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Published on August 5th, 2017 | by William Charles


[IL only] Andigo Credit Union $150 Referral Bonus For Both Parties

Offer at a glance

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Andigo is offering $150 when you refer a friend or family member. The person you refer also receives a $150 bonus. To be eligible you need to do the following:
    • Open account with promo code SHAREFUN
    • Receive a direct deposit of at least $500 for three months or Close on a new or refinanced loan (home, auto, home equity or personal) of $5,000 or more

The Fine Print

  • Offer available to those who join Andigo and enter promo code SHAREFUN. The $150 will be deposited to your Andigo checking account up to 90 days after the account is opened and the first direct deposit is posted. New members must deposit a monthly minimum of $500 for at least three months to qualify for the $150 bonus. Bonus payouts are taxable.
  • The $150 will be deposited to your Andigo checking account up to 90 days after you undergo a loan review and close on a home, personal, home equity or auto loan of $5,000 or more. Bonus payouts are taxable.
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

Their checking account has no monthly fees to worry about. According to the fee schedule there is no early account termination fee.


To sign up you need to provide the person who referred you first and last name. Feel free to share this information in the comments if you’d like to refer people. Just please provide some useful information of your experience with Andigo as well.

Our Verdict

Pretty good bonus considering it’s a soft pull and you can fund with a credit card. Even better if you can do it with a friend and they are willing to split some of their referal money with you (please don’t do this in the comments, it’s too difficult to police for us). I’ll add this to our best checking bonus page.

Useful posts regarding bank bonuses:

41 Responses to [IL only] Andigo Credit Union $150 Referral Bonus For Both Parties

  1. jason says:

    hi anyone can referral me and need member number?send it to me

  2. Mike says:

    Would like to get acct but need referral –


    Also note they only have a few branches in chicago burbs but have lots of partner credit unions where u can do business. Asecrntra is the main one by me on ia il border

  3. Marc says:

    Could also use a referral –

    Thank you

  4. Marc says:

    Could also use a referral –


  5. Cheryl says:

    My husband and I have been members for over 30 years. Happy to do some referrals.

  6. vj says:

    I have been a member of andigo for some years now. Please send me email if you want referral

  7. jason says:

    anyone know is this hard pull or soft pull??and is that can use credit card funding?

  8. Krish says:

    “New members must deposit a monthly minimum of $500 for at least three months to qualify for the $150 bonus”.

    I need to do a least $500 every month for 3 months?

  9. Jason says:

    just did apply.pending now…it can be fund up to 500 total with AMEX VISA MASTERCARD AND Discover

  10. doug says:

    sorry if stupid question but can i get referred by someone to get that $150, and then go ahead and refer one of my own friends to get another $150? so ill make a total of $300 myself? just want to make sure i go about this correctly to maximize

  11. hey doc,

    there might not be IL restriction. It seems it is possible to join via a $15 donation to ConnectVETS.

    “Join Andigo by supporting ConnectVETS (, an organization that provides online job search, education and career resources for transitioning service members and veterans. To become a ConnectVETS member, make a one-time contribution of $15 or more. Continue to become a member of both ConnectVETS and Andigo.”

  12. Lots of people offering referrals but nobody saying if it’s a hard or soft pull to open, please let us know!

    • RAM says:

      It seems like a soft pool, Nothing appeared on my Credit Karma account and Experian account.

      IHG Chase funded, it appeared as a purchase, but I will confirm when it is posted (Max: $500, for two accounts, it seems it is $500 per payment, not per account, because it counted my $15 membership fee toward the max; however now that the accounts are opened, no membership fee was deducted and I have the whole $500 in my accounts).

  13. Arash says:

    If anybody needs a referral, shoot me an email at
    Will be happy to help.
    Also, it is a soft pool. Used my Chase Freedom Unlimited card to fund the account. Was coded as purchase. Maximum of $500 can be funded using a CC. AMEX is allowed.

  14. Cheryl says:

    Update – someone who used my referral was told by Andigo it would be a hard pull to open a checking account. No one experienced this?

  15. radar says:

    ACH ? Paypal as direct deposit?

  16. Simba says:

    my application is in review. although i got a welcome email . But havent received the account number. Becareful about application session timing out . Mine timed out twice while filling the application and it appears to be a glitch. I funded 500 through quick silver. Now does ACH, Paypal count as direct deposit? Is it 500 direct deposit for 3 months along with 500 minimum daily balance?

    I applied through a referral link and i also intend to refer a family member, does it mean i can earn 300?

  17. Doll says:

    very very slow staff. my application is still processing. they asked for some ids.

  18. Radar says:

    They are apparently overwhelmed by the influx of applications . Why advertise when you are not prepared to handle the consequencies.?

  19. Jason says:

    garbage credit union ever seen before. declined without any reason after they requested all of my information. Id gas bill bank statements. dont deal with them

  20. NBG says:

    After mine was opened last week, referred my SO and she had her ac info today after a week.

  21. mike says:

    happy to refer anyone for the $150 if they need on – email me.


  22. Ben says:

    Any word yet regarding what counts as DD? I live in the area, but my employer is slow to change DD accounts and I’m paid biweekly, so I might not be able to get a legit deposit done in time. Paypal or another bank would be awesome…

    • 333Penelope says:

      The Capitol One 360 Checking coded as “Deposit-ACH-A-CapitalOneNA, Capital One NA (CAPITALONE)” and

      The Discover Savings coded as “Deposit-ACH-A-DISCOVERBANK WEBDISCOVER BANK (P2P) YOURNAME”

      So, with the P2P it looks like Discover Savings is less likely to “count” as a DD. Of course we will not know for sure until the bonuses start rolling in and YMMV.

      Also, for anyone doing the $150/$150 referrals, if you joined ConnectVETS the other party does not also need to contribute $15 (they opened my SOs account and did not ask for it).

      • radar says:

        Yeah i did Capital One (and paypal just once) for my So’s account, and Amex Serve for my Account. They coded as the following.



        Paypal -Deposit-ACH-A-PAYPAL PAYPAL (TRANSFER)

        So Both capone and amex look promising .
        They have advertised something like this .
        † Offer available for existing members who refer new members to Andigo. The $150 will be deposited to your Andigo checking account at the end of the first full month after the new member opens an account. Example: A referred new member opens an account on June 8. The existing member will receive the $150 payout at the end of July.

        *Offer available to those who join Andigo and enter promo code SHAREFUN. The $150 will be deposited to your Andigo checking account up to 90 days after the account is opened and the first direct deposit is posted. New members must deposit a monthly minimum of $500 for at least three months to qualify for the $150 bonus. Bonus payouts are taxable.

        I understand it to mean – Those who refer new member will get their bonus at the end of second month after a new member joins
        and New members will get it after 90 days after they join and their first DD posts and after they complete 500 dds for 3 months.

        Is this correct? BTW. The dd can post after one opens account right? I mean is there a requirement that one should open the account with 500 deposit for the bonus to count?Or just 500 direct deposit after the account is open with any initial funding will do?

        • radar says:

          let me reframe my question

          Is there a requirement for 500 initial deposit while opening the account for the bonus to be triggered or direct depositing 500 after few days after the account is open will suffice?

  23. Adam D says:

    I opened a few weeks ago. They give you the initial $5 to join, (In branch at least), with this referral promotion they also match the new account to the current promotion ($250 online, $300 in branch). I opened the account costing me $0. Andigo used to be the credit union for motorola employees. Now it is open to anybody, no donation needed. To get the additional $50 vgc, you have to go in branch at their new location.

    • Radar says:

      So are you saying that if they match the bonus then you can get 150 referral + 250? And if you used someone else’s referral link to open and referred someone else then 150+150+ 250?

  24. Chicken Wing says:

    Was the promotion before Oct 1 $250 for online enrollment? I can’t remember what promo I got. Thanks!

  25. radar says:

    Any one got bonus yet?

  26. radar says:

    OK i guess i answer my own question.

    I used a referral link from this page and signed up, and today i received my 150 bonus for referring my spouse who joined in the same week as i, that was september 1st week.

    So as an existing member who referred my spouse i received my 150 referral bonus today. at the end of the second month after my spouse joined.Just as promised on their website.

    Now as a new member who used the referral link above i will receive another 150 after 90days of joining, which i assume in the first week of december, so will my spouse as a new member.

    Date of joining using the referral link – Sep 1st
    referred my spouse on sep 1st – My spouse joined on sep 3rd i believe

  27. radar says:

    Btw if any one else needs referral, happy to help with data points!
    shoot me an email

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