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Published on June 29th, 2016 | by William Charles


Experian Now Offers Free Credit Monitoring, FICO Score & Report For Free

It was previously possible to access your Experian FICO score for free (through Discover for everybody and other card issuers for their cardholders) and monitor your Experian credit report through Experian have now made both of these things much easier with their acquisition of (a website that used to be somewhat dubious) and the introduction of their Android & Apple apps.

free credit score


Direct link

The website provides you with the following:

  • New Experian credit report & FICO score every 30 days on sign in (Note the free FICO score is only for new sign ups. Follow this post if you’re an existing member)
  • Credit monitoring for your Experian report (e.g new account inquiries, new accounts etc).


Android Link

Apple Link

Frequent Miler has already covered this app, but basically it provides you with the same credit monitoring as above but tries to upsell you the FICO score. It’s still possible to get the free score by following this comment.

Our Verdict

My recommendation when it comes to monitoring your credit is now this:

  • Use Credit Karma to cover TransUnion & Equifax
  • Use to cover Experian

You can get your Experian FICO score from this website as well, if you want TransUnion/Equifax FICO score then chances are one of the credit cards you have offers this.

27 Responses to Experian Now Offers Free Credit Monitoring, FICO Score & Report For Free

  1. DrGForce says:

    The FICO score is not free on the website. The website tries to upsell you the FICO score just like the App. When you login to the website you are prompted to give your credit card to sign up for a subscription to access your FICO score. Only the credit report itself is free on the website.

    Thanks for this info DoC.

    • Jeff H says:

      I got both FICO and credit report information as a new signup. does offer to sell you more varieties of FICO, so if you are concerned about a mortgage or car loan which often uses a slightly different FICO formula, will sell you that information.

    • Jake says:

      Take a look again. It provides the FICO Score v8 now.

    • James Carson says:

      The score was free for me (and it repeatedly said it was free). It was in big numbers after I signed up. It didn’t ask for a credit card. Are you sure you didn’t click the Equifax or TransUnion tabs?

    • DrGForce says:

      Still not seeing a free score. It prompts me to pay $1 to see my fico score and sign up for a subscription service.

      I may have made the mistake of signing up through the iOS app and not the website. That might be the difference, though I can’t say for sure.

  2. Jeff H says:

    Experian Hard Pulls is also summarized at ProtectMyID offered by AAA affiliates but less information than unless you pay a fee on the ProtectMyID site.
    I had to create a totally different use ID than I have for ProtectMyID. Attempting to use the same ID was rejected as userID already exists. Attempting to get password help on resulted in unable to find my account. I seem to recall having tried previously but not keeping it due to the fee at the time.
    NET NET NET will offer to sell additional package offerings, but not as badly as some other sites.
    I may have to cool it for a couple of years as reflects NINE hard pulls meaning ALL my App-orama applications went via Experian compared to five at Transunion and three at Equifax.
    The lesser two count shows multiple Hard Pulls for the same card were done.

  3. Credit says:

    Amex gives free experian score

  4. Jonathan says:

    Wants $19.95 + tax from me. Looking at it right now.

  5. joE says:

    I’m not getting any kind of score, not even the advertised free Ficoscore 8. Instead I get the following popup

    “Your Free Credit Report does not include a Credit Score.
    See your FICO® Score for just $1 with a 7-day trial in Experian CreditWorks™.”

    What gives?

  6. Annex1982 says:

    I signed up from the app and didn’t get the free credit score. Is the a different product to the Experian App?

    Perhaps, I should create a new sign-up from the and see what happen. Any one have tried both?

  7. unexistant says:

    Looks like this is only for new signups

    • Annex1982 says:

      Yes indeed. I just tried to sign-up after signing up from the app several days ago and now it always refer to my other account. It’s a bummer 🙁

  8. M says:

    Free credit report and score for me as a new signup.

  9. Evan says:

    I signed up for the Discover one just a month ago, I don’t want to sign up for another one of these. I think I’ll pass.

  10. Zee says:

    I see the Score and report update every 30 days, how soon after changes do they alert you?

  11. 007 says:

    You CAN get FICO score for free even if you signed up through app. At least it worked for me.

    Not step by step, but first email and ask to cancel your membership and delete all info. They will write back with runaround (its free blah blah), email again and say you understand it is free but want to cancel and delete all info. They will then cancel & send confirmation email.

    Then, go to, start signing up – they won’t let you and say you have existing account. I had to do a password reset to log back in. Then, I had to click on my name top right hand corner -> My Membership -> and agree to a new free membership. Then, I logged out.

    Now, I logged in through It still shows up the page asking for CC to see FICO. Just skip it. Voila! Now you see credit report AND FICO for free. Tested it by logging out and logging in twice.

    * Email support and bother them until they close your account (you will get their reply and separate account close notification)
    * Try to sign up for new account through (this may not be necessary but this is what I did)
    * When this fails, log in using your old app username and password on
    * Click on your name top right hand corner
    * My Membership and agree to terms for new free membership
    * Log in and log out once or twice – you will still see the offer to pay for FICO each time you log in, but you should now see your FICO score once you decline the offer for free

  12. Tucknology says:

    I signed up as a new account on the website and I didn’t get the free FICO score or free alerts. It wants me to signup for a membership. Seems like YMMV.

  13. Nick says:

    Hmm, trying to sign up, but keep encountering an “Oops!” error

    “Call us toll-free at 1-866-617-1894”

    Any other folks encounter this?

    I’ll give them a ring during open hours

  14. Jeff H says:

    Time to review Experian again based on a 30 day refresh cycle

  15. VL says:

    Will, this could be helpful for new sign-ins:

    I signed up just recently via as on Experian website itself it stated the following under Free option:
    “Includes a new free Credit Report from Experian every 30 days on sign in. This offer does not include a free Credit Score.”

    But the nice thing I noticed is that the application process (and you can see it by the way screens look) is identical on both websites, so my guess at this point is just a shell, and although it shows you different domain name in the browser it is essentially the same process.

    In addition to that after I completed the application, logged in, I logged of, went directly to and logged in with the same credentials… and I see everything. The report and the FICO (v8).

    So, may be if you create the account directly on Experian you will see the same thing, but I did not want to risk it…. especially that Experian itself said “No Score”

    To sum up – create account on, and going forward login directly on Experian for a full report access with your FICO score from Experian.

    Good Luck

  16. Michael C. says:

    So, looks like Experian has set up the website to “Fool” people. IF you click on SIGN IN and then click on the HERE hyperlinke underneath the login, it will take you to EXPERIAN’s website. (page it takes you too is:

    THAT site gives you the option of a “FREE no FICO Account” or 4.99 a month account.


    IF you click on the orange button that says GET YOUR EXPERIAN REPORT & FICO SCORE on the main page for, it will take you to an IDENTICAL Experian sign-up page, but for and NOT Experian.

    It will take you to the following page:

    That will take you to the FREE FICO score and monitoring.

    To me, that is pretty shady business.

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