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Complete List Of Ways To Close Bank Accounts At Each Bank

Yesterday we posted about the easiest way to close bank accounts, I thought it would properly be helpful to build a reference list with the ways you can close an account with each bank. This will require your contributions, so please put them in the comments below. You might also find the following bank pages helpful:

always be closing

Picture idea via Amol

Amalgamated Bank


  • Secured message: 1

Associated Bank

Astoria Bank

  • Phone: 1
  • Secured message: 1, 2

Bank of America


  • Secured message/chat: 1, 2, 3
  • Over the phone: 1, 2, 3
  • In branch: 1


  • Phone: 1


  • Secured message: 1
  • Phone: 1

Bank Of The West

  • Secured message: 1

Bank & Trust

  • Phone: 1


  • Secured message: 1, 2,

Blue Hills Bank

  • Notarized letter or in branch: 1
  • Close automatically with zero balance after a few months: 1

BMO Harris

  • In branch: 1
  • Live chat: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
  • Phone: 1, 2, 3

Capital One 360


  • Chat: 1, 2,
  • Phone: 1, 2

Savings/Money Market


Thanks to reader Andrew for the following thresholds:

  • Under $50: Secure Message (tell them if you want the balance transferred to another account, or if you want a check mailed).
  • Under $5,000: Through phone call (again, any balance remaining they will mail or can transfer to another account).
  • Under $100,000: Via written request, including the name as it appears on the account, full account numbers, full social security number, current address and phone numbers and how you want to receive the balance remaining (mail or transfer to another account). Note, that if your balance is over $1,000, the letter must be notarized.

Christian Community Credit Union

  • Secured message: 1



  • Chat: 1, 2, 3, 4 (downgrade), 5
  • Secured message: 1, 2, 3 (downgrade), 4
  • Phone: 1, 2, 3

Downgrade to basic checking:

  • Phone: 1


  • Chat: 1, 2

Citadel Credit Union

  • Secured message: 1

Citizens Bank

  • Phone: 1
  • Letter: 1
  • Secured message: 1

Columbia Bank

  • Phone: 1, 2,


  • Secured message: 1, 2

FCB South County Bank

  • Closed automatically after zero balance for 10 days: 1

Fidelity Bank

  • Online if balance is zero: 1

Fifth Third

  • In-branch only: 1
  • Letter: 1
  • Phone: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Secured Message didn’t work: 1
  • Secured message did work: 1, 2, 3,


  • Chat: 1

First Citizens Bank

  • Cannot close by phone, have to go in branch or fax in form: 1

First Federal Bank

  • Cannot be closed by phone if the account has a balance: 1
  • By phone: 1

First Merchants Bank

  • In branch only, will also be auto closed after 4 months of $0 in account: 1

First National Bank

  • Must close in branch.

First National Bank of PA

  • SM: 1

First Niagara

  • Mail: 1
  • Phone: 1, 2

First Tennessee

  • Phone: 1
  • Secured message: 1, 2, 3

Five Star Bank

  • Automatically closed if requested by phone and balance is zero for 10 business days: 1

Flushing Bank

  • Phone : 1 (had to call the branch they opened the account with)

Fulton Bank

Hancock Whitney

  • Fax: 1
  • Phone: 1 (zero balance), 2 (secured message wasn’t allowed)


  • E-mail: 1
  • Mail: 1


  • Chat: 1
  • Phone: 1 (some good advice as well), 2
  • Secured message: 1, 2


  • Chat: 1, 2 (no longer an option), 3 (it’s an option again, under contact us)
  • Branch: 1
  • Phone: 1 (balance must be $0), 2
  • Secured message: 1, 2 (no longer an option)

Iberia Bank

  • In branch only: 1


  • Secured message: 1, 2, 3
  • Phone: 1 (was told it couldn’t be done over SM), 23, 4


  • Phone: 1
  • Closed with zero balance after ~ 2 months: 1

LevelOne Bank

  • Fax or mail: 1 (also has some useful details)

Mountain America Credit Union

  • By phone: 1


You have to have a balance of $0 to close via phone.

  • In person: 1, 2
  • Mail: 1
  • Phone: 1
  • Secured Message: 1, 2, 3, 4 (more info), 5, 6,


  • Secured message: 1, 2


  • Phone: 1

Northshore Credit Union

  • Must close in branch and it’s a long process: 1


  • Must send in a letter or go in branch: 1

NYCB Family Of Banks

  • In branch: 1


  • Send secured message: 1

Pinnacle Bank

  • Chat: 1 (didn’t work: 1)
  • Closed in branch: 1

Pinnacle Bank (Texas)

  • In branch: 1
  • Closed after 30 days of no balance: 1


Quorum FCU

  • Phone: 1 2,

Radius Bank

  • Secured message: 1

Regions Bank

  • Secured message: 1, 2, 3,


Seacoast Bank

  • Phone: 1, 2


  • Phone: 1, 2
  • Secured message: 1, 2, 3


  • Branch visit required: 1

Talmer Bank

  • In branch or notarized: 1
  • Notarized in branch: 1

Tech CU

  • Secured message: 1

TD Bank

  • Secured message: 1, 2, 3
  • Phone: 1
  • Notarized letter: 1


  • In branch: 1

TIAA Direct

  • Phone: 1, 2 (lots of useful information)
  • Secured messsage: 1 (with $0 account balance)

UFB Direct

  • Secured message: 1

U.S Bank

  • Phone: 1, 2, 3
  • Mail: 1

Webster Bank

  • Secured message: 1

Wells Fargo

  • Secured message: 1, 2, 3 (business account), 4, 5 (business account)

309 Responses to Complete List Of Ways To Close Bank Accounts At Each Bank

  1. Brandon says:

    M&T Bank – Sent them a secured message and they responded with they needed a signature from me. You can mail them a signed request, but you will be charged a $4 mail closing fee and a $10 official check fee. You can also close the account in branch for I assume no fees.

    • Kyle says:

      I filed CFPB complaint over their lack of options to close an account. They didn’t need a signature to open it so why do they need one to close it. All of a sudden they had no problems closing it for me.

      I didn’t have luck getting $20 in fees reimbursed after they changed the terms of the account and slipped it in the electronic statement that they were doing that.

  2. Joe says:

    Citi has allowed me to close a citigold checking by chat in the past.

  3. Darv says:

    This is very helpful; I have accounts with Santander and Wells that will need to be closed.

    Bank of America closed my account over the phone and sent me a check, successful close.

    I closed BMO and Associated Bank in branches.

    Hopefully somebody has word on closing a PNC checking. I don’t have a branch in state.

    By the way, Bank of America offered me a $100 promotion for opening a checking account today. I poked around and it appears targeted. I don’t know how to submit this info and if there is a better way, please let me know.

  4. Jeremy says:

    U.S. Bank will not do it over Secured Message. They’d rather do it over the phone or through U.S. Mail.

    • TCW says:

      I tried to get an address to send a letter and was told mail is not an option. Have to call instead. (My wife hates calling in, and the account is in her name. More precisely, I opened accounts for both of us to get two bonuses; closed mine via phone but wanted to do hers via letter to save her the trouble of calling).

      • John says:

        That is why I always request an address when I open a new bank account, just in case it’s necessary.

        US Bank
        P.O. Box 1800
        St. Paul, MN 55101-0800

        But I closed mine over phone.

  5. The Man says:

    You can close PNC accounts via chat for those who sign up for their bonuses.

    I did this in Jan. 2016 after my $400 bonus posted.

  6. James says:

    I’ve closed citi and BoA accounts in person at a branch. Cashed out at the teller and spoke with a banker for 5 minutes and got the paper work as a proof of closure. Seems easier than secure message or through the phone and less chance for any possible fee disputes.

  7. Drew R says:

    PNC allowed me to close my checking account via live chat.

  8. Paul says:

    Bofa- chat
    Chase- secure msg
    Citi- phone, if I remember correctly, when attempting to close through chat, they told me I had to call

  9. Victor says:

    My experience closing, how I got the funds and how easy it was. Note that before closing, I always first confirm with the bank that there will be no early termination fee (if I have had the account open longer than the min).
    Chase – secure message, ACH’d the remaining balance (easy)
    CapitalOne 360 – called, ACH’d the remaining balance (easy)
    Nationwide – secure message, ACH’d the remaining balance (easy)
    Amboy – secure message, ACH’d the remaining balance (easy)
    SunTrust – sent 2 secure messages, mailed me a check for outstanding balance (okay)
    Discover – sent 3 secure messages, keep getting reply that there is an error in their processing (hard)
    FirstCitizens – it was a nightmare, avoid these folks if possible, had my funds locked up for 2+ months, eventually got a check (hard)
    Homestreet – you have to mail a letter to the branch (hard)
    Everbank – called, they offered me another 6 months at 1.6%, so I kept it open

  10. Dillon Welch says:

    I was able to close my BofA Business Checking account over the phone.

  11. HORACE says:

    US BANK???

  12. Rubic says:

    Yesterday I just closed my Citi Savings account via SM. Last month I downgraded my Citigold to Basic checking with a phone call — Citi wouldn’t proceed with the downgrade via SM or chat.

  13. cw says:

    After I got the bonus from Huntington bank and Fifth Third bank, I transferred all the money in there and never used it again. Interestingly, six months passed, they closed my accounts. I don’t have to bother myself to close them.

    • Problem is some financial institutions have an inactivity fee, so I wouldn’t do that for all of them.

    • Bill says:

      Depending on the institution, reducing your balance to $0 may incur additional charges. If those additional charges are not paid, that could result in negative information posted to Chex, thereby stopping you from opening other accounts.
      I seem to remember that while Huntington offered a bonus on their Asterisk Free checking, Fifth Third required a minimum balance in the account to avoid fees.

      • cw says:

        You guys are right. But my Fifth Third bank account monthly fee got waived because I am a college student. I was just stating that some financial institutions will close your account if it is inactive for a period time which may be useful to add into the list since you don’t have to waste the time to do it.

  14. jay says:

    my experience:

    Citizens bank: Phone
    TD Bank: secure message and/or phone
    First Niagara: Mail
    Huntington: Chat
    Citadel CU: Secure message
    Nationwide: Secure message
    US Bank: Phone
    Capital One checking: Phone
    Capital One Saving: Online/self
    Santander: Phone
    M&T: In Person and/or Mail

  15. Paul says:

    UFB Direct – Repeatedly deposit money orders and then transfer the balance out. They’ll close it for you. 😉

    • Gary says:

      Same goes for plenty of banks, but don’t do that if you ever want to have a relationship with them again. Many people don’t like getting blacklisted.

  16. John says:

    I was not able to close my Key bank account via SM. I was required to call in.

  17. Carlos says:

    Hey guys how about a list of banks who send out 1099’s on the bonus and allowing us to tell you guys who we have received them from.
    Could be helpful for those who need to file a tax return and dont know if they are getting one.
    I know PNC never does, but Ocean first does.
    Chase and T&D not sure about.

  18. FlyerDad says:

    Closed my Citigold savings account through online chat.

  19. Dave_B says:

    Just closed a checking account at Key Bank. I did it over the phone, talking to a customer service rep.

    They said that the process would take 5 business days. As a monthly maintenance fee was scheduled to be charged during those 5 days, the rep said that she’d void out the fee when it posted.

    Be sure to ask for this if there’s a monthly fee coming up. It was implied that otherwise the account, after starting the closing process, would have had the fee charged and would have gone negative, which would have prevented the closing process from finishing.

  20. JW says:

    BMO Harris, closure via online chat was no problem.

  21. Chuck says:

    I closed BBT a year or two ago via SM online.

  22. Tom says:

    jay, you were lucky. I tried to close Huntington by chat, no. Sent a letter to their main office, no. Both times i was told I had to go to the local branch to close the account, so I did. The rep didn’t ask one question why I was closing and was very professional.

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  24. John says:

    Anyone have experience closing Igo Bank MM/checking min bal. to avoid fees $25K out of NY. They are very fussy.
    Also, I may be dumb but, what does the “1 and 1,2” mean after a comment of how to close? Great info. Thanks so much.

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  26. Daniel says:

    Astoria Bank you can close by secure message, I was told I could transfer out money and then request account closure.
    Thanks for making this list!

  27. Elliot says:

    Datapoint: I was able to close MountainOne Bank accounts via secure message.

  28. cw says:

    Closed M&T over the phone.

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  31. Dave_B says:

    I just closed a First Niagara account over the phone.

    • Steve says:

      I just closed First Niagara account over the phone, 800-421-0004. It literally took 1 minute. Make sure you drain your account balance to $0 before calling.

  32. Dave_B says:

    I had $0.01 left in an M&T bank account, and tried to close it over the phone. They could not because of the remaining balance.

    I had to go in branch to close the account. (At which point they didn’t care about the $0.01, although they said I could wait in line to withdraw the penny if I felt like it. I didn’t.)

    So, you can close an M&T bank account out over the phone, but only if the balance is exactly $0.00

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  35. Steve says:

    As of 3/21/16.

    Citi – Chat
    Huntington – Chat (feature must be back – it wasn’t showing up for me a few weeks ago, or I was logged on during a time it wasn’t available)

  36. PG says:

    Just closed my Discover checking account by SM. Quick and easy- they didn’t even bother to reply, just closed it!

  37. Eric says:

    data point on first national bank: Just tried calling to close and the rep said in needs to be done in branch because they require photo ID for it.

  38. Keith says:

    DP here for Citizens Bank. I sent a SM and got this response, helpful if you are looking to close this bank’s account.

    Easy Way

    As a more convenient option, you can close the account by transferring the remaining funds into another account that you hold using the “Transfer Funds” menu. Fees may apply. You can also write a check for the remaining balance and cash the item to bring the balance down to zero.

    If the account is brought to a zero balance, it will close provided there is no activity.

    A closed account can be reopened if any items are presented to the account within 60 business days. If interest is scheduled to post within 7-10 days, the account could be reopened due to the interest credit. Please ensure that you have no outstanding items, and have cancelled any automatic withdrawals or deposits. Once an account reaches 60 business days at zero, it will terminate on the 61st business day; a terminated account cannot be reopened.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our 24-hour Customer Service Center at 800 922-9999.

    OR Send Letter
    If you wish to close your account, you can send a letter to the branch.

    Please remember to include your account number, Social Security Number, a phone number we can reach you at, and your full signature. We also require an address where you would like the account balance to be sent.

  39. Harold says:

    I recently closed an HSBC Bank checking account. The procedure is to first remove all the funds, so that the account balance is zero and then call the phone number on the statement and ask them to close the account. Its best to do this soon after the statement closes because you will be assessed a monthly fee (and probably an overdraft fee, too) if a statement generates between zeroing out the account and the account closure taking effect. The CSR said that would happen three business days after the call.

  40. Dillon Welch says:

    Additional data point on HomeStreet. I emailed with a scanned copy of a written letter stating “Please close account # ” and with my signature, and a few days later received an email titled “Action required – Your primary funding account has been deleted”, which I’m taking to mean my account is closed.

  41. jack says:

    any datapoint on first tennessee?

    • Dave_B says:

      First Tennessee:
      I was able to close my checking account over the phone. I did not try any other methods. I ensured that my account was at a zero balance before attempting to close it.

    • Don says:

      I was able to close my account at First Tennessee through secure message within their new Digital Banking 2.0.

  42. IOException says:

    Some more data points:

    Northpointe automatically closed after 30 days of zero balance.

    Pinnacle Bank was easy via chat, but I was told it would have eventually closed by itself with zero balance. You’ll need to remember your security question.

    Associated Bank automatically closed after a couple months of zero balance.

    Wells Fargo was easy via SM, though every time I move, USPS informs them and they kindly let me know that they’ve updated my debit card??? Yes, I double checked, the account is still closed…

    The one thing I find weird is how many banks never notify you when they close these accounts. (Associated bank and Northpointe never did.) Associated bank still sends me CC offers tho. 😐

  43. Panda says:

    Data Point:
    Seacoast bank can be closed by phone very easily. They’ll just verify your account information and close it after a brief hold. My account had a $0 balance, so I can’t comment on how they transfer remaining funds.

  44. jack says:

    keybank closed my hassle free account via sm this week

  45. Sarah says:

    Data point for Bank of the West. I sent an SM, and they responded the next day that the account would be closed within 5 business days.

  46. Panda says:

    Data point for Fifth Third Bank. I tried closing over phone, but was told it has to be done in branch and that the account must have a zero balance before closing (either transfer the money out first or withdraw it in person). Going to a branch, though a slight annoyance, was quick and painless. They asked for ID and confirmed some details about the account before closing it.

  47. Dave_B says:

    First Tennessee:
    I was able to close my checking account over the phone. I did not try any other methods. I ensured that my account was at a zero balance before attempting to close it.

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  49. Harold says:

    Closing your account at Santander Bank does not shut off bill pay. If you have set up a monthly bill pay from your checking account, make sure to cancel it before going into the branch to close the account. If you don’t do this, Fiserv (their bill pay service) will attempt your next scheduled bill pay. It will fail because the account is closed, and it will cost you $39 in fees. I found out about this the hard way.

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  51. payyoutuesday says:

    I closed my checking and savings accounts at Regions Bank and Tech CU by secure message. In each case, I sent the initial request, the bank replied asking for confirmation, I confirmed, and the bank closed my accounts.

    Based on the Regions Bank message, if the value of your accounts is less than $1,000, Regions Bank will close the accounts by secure message and mail the balance to the address of record. If your balance is greater than $1,000, there were other requirements (I forget what — notarized something?). I had more than $1,500 with Regions to keep my checking account fee-free, so I drew my savings account down to $0 and my checking account down to $50, waited for the transactions to complete, then confirmed my intent to close the accounts.

    With Tech CU, my checking balance was $0 and my savings balance was $25 when I made the request.

  52. Jeff H says:

    I called NorthPointe Bank .. talked to CSR who advised me to ACH* pull funds to zero account balance and call them to close.when the account balance is zeroed out.

    *ACH sent by Northpointe Bank has a $3.00 fee. Instead, I had the destination bank ACH pull the funds. No fee that way.

  53. Doug says:

    Bank of America credit cards- I dont see a way to cancel this via secure message. The only option is to order statements. Also they wont close via Chat..they make you call…anyone else have any other experiences?

  54. Dave_B says:

    Fidelity Bank( /pa-only-fidelity-bank-offering-200-checking-100-savings-bonus-2/ ):
    I don’t live in PA(for reference, you can open accounts with them and get the bonus if you open in branch, regardless of where you live). I contacted a CS rep using their online chat feature. They first told me to go to a branch to draw down the balance and close the account. I told them I didn’t live near any branch, and I had already zero’d out the account. They said that since the account was already at $0.00, they could close it, and proceeded to do so.

    TLDR: Fidelity Bank: can be closed by online chat, as long as your balance is at $0.00.

    Five Star Bank( /five-star-bank-250-rochester-ny-in-branch-checking-bonus/ ):
    I called in to close my account(balance was $0.00). They first said to go to a branch to close, I told them I didn’t live near a branch(again, opening in branch and getting bonus worked despite not living in their service area). They said they could not close over the phone, but as long as my balance remained at $0.00 for 10(business?) days, they would automatically close my account. That worked.

    TLDR: Five Star Bank: Either go to a branch, or zero out your account and wait 10 business days.

  55. payyoutuesday says:

    I was also able to close my First Tennessee checking account via SM. They replied back asking for my mailing address. After my response, they “forwarded my request to the correct department,” and my account was closed.

    I chose to close my Santander checking and savings accounts by phone. Although it appears you can send them email, there are about a dozen disclaimers about how insecure the email is, so I didn’t go that route. The first time I called, the representative told me I had to withdraw the money from the accounts before they could close them. I set up transfers to other accounts. After these had finished, I called back and was able to close the account.

  56. Steven says:

    Amalgamated Bank

    If the balance is zero you can close the account by calling 800-699-3679.

    “How do I close my accounts(s)?

    If there is money in the account, you can close your account by visiting your local branch or by mailing a written request. When submitting a written request, please include the account number(s) that you are requesting to close. Additionally, for your security, the letter must be signed. The money will be sent to the current address on record.

    Please send the written request to:

    Branch Administration
    Amalgamated Bank
    275 Seventh Avenue
    New York, NY 10001

    If the account has a zero balance, you may close your account by calling us at 800-699-3679.”

  57. Don says:

    Talmer Bank

    Must go in branch or send notarized letter with Drivers License

    No SM feature in online banking, customer support unwilling to process over the phone

  58. Pablo says:

    Is there a reason why this isn’t shown publicly under the knowledge base links at the top or is it kind of out of the way since some banks check this site out and prefer that you not share this information? Thanks for your hard work and everyone’s contributions!

  59. payyoutuesday says:

    I messaged Iberiabank and asked them to close my savings account. They replied and asked me to call. I called, and they said I had to go to a branch. Since it is a fair distance to a branch, I decided to close both my checking and savings accounts, and I was able to do so in-branch.

  60. Dave_B says:

    Citi Checking account: balance at $0, closed over online chat.

  61. Pablo says:

    Amalgamated Bank Account Closure Datapoint:

    Contacted Amalgamated through the secure messaging online and asked them to close my bank account. They first wanted to have my account balance at $0.00. After that, I messaged them again and after about a week or so, I received an email stating that my Convenience Plus Checking account with them was deleted.
    I guess that means we can cancel accounts through secure messaging with them as long as we zero the balance… unless there is the possibility that they delete/close accounts with a $0 balance after only a week (which I find very unlikely)

    • Pablo says:

      Just noticed a typo, on this page, it says Amalgated Bank instead of Amalgamated Bank

      Also for reference, this is the message I received from them after asking them to close my account.

      Dear Customer,

      Thank you for contacting us. We apologize for the delay. Your checking account ending in -1942 has been set to auto-close at the end of the business day.

      If additional support is required, please contact us directly at 800-662-0860 Monday-Friday 8:00AM-8:00PM EST, and Saturday 9:00AM-1:00PM EST.

      Thank you,

      Customer Support Services

  62. Dave_B says:

    Popular Community Bank: Closed by secure message

    TD Bank: Closed by secure message. They say it takes 2-3 business days to close, during which any charges could prevent it from being closed out.

  63. Mike says:

    I closed my fifth third Bank account with a letter. Back in March 2016. They sent me cashiers check.

  64. Pablo says:

    Just reporting a datapoint for First Niagara here though it won’t matter too much since First Niagara will disappear in a few weeks when Key Bank finally takes over all of the branches. Reporting here just for those who might be interested maybe? lol

    Didn’t get a response until this morning. Sent them two messages asking to close account with first message on September 25th and 2nd one on 28th.

    Closed account through secure messaging via Online Banking:

    Received: 09/30/2016 08:47 AM EDT
    Subject: Re: Request to Close Checking Account
    Message: Dear Pablo,
    Thank you for contacting First Niagara Bank.

    I have closed the account as requested.

    I hope that you have found this information helpful and apologize for any inconvenience. Should you need further assistance, please call the Customer Contact Center at 1-800-421-0004. Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 6am to 9pm & Saturday-Sunday 8am to 6pm, Eastern.

    Thank you for choosing First Niagara Bank and have a great day!

    *To assist First Niagara with keeping our records up to date please provide your current email address. Also please verify that your physical/mailing address and phone numbers are current.*



  65. Tomtoo says:

    Wife and I both closed KeyBank accounts through SM this past week. We had zero’d the balances before sending the SM’s. I generally find it easier to close an account this way (SM) if you withdraw all the money first.

  66. Adam D says:

    Recently closed santander over phone, citbank gold over private chat, first tennessee over secure message, and today chase over phone. DATA POINT: I was told I had to get a notary for Talmer Bank or go into the branch, Im choosing to get a medallion stamp from a different bank and send in the letter.

  67. JD says:

    Closed FirstBank a while ago via chat.

  68. payyoutuesday says:

    Some DPs this week:

    Tried to close checking account with Pinnacle Bank Texas via chat. Told I had to go in-branch. Tried to call — same result. Closed account in-branch.

    Closed checking accounts with Northpointe Bank, LegacyTexas Bank, and U.S. Bank by phone.

    Drew all accounts to $0 via transfers or bill pay before attempting to close.

  69. Adam D says:

    I closed 5/3rd bank over the phone, a previous CSR said the account must be $0 to close over phone, when I called to close the CSR said I had to go in branch…I mentioned previous CSR said I could close over phone with $0 balance, she then closed it so be persistent.

  70. Bman says:

    You can’t close Chase Business checking with a SM. They replied with:

    Here are the options for closing your account:

    1. Visit any of our branches and present a driver’s
    license or other valid government-issued photo ID

    2. Call us at the number below (only for accounts with a
    balance below $5,000, other limitations apply if your
    address recently changed)

    – Send a signed written request to the address or fax
    number below (only for accounts with a balance below
    $100,000). Please include this information:

    – Your full name as it appears on the account
    – Account number
    – Social Security Number/Tax ID Number
    – Current address
    – Current phone numbers (daytime and evening, with area
    codes and country codes)
    – Your preference for receiving the money that remains in
    your account: by U.S. mail or account transfer to another
    Chase deposit account (include the account number).
    – Signature and the date (for accounts with a balance
    greater than $1,000, your signature must be notarized).

    Here’s our contact information:

    JPMorgan Chase
    National Account Closing TX3-7861
    PO Box 659516
    San Antonio, TX 78265
    Fax: 1-225-332-7787

    For overnight delivery:
    JPMorgan Chase
    National Account Closing TX3-7861
    20855 Stone Oak Pkwy
    San Antonio, TX 78258

  71. payyoutuesday says:

    My wife withdrew all money from her Pinnacle Bank Texas checking account (it’s fee-free). After a month, the account was closed.

  72. Gadget says:

    DP’s: Closed both Associated Bank and BMO Harris – Called phone # on the back of the debit card. (I recommend this method for all banks, unless they want it in writing, in order to ask the question about any closure fees/bonus clawbacks.)

  73. Dan says:

    Opened a no-fee account with Pinnacle Bank of Nebraska a few months ago for the $100 bonus even though I’m in Colorado. After receiving, cleared it out. Account closed as of this week automatically. Convenient as I was planning to do it myself at some point.

  74. Adam D says:


    Closed amalgamated bank by live chat, I had zero balance for 3 months, previous datapoint of account being closed after 30 days of inactivity and 0 balance is incorrect. However, I was not hit with a monthly fee like associated bank.

    • payyoutuesday says:

      Same. Closed Amalgamated Bank Convenience Plus checking via chat.

      The chat takes a lot of persistence. During busy times, a chat attempt times out after ~3 minutes, and you have to refresh it, which seems like going to the back of the line. It took many, many tries before I was able to connect to a person.

  75. PD says:

    DP: for Citi, I’ve downgraded the account via chat and SM.

  76. PD says:

    New update for Huntington:

    Chat and SM no longer exist even as options on the website, and haven’t for at least 6 months it seems.

    If you have a balance, you can close in branch. If you bring it down to $0.00 first, you can close over the phone.

  77. milesjjcc says:

    Please add DP for BBVA Compass NBA checking- closed through Secure Message

  78. Daniel says:

    Closed TD Bank acct on phone. Rep mentioned that “because you have a zero balance I can go ahead and close the account.”

  79. payyoutuesday says:

    Drained LegacyTexas Bank checking account to zero balance. The bank closed the account on their own after about two months of zero balance.

  80. Dusty says:

    Tried to close Pinnacle (Nebraska) Diamond Secure account in chat (with a zero balance), was told to contact my local branch.

  81. Albrecht says:

    SunTrust, closed fast after sending a secure message Jan 2017.

  82. da_huu says:

    Closed Santander over the phone today

  83. Don L says:

    Level One Bank

    Per CSR – require written request by fax or mail otherwise come into the branch.

    Written request: simply a letter with date, name, address, account number, signature, with request to close.

    Fax: 248-479-1742

    Level One Bank
    ATTN: Deposit Operations
    32991 Hamilton Ct
    Farmington Hills, 48334

  84. Heather says:

    Sent Fifth Third an account closure request via SM yesterday morning and never received a reply. Since my account was set to get hit by a maintenance fee tomorrow, I called in to customer service just now. The representative very quickly closed out the account for me, no questions asked. I zeroed out the balance a little over a week ago in preparation for closing.

  85. Joe says:

    Closed Santander biz checking by phone today

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  88. Gadget says:

    DP: (WI) Bank & Trust – Zero balanced, then called number on back of debit card. Account closed over phone.

    But previously, when I called the direct line on website to WI Bank & Trust, I got told a letter would need to be mailed or go into a branch in person. So FYI, debit card phone number is the better one to use.

  89. Gadget says:

    DP: First National Bank of PA – Account closed via SM. I pre-zeroed the account, and let them know I am out of state.

  90. 007 says:

    New/updated limits for Chase personal accounts:

    “Here are options for closing your account:

    1. Reply to this message or call us at the number listed
    below (only for accounts with a balance below $5,000,
    other limitations apply if your address recently changed).

    -Tell us the reason you are closing the account.

    – Tell us how you want to receive the money that remains
    in your account. There are two options either by U.S. mail
    or account transfer to another Chase deposit account
    (include the account number).

    2. Visit any of our branches and present a driver’s
    license or other valid government-issued photo ID.

    3. Send us a written request to close your account (only
    for accounts with a balance below $100,000). Please
    include the following information with your request:

    – Your full name as it appears on the account(s)
    – Your full account number(s)
    – Your full Social Security Number
    – Your current address
    – Your current phone numbers (daytime and evening, with
    area codes and country codes)
    – How you want to receive the money that remains in your
    account: by U.S. mail or account transfer to another Chase
    deposit account (include the account number)
    – Your signature and the date (For accounts with a balance
    greater than $1,000, your signature must be notarized)

    Here’s our contact information:

    JPMorgan Chase
    National Account Closing TX3-7861
    P.O. Box 659516
    San Antonio, TX 78265
    Fax: (225) 332-7787

    For overnight delivery:
    JPMorgan Chase
    National Account Closing TX3-7861
    20855 Stone Oak Pkwy
    San Antonio, TX 78258

    Please make sure all outstanding items have cleared your
    account before it closes. If any outstanding items (such
    as checks, authorized ATM/debit card transactions, direct
    deposits or other automatic/recurring debits or credits)
    are presented to this account, the items will either be
    returned unpaid, or could possibly re-open the account.

    If you need any other assistance, you can send us a secure
    message. We appreciate your business and thank you for
    choosing Chase.”

  91. Millerwaukee says:

    Transferred all my cash out and then closed Associated Bank via online chat. Quick and painless. Took less than 5 minutes. I logged in a few minutes later and it notified me that I had no accounts. I saved the chat just in case.

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  93. Gadget says:

    M&T – Zeroed balance, then sent SM.
    BMO Harris – based on recommendation of a secure chat CSR days prior to my planned close date, I did NOT zero balance and called in to close account. Cashier’s check for entire balance arrived in about 5 days.

  94. Steven F says:

    Recently closed two Keybank checking accounts via SM with no questions asked.

  95. Tan T says:

    I just closed a Discover Savings account by secure message after withdrawing all the money. It was processed in less than 12 hours. I received an email telling me that a small amount of interest (may be in this month until the account is closed) will be sent by check. Logged in and saw no open account any more. It’s fast and easy.

  96. Gadget says:

    For M&T, additional accounts can be closed via SM. However, if closing all accounts or last remaining account, supposedly must be done in person, or via mail. I had already zeroed my last account. Closing by mail costs $4. I am going to try by phone once I get their firm 180 day mark via SM, because they are being sticklers about charging me $50 if less than 180 days. From my experience, most banks seem to allow some room to the 180 day rule and as long as you are close (within the correct statement period, I assume), you are good to go. Not M&T apparently.

  97. Gadget says:

    DP: Suntrust – Closed via SM, scheduled for next processing day. I had already zeroed balance.

  98. CGID says:

    As we all know, many banks and CUs have an early termination fee if the account is closed before six months.

    Can the DoC staff or other knowledgeable folks explain what a safe definition of “six months” is?

    Is waiting exactly six months plus 2 business days sufficient to protect myself from any ET fee? Or do I need to additionally wait until the day after my next bank account statement prints?

    When the six month period includes February (only 28 days) should I include another two days?

  99. Superchurn says:

    Successfully closed 2 BMO Harris accounts with their own Account Closing form located at

    Just filled in the relevant info and send it to BMO Harris Bank N.A. 1200 E. Warrenville Rd Naperville, IL 60563

    Worked like a charm…cashiers check with the remaining balance received in about 10 days.

  100. John G says:

    I make a quick (< 5 min) call to Keybank to close my account. Just told them I was consolidating accounts when asked.

    • Superchurn says:

      those bastards forced my account to remain open until the next monthly fee posted. they refused to close it before. i’m tempted to CFPB their ass but $18 is …$18. probably not worth my time

  101. PD says:

    Christian Community Credit Union – closed by SM.
    Fifth Third – zeroed out and then closed by phone.
    Key – closed by phone.
    Chase Savings – closed by SM.

  102. Jake N says:

    Feb 2017:
    M&T – had to zero out and required to close by phone or branch. Presumably in branch you don’t need zero since you can withdraw there.

    City National Bank (CNB) – closed over phone, needed zero balance. But this was very quick, faster than most I’ve experienced.

  103. Alan says:

    Just closed my Tiaa Direct checking with 0 balance by online banking message today.

  104. Becks says:

    3/7/2017- Closed Discover account through SM. Pretty easy and no questions asked. Got response in around 4 hrs of time.

  105. Brendan Kelly says:

    Close account through secure message for PNC.

    There is a $25 fee if your account was not open 180 days.

  106. Don L says:

    Christian Community Credit Union is at the wrong heading level.

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  108. Pablo says:

    Managed to close my American Eagle Financial Credit Union Checking/Savings account via online secure messaging. Just asked them to close my account and then a few days later, they simply closed it and received a check from them a few days later. Check was $5 left in my savings account (after withdrawing all of the available money).

  109. Dave_B says:

    I can confirm that PNC allows you to close accounts using chat.

  110. Dave_B says:

    I just closed my Flushing Bank account by secure message.

  111. JP says:

    Add DP for Northwest Bank. Need to write a letter or go personally.

  112. Mr. PTM says:

    DP: closed Centennial Bank and Trust checking account on the phone.

    Bizarrely, they auto-closed the savings account I had with them once I brought the balance down to $0 as soon as the statement cycle closed.

  113. Curmudgeon says:

    Mountain America Credit Union must be closed by phone. Chat with online rep did not work. Number was 800-748-4302

  114. Ken says:

    To clarify on closing the CapitalOne360 savings account, the Close Account button is under your account and then the small Details tab to the left of the current tab. Scroll to the bottom to close account.

  115. anthonyjh21 says:

    Contrary to what’s been reported here, I was able to successfully close a U.S. Bank checking account through SM.

    I sent a SM asking if I could close my account and I was given a few options, one of which was to reply to the email and provide my address on file. I confirmed the address and later that same day I was told it was closed and to expect a check in 3-5 business days. Hasn’t been long enough to follow through with the process but if I have any issues I’ll reply to this comment.

    • Ken says:

      Me too. I closed mine and my wife’s account via “secure” message. It’s basically glorified email as they will reply via email.

      One thing that helps with all accounts is to pull all funds and leave a $0 balance. Since they don’t have to return anything there are no fraud concerns and every bank I have sent a message online this way have closed the account no problem.

      • kirk says:

        trying this out right now. thanks!

        just SM’ed them. pulled funds yesterday. 0 balance now.

        i’ll comment again if it doesn’t work.

      • kirk says:

        yep! thanks to both of you. was able to close it thru SM. here’s the reply after 1 business day.

        “Hi XxX,
        Thank you for reaching out about your account. I’m happy to help.
        Normally you would need to call in so we can verify your address and what will be done with the funds in the account before the closure is completed. Because your balance is at zero, I closed the account for you. The closure will complete within 2 business days and a final statement will be mailed to the address we have on the account profile.”

  116. Cicero says:

    I closed my HSBC account via “bankmail”, their secure message system.

  117. Tomtoo says:

    HSBC: Withdrew balance then closed by SM. Confirmation reply the next day.

  118. Jake N says:

    Another DP for Wells, closed via secure message. Only took 15 min for them to respond. Need to be at zero balance.

  119. Ken says:

    Withdrew both Discover checking and savings as well as FirstBank to $0. Sent secure message to close and both accounts were closed within ours.

  120. Jake N says:

    Flushing Bank DP – called to close and they (customer service) couldn’t close over the phone because the account had been opened in-branch. I called the branch I opened the account with and closed over the phone. They will mail me a check with the balance.

  121. Jake N says:

    Santander DP – closed account by phone, as suggested here. Will mail a check in 7-10 business days.

  122. lexii says:

    5/3/2017 – Fifth Third Essential Checking Account closed via phone. Had already zeroed out my balance beforehand. Rep said he filled out a form which would take 2 business days to process. Phone call lasted about 1 minute.

  123. Curmudgeon says:

    FCB Banks, referenced here: /mo-fcb-south-county-bank-125-checking-bonus/

    Called customer service to close account, was told that since there was a balance ($10) she couldn’t close over the phone, but if I ACH the money out the account will close automatically after 10 business days of 0 balance.

  124. NN says:

    TIAA Direct – transferred all the fund out, waited until cleared. Sent secure message, acct closed the same day.
    HSBC – the same
    Bancorp – Since I lived near a branch, I came in to close, took 5′. It doesn’t matter if you have fund in the account as long as you come to a branch, they can withdraw it and close the acct. Just make sure there is no pending transaction in the acct.

  125. Ben says:

    DP: closed my citi checking via online chat.

  126. bmanamex says:

    DP: closed KeyBank via Secure Messaging. Left money in there to cover the Early Term Fee.

  127. bmanamex says:

    DP: closed Webster Bank via Secure Message.

  128. Felix says:

    Closed PNC checking and savings via chat. Was able to waive the $25 early closure fee by asking.

  129. Zane says:

    DP: Closed associated bank via live chat

  130. Jeff H says:

    Got the 500.00 bonus sign up accounts last Thanksgiving time. After the bonuses paid, I switch account types and lowered my required account balances to keep fee free. I pulled out all funds over that about three months ago.

    I called my Chase bank and verified that I was past six months at the end of May. Banker can close and cut a check in branch. He made me call the normal telephone banking number since I was not in branch.
    I called that number and ordered my accounts closed. No real problems doing so. I got my checks within two weeks. Done deal.

  131. Jeff H says:

    Pinnacle Bank – Nebraska. Closed in branch – walked out with check same day since that account had no activity the previous ten days. Banker took my word nothing pending.

  132. Shyam says:

    Citi Checking:
    Downgraded via Chat
    Closed via Chat

  133. zalmy says:

    Closed my Citi checking via chat. They needed me to activate my checkbook first, then closed it straightaway

  134. zalmy says:

    Also, Wells Fargo needed to go in branch, there was no way to do it otherwise

    • MontyFC says:

      That’s strange. I closed couple of Wells Fargo checking accounts through SM. One had zero balance and the other was around 100.

  135. Wes says:

    Closed HSBC via secure message. Zeroed out account via bank transfer prior to sending SM, and began closure process at beginning of new statement cycle as advised by DOC.

  136. Don L says:

    Will, FCB South County Bank looks like the wrong heading style too.

    Not important, but it throws the table of contents ever so slightly off.

  137. Wes says:

    Hancock Bank: Closed via fax. Other options are phone call or show up in person. They specifically do not allow account closure via secure message.

    Also of note: They charge you $8 to mail you a check if there’s not a zero balance at closing. Also, they charge $3 to do ACH push to another bank (regardless the reason for the transfer). This applies to Access Checking account. So I wrote myself a check to get to a zero balance before closure.

    Closure by fax was completed within one business day.

    I would think the above would apply to Whitney Bank as well.

    • John says:

      Yes, Hancock Bank can be real stinkers, but I was able to get balance down to $0.00 without any fees by doing an ACH transfer from an external bank that I had previously linked i.e. Originate transfer from external account & “pull money” to your external account and once its cleared…usually next day, you can telephone them to close without any fees.

  138. Matthew says:

    Tried SM with Chase biz, no go.

    Here are the options for closing your account:

    1. Visit any of our branches and present a driver’s
    license or other valid government-issued photo ID

    2. Call us at the number below (only for accounts with a
    balance below $5,000, other limitations apply if your
    address recently changed)

    – Send a signed written request to the address or fax
    number below (only for accounts with a balance below
    $100,000). Please include this information:

    – Your full name as it appears on the account
    – Account number
    – Social Security Number/Tax ID Number
    – Current address
    – Current phone numbers (daytime and evening, with area
    codes and country codes)
    – Your preference for receiving the money that remains in
    your account: by U.S. mail or account transfer to another
    Chase deposit account (include the account number).
    – Signature and the date (for accounts with a balance
    greater than $1,000, your signature must be notarized).

    Here’s our contact information:

    JPMorgan Chase
    National Account Closing TX3-7861
    PO Box 659516
    San Antonio, TX 78265
    Fax: 1-225-332-7787

    For overnight delivery:
    JPMorgan Chase
    National Account Closing TX3-7861
    20855 Stone Oak Pkwy
    San Antonio, TX 78258

    If any outstanding items such as checks, authorized
    ATM/debit card transactions, direct deposits, or
    automatic/recurring debits or credits are presented to
    this account before we can process the closure request,
    they may be paid or returned, depending on the status of
    the request at that time. Once the account is closed,
    these items will be returned unpaid.

    We appreciate the opportunity to help you. We value our
    relationship with you and thank you for choosing Chase.
    Please contact us anytime if you need assistance.

  139. Ditka says:

    Pinnacle Bank:
    Tried secure message, told no.
    Tried online chat, told no.
    Had to call a branch and speak to them in person. I live in Iowa and not close enough to any branch to actually walk in. The call was fairly painless.

  140. Gadget says:

    TD Bank – SO’s account: After 90 days, made sure a statement recently posted, then zeroed balance. Then, after transaction cleared, sent SM requesting close. No response after two days. Sent SM again, and after 24 hours, recv response:

    “Your request to close your account ending in **** is being processed. The account will be closed within 2-3 business days. If a transaction posts within this time frame there is a possibility the account may not close.”

    TL;DR: They take longer than most banks to close the account. Make sure you have time before statement cycle ends.

  141. Roger says:

    Hey Doc, great website, love using it.

    Something you might consider adding to this post is the process for closing the account, with regards to how to get your money out. Do you leave your minimum balance in, and then when closing, ask for a check or transfer to zero it? Or do you zero it out with ACH prior to contacting the bank to close? In the latter case, are you worried about your balance dropping below the minimum and incurring fees?

    I see comments suggesting this may vary from bank to bank, would be interested in your input.


  142. TanT says:

    I was able to close Northpointe account via their chat system. The chat is available at their login page. All they need is name, date of birth, and last 4 SSN digits to verify your identity.

  143. DT says:

    Tried to close Fifth Third by SM and received this reply:
    “Thank you for choosing Fifth Third Bank. I will be happy to provide you with information on how to close your account. I am unable to close the account via email request and I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. In order to close your account, please visit a Fifth Third Banking Center to complete your request. A signed letter may also be mailed or faxed to the Banking Center maintaining your account. Your Banking Center information is below:


    Many Banking Centers require proof of identification to close an account via a mail or fax request. If you are intending to mail or fax the request, please call your Banking Center for complete instructions and select option 3.

    Please specify in your letter how you would like any credit in your account disbursed, such as transferred to another account or mailed as a check. Also, an account in a negative balance cannot be closed and we recommend you discuss this with your Banking Center.”

    For PNC, I was able to close via SM by confirming the last 4 digits of the account and the address on file.

  144. Kevin says:

    We recently closed checking accounts at Fifth Third, Regions, and TD Bank via secure message.

    We also closed a checking account at Capital One 360 by phone.

  145. Wes says:

    Closed PNC via SM. Took about 48 hours for them to close it from the time that I sent the SM.

  146. P says:

    Does anyone know a phone number to call to close Santander account? I’ve looked at the DPs and there’s no information on what number these people called. I’ve tried 1-877-768-2265, but there is no option for personal checking accounts or debit accounts.

    • P says:

      Never mind. Number is correct but telephone banking needed to be set up before an option to speak to a Rep was available.

  147. BH says:

    Didn’t see a DP, so I figured I’d add my own! Closed a BB&T checking account through a secured message after zeroing it out. Representative also said that you could close via phone after zeroing out the account, but did not specify the phone number. It took two business days for them to close it.

  148. Jake N says:

    Fifth Third – closed via SM after zeroing balance
    PNC (Virtual Wallet and Standard Savings) – closed via Chat. Had them cut me a check for hte remaining balance

  149. Kevlarmoose says:

    Capitol One 360 Checking
    Attempted to Fax request to close, they left a voicemail to call them
    Was able to close via Chat later that day, account balance was zero.

  150. Don L says:

    Requested a Quorum FCU close over the phone.

    A better method may exist, didn’t want to go back and forth with SMs if it wasn’t possible – as don’t see any DPs yet.

  151. chris says:

    Datapoint: was able to close one of my 2 accounts with Radius Bank via SM. Account had $0 balance.

  152. Sc says:

    Closed PNC over chat, US Bank on phone, Capital One Savings on the web login and Chime over SM.

  153. kirk says:

    BoA Bank of America – Core Checking

    phoned in to close. quite easy. transferred the last $100 from BoA core checking to BoA regular savings while i have the csr on the line (kept savings for $30 quarterly BoA BBR bonus). she read some disclosures. mentioned that my current debit card would stop working but they’ll mail an ATM card for me to access my savings fund. refreshed my online banking and core checking is gone. ezpz.

    i’ve had my checking with them for 6 yrs but now that i’m getting into bank bonuses, i figured it’s time to ditch them and maybe they’ll target me for a checking bonus in the future. *i’ve opened 7 (bonus) accounts just this month alone. i’m quite late into the game so i’m trying to catch up. lolz. 2 more planned – chase savings & wells fargo checking. goodluck everyone! and thanks DoC!!!

  154. Eileen says:

    Want to add data point for BMO Harris – LIVE CHAT. Their process was asinine but ultimately ok. Most banks tell you to draw your balance down to zero, then secure message or call. Not BMO. YOU CAN NOT DRAW YOUR BALANCE DOWN TO ZERO USING EITHER EXTERNAL TRANSFER OR BILLPAY. The system will not allow you, saing you have insufficient funds. I found out the hard way from a phone rep. So you draw it down to ONE CENT like I did, then secure message them, then they snail mail out a form that you have to fill in and mail back, and then they issue you a certified check for the remaining 1 cent. In my case I was sufficiently annoyed at the time/effort involved in mailing it back so I signed, scanned, and sent in via secure message. No dice, they secure messaged back saying that I had to snail mail. So then I went to complain via chat (on Labor Day weekend, no less) and the lady said she would take care of it. So…CHAT WORKED.

    • John says:

      Well that is so asinine and costly for them. What a bunch of jerks !!!!

    • Tomtoo says:

      I was able to zero out 2 of 3 accounts by transferring them to checking, then I closed them via chat. We’ll see what happens in another 90 days when it’s time to close checking.

  155. men lab says:

    Just got this reply when asking m&t to close one of my accounts thru sm:

    Thank you for submitting your account closure request.

    You may close your account by visiting your local M&T branch or by mail. To process this request, your signature is required and bringing the account to a zero balance will not automatically close it.

    If you are unable to visit an M&T Bank branch, please send your signed request to the following address. M&T Bank PO Box 1258 Buffalo, NY 14240

    There is a $10.00 Official Check fee to mail your remaining balance to you. Additionally, a $4.00 mail closing fee will be assessed.

    To avoid the Official Check fee, you may wish to: – Write a check for your balance, or – Transfer funds to another M&T account online or by phone at 1-800-724-2440.

    This means no more closing an account by sm. To note this was not the last remaining account.

    • Mimi says:

      “There is a $10.00 Official Check fee to mail your remaining balance to you. Additionally, a $4.00 mail closing fee will be assessed.”

      so even with a 0.00 balance, they’ll still charge the $4.00 mail closing fee? in other words, the only way to close account for free is to visit a branch, correct?

      • Mimi says:

        Successfully closed one MTB EZ checking accounts via SM without any fees. Transferred balance to other accounts to make balance zero prior to sending SM. Received response in 24 hrs that account was closed and removed from list. I will close another account in the next few days.

  156. doc says:

    Closed wells fargo via secure messaging after bringing the balance down to zero .

  157. Guy Bucktastik says:

    Just closed Chase total checking and chase business total checking.

    Personal checking was closed via an with $0.00 balance.

    Tried to close business checking by sm, unable to do so. Closed via phone call with $0.00 balance.

  158. calwatch says:

    I closed HSBC by phone. Although I had e-statements the next month they charged me an overdraft fee and service charge, but then immediately backed it out so the net impact was zero.

  159. Jake N says:

    Huntington DP – *Personal* account can be closed via chat once at a zero balance. If you transfer from Personal to Business, it still needs to process overnight in order to close Personal, even though it shows on your account instantly.

  160. Gary says:

    DP: I was able to SM Northwest to close my checking account. Once it’s been approved and closed I will reply.

  161. Jatan says:

    Fifth Third Bank — checking account with zero balance

    9/20 Sent secure message to close account (select “Opening/Closing Account” option in dropdown list)
    9/20 Missed a phone call from them (didn’t bother calling them back)
    9/22 Account finally closed

  162. PD says:

    With Santander, if you close over the phone they tell you a bazillion times how unsecure sending a check is and that they’d like you to transfer out the money first. If you insist on receiving a check, then eventually they tell you that if the balance is more than $500 you have to send a notarized request to receive the check. -_-

  163. Kevlarmoose says:

    I was able to close two more Capitol One 360 Checking (me and player 2) accounts via Chat this morning, both accounts had $0 balance

  164. Matthew says:

    BMO closed via chat. Online profile still exists with statements.

    Regions closed via SM, and even followed up with SM, but the account is deactivated so it can’t be read.

    PNC closed via chat, very quick and easy.

    Quorum closed via phone, quick 7 min call.

  165. SamSimon says:

    For Chase Regular Checking account and Regular Saving account you just need to make sure you have zero balance before your bill cycle starts and can Private Message them to close the account!

  166. James33 says:

    DP: Closed Citibank checking via SM officially 9.27.17.

  167. Tomtoo says:

    BMO Harris closed via chat. Was closing 2 of 3 accounts so was able to zero them out first by transferring balances to checking. Could not close via SM.

  168. Jake N says:

    Closed BMO Harris Checking and Savings via Chat. Did *not* zero out balance, and they will send 2 separate checks in 7-10 business days.

  169. Darv says:

    I see you don’t have DPs for Associated Bank. I have closed Associated Bank checking accounts multiple times by live chat after pulling the balance to zero. Note that they cannot do it by chat unless you drain it to zero.

  170. Adam D says:


    Account must be closed in branch only, or it will auto-close after 45 days of $0 balance.

  171. James33 says:

    Closed US Bank Korean Skypass Credit Card through US Banks Online Banking “Email Us” feature on their Customer Service – Contact Us section. Took about 3 days to respond to confirm.

  172. kirk says:

    DP: Capital One 360 checking was able to close it thru chat. account was at zero balance.

  173. Robert says:

    Was able to close Hancock Bank over the phone today by calling 1800-448-8812.

    The account had a $0 balance when I closed it.

  174. Maggie says:

    Closed Hancock account by phone. Secure message was not allowed. 10-15-17
    Closed M&T by secure message. 10-17-17

  175. Tim says:

    Chase Bank checking closed by secure message with $0 balance. Also closed Hancock Whitney Bank checking via phone call with $0 balance.

  176. MarcoPolo says:

    Closing PNC account via chat was the quickest and most painless experience.
    Make sure it’s been 6 months before you close to avoid any fees.

    • MarcoPolo says:

      Also, transfer out the balance (takes 3 business days) before the chat so that the balance is zero.
      Otherwise they will send you a check which is not a huge problem anyway.

  177. John says:

    I closed Associated Bank by zeroing out the account and then sending them a message.

  178. John says:

    I closed both Associated Bank and Fifth Third Bank via message after zeroing out each account.

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