Posted by William Charles on June 28, 2018

Published on June 28th, 2018 | by William Charles


Dunkin Donuts: Load $10 & Get A $5 Bonus (Can Be Done Once Per Day Until 8/31)

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Load $10 in Dunkin Donuts credit using Masterpass and receive a $5 reload bonus. You can do this deal once per EST calendar day from 18 12:06/28/0AM – 8/31/18 11:59PM

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Offer does not show for me, tried it anyway and received the $5 bonus immediately.

Targeted. Not showing on 2 of my accounts.

Got an email to one of my account. Nothing for the other one. Does not shown on app on both accounts though.

Andrew Donshik
Andrew Donshik

Didn’t show on my account, still worked.

u mean bonus $5 is immediate?

Yup can confirm, I also did not get any emails or see any offers on the site, but when I added $10 with masterpass, after completing the checkout (no reference to bonus ever even on final confirm screen so I wasnt sure it was going to work, but it did) my balance then had $5 extra than what it should have been. Nice.

You can resell dd card at end of promo

I was not targeted and did not have this ‘deal’ on my account. I had not set up Masterpass and loaded $10 through them just now and got $15.

If this works, I plan on doing it every day and eventually buying their beans (during a promotion, I hope) through the app and getting free coffees to boot when those points post.

Their beans are always on sale in store, 3 for $19.99 in all of the stores in my area, NJ.

I wonder if the same Masterpass account would work for multiple DD accounts across the family or will everyone need their own Masterpass login?

Unlike Visa checkout and other wallets – I am not too familiar with masterpass. It only shows capital one login for me when I click on it for reloading. Can I not use citibank?

Look at the bottom of the page, should say “change wallet” or something and you can choose another or create a new account.

I also don’t see any other option to change the bank from Capital One – it just takes me to the Capital One login screen.

Same here. It takes me directly to Citi Pay. I have no idea how to choose a different wallet, which is super frustrating

It worked for me I loaded my DD app card with $10 with Masterpass and an automatic $5 was added to the balance

Working on reload new card not targeted

Damn I’m gonna be so fat.

Btw how did you get to $360 in bonus credit? I’m counting 3+31+31 = 65 total days of promo so $325 in bonus?

You can only have a maximum balance of $100 per DD card. Spend down your card daily or have multiple cards?

I got the offer today in my email and tried it – but no $5 bonus

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