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Published on May 23rd, 2016 | by William Charles


[Dead] [IL, IN, MI, NV and OH Only] Talmer Bank & Trust $250 Checking Bonus

Link no longer works, if anybody finds one let me know in the comments.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $250
  • Availability: IL, IN, MI, NV and OH Only
  • Direct deposit required: Yes, $150+
  • Additional requirements: None
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • Credit card funding: None
  • Monthly fees: $5.95, waiveable
  • Early account termination fee: $25, 180 days
  • Expiration date: None listed

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Receive a sign up bonus of $250 when you open an eClassic checking account with Talmer Bank & Trust and setting up a qualifying direct deposit of $150 or more within 60 days of account opening.

talmer bank and trust

The Fine Print

  • The direct deposit needs to be an electronic deposit such as a paycheck or pension from your employer, or government benefits such as Social Security
  • The initial direct deposit must be credited to your account within 60 days of the account opening date
  • Within 120 days after receiving your first direct deposit, we will deposit $250 into the personal account. If the account is closed prior to the crediting date, the bonus will not be paid
  • Offer is available to new Talmer Bank and Trust personal checking account customers only, and new accounts are subject to approval
  • A new customer is defined as not having a personal checking account with Talmer Bank within the last 12 months
  • Minimum opening deposit of $50. Limit one promotional payout per account

Avoiding Fees

Account needs to be open at the time of the bonus posting, otherwise you will not receive the bonus. You’ll also need to keep the account open for 180 days to avoid any early account termination fee. The eClassic account has a monthly fee of $5.95 is waived if you do any of the following:

  • Have a minimum average daily balance of $500+ OR
  • Have a combined minimum average daily balance of $5,000+ OR
  • Enroll in eStatements OR
  • Have a qualifying direct deposit

Our Verdict

This seems like a pretty easy bonus to meet and also keep the account fee free. Here is what I’d do if I was completing this bonus:

  • Open an eChecking account
  • Enroll in eStatements to avoid the monthly fee
  • Change my payroll (or use an ACH transfer if not possible to try) and trigger the direct deposit
  • Wait for the bonus to post and 180 days to be up (to avoid early account termination fee), close account

Shame you can’t fund with a credit card and you have to apply for the bonus in branch. Still we’ve added this bonus to our best of list, you can view that here.

Hat tip to Maximizing Money

61 Responses to [Dead] [IL, IN, MI, NV and OH Only] Talmer Bank & Trust $250 Checking Bonus

  1. David says:

    Just called my local branch, was told it’s a soft inquiry to Chex.

  2. sara says:

    I think you have to actually go into the branch

  3. Mike says:

    Hi, I have a question, the hard/soft pull of a checking account is the inquiry to Chexsys or to the credit bureau?

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  5. Adam says:

    dangit, was just in Vegas a few wks ago. coulda swung by the lone branch they have in NV to open up this acct for an easy bonus.

    hmm that makes me think, I know folks fly around the country to MS. does anyone fly around to open up lucrative bank acct bonuses too? would that even be possible or do most of these banks require residency/address/license in the state you open up your acct in?

    it’s easy to manage everything online, most all of these banks have online banking. so if its just about personally being there to sign up, or if they could even do it over phone/fax etc. I think it just might be lucrative to have fun flying around the country for this!

    • Josh says:

      After the cost of plane tickets, transport to the site and not to mention time, I can’t imagine this type of bonus being remotely worth traveling much more than maybe 20-30 minutes by car to obtain. Add in the fact these bonuses are taxed and it would be pretty silly to take a plane trip for anything less than maybe a grand bonus, if that. Might take a bit more

  6. Josh says:

    Applied today in downtown Chicago. Couldn’t be nicer people. In and out in about 25 minutes, an atypical banking experience experience, set up like a typical business that is in a Chicago office high-rise (you would have to live here to understand this)

  7. Sulaya says:

    Signed up for this account about a week ago in NE Ohio. Standard ChexSystems pull. There’s two forms relating to Overdraft protection – if you don’t want it make sure you don’t sign the second. Only required Driver’s License for identification. There’s also a $50 referral bonus – up to 4 people can be referred. Referral bonus requires a short form with both parties’ signatures. Referral bonus appears in referring customer’s account in 30 days after the new account is opened. Confirmed with the Relationship Banker that the Referral bonus can stack with the $250 offer.

  8. David says:

    I already got my $50 referral (posted within a few days) although I’m still waiting on the $250.

  9. Johnny says:

    Any idea if a ACH push will count as DD for this one, or is it probably going to need a real employer payroll?

  10. Dan says:

    Sweet there is a branch like 5 minutes from my work. Will update once I visit.

  11. adam d says:

    says monthly minimum $150 direct deposit, if my first deposit is $150 and bonus is credited will they claw back bonus is subsequent deposits are less than $150?

  12. CJ says:

    No, they won’t.

    • bill says:

      The real question is: Do we need subsequent DD after the 1st DD within 60 days of account
      opening. How many DDs needed to get the bonus after 60 days and before Bonus posted?
      I always DD up to bonus posted which is not a good strategy because you can redirect DD
      to open a new account in another bank.

  13. bobby says:

    Any one gets the bonus, please post here. Also, whether ACH counts as DD?

  14. heman says:

    I called on 3/10/16, csr said it is being extended past 3/11/16/ but do not know until exact date so update post if a call monday nets a exact data point. i opened one in chicago 3/11/16.

  15. Nengah Hariadi says:

    Anyone get the bonus already?

  16. Bill says:

    New promotion started again on March 28, 2016 for $250 bonus. Same requirements.

  17. Dave says:

    Has anyone gotten this bonus yet, from the original offer?

    • annex1982 says:

      No, not yet. I’ve tried Huntington ACH and Capital One and have not seen the bonus yet. I’ve decided to use my work ACH just to make sure I get the bonus.

      I’ll post an update once I received the bonus and I hope everyone is planning to do the same since we need data point(s) for this bank.

      • Dave says:

        I did an actual payroll DD from my employer within the first couple weeks, and I still haven’t seen the bonus, even after monthly statements have closed.

  18. NJ says:

    Can we open the account over the phone?

  19. adam d says:

    anyone receive the bonus yet? I opened 3/11,_have had 2 employer DD’s, “one monthly direct deposit”. I hope a.monthly DD isnt needed.

  20. Di says:

    I have a question. Do we need to set up DD only once within the 60 days of account opening or we need to set up each month?

  21. Rahul says:

    For all the regional bank bonuses which are restricted to a state or states, can I walk into the branch and apply for an account if I am in the state? Or do they require an address in the state?

    • NoonRadar says:

      Some say explicitly on the terms of the bonus that you must be a resident of certain specific state(s). In that case I wouldn’t bother because if the bank decided to not give you the bonus you have no recourse.

      For the ones that don’t state so on their website I would try if I happened to be on that state. In that case I’d prefer to have some kind of confirmation in writing, whether something they hand you out, or an email or direct message.

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  23. Nate says:

    Interesting interaction when I opened my account. While one employee was helping me open my account, the other was on the phone with someone complaining about not receiving their sign-up bonus even though his friend did. She told him that he didn’t get the bonus because he only had one direct deposit, whereas his friend (whose information she looked up to verify, kinda sketch) did receive the bonus after two direct deposits. Sounds like “multiple” = 2+, but now I’m more concerned they’ll give out my information to people calling in…oy.

  24. Social Steven says:

    only 1 $150 DD is required, or a recurring DD of minimum $150?

  25. Mark O says:

    Just signed up last week but getting a little nervous that no one on here has confirmed receipt of their bonus for the original offer. Anyone have a timeline of when they signed up, DD, and got bonus?


  26. Haris says:

    FYI, I opened the account at the Chicago location. Still waiting for Bonus as well.
    Account Open 3/9, first deposit via work 4/15. will update once actual bonus is received, which could be up to 8/15 according to terms (no later than 120 days past first DD of +$150).

  27. David says:

    It’s now been >120 days since my DD with no bonus posted. I guess I’m going to have to push them for this one…

    • David says:

      …being told it had to be a recurring DD (which it does say: “…setting up at least one monthly recurring direct deposit of $150 or more…”), even though it says in multiple places that the bonus will post after the first $150 DD and doesn’t specify anywhere how many DDs they require to satisfy the “recurring” requirement. I just emailed the flier that I applied with to my contact at the bank and am waiting to hear back.

      • Alex says:

        I’m getting the same information which is total bullshit, since it says clearly in the terms that the bonus will be posted after the FIRST DD, not after multiple recurring DDs. Let me know if you hear anything back!

      • Alex says:

        Let me know what you find out, I’m getting the same response!

  28. joshua says:

    Looks like the bonus posted for me this month, Talmer’s statements are somewhat cryptic, does not show actual date bonus was credited to account, simply says: “2016 interest paid-$250”. This would be around 110 days since account was opened. I maintained $150 recurring DD every month since opening the account.

  29. joshua says:

    DDs were employer payroll.

  30. Adam says:

    Is this dead? Link to the website shows “The resource you are looking for has either moved or is no longer available.”

    I was holding off on opening until I moved next month (and closed my 5/3rd and Santander accounts).

  31. annex1982 says:

    I just received the $250 bonus posted on my account yesterday. I received an extra $50 for referring my wife to open the account. Total, we received $550 for both account and the $50 referral bonus.

    Check your account and make sure you receive the bonus. I opened my account back in 03/04/2016. While it took this long, but I think it worth the wait considering it was very easy process.

  32. ashhh1991 says:

    Also received my $250 bonus yesterday.

    2016/03/02 – Opened Account
    2016/03/09 – Ally ACH for $150 (It showed as ALLY BANK P2P and categorized as “Uncategorized”, I doubt it met the DD requirement)
    2016/04/25 – First Direct Deposit of $150 (Did this through Payroll at my work)
    2016/06/20 – Received the $250 bonus.

    Direct deposit was through my work, which automatically categorized as “Income : Paycheck”.
    When I did an ACH from Ally, it showed as “ALLY BANK P2P ” and categorized as “Uncategorized”, so I don’t think Ally ACH worked for the DD requirement.

    I didn’t do the referral.
    I’d highly recommend this bonus. Compared to some other bonuses, there’s a longer delay, but I didn’t mind since I have to leave the account open for 6 months either way, and there’s no monthly DD requirements to avoid fees.

  33. Steve says:

    I also received my $250 bonus on yesterday.

    Here are my details:

    3/8/16 – Opened account and funded with $50 cash
    3/25/16 – Real direct deposit coming from my employer for $150
    4/1/16 – Another $150 employer DD
    6/20/16 – Bonus of $250 posted

    Glad I did this bonus!

  34. AD says:

    I opened 3/11, bonus just posted, 2 real DD’s first month, no dd of any kind after, just did 2 fidelity transfers early june for insurance.

  35. B says:

    Just for future reference for any other bank bonuses Talmer (soon to become Chemical Bank) may post.

    They are very strict about what posts as a direct deposit. Venmo and ACH from multiple banks did not trigger the bonus. They flat out denied me the bonus for not having a legit DD.

    • What banks did you do an ACH from? Added the DP to our page.

      • Adam D says:

        I did fidelity…it should be noted that talmer has been acquired by chemical bank, I recieved a letter, so I doubt this $250 will ever be around again unless offered by chemical.

    • RF says:

      “They are very strict about what posts as a direct deposit.”

      FYI, they’re very strict about a LOT of things.

      On my wife’s account, she opened it, had 2 monthly direct deposits, and then before they awarded the bonus we transferred the following month’s direct deposit to another bank for a promo. Before they awarded the bonus, they checked and noticed the 3rd monthly deposit hadn’t come in and cancelled her bonus (even though the bonus had no wording about number of deposits required…simply said it had to be a “recurring direct deposit”, which it did recur once). I was able to give an explanation to the banker, switch the direct deposit back, and then 4 or 5 months later when they still hadn’t given the bonus, I called him back and he had to call some people to get it approved. Never had a bank that strict on a bonus before.

      I recall someone somewhere indicated they got their account closed down (and lost their bonus) because they deposited money orders into the account.

      Now I just discovered another thing they are strict about…zero balances. I never closed my account, and even kept it fairly active for the last year. Even while doing other bonuses I kept part of my paycheck going into there up until end of December. After that I still had a balance in there, paid a bunch of bills from it in early Feb, and then on Feb 8 I drew the balance down to zero.

      I now had a new reason to use the account, so I logged in today, but had no accounts active in my online profile. Called their customer support number, and they told me the account was closed on March 15th. That’s 35 days with zero balance and they just close it with no notice (didn’t get any calls or letters). Holy hell…I can understand 1 year, or even 3 months, but 35 days is pretty short.

      I used them, probably a lot longer than I should have (even though their online interface was absolutely horrid both before and after the chemical bank merger), because they seemed like a nice bank, had a local branch a mile from my house, and they had a nice personal touch. The guy at my local branch reached out to me personally a few times (including calling my wife when that bonus was rejected instead of just sending a form letter). When I first opened the account, someone called me up about a week later just to see if I was happy and to ask if there were any questions they could answer or help me with.

      But damn, they now seem more like a needy spouse. They apparently hover over you making sure you are well catered too, which feels like a nice caring touch, but what you don’t realize is that they’re apparently watching and analyzing your every move, and at the first sign that you might possibly be unfaithful they go ballistic on you.

      Sorry…just had to vent a bit. But anyone jumping on a future promo with them should tread VERY carefully.

  36. HenryHsu says:

    I opened 5/26, bonus just posted, 1 real DD’s first month, 1 fake DD from discover (looks like it doesn’t work using discover).

    • Mark O says:

      When did your first DD hit? Opened mine 6/5 with first DD 6/10….still no bonus but sounds like I should see it in the next few weeks.

  37. David says:

    Account Opened: 06/07/16
    One Payroll DD of $150: 06/17/16

    Still No Bonus

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