Navy Federal nRewards Secured Card Review

The nRewards is issued by Navy Federal Credit Union. We’ll be looking at the upsides & downsides to this card, including whether it graduates to an unsecured card and how it reports to the credit bureaus.


Interest Rates


Card Pros

  • Card graduates to unsecured card
  • No annual fee or sign up fees
  • Rewards program that earns 1 point per $1 spent

Card Cons

  • Must be a Navy Federal member
APR: As low as 8.99%Annual Fee: None
Introductory APR: NoneBalance Transfer Fee:1
Introductory APR Length: NoneCash Advance Fee: $0.5 per domestic & $1 per overseas. $0 at Navy Federal ATMs or branches
Cash Advance APR: Not ListedForeign Transaction Fee: 0.8%, 1% if must be converted to US dollars
Penalty APR: Not ListedLate Payment Fee: Not Listed
Grace Period: Not ListedOver The Credit Line: Not Listed
Minimum Interest Charge: Not ListedReturned Payment: Not Listed

This has to be the best secured credit card on the market, no annual fee, automatically graduates, no hard pull to add funds AND it has the second best rewards program for secured cards on the market. It also has the best APR assuming the applicants credit history isn’t completely ruined.

The only downside is that this card isn’t available to everybody. If you’re eligible to apply for this card and you’re in the market for a secured card, we can’t recommend this one highly enough.

  • Earns interest on the security deposit
  • Funds can be added to the credit limit without a hard pull
  • Card reports to all three credit bureaus
  • Card doesn’t report as a secured card
  • Security deposit earns interest
  • Rewards program that earns at 1 point per $1 spent
  • No annual or sign up fees

Card Graduation

This card unsecures automatically (there is no need to call up and request for it to be unsecured) after the 12th account statement cycle (13 months after the card is received). It graduates to the cashRewards Credit Card which also has no annual fee and cash back of up to 1.5%. The new card will have the credit limit of the old secured card, so if you want a card with a high limit we suggest adding funds before it graduates.

Navy Federal will update cardholders credit report with the new name of the credit card, but it will keep it’s original account age. This upgrade is done automatically and no hard pull is required.

Not everybody is automatically upgraded, cardholders will need a history of paying their secured card on time to be eligible.

Application Information

This card is extremely easy to get approved for.  As long as you’re a member of Navy Federal and have sufficient funds in your savings account, you’ll be approved for this card. Even those with bankruptcies have reported being approved for this card.

The only hard thing about approval for this card is the fact that you must be a NFCU member to join. You can view the requirements here. The basic jist is that you must be a DoD employee or have a direct family member that is.

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What Credit Bureau Does Navy Federal Pull For The nRewards card?

Navy Federal will generally only pull your Equifax credit report, but check the creditboards pull application to see other data points.

What Credit Limit Will I Receive?