easiest way to keep it free and meet requirement.

  12. Mike says:

    For the 3 “bill pays”, would paying credit card bills count for this?

  13. Connor says:

    Referral link for you to use! $50 for me. Much appreciated!

    Can confirm what Brandon said in his comment for fee schedule. I did try going over stated limit for cc funding, but the system wouldn’t let me. Thought it was worth a try! I was not dinged with a hard pull (declined overdraft service).

  14. Mike from MN says:

    Just opened up an account today. Funded with bank account online. Called in to confirm the $150 offer was indeed applied.

    Note that you can (and should) apply for the basic “Associate Checking,” not the “Associate Elite Checking” (unless, of course, you want to be subjected to a higher monthly fee and, thus, higher requirements to waive the fee).

    My referral link (in both short and long forms):

    Short form:

    Long form:

    Thanks, DoC!


    • Mike from MN says:

      Note that the link I provided specifically references the $150 offer. Whether you use my link or a different one, I would probably try for the $150 verbiage to be safe…

      • Victor says:

        Strange, I called and rep told me you can open the Packers account online but are not eligible for the bonus unless opened in a branch.

        • Mike from MN says:

          You are definitely eligible for the $150 bonus through an online application. Like I said, I called and verified that everything was applied correctly. It might help to reference the offer code that gets auto-populated on the bottom of the application (9500?).

          • adam d says:

            Im going to sign up within 24 hrs with your referral. What kind of id verification did they need while signing up. I live in chicagoland but will apply from asia with a vpn proxy set to a US server.

          • adam d says:

            also does ach transfer from other banks count as a dd?

          • Mike says:

            I believe I used my MN driver’s license as the ID. Most all ACH transfers seem to work fine. Good luck!

  15. Nhoc says:

    Can anybody comments on the ability to remote/mobile deposit MOs with this bank? Thanks.

  16. Sam says:

    I signed up and funded $200 using my Barclays arrival. It posted as a purchase. I didn’t see any of the above data points linked in the master thread.

  17. Douglas says:

    Bonus posted, used Freedom for funding and Alliant for dd.

  18. Michael says:

    Any length of time needed for this to stay open? I just got my bonus, but may open a few accounts for family now.

  19. Luke says:

    10/16/2015 – Account Opened
    10/19/2015 – 3 separate bill pays to same payee
    10/23/2015 – Alliant transfer coded as DD
    11/16/2015 – Bonus received

  20. Greg says:

    9/19/2015 – Opened account. Funded $200 using Citi TYP. Coded as purchase.
    9/21/2015 – $200 credited to new account.
    9/29/2015 – Used bill pay to pay off 3 separate credit card bills.
    9/30/2015 – Transfered $ from Chase to bring balance above $1000 to avoid fees. Coded as DD.
    10/15/2015 – Bonus received

  21. Sam says:

    Did anyone close after opening the acct?

  22. JJ says:

    Is there a requirment on the dollar amount for a bill pay? E.g. $1 each for 3 different CC’s?

  23. KML says:

    Note that there are fees on this account for outgoing bank transfers (.50 for each) and paying a individual.

  24. Tim says:

    Are there any termination fees? After receiving bonus, can you close account online?

  25. Chris says:

    If you use promo code 5700 you get the exact same promotion except without the Green Bay Packers on your card. Not that it’s super important, but I found out after applying at a branch when I got an error applying online. Nothing against the Packers, just not a huge fan.
    Their website and billpay is pretty polished which made the bill pays easy.

  26. Matt says:

    This offer is not available in Virginia. I got an error message saying they don’t service my zip code. It looks like they only have locations in IL, MN, and WI, according to their Wikipedia page:

  27. Chris says:

    Coded as Purchase when loaded with my Citi TYP Premier card

  28. Adam says:

    Opened 1/8/16
    Pushed $500 from Ally 1/20/16
    Bonus posted 1/26/16

  29. Troy says:

    Has anyone closed one of these accounts yet? I don’t see any requirements to keep the account open after the bonus posts.

  30. karl1402 says:

    for the $50 VGC, account has to remain open 60 days. Otherwise, I would close now

  31. adam d says:

    bonus offer expires march 31, 2016 it now says.

  32. JJ says:

    My $150 hit 2/18. Sent 3 bill pays 1/26 for small amounts. Total of 5.

  33. S. says:

    FYI: link now says offer expires March 31, not February 29.

  34. Darv says:

    Applied and approved. Funded with BofA Susan G Komen card $200, posted as purchase.

  35. Greg says:

    This bank now has another $150 offer that isn’t tied to the Packers, and expires Dec. 31, 2016:
    Minimum deposit required to open is $100.
    Must complete a minimum of three payments using online bill pay OR have one direct deposit of $300 or more to their account within 45 days of account opening.

  36. Mike Carter says:

    Does anyone know what counts as a direct deposit?

    Also, noob question: can the three online bill payments be any amount? Could they be three $1 payments toward the same credit card bill? Thanks!

    • Dan says:

      I used the online bill pay to send $5 checks to 3 of my friends and family members. My bonus posted about 2 weeks later.

  37. Jon Cramer says:

    I opened my account in 1/5/16. Bonus posted after making 3 bill pays (forget the date) I messaged them that I wanted to close my account on 3/31/16. Just checked on 4/1 and account is closed. No fees, no hassles. Thanks for posting these bank bonuses DOC!

  38. Sheng says:

    Last week I used the green bay link, it allows me to fund up to 500. NO American Express. I bring my wife to the branch, this week. We asked a banker, whether she is eligible to the “150” when I refer her on-site. She said as long as she is a new customer, both of us will get the 50 dollars and she will get the 150 after she fulfill the requirements.I will come back to report the result if this work out.I am in Chicago area.
    Here is my refer link, 50 for you, 50 for me. Thank you!

    • Adam D says:

      DO NOT USE THIS REFERRAL LINK. It’s true he will get a $50 visa gift card and so will YOU, but YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR the $150 bonus. I just called and spoke to a CSR.

  39. Yurij says:

    Offer mentions above one per household. Has anyone tried to open for both you and wife? WIll bonus post for both?

  40. Yurij says:

    Anyone had this bonus work for more than one household member aka you and your wife each open separate accounts?

    • Sheng says:

      I will come back as soon as I get my bonus post. I just opened the account one week ago. And had my serve pushed $360 into my account. And the system reco it as DD. Good luck.

    • Michael says:

      Yes, it works. I’ve signed up for both the Packers and MN Wild checking promos for both wife and me over the last 8? months.

      Did requirements and bonus posted like clockwork. Can’t wait the 60 days to try the JDpower promo code.

  41. John K says:

    New offer is good through December 31, 2016. Since my current account from February already posted the $150 bonus in March, I’m going to close it, wait the 60 days, and try for another one. Will post results here.

  42. Eric says:

    Transfer from Navy Federal Credit Union showed up as P2P, counted as direct deposit.

    4/19 acct opened and funded with Chase ink plus, $200, posted as purchase.
    4/20 $1000 pushed from NFCU
    4/22 $150 new account bonus posted

    • Eric says:

      My wife (same last name and address) signed up after I referred her. I got the referral bonus, $50 giftcard, and she got the $150 bonus.

      “One bonus pee household” did not prevent us from getting bonus and referral. We didn’t try anything sneaky, did everything straight up.

  43. Darv says:

    Anybody tried doing this twice in the same year? Fine print say cannot do it if had account within past 60 days. I am going to close this week so wondering if I should wait until 2017 or try again maybe September? Thoughts?

  44. John K says:

    Accounted opened by spouse at same address as myself (a prior bonus earner for same promotion)

    4/25: Deposited $200 using BoA MLB Cash card (counted as purchase, cash advance limit near $0)
    4/29: Set up bill pay with Chase Checking
    5/3: (two small transactions posted and sum withdrawn)
    5/4: Verified transactions posted, deposited $900 from Chase to Associated
    5/12: $150 bonus posted
    5/16: Scheduled to withdraw $1,249.50 ($0.50 fee applies) using bill pay to Chase Checking account.

    Pretty stoked about this working so quickly. My spouse is planning to close account as soon as deposit posts to Chase. Hoping to turn around and do the same again for myself and my spouse on JD Power promotion good through December. Hopefully I can make it happen 3 times / my spouse can make it happen 2 times with the 60 day windows.

  45. Vijay says:

    Happened to visit client at St. Pauls, MN and luckily opened the account at branch on 5/10. No questions asked eventhough my driving license is from GA. Opened Account and online set up in 10 mins. Scheduled 3 online bill pays to different credit cards. $150 bonus posted on 5/26. Good deal!!!

  46. mord1 says:

    I funded with cc on 5/18
    transferred 1000 via ach from bofa on 5/23
    $150 bonus posted on 5/26

    Can I close the account now? I didnt realize ach would take card of dd, I was planning on doing 3 bill pays

  47. snwbrdguy says:

    Signed up using the JD Power advertisement on 5/20/16, funded $200 with Freedom,did three bill pays of various amounts totaling $200, received bonus on 6/8/16.

  48. John K says:

    New option for Brewers fans, some special benefits if you want to go to a Brewers game. Also good through 12/31/16, no account in last 60 days

  49. Appears they have replaced the JD Power bonus with $500 off mortgage closing costs. Was hoping to go that route vs. Packers/Brewers since as a MN resident & sports fan it feels pretty dirty getting something tied to a WI team.

  50. milesjjcc says:

    Not allowed for non citizens online. Says need to go to branch

  51. El Guapo says:

    Richmond, VA is not in the service area. Wonder what part of VA counts?

  52. Skor says:

    Do you need to call to get the bonus? Has anyone received the bonus recently? I opened account on 08/06, transferred $500 via ACH on 09/01, even did 3 bill pays, yet bonus not posted yet.. anyone received the bonus recently?

    • Michael says:

      No need to call. I’ve funded initially on 9/2. DD on 9/7. 3 Billpays thru 9/12. Bonus posted 9/20. They are very timely with bonuses as you can see. Did your DD post as a DD/P2P? Or have your billpays been paid out a few days? If so, try calling in to resolve bonus issues.

      Good Luck!

  53. dabrain13 says:

    Ally ACH codes as “Direct Deposit”. Bonus received 2 business days after DD cleared.

  54. Ryan says:

    This is super churnable- you can do the bill pays quickly, get the bonus and close immediately and repeat 60 days later.

    My wife and I stand to make about $1200 off this promo per year.

    Easy money.

  55. Du says:

    Do I need an address of IL/MN/WI to qualify for this offer? Just saw here somebody opened the account with a GA lincense, but don’t know whether he use an eligible address or not. I’m going to WI for a week next month and I don’t have a WI address. Will try and report back.

    • Michael says:

      Online no, Miles to Memory signed up at Packers game, so I’d think they’d let out of state addy’s work in person at the banks? Not sure. Let us know back!

  56. Brandon says:

    Was able to load $200 using my CSR, looks like it will post as purchase (had cash advance limit of $100).

  57. Jeff S. says:

    I called to see if the ”update 2″ offer was still being done at a Packer home game. Spoke to a new products specialist. He stated that they are just giving the Packers checkbook cover at the game, and offering the $150 promo. I am not going to through the hassle to go to the stadium just to find out if it’s good info.

  58. Jeff S. says:

    DP for CC funding: Maybe opening the account online is different, but during account opening at a branch, banker said it would post as cash advance if I used a CC to do funding. My Chase Freedom has $20 cash advance limit, so thought I would try anyway. Banker tried to do $200 funding and stated it was declined. I wasn’t brave enough to try another card that might sack me with CA fees.

  59. Adam D says:


    Contrary to a “how to close a checking account” associated bank hit me with a $11.00 service fee after my account was inactive with a $0.00 balance for over 30 days, a previous datapoint said that the account would be closed after a few months with a $0 balance, which is impossible if the the service fee is levied each month. DoC, please update.

  60. Curmudgeon says:

    I don’t live in the required states, but I am in MN today for work so I stopped by a branch. Opened an account in 20 minutes or so. No problem with out of state ID or mailing address. A few points:

    – I asked about credit card funding but rep said it would likely post as cash advance so I used cash
    – My debit card, with the fancy chip, was printed with my name as I waited
    – Info sheet with my paperwork says “Monthly maintenance fee waived for first two statement cycles after account opening”
    – Received three blank starter checks with routing # and account #
    – “Minnesota Wild” checking account (hockey team) flyer says the $150 bonus offer is good until June 30, 2017
    – $100 minimum deposit to open, 3 bill pay or direct deposit of $300+ within 45 days to get bonus

  61. Curmudgeon says:

    Bonus received!

    12/15: Opened account in branch with $100 cash.
    12/20: ACH push from PNC Bank for $300
    12/26: New account bonus $150 posted

    The PNC transfer posted as a P2P transfer, so I thought it wasn’t going to work so I sent an actual payroll direct deposit as well. It posted two days after I got the bonus so I didn’t need to do it after all.

    Thanks DoC!

  62. Luke says:

    Anyone know if this offer is churnable after 60 days of closing the account?

  63. Mark Zhang says:

    Can I ask a dumb question? As for CC funding, is it usually only for online application? Is it possible to do so in branch?

    For this offer, they say:

    We are unable to accept online applications from non-U.S. citizens at this time. Please call us at 1-800-762-5684 or visit one of our branches to apply. Thank you for choosing PNC Bank.

  64. 10g says:

    I think Discover count as DD even though the description says P2P. 1 week after I didn’t get bonus, I was a bit worried it didn’t count so I schedule 3 billpay on different day, After the first two billpay went through, I got the bonus while the 3rd billpay haven’t been pay yet as it’s schedule in two days.

  65. Michael says:

    Disappointed in Associated Bank.

    Tax forms for 1099 weren’t mailed out due to bonus/interest not mailed out due to them being under $600? Most banks send out once it’s more than $10. As I opened and closed 2 different checking accounts in 2016, I had to call in to be sure that number was correct.

    So if you’re playing the churning bank account game, it would behoove you to keep great records. Lesson learned.

    • Darv says:

      If they did not issue a 1099, they did not report income to the IRS. Did they issue one for you but simply not mail it? Or did they say one was not issued?

      • Michael says:

        Called back, because of Darv’s comment and my thinking that they didn’t follow the reporting requirements right.

        Rep stated that the account bonuses did not count as interest on the accounts, so therefore no 1099 was issued. This seems highly uncommon as banks usually send 1099 for even the slightest interest.

        Not sure if I should let this be and not include on taxes or let the auditors ask me about it later? I’ll plug both scenarios into my tax return, if it’s only a few dollars, I’m not gonna risk the audit.


        • Darv says:

          It’s because they’re not recognizing it as interest, therefore no 1099-int will be issued because those are only issued if $10 or more interest recognized. They recognized your bonus as a different form of income which if reported would be done so on a 1099-misc. But the IRS only requires that firms issue 1099-miscs if annual income of that recognition is $600 or more. Some banks recognize this income as interest and others don’t, which is why some don’t issue1099s.

          • adam d says:

            Darv, did you add this $150 to your tax filing or no since associated bank did not send you a 1099-misc?

        • Darv says:

          In my opinion all of these situations should be other income, as none of it is interest. Associated Bank did it right.

          • Michael says:

            Thanks for the insight Darv!

            Yeah, it’s the first time I’ve ever run into this ‘churning’ bank bonuses. I always thought that promo $$ didn’t need to be taxed, but that’s just me.

            Could have swore that Associated sent me a 1099-INT for 2015 bank bonus with them though.

      • Guy Bucktastik says:

        They still may or may not have reported it to the IRS.

        Them not sending a 1099 doesn’t mean that they didn’t report it. They may have.

        If you didn’t receive a 1099 from them, a bank may still report interest to the IRS. If you call up and ask about your missing 1099, they may issue one, but this runs the risk of them reporting a new amount of interest for the 1099 that they generated. This is certainly a mistake, but the IRS will see that you only reported half of the income.

        It’s much easier to keep track of the bank bonuses you get. Some of use here might do 20 bonuses, or even 40 in 2player mode. Some banks report it, some don’t. some banks issue 1099’s, some don’t. Some banks (HSBS cough cough) issue 1099s after most customer have filed their returns.

  66. Alx says:

    1/20 – Opened Account w/ $200 w/ Citi CC
    1/31 – Made 3 Bill payments
    2/8 – received $150 bonus

    3rd time doing this bonus, 2nd time doing this bonus under the MN Wild promotion. They recycle your account info based on SSN, so my billpay was locked when I opened the account. Had to call in to get it unlocked.

  67. JZ says:

    Just wanted to share my experince.
    opened account 1/20 Using Discover Card and after making 3 bill payments to my Discover Card today 2/10 bonus was available.


  68. Dan says:

    Chase IHG coded as purchase

  69. Jerry says:

    How long is this promotion valid?

  70. Jerry says:

    Has anyone successfully received bonus with more than 1 account in the same household? Is it worth taking a risk?

    • Guy Bucktastik says:

      2 people in my household (same last name) got the bonus in 2016, and the same two people got the bonus in 2017. We also used referrals, and both got $50 visa reward cards too.

  71. M. Smith says:

    Be careful when trying to close via SM. I emptied my account and sent a message asking for the account to be closed the next day (first week of February). I got a reply the next day saying it would be done, but three weeks later I get a notice in the mail saying my account is negative $11. They assessed the monthly fee since I had no activity in February. Sent another message today asking again for the account to be closed.

  72. Adam D says:

    Anybody churn this account a few months after closing? Want to do this bonus again but 60 days seems like a good way to get flagged…every 6 months?

  73. David B says:

    MN folks can also get the $150 bonus for the Wild Checking account.


    I applied & was approved on 2/22. Made 3 bill pays shortly after. Bonus was added to account day after last bill pay posted.

  74. Jerry M says:

    Is it strictly one per household? Anyone successfully got bonus for multiple accounts in the same household?

    Opened account 02/21
    Made 3 bill payments to different bills 02/23
    Bonus received 03/07

    • John K says:

      Sorry to say I can’t remember if the language has changed, may be more restrictive now. They are evolving their language as they go – see my post below yours. That said, ymmv, here was my experience last year:

      February 2016 I opened an account and closed by 4/21/16.

      4/25/16 my spouse opened an account and closed by 5/18/16.

      We both received our bonuses without clawbacks.

    • Guy Bucktastik says:

      2 people in my household got the bonus in 2017, we both got it in 2016 too. We both got $50 visa reward cards for one of use referring the other in 2017.

  75. John K says:

    Looks like the Brewers offer has been extended through 12/31/17,but has more restrictive language than the packers deal:

    Get some neat deals on baseball tickets and park entrance if that’s your thing, but note you have to keep the account open for 12 months. Also says account holders with accounts in the last 6 months are not eligible. Also further restricts the definition of what is considered to be a required transaction.

    Just a hunch, but I would assume going forward their language on the new deals will be more similar to this.

  76. Gadget says:

    Doc (William) – Looks like they have added anti-churn rules to your “Badgers” link as well. Request update of your article.

    Now it says “Customers with an Associated Bank checking account in the last six months” do not qualify, not 60 days like before.

    Also, they added “Account… must remain open for a minimum of 12 months” or else clawback.

  77. amar says:

    Account must be open at the time the bonus is paid and must remain open for a minimum of 12 months. If the account is closed within 12 months, Associated Bank reserves the right to deduct the monetary bonus from the account prior to closin

  78. Joe says:

    Found this through a google search. Will they have to honor it with these old terms? Last account was 70 days ago, really hope they do. Let me know thanks.

    • EBF says:

      I followed that link today. Got pending. I’m on day 65 since closing my last Associated account. Hopefully it’s just because it’s the weekend.

    • Zane says:

      This worked!! You’re a star!!

      • EBF says:

        Worked as in you got the bonus, or you were able to apply via that link? I did the latter. Will see in a few days if the bonus posts.

        • EO says:

          Please post when you receive the bonus. I have been churning these for a long time now. Usually the bonus posts almost immediately. This last time the bonus has not hit yet 3 weeks after making the three bill pays. When I chatted, I was told the bonus could take up to 75 days to post. Obviously, I did not want to say the previous 4 times I did this, the bonus posted immediately. I’m now curious as to whether they are actually enforcing the 75 day rule, or if they have just gotten wise to me in particular.

        • Zane says:


          5/9: $200 opening deposit
          5/11: $300 Ally ACH in
          5/24: $150 bonus posted

    • adam d says:

      Just applied the new Wild promo is 3500, this old term promo is 3300 so I think were good as far as AB can see which promo was which, if the old and new terms had same promo I would skip.

    • Michael says:

      Didn’t accept promo code for Wild Checking as of 6/9/17. (Maybe because NHL hockey is over?)

      • Adam D says:

        Code 3333? My account was approved 6/2. I applied 5/31. My account is open.

        • Adam D says:

          NHL season is still going. Wild were already out when I applied wiht old term promo code, 3333.

          • Michael says:

            Hm.. not sure why it didn’t work. Code 3333 didn’t work for me with online application. Oh well, Brewers checking here I come.

      • adam d says:

        I was abke to generate the code by going to the old link above and inutting inputting information before submitting fully and it auto-populated in the promotion box 3333. I did the same for the current (12mos) link and it auto-generated code 3500. I called after I applied and read code 3333 to csr for old terms to be sure.

  79. AH says:

    First, I saved a chat stating that no fees/charges were left on my account or would be assessed when I closed. Zeroed out my balance and closed via phone on 4/28. Asked specifically about any closure fees or charges on the phone for closing. They said no charges will be assessed. My account shows as closed & I’m receiving an official mail notice this week.

    Hope that helps for some!

    • Chris says:

      Thanks for the DP. I didn’t recall the clawback language either and also applied in January. Will proceed with closure and report back if they attempt to clawback $150.

  80. adam d says:

    The people that didn’t have these accounts open for even 3 months are clearly what killed these bonus and made AB implement the 12 month language which is the highest out there of any bank now for bonuses. Short-sighted.

    • Michael says:

      Thanks for playing.

      Either you’re the first in line or the last.

      Clearly, you’re not the former.

      Plenty of other bank bonuses to hammer hard.

      Good luck!

      • adam d says:

        just signed up again today with an old language link. thanks for the poetic response it was very touching.

  81. Charles S. says:


    4/17 – Opened account with $200 CC (Chase Marriott Rewards)
    4/18 – Deposited $1100 check
    4/22 – Made 3 bill pays = $200 back to Marriott Rewards
    5/26 -$150 bonus posted

  82. Jess says:


    5/17 – Opened account
    5/23 – opening $500 deposit finalized
    5/31 – 3rd bill pay to myself finalized
    6/8 – $150 bonus posted

    Thanks Doc!

  83. Marc Diaz says:

    I tried to apply using the 3333 code but it said it was not valid. I used live chat and the representative provided me with code 5100 instead. I copy and pasted the terms and he said they were exactly the same except the promo period was the only difference.

    I applied using his code, I hope it doesn’t have the 12mo language.

  84. Superchurn says:

    Tempted to go for this again, but the opportunity cost of tying up $1000 for 12 months to avoid the monthly fee is ~ $50, reducing the net bonus to about ~$100. I suppose if one puts it on a 2% cash CC, that’s an extra $4, beinging net to $104…not sure that’s worth another chex inquiry

    • Superchurn says:

      I caved and applied again on 10/6/17.

      Did a ACH push from Ally on 10/11/17
      Did 3 bill pays on 10/16/17
      $150 Bonus posted on 10/18/17

  85. Emily says:

    Just tried applying with the 3500 code (autopopulated), but it said the code was invalid. I live in MN and applied with the badgers link. I’m going to try the 5100 code.

  86. Carcus5 says:

    It appears that one of the links has an expired code. autofills a code, then it says it is expired or not valid. The other link
    ( did not give this error.

  87. Lauren says:

    Do you think you forfeit the bonus if the bank closes the account, rather than you? If I do this and have to keep it open for a year I’m thinking of using it as a hub for my money order deposits and credit card payments.

  88. Lauren says:

    Opened account 8/10, went to manual review and then they approved.

    Referral link:

  89. Lauren says:

    DP: Opened 8/16, did three bill pays 8/18, 8/21, 8/22. Bonus $150 post 8/23.

  90. EJ says:

    It seems not all IL areas are eligible. I tried with my ZIP code and my neighbors, but it doesn’t proceed. When I put a ZIP of Chicago area, it works.

  91. Gadget says:

    If anyone is interested in this bonus, here is my referral code:

    I will be keeping my checking account open until at least 8/18/18, so please feel free to use my link.

    This $150 checking bonus is great because it doesn’t require a DD – three bill pays does the job. I opened my account on 8/18, and got my bonus today, 9/12. I did a few random bill pays ranging from 10 – 150 bucks, but really don’t think it matters as long as you do three.

    The annoying part is having to keep the account open 12 months or give back the bonus, which was something new they implemented this year. I did this same bonus last year when it did not have that clause. I plan to keep the checking account fee free by having a monthly DD, and then just using their bill pay to spend the money back out each month. They use the same bill pay interface most other banks use, which is backed by Fiserv, I believe. They are quick and easy to use. I like that you can add a credit card bill by using only the number off the front of your (major) CC. You don’t have to wait to get the exact address off the CC bill.

    Associated did not pull my Chex when I applied this time, nor EWS, I assume because I had an account the year prior when they did pull Chex. YMMV. They did offer me a CC as part of the app process, and I did verify no hard pull was done, but I did not accept the CC. They do accept out-of-state applications while in branch – just told them I was visiting family and the local account would be useful.

  92. Jerry M says:

    DP: I was able to close the account through SM. They put in a request to close the account and it was done by the end of the business day.

  93. Superchurn says:

    Just applied on 10/4/17. Had an account about 14 months earlier and that bonus posted with no issues, closed successfully.

    This time, went to pending inexplicably. They did pull some kind of report, because they asked ID questions. I confirmed with the rep on live chat it was not a hard pull, so maybe they did pull Chex or EWS?

    Kind of disturbed, as I used an in-state address and have an in-state DL

    Hopefully it’s not gonna be a fruitless Chex pull

  94. Superchurn says:

    Unable to use billpay with this account. They refered me to Fiserv (which apparently controls 90% of the backend for billpays in the US), and Fiserv said nothing was wrong. Associated refuses to fix the issue, potentially robbing me of the bonus.

    Anyone else have this issue?

    • Superchurn says:


      After getting Bill Pay re-enabled

      Did a ACH push from Ally on 10/11/17
      Did 3 bill pays on 10/16/17
      $150 Bonus posted on 10/18/17

  95. Stephen says:

    Funded with a credit card and for some reason they charged me three times. I tried $600 just to see what would happen and the site said 200 was the max and please adjust your amount. So I finalized my app with $200 and it went through. My balance is now 600.

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