Best Credit Cards For…

The best credit card will depend on what you want the credit card for, we’ve listed some of the most common scenarios below along with lots more information on some of the best credit card sign up bonuses for different circumstances.


Best Credit Cards For Ongoing Spending

Best Sign Up Bonuses

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  1. Elena says:

    Which CC would give access to lounges for the largest number of people? I need a card which would give access to lounges for me and my four guests (or me and AU + 1-2 guest/each).

    Does card like that exist? I’m planning a trip for us and our parents and I’d love to show them the “lounges world” (they’ve never had access to any lounges in the past but did extensive travel). I can’t justify paying for 5 people with cash. I applied for 5 CC in the last 3 months (5/3, 5/12, 5/24).

  2. John Doe says:

    Hi, I just noticed that the SPG personal credit card through Amex has an offer for 30,000 points after spending $3000 in 3 months, as opposed to the usual 25,000 points. Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone else know if they will honor 30,000 points if you signed up for the 25,000 offer?

  3. MarcoPolo says:

    Need another category here ” Best Credit cards for earning airline miles” 🙂

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