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Published on October 12th, 2017 | by William Charles


Complete Guide To Saving Money On Amazon (Save 8% – 27%+)

Reposting for increased visibility. Let us know if anything needs to be added.

The majority of readers will spend a lot of money on Amazon. There are a lot of different ways to save money on Amazon purchases so I thought I’d create a post that lists all of the different ways to save on these purchases so readers can book mark this page and quickly reference it whenever making purchases from Amazon.

Credit Card/Gift Card

The first step is to decide whether to use a credit card or gift card. This option will depend on what promotions and credit cards you have available.

Credit Cards

You might also be eligible for one of these offers:

Gift Cards

There are three promotions that are always available, but you can only do them once. Plus other limited time bonuswa

Your best option with the first two of the above promotions is to still use a credit card that earns at a high rate on Amazon purchases. Lots of stores also sell Amazon gift cards and if you have a credit card that earns a category bonus for those stores then you could easily purchase Amazon gift cards there. For example if you had a Chase Ink Cash card you could buy them at and earn 5% cash back. You can view all the credit cards that earn at least 4%/4x here.

Additional some stores will have discounts that might be useful for stocking up on Amazon gift cards:

  • American Express regularly have AmEx offers that can be used to purchase Amazon gift cards, we will update this section when one of these promotions is available.
  • A lot of grocery stores have fuel rewards programs and usually Amazon gift cards will trigger points for these programs. Sometimes they have increased offers for up to 4x points.

Checking Account

If you don’t have access to a credit card or debit card you can link your checking account to Amazon. They’ll also give you a 2% bonus, more details here.

Shopping Portals

Most shopping portals (e.g Topcashback) will offer 6% in specific categories. These categories change from time to time and the portal offering the best rates also changes from time to time. You can view the best rates here. In addition to this JetBlue offers 3 JetBlue points on all Amazon purchases, this is great because it means at minimum we’re getting 3 JetBlue points per $1 spent on all Amazon purchases and up to 6% cash back.

If you’d like to support this site, you can also do so by using our Amazon link found here*. Just keep in mind you won’t earn any portal rewards if you do use our link, we greatly appreciate readers who do support us in this way.

Card Link Programs

Discount Codes

It’s possible to get discount codes for Amazon that work on all purchases. In particular there are three worth keeping in mind:

Amazon Prime Offers

You can usually get a discount on new Amazon Prime subscriptions. Here is what is currently available:

Other Promotions/Discounts/Freebies

Amazon often has specific discounts that might be of interest to some readers, we will post the more popular ones here.

Give To Charity For Free

AmazonSmile is Amazon’s charitable arm, by enrolling you can select a charity and they will receive 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases. Your shopping needs to start with to be eligible.

You can stack this with JetBlue according to this comment. This is also officially confirmed by Amazon here.

Read more about Amazon Smile and how to stack it with a shopping portal in this post.

Price Check

Prices on Amazon fluctuate constantly and it can be difficult to know if you’re getting a good price or not. I use camelcamelcamel to easily see the price history for specific items. You can also set up alerts if it’s a non urgent item.


This is just for miscellaneous pieces of information.

Our Verdict

Let’s do a quick run through of two purchases, one will assume you’ve never done any deals before and the other assumes you’ve done all the deals.

All The Deals

This is for people that have used all of the limited time promotions before. Let’s pretend we’re purchasing something that costs $100

None Of The Deals

This is for people that have done none of the promotions before. We’re also going to assume that you’re eligible for all promotions. Let’s pretend we are purchasing something that costs $100:

In total you’d end up paying $56.4 plus you’d still having a $10 bonus gift card to use later. Realistically I don’t know if you could really stack all those discounts, something more realistic would be:

For total discount of up to 25% (bump this to 27% with the extra 2% from Drop).

Hopefully you learned a new way to save a bit of money on Amazon purchases. As I mentioned earlier, we do appreciate readers who use our Amazon links* but at the end of the day I like to think that our job is to save and make you as much money as possible so I think it’s important to point out that by using our links you are forgoing other options (e.g JetBlue 3x points or even 6% cash back).

Did I miss any ways to save money on Amazon? As mentioned I’ll be keeping this up to date, so feel free to bookmark this page for later reference. Also I’ve marked links that are our Amazon link with a * throughout this post.

58 Responses to Complete Guide To Saving Money On Amazon (Save 8% – 27%+)

  1. TravelingOn says:

    How would you get 6% cash back AND 3 jet blue points? Doesn’t one negate the other?

    • I don’t think we say you can do this? If we do, let me know where so I can fix it!

      • TravelingOn says:

        Right under shopping portal header.
        “… this JetBlue offers 3 JetBlue points on all Amazon purchases, this is great because it means at minimum we’re getting 3 JetBlue points per $1 spent on all Amazon purchases and up to 6% cash back.”

        Maybe it should read OR 6% back? I got excited that you had a way to stack both 🙂

  2. Aaron H says:

    I buy Amazon GCs at office supply stores (Staples) to get 5 point/$ spent, than load those onto my Amazon account. I value to 5 chase UR points/$ spent with Ink > 5% cashback Amazon chase card.

  3. chenyuetian says:

    When you got some AMEX offers like $150 – $30 at Lowes, $50-$10 at HomeDepot and $50-$10 at Jo-Ann, buy some Amazon GC there and save 20% at Amazon regularly. If have more than one AMEX CC, you may add multiple offers at one time. For me, my Amazon balance from the GC usually can be used up within several weeks/months.

  4. Franholio says:

    Believe the ‘All the Deals’ section should read ‘300 JetBlue Points’ and not ’30 JetBlue Points.’

    Also, I’d love to hear any DPs on stacking Smile with the JetBlue portal. My inclination is it wouldn’t work, but I’d be happy to be proven wrong. I suppose if it doesn’t work, you can always use the JetBlue portal and donate to your charity separately.

    • Chuck says:

      Fixed, thanks.

      I seem to recall that it’s explicit that affiliate commission stacks with Smile, but I’ll have to search to find it.

  5. Evan says:

    I just saw an offer in my account getting 2% bonus on any reload made using a checking account. I am also eligible for an extra 5% on the first load.

  6. Jack says:

    Do not forget the discount related to wedding and baby registries

  7. 5150 says:

    Hey Doc: You missed the best way to save…..
    Amazon constantly changes the prices of every item as they use a Dynamic Pricing Model.
    Best way to save is to put items in your Cart THEN click Save For Later.
    They will appear below.
    THEN every time you log on LOOK at your Cart and a banner will tell you what has changed price.
    If you like the lower price then click on the item and it will be moved up in your Cart to purchase.
    NOTE: Amazon pricing and comparisons are suspect and not real.
    Use this method to make sure you are getting best price.

  8. 5150 says:

    Use Amazon “STORE” credit card.
    Rebates 5% on all purchases at Amazon (can only be used at Amazon).
    Managed by SyncBank.
    Statements (online and paper) actually itemize and name every purchase individually so you can make sure you have been charged correctly.
    Easy to reconcile against Amazon Orders page.
    Rebates automatically credited back to your Store credit card account at end of month.

  9. Aahz says:

    It’s a little outside of DoC’s normal offerings, but I also use the S’more lock screen app to earn $3 per month in Amazon credit. It’s not much, but it’s also incredibly minor work to get. [removed referral link]

  10. Jess says:

    I thought Jet Blue was going to stop giving commissions on Amazon…?

  11. blue9 says:

    I might have missed it, but it is worth mentioning the Kroger/Other grocery stores 4x Fuel Points + % reward on CC grocery category. It is an easy way to get 10+% off.

  12. Pete says:

    I always have a moral dilemma about whether I should use to donate to a charity, or a shopping portal. Haha.

  13. Randy says:

    Neither jet blue nor any portal links to smile, it only goes directly to There’s not a way of getting around it that I found, so there is no stacking if you use smile.

  14. Gabe says:

    I’ve been able to successfully stack JetBlue and Smile. I start by going through the JetBlue portal, but I have the “Amazon Smile Redirect” add-on in Firefox, which just adds “smile” to the beginning of any Amazon URL. I’ve checked my previous purchases and they all gave me JetBlue points in addition to Smile donations.

  15. T says:

    Any good way to track Jet blue earnings on Amazon? I just started 2 weeks ago using the portal link for my regular purchase and have yet seen any miles posted. When can I expect the points to post and do people have to contact customer service from time to time to get the points?

  16. Thom says:

    Unfortunately, Drop no longer lets new users pick Amazon.

  17. Garrett says:

    New promotion I was targeted for and used: $25 off a purchase of $50 or more when you pay with an American Express card and use points for part of your purchase. It is targeted because I have AmEx Platinum, my brother has Gold and it did not show up for him. It should be a box at the top of the checkout page when you’re choosing a payment method. Can only use once.

  18. Josh says:

    This is a great guide but I didn’t notice you mentioning the 0.5 miles per dollar when buying amazon gift cards through the mpx app. Did I miss that?

    Thanks again, DoC! 🙂

    • WR says:

      And there are reports that Amex Plat gets 5x through MileagePlusX…so that’s 5MR, 0.5United, and 3 Jetblue per dollar. I just made a purchase today using this method, and also to get the 20% off using 1 MR point.

  19. TXOil says:

    AND, don’t forget Gyft GC’s work for Chase Ink 5x points… thru Paypal.

  20. Outlook says:

    Amazon on the Drop app – No longer an option for new members…😭

  21. Anthony says:

    We use Earny to monitor our Amazon purchases after we make them. Since we pay with a Chase card which offers price protection (also works with some Citi cards), we constantly gets checks back for the difference from Chase. Ranging from $1 up to $30. But on average, we get about $100 back per quarter. YMMV, depending on how much you spend. So if you miss the best price with camelcamelcamel, you are still protected after you buy!

  22. Raja says:

    Can we have something like this for Walmart?

  23. TIm says:

    USPS Move promotion

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