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Published on November 2nd, 2017 | by William Charles


Hilton Representative Answers Common Questions Regarding Credit Card Changes

HonorsRepresentative on Flyertalk is a Hilton representative as the name states and they have just answered a number of questions regarding the new Hilton credit cards and the Citi Hilton cards changing to American Express. I’d recommend reading the full comment here, they’ve also made other good comments view them all here. Might also be a good place to get your questions answered. Here are some of the most useful questions & answers:

If it is after our Feb 2018 cardmember anniversary, then do we need to keep our Reserve and let it be converted to an Ascend in order to meet the terms for receiving the free night cert, or could we downgrade/cancel?
Yes, per the terms of the Reserve card, your card account must be open and current at the time the reward code is issued.

If we receive the cert just a few weeks after we meet the 10K threshold, then how long after we meet the threshold do we need to keep the Reserve open in order to receive the cert? If we downgrade/cancel the Reserve/Ascend before the cardmember anniversary, will we receive the cert?
In order to receive the weekend night reward code, your Reserve/Ascend card account must be open and current to receive the reward code.

I currently have the Citi Hilton Reserve, anniversary date 8/1 and I have already earned a free night with over $10K spending since my anniversary date. If I spend $15K on my new Amex card between 2/1 and 8/1 will I earn another free night? If the answer is no the first free night certificate I would receive from Amex would be in August 2020 (since I would earn it by spending $15K between 8/18 and 8/19) and by then I would have paid Amex $285 in annual fees.
Yes, you will receive another weekend night if you spend $15K between 2/1 and 8/1/18.

Will there be opportunity/option for current Surpass cardholders to upgrade to the Aspire card? Or would we have to go through the normal application process?
Yes, upgrading your account will be available after January 18, 2018.

Hat tip to reader Hadley

11 Responses to Hilton Representative Answers Common Questions Regarding Credit Card Changes

  1. Sam says:

    Whats the second question even asking? Seems like the question gets answered in the question…

  2. Nicky L. says:

    I signed up for my HH Surpass card a month ago for the 100K + weekend night on first anniversary.. so did I just get screwed over? Or will it stack with the new weekend night offer? For example: If I spend 15K next year, will I get 2 weekend night certificates?

    • benjinito says:

      It was answered by the Hilton rep in the Q&A. Yes you would be able to get 2 free weekend night certificates.

      • Hadley V. Baxendale says:

        Actually, that specific question has not been asked of the representative.

        She was asked whether they had already made the required spend this year, for next year’s Citi Reserve cert (to be received after the anniversary date as per the terms) and they again made a 15K spend between 2/1 and 8/1/18 (the anniversary date of their Citi Reserve) on their new Ascend, whether they would receive a 2nd certificate — and the answer was in the affirmative.

        I will note a couple of things about this answer to this fact pattern.

        1). It is silent as to whether one can “double dip” NEXT YEAR for both certificates, as the questioner already had made the required spend for next year’s Citi Reserve cert. Therefore, it is unclear whether AMEX would count a spend of 10K next year towards earning the Citi certificate, and then an additional 5K, to earn the Ascend cert (15K required spend).

        I think they might, but that was not the original question posed to the representative.

        2). The questioner asked about earning the Ascend cert by spending 15K between 2/1/18 (the switchover date) and 8/1/8 (their Citi Reserve Anniversary date.

        I would just note that the terms and conditions for earning the AMEX Ascend certificate is 15K spent during the entire calendar year of 2018, not the shortened cardmember year (from his Citi Reserve) that the questioner believed was operative — from the terms of the Ascend card, it should be a rquired spend within an entire calendar year for the AMEX Ascend free certificate.

        3). The above pre-supposes that AMEX will track your cardmeber year for your soon to be converted Citi Reserve and AMEX Surpass cards from their initial dates. We do not know if this will be accurate — they just as well could track it from the switchover dates of some time in January 2018 —
        not that this should prove a major thing going forward as the Ascend free night certificate required spend will need to be made within an entire calendar year.

        Inasmuch as the changeover should be completed for both cards by 2/1/18, one would still have 11 months to get the required 15K spend in to earn the free night certificate to be issued some time in 2019 — the date of which will be detemined by AMEX — probably some time after your cardmember anniversary — and as noted above, we don’t have a firm answer on this matter from AMEX

  3. James says:

    I opened Citi Hilton Reserve this June, but I have not yet used the signup bonus of 2 weekend FN certificates. If I call Citi and cancel my card now before being converted to Amex Ascend, will I lose the 2 FN certificates? Thank you!

    • Hadley V. Baxendale says:

      Once the certificates have been issued to you and are in your account they will not be clawed back should you cancel the card.

      However, if you have completed the spend already or substantially so for next year’s Citi Reserve anniversary certificate and you cancel your Citi Reserve card it seems pretty clear that you will not receive that expected forthcoming certificate — of course, AMEX is not the best in cutting people off from certain things — such as loss of SPG Gold and HHonors Gold once you ditch their AMEX Platinum card, but I would not bet the farm that the certificate would be forthcoming if you cancelled the Citi Reserve card.

      Furthermore, the same reasoning would obtain were you one who recently signed up for the AMEX Surpass card and made the required spend to get the 100,000 HHonors points AND the once offered free night weekend certificate on your AMEX Surpass anniversary date.

      Should you cancel the Surpass card so that you coule perhaps get some sign up offer for the new Ascend card, I think it likely that you will lose the expected free night certificate — not certain this will occur given the anecdote above, but they are clear in their statements that your switched over account — be it the Reserve or the Surpass — must be in good standing and open as an Ascend card, to be eligible to receive your expected free night weekend certificate on your anniversary date from the respective prior credit card product.

  4. Steve says:

    Missing the most important question. Is the Ascend considered a new product for bonuses.

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