Posted by William Charles on October 14, 2017

Published on October 14th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] Free Hertz Gold Plus Rewards President Circle Status

This deal is no longer available for new sign ups.

The Offer

Direct link to offer (might need to change country settings to Germany first) or try this link

  • Hertz is offering president circle status for free when you use the promo code 501032. Should work for new and existing users. For existing users:
    • Profile summary
    • Personal details
    • Click edit, scroll down to CDP and enter the code
  • Keep in mind it will take a day or two for the new status to be reflected. Also keep in mind some CDP offers are better than this.

The Fine Print

  • Promotion is supposed to be for Lufthansa Senator members but is working for everybody.

Our Verdict

President circle status gives you:

  • Guaranteed vehicle availability
  • Guaranteed one-car-class upgrades with every rental
  • 25% bonus points on all Hertz or Hertz 24/7 rentals
  •  900 points after every 10 qualifying rentals, the equivalent of a Reward Rental Day
  •  Email offers for special discounts, exclusive events access and invitations to win fabulous prizes
  • Plus, all the time-saving perks of the Gold Plus Rewards programme

Maybe of some limited use to people.

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not working

It takes a day or 2 for the status to be applied and reflected.

I did this last year and been enjoying the status. hope it’s not just for 1 year but ongoing.

Did you have your Lufthansa frequent traveler number attached to your Hertz?

no. it doesn’t ask for that.


I think I got it. It said update successful and shows something saying “LH Senator”. Is that it? I just picked a car up today as well (1-way Hertz FL special).

Somehow I can’t edit the CDP in my profile. I already had a USAA number stored in there.

Just add it as an additional. You can have more than one stored in your account.

Yea, I’m a USAA member, too. And it allowed me enter the other CDP code

For some reason I cant add a second cdp code to my account. Any suggestions?

I was having the same issue. I suggest to simply give Hertz a call and the representative can update your profile and add the CDP # to your account. They may ask for the name of the CDP, you’ll say LH SENATOR. This is Hertz for USAA phone #: 800-654-9141.

Seemed to work for me.

I updated the CDP it says LH senator but my profile still says that I’m 5 star (from united silver)

So is there a place on the website where we can actually see the updated status? Rentals coming up with same pricing as AVIS, will give them all to HERTZ if upgraded.

It should be at the top of ‘My Profile.’ It shows as a graphic instead of text that can be selected.

Thanks very much! this site is the bomb

It’s weird because it’s not allowing me to add since I already have USAA as my CDP

Seems like on a few dummy searches my USAA CDP is much more valuable.

Worked for me. Created a new account and “LH Senator” showed up.

I already have AMEX code in there and have been getting approx 10% discounts. Will this also give discounted rates? Or can I pick between the standard codes (you have to mark one as preferred)?

Got this last spring with a similar link with Nordic Choice. They realized the error fairly quickly and adjusted my membership back, but not before they sent a physical card with Presidents Circle status printed on it. That was key, because I used that to get Emerald Executive Elite status via status match, then turned around and used the National status to match back to Presidents Circle with Hertz. The physical card doesn’t have a date on it either, so I’m hoping I can use this to status match back and forth indefinitely:)

Don’t forget to status match ASAP and start a status matching loop!

don’t they limit you to how frequently you can status match per x years? or is car rental company generally loose and let’s you match every year?

Scanned the terms on National and Hertz and didn’t see any language about limits, but that’s totally possible. I’ll have to do some more research — good tip!

i got it through the Nordic choice last spring too… but they never adjusted my status back.

billy bob, the nordic choice match should provide you with 3 years of president’s circle status with hertz…

Worked for me. Thanks!

I added it to my profile a couple days ago but didn’t get presidents circel

That is so awesome, thank you Will!! Hope it’s going to stick. I just created a new account and the “LH Senator” note showed up as promised.

My friends and I weren’t able to add a CDP since there was a CDP in there already. If you have this problem all you have to do is call up Hertz and they’ll add it for you in less than 30 seconds

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