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Credit Cards

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Credit Card Reference Pages

We post a lot of content about credit cards, often it’s for increased sign up bonuses or changes to the benefits/terms of a specific credit card. These posts quickly become irrevalanet as the sign up bonus changes or the benefits/terms change. That being said, there are some posts that are timeless. It can be difficult to find these posts, so I’ve included all of them below to make it easier to find them.

If you’re new to this site, you might want to bookmark this page for a quick reference guide. I’d also recommend giving this list a read through even if you’re not new, I’d be surprised if you don’t learn something new that’s useful. If there is a page that you think should be including, or needs updating then please let me know in the comments and I’ll add it/revise it.

Other posts in this series:

After You Apply

Before You Apply

Behind The Scenes


Sign Up Bonuses

On Going Spend

Category Spending Bonuses

Card Issuer Specific

American Express

Bank of America


Capital One




U.S Bank

Wells Fargo

Things You Should Know About Each Card Issuer

Credit Limits

Payment Network Specific

Pre-Qualified Offers

Secured Cards/Bad Credit

12 Responses to Credit Card Reference Pages

  1. NoonRadar says:

    Not sure if you plan to, but I think it’d be a good idea to link this post under you “Credit Cards” drop-down menu.

  2. Redondo says:

    Looks like Wells Fargo is listed under US Bank as well for 16 things to know…

  3. Daniel Jeon says:

    A quick question.
    I understand that certain banks, such as Chase, counts credit card accounts where I am an authorized user as part of the 5/24 rule.
    But the question is, let’s say that the original account was opened back in 2008, but I was added into the account in 2016. Which year pops up in their system for me? Does the account “count” as 8 years old (therefore outside of the 5/24 rule)? Or does 2016 count as the “opening” year(therefore counted towards the 5 accounts in 2 years…)

    thank you!

  4. Alan Glanz says:

    Any thoughts or ideas on what to do when you apply for a card (Citi HHonors VISA in this case), and then are denied the points after you make the required spends? They are claiming I signed up for an offer that gives 75K points when you spend $2000. This is utterly false. I signed up for an offer that provides 50K points when you spend $1000. I spent $1081 or something like that, and they’re saying that now I can’t get the points because I didn’t meet the required spends. Sucks! They said I can look up paperwork if I have it and send to a PO box and they’ll look into it… If I even have the paperwork I don’t have a lot of faith that I’ll get the points by doing this. I’ve looked back through old emails and I can’t find the offer in question… and I can’t find it on your site either, for some reason, although I think (not sure) that I would’ve heard about it through your site… Thanks so much for any help you can provide. I do appreciate it!

  5. Timmy says:

    I’m new to churning credit card bonuses (lots of bank bonuses over the last few years) and was hoping someone can answer a couple questions on credit card churning (or provide a link to the answers since I couldn’t find them on the site).

    Since some of the cards require you to wait a period of time before you can open them again, closing the card as soon as possible would seem the way to go. How long after you receive the bonus on such a card should you wait? Does the bank care if you close it in 3 months or is waiting a year better?

    What about a card that has a yearly fee, do you close it right before the fee is due or should the first year fee be paid and then closed?

    If a card doesn’t allow churning after the first bonus and doesn’t have a yearly fee, is it better for your credit report to leave the card open or does it matter if it is closed?

    Does closing a card cause a problem when trying to open a different card with the same card issuer as the one you closed?

    Thanks for any insight on this.

  6. Pat says:

    “What Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Do Credit Card Issuers Use?” is listed twice in the Behind the Scene section. Also, is there a resource for determining which CCs are FX free? Something like the bank account reference spreadsheet with columns of details.

  7. MarcoPolo says:

    Where can I find
    xx Things Everybody Should Know About Barclaycard Credit Cards ?
    I think I saw it somewhere on the site but it is not there on this list.

  8. MarcoPolo says:

    Found it on Google search : 28 Things You Should Know About Barclaycard Credit Cards

    Might be a good idea to add it here 🙂

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