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Published on February 1st, 2016 | by William Charles


Comenity Bank Credit Cards 2017: A List, Best Cards & Easiest Cards To Get Approved For

Comenity Bank is a card issuer that you may not have heard about before (unless you’re familiar with the shopping cart trick), but they are the back end card issuer for a lot of different credit cards (with a focus on store credit cards). There are 34 million customers that currently have credit cards issued by Comenity Capital Bank or one of their subsidiary’s. Today we’re going to have an in depth look at a full list of the cards they offer, what the easiest cards to get approved for are and the best cards they offer.

Full List Of Comenity Bank Credit Cards

The reason most people want a list of all the Comenity Bank credit cards is because it’s possible to get some of these cards with bad credit (due to the fact they don’t do a hard pull) when using the shopping cart trick. If you’re looking for such a list, go here as that lists all the cards the shopping cart trick works with. This list is just all the credit cards they currently offer.

Comenity Bank Store Credit Cards

Comenity Bank Medical Credit Cards

Comenity Bank Education Credit Cards

Comenity Bank Airline & Hotel Credit Cards

Comenity Bank Auto Credit Cards

Comenity Bank Misc Credit Cards

Discontinued Cards

These cards are no longer available but were previously issued by Comenity

Best Comenity Credit Cards

Most of the cards that Comenity offer are pretty useless, they’ll offer a one time discount (of 10-20%) on your first purchase after approval (and only for that specific store) and then lackluster rewards. Some of the cards also come with a free happy birthday gift (usually a $20 reward certificate). Keep in mind these reward certificates are not gift cards, they usually have minimum spend requirements and can’t be combined.

If you shop at one of the stores a lot, it’s worth checking to see if the rewards program is any good (some of them are 10-20% back in rewards certificates). That being said, they do offer a few cards of interest that we will be taking a bit more of a closer look at. If I’ve missed any, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add them.

Virgin America

This is also the only airline co-branded cards they have, they offer a Black & White card. The sign up bonuses on these cards are normally 10,000/15,000 points but ocassionally go up to 20,000/30,000 points. Unfortunately the annual fees are not normally waived ($49/$149) and because there are so many other big airline bonuses out there this card isn’t worth it unless you have a lot of flights with Virgin America.

Marathon Visa

PFDigest has written many a post on this card, but the short of it is that as gas prices fall the value of the rebate you get increases. That’s because the rebate is fixed per gallon. I get all my gas these days from gas rewards programs for pretty much free, so not very appealing to me but might be an option for some of you.

BJ’s Mastercard

This card earns 5% on most BJ’s in-Club and purchases and 10¢ off per gallon for gas at BJ’s Gas. It’s usually very difficult to get 5% back on wholesale clubs like BJ’s, so if you shop there regularly then this could be a good option.

Easiest Comenity Credit Cards To Get Approved For

The easiest Comenity Cards to get are the ones you can use the shopping cart trick on as they are not checking your credit. Out of the cards Comenity offer that this trick works on, most people find Victoria’s Secret & Overstock the easiest to get the pop up on.

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232 Responses to Comenity Bank Credit Cards 2017: A List, Best Cards & Easiest Cards To Get Approved For

  1. Jim says:

    Do you know if the Virgin America cards are churnable?

    • Paul says:

      I’d love to know exactly the same thing.

    • Ben says:

      I apply for most of comenity bank credit cards. Just last week I apply for the BJs elite and bed bath and beyond master card. I got apply for both then they closed both account after sending me one card and never send the other. They stated they closed all my accounts with their bank because they did an audit and seen that I had excessive inquiries. What is this I have good credit and shop at all of the store I received a card from. Pay on time and above my min payment. This is full of it to close my account because I apply for most their cards. How should I deal with this and how will this affect my credit score.

  2. Jhon says:

    you forgot “wayfair”. I got the pop up preapproved, I did accept it and was approved for $500 with a soft pull in Equifax,

  3. PatsNation says:

    So, I think I did this all wrong because I got a HP on my app for Victoria’s Secret and Pier 1 Imports. I used the link vice waiting until I had items in the shopping cart. Could this be the issue?

    • Maya says:

      I’m new to the forum. Help me understand the shopping cart trick?

      My EQ is 688 and TU is 718. I’m fairly young (in college still). Friday, I got a 2k Amex everyday card, 3k on Chase Freedom, and 10K for cap one venture. I was rejected for boa travel rewards, cap one quicksilver, and Barclay. I’m trying to get what I can and then sit for 2 years to let the inquiries clear a year before graduation. Which cards might I get without a whole lot more damage? I love shopping at Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, Neiman’s, Pier1 and on Overstock and eBay…but, I’m not sure if these are good choices.

      Can anyone offer some insight?

      • Livi says:

        Try Macy, when I first got my Macy card I started with 500 dollars and now I reach 3,500. I get great discount with them.

  4. Gin says:

    So, I think I did this wrong. I received an alert that I had a HP on Pier 1 and Victoria’s Secret. Should I have waited until I got the popup in my shopping cart? I don’t mind having these cards but I’ve been 0 for 2 on tricks so far.

  5. ANGI says:


  6. Nadia says:

    Add, I was pre-approved for $250 using the act!

    • Lori says:

      Overstock approved my for 4,500..last week, HSN for 3, 000 two weeks ago and ULTA MC 2,000 in Dec..I’d like one more card but VISA or MC..No more just “store” cards.

      • Nikki says:

        How did you all get approved for overstock for some reason i keep trying and its not working

        • Natasha says:

          I would also like to know how to get the SCT to work for overstock. I have Victoria Secret, NY and Company, Buckle, Wayfair, FullBeauty, HSN, JCrew (didn’t accept), and recently Ulta while checking out.

        • Bride says:

          When I applied for overstock I’m only used the last for digits of my ss# for the first five I used 000-00 and I was approved for $1000 and it was not a hard hit to my credit!

      • Renita Anderson says:

        If you don’t mind me asking what’s your current credit score?

        • DeanneJ says:

          I got the pop up for VS, my first SCT card, with an EX in the low 600’s. 620 I think, I got Express and Overstock with the same. A month later, I got Boscov’s, New York & Co, Sahalie (dont know why I accepted that one) and Brylane Home. I kept my utilization low. Only used Express and VS for holiday shopping. I could not get the pop up for the ones I really wanted which were Wayfair, Pier1, and HSN. My income is in the mid-20’s and my EX scores were in the mid 600’s by February. TU approx 630, EQ still lingering in the 620’s due to old medical bills. Most of these cards pulled Experian. Wayfair pulls Equifax which is my lowest and slowest moving score so it makes sense that I’m not getting the cards that pull EQ.
          I finally got the pop up for Wayfair in March. I’d been trying since November! I also got approved for Ulta for $400 (offered to me at checkout which was a nice surprise. They told me I was already approved so just like the online process, you enter your salary and last 4 of ss, DOB and bam. You’re a cardholder!) I’ve put that one to good use. The minimum pymt for this card is a bit higher, at $30, but I pay a little over because I’ll use it frequently this year. For all of these except VS and Boscov’s I was signed in to my acct. You should get the pop up after putting the cursor into the cc box to pay. If you don’t, keep gardening your credit and try a few times a month if you really want the card on a SP. The SCT has really helped me to jumpstart my credit. I’m certain that because I’ve been responsible with my cards, I’ve been able to get approved for Capital One, Amex Blue Everyday, and Chase Amazon Prime Rewards VISA (the metal one, so cool!) I egt preapprovals for subprime cards with ridiculous fees in the mail all the time but I don’t have to take them. My credit is still not where I want it to be, but I’m seeing my scores inch up every few weeks, which is more progress than I’ve made in years. Thanks to everyone who is posting and giving good info and to the creators of this site. You’re helping so much!

      • Julie Gartenberg says:

        I had no problem with Boscov’s, Haband, Blair, Roamann’s. The ones I have a hard time with and never get approved for are the ones I shop the most with: HSN & JTV. You would think with all the business I have given them, they would want a steady customer having their cards. So, by not getting those, I miss out on the perks, such as the extra flex/stretch pay on purchases.

  7. Lpri says:

    I have a few comenity bank cards, but much to my amazement when i was denied a BJ ‘s Credit Card. Can someone please shine some light on this? I have wonderful credit with them.

    • Randy Martens says:

      Comenity Bank/Comenity Capital Bank approvals are algorithm-based. If you get denied, it is helpful to call the lender to let them know you would like to appeal the turn-down decision. Most lenders will then look at your credit history and will probably ask you some personal questions (e.g., why do you want this?, how much do you currently pay per month on credit? Etc..). Some won’t overturn that decision, however, many will if you present a good case.

  8. Marlteze Saffold says:

    This trick is not working for me at all. I currently have a 530-550 range score & other than student loans ($29,000) which 4 late payments murdered my credit & 2 medical collections ($1,500) my credit isn’t that horrible but these things are like rotting apples on my credit report. This combined with no credit due primarily to the inability to get approved (other than a secured card option has been quite discouraging. I am interested in a West Elm card & a J. Crew but I’ve tried all the cards shopping cart trick. Any advice you can offer?

    • CJ says:

      Stop trying for a couple years and stay with your secured card… If you keep trying for credit, it will keep going down. Wait it out and pay everything on time 530-550 is not good at all, your not going to get anything until you get up over 620 in my honest opinion and that is going to be a non rewards card. get over 680 before you try for rewards cards.

      If you have any relatives that trust you and you trust them to keep low balances/pay on time, ask them to add you as an authorized user on all of their cards and tell them to shred the card when it comes so you don’t have to worry about any consequences of it getting lost/stolen.

      This will significantly improve your credit because their accounts will show up under your name during credit cards pulls increasing your average age of credit and debt to income ratio.

      I can see my parent’s discover card spending on my credit karma reports and how their card affects my credit on a weekly basis.

      • mark says:

        ive got a 525 score and i got a 2000 lexus pursuit visa, 1500 smile care credit account, 350 true value, 500 gettington, 500 first premeire mastercard, total visa 300, first acces visa 300, creit one platinuim card 300, plus about 10 other store cards, most banks will only let you have one card with them untill your credit worthy, but comenity loves me and my low score, because most of the cards are from comenity capital bank, they are they only one who will give me a chance, i applied for these all at once, yes they hard pulls lower your score some, but having ten good lines of credit make it go back up very fast, by the end of the week after getting approved for a bunch of store cards and sending them a payment after spending a small amount on each, i was getting 2000 lexus visa cards lol, its all about payments, thats the biggest scorer on your credit score, can increase or drop it very fast, ts up to you

    • Alexis says:

      I was approved for several Comenity credit cards with the same credit score range. I have one derogatory medical bill that bumped my score from almost 700 to the high 500s (even though it came from a surgery I had in 2014 they didn’t notify me about it until recently and it had already done the damage) and I have student loans (they haven’t entered repayment yet) and a car loan and a capital one student credit card. I have no late payments on any of them though. I was approved for Victoria Secret, J. Crew, Express, and Henry Bendel instantly with the same low credit score. I didn’t do the shopping cart trick but you should get approved for J. Crew or any other Comenity credit cards.

    • kim says:

      I had the same issue, I applied for a Capital 1 card to improve my credit score. It done that in less than a month, now I have a credit score of 650 and rising every 7 days. I Pay all my bills at least a week ahead, and I pay 10 dollars more than the minimum every month.

    • Debby says:

      Definitely bite the bullet and get a secured card. Capital One secured card was the first one that I ever got, I had to put $100 down and they gave me a $200 limit. After 6 months of on time payments they upped my limit to $500, plus, having that open credit card boosted my credit rating enough to get me approved for other cards. Coming from bad credit I know personally, you’ve got to start somewhere.

      • Jennifer says:

        Debby you are exactly correct, starting with a secure credit card if one is not able to get approved by using the shopping cart trick or applying in the stores. A secure card is a great start to build credit history. I too was in the same situation as many of you, and I came to realize I needed to start with a secure credit card.
        When applying for a secure credit card please read, read, read. The best one in my opinion is the Capital One. There are others but BE AWARE of the find print.

  9. Nicole says:

    Worked for Victoria’s Secret for me! Will this only work once with comenity or just not again until time passes after the first one?

    • Nadia says:

      It works on most of Comenity cards you just have to throw something in the cart. Try

      • Jessica says:

        I cant get Overstock to work for me to save my life or HSN, but I have gotten others like VS, Coldwater Creek, Boscovs, Brylane Home. I just cant seem to get the ones i want most like the Buckle, Express, HSN, or Overstock. Any tips? Also are there any other clothing stores this trick works for that are not listed?

        • Mary says:

          Pace yourself. These interest rates are high and if you are rebuilding credit, these can get you in trouble. A few years ago, I started with few cards that I new I would get such as NYC, Ann Taylor, Eddie Bauer and others. I used these cards usually for holiday shopping and always always paid on time and paid much more than what was due or paid off in full. each time I did this my credit limit went up. I never had multiple card balances at one time. Most of the time they are at zero balance as my plan was to show credit discipline. I did get the hsn card a few years ago too with 1000 limit but I wanted the overstock card the most. I purchased the membership and would occasionally complete an order something and sometimes just leave items in my cart. It took some patience (about a year) but few weeks ago when I was ordering, I got the pre approved pop up for the overstock card with a $5500 credit limit. I also just got the pottery barn card too with $2000. Hope this helps – good luck!!!!

          • TJ says:

            Hi there – I got the Pottery Barn to work, but it asked for all 9 ssn, so I didn’t go any further because I didn’t want the HP. Does anyone know the answer to that?


          • Deidra says:

            @TJ PB asks for the full 9 as does Overstock but they are both soft pulls. I have heard of the rare occasion when a hard pull was observed after the fact but I’m not convinced that they did it correctly.

        • mark says:

          lmao i got a 250 buckle card, wow that place is expensive, i can by two and a half pairs of jeans wow, or maybe 5 shirts lol you need like 2050 to go shopping there.

        • Lori says:

          Just keep trying with overstock, you’ll get the pop up..I tried about 5 times before I got it and once I did I ignored it..multiple times due to fill ss# required. They started emailing my cart to me so I went for it and got 4,500!! Don’t give up!!

      • jenna says:

        Got the preapproval on then got the 10 day message. Have several Comenity cards all in good standing.

  10. Karmen says:

    My credit score is 622 and in the span of about 2 months I was approved for
    Victorias Secret
    Piercing Pagoda
    Old Navy
    American Eagle
    Dress Barn
    None of theses were done with the cart trick and mostly all asked for a full SS#. These are a mix of both Commenity and Synchrony Banks. There must be somewhat of a lower standard to obtaining these cards vs MC’s & Visa’s.
    I hope some of this info is helpful to someone

  11. Dawn says:

    I have been working on my credit for the past year. I have a Sports Authority Card with a $500 limit. I used this card here and there and paid off the balance. The stores are all closing due to bankruptcy. Does anything happen to my credit because a store is closing? I assume no.

    • Joe says:

      Dawn. I believe the sports authority cards are being taken by Dicks Sportings Goods? not sure about this, but I heard on a commercial to bring your Sports Authority Card to them and they will do something about it etc.

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  13. NADIA says:

    I have several Community cards….Ashley Stewart($150) was my first one. I have NY&COMPANY($500), JUST GOT APPROVED YESTERDAY (preapproved); Buckle($250); full beauty($250); king size($250); Overstock($250); Brylane home($500. All of these we’re sct preapprovals. Vicki doesn’t like me yet. But Comenity seems to like me way more that Syncrony does that’s for sure.

  14. Sugamama says:

    I have quite a few Comenity cards using the SCT; however, I can’t seem to get a popup now. That’s okay as I want my credit score to improve as it’s only 612. So no more applying for quite some time to come. Do have several Synchrony-backed cards

  15. David Yau says:

    I have an old Express Next credit card but do not want to close it since it will lower my AAoA. Anyone ever try doing a product change to another Comenity card?

  16. Moni says:

    I must say that I found out about the “shopping cart trick” around November of 2015. My credit score isn’t the greatest due to medical bills & student loans. All of which are paid off now but still linger on my credit report 🙁 However, I was approved for my 1st Comenity card for Victoria Secret in December ’15. I pay it every month on time, faithfully. I had been trying since December to get the sct (shopping cart trick) to work for me. Well, last week, I finally started getting the pop ups. Right now, my credit score is sitting at 568 (TU) and 559 (Equifax). Comenity pulls your Equifax report if you apply for their cards. I’m slowly but surely getting my credit back on track but it’s taking me awhile. If you have a low score, keep trying the shopping cart trick. As I said, it took 6 months for me to get them to start popping up & that was AFTER I had a VS card with them & paid on it for 6 months. My advice is to try the Marisota & Simply Be sct first as these seem to be the easiest ones to get. However, last week I got the sct to work for me through Express, PacSun, Buckle, Woman Within, Full Beauty, KingSize, Ann Taylor, Ashley Stewart, J Crew, Elder Beerman, Gordmans, Maurices, all of the Blair stores, Venus and there were several more. I only accepted a few of them though. I couldn’t get Overstock, Torrid and several others to work (really the ones I wanted…figures) Anyhow, the BIGGEST thing is knowing your credit score, looking through your credit report, disputing things that shouldn’t be there (if any) then start working on things to improve your score. Also, you MUST be opted in to receive pre-approved offers. Here is the website to do that in case you aren’t sure whether you are opted in or not. There is an option to opt in or out on there. Any questions, let me know & I will answer them the best I can 🙂

  17. Mandi says:

    My credit score is a 530 I have the cards for avenue, ashley stewart and torrid. Make your payments on time and they’ll increase your limits. I was getting denied to I waited a year and got approved for all three.

  18. J says:

    zales is one of Comenity

  19. Tess says:

    ULTA has a Comenity card now!

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  22. Deborah DeSouza says:

    I have increased my credit score from 500 (Oct. 2015) to 655 (now) and I have been trying this trick every couple of months but it never works for me. I do have a VS card and a JCP card which I always, without fail, pay early every month, and carry no balance. I never use more than 10% of my available credit. Any idea what I may be doing wrong? I place items in my cart, use the same name and address to the letter and then nothing happens! I have tried most of the stores on both Synchrony and Comenity Bank lists.

    • Nadia says:

      Clear your cookies, and your history. Then try again. Make your pop- up block is off . And that you are opted in for pre-approval offers.

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  24. lisa says:

    My score is 540 and I was recently approved for a Victoria Secret, NY & Co, Loft, Ann Taylor, JD Williams, I cannot seem to get Overstock and wondered exactly what you would have to put in the address bar in order to get the right site that would make an offer. Thanks for all of the advice on this site it was very helpful in assisting me with rebuilding my credit

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  27. claire says:

    i got approved for $500 for ulta, but $6000 for overstock

  28. Tonya says:

    Does anyone know if this works for Meijer?

  29. jessica says:

    I think the bank caught on to me, I got the pre approval for sportsman finally and i only had to enter the last four and it said they are processing my app it will take 10 business days

  30. I have numerous credit cards. My wife had the girl’s stores card and when she passed I tried to cancel them and went thru HELL. I have a good to very good credit rating. I missed a Haband payment by a few days and they racked me to Equifax and my score decreased. Transunion stayed OK. They should check the overall payment record which was excellent. Except the one for Haband. When I found out I paid it immediately. I just paid the balance before the due date and will probably cancel the Haband card and in the future use other credit cards to by from Haband. Comenity Bank “sucks”.

  31. Isaac says:

    they asked me to send them DL, SS# card and utility bill. Is this normal?

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  33. Kay says:

    I have my equifax locked, is that a problem? Will I need to unlock it first? Just wondering if its not a hard pull and a soft it shouldn’t matter correct?

  34. RockinRobyn says:

    I used the shopping cart trick for Wayfair and Overstock, got approved for $750 credit line on each. Also used shopping cart trick for HSN and got $1750 line. I also have an Ulta and VS card ($400 and $250 respectively), but for those I received pre-approved offers via email. My credit is not great, but have been working recently to clean it up in order to qualify for a mortgage within a year. Right now I’m sitting between 610 and 640.

  35. Dorina Moceri says:

    Thanks for all the great info

  36. fellow_friend says:

    I can’t get any of these to work for me. I have tried literally EVERYTHING! My credit is fair – not good but not the worst. . I don’t know what is my problem. It is very discouraging.

  37. Fellow_friend says:

    I tried all 3 of those. Before I knew if the SCT I applied at brylane home. They rejected me and sent me the dreaded letter.

    • Nadia B Morgan-Shamburger says:

      OK, stop applying. Make sure you have not opted out of preapprovals. The shopping cart would pop up you are hurting your credit by applying. Wait a couple of months and try but don’t do hp for credit. That defeats the purpose.

      • fellow_friend says:

        Yea. You are right. lol I feel so dejected because it works for so many.

        Thanks for the advice ?

        • Nadia B Shamburger says:

          No problem, I know it’s hard being patient. But that’s what works. Give it a couple of months and hopefully your score will bounce back.

          • Joe says:

            This is not true, doing the SCT does not effect your credit as your are not applying for anything. SCT is a pre approval offer just like you get in your mailbox. I have had to do it it with different amounts and different phone numbers to get it to come up. Some are easy to come up, some are not. It is different for everyone. Some your just lucky and hit the algorithm just right. You can do them all day long and it will not hurt anything. You should instead pull your experian report and find out what personal information they have on you. If it is incorrect call any open account you have and request that they send your full personal profile to the credit reporting agency when they send they next update and it will correct it. Your name, address and phone numbers must match exactly for the soft pull to work. Also make sure your opt in.

          • Joe says:

            This is not true, doing the SCT does not effect your credit as your are not applying for anything. SCT is a pre approval offer just like you get in your mailbox. I have had to do it it with different amounts and different phone numbers to get it to come up. Some are easy to come up, some are not. It is different for everyone. Some your just lucky and hit the algorithm just right. You can do them all day long and it will not hurt anything. You should instead pull your experian report and find out what personal information they have on you. If it is incorrect call any open account you have and request that they send your full personal profile to the credit reporting agency when they send they next update and it will correct it. Your name, address and phone numbers must match exactly for the soft pull to work. Also make sure your opt in. In less than 1 month my score from 508 to 596 by using SCT and a couple disputes. Dont stopand remember to be responsible with what you get. This is a great way to rebuild. 6 years ago I was over 740 on all 3 and plan to be back there in less than 6 months now that my ch13 is discharged.

  38. LadeeGee1958 says:

    I got approved via SCT for Avenue, Ashley Stewart.

    Roaman’s, Woman Within, Simply Be, JD Williams, Old Pueblo Traders, Blair were catalog pre-approvals. I applied for and was approved for the Carson Pirie Scott store card, also by Comenity Bank. I pre-qualified for Capital One Platinum Secured MasterCard, and Credit One’s Platinum Visa. Just recently I was approved for QVC’s QCard, and Walmart’s store credit card, through Synchrony Bank.

    • kay says:

      How did you get Ashley Stuart? Was the procedure the same and you got the popup.. your the 1st I have heard got AS via the SCT.

  39. Nadia says:

    Guess what guys? Comenity bank has Forever 21 store card and Visa. Got an email today! They are expanding again. Idk if they have the SCT but just an FYI!

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  41. Tah Reyn says:

    I actually got approved for the F21 visa…. CL $350….. Scores are 585 TS, 619 EQ…. Synchrony won’t approve me. I tried for American Eagle. I was in the low 500s 7 months ago but paid off 1000 worth of other credit card

  42. Tah Reyn says:

    I also have ny & co and Ashley Stewart

  43. Sara says:

    Children’s Place is now with Comenity!

  44. kay says:


    Where you able to obtain a card via the shopping card trick.. some of these sites wont allow the pop ups even though they may be with comenity.

  45. Aja says:

    @William Charles, on the homepage post that Comenity has acquired Bed, Bath and Beyond. This card can be used at Cost Plus World Market and 5 other stores. No store card will be available. This Bed, Bath and Beyond card will be a Mastercard. This card will not be available for people to apply for it until December 1st. Comenity took this account from US Bank. I don’t know if there will be a shopping cart trick for it but i’m pretty sure there will be. I’ll know in December and will post back. If there is a shopping cart trick for this card don’t expect a pop-up unless you have other bank cards with Comenity (Visa, Mastercard, Discover).

  46. Aja says:

    @William Charles, also post that Comenity has just reacquired Coldwater Creek and add this to the shopping cart trick list. I got the Mastercard via SCT. They had a store card and a bank card with Comenity. They filed bankruptcy and it must have just been discharged because cardholders could no longer use their cards. Now Coldwater Creek is back with Comenity. There is a shopping cart trick. If approved you will be offered the store card or the Mastercard.

  47. kay says:

    Does anyone know if Sportsman Guide still works with the Shopping Cart Trick?

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  49. Mike says:

    Hi William! In the Marathon Visa section, you mentioned that, essentially, you get free gas. Is there another post where I could read up on that? Thank you!

  50. Kay says:

    Hi all,

    5 comenity cards a year this month and every time that I request a cli I ge the 7-10 day drama. Anyone not able to get any increases since 6 months ago?

  51. David says:

    The overstock shopping cart trick didn’t work the first time for me. I let them email me deals for about a week then went back online putting two things in my shopping card and then a pop up came on my screen saying congratulations id been pre approved for their card for 5,000$, I do have ok credit which ranges from 716-732

  52. MPatrick says:

    I would not trust Comenity and certainly would not use their credit card. I have a credit score of over 725, they sent the card in the mail and after using the card at BJ’s they turned around and cancelled the card without notification. Never Again will I consider Comenity.

  53. Michelle Anderson says:

    It’s very odd that I was approved for a children’s place card, gordmans, Victoria secret, and Maurices but couldn’t get approved for the buckle. I don’t understand the difference between cards.

    • Sara says:

      I can’t get Buckle either. I believe they utilize equifax and trans union more primarily than Experian. That would be my only guess…

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  56. shannon says:

    I have had a community store card for a few years trying to rebuild my credit. I was not actively trying to get additional cards and actually stumbled on this….while shopping at another store (in person NOT online) that has comenity for their private label card, I gave them my email and phone number for promotions and coupons. While I checking out I was “pre approved” for a card – it was a complete shock as my credit score was in the low 500. I was approved for $250 at Torrid. It seams that each merchant that uses comenity, shares information and before I knew it I had several “pre approval” cards.
    I pay the $25 minimum twice each month on each card to help my score and never carry a balance that is more than 50% of my limit. Each card has now increased my limit (without me asking) and in the last 2 months my score has increased 30 points (15 each month on experian). Was shopping last night on and I put an item in the shopping card and I was “pre approved” for $1,000. Completely shocked me. Current score is 630 on Experian.
    If you are actively trying open more comenity cards, I would start shopping in person at their stores. Sign up for their shopper programs by giving them your phone and email you have under your current comenity card. It may take a few shopping trips……

  57. Shirley says:

    I didn’t know about the shopping cart trick until I stumbled upon this site. I tried it, just to see if it would work, and yes it did. I was pre approved for: j crew, Ann Taylor, NY&Company, Kingsize, Brylane and Simply Be. My credit score was 559 and Ann Taylor is already listed on my credit report and my score went up 26 points to 585. I’m extremely happy. Thank you so much for the wealth of information to help rebuild credit.

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  59. Tamara says:


    I have signed up wayfair credit card this summer. I moved into a new home and I was planning on buying a lot of furnitures. When I saw the wayfair credit card I thought that it was a great idea to sign up for it. As advertised you could get 40$ of your 1st purchase, pay no interest for 12 months if you spend over 500$ and you can accumulate reward points.

    Signing up for this credit card was one of the biggest mistake I have made this year. I never received any notification from the wayfair credit card company notifying of payment deadline. I always thought since I spend over 500$ that I would have 12 months to pay back the credit card company.

    One day I receive a phone call from someone telling me I am being charged a late fee and interests. I pay the full amount right away and managed to avoid the interest fee and the late payment. However I am confused on why I would get charged a late payment fee and interests if I have an entire year to pay it back.

    Mid-fall I purchased a bed and 2 desks which is automatically charged to the credit card. Once you have the credit card and you are logged in to your account it would automatically charged the credit card. Same story again, I would not receive any notification by mail or phone call that a payment is due. I sign up in my account in December and discover that I have been charged late charge fee of 25$ and 37$ and tones of interest fees.

    I made the full payment right away and notified the credit card company that I did not received any notification for payment. I requested the interest fees and the late fees to be reimbursed. To put by balance at zero and to close my account. After the winter break I realized that they closed my account but did not put my balance at zero nor applied my reward points earned while buying online. I have called wayfair and the credit card company many times for many hours. Every time I would call they would tell me something new or different. They do not have the proper communication guideline nor the knowledge to advice nor let the customers for this type of situation.

    Long story short, this story made me waste a lot of time and I ended spending more money if I would not have sign up for the credit card. I am extremely sadden by the poor customer service on both end. I will never sign up for one of these online credit card ever again. And I am definitely not shopping at Wayfair ever again. I feel that the whole thing is just a SCAM. The fact that Wayfair teams up on it makes me loose total respect for this company that I view as unethical. I feel upset and fooled.

    By sharing my experience I hope that I will save some people the trouble and the pain I went through. My advice: do not sign up for any credit card. If you have had a similar situation that mine please let me know!

    • PAW says:

      It is always another option to pay when you have these cards. It may be set up as a default to charge your credit card, but you can make another selection or go into the back office and fix it.

  60. Jeff H says:

    The Good Sam | Camping World Visa® and Visa Signature® cards are issued by Comenity Capital Bank


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  62. Jackie says:

    The Limited is no longer in business, they file chapter 11 and they close all there stores. Just paid it off.

    • miko says:

      I currently have a card with them and have not received notification that they were out of business but I have heard this before. I may need to cancel this card.

  63. CCM says:

    Sportsman’s Guide is a Visa and Fuel Rewards is a MC. These are better cards to attempt the SCT. These are bank cards not just a use only at the one retail/online store cards. I get decent rewards with the Fuel Rewards card. With a FICO score a little below 650 I was approved for a $9K CL for the SG CC and $6K for the FR CC. After a year both did a $1500.00 CL increase.
    I did a lot to fix my credit from 512 to 796. It was a two year journey.

  64. Nichole says:

    Who do you do your credit bureau check with? Experiean or who?

  65. Nichole Gonzalez says:

    What is the credit Bureau you check with if we need to unlock our credit as will need to reach out to the correct bureau before applying for a card

    • It depends what credit bureau you’ve locked

      • DOES ANYONE KNOW IF APPLYING THROUGH PAYPAL IS A HARD PULL??? Is that a shopping cart trick? I mean is that what that means, when you are at the shopping cart and the Paypal Credit card offer appears…????

        • Chuck says:

          I think Paypal credit is a hard pull with Transunion.

        • 800 says:

          Yes, PayPal does a hard pull from TU but I think it is worth it because it is also a hidden line of credit, meaning that PayPal does not report your balance to the credit agencies. Good way to keep your overall credit usage to appear low. Credit use ratio counts for 30% of your credit score. I got a PayPal pop up at check out on Crate and Barrel and was approved for 3700.

          Interestingly, two months prior I had applied for the CB card and was declined. Went back today after stumbling upon this website and did the SCT and got 3000 credit line at CB, 2500 at West Elm, 1000 at William Sonoma, 250 at Ann Taylor and 750 at Overstock.

        • Elizabeth says:

          Hard Pull but nice credit line. $4500 and it doesn’t report utilization so that can be a good or bad thing depending on your goals.

        • miko says:

          hard pull for sure.

  66. KEPT says:

    Very Helpful Information

  67. sal says:

    got A&F w/out the pop-up first five of SS# all 0’s and it worked. thanks for the info

  68. Earlette Manetta says:

    I have $25.00 taken out of my Checking account and I did not authorize it and don’t know what it is for there is no phone number for this bank and my bank couldn’t tell me what it was for.

  69. sal says:

    got pier1 with all 0’s but last four of ss#, will update for the type of pull.

  70. Carita Dixon says:

    Ok so I didn’t use the act trick but I applied for and got approved for Victoria secret ulta express and ny and company. Got a letter to call in and verify info for forever 21 and got approved. Also got approved for Overstock. Waiting on approvals from HSN wayfair pier 1 the loft and marathon. Now I’m kinda nervous after reading the reviews and seeing that some people got approved then cancelled because of the multiple inquiries. I’ll update with results.

  71. Summer says:

    Does anyone have a Brylane Home Platinum Card? I kept getting the pop up, so I finally accepted it. I am wondering how often they offer CLI’s?

    I also, I keep getting the pre-approved pop-up for Williams Sonoma, but when I click on the link they ask for the full ssn. Is this a HP?

    • Sophie says:

      Williams Sonoma (only $500 cl), Pottery Barn ($2000 cl) and West Elm ($2000 cl) all ask for full ss# but they were all soft pulls for me.

  72. Scoot says:

    When people aggressively get approved for store cards by Comenity only to be closed for “Security” issues, does this mean that person’s been blacklisted?

  73. Janet Vierra says:

    I have an HSN card. I asked for the amount I have to pay in order to pay my card off in 3 years. The customer service department told me I have to ask this online. The online customer service department said I have to call. The customer service department I called said to pay double the 6 year payment, and if you have any background in finance, you know that is an incorrect statement. My financial calculator gave me an amount less than the MINIMUM payment due. I called yet again to get that figure and got all of the information that I can get on my statement MINUS that 3 year payoff figure. They also told me that the 3 year payoff figure is too complex to get for me. REALLY??? And they service all of the above cards and they are too stupid to give me that answer???? They also said they are not required to give me that figure, and that if they did the figure would no longer be accurate should the interest rate go up. HOWEVER, their computer can give us the 6 year payoff amount just fine!!!! I am now having this bank investigated for deceptive practices. Don’t do business with this bank.

  74. Scott E. says:

    There is a danger they don’t hard pull for SCT, but their system does random checks. DW opened two accounts with the SCT. Within 30 days they sent the cards, we paid them off and went to us the Sportsman Club Visa to pay for dinner. It was declined so she called, rep said he didn’t understand why their system closed the account. A week later she got a letter stating that she had too many new accounts open. So be careful with the SCT.

  75. Heather says:

    I applied for VS card and got instant approval. A day later I applied for Express and got instant approval for that one as well. 2 days later I applied for a hot topic card and got the 7- 10 day message. Did I get denied for the card?

    • miko says:

      No, not necessarily. Sometimes they may need to check your identity. I’ve gotten the 7-10 message before and then later received an approval email and letter

  76. Samantha says:

    Does anyone know if you can reallocate available credit to open a new card with Comenity, similar to how Chase handles it? Either partial or in full? My J.Crew limit is $14,750 with maybe a ~$400 revolving balance — don’t need all of this for one store.

  77. Alex says:

    Gander Mountain no longer accepts their card as of 5/8. All stores closing and in liquidation.

  78. Craig says:

    Where can the Lexus or Toyota card be used? Just at dealerships or anywhere(target,Walmart,etc)

  79. Angel says:

    Comenity Univision Mastercard no acept new applications. It will be descontinued?

    I’m so sad because I love it. I have 3k CL on it after 1.7 years, if Comenity cancel this account it will hurt my credit a lot. I do not apply for Comenity or other store cards any more.

    I’m will try focus on liable, stable bank’s and prime cards like American Express, Discover and others that have MC or Visa.

  80. Jerry says:

    I have been trying to use the shopping cart trick for years and it NEVER works. My FICO scpres are all over 750.

    • miko says:

      Make sure your history is clear and also your cookies. Thats how I got them to work for me, overstock, boscov, sportmans guide visa and total rewards visa

  81. Claire louise Wilson says:

    I tried for a couple of months and never got pop ups for any of the cards. But I decided to create a new email address and use my cell number instead of my home number. Once I did that, I got pop ups for Overstock $3000, Boscovs $4000 also got Sportmans Guide Visa, Bontons, King size direct and Simply Bee but only for $200. I was only able to get these when I changed my email and phone number. I still had the same home address and of course the same social number, last 4 digits only were asked for. My credit is terrible, 553 transunion and low 500’s exp. So it’s possible, but you have to switch it up a little. This worked for me only after I changed my info.

  82. Janet Gayle Frumes says:

    I need to check to see if my mother (Alzheimer’s patient) has any open credit cards with you.

    I am her trustee and Durable POA for all matters.

    Please call me ASAP. I see several notations on her credit report from your companyl

  83. Fork says:

    Actually got a 0% BT for $0 on an existing Marathon card. Sadly the credit limit was rather low.

  84. Michael Claypoole says:

    2 checks were present to my bank for processing but no image was available so I don’t know which company they are from. Here’s the information:
    The CO ID shows as XXXXX93992 ARC
    One check (#169) was posted on 3/27/2017 for $224.00 and the other (#180) on 5/22/2017 for $207.00.
    I’m in the final stages of applying for a new home loan this we’re suppose to Close on 6/22/2017. I need to know the Company to determine whether these were individual payments or an actual account.

  85. Michael Claypoole says:

    I posted a comment earlier today that I don’t now see in the list above. Should I still be expecting an answer.

    My question is can you tell me which company that you serve has a CO ID: XCXXX93992 ARC? There have been 2 transactions processed by Bank of America. one in March and the other in May and I don’t know what Company these payments were for. It’s CRITICAL I get this information for the Loan Officer fo0r a new home I’m suppose to Close on 6/22.

  86. Rhonda Manetz says:

    I had credit scores of 504 (Transunion) 511 (Equifax) in May. I applied for a surgery loan in June and was not approved because of my low FICO scores. I contacted my loan officer and she let me know i needed a score of 720-780 to get qualified (considered by FICO as Good) and I was in desperate need to get my score up because i had to do the surgery at that time. I had seen some wonderful recommendations of this genius hacker: (PYRAMIDEYE.HACK at OUTLOOK.COM) that fixed my FICO scores to 780 in 3 working days across all 3 credit bureaus and I was approved within a week. I still have my scores at 782 because it is a permanent hack. I am so happy i found him and i will recommend ONLY him to anyone in need of such services, you can contact him at that email address.

  87. tom says:

    I always wondering how I could boost my credit score after constantly getting ripped off due to my poor credit history.So I got referred to a close friend about this amazing hacker called DARK WEB who helped me to remove the negatives on my report and increase my credit score in a discreet manner.i was surprise when he helped me to increased my credit score within 48 hours.i now have a good home and business.get hold of him today because have made him my permanent hacker.( it’s affordable.

  88. carole gutowski says:

    i paid my game stop card every month on time and when i filed bankrupuy that dropped me like a hot case had nothing to do with game stop they were paid every month.i am so upset that my personal business for other reason were not even people can say how wonderful this bank but wait til you get their bill with the interest rate.shame on you people for being so inconsiderate.

  89. carole gutowski says:


  90. Lex says:

    Wish I found your site 6 months ago. The third party trick worked for me.
    No hard pull.

    Sportsman Guide Visa $3000
    Overstock Visa $3000

    I suggest fully read the article and the discussion thread.
    I passed on the Victoria Secret. The pop preapporved me for $750.

    Credit Score: 720 transunion & Equifax, Experian 650
    Chase $3500 ($3000 balance), JC Penny $3500 ($0) Capitol Secured Card $500 ($50 balance)

    A million thanks!

  91. Ben says:

    What should I do ? Should I fight this.? It seem Like its discrimation.

  92. Ben says:

    Comenity bank cancel all my card. They stated that I had excessive inquires. I have good credit and pay on time above my min due. I feel this is unfair.

  93. Ben says:

    Be aware of this bank they wanted u to apply for cards but will cancel your accounts if you get too many cards from their banks. It does not matter if u never late or pay them off.

  94. Ben says:

    What should I do to fight this.

  95. Rich Farrell says:

    what part does pay pal play what is the idea that gave birth of this style red

  96. Rich Farrell says:

    also do they have bank accounts i can utilize My business needs a place to deposit my money and keep from unfriendly eyes Any info i take advantage of legally against an adversary?

  97. Don says:

    Wow, I’ll just take this moment to apologize to bloggers everywhere for ever thinking keeping a blog up to date was an easy job. After looking at the last few comments, Wowzers! I hope you guys don’t get an alert whenever a new comment is posted considering how large DoC has grown.

  98. Godwin says:

    go incognito in chrome browser, it works…just got $4500

  99. Drew says:

    It appears Maurices is no longer a Comenity Bank Card. It looks from there website that they are currently offered through Capital One.

  100. Gary Smith says:

    Comenity shows up on my credit report as a way fair credit report,but I have not received a credit card. Please send me a Wayfair credit card with a $600 limit as soon as possible

  101. Gary Smith says:

    Comenity shows up on my credit report as Wayfair credit report,but I have received a Wayfair Credit card. please send me a Wayfair credit card with a $600.00 limit as soon as possibly
    Mail it to Gary Smith 318 South Albany Street, Ithaca, NewYork 13045 in the next 2 weeks as of November 1st my shipping address and billing address will be
    Gary Smith
    42 Church Street
    Apt. 711
    Cortland New York 13045

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