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Published on June 6th, 2016 | by Chuck


[Expired] Citibank 0 Checking Bonus with ,000 Initial Deposit – No Direct Deposit Needed

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: 0
  • Availability: Nationwide (can be done online)
  • Direct deposit required: Not required
  • Additional requirements: Maintain ,000 for 30-days
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft pull
  • Credit card funding: None
  • Monthly fees: , avoidable
  • Early account termination fee: None
  • Expiration date: August 31, 2016 October 31st. 2016 November 15th, 2016


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The Offer

Direct Link to Offer

  • Get a 0 bonus when you open a new Citigold or Citibank Account checking package, deposit ,000 of non-Citi funds within 30 days, and keep the funds there for 30 consecutive calendar days

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 3.01.00 PM

Use the link from the landing page and it will pre-populate with the offer code; you need that offer code there to get the bonus. You can also apply in a Citi branch or over the phone at 1-866-422-1475 and use code CZPE. 

[If you apply online from a non-cookied browser, you’ll get an error message after entering your home state. Just click the back button and everything should be smooth sailing from there.]

The Fine Print

  • Cash bonus will be credited to your new checking account within 90 calendar days from the date when you completed all offer requirements.
  • This offer is for new consumer checking customers only, 18 years or older. Enrollment in this offer does not guarantee eligibility. To be eligible for this offer, customer must not currently have a consumer checking account with Citibank. Customers are not eligible for this offer if the customer was a signer on or owner of a Citibank consumer checking account within the last 60 days. Eligible accounts must have been opened within 60 calendar days of enrollment in this offer. However, signers on fiduciary, estate, business and certain trust accounts are not eligible. Customer can have an existing Citibank Savings Plus Account.
  • Effective November 1, 2016, the monthly service fee will be eliminated for customers in The Citigold Account Package.
  • The new checking account in The Citigold Account Package or The Citibank Account Package and/or new or existing Citibank Savings Plus Account must be open and in good standing at the time the cash bonus is credited to the checking account.
  • Offer may be modified or withdrawn at any time without notice, is not transferable and cannot be combined with any other checking offer.
  • The bonus will be reported to the IRS as interest on a 1099 INT form.
  • Limit of one of each offer per customer and one offer per account (sounds like two people living in the same household can each do this offer separately).

Avoiding Fees

Monthly Fee

This bonus is available on the Citigold Account Package and the Citibank Account Package.

  • The Citigold Package needs ,000 in combined deposits and retirement balances to remain fee free or 0,000 in deposits, retirement balances, and investments. Otherwise there is a monthly fee.
  • The Citibank Account Package needs ,000 in combined average monthly balances to remain fee free. Otherwise, there is a monthly fee.

Early Termination Fee

In the past, Citi has not charged any ETF, and none is mentioned for this offer.

Our Verdict

In order to get the bonus, you just need to leave the funds there for 30-days, but you do need ,000 in the account to avoid the monthly fee on the Citibank Account Package. And it can take up to 90-days from the end of the 30-days until you get the bonus. Overall, you’ll have k tied up for 30-days and k tied up for another 90-days.

Now let’s dive into the math. ,000 is being tied up for 4 months, and another k for 1 month. If you had the k in a 1% APY account for 4 months, you’d get around of interest. If you had k in a 1% APY account for 1 month, you’d earn around . Overall, you’re losing ~ in interest by doing this deal when comparing it to a 1% account, so you’re netting an extra 3.

Looking at it another way, you are earning a return of around 10% APY for tying up this k for 4 months and k for 1 month. Pretty awesome.

If you can’t tie up k for 4 months, but you have k to tie up for 30-days, you might consider doing this offer and depositing k for 30-days and then just paying the monthly fee for a few months. Typically, Citi waives the first couple months, so let’s say you’ll end up paying in fees and net 5. Still a good deal.

If I didn’t already have a Citibank checking account, I’d jump on this offer. While there have been other great offers for Citibank checking accounts, those seem to be by invitation-only going forward and aren’t publicly available. This offer has a public landing page and isn’t targeted for specific people.

Here’s how I’d go about this offer:

  • Apply for the Citibank Account Package (not the Citigold Account Package) using the offer landing page, making sure the offer code is correctly populated
  • Transfer ,000 from my regular (non-Citi) checking or savings account and leave it there for 30-days
  • Transfer out ,000 to my regular savings account and park the remaining k there for 3 more months until the bonus posts so as to keep the account fee free
  • Then I’d downgrade the account to Citi Basic (can be done via chat or Secure Message)
  • Then close it out a month later

This added downgrade step is is to avoid an extra fee/hassle as described in this post.

In fact, I think I’ll close out my Citi checking account today and wait 60-days to apply for this offer – it runs until August 31. As noted in the fine print, so long as you haven’t been a checking customer for 60 days you can get the bonus. I’m a bit worried that closed accounts linger in Citi’s system for some time so I’ll push off applying for the offer until close to August 31.

We’ll add this to our list of Best Bank Account Bonuses.

Hat tip to eChaos on r/churning

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603 Responses to [Expired] Citibank $400 Checking Bonus with $15,000 Initial Deposit – No Direct Deposit Needed

  1. Keith says:

    I signed up for this offer and an account was opened. I also have another mailes for the Citigold 50K TYP which I intended to sign up later this month. While this offer explicitly states that it is for new consumer checking accounts only. The mailer does not say it.

    Can I now sign up for the Citigold account as well and get the 50K TYP from it, that offer does not state the “for new checking account only” condition.

    • Chuck says:

      I don’t know if it’s possible to hold 2 Citi checking account packages. You can ask them and they might know.

      • David_07259 says:

        I’m trying it right now—just applied. I already have the Citigold account and am waiting for the AA miles to post to that before I close it. The online application just approved me, so we’ll wait and see.

        • David_07259 says:

          Update: Got screwed by Citi—even though they insisted multiple times both on the phone and in person that I was eligible for the bonus and had met all the terms. I just closed the account and will try for this one to make up for the wasted time.

          Oh, how I hope someone/s files a class action suit against Citi over this.

          • File a complaint with the CFPB

          • Jane says:

            It is NOT true, as stated in this website, that a consumer is bonus eligible as long as not a customer for 60 days and satisfying deposit requirements. I closed a citigold checking account exactly 60 days ago, and tried to do a $600 deal, this 61st day. I went to 3 branches of Citibank. They all said that I will NOT get another bonus. Another words, the bonus is not churnable. The manager pointed out the language in the bonus offer, “Enrollment in this offer does not guarantee eligibilty.” I pointed out the language in the offer, “To be eligible for this offer, you must currently not have a consumer checking account with Citibank or have been a signer on or owner of a Citibank consumer checking account within the last 60 days.” She said that because I received a bonus in connection with the account that I closed 2 months ago, that I am not eligible for another bonus. In one branch, a banker told me that no matter what the offer says that she has been with Citibank for many years and that Citibank will not award a bonus any sooner than 2 years after the last one. This is sleazy. The bank should state the terms of eligibility. They know when inducing contract that they will get the consumers’ money and may or may not pay the bonus that the consumer justifiably expects. It’s unilateral mistake. I believe it amounts to consumer fraud and is grounds for a class action lawsuit.

          • Drew says:

            I’m getting screwed by Citi as well. Parked $15k in their checking account since Oct. By all calculations, should have had +$400 by Feb 23. Opened a case with Citi on Feb 27. They responded on Mar 2 with a vague “we are processing the credit”. It is now mid March and still no $400.

  2. Raymond says:

    Is SSN a requirement to be eligible for this offer?

    • Chuck says:

      I don’t know. The terms do mention non-US Persons so that’s encouraging.

      • Keith says:

        It asked my SSN on the application. Also there was a question about whether you are a US citizen or not. I am not, choose that and then it prompted whether I was a permanent resident or not, for which I chose yes. Not sure what happens if you choose No, you can try it out by filling out the application through.

        • Charly Chang says:

          For some countries, it does not allow you open the account online even if you are a PR.

          We cannot open your account online. Please visit a Financial Center near you to determine your eligibility.

          I randomly tried a few other countries, some do give the option to proceed.

        • Philip says:

          I see that the offer page states:
          “Important tax information: … To be eligible for the bonus, a U.S. Person must have a valid Form W-9 on file, and a non-U.S. Person must have a valid Form W8-BEN on file”
          So, it seems that they are ready even for non-residents.
          Does anyone know how to ensure to have a valid Form W8-BEN on file?

          • Charly Chang says:

            You can simply choose your county of citizenship first and see whether you are able to apply online.

    • Jeff H says:

      SSN was asked for as part of the sign up bonus. There were other check boxes for those who did not want to give it on line.
      You can call their One stop- (800) 321-2484 banking line
      OR call the application by phone, but use the promo code and phone number on the Citi link DoC takes you to.

  3. Joe says:

    Get it in writing with these guys!

  4. jnrfalcon says:

    There is not a 2 month fee-free period for this offer. Though if you want the bonus, this won’t be a problem…

    • Chuck says:

      I assumed that the 2-month free period is a standard thing they do for new accounts. Other banks like Chase do it as well.

      Do you know that there is no fee-free period from personal experience?

      • jnrfalcon says:

        I was told by a friend there will not be a fee-free period specifically for this offer… Not 100% confident on that…

  5. HoKo says:

    Quickly scanned this while at work so maybe I’m missing something but this jumped off the page to me:

    “Effective November 1, 2016, the $30 monthly service fee will be eliminated for customers in The Citigold Account Package.”

    So Citigold is going fee free starting Nov 1…?

  6. Charly Chang says:

    What’s the best strategy for me given that I have recently got 40k TYP from a Gold checking account? Transfer the points to a airline partner and close the current checking account? And then open a new one?

    • Chuck says:

      You’d have to wait 60 days, but that could work.

      You can’t transfer checking points to airlines though, but you can book flights or buy gift cards.

  7. John says:

    Hey Chuck. Great post. I emailed you about this new offer a few days ago.

    The question I had for you then was this. I currently have a Citigold checking account. I received my 50k TYP bonus on June 1 which I converted into gift cards on June 2. I saw the $400 bonus offer (subject of this thread) on June 3.

    For the last few months, my plan has been to downgrade to Basic checking a week after I got my 50k TYP, and then close my checking account a month after that.

    But if I were to do that, as I pointed out in my email, I won’t be eligible for the $400 bonus since my close date will be too close to Aug 31.

    So here was the question I asked: Can I avoid my last $30 Citigold fee by downgrading now to Basic (June 8 say) then close my Basic account a few weeks after that (e.g. June 22)? Or will I still likely be charged my last Citigold fee at close since it is all happening within the same month?

    If there is a decent chance I will still be charged the last $30 CG fee, then I’ll just close my CitiGold right away and not bother with the downgrade. My overiding interest right now is becoming eligible for the $400 offer. But of course, if I can do that AND avoid my last $30 fee, that would be even better.

    • Chuck says:

      John, thanks for sending us this offer, I hadn’t seen the email.

      I think everyone was able to eventually get the fees waived so it’s not the end of the world to just cancel the Citigold directly.

      I’m guessing you’ll still be charged the $30 fee if you cancel before the end of the month, but I don’t know for sure.

      Also bear in mind that there’s no guarantee this offer will still be around in August, despite the official end-date.

      • John says:

        Thanks for the advice, Chuck!

        How did they get the last fee waived? I am assuming that they left $30 in their account for safety. In that case the $30 fee would be charged, the account closed, and now there would be no longer a bank account to put the reversed fee back into, even if you had a subsequent successful waiver request.

        Any thoughts?

        • Mr. PTM says:

          John – after I received my 50k TYP, I was able to close my Citigold account directly, with no conversion to Basic and with no last fee (I explicitly confirmed this with the rep I spoke with). Rather than ACH everything out, I left $30 in the account, which Citi mailed me a check for in about a week.

  8. CaptainSave says:

    I’m getting an error message when i click on the authorization form link for the debit card.

    • Chuck says:

      They don’t allow credit card funding anymore, and I thought it can only be funded via ACH?

      Maybe that’s an old link from when credit/debit card funding was allowed?

    • M. Smith says:

      I don’t get an error, but the resulting file will not open. I have not gotten the welcome email yet. I assume they would put the link in there as well, if it is really something they need.

  9. CaptainSave says:

    Applied and got denied. The rep say they’re having problems with the online app today. So i would call them to make sure they got your application.

  10. Chao says:

    I opened prestige card with the banker last year with 350 AF without being citi gold. The banker told me it should be 350 all the way down unless I mess up my account. I was wondering if I open the citi gold account then cancel it, will my prestige card go back to 450? Any thoughts?

    • Chuck says:

      It wouldn’t make sense to me that such a thing should happen. It should be coded in your account that it’s a $350 for life, I’d think.

      BTW, you don’t need to open Citigold for this offer, as noted in the post.

    • jnrfalcon says:

      There was no mentioning in the Terms and Conditions that you have to maintain Citigold to be eligible for the $350 AF.

  11. r hirsch says:

    is it possible to fund this account via a wire transfer from another internet based bank account, i.e. capital one 360?

    • Amir says:

      Yes. You can do that. You need to do the account verification thing on Capital one website and that takes 2-3 days. Then transferring the funds takes another 4-5 days. But it works fine.

  12. Yosh says:

    Hi Chuck,

    I closed my CitiGold checking account last month. That being said, I just applied today for the Citibank Account Package. I spoke to a personal banker over the phone and they helped me set up a new checking account using the offer code mentioned above. They said that I should be receiving my account documents within 5-7 business days. I also spoke to a call center supervisor and they said that the personal banker would know and tell us if we were not eligible for the promotion. So far, it seems successful.

    • Chuck says:

      Hmm, I’m skeptical. Did you mention that it says 60 days in the terms? They likely aren’t aware of that and there’s a chance the system will auto-reject the bonus.

      Let us know how it goes.

      • Yosh says:

        Maybe it’s because I’ve never received a Citi bank account bonus in general? I didn’t mention the 60 days. I saved the live chat and the secure message though so if it doesn’t work out, I will send those to CFPB. Both saved documents confirm that I would have been notified immediately if I wasn’t eligible for the promo.

  13. D says:

    If I signed up for A citigold acct last July 2015, got my bonus thank you points in September, 2015 and then recently downgraded the acct to just a regular checking acct. (not citigold). Can I apply for this offer this year and still get the bonus?

    • Chuck says:

      No, if you have any Citi checking account (or closed it within the past 60 days), you are not eligible.

      • AC says:

        i just called the 1 800 745 1534 number and selected option #2 for new accounts. The banker said that I am not eligible for the $400 checking account promo because I am in the process of receiving 50,000 AA miles from the Platinum Select CC. They claim that if you have had ANY TYPE of Citi product in the past 24 months, then you will not be eligible for new promos. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a legitimate new rule?

        • Chuck says:

          The terms seem very clear to me that the only limitation is if you had a Citi checking product within the past 60 days, ” Customers are not eligible for this offer if the customer was a signer on or owner of a Citibank consumer checking account within the last 60 days.”

          I obviously can’t guarantee anything, but I’d assume it’s an uninformed employee.

  14. M. Smith says:

    Got to the funding step and didn’t have my routing info with me so, entered $0 for the amount and left the routing blank. Got an error at the next step saying it could not verify my source bank. (Of course.) It allowed me to enter a new funding amount, but there was no longer a box for routing info. Trying to hit next got me a “feature temporarily unavailable” error. Called the apply by phone number and the gentlemen said he did not see an account under my SSN yet and to check back tomorrow and maybe my (partial?) app would show in the system.

    • M. Smith says:

      Based on a tip from MISS_COUCHBLOB on reddit, I was able to complete my app. Had to try in a different browser to get past the error, but it worked! Waiting for my “welcome email”.

      “Log into citi first and then go to the original signup page as if you were doing the app from scratch, proceed and it should “remember” you and finally show an option to continue your previous app. Good luck!”

  15. Keith says:

    Which codes did you’ll use online? The one that was auto-generated? CZKD? This code might be incorrect

  16. Shawn says:

    Anyone get this error right at the beginning before entering state?

    “We cannot open your account online. Please call 1-800-374-9700 to open your account or visit a financial center.”

    I applied earlier and was doing another in my wife’s name in a different browser and when logged into her citi account I get this error message. Maybe two people at same address cant both apply even though terms dont state this?

    • DJ says:

      I got the same error when I tried opening the account for my wife. I asked the customer representative about this issue and as expected, he didn’t know the problem, but suggested I apply without logging in. That’s what I did and was able to open the account successfully for my wife. I though had to create a separate username/password. I need to figure out how to link the new account to her existing login (where she has other credit cards and had access to an old checking account that was closed last year)

  17. Sandy Doo says:

    I opened a Citigold and funded the checking account with $50,000 immediately on February 2016. The $500.00 bonus was posted on my account after 30 days on my second statemnt instead of 90 days. I plan to close this account next week, wait 65 days, open a new Citibank Checking account with less funding requirement for the $400.00 bonus.

    Also Citibank will give you a $100.00 referral bonus. I referred my friend and he opened a Citigold checking but the bonus had not showed up on my account yet. It’s more than 90 days so I doubt I will get the referral bonus as promised.

    Anyone explaine to me about the $30.00 service fee to close the account before end of month?

    • naomi says:

      same case here. I refereed 2 of my friends to open their Citigold accounts. It has been a year now and I never got the referral credits. So I called the customer service and rep started an investigation for me, 2 days later I got an email: turned out the banker who open the accounts never key in my referral code at the 1st place and then lied to us said he did. At this point there is nothing they can do. *sign*…

    • Zzcodi says:

      Also Citibank will give you a $100.00 referral bonus I have a v ciibank account but how do I get areferral code (or link)?

  18. Nick says:

    Took a few attempts, but the online application finally worked. The CZKD code populated all on its own.

    Started an initial funding deposit and called in to verify my ACH number. Just added the account to my Ally, so will do a push for the remainder of the $15k in a few days. Hope everything goes smoothly!

  19. AE says:

    Would be very interested to know if bonus is limited to one per household – anyone who does attempt and succeed (and receives the bonus) sharing that info would be amazing.

  20. AE says:

    conversation with Citi new account rep confirmed promotional code was applied (read it back to me) and that all was good as long as I met the requirements. It’s citi so who knows but have screenshots, offer codes and fine print saved in case of need…

  21. annex1982 says:

    I applied to the account and got approved. It seems that this is a good bonus offer. Anyone knows the routing number for this account? I looked online and Citibank seems to have many and I’m not sure which one is my routing number. I think I’m just going to wait until I get my first check and go from there.

    Does anyone know if I can use this bonus multiple times for the same household? Planning to open another account for my wife 🙂

  22. Nick says:

    By Citibank checking account PACKAGE is there an implication that you also need to open or have a savings account as well? And, if so, couldn’t you transfer the remaining 10K after the initial 30 days and leave it in savings (earning a bit of interest) until the bonus posts? Also, during the signup process I noticed a choice of regular checking or interest checking. What are the disadvantages of selecting the interest checking if you plan on maintaining the 10K balance anyway to avoid the monthly service charge? Thank you. Great offer!

    • Chuck says:

      I don’t think you need to open a Savings account, but you can open one at no additional cost.

      Yes, you can keep the funds in a savings account, but I think it earns something like .05% interest so it won’t make much difference.

      I only see an option for Citigold or Citibank Account. Not sure about regular checking or interest checking.

      • rob says:

        after u choose Citibank account u have options:
        Regular Checking or Interest Checking.
        and what account to choose??

  23. shakthi says:

    are we sure the prepopulated code CZKD correct for opening the account online ? or should we edit it to 45WYUPSTWJ (the phone banking promo code) for this promotion to work online ? When I called the phone number stated in the landing page the phone banker was not aware of this CZKD online offer code for opening account online. Anyone have clarity in this regard ?

    • Chuck says:

      The phone banker will probably only be familiar with the phone codes, web codes are different apparently.

      I can’t guarantee anything, I just assume that the system is inputting the correct code. There’s no mention on the landing page that you have to put ANY code in when applying online so we’ll assume that their tracking system is working.

      • Nick says:

        As always, taking a screenshot of the offer is a good idea in the event issues develop down the road. That’s a lot of money sitting there for those months, last thing any of us would want is to get nothing for the use of our funds.

  24. Captainsave says:

    I went to 2 different bank. Once on monday and wednesday and was told their system is down.

  25. Joan says:

    I started the online application yesterday and ran into some errors. So I called them today and was able to open the account over the phone. This is a great offer- thanks so much for sharing!

  26. Shawn says:

    I just called Citi to confirm that the promo was applied to my account. Talked to two different people and neither of them could find anything on my account about the promo. Second person closed the account and said to try again and she would put notes on both of the accounts that I was applying again because the promo didnt work the first time.

    I dont have a good feeling about this and I was very unsure about closing the account but did it anyway. Reapplying now. So I guess two soft pulls in 3 days for the same thing. Great!

  27. Shawn says:

    Great, I can’t apply online anymore.

  28. Shawn says:

    Called back, somehow got the same person on the phone who did some more research and found the code on the application and reopened the account she had just closed a few minutes earlier. Glad I talked to someone who kept trying and working on it even though she initially couldnt help.

  29. TJ says:

    Pro tips:
    Create a brand new username and password even if you already have one – trying to login to existing account leaves the process/
    Enter absolutely nothing on the funding page, no zeros, no account numbers, just click next, then next on the next page when it pre-fills a zero. otherwise it apparently it errors per phone support.

  30. seamore says:

    Successfully applied on line without issue and set up the funding via trial deposit. Trial deposit showed up the following day but no where on the Citi site to input them. Called CS and they were clueless on the process. Technical support was called in and they were clueless and after a few ” I don’t know” try re establishing the link. After many more calls…both to CS and new account services…to some who could not understand english, was told one cannot fund the account until one receives their debit card which then requires re registration….new user id and password. Followed the process but still did not work since the website has options which closes down the system. Received a total of eight “we are sorry for the inconvenience” and “yes the web system is terrible, the funding process is terrible and many of the web instructions are inaccurate”. Ask to speak to someone in corporate to share my terrible experience and the CSR indicated there is no one to speak to that has any accountability.. I suspect Citi receives 1000’s of complaints a day so get in line. At the end of the day….the account is still not funded. Not sure its worth the $400. Might file a complaint against Citi with the Office of the Comptroller of Currency for incompetency. Opening the account on line might be a better option. Overall simply a terrible experience.

    • Tom Jordan says:

      Do you get the two trial deposits after initiating the initial deposit in the application page? What I am asking is that if there will be trial deposits and then you need to verify the trial deposits so that the initial deposits can be pulled from external account? Or CITI just directly pulls the initial deposit from your specified external account? I opened up my account on June 8th and specified to do $15000 initial deposits in my online application. But I still haven’t seen the trial deposits yet.

      Thanks a lot.

      • annex1982 says:

        I did that same thing as you described and ended-up adding an account on my own using my Ally Bank. I checked the account online after about 10 days from application and did not see anything.

        When I received the signature card on an email, I called the CSR and she did not see anything on my account setup. In other words, don’t rely on the trial deposit since I didn’t see anything on my account after 10 days.

    • Seamore says:

      According to several CSRs Citi is having major issues with the online process…including the funding portion. Simply put …it doesn’t work. I received the two trial deposits initiated through the online application but there was no place to verify those. According to tech support they suggested setting up a direct link. Did that and another two trial deposits were made and those could be verified. Once the verification process I funded the account. A week later I received an email from Citi regarding t he first set of trial deposits initiated through the online application. Even though there was now a special link to verify the original deposits it didn’t work. Received several more “we are sorry for any inconvenience” An excellent bank to grab the $400 and run.

  31. Deb says:

    So disappointing so far. With CHASE it was smooth sailing. I didn’t have any of these issues when I applied and later received their Premier checking/savings bonuses. I wonder why CITI rolled this out when everything wasn’t professional and 100% up to speed. Put nothing on a funding page that asks for specifics? Then why are we even seeing that page? Nobody wants 5 figures to be handled in such a sloppy manner? I initially considered keeping the account around for awhile. And this is in no way DAD CC Cards’s fault or problem. But if this trend of glitches continues I’ll quickly close this stinker right on the earliest possible date and never come back.

  32. averwind says:

    Looks like the code has changed or at least it is different when you go through their website, CZKE is what I got. Tried to confirm the promotion through online chat but all I got was I would receive details soon plus today is a Saturday so have to wait a business day.

    I had closed my citi gold account a few weeks ago after seeing I would have to fight through citi to get the bonus. So this time around opened it for my spouse. Will likely open one for myself in mid August. Hopefully this time it won’t require any fighting…

  33. dan says:

    will i need to close out savings acct 60 days as well to qualify for this bonus? TIA

  34. bob says:

    My code generated is CZKE. is that valid code?

    anyway i have taken screen shots of all links/promotion, to show as proof if bonus is not given.

    Kindly share your thoughts…..

  35. TJ says:

    Does the 15k need to be the first initial deposit? The entire amount?

  36. Sunny says:

    What does “information not recognized” mean? I entered my SSN and this is the message I got.

  37. Justin says:

    The website gave me an error and didn’t let me make an initial deposit when opening the account. If I use the Citi website to do an ACH transfer, would that count as a “deposit” for the purposes of fulfilling the bonus requirement? Thanks.

  38. Mike says:

    Just tried to open the account online but after selecting my state (AZ) it said they couldn’t do it online, maybe I have to go in person in my state.

  39. Nick says:

    Got everything opened and transferred over the $15k. When I log in online, there’s a message about check orders and to call in, so I called in and verified the first order of checks is on it’s way.

    The CSR also verified the $400 promo on my account and seemed pretty familiar with it as I confirmed the terms.

  40. Fred says:

    Haven’t seen this in any of the above comments but does Citibank care if you’ve already received a promo bonus within the last year and then apply for a new bonus like this bonus? I know Chase won’t allow you to get another bonus until a year has passed but they spell that out in the terms of their bonuses while I haven’t found that on any Citibank terms.

    Any thoughts?

    • Mikey says:

      That’s my question also. Maybe someone on this site has done multiple bonuses with Citi and can share their experiences?

  41. shakthi says:

    This CITI online application is a mess. The First name field restricts characters to 12 (mine is 13 char) so no way the SSN matching down the application works. Has it worked for anyone who has my problem ? My chat with the online customer service pals went nowhere with their “oh that’s sad, we can’t do much but we’ll take this feedback to our highers” answers.
    Also their Phone banking is another mess, long waiting times with lousy phone bankers who have no clue on their systems being down most of the time. I’m almost giving up on this offer unless there is someone who could shed light on this. Thanks !

  42. Bob Mann says:

    What if you have a Citi checking account and just open a Citi Savings Plus account instead with the promo code? Seems like it should work according to the fine print. It says “New checking OR savings account”.

  43. ray says:

    Chuck, you noted that it is soft pull. However, my application this week was denied and it said the decision was based in part on a credit report from Equifax.

  44. Penny says:

    Your instructions “Transfer out $5,000 to my regular savings account and park the remaining $10k there for 3 more months until the bonus posts so as to keep the account fee free”

    Should it be 2 more months and not 3 in this case? Since the bonus should post 90 days from the day you make the $15k deposit. YOu keep the $5k in for 30 days already.. so there are 60 days left from that point, which total to 90 days?

    Also, any fees to close the account early (e.g. before 6 months)?

    • Chuck says:

      It can take up to 90-days *from the end of the 30-days* until you get the bonus.

      Shouldn’t be any fee for closing before 6 months.

  45. Dave says:

    I was also rejected. it said negative item from equifax. hope it wasnt a hard pull

  46. mjs says:

    An update that might help people thinking about applying…

    I tried applying last week, and just talked to someone at Citibank for about 20 minutes, who was very helpful.

    Right now, Citibank’s online application is erring out. When I applied, I got all the way through to the last step for funding. I put in a nominal amount (thinking next step was to ask what source I was planning to use). It erred out.

    Then, next day got email to complete my application. I read somewhere you wanted to put 0 in the funding so I went back and did that, and it said my application was complete. But no account number or instructions. Never heard anything back from Citibank via email nor see anything when I logged in. So today I called New Accounts at 800-745-1534.

    Here’s what I was told:

    – the online funding is completely hosed and they know about it
    – you MUST put NOTHING in that field if you apply online. That means not even “0”‘s. Leave it blank.
    – you can then call Citibank after about an hour and confirm the account was created
    – however, you’ll then have to wait about 48 hours before they can completely verify and then fund it (and presumably get your account info). you have to call them to do this step
    – if you don’t enter NOTHING the FIRST time in your application, it will just “disappear” in Citi’s system and you’ll have to apply again. I can log in (to the account I created) and see nothing, but Citibank has no record at all.

    Based on the above here’s my advice:

    – since this goes to August, if you want to apply online, I’d wait a bit to see if they fix this– although you might not know unless you call and ask them generally if it’s fixed.
    – probably a good idea to establish a completely seperate Citibank ID for this checking even if you have other accounts, as if you err out, you can’t use that same ID for at least 2 months and who knows what complication it’s going to have on your other Citi accounts if you have them
    – you could probably sign-up by phone, but the agent told me that’s about a 25 minute process
    – i would definitely NOT wait until the last minute to sign-up in August though, given Citibank’s problems if you have to reapply.

  47. Matt says:

    I called to open my account. I got a welcome packet in the mail with the signature card. The welcome packet reads:

    “Call 1-800-321-CITI to fund your account by using a credit card or an existing checking account”

    This contradicts what I’ve read about Citi no longer allowing CC funding. Does anyone have additional info they can share?

    I’ll give it a shot once I can access my account — fund within my CC limit and transfer the rest from savings all at once so I don’t get hit with a low balance fee.

  48. Saphira says:

    Boo, not a branch in NJ and doesn’t allow NJ residents to apply online. Wonder if even the phone would work. Not liking this as it is much harder to get a confirmation that offer has been attached to the account.

  49. Eric says:

    I just applied online and the code was CZKM. They must add a letter every so often to group applications together by start date. How long can I expect to receive my account # so I can transfer the $15k?

  50. Vijay says:

    Its been more than a week I got approved for the checking account and last week an new account specialist indicated that my application got approved and they want to review some other information before I can be provided with account number and its been 10 business days and yet haven’t seen account number in my online account i created. Is it normal? did anyone come across? I plan to call again tomorrow as I need to fund the account.

    Thanks for the inputs!

    • Eric says:

      At the end of my application it mentioned something about sending a fax for credit card funding. I thought I read that credit card funding is no longer allowed. Did you see that too?

  51. Ang says:

    Do you know if the Citi Refer a Friend ($100 bonus) will work in conjunction with this? Thanks.

  52. Vasv says:

    tired just now but got this error “Unfortunately we can’t approve your application and open your account at this time. Within 7-10 business days, you will receive a letter in the mail with more information regarding this decision” Does anyone received similar msg?

    • Nam N says:

      Got the same message on Thursday. Called them and the CSR told me that they couldn’t give the reason over the phone. Have to wait for the letter to find out. Dang!

      • Vasv says:

        I did opened 2 more bank accounts before trying citi. not sure if that put too many enquiries on the chexsystem for citi to deny. will wait and see what the letter says. Does anyone here applied in phone after denied online?

  53. MP says:

    Citi is probably the worst ever in customer service. Most of the reps are useless and have no clue. After wasting about 3 good hours of my life over past 2 weeks I finally closed the account without even funding it. $400 is just not good enough for this kinda torture.

  54. Shawn says:

    Will not have the funds for this one until late August, hopefully by that time Citi will have fixed their app. Those who have had success, what do you recommend? Apply by phone?

  55. Nv says:

    I visited local Citibank branch Saturday a week ago on 07/02 in Northern Virginia,
    400$ checking bonus promotion was displayed BIG everywhere
    on the branch outside window and flyer too.

    When I sat with branch rep to open checking account with citi account package,
    He checked my SSN with citibank system to see if I was existing customer,
    since I received 50k thankyou point Jan this year, I cannot get another bonus.
    He did not want to make me more frustrated, he refused to open checking account for me.

    I argued there was no such limitation in the fine print/terms on the flyer also online,  also this is cash bonus, previous was thankyou point, he said it existed in Citibank internal fine print/terms,  Citibank only allow one bank bonus within 24 months no matter what form of bonus I previous received.

     He said he would verify this situation with back office and since it was weekend, I left my phone number and he would contacted me back on the weekday, if i am allowed, he would call me back to open account.

    he did contacted me last Tuesday 07/05, he said it was confirmed by it’s back office, no go.

    • yu says:

      too bad to hear this. I was wondering how many people on this board who got the bonus(50K AA or cash bonus) earlier this year/later last year are still trying to take the advantage of this one or have already opened the new account.

    • Mikey says:

      After seeing your info, I contacted Citibank customer service to see if I could confirm about the one bonus per 24 month rule you were told.

      She just kept repeating that the terms of the offer “Customers are not eligible for this offer if the customer was a signer on or owner of a Citibank consumer checking account within the last 60 days” and didn’t seem to be aware of any other terms that would make someone ineligible.

      Going to try and contact someone higher up this week because I sure don’t want to go through the motion of opening an account and transferring $15,000 only to find out I’m not eligible for the bonus.

    • Fred says:

      Sounds like the bank rep may be quoting the terms for credit card bonuses where you are now only eligible for the bonus if the card was not opened or closed in the past 24 months.

      Will be interesting to see if the 24 months is now for their checking account bonuses also or whether the bank rep is wrong and it doesn’t apply to other bonuses yet.

      Anyway, with the terms clearly spelled out for being eligible for this bonus by not having an open account within 60 days and no other terms listed, would think they’d have to honor this offer.

      I’d try it online or by phone if I were you.

    • naomi says:

      Too bad to hear. Why would Citibank has an internal fine print that contradicts to their external fine print? Are they doing this misleading promo just to lure customers to open accounts? If this is true then 4 months from now they are going have a lot of pissed off customers.

  56. annette says:

    Does it matter whether you do one lump sum or multiple deposits that amount in the 15k?

  57. William says:

    I tried twice today to apply online. Both times the app crashed after filling in the debit card PIN. I called and they didn’t get either application.

    Something to add is that since I made it past the username screen I got an email about 30 min after the crash asking me to complete my app. I logged in and completed it. After calling in later the phone rep said that incomplete apps cannot be finished and that the system loses them. They also keep repeating to leave the funding screen completely empty and to not fill in ANY info.

    In the end I applied over the phone and was told 7-10 days to get the information in the mail to send back in.

  58. Mikey says:

    Funny how some are having problems with using the online application. I was just now able to open the account online without any problems. I did leave the funding page blank when I got to that point but had no problems completing the application. Got my account number and confirming e-mail and setup online access, now just have to setup the transfer of the $15,000.

  59. Tim says:

    Is there any need to downgrade Citibank package? I understand why to downgrade for Citigold, but myself and I assume most others did Citibank. Would be nice to just close out after bonus posts and not deal with the downgrade month if possible.

    • Chuck says:

      I think it’s the same idea as with Citigold.

      With Citi Basic, so long as you meet the requirements there is no fee, so meet the requirement, then close out, and you should be fine. But with Citibank account I’d think you’ll have the same problem.

      • Zzcodi says:

        Others have posted similar question, but no clear answer is posted. I have received my $400 bonus on 11-15-2016. I have a citibank account package (not citigold ) with interest checking . I have a $10000 average daily balncee. My statement closes 11-29-16. Can I withdraw all funds & close the account now without getting hit with a fee in the future which would cause me to be overdrawn? I see suggestions to convert to a basic checking but I do not understand why that is necessary to avoid a fee. Is that step only needed for citigold accounts?

  60. Sam says:

    Any pros or cons opening the account by online and branch? How long does it take to get online access and funding options by opening in branch vs online?
    Any update on CC funding?

  61. Jim says:

    Anyone has an update on the qualification on this if he got the the bonus earlier this year already?

  62. Dave says:

    I was going to do this until I saw it say that the bonus is reported to the IRS as interest. In that case, it’s not worth the hassle. I’d end up losing more than a 1/3 of it when federal and state tax kick in, Much better to find a credit card that offers that kind of business as they will give it as a statement credit, so you get all of it.

  63. StevesMiles says:

    I already have a Citi Prestige for which I pay $450…If I SUBSEQUENTLY become a Citigold Accountholder, will Citi refund me a $100 and/or charge me only $350 at each renewal? THANKS.

  64. Adam D says:

    Data Point on downgrading citigold…I spoke with a CSR a few weeks ago to down grand to citi BBA checking account from citigold ($300 targeted mail) after just 2 direct deposits/2 months. Received bonus after about 2 months and was not charged the $30 fee.

    Initiated a live chat today to confirm BBA requirements to keep account fee free before I downgrade next month, previous CSR just iniated the request and never completed it. Completed it during live chat, double check to make sure your citigold has actually been downgraded.

  65. Dan says:

    Tried to apply after receiving similar bonus on account closed 4 months ago, bank manager said no new bonuses for 2 years after receiving a bonus. Seems to contradict t&cs but sounds like it’s happened to others too.

    Has anyone actually received multiple bonuses from Citi?


    • Mikey says:

      Must not be anyone on this board who has tried for a second bonus with Citibank yet since I’ve been trying to get an answer to this same question for a while now. I’ve been going back and forth with Citibank customer service on this about whether Citibank limits the number of bonuses in a 24 month period and the latest I received from them is:

      “There is not a set time frame. It would depend on the terms of the promo you are applying for. We do have offers where you would qualify as long as you weren’t a signer on or owner of a Citibank consumer checking account within the last 60 calendar days”.

      So they are repeating the terms of this offer and saying they are binding and that’s what I’m going with even if I end up having to file a complaint after the 90 days.

      • Dan says:

        Now local branch manager contacted regional manager who forwarded question to “national HQ in New York” regarding whether the no bonus within 24 months applies.

        Will update as I hear

        • John says:

          Hi Dan, hi Mikey. This is THE crucial question as far as I am concerned. I’d think that there would be a lot of us who got the Citigold checking bonus in the last 20 months and are aiming to get a similar Citi checking bonus again.

          Please please keep us updated on what you discover. I was planning to apply for this around Aug 20, but I really would much rather not until we get some resolution.

          Chuck, if you read this, I really feel like this is the “money” question for the whole thread, no pun intended.

        • John says:

          Hi Dan… did you get an answer?

      • John says:

        Hi Mikey. Have you heard any further news about this — either from Citi or people here on DoC?

        • Mikey says:

          I just made the 30 day period for having the $15,000 deposited to meet the last requirement for the bonus on Wednesday.

          Messaged them to confirm that I’ve met the requirements and can expect to see the bonus sometime in the next 90 days and am waiting to hear back from them (I did get a response that my request has been forwarded to their promotion department and I can expect a response in one business day though that didn’t happen).

          I will post when I hear something further.

        • Mikey says:

          Just received the confirmation letter from Citibank customer service (through their promotion’s department) stating that I do qualify for this $400 promotion and can expect to see the money within 90 days.

          They don’t mention anything about already receiving a bonus less than a year ago from Citibank so believe that isn’t in effect yet.

  66. Rntp says:

    I applied online on July 5th, It is two weeks now and still not approved. Called twice, and the rep told that it is still under review. Eventhough it is delay in their side the rep told that ac opening date will be considered as July 5th only. anyone faced this much delay? Are they doing purposefully to avoid the bonus and charge fee?

  67. wg says:

    Oregon no good for them! Why?

  68. Austin says:

    After reading all these comments, I’m wondering if this bonus is worth the hassle.

    Has anyone signed up recently and had it actually go well?

    Seems like it’s best to just leave the funding page blank? Is calling in a better bet than trying online?

    • Carol says:

      There’s a glitch in their system. If you enter anything at all in the funding blank, your entire application will disappear into cyberspace, and Citi will have no record of it. That’s what happened to me. I ended up applying over the phone, and it took them like 3 weeks to finally withdraw the opening balance from my external checking account.

  69. Ang says:

    Just opened an account! Thanks for the heads up. I also did the referral and they added that code too so we’ll see if the referral bonus posts. I was told I can’t link my citibank account to my existing username (for credit cards) and I have to create another one. Is that true? They said I can do it the other way around though – link credit cards to a citibank account username/account.

  70. Shawn says:

    I want to transfer $10k back to my Discover savings account but Citi will only let me transfer $2k per day. Is that normal?

  71. Tom says:

    This signup process has been nothing but a nightmare for me. I signed up in late June online, but had similar quirks as others in this thread. I then called in and finalized the signup using the code listed above. I was informed I was approved the same day. Weeks later I finally got the material in the mail. There wasn’t any mention of the promotion (didn’t expect one) so I called to confirm the promo applied to my account. Typically this is a 2 minute call or a single secure message with credit card promos. They asked for which code I used, which was a bad sign meaning there wasn’t a record they can see. I provided the information and they said they would email me in 1-2 business days with the promotion terms. I heard nothing for 5 days. Calling again they did not have a record of it. During this time I opened up a case using the secure messaging … which is also horribly broken (replies to existing message result in server errors). They state it will take a week to get a response, which puts me over the 30 day period. I’m pretty sure I’m cancelling this one.

  72. L T says:

    Called and applied over the phone since the online form not letting me continue even when selecting a new username I hadn’t used before for citibank. Took a bit, but banker submitted everything and said I should receive materials within 7 business days, and will make a deposit once I get the account details. Will update later when I get set up.

    • L T says:

      Got materials in the mail yesterday. Setup was smooth, linked it to a different user ID than my credit card login because I already know if you link both and then close the Citi bank account, it will eventually lock you out of the system when they ‘send out a new debit card’ (even though the account is closed).

      When that happens, the system asks for the debit card # on login and the only recourse then is to un-register the CCs re-register them under a different user name.

      I pulled money using Citi’s interface to fund the account as it was faster than pushing from the other bank. This is my fourth Citi bank bonus churn since ~2008, and highest bonus offer so far 😉

  73. den bish says:

    Can anyone tell me why I was declined for a checking account. I have a credit score in the 800’s. I haven’t opened any new savings or checking account since last Sept and it was the US Bank.

  74. ZG says:

    I could use someone referral code if you’d split it with me

  75. Zzcodi says:

    How do I get a referral code to share? Do I need ato currently Citigold or Citibank Account checking package to get a referral code or can I have had citi banking account in the past & now just have citi credit cards?

  76. Zzcodi says:

    is there a way to egt a referral code to share?

  77. Sam says:

    Which option is fast to open and fund? online or branch visit?

    I believe credit card funding is not possible.
    Why does it say in the funding option page – step 4?
    “You can make your initial deposit from another account – just have a blank check handy. Or use your credit or debit card.”

  78. Shaggy says:

    Thanks for the info here. I applied online today and created my account successfully. I noticed that when I clicked Apply Now button the sign up page was prepopulating the promo code field with something other than CZKD. So, I manually changed it to CZKD and proceeded further. If it is taking you to the Checking Account Type selection page directly then click on the Blue Back button there to go back and correct promo code. As suggested by few I did not fund the account online. My account was opened immediately and I was able to login/access it.

    After that I called the New Account servicing to confirm that my application does have promo code CZKD on it. Then talked to Customer Service to confirm that CZKD means the $400 promotion. I hope they really honor it.

    • Saph says:

      applied today. code on the page is CZKM. if changed to CZKD, it doesn’t accept. says code doesn’t exist. i called and confirmed that the code on my account is for $400. will see if it actually gets there. i hope so. $15k isn’t play money.

  79. den bish says:

    so I got the letter denying my checking account application and citi said they used equifax. I checked with equifax and there is nothing on it to explain the rejection. It seems citi is doing a hard pull or their online application system is all screwed up. It took me 3 tries to actually be successful in applying and then I get a rejection based on nothing at all.

  80. PRASHANTH says:

    did anyone get the bonus already?

  81. steve says:

    Its been over 30days since my account was fully funded. Spent Citi a message to confirm the 30 day requirement for the $400 bonus was met ( I know that the bonus will not be awarded to 90 days later). So far customer service has been unable to confirm anything other than….”we are sorry for any inconvenience we have caused”. Also transfers out(pushing) are limited to $2K/day. Anyone know or have experience with “pulling” more than 2K/day. For example reducing the 15K to 10K by pulling $5k from Ally.
    Based on the difficulty and problems of setting up the account, funding the account and the terrible customer service so far experience I’m not sure its worth the effort….Definitely a financial institution that need vast improvement.

    • Steve says:

      As an update its been over week since I asked citibank to verify if the 30 day requirement of the 15K had been met. Calendar wise its been 40 plus days but I just wanted for Citi to confirm it. Turns out they cannot and they do not know when they will be able to According to the rep Citi’s has a special department to investigate promotions. Promised dates have passed. With all the issues of opening the account, funding the account, verifying deposits, etc etc etc Decided to close the account before I waste more time and energy. Sometimes you win ….some times you need to cut your losses. Citi is truly one of the worst financial institutions I’ve encountered.

  82. Joe says:

    Are you guys depositing the 15k in one transaction? There is a chatter in reddit that this needs to be done in a single transaction :-\

    • Kaywei says:

      I did mine in multiple, but I also saw some comments about being 1 trans. I didn’t interpret it that way, but I guess other people did. Will have to wait and see what they do.

  83. Rebecca says:

    Citi gives you a free set of checks when you start up a checking account with them. These need to be activated or they will bounce. I never noticed anything anywhere saying that these checks needed to be activated. I wish I had known.

    • Captain_America says:


      Thanks for the warning. My wife & I went to write $5,000 checks from our accounts, and I remembered your post. I called customer service and was told checks will not clear in my account, and that i need to visit a branch and sign a signature card. I told her I live hundreds of miles from a branch and that is not going to happen. She gave me an 800 number for the “New Accounts” department which is only open during business hours. I decided screw it, I’ll just ACH transfer the $5,000 out.

      Isn’t it nuts to mail you checks that won’t work and not tell you? Good way to annoy your customers.

  84. dz says:

    populated offer code in NY was CZKL. Application was a pain – kept forgetting entered fields.

    worse – required funding bank login info ‘to verify” so i changed password and now will change back.

    end of application error also – says ‘approved’ but then download application didnt do anything with no app id etc.

    will wait a few days – maybe it went through

  85. Justin Huang says:

    I tried to apply for the Citibank Account Package online but there are 2 concerns I have
    1. On the landing page, there is no indication about the sign bonus except the promo code. I wonder what record I could have if Citibank doesn’t honor it.
    2. When I clicked through, I was asked to choose between regular checking and interest checking. I don’t know whether choosing the interest checking would affect the eligibility for the bonus.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  86. RichardF says:

    The article suggests transferring out $5k after 30 days and leaving $10K behind to avoid the monthly maintenance fee. Then after 90 days and after the bonus is credited, closing the account.

    Why not downgrade the account to basic checking after 30 days so only $1,500 is required to avoid the maintenance fee? Then closing after 90 days?

    (To the above post, choosing interest or non-interest checking shouldn’t matter. The interest paid is so miniscule, it makes practically no difference. Either type would be eligible for the bonus.)

  87. RichardF says:

    The article suggests transferring out $5k after 30 days and leaving $10K to avoid the monthly maintenance fee. Then after 90 days and after the bonus is credited, closing the account.

    Why not downgrade the account to basic checking after 30 days so only $1,500 is required to avoid the maintenance fee? Then closing after 90 days?

    (To the above post, choosing interest or non-interest checking shouldn’t matter. The interest paid is so miniscule, it makes practically no difference. Either type would be eligible for the bonus.)

    • RichardF says:

      Sorry for my double post. After reading the requirements in more detail, I see you have to keep your CitiBank Package or Citigold checking account open for up to 90 days to have the bonus credited there. Downgrading to basic checking before then would violate the terms with no bonus credited.

  88. Steve says:

    For those who went through the painful process of doing this promotion, was successful in funding the account and who have met the 30 day $15K requirement there may be a process where you can receive the bonus sooner than later(up to 90 days later). After about 40 days I requested verification via message that I had met the 30 day requirement. After waiting 10 days for an answer I received a message than I had and the bonus would show up in the account within 3 days. So bonus within 60 days of opening the account. If you go this route I would highly suggest including both the online and phone promotion codes just in case it never made it into their system.. YMMV

    • Tomtoo says:

      Would you let us know how soon you actually got the bonus?

    • Eric says:

      Did you leave the entire $15K past the 30 days? Did your bonus post yet?

    • Steve says:

      Received the bonus within 3 days of the confirmation that I had met the requirements. Had already lowered the balance to $11K .prior to receiving confirmation but after meeting the 30 days. Bonus paid per terms and conditions. Planning on changing to basic checking

  89. Daniel says:

    30 days passed and bonus did not post, so I went to chat support and the rep says she will have it post within the next two days. Not sure, but seems like the promo code did not originally transfer at the time of application.

  90. James says:

    what are the different ways to fund the new account with $15K?

  91. Jason says:

    Does the 15k need to be in the account by Aug 31? Or is there a set # of days after you open the account that you can make the transfer? Basically, I want to open it at the end of the month but need to wait a few weeks to be able to make the transfer.

    • anne says:

      I tried to apply for my husband and set up trial deposit for funding. It has been a week and no trial deposit posted. Today they sent an email with the link to follow up. Clicked it and the link is broken. I wish I should have read the advice here before doing it for him. I will let it go since it is a pain to asked him to call Citi CSR.

      P.S.: I applied myself before and it went through smoothly. I also used Discover checking account to fund the account by using online sign in verification. Did exactly the same for my husband’s application with his Discover checking account and Citi could not verify his account online, so it forced me to choose the trial deposit, which screwed up the whole thing!

  92. joe says:

    So this offer seems pretty great, but is CITI giving everyone who received the THANK YOU pts or AA miles a hard time? $400 for holding 15k 1 month and 10k 2 months is pretty darn good these days — but if you get a hard pull, and have to fight super hard to get the deal done it’s not nearly as interesting.

    Can anyone share their stories? and is there confirmation that CITI is honoring the promo for people who earlier received the thank you/AA promos?

  93. Mike says:

    Has anyone yet got their bonus I applied for the account in July 7th after all the bureaucracy of citi got the account funded with just a day before on July 6th. So the 15k is sitting in the account for more then 30 days. As of August 17th no bonus yet, it say it could take 90 days after you keeping the money in the account for 30 days. So it is a possibility the bonus could not post till Nov 6th. This process has been so much pain if I knew upfront would not have applied for it. Chase is much better bank. If I do not get my bonus by Nov 6th I will be really pissed.

    • Arley Lozada says:

      I deposited the $15K on 6/23 and no bonus yet. Hopefully it will post sooner than 90 days (9/23), but I have a feeling it will take that long plus some calling from me.

  94. Steve says:

    To simplify this deal and to avoid(hopefully) the pitfalls
    1. Open the account by phone
    2. Fund the account by phone giving the CSR a routing number and account number to pull the funds
    3. Once the account has been funded for 30 days contact Citibank CSR via secure message and ask for confirmation that the promotional requirements have been met…..will probably take 7-10 days include the promotion code in your email Hence you should be able to receive your bonus within 40 days or so of opening the account. Mine took 50 days from account opening
    4. Once the account is open you can link external accounts for future transfers in or out.
    5. Since Citibanks transfers out is limited to $2K/day I would link an external account to your Citibank account where there is no restriction. That is instead of pushing 2K out of your citi account pull 2+K from an external account like Ally. Will come in handy when you close the account

    When I applied on line I had major problems with funding the account using trial deposits. Could never validate the deposits Simply put….the Citibank on line funding funding process rarely works. Thats not only my experience its also Citibank’s. Step 3 is vital to insure you are not wasting your time and money.

    • joe says:

      steve did you do the thank you point/aa miles bonus earlier in the year as well?

      • steve says:

        yup! received both 50K points and $400 bonus on the credit card promotion and checking account respectively.

        I ended up canceling the credit card after receiving the bonus Was not my intention but was constantly being forced to change user names and passwords. Could have been due to the checking account. After some discussions with citi that this was unacceptable (my brain has limited capability for new user names and passwords) we both reached consensus that canceling the card was the best option

        BTW…you can cancel the credit credit and still use and maintain your thankyou points. To use the points with the credit card closed you need to call in the redemption rather than doing it on line. You MUST have the closed credit card number to do this.

        • joe says:


          I meant did you get the 40k or 50K thank you or AA miles bonus for opening a checking account earlier in the year? This offer seems to say that people can get this bonus if they didn’t have a CITI checking account in the last 60 days, but seems that people who did the 50K TY point bonus for opening a checking account earlier in the year are getting some pushback.

          • steve says:

            Sorry…misunderstood……..50K TYPs was for a citi credit card and $400 for checking.account. I have found bonus waiting times between the same type of account….checking or saving (not credit card)…in the best case is once per calendar year (Chase) or once per 365 days (key). .IMHO,expecting two bonuses within a year for the same type of an account is a bit much….but I like it if possible.

        • kt says:

          Steve, some folks from Citibank stated that a person can only get a checking account bonus every 24 months. do you remember when is the last time you get the $400 checking bonus?

          • Fred says:

            That’s the big question we’re all waiting to hear back on.

            Some who have applied in branch are being told what you said while customer service online and by phone are saying that as long as you meet the requirements as stated in the offer you will get the bonus.

            Guess we’ll have to wait and see once the first person either gets the bonus or is denied.

  95. Steve says:

    Never had a previous citi checking account…..only citi credit cards

    My suggestion to those who have met the requirements for the $400 bonus and are worried about whether they will receive it is to……..ASK. Send Citi a secure message with the promotion codes asking them to verify whether all the requirements for the promotion have been met. I believe this will trigger them to research it.and probably approve it and if they do, you should receive the bonus in 3 days.Remember you are not asking them to pay the bonus but only if you have met the requirements. My experience indicates once verified they will pay immediately. My data point! The downside…if any, is that Citi tells you you are not eligible…..and then you close the account. Why wait upwards to 120 days to be turned down when you can find out in 30. Just my logic.

    • Mikey says:

      That’s what I always do and did in this case especially since I received another checking bonus from Citibank earlier this year. Citibank just sent me a letter from the Director of Client Research confirming that I have met the requirements to qualify for this promotion and can expect the bonus within the 90 day time frame as stated in the terms.

      Hopefully you’re right about maybe getting the bonus earlier though the last bonus I got from Citibank still took around 90 days to get even after my inquiry and receiving confirmation that I qualified for that bonus.

      • kt says:

        That’s good news. I got the citigold checking account bonus last year, was just wondering if I should give this one a go. Thanks for the data point.

  96. Pat says:

    I have just tried to open the account online. However, I had this error message after selecting my state (TX), “We’re sorry, but we’re unable to open this account for you online. But you may open this account by calling 1-800-374-9700.”

    I have then clicked the apply button on the promo page again, and this time there is no error message and the offer code is pre-populated with “CZHW”. Has anyone experienced that problem?

    • Chuck says:

      Usually, just clicking the Back button takes care of that initial error message. Applying incognito should work too.

      • Pat says:

        Thanks Chuck for your comment. Based on your experience, do you think the promo should still be attached to the application properly after this kind of initial error message?

  97. John Smith says:

    I opened an account online last week, registered log in id and was able to link my ally bank to do an external 15k transfer. Today Citi closed my account and I received a letter in the mail saying they’re unable to verify me! The only option is to go to a branch, which is 5 hours from my place. Did someone experience this? Is it due to my 15k external transfer?

  98. Pat says:

    I was about to apply it online, but I keep reading issues in the thread with the account funding set up. Since I prefer to apply it online (so I can take screenshots for reference), I want to know the best approach if there is any.

    1. Is the major issue the application returning error while setting up external account using trial deposits method to fund the account?
    2. Should I just skip the funding page (left everything blank) and don’t fund until the account is set up online to avoid the error?
    3. I have also read that someone submit the login for the other bank account so Citi can verify the identity. Does that mean the account funding can be done at the same time and not error out?

    I just want to grab more info before applying so I have an idea how to work around the broken CIti app. Thanks

    • Strema says:

      I didn’t experience any errors with setting up funding through my credit union–did not have to give my login, only account and routing numbers. I will note that I received a phone call from Citibank’s fraud prevention department after I scheduled the $15k pull. Once I verified that I did, indeed, open the account, they approved my ACH transfer.

      • Bob says:

        How long did it take for the funds to show up? I set up my account on 8/24 and the money has been deducted from my external account (transaction completed, not just processing) and my citi account still says 0.00 and has no pending transfers indicated on the homepage. I called and they didn’t really reassure me, just said it should be there by Monday at the latest.

        • Strema says:

          My $15k was deducted on the 15th, received call on the 16th, returned call on the 17th, and funds posted to Citibank on the 18th. Are there any pending transfers when you go to Payments & Transfers > External Transfers > View Transfer History? That’s where mine showed up prior to the 18th.

          • Bob says:

            It finally showed up on the external transfer tab yesterday. Looks like it should be all set. Scary seeing it gone from one account with no indication of it on the new account even if just for a few days!

    • Fred says:

      I had no problem opening up the account online. I always skip the funding page unless an minimum opening amount is required but Citibank doesn’t require an opening amount.

      Was able to transfer the full $15,000 from my Ally account without any problems, took two days to complete the transfer.

      Hope your application goes smoothly.

      • Bob says:

        After a week of waiting, Citi send me an email saying they couldn’t complete my transfer. I called and they said there was no trace of my funding the account, despite the money leaving my BoA account for a week and a different rep saying it should’ve posted in my Citi account yesterday. First experience with Citi and it’s not going well. May end up closing the account due to their ineptitude.

        • Fred says:

          Odd. Did the money show up in your BofA account at least or is it lost in limbo?

          • Bob says:

            Back in my BoA. The whole thing was really weird and makes me not want to deal with citibank customer service ever again! Never had this happen with any other bank.

      • Pat says:

        Just a follow up. I have finally applied online a few days ago. I have to verify the account using the trial deposit method, and so far there is no issue at all. Fingers crossed.

  99. Ken says:

    Does Citi often come out with a new promotion immediately after the previous one expires, or do they ever extend the promo?

  100. Kim says:

    After I opened an account about 2 months ago, I have not got the $400 cash bonus. When I talked them, they were questing me the W8/W9 form. I don’t think I can get this cash bonus.

  101. Arley says:

    Make sure you are on top of this. I made an inquiry requesting if I met the requirements for the promotion and they sent me a letter specifying that I didn’t meet the requirements because I didn’t keep the funds for the required time frame of 30 days. However, that is not even true as I kept it there for 34 days and just withdrew $5,000 to keep the balance at $10,000 after about 34 days. I filed a dispute and I am waiting for them to answer it. It boggles my mind that I can’t speak to someone and just discuss it over the phone. For some reason Citi wants you to file request forms and have you wait for an answer via a letter. Frustrating dealing with Citi in general!

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      Keep us updated. I’ve had my own nightmares with Citi but a $360ish bonus (1% opp cost) is really tempting. I’ll probably hold off for now as I’m guessing more data points should begin to roll out as we approach the end of October.

    • Arley says:

      Update – was able to prove that my account met the requirements. But now they won’t credit my bonus until my account is w8/w9 certified??!!! Wtf!! Since when do you have to fill irs forms so they can report the bonus to the irs? They have all the data for that. Now I have to wait 5 or 6 days to receive the form and then submit so my account is “certified”. Never had to do this for other bank bonuses…never. What a pain is Citi! As soon as the credit is applied im pulling and going.

  102. Arley says:

    Does anyone know if they 30 day time frame is business days or calendar days? If its business days than I didn’t meet the requirements, if its calendar days than I did.

    • Fred says:

      Has to be calendar days. I asked them to confirm that I met the requirements as soon as I had the $15,000 deposited for 30 calendar days (but before I transferred the $5,000 out of the account) and they sent my confirmation letter that I have met the requirements two days later.

  103. Jack says:

    The f*ck up has already begun. They closed my new account in 2 days and then they opened another one without my consent because they accidentally closed the first one and did not carry over the funding details that I had provided for the first one and so the funding was never started for this new account. After a few days I got another welcome packet for the first account which was closed by them :-\. Oh BTW even though I created a separate login for the checking account, they reset my credit card account login. When I called, they mentioned that they are aware of the issue and offered $5 as compensation. Can’t wait to close the account

    • Jeff S. says:

      In ref to Citi online user name & login accounts, I have seen that before as well, resetting of logins, when doing Citi checking account promotions while having existing credit card accounts. The main problem for me occurred after closing the promo checking acct. Months after closing the checking acct, my usual username became unusable. I don’t recall the exact error, but it stumped the 1st level of customer support – attempts to retrieve/reset username and password did not allow access to the existing accounts. After 2 calls to C/S and probably 1+ hour of time wasted, they had to disable my old username and had me to signup for a new username so I could access my credit card accounts.

      It appears the merging and unmerging of different types of accounts does not work well with Citi. I do recall it was important for them to know that I was a former checking account customer. At the time I was only interested in accessing my credit card accounts, checking account had been closed long ago, so that bit of information was overlooked by C/S.

      If it does happen again, I will post the exact error and document it here on the steps to resolve.

  104. dan says:

    still no bonus after 65 days since the $15k xfer. seems that the bonus may not post til 90 days as stated in the T&C; as so, will downgrade to the basic or close out the acct then after the bonus is posted

  105. FB says:

    Nice to see this promotion expended til 10/31. I’ll have the funds to try this by then.
    But reading all of the horror stories, it doesn’t appear to be a fun time.

  106. Ken says:

    Damn, I knew I should’ve opened a CitiGold package a few days ago to get my Prestige AF reduced. It would’ve been downgraded Nov 1st to the basic package anyways, and I’d only pay one month of fees for $30. I’d still come out on top $70. Oh well.

  107. Evan says:

    How does this work for people in states where there is no Citi branch? Are they still eligible for the deal?

  108. John says:

    Hello everyone. I just did a search for the word “1099” on this thread and it only came up once, namely in the original post where Chuck wrote:

    “The bonus will be reported to the IRS as interest on a 1099 INT form.”

    So here is my question. Many of us did the Citigold bonus a while back and received the 50k Thank You Points during this calendar year (2016).

    A major part of the selling point for why the Citigold bonus was such a good idea is that the docs at DoC predicted that we’d likely get that money tax-free (by which I simply mean no 1099 would likely be submitted). That prediction was qualified by the docs by saying that if a person earned and cashed in 600 TYPs, it would likely trigger the $600 threshold and then a 1099 would be submitted.

    So, here’s the problem. In May I earned a little over 500 TYPs via the Citigold promotion and converted them immediately into Best Buy gift cards.

    So right now I have earned a little over $500 in bank promotions. A year ago the docs thought it likely that would trigger no 1099. (Less than $600.)

    Two questions:

    Assuming I gain no further interest or bank promotion money from Citi, do they (and readers of this thread) still believe that I will probably NOT get a 1099?

    If I am still in good shape, am I likely risking getting a 1099 for $900 if I do this extra $400 promotion?

    If so, it seems like the $400 is almost worthless (for me): the $400 bonus will almost be offset by $300 in taxes.

    I’d be grateful to hear anyone’s thoughts on this. It affects many of us I expect.

    • Chuck says:

      I thought the 50k TY bonus was treated separately from this bonus. Can’t say anything for certain.

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      In the same boat as you and everything you mention has crossed my mind also as far as how they classify TYP redemption and actual cash bonus within the same taxable year. Unfortunately I don’t know the answer to this but I think there’s a way around it either way.

      If we open, for example, on October 30th we’d get in under the deadline. Sure, they could pull the plug at any time but that’s the risk you take. We have 30 days to fund the account. Wait until the last week of November to fund the account. Let’s just call it 11/23. The requirements for the bonus are 30 consecutive days with $15k so if I’m understanding this correctly we’re almost guaranteed to not get the bonus until 2016 seeing as the clock wouldn’t start ticking until basically the last week of December.

      By my estimation we wouldn’t see the bonus until at least February as most (maybe all?) data points over the years suggest you’ll be waiting at least a month to get your bonus. If this is true we’d likely get the bonus next year and as such the CitiGold TYP bank bonus received earlier this year would be a moot point.

  109. Vijay says:

    User Steve is correct !!! I also applied over the phone after seeing all the huddles opening online and today I got the package with my account number on it and the receipt for my $15k initial deposit which was done when opening the account over the phone and a page confirming $400 bonus will be awarded provided I meet the requirements for the bonus.

  110. Lady Nightshade says:

    Is the old offer code 45WYUPSTWJ (which was supposed to end Aug 31st) still valid after they extended until end of October?

    Because I dont see any new codes on the updated page, in fact it does not mention the need to use any codes at all. Is this correct?

  111. Evan says:

    The Citibank account package comes with either regular or interest checking. Is there any difference? Wouldn’t it make more sense to go with the interest one?

  112. Garaged says:

    Does it make any sense to write into to their reconsideration mail address (physical mail) if they reject your application for the checking account citing something on your equifax report?

    I applied once over the online application and got rejected. 9 days later, I applied over phone and was rejected again a day after. I have great credit, income, no debt etc. but the only derogatory marks I can think of are 3 recent hard credit inquiries – one for a new CC and the others while car loan shopping. All probably a week before applying to citi.

    Frankly I was shocked that they’d rejected me. The only explanation I got was the generic letter saying they had checked and rejected me based on equifax. No, it was not a hard pull.

  113. rayne says:

    Citibank randomly closed 3 accounts that I helped my family set up with no notification. Just received the refund checks today. Money deposited on 7/23/16. Refund check dated 9/2/16. Talking with them now to see if they will honor the bonus since the money officially sat there for 37 days. About 52 minutes into the first account now. I think this is going to be a painful process.

  114. Mark says:

    I tried opening an account over the phone… Very intrusive (mandatory) questions, many of which I have never previously been required to provide for any other bank account.

    These included:
    When I moved into my current home
    Previous address
    When I moved into my previous address
    My profession
    My company
    When I started at my work
    My work address
    My supervisors name and phone number– this is where I drew the line (I don’t have that memorized, but wasn’t going to provide that even if I did)

    I’m sure some are required to verify identity, but I drew the line at giving out my bosses phone number. Anyone else get these questions? I guess I’ll try online.

    • Nick says:

      Wow, very intrusive indeed. Almost like applying for a mortgage. I didn’t encounter this when I opened my Citi account ~3 months ago, but did experience something very similar when opening an HSBC checking account.

      I opened my Citi account online without much issue

    • Mark says:

      Update: Took 10 minutes to open account online. Everything seemed to go well. Now to see if my money is transferred correctly from Discover… Will keep others updated.

  115. RF8655 says:

    5 weeks have passed since my $15 was deposited. I called CitiBank and politely asked if the $400 bonus could be deposited now. No was the answer, I have to wait up to 90 days as the fine print says.

    I think this is a ploy to keep your $15k deposited for 3 months, despite the requirement that says just 30 days. Oh well.

    • Ken says:

      The requirement is to have the $15k in the account for 30 consecutive days. then you can pull $5k to keep the balance $10k to avoid the monthly fee.

      • RF8656 says:

        Yes thanks, I was aware of that. I was just pointing out that their policy hopes you keep the full $15k there for 3 months. $10k there isn’t much different either. So they’re requiring a large chunk for more than 30 days.

        • Ken says:

          Yes, and you’re also receiving one of the easiest and highest bank bonuses ever at $400.

          • RF8655 says:

            Am not complaining about the $400 as that’s pretty generous. But the way they word keeping $15K there makes it seem like 30 days and that’s it. Instead they delay the $400 credit for 90 days as away to keep funds there that long. They could have just said keep funds there for 90 days. It’s just sneaky.

          • Ken says:

            I don’t know how the terms could be any clearer. “A minimum balance of $15,000 is required to be maintained in the new checking account or new or existing Citibank Savings Plus Account, for 30 consecutive calendar days following the date you made your qualifying deposit.”

      • dan says:

        So, all or most folks moved $5k out after 30 days, leaving $10k to avoid monthly fee?

  116. Paul says:

    The shittybank said my account needs to be W8/W9 certified to get $400 bonus.

    WTF is that? where did that come from?

    any idea? anyone else had to face this crap from shittybank?

    • Harvey says:

      I’ve just received the same letter in mail, they need W8/W9 or they wont honor the bonus. Have called CSR, spoke even with supervisor, no help…Went to the nearest branch and bankar helped me, filled the form needed and now I’m still waiting for my bonus to deposit…it seems like they’re pulling all kinda tricks to prevent bonus posting…

    • Eric says:

      I received this request also. They told me I need to mail it in as they wouldn’t even let me fax it.

  117. Hustlehard says:

    Deposited 15k on 6/20. Still nothing. Haven’t seen a W9 request. Didn’t move out 5k. Anyone know if it’s 90 days from deposit or 90 days from meeting the 30 day requirement?

  118. hardy says:

    I opened the account on Aug 10th & then they send me welcome package, i signed signature card & w-9 form & send it in mail to them but they didn’t received it till 10 days so Finally i faxed it to them. I was told that until they receive signature card i can not set up online banking. Now i set up online banking & did ACH tranfer of 15K pull from citi to take money from discover on 7 th sept, It shows me tranfer will be completed on 12 th sept (normally all bank completes ACH tranfer in 2 days BUT CITI is going to take 5 days), which will pass 30 days initial funding period. I spoke to customer service, they were transfering my call from one department to another & asking me for 400$ bonus code, which was already applied to the account while opening the a/c over the fone.

    I doubt this people will obey the bonus? for their longer time in depositing my ACH transfer, does any one know about it?

  119. Aaron says:

    Applied online on August 31 for the Citibank account package. At the end of the process where it asks for external routing/account info for initial deposit, I got a strange error that they couldn’t verify/complete the initial deposit. I had to proceed to the next step and the site confirmed my application was being processed. Also got an email within an hour saying the same thing.

    I waited and checked for about 9-10 days but did not receive any emails or see any withdrawal from my funding account. I have a Citi credit card, and the whole time I did not see any checking account in my Citi account. I thought the application was still being processed, there was an error, or I was rejected. Then last Friday I received a debit card and a separate welcome letter showing my account number. I still wasn’t able to see any checking account in my Citi accounts.

    I called today and the rep said the account was opened on 8/31 (she confirmed the promo code was on the account). She had to help me register as a first time user, since when I tried registering my checking account it kept asking me to link it to my other Citi cards account but giving me an error when I typed the account password. I had to make a new login and link the old Citi cards one to it.

    Anyway, long story short is that the account has actually been open for 12 days, but Citi never sent me an email to let me know. I’m now waiting for trial deposits to clear so that I can finally fund the account, but my concern is that I will not meet the $10000 combined monthly average unless I put in more than $20000 (or even $25k since trial deposits + transfer will take 4-5 days). It will be close to September 20 by the time my account is funded.

    I explained this to the rep on the phone and they said that I should not be hit with a monthly fee, but if I am she’ll put a note mentioning the above issues so that I can call and have it waived. I can’t really put more than $20000 into the account, which will put my monthly average under $10000. Does anyone know if Citi generally waives fees for the first month to give people time to fund their accounts? Thanks.

  120. Keith says:

    Anyone who applied in the initial few days see the bonus yet? I see that I have crossed 90 days since the account was opened but haven’t seen the bonus post yet.

    • Eric says:

      I was told that they have until 90 days after you meet the requirements. This means even if you deposited the $15K on the day you opened the account you still have to wait another 30 more days until you can complain.

      Do you still have $10K in the account?

      • Ken cClure says:

        Yup, it’s 90 days from when the requirements were completed. And then you have to wait until your next statement to see the bonus. Citi really draws things out.

    • Rebecca says:

      Just got my bonus today. It’s been less than 90 days for me since the original 30 days.

  121. Matt says:

    Same here……I received my bonus today and my account was opened June 24th

  122. annex1982 says:

    Just received the $400 bonus posted on my account on 09/13/16.

    Opened the account on 06/07/2016 and exactly a bit over 90 days the bonus posted. A bit pain with the waiting, but hey free $400 is priceless especially when you just have the money sits around.

    Thanks DoC!

  123. Keith says:

    Checked and saw that the bonus posted for me as of 09/13 as well. Wife’s account still does not show the bonus but her account was funded on 6/15.

  124. TJ says:

    Mine posted on 9/13 as well. Opened on 6/15

  125. AC says:

    Mine bonus posted on 9/13. It was funded around 3rd week of June.
    Can the account be closed now? I don’t see any mention of how long it needs to be kept open.

  126. Waingro says:

    Wife and I got our bonuses 9/13. Will be downgrading, then closing!

  127. John says:

    I received a bonus on 9/13…however it wasn’t $400. The bonus reads: “Interest Adj Basic checking bonus!” and the amount was only $100. Has anyone else encountered this or have any idea how/why this happened?

  128. TJ says:

    Received my bonus on 9/13 also. Opened 6/19 and funded 15k on 6/22. I really was thinking I wouldn’t get this one but it’s here!

    • Arley says:

      Did you have to submit W9 form? They made me do that to get the bonus. Still in the process of account being updated with W9 form.

      • Chris says:

        I didn’t have to submit anything. Also received bonus on the 13th.

      • TJ says:

        No form. Just opened the account normally online.

      • EBF says:

        Hum. I got a letter asking me to complete a W9 as well. I wonder if that’s a clue my code *did* apply. (I SM’d asking if I met requirements and got a reply that they could not find the code I gave them on my account.)

      • RF8655 says:

        I got a W9 form from them, filled it out, and sent it back in. It came almost a month after opening the account. I called and asked why they need my SSN now when SSN is needed at account application time. They said IRS rules that require your documented signature to confirm that’s your SSN.

        No big deal, really.

  129. larry says:

    Got a follow up email today after the bonus posted on Monday. Sounds like they want an additional $10k for 90 days. So I’m wondering if I open up savings account then close checking account and transfer out the $15k. Then ACH the $10k into the new savings account. Worth the hassle for $50?

    “Simply enroll in this promotion and make a qualifying deposit into a new or existing Citibank Savings Plus Account or existing Day-to-Day Savings Account with a minimum of $10,000 in new-to-Citibank funds between 9/1/16 and 10/31/16. Then, maintain a $10,000 minimum balance throughout the next 90 consecutive calendar days after the minimum deposit was made and you can earn a $50 cash bonus on your savings.”

  130. EBF says:

    Argh! Why are there so many codes?!? And why did I not screen shot *my* code on signup?

    Followed someone else’s suggestion to SM confirming I met the requirements. Got a reply that they could not find the CZPE code on my account. Well, that’s because I just copied it from the updated post above. Rereading the comments, I see two or three other codes! I am pretty sure I signed up with a four letter code. Replied to the SM saying I think I used CZKD. Hope that’s right. Grr.

    • JD says:

      Same here. I know what code I used and they can’t find it. They opened an investigation and were already supposed to respond to me, and are two days past the deadline they said they would respond by. Only been 35 days total, but I’m transferring money back to my normal account and closing the Citi account. Will never bank with Citi again based on the hassle.

      • JD says:

        Although they were late responding, I just got word they are honoring the $400 deal, so I will transfer out $5,000, leaving $10,00 in for 90 days and hope for the best.

  131. allmail says:

    I didnt see this promo in time. I use Citi checking as my main account, so I always miss out on these deals.

    I am wondering if I should close my existing Citi Checking account now? I have to have a 60 day gap to qualify for bonus. This promo ends on 10/31 and it will only work if they bring it back.
    I guess the original promo ran for June, July and Aug. I wish I had seen it then, 3 months was enough time to close and reopen a new one but this time it is only Sept and Oct, not enough time to close and reopen.. wondering if I should close in anticipation that they might renew the promo?

  132. Curmudgeon says:

    I live in Missouri. I put my state in the drop down box on the first screen of the application and got this message:

    “We’re sorry, but we’re unable to open this account for you online. But you may open this account by calling 1-800-374-9700.”

    • FB says:

      After that message, If you click BACK in your browser, the app will
      continue with the promo code inserted in the box, ready to go..
      But – I did not try going farther than that because I need to wait
      until mid October to actually apply..

  133. allmail says:

    Does anyone know the answer to following?

    If I close a Citi checking account bot have lets say Savings and Credit Cards under my online profile, can I still access the history of that closed account under my online profile? I know some banks let you do that but not sure about Citi.


  134. Yu says:

    Is it safe to close the account several days after the bonus is received?

  135. RF8655 says:

    Just to add a strategy to this if you’re 62 or older.

    After waiting out the 90 days for the $400 credit into your Citibank regular checking account, call and have them downgrade to Basic checking. There is no monthly service fee for Basic Checking if you’re 62 or older. Then electronically transfer (ACH at no charge) all remaining funds to your normal external bank account leaving zero balance, Then call Citibank and ask them to close the account. No need for them to cut and send a remaining balance check.

  136. sam says:

    About the 600 thank you points per year generating a tax form….this bank bonus will result in a tax form on its own….it would not make citi credit card bonuses subject to taxes that were received this year, correct?

  137. johnny says:

    Update for anyone in my shoes. I deposited my 15k on 6/28, and am still waiting for the bonus as of 9/23

    Will probably call them next week if I don’t see it.

  138. MG says:

    Man, what a terrible bank. Helped my wife sign up, deposited $15K. Mailed in copy of driver’s license for verification. 30 days in I notice I still can’t log in to full online account. Turns out they lost the DL in the mail, blocked the account, and are unilaterally shutting down it down, all without telling me until I call in and holding my $15K hostage until whenever they decide to mail me the check. I’m filing a CFPB complaint once the 30 days since deposit has passed.

    • Ken says:

      Why’d you wait 30 days? USPS takes less than 5 days to deliver a stamped envelope across the country. You can also usually fax them the info.

      • MG says:

        I didn’t wait 30 days to send it in, I sent it in right away. So I assumed it was received, having never been told anything to the contrary.

        • Ken says:

          Why did you wait 30 days to check up on the submitted documents? I would’ve been calling them every few days and sending another copy after a week or two. You have to be on top of these banks, they lose things all the time. Set a reminder on your computer.

          • Ryan says:

            Don’t be a dick. A person can’t follow up on every conceivable thing.

          • anthonyjh21 says:


            He might not have put it gently but It’s definitely something everyone needs to know and practice. Especially with “Shiti” bank. They’re one of the most discombobulated banks out there. The reality is you shouldn’t go after bonuses if you’re not the type who sets reminders and stays on top of things. It might not be all sunshine but it’s the truth.

          • RF8655 says:

            Is see the point of having to keep on top of these banks, but we shouldn’t have to micromanage their responsibilities on their end. I think many understandably assume these banks know what they’re doing, and we all have other things in life to worry about than shiti-bank doing their job right. So both sides of this really are correct.

    • Eddy says:

      Wait, “every conceivable thing?” He sent them 15 THOUSAND dollars !!

    • Amy says:

      Yeah, no kidding. After 2 rounds of account verifications for Chase so I could transfer the funds and several phone calls either being routed from incorrect department to incorrect department or waiting on hold for someone that never came back on the line, I had to open a second checking account because they closed the first one without ever telling me anything was wrong. Apparently a welcome package containing a signature card I needed to return and related follow-up emails, letters, and phone calls were all supposed to come yet never did–but I did receive the debit card, the PIN, and the first supply of checks, and up until the other day I could access account info by phone, so how was I to know any different? Oh, I’ve also so far created 2 online accounts in relation to applying for this checking account, and they somehow managed to close a different online account I’ve had for 14 years that’s linked to my credit card. Awful lot of work and frustration for $400.

  139. Nick says:

    Data point, $400 credited on Sep 13. Opened the account on Jun 10 and have left $15k in the account since

  140. Ken says:

    Opened an account today, and during the application where I enter my external account’s info I got a verification error. Agent says to ignore the big red bold error message during the app.

    I’ll go from my other account and link from there.

  141. johnny says:

    Got my $400 bonus today, Sep 30. Opened account and fully funded on 06/28 so just a tad over 3 months.

    I actually called the branch where I opened the account 3 days ago to ask abotu the bonus and they opened up a “case” and got the bonus 3 days later. Wonder how long it would have taken if i played the waiting game.

    • RichM says:

      So looks like they wait as long as possible to pay the bonus, maybe even beyond 90 days. I sure hope we don’t have to hound them to keep their offer promise.

      • J says:

        I opened mine around the same time and was getting pretty antsy until I re-read the fine print. 90 days from “completing all the requirements” – the requirements include holding the $15k for 30 days, so technically that’s 90 + 30 = 120 days from deposit, putting the payout deadline at the end of October.

        • Ken says:

          There have been reports of people who opened the account in June just getting the bonus recently. So it does take a while.

          • RichM says:

            Geez, my comment was mostly in humor. I’m glad I applied, but the 120 days was not clearly spelled out as you insist it was.

        • RichM says:

          So really 120 days after opening including 30 days of the 15k deposit period. This place is like a survivor TV series where it’s a challenge to make it across the finish line. I’ll probably need to see an analyst when this is all over.

          • Ken says:

            All of which was clearly spelled out in the terms, so if you weren’t comfortable with that you shouldn’t apply, or at least don’t complain about it after the fact.

    • Captainsave says:

      Mine received the 15k on 6/27 a day before urs but still no bonus. I opened a case to review and today they sent me an email to look out for a new document that they will be sending?

  142. El Guapo says:

    Opened my account 9/8/16, funded with the full 15k by transfer from Ally. Without explanation, I received today a check from Citibank for the entire 15k with only this message:

    “Enclosed is a check for the remaining balance in your account. If you have a balance on an attached checking plus account, you will continue to receive statements until the account is paid in full. You may make payments at any Citibank branch or send your payment to the address on your statement. Exemplary customer service is our priority at Citibank. We look forward to assisting you in the future.” (9/28/16).

    The memo on the check notes “CLOSE” and the last four digits of my account number. I did not request closure. I’ll call them tomorrow to investigate, but I have no idea why they would do that.

    • Russ says:

      I got the same check. What did they say?

    • Chuck says:

      Bummer, so you never got the bonus, I take it?

      • El Guapo says:

        Right, no bonus, just a check for the 15k balance. I called them yesterday, but they said that the only department that could explain it was the New Account Opening department. Amusingly, when they tried to transfer me, no one would pick up the phone. It was 4:30, a half-hour before closing time.

        Me: “So, you’re telling me that the bank has closed my account without any explanation, and the only department that can explain it has had all of its employees clock out early today?”

        Rep: “…”

  143. WorkedHard ForTheMoney says:

    TL;DR at bottom

    Just went through hell with these b@s tards! I’m out of their area (WA) so was forced to apply by phone. Was able to do that after hours. Gave code and was told I’d have the Welcome Package in “5-7 business days”.

    Begin nightmare. Package never arrived. No way to get online account open, no way to fund it. Had to call every week. Told different reasons every time, but always, “It’ll go through this time–you’ll have it in 5-7 business days.”

    Turns out it’s catch-22: you need to sign the signature card to get the package, but nobody told me that and the signature card is in the package (and emailed, but I missed seeing it).

    Finally complained to a supervisor for 45 minutes. She didn’t seem impressed, but she did take action: the various pieces were Fed Ex’d and UPS’d. Unfortunately, it sounded like there were just the two, so I wasn’t home for the third…which required a signature (unlike the other two). It took a week to get all the pieces: debit card (needed to set up the online account), PIN, and welcome package (finally).

    Then I had trouble getting the account funded and was running out of time (30 days from account opening). Again, different stories from everyone. Turns out ONLY NEW ACCOUNTS SERVICES can pull the funds from your existing checking account and they CLOSE AT 5:00 PM CT (3 PM PST!) AND they are NOT reachable by the phone number everybody insists is theirs! You have to ask for them whenever you call!

    I insisted the last person verify that I was on track for getting the bonus and that there were no contra-indications. She confirmed with New Accounts that the Bonus code was in the system and it looked good. “Just keep the $15K in the account for the 30 days.” Got it marked on my calendar (plus a couple extra days just to be sure).

    As I told them–I’ve never had so much trouble opening an account. We’ll see if I get my damn bonus…after all that, I’d better.

    TL;DR Tips:
    1) If opening by phone, have your existing account routing & account number handy, and ask them to put it in so the funds can be pulled as soon as your signature card is accepted.

    2) As soon as you get the signature form in email, print it out, sign and fax or mail it back! (I’d keep a copy just in case.)

    3) Call every week if you haven’t gotten the card, PIN, Welcome Package, or funding in the account. Ask for a supervisor if things aren’t wrapped up within about 20 days. Don’t let it get too close to the 30 day mark. Ask “Do you have the ability to fix this for me?” If not, “Who does and how/when do I reach them?”

    4) Call before 1 PM your time.

    5) Make sure your existing bank will release the funds–my bank was reluctant even though I had deposited cash and a cashiers check FROM THEM!

    Good Luck!

    • Caroline says:

      They are, by far, the worse bank I’ve ever dealt with. They never sent confirmation email when I applied online. I didn’t even know I was approved until I received a “welcome” letter. Yes, just letter and nothing else. Second mail I got was the “Signature Card” letter. Then two other packages came in the mail. It took me almost 3 weeks to get everything set up. The online access is a mess. Depending on the login page, sometimes I landed on a totally different page, different menu option.
      The weirdest incident was the external account verification process with CapitalOne 360. Two trial deposits $.33 and $.44 (then debited the entire amount $.77). Till today, 2 weeks later, my Citi account is still showing $.12 and $.21. Yet the entire amount was already back on my CapitalOne 360. What gives??

  144. Sam says:

    Oh….I am SO looking forward to this one…I actually hope they deny me immediately.

  145. El Guapo says:

    Okay, I spoke with a real person at the New Account Service section and she initially said that my account was closed because they received my account signature cards after the 30 day window had ended. When I asked for the date on which they received the cards back from me, she started to pause and talk more slowly as she looked at the account. Then, she put me on hold and returned, saying that it had been closed by mistake. They are re-opening the account and letting me put my money back into it, and they promise that I will receive my 400 bonus (we shall see).

    They seem pretty inept for such a large bank.

    • Ken says:

      I don’t think I ever received a signature card, or if I did it said it was only for writing checks which I don’t plan on doing. better talk to them now… 🙁

    • Ken says:

      So according to a Citi rep I don’t have to fill out a signature card, but I do need to send in a picture of my license so they have my signature on file. No idea why, and I don’t remember this being required when I opened the account online.

      • Ken says:

        Now they are saying that there is no note on my account, and I do not need to send any documents in. What a pain…

  146. 007 says:

    Just took the plunge and submitted my application. Fingers crossed…

    P.S. In case anyone is in the same position, I picked the regular checking account as opposed to the interest checking account. Per the offer terms, interest is 0.01% for a $15,000 balance which is $1.50 per year or 37.5 cents per quarter. At this rate, it is not worth the hassle for me even thinking about changing the default regular checking option to interest checking.

    • 007 says:

      Got 3 letters today – debit card, pin, deposit slips. Called automated line to activate debit card. Account still didn’t show up online using username created during application. Tried to register for online access using atm card number, pin, account number – failed when merging with existing username (option 1) but worked when I created new username (option 2). Now linked citi with cap one 360 and vice versa – once trial deposits post will fund. Also secure messages to confirm promo code on account (took screenshots of entire application process just in case).

      • 007 says:

        Trial deposits successful both ways. Funding transaction in process. Promo code confirmed via secure message. Don’t forget to turn on electronic statement delivery of creating new username for account like this.

  147. SteveJ123 says:

    Any suggestions on how to close the account. Opened the account, received bonus, downgraded the account to basic 45 days ago and now would like to now close the account. Account has been opened since June…about 4 months. No Citibank near by. Do I ACH (pull or push) balance to zero and then send a message? Anyone incur an early closing penalty?

    BTW…although the amount of ACH out of Citi(pushing) is limited it appears to be no limit by pulling the funds from another institution….

  148. Mikey says:

    Got the bonus today, exactly 90 days since opening the account on 7/12.

    For those who might still be concerned, this is the second bonus from Citibank that I received this year, so there is no limit on the number of bonuses that can be received from Citibank at this time.

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      Thanks for this data point. I rec’d the 50k TYP earlier this year and wasn’t 100% sure if I’d be eligible again (I closed it over 5 months ago).

      • Mikey says:

        You shouldn’t have any problems as long as you meet the requirements and get confirmation when you do meet them.

        • Varman says:

          Hi Mikey.. when did you close your account after bonus posted ? immediately after or waited for a few days/weeks ? Just wanted to confirm if there is no early termination fee or no bonus claw back if closed within 6 months. Thanks much !

          • Mikey says:

            I haven’t closed this one yet. I make it a habit of keeping these bonus offers open for 6 months or maybe I’ll close one earlier if the terms of the offer specifically state otherwise and can use the money for another bonus opportunity so can’t answer your question.

            I’ve read others have closed this one without any reported problems.

  149. Vasv says:

    Received Bonus!

    7/20 – applied over phone
    7/29 – 15k credited from ally
    10/12 – Interest AdjQ3 2016 Checking Offer Award – $400

  150. Captain_America says:

    Received bonus!

    7/22 – applied online
    7/28 – $16K deposit credited via ACH push
    10/12 – $400 bonus received.

  151. nab says:

    I also just got my bonus $400. Downgrading to basic now.

  152. Radster says:

    Just to add to the litany of warnings already posted here…

    After jumping through MANY hoops just to get the account opened (via phone) and funded within 30 days, I still don’t have a PIN – which I need to access my money. Apparently Sh*%#ibank never mailed it to me.

    Then to top it off, I got my first statement yesterday and there is a $6 ‘card expedition fee’ and a $35 overdraft fee. The later of which was charged cause the $6 fee hit before Sh*%#ibank finished transferring my initial deposit – later that same day.

    In summary, check your statements for nefarious charges; don’t wait for them to do anything proactively (call them as soon as a deadline is missed); get your bonus, and get the hell out!

    • Radster says:

      And I’m also pretty sure they’re going to deny me the bonus since the account feel below the $15k level during the first 30 days.

  153. ad says:

    Looks like other people are getting their bonuses.

    But not me! I have a screen shot of the offer code, and meticulously followed the requirements, 120 days since deposit, no bonus. Called once, promo applicability was verified and requested to wait 2 days. Called 2 days later, reverified promotion but supervisor “needed to investigate.” was told id get a message online re: resolution of this.

    thankfully, i’ve kept times of calls, names and employee ID numbers.

    argh. kinda annoying.

  154. M. Smith says:

    I’m still waiting as well. My $15k posted 6/23. In Sepember I sent a SM asking to confirm I promotion was on my account. After some time, I got a reply that my account needed to be W-9 certified and once it was, my bonus would post 90 days after completing requirements. Around that same time, I got the forms in the mail, completed them and returned them. As of today no bonus. I just sent another SM asking to confirm my account was now certified.

    While I was logged in, I saw a $25 new savings account bonus– for $100 held 7 days. I did it.

    I know there’s a much better Citi Savings deal out there, but after this checking hassle, I’m not going to let them sit on $25k.

  155. Dave says:

    Opened today via online app. They changed the setup a little, as it
    allowed me to apply from a state which previously required a phone in

  156. lisa says:

    this thread has me a little worried. i opened and funded the account with no issues but i never received a welcome packet or debit card and i definitely didn’t sign anything for a signature card.

    • Dave says:

      At the end of my app, there is a paragraph titled “what we still need”.
      1) call them [after] the complementary checks arrive
      2) verify my test deposits at the funding account

      No mention of a signature card.

      • 007 says:

        New Account Services told me signature card will come with complimentary checks. They said I only need to return it if I plan to write checks.

        With that said, I mailed a copy of my driver s license as address authentication when I opened the account. My license has my signature on it.

      • lisa says:

        i sent a sm and was told there was an issue delivering my welcome packet so it was returned and destroyed. seems odd they wouldn’t inform me of that or try to resend.

  157. joe says:

    Do we need to the w-9 and signature card if we had an account earlier in the year?

  158. john555 says:

    Never doing another citibank bonus EVER even if offer is a million bucks. Random freezing of my account, funds unavailable. Hours spend on the stupid phone tree and indian customer service. Just not worth it

  159. Dave says:

    Called in to confirm that the offer code is applied to the new account.
    They said it is not, and will send a request to have it investigated.
    I won’t deposit a dime until that is squared away..

  160. J says:

    Very long story short, do not open this account online. Go in branch. The New Accounts Team has absolutely no idea what they’re doing and the branch cannot help you with accounts opened online. No accountability and no one works together. Ended up reporting to CFPB for numerous issues.

  161. Jeff H says:

    I signed up for a interest bearing checking account – Citibank Account Package option on signup is interest or no interest bearing account. I failed to find an advantage of one over the other. — Comments invited as I am total ignorant of the differences.
    Anyway, I ended up with a Citibank Account Package checking account only. I called the CSR number on my account number printout. She said that a single checking account number would qualify for the offer. Separate linked savings account number not required. IF TRUE, I like the idea of a single qualifying account.
    Thoughts of others requested.

    • Jeff H says:

      Given that I did NOT sign up for any Citi Savings account and my only other Citi relationship is a Dividend Rewards MC of long standing, IF Citi makes a Savings account offer, Would i possibly be eligible for that bonus when offered?

    • Jeff H says:

      Data Points
      As part of the signup process, Citi created ACH Trial balances which were verified by me, Then a ACH pull from WF to the Citi account was generated by Citi. I finally see a P2P as part of the ACH entry on the Citi bank deposit on line. The first real pull was about a week after creating the Citibank Account Checking by the on line signup process. Your reply to the ACH trial can control when the real money gets pulled. I allowed just $1000.00 for the initial action to see the process work properly. I have now generated a Citi ACH pull for the other $14000.00 to meet the terms of the offer. The nearest Citi Bank office is over 100 miles from me in a different state.

      Wells Fargo account
      10/27/16 CITIBANK XFER TRANSFER yyyzz7 XXXXXzzz9 Jeff H
      small letters replaced numbers that I was not comfortable posting publicly

      In the Citi account, the money showed up almost a week after the authorization.
      *Pending ACH PREAUTHORIZED CREDIT Oct31 05:04a 0000CITIBANK XFER P2P Jeff H

  162. Josh says:

    Cannot stand these mega banks. Open acct online 9/15. Opening deposit in branch 9/16. 10/18 called and confirmed checks are good to use and mailed check to another account of mine to move out 5k and keep account fee free. Check bounces because not activated. Phone rep says they need my signature to compare. Come on, what bank compares signature. And what about my phone call to confirm checks are good!?! They say the other checks I wrote should clear just fine. Hmmm, we shall see. I already feel I will not see bonus. Should prep CFPB letter now. Fingers crossed for bonus ~1/14/17. Not holding my breath.

    • shawn014 says:

      Same exact thing happened to me with Citi last time. Wife and I both opened Citgold checking, received checks. Wife and I each wrote a large check from our respective accts, both bounced even though there was way more than enough to cover the charges. Called Citi to determine what is going on, they told me I had to call to activate the checks. Huh…

  163. RF8655 says:

    Just found out that the $400 credit really occurs 120 days after the $15,000 is deposited to your CitiBank checking account. It was explained to me by CitiBank that the 90 day wait period starts exactly 30 days after the $15,000 deposit. That then really means 90 days + 30 days.

    The rationale is that “after all requirements are met” condition means 30 days after the $15,000 is deposited starts the “met” requirement date for the 90 days to start ticking.


    • Fred says:

      That’s what they tell you but as you can see from the posters above, most have gotten their bonus in 90 days or less from account opening. I opened my account on 7/12, made the $15,000 deposit on 7/14 and got the bonus on 10/12, 90 days from account opening.

      Think what they mean is if you wait 30 days to deposit the $15,000 from account opening, then you probably won’t get the bonus for 120 days from account opening.

      There’s still hope for you to get it sooner.

      • RF8655 says:

        Yeah, that makes sense, thanks. I have a couple days yet to reach the 90 days since $15k deposit (deposited on 7/29, not long after you) so it may still happen hopefully. Glad it took only 90 days for you.

  164. Arley says:

    Finally received $400 bonus today 10/28. Deposited $15k on June 23. That’s well over 120 days. It seems some folks are receiving bonuses 90 days after deposit and some like me are receiving after 120 days (90 days after 30 days past $15k deposit). They really made me go through a lot of hoops to get this bonus and it really seemed like they were trying to avoid it,but finally got the bonus. I had to call like 5 times, submit W9 forms to get my account “eligible”, and countless “investigations”. Nevertheless, is finally over. This was my first time dealing with Citi bank (have their credit cards) and I really dislike their customer service. Everytime you need something resolved they have this process where they “investigate” it, give you a investigation number and have to wait 2 days for a response. They really discouraged me from really continuing on to do business with their bank business.

    • J says:

      Your description is 100% consistent with my experience (opened my account on 6/28 and still waiting for the results of an “investigation” to perhaps get my bonus). After the experience I’ve had, I plan to blacklist Citibank from any future banking business and I don’t care what kind of promo they’re offering.

      • RF8655 says:

        I’m with you also on this. I’ll probably have to call many times and have multiple investigations before they credit me after 120 days. These guys are not only deceptive, but they try to make it hard to collect the promo hoping you’ll forget or give up.

  165. shawn014 says:

    Direct link from above, seems to no longer be working?
    When I click the link, takes me to generic citi website, with multiple offers listed. One for a Diamond Preferred Visa, and below it a link for
    “Reward your drive.
    Earn $400.
    Open a new eligible Checking account and make a qualifying deposit.”
    And a large blue button labeled “Learn More”

    However, clicking the “Learn More” button just redirects me back to this same page. Tried in Chrome and Firefox, incognito and non incognito.

    Also tried pasting the url directly from the citi websites offer button, same result, just redirects back to the main citi page.

    • Josh says:

      I tried the link from how I found it on Citis site and it still appears to work. Use the “apply now” right above the learn more.

      From do the following:
      rewards & offers > special offers > reward your drive > blue “apply now” half way down page

      • Shawno14 says:

        Sweet! Thanks very much Josh!
        That worked for me!

        One interesting thing I noticed is that the offer that comes up using your link, now say the offer expires on 11/15 instead of 10/31.

        “To qualify for a $400 cash bonus, open a new consumer checking account in The Citibank Account Package by 11/15/16.”

        Also the offer code that populates in the application is CZPA which is slightly different from DOCs post.

        Thanks for the link!

  166. jags4186 says:

    This offer has been nothing but nightmares. I have submitted the W9 form 3 times. Twice by mail and once in person at branch. I have filed a CFPB complaint. It has been 6 months since I initially opened two of these accounts (one for me, one for my wife). They just refused to acknowledge receipt of the W-9 and the CFPB complaint response says we need the W-9. Does anyone have a fax number where this form can be sent? I want something which is concrete that they received. They’re holding $20,000 of my money hostage at 0.0001% interest while I beg and pray to receive stupid $800 in bonuses.

    • Josh says:

      I recently had to submit my signature card so the can unblock my checks. Here is the address/fax detail.

      By Fax – Please fax to (866) 212-1597 or (866) 212-1598
      By Mail – Please mail all requested information (and funding if applicable) to:
      P.O. BOX 769010
      SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 78245-9963

  167. john555 says:

    now they are saying that there is no record of a promo on my account….geez what they are doing should be criminal

  168. J says:

    It just keeps getting better. Finally got the bonus after a lengthy “investigation,” but couldn’t downgrade the account due to a check verification hold (I don’t use checks and never received a signature card). They offered to email a signature card I could print, sign, and fax back, but it has failed to arrive so far. Called again today and was told “we send email out in batches, it can take a couple of days to arrive.”

    How is this bank still in business?

  169. Chris says:

    So to recap for the late comers- Citi is notorious for having terribly complex and annoying cumbersome Bonus Rewards processing… the CitiGold AA Promo of last year took most people 6 months and multiple CSR/ BBB Complaints… but in the end you probably got 50,000 points (worth at least $500 to most people) in exchange for your 3-8 hours of time. Even at 10 hours… With Fees and interest accounted for – you’re still making around $30/hr of your ‘time’, And thats IF it goes haywire for you, which is not always the case. I think its worth it considering they ARE likely to still pay out after 4 months.

  170. MikeyBee says:

    Great site, glad I found you. One question: Verdict bullet 3 says: “Transfer out $5,000 to my regular savings account and park the remaining $10k there for 3 more months until the bonus posts so as to keep the account fee free.” Does “regular savings account” mean a Citi savings account?

  171. David says:

    I tried applying with the CZPE code online on Nov 2. Received a letter today saying they reviewed my application and due to information they received from the consumer reporting agency (Equifax), they are unable to open an account for me at this time. My credit score hoovers between the high 700s and low 800s, so this was weird to me. Upon digging in the comments section, I found that another person from Texas (I’m in Texas too) received a rejection notification a few months ago. I’m guessing they restrict applications for Texas.

  172. Arley says:

    So I got the bonus and I am ready to retrieve my funds from this account, but it limits external transfers to $2,000 a day. How did you all withdraw your money?

    • Ken says:

      When I did this a year ago I was able to do an ACH transfer initiated by my external account and suck the entire balance out of the Citi account. Are you using the Citi transfer funds method?

      • Arley says:

        yes I am initiating the transfer from Citi. Should I then initiate an ACH from my external bank?

        • Ken says:

          Yes. I always use the external account to perform all ACH related tasks.

          Make sure everything in the account is settled and pull al funds out. Wait a week to make sure everything settles in your external account, then SM Citi to close the account.

    • James says:

      When did you get the account open? I think I opened mine in mid-august and I’m still waiting.

      • Arley says:

        Opened June 23, received bonus October 29. Expect to receive by mid December. Keep alert and stay on top of them. They will make you go throigh loop aftet loop. Their customer service is horrendous. See all the comments above!

  173. Jags4186 says:

    Just to follow up, still have not received bonus. Filed CFPB complaint they claimed I wasn’t W-9 certified (only have sent about 7 of those in). Given executive office phone number, sent in W-9 to them, now they say it is certified and I should receive bonus is 5-7 business days. I will be closing my account in 6-8 business days.

  174. Maria says:

    Link doesn’t work. Every time I click on it, the URL changes to “” and asks me to log in. I cleared all cookies and tried different browsers. Same result. I even tried removing the referral code and same thing happens. I thought the offer expired today?

  175. M says:

    Citi requires me to “FAX!!!” or snail-mail my driver’s license to them! No email, no web upload platform, or if I walk into their branch then they’ll just send the driver’s license over.

    Welcome to the 21st century…

  176. strema says:

    Received bonus!

    8/11 Opened account
    8/18 Transferred $15k in
    9/19 Transferred $5k out
    11/15 $400 bonus posted

  177. PD says:

    Does anyone know if you can downgrade an account with an uncleared check from the original account? I.e. do the account numbers change and thus the check will bounce, or will the check still go through like normal?

  178. E says:

    Is this bonus still going on?

  179. Paul K says:

    Also just received Bonus 11/15 after depositing my initial $15k mid August.

    Does anyone know if I can just take the $15,400 out now and close the account without penalty? Or do I have to downgrade and wait 30 days before closing?

    Thanks in advance!

    • anne says:

      I have the same question. I see that there is no fee for closing the account now but I do not know why a lot of people here suggested downgrading first and then close it.

  180. ST4LKER says:

    Got my $400 bonus today, deposited $15K 08/03. Have made many calls to Citi CSR regarding the bonus. That bonus was a real horror story!

  181. Ron says:

    I opened the Citi bank Checking package in July 2016 and deposited $15,005 on 7/29/2016.
    And as of 11/16/2016 still no bonus.
    I called today and was told I would not receive the $400 bonus because I changed the account to basic checking on 10/27/2016. I told her that I asked during the chat (see below) if this would effect my $400 and was told it would not, she did not care what I was told in the chat. And the only thing I could do was to file a dispute after 11/29/2016. Is there any other recourse for me?

    I asked during the chat: “This will not effect my $400 bonus that I am do to get any day now, right?” Answer: Ruth: at 10:51:49
    Ron, not to worry, once you meet the promotion requirements, you will receive the bonus though you change the banking pacakage.
    Ruth: at 10:51:52

    Welcome to Citibank Live Chat. How may I assist you today?
    RON: at 10:43:28
    Can I change my checking account to Basic checking?
    Ruth: at 10:44:00
    I will be glad to check this for you.
    Ruth: at 10:44:00
    Please allow me a few minutes while I review your account.
    RON: at 10:44:13
    Basic checking only requires $1500 to avoid any monthly fees, correct?
    Ruth: at 10:44:30
    Yes, you’re correct.
    Ruth: at 10:45:16
    I will help you with that.
    Ruth: at 10:45:33
    Ron, I will be glad to change your banking package to basic banking account pacakge.
    Ruth: at 10:46:04
    Please be informed that you wouldn’t be able to earn thank you points under basic banking account package
    with direct deposits and bill payments.
    RON: at 10:46:23
    that’s ok
    Ruth: at 10:47:45
    Please be advised that there is non Citibank ATM fee of $2.50 for every non Citibank ATM withdrawal.
    RON: at 10:48:11
    This will not effect my $400 bonus that I am do to get any day now, right?
    RON: at 10:48:31
    Please be advised that there is non Citibank ATM fee of $2.50 for every non Citibank ATM withdrawal.
    RON: at 10:48:38
    That’s ok
    Ruth: at 10:48:51
    Thank you.
    RON: at 10:49:17
    Again: This will not effect my $400 bonus that I am do to get any day now, right?
    Ruth: at 10:49:36
    One moment please, while I research this.
    Ruth: at 10:50:32
    Thank you for your time and patience while holding.
    Ruth: at 10:51:49
    Ron, not to worry, once you meet the promotion requirements, you will receive the bonus though you change
    the banking pacakage.
    Ruth: at 10:51:52
    RON: at 10:51:56

  182. Fred says:

    I opened the Citi bank Checking package in July 2016 and deposited $15,000 on 7/29/2016.
    And as of 11/16/2016 still no bonus.

    I called today and was told I would not receive the $400 bonus because I changed the account to basic checking on 10/27/2016. I told her that I asked during the chat (see below part of actual chat) if this would effect my $400 and was told it would not, she did not care what I was told in the chat. And the only thing I could do was to file a dispute after 11/29/2016.
    Is there any other recourse for me? [ I do have a pdf copy of the chat ]

    I asked during the chat: “This will not effect my $400 bonus that I am do to get any day now, right?”
    Answer: Ruth: at 10:51:49
    Fred, not to worry, once you meet the promotion requirements, you will receive the bonus though you change the banking pacakage.
    Ruth: at 10:51:52

    • anne says:

      I think you very much have to eat the loss. You should have not converted your checking account until you get the bonus in hand.

      • Fred says:

        Yea, I guess I shouldn’t take Citi Banks word for it, Really?
        I had to pay unforeseen medical bills of over $12K. If the chat person was competent, and said yes, you could lose your bonus. I would not have done it.
        Since I’m retired I could have used my 401K money.

        I still think they owe me $400.

        • Julia says:

          Fred, definitely escalate the bonus issue. It was not your fault. Due to incompetency of the chat representative who assured you that the change of the package would not affect your bonus eligibility, you are entitled to the bonus. Bank has to be responsible for their errors and lack of knowledge of their representatives. You need to file an official complaint, mail it to their address. In the subject line, write that it is an escalation to the upper management. They will have to manually credit your bonus due to their human error during the chat.

    • Fred says:

      My sister did the exact same thing I did, downgrade to basic checking on 10/28/16 via chat. (I suggested that she should do it, to pull $8.5K out of citi). I feel a lot less guilty now.
      Her $400 bonus posted today. She deposited $15k to citi on 8/17/2016.

      Still no bonus for me…

  183. Arthur says:

    I received the bonus on 10/25, and I downgraded my account to citi basic. However, on 11/15, another 400 posted in my account with the name “interest adj Q3 2016 checking offer award”. Anyone else got this? I am not sure what to do. For now I will let this sitting in my account for a month or two in case they claw it back.

    • Fred says:

      Keep it! Remember you helped bail them out in 2008.

    • Arley says:

      I got two $400 credits as well. I called them several times to request the bonus and I think the reason for the double bonus was that the first credit was done by a supervisor directly and the second one was the original one that didn’t come in time. I ACH the whole account plus one $400 credit. I left the second $400 in there, closed the account, and I was told I would receive a check for the balance of $400.

      I feel bad in one way, but they made me go through several loops so not sure what to do.I’;; wait and see once I get confirmation via mail and maybe a second $400 check.

  184. Julia says:

    Just received my bonus. Opened account on 08/11/2016. Received $400 bonus on 11/15/2016. My relatives also received their bonuses on 11/15/2016 (they opened their accounts in August). I didn’t think it would work, but it did and Citibank paid everyone. They held their word this time.

  185. JDoc13 says:

    6/7: Account opened online and fund transfer initiated
    6/13: $15,000 transfer cleared
    7/15: Withdrew account to $10,000 ($2000 per day)
    9/13: $400 bonus received
    9/14: Downgraded account from interest checking to regular checking via chat (I was not allowed to downgrade directly to basic banking account)
    9/16: Downgraded account from regular checking to basic banking via chat, which will take effect next billing cycle (10/7)
    10/9: Withdrew account to $1500 to avoid the monthly fee ($2000 per day)
    11/9: Withdrew account to $0
    11/16: Account closed via chat

    • Zzcodi says:

      What do u mean by 10/9: Withdrew account to $1500 to avoid the monthly fee ($2000 per day) : what $2000 monthly fee?

      I don’t know hoe citi could chrge you anything since your account is closed, but please post if they do

    • RF8656 says:

      Why wouldn’t they let you downgrade to Basic Banking checking? I’m not clear what the advantage was of going from interest checking to regular checking. They’re both under the CitiBank Account Package, with the same minimum requirements. Basic Banking is the account type to reduce or avoid these requirements.

      • JDoc13 says:

        The article states that we should downgrade to Basic Banking prior to closing the account. The only way to do that is to first downgrade from interest checking to regular checking, according to rep. No reason was given for why I had to do the extra step of downgrading to interest checking first. In any case, I did what I was told, and everything worked out.

        • RF8655 says:

          Ok, thanks, I was told the same thing and now understand why you had to do this.

          I can’t figure out why they make downgrading to Basic Banking a multiple step process for the customer. Seems to me they could do it in one fell swoop. I had to wait to convert to regular checking, and then send a second message to complete the process.

  186. JL says:

    8/16: Account opened in person
    8/22: $15,000 deposited
    11/11: Withdrew $2000 account to $13,000 ($2000 per day)
    11/12: Withdrew $2000 account to $11,000 ($2000 per day)
    11/15: $400 bonus received
    now i’m just trying to figure out what’s next.

    Figure I post my info to help those that are waiting.

  187. allmail89 says:

    Does anyone know the answer to following?

    If I close a Citi checking account bot have lets say Savings and Credit Cards under my online profile, can I still access the history of that closed account under my online profile? I know some banks let you do that but not sure about Citi.


  188. RF8656 says:

    Received $400 on 11/15/16, about 3 1/2 months after 15k deposit. Looks like CitiBank is honoring their offer details. No complaints and pleased no follow up required. Just requires a bit of patience.

  189. Saphira says:

    acct opened about 8/12?
    $15k transfer in 8/15
    $400 deposit 11/15.

    i will now downgrade and empty the account. thanks

  190. chad says:

    Downgrade completely unecessary folks. What Citi is does is no different than what Bank of the West does and probably every other fee ‘laden’ premier checking with minimum balance qualifiers.

    You just have to stay away from your statement date before closing account out. So, if your statement closes on the 4th, begin ACH NLT than the 5th, close account, and you’ll be fine.

    • Saphira2021 says:

      What is ACH NLT? ACH i know. do you pull the money from another account to withdraw or do you push from Citi. I would imagine it’s a pull to not have to deal with Citi daily limits, but i am new to this and not sure.
      also, do i understand you correctly “You just have to stay away from your statement date before closing account out. So, if your statement closes on the 4th, begin ACH NLT than the 5th, close account, and you’ll be fine.” means start the pull on the 5th? that “than” confuses me. thanks for your reply and the pointers.

  191. Strema says:

    Can confirm that the downgrade is unnecessary. Here is how I closed my account:

    11/13 Statement cut
    11/15 Bonus posted
    11/16 Transferred balance out
    11/18 Closed account via phone after transfer was no longer pending (tried chat, but they told me I had to call)

    I just checked today and the account is closed with a zero balance.

    • Fred says:

      You can also close the account online by sending them a message. One of the subject areas is to close your account so they make it pretty easy to close without having to call though it will take a day or two for them to respond versus calling in.

      Be sure to send them your mailing address at the time you request closing the account or they’ll send you a message requesting it, delaying the actual closing by an additional day or two.

      Just like you and Chad said above, have always been able to close my Citibank accounts by phone or message without requesting a downgrade. As you both said, be sure to transfer the money after the latest statement and close as soon after that but well before the next statement to avoid any fee hassles (this time I did so two weeks after the last statement and had no problems).

  192. Sara says:

    I applied in October 2016 and it was a HARD PULL – please update your website! I thought it would be a soft pull and now my credit score has gone down. Bummer.

    • Chuck says:

      Sorry about the hard pull!

      That wasn’t the case for everyone else I’ve heard (including myself). We’ll have to wait for more data points. For now, I’d assume your experience is anomalous.

      • Sara says:

        I was actually wrong about the hard pull! Sorry for misleading you. I’ve checked my credit report with all 3 bureaus and there was not a hard pull done. (Still don’t know why my score went down, though… that mystery is not yet solved).

  193. b says:

    I guess I’m one of the unlucky ones:

    7/25/16 open in branch and deposit $15,000
    8/29/16 withdrawl $2,000
    8/30/16 withdrawl $2,000
    8/31/16 withdrawl $1,000
    11/2/16 SM asking about bonus; they do research
    11/14/16 SM asking about research; they open new research
    11/22/16 research complete; “We have confirmed that your account has met the necessary requirements to qualify for Promotion 45WYUPSTWJ. Please allow 90 days from the date of the qualifying transaction(s), which satisfied the terms and conditions, to receive your incentive.”
    11/29/16 still no bonus 🙁

    • Sam says:


      Mine is the same as yours. Opened late july and still no bonus.
      I called yesterday after not seeing the bonus 120 days from account opening date.

      They raised a service request and gave me a #.

      Dont know how long will it take to get the bonus.

      • Doug says:

        Same aggravation here:

        8/1 Opened with $15,000
        9/2 Withdrew $5,000

        Thirty days of $15K met by 8/31
        Ninety days after that = 11/29

        Today: Dec 6 . . . Still no bonus
        or even an ETA in response to the “Research” [Research?!]
        that they began doing after I contacted them on Dec 2nd.

        Have phoned (twice), chatted online (twice), and also sent messages
        via internal mail from my account (twice).
        Everyone is full of assurance, but nobody has any actual information
        regarding when the — by now, one week overdue — cash bonus will post.

        If nothing by Friday, I’m heading into a branch over the weekend,
        to wrestle this to the ground in person.
        Ready to close this sucker out as soon as the bonus posts.
        Withdraw it all in cash and walk away, never to return.

        • GregordianKnot says:

          Anything yet Doug? I am dealing with almost the identical issue to you. Met terms Dec 3. Nothing yet as far as bonus. Chatted 3 times with assurances that an investigation has been opened. Please reply to thread if bonus posts. I will do the same.

          • Doug says:

            Just visited CitiBank branch #1 (near Wall St, in downtown Manhattan). The CSR concurred that I should have already received the $400, and called an internal bank service line which — after verifying on their computer system that the qualification check boxes were already checked — had her email an escalation to “another department.” [Hmm. I wonder where . . . Office of the Vice President of Marketing?]

            Anyway, the sympathetic CSR’s best case scenario is that I should “see something” [i.e., $400] by Friday. If not, over the weekend I’m heading into the branch near home where I opened the account, to argue my case once more. (In fact, if the $400 does indeed post by the end of the week, I’m going there regardless — to close the account.)

            My strategy has been to gently harass them once every other day; don’t think I have enough energy (and time) to do this any more frequently! During the intervening 24 hours I just keep my fingers crossed, and try to forget about my frustration, hoping things will all work out in the end — sooner, rather than later.

  194. Keith says:

    This took a while and hell lot of back and forth for them to credit to both mine and wife’s accounts. Eventually we got done. Simply chatted a few days after the bonus posted to directly shut down the account and we were done with Citi Banking (not cards) after that.

  195. Mista Pink says:

    Worked like a charm for me. Bonus was deposited 90 days after opening. I closed the account 2 weeks after I got the bonus deposit. This is the second bonus I got this year from citi. The first one was for $500. It’s insulting how they offer 0.01 % interest on these accounts, so yea, thanks for the $900 in bonuses this year citibank.

  196. allmail89 says:

    Third time asking

    Does anyone know the answer to following?

    If I close a Citi checking account bot have lets say Savings and Credit Cards under my online profile, can I still access the history of that closed account under my online profile? I know some banks let you do that but not sure about Citi.


  197. Mista Pink says:


    i closed my checking account in a branch. when i logged in later that day the account was closed with no activity but i could still access the online statements

  198. sam says:

    I don’t know why anyone is wasting their time on this run around. Ask the bank to confirm about a month out that you are to receive the bonus on X date. Any push back, and file the complaint with the CFPB. They should either “fix” whatever the issue is on your account, post immediately, or reply back before the deadline with “see, the money’s there”. Some banks can be weird about not saying but do legitimately post. Citibank is not one of them. It takes 2 weeks to get an answer from the CFPB, plus now the holidays. Think there’s any reason the promo was extended? Meanwhile, you have 10k+ tied up in a worthless account.

  199. Mark says:

    Opened account 9/6/2016; Made opening deposit same day
    $400 bonus received 12/7/16

  200. KK says:

    9/21 – opened
    9/23 – added 15k
    11/10 – 2k withdraw
    11/14 – 1k withdraw
    11/14 – 1k withdraw
    11/15 – 2k withdraw
    12/6 – Received bonus

  201. Ken says:

    Wife’s bonus posted yesterday.

    9/2/16: Opened account
    12/6/16: Bonus posted

    Do we still need to downgrade and then close? Statement posted a few days ago, so I could pull funds and then close out the account now.

  202. Josh says:

    Woohoo!!! Now time to empty and close this sorry excuse for a bank account.Seems like they pay the bonus in batches. We all seem to get them on the same day regardless of specific number of days from satisfying requirements.

    12-06-2016 Interest AdjQ4 2016 Checking Offer Award $ 400.00 $ 10,401.00
    10-21-2016 ACH Electronic Debit – ALLY BANK ACCT FUND $ 5000.00 $ 10,001.00
    09-16-2016 Deposit 12:26pTeller $ 15,001.00 $ 15,001.00

  203. mayur says:

    do i have t absolutely send W-4 form TO GET THE BONUS? cit said i am eligible but need to send the form.

    No other banks has ever asked for such idiotic forms to be filled ever except citibank.

    Moreover when account was opened, they did not specify this in their terms and conditions.


  204. Fred says:

    I opened the Citi bank Checking package in July 2016 and deposited $15,000 on 7/29/2016.
    And as of 12/8/2016 still no bonus!
    Below is msg. from Citi on 11/29/16, notice this sentence; “Citibank honors all promotional offers within 90 calendar days from the date when you met the qualifying requirements.”

    Dear Mr. Fred Doe,

    I thank you for opening new account with the promotional offer of $400 cash offer and I would like to inform you that Citibank honors all promotional offers within 90 calendar days from the date when you met the qualifying requirements.

    I understand that you were informed that you would receive the cash offer of $400 on or by 11/26/2016 and I would like to inform you that, the 90 days is counted from the end of statement period and hence I request you to wait for sometime.

    Please be informed that as per the investigation with ref # R-2043xxxxxxxx, you account has already qualified for the cash offer of $400, however, through this message portal I am unable to provide the exact date for crediting the cash offer.

    Alternatively, for more information, you may also our Citi phone Unit at: (888) 248-4226 and refer to the following reference number: R-2043xxxxxxxx. They are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

    Want assistance fast? Next time, try chatting with us. Agents are available 24/7 to answer questions or provide assistance with your Citi Accounts, click ?Live Chat?, or ?Contact Us? from Citi Online.
    Your feedback is always appreciated; please click this Send Your Opinions to share your opinion on your experience today.
    Thank you for choosing Citibank!

    Citibank Online Client Services

    • RY says:

      @Fred I’m on the exact same boat as you. I opened and funded my account back in July and am still waiting. They have done numerous investigations and told me I would receive the bonus by October. I called in November and then they said I had to wait until the end of the statement to receive it. It’s been past that time so I chatted with them twice this week and they said i have to go through ANOTHER investigation. If I don’t get it by this week I’m going to file a complaint with CFPB as William has suggested here.

      • Fred says:

        I hear ya RY. My 1st investigation in Oct. said I already qualified and would receive my bonus by 11/26/16. Sent them another msg. on 12/1 or so, and they said they are going to do another investigation. I called yesterday 12/8 (1-800-745-1534 option 1. ) After about a half hour they said I would receive my bonus in the next 5 business days, I have serious doubts this will happen…

        • RY says:

          I called and they told me the same thing….it should post by the 14th. I have serious doubts also. Hoping for the best for both of us Fred

        • Fred says:

          It’s now 12/16/2016 and still NOTHING! So sick of this P.O.S BANK, nothing but LIARS!

          • Fred says:

            I called again around 2pm 12/16/2016. The guy after saying “he talked to a supervisor”, said I need to wait until 1/19/2017.
            I told him, I was just told last week (12/8/2016) that I would receive the bonus in the next 5 business days. He said nothing else he could do.
            I then asked to speak to a supervisor, and was connected to someone in Client Relations, a supervisor in Florida. I told her my story and then she talked with a couple of people in “New accounts and promotions”, it was a 4 way call at one time, and they were saying I did not qualify for the promotion because of the wrong account type and/or promo code ect.
            She went to bat for me and asked them, why did Mr. Fred get the document saying this?

            Dear Mr Fred,
            Thank you for your inquiry on 10/17/2016 regarding your account number ending in 9xxx. We have completed our research and the results are as follows:

            We have confirmed that your account has met the necessary requirements to qualify for Promotion 45WYUPSTWJ. Please allow 90 days from the date of the qualifying transaction(s), which satisfied the terms and conditions, to receive your incentive.
            Thank you for participating in Citibank’s promotion.

            They basically did not even seem to care or even comment on it, and then I was just talking to the supervisor.
            She really seemed to be on my side and said she was confident that I would receive the bonus, she then filed 2 claims on my behalf, one she called an escalated claim, she gave me the 2 claim #’s over the phone and also emailed me the info. Then she called me later the same evening, and told me I would receive the $400 no later than 12/19/2016. She was CORRECT, the $400 went in my account on 12/16/2016! Finally…

          • RY says:

            I never got credited either as promised (once again), so I filed a complaint with CFPB and now they just credited me the $400 today. Wow

  205. William says:

    I seem to have gotten the bonus twice. I’m not sure if I should call them or not. One seems like a manual credit and the other from the promotion.

    07/21 Funded 15k
    11/22 Submitted message about missing bonus
    11/23 Investigation opened. They did challenge me on what the promotion code was stating that there wasn’t one on my account. I kept the paperwork they sent which had the code in the massive packet.
    12/01 Called because no response from investigation. Rep opened new investigation. They seemed very nice about it.
    12/03 Investigation finished. Stated I would receive a credit.
    12/05 “Other Credit” $400
    12/06 “Interest AdjQ3 2016 Checking Offer Award” $400

  206. Victor says:

    I also received the bonus on 12/6. I funded the $15k on 9/14. Happy this worked out. I wasn’t expecting it to. Last month I messaged Citi and was told there was no promo on my account. I called CS and provided the promo code, an hour and many transfers later, I was told the promo was on my account, but they would not provide written confirmation. Definitely a moderate pain but worth it in the end!

  207. Sam says:

    Is the basic checking called “Basic Banking Account (BBA)”? I sent secured message asking them to convert to basic checking and this is the response I got.

  208. Doug says:

    I’m not sure where the “CZPE” code [up top] came from, but the in-branch internal code I was told just today that was used for this promotion [ and which is NOT, by the way, printed anywhere on the promo flyers that I kept — Thanks, Citibank! ] is


    the “2016 National Consumer Checking Promotion”

    Hope I didn’t muddy the waters any by telling the reps who asked me for the promo code that it was “CZPE”

    Doug — still waiting, less and less patiently, but more and more exasperated and exhausted

    • Doug says:

      The TRUTH outs — More info, by asking, over the phone, for a supervisor:

      The code above is for the 4th quarter.
      The 3rd quarter promotion code was


      And here’s the kicker: the bastard who set up my account, in branch, never attached this code to my account! [The same goes for a friend of mine — who opened his 3 weeks earlier, in July, with the same banker, and also has yet to receive his bonus]

      So AHA: that is why I haven’t been automatically paid the $400.
      — the promo code was never attached!
      And also why there is an investigation. Obviously.
      (It’s that branch bastard banker who needs investigating).

      Meanwhile, a brilliant interim solution by Brenda, the supervisor to whom my call was escalated (and who revealed to me that the promo code was never attached).

      Brenda confirmed that my investigation was opened on December 2nd (when I called initially, on the day after I was supposed to have been credited). She told me they allow 30-60 calendar days for investigations to complete.

      SO — in the interim — without changing my account type {a cumbersome two-step, multi-day process, with things that can go wrong) Brenda has kept my account type, but, using her discretion as a manager, she has notated my account to have ALL FEES WAIVED on it for 3 months — through the end of March — pending the result of the investigation. (Which we are expecting on February 2nd, latest).

      This means that there is no minimum balance requirement (through March 31st)
      . . . and so I am free to withdraw as much as I’d like — to fund holiday spending,
      a 3% CD offer (Andrews Credit Union) and my 2017 Roth IRA.

      Hallelujah! All praise to Brenda!
      Just hope my $400 posts by Groundhog Day.

      Now, I want to go back to my branch and hunt down the bastard who screwed me and my friend, and give him a piece of my mind. And also tell my friend to ask for a similar 3-month waver, as well, while his investigation completes.

      In similar circumstances, you may be well-advised to do the same — Good Luck!

      Sadly, there was no last name for Brenda, nor way to contact her directly.
      Just an anonymous hero working for the common good in a den of iniquity.

      Lots of possible morals to this story; let’s wait for a happy ending to derive the most salient ones.

  209. Saphira2021 says:

    was trying to get my money out of the account after i received the bonus. first, i tried to pull it from the account that funded this, was told that the limit is $3k for every 3 days and max of 2 transfers a month, then they will increase the limits. I am not waiting to get my money that longs. so i just called them and said that i want to close the account and asked how, they transferred me to the appropriate dept and they said 2 days to close and then the check will be mailed within 3 days. so i should have my money by the 19th. will see. never knew it was that difficult to get my money out. i am not used to this yet.
    there are no branches within 2 hours of me.
    was this the right thing to do?

    • Fred says:

      If you are trying to pull money out of Citi to your bank you should have no problem, unless your bank has an ACH transfer $ limit. I was able to pull as much as $8,500 (and could have pulled the entire $15k out of Citi.) My son and sister also pulled $8,500 out of Citi.
      I’m talking about initiating the ACH transfer on my banks website, not Citi’s.

    • Saphira2021 says:

      Update. Received my check yesterday. and deposited. no problems. thanks

  210. Doug says:

    Further complicating matters, I also just found out today (perhaps too late?)
    that Citibank doesn’t start the clock — counting the days — until your check has cleared.

    My in-branch rep showed me a behind-the-scenes screen, indicating holds on checks anywhere from 3-5 business days.

    So it’s 30 days after THAT (after your check clears) that it’s then safe to withdraw $5,000,
    reducing your balance own from $15K to $10K.

    Please keep this wrinkle in mind for the next time when advising on this kind of offer from Citi.

    The branch rep did say that exceptions are made — and this might be what all the “research” going on is all about. The key question he said — to ask of the phone reps — is “Have I qualified for this promotion?”
    If “Yes”, then it’s just a matter of waiting it out.

    It doesn’t seem you are able to push the (slow moving) river here.
    Which I’ve found is both tiring, and time consuming

    Good luck to all of us still in purgatory!
    And mad props to those who scored a double bonus 😉


  211. lisa says:

    9/24: opened account
    9/24: funded 15k
    9/26: 15k posted to the account
    10/27: withdrew 5k
    12/6: bonus received

  212. daniel says:

    9/8: opened account
    9/9: deposited 15k

    still no bonus

  213. yussuf says:

    9/5 opened
    9/7 deposited 15k
    nothing yet

  214. Eddy says:

    8-15 Opened and funded 15k
    12-16 Rec’d $400 bonus.

    Thats $650 so far this year w/ Astoria Bank promo. Hope to round up to 1 grand with the HSBC promotion !!

  215. Doug says:


    Just got a letter today explaining that I was denied promotion, after many months of waiting for it, because I had gotten a referral bonus of $100 after opening the account. (And my friend got $50)

    In the fine print, the terms of the $400 promotion offer include that it “cannot be combined with any other checking offer”

    So I have been screwed by the CitiBank rep who opened both my and my friend’s accounts, without knowing and/or informing me of this stipulation.

    Is this contestable?

    • Did the rep say you’d be eligible for this $400 offer as well? If so you could file a complaint with the CFPB

      • Doug says:

        After further escalations — which included an “appeal” — I was able to acquire an additional $300, posted today, which, added to my previously posted $100 (for the referral) totals $400 for this promotion. In effect, the referral bonus — which invalidated this promotion — was forsaken.

        Now all that remains is to have the same deal wrangled for my friend, the “referee” — who had received $50 for referring me, which in turn invalidated his $400 promotion. If all goes well, he should be receiving his additional $350 someday soon.

        • Doug says:

          Better than $350, my friend was just credited his full $400 yesterday.

          So I have received a total of $400 (without the $100 bonus for being referred) and he has received $450 — the $400 reward + $50 for referring me.

          All told, what a nightmare . . . Best to walk away now — quit while you’re ahead!

          Just need to close both accounts, and call it a year.

  216. john555 says:

    sent in w9 over 2 months ago, still getting stonewalled. going to just file a CFPB complaint.

  217. Patrick says:

    I signed up for this account in August, fulfilled the 30 days in September, and the 90 day waiting period was up December 22. Still no bonus. I mailed in the W9 back in September or October and wrote a check to pull $5,000 out after meeting the 30 days so the signature requirement is satisfied. Throughout October and November I messaged Citi multiple times and they confirmed several times in writing that the promotional was applied to my account, that I had met the requirements, and that my bonus would be paid by December 22. One of their letters did say it would be paid at the close of the statement period in which the 90 day period was up, and my January statement still hasn’t posted even though my statement end date is normally either the 2nd or the 4th of the month.

    I had them open an investigation on December 22 as to why my bonus had not been paid and they keep stonewalling me when I ask why it hasn’t been resolved. Now they’re saying the investigation has been “expedited” with their back office, which will take 30 days to give me a response.

    I was really hoping to close this account soon since I’m in the middle of buying a house and will need the $10k I have sitting in the account to keep it fee free by the time we close in February. I may have to just withdraw most of it and eat the fees for a couple months.

    I’m trying to figure out when I should just go ahead and file a CFPB complaint. I’ll probably wait until my January statement posts on the off chance the bonus comes with it and then do it since their “investigations” are going nowhere.

    • Gordon says:

      My timeline is very similar to yours and I have not received the bonus yet either:

      08/23/16 Account open

      08/26/16 $15K funded

      09/30/16 Investigation opened: Eligibility

      10/04/16 Investigation closed: Confirmation of requirements met

      10/06/16 Withdraw $5k

      12/06/16 Online chat: Bonus will post 12/10/16

      12/17/16 Online message: Bonus will post 12/31/16

      01/01/16 Investigation opened: Bonus has not posted

      It’s almost two weeks since the investigation was opened and no response. I’ll never bank with Citi after this experience.

      • Gordon says:

        Update: I received my bonus today 1/20/17, one week after I filed a CFPB complaint on 1/13/17. In their response, the Citi representative stated, “due to the overwhelming response we have experienced with our promotions the standard time frame has been extended to 30-60 days.”

        I also requested an account downgrade, which I hope will happen before my statement cuts on 1/23/17.

        • Ken says:

          Just wait till the statement closes on the 23rd. Then pull all funds out from your external account. After the funds post to your external account send a SM telling them to close your account. No downgrade is necessary. I have done it this way for 3 accounts now.

  218. Eric says:

    I signed up for the Citi Checking account sometime around 9/14 and I still have not received the bonus. I will give them until the end of January before calling in because this is getting ridiculous.

  219. Julie says:

    7/15/16 – opened account
    8/10/16 – $15,000 funded
    9/13/16 – $5,000 transferred out
    11/13/16 – chat and SM sent, received investigation response that I am eligible for promo after 90 days
    12/20/16 – another chat and investigation – still no bonus posted
    1/9/17 – called 1 888-248-4226 and after a long time waiting around fro the CSR to research she tells me a back office supervisor is supposed to call me whenever they get a reply from their investigation

    I’ll give them a day to call back then I’m filing a CFPB complaint.

  220. Katy says:

    Open account on 10/25/16, funded it and no bonus is credited yet. The CSR logged the issue and they will contact me back

    • Ken says:

      You’re way early. You have to wait 30 days from when you deposit the $15k, then 90 days more. So 4 months after you deposit the $15k. I opened my account 3 weeks before you and Feb 4th is the earliest I can expect the bonus.

      All is explicitly explained in the terms AND on this page.

  221. Patrick says:

    My January statement posted with no bonus. I decided to go ahead and file a CFBP complaint last week. With the last message from Citi saying their back office investigation will take 30 days, I figure the 15 day deadline for a CFBP complaint might get them to act a little faster and not just ignore me.

    • yussuf says:

      How do you file a compliant? I also had no bonus posted and was told thre code was ineligible….

      • Ken says:

        When did you deposit the $15k?

      • Patrick says:

        In my case I had filed repeated inquiries in October and November and had three separate communications from Citi acknowledging that the promo code had been applied to my account, that I had met the requirements, and that the bonus should be paid by December 22. I just attached those to the CFBP complaint. The complaint process is very simple. You just write out what happened, attach any supporting docs you have, and give them some information like your name and account number. I haven’t gotten any response from Citi to the complaint yet, but it’s only been a few days.

        • Ken says:

          When did you deposit the $15k?

          • Patrick says:

            I opened the account in early August and the deposit posted August 23. The 30 day requirement was met Sept 23, and I withdrew $5000 on Sept 27. The 90 mark from meeting the requirement was December 22, and Citi confirmed in writing several times that the bonus should be paid by then. It wasn’t, and still wasn’t paid by the time my January statement posted on Jan 4.

          • Ken says:

            Yeah, definitely file the CFPB claim.

  222. Ian says:

    8/27 – opened and funded account
    11/15 – received $400 bonus

    A friend of mine received his $400 bonus as well in a similar timeline.

    Waiting on my wife’s, currently which we applied with an ITIN:

    10/31 – opened and funded account

  223. Ken says:

    Just got my $400 bonus today. It wasn’t supposed to show up till Feb 4th at the earliest so Citi may be posting bonuses early. Time to move all funds out and close the account 🙂

  224. Bigl says:

    Account opened 10/17
    account funded 10/21
    bonus posted 1/12

  225. larkin says:

    account opened 10/19
    account funded 10/20
    bonus posted 1/12

  226. carol says:

    To those who were asked to file W9….has any of you received the bonus?

    • GregordianKnot says:

      I have not received the bonus yet. Filed W9. Chat rep. confirmed the W9 is filed. Nothing yet. Getting annoying.

  227. Jake says:

    10/13 – opened
    10/18 – funded
    1/12 – bonus posted
    1/14 – downgraded to Basic account (effective on next statement, but chat agent said they would waive my service fee so I could withdraw all but $1,500 sooner)
    2/13 – will close once conversion is complete

  228. Elvis says:

    10/26 – opened
    10/29 – funded
    1/12 – bonus posted
    1/17 – downgraded
    will close if the downgrade goes smoothly

  229. john555 says:

    still waiting on mine….sent in two w9s. CFPB complaint filed. This is certainly the last citi promotion I will ever do.

  230. Ken says:

    Got my bonus about 25 days early. Thanks Citi!

  231. Ric says:


    I opened my account 9/9/16
    Deposited $15k on 9/16/16
    Chatted with Citi rep 1/10/17 who confirmed the bonus would hit on 1/16/17, which is 90 days after I met the requirements of keeping $15k in for 30 days.
    On 1/17/17 the bonus did not hit so I chatted and called in and was told that they needed to file a dispute and that it may take up to 90 addition days for Citi to get my bonus to me while they investigate.

    I went ahead and filled a complaint with the CFPB today.

  232. GregordianKnot says:

    Just filed a CFPB report since my bonus is a month overdue. Will report back.

  233. Patrick says:

    Update: My bonus was due December 22. When it didn’t post by the time my January statement posted on January 4, I went ahead and filed a CFPB complaint on January 5. Citibank replied to my complaint today (January 19) and credited the $400 to my account. Now I’m just going to ACH out the entire balance, close the account, and be done with these people.

    My recommendation for anyone still doing this bonus: While the 90 waiting period is still running, have Citi verify in writing that the promo was applied to your account and that you have met the requirements for the bonus. Then if they don’t pay on time, don’t bother opening support tickets, just file a CFPB complaint. It seems to be the only way to get them to actually take action and stop fooling around.

  234. Datapoint2 says:

    Opened 9/24/16
    Deposited 15k 9/24/16
    Chatted with Rep 1/15/17 who said that I would receive bonus latest by 1/24/17.
    I checked this morning and it was not there. Online chat with rep who said they would have to investigate and could be an extra 30 days, I was very calm/pleasant and said I understood that it was not personally his fault but I would be filing a CFPB complaint. He said that he would escalate to his manager.
    Received $400 bonus tonight

  235. GregordianKnot says:

    Update. After my CFPB complaint the bonus posted.

    Filed Jan. 17 with CFPB
    Bonus posted today Jan. 27

    Going to pull all money out next week, then close account.

  236. charles says:

    Multiple inquires made and it went no where. Once I filed the complaint with CFPB I received the $400 credit almost immediately. Save yourself the trouble of calling and inquiring and just submit a complaint to CFPB.

  237. madage says:

    I appear to be in the minority in that Citi paid my inquiry in 23 days. I entered the inquiry 90 days after the 30-day hold. I don’t think I’ll be tying up my cash for a Citi bonus again.

  238. yussuf says:

    Opened and funded account in early August, no bonus yet. Filed a CFPB complaint – received a response that they could not verify my EIN and I’m no longer eligible for a bonus. WTF? What do i do now?

  239. Shadou says:

    Contacted customer support and they said there is no promo code attached to my account. They suggested calling sales to get another one. I’m going to wait until the 90 days is up and if promo is not applied, try to escalate the support ticket and file a CFPB complaint.

    • Dave says:

      Did you screenshot the app process showing the code applied?

      • Shadou says:

        I was sure I screen captured the entire sign up (I remember reading to do that because of Citibank promo issues before) but it appears I may not have done that since I don’t seem to have a record of it.

  240. Luis says:

    No bonus for me after 90 days. Confirmed all requirements met. After 2 phone calls and no resolution. Had 3rd conversation via secure message as documentation for CFPB complaint. Called again today and was called back by an “executive ” whom apologized things were escalated to CFPB. Should have $400 credit in 5-7 days. Almost there.

  241. David Ann Arbor says:

    Opened 9/15/16
    Deposited 15k by 10/3/16
    Online rep conversation around the end of January confirmed I should get the bonus by 1/31/17. I emailed customer service on 2/2, and they wanted the bonus 4 letter code which I thought was CZPE and they stated that is not valid.
    No bonus by 2/3/17, called customer service twice, and they gave me a case number, and said call back in 5-7 business days if I still haven’t received the bonus and that they would prioritize my complaint. Customer service rep. acknowledged I met all the requirements for the bank bonus.
    Additionally, I filed a complaint with the CFPB on 2/3.

    • Dave says:

      Reading through the comments here, there have been many different codes.
      When I applied about a month after you, it was still CZPE.
      I have a screenshot of every page during the app, and have no intention
      of putting up with their BS when the bonus is due.
      A complaint will be filed with CFPB immediately.

    • David Ann Arbor says:

      Still no bonus as of 2/10/17
      Customer service says that it hasn’t been the full 7 business days since I contacted them on 2/3/17, and that date falls on 2/14/17. Only then will they tell me whether they will bother to give me the bonus or not.
      Doesn’t seem like the CFPB complaint I filed even matters.

      • sam says:

        Oh, it matters. The CSRs you speak with or email aren’t the ones reviewing the complaint.

        • David Ann Arbor says:

          Citi Responds to CFPB complaint:
          We are in receipt of your correspondence addressed to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Your inquiry was forwarded to Citibank’s Executive Response Unit, of which I am a member of the staff, and it is my pleasure to respond to you.

          Mr. (Deleted), please accept my sincere apology for the inconvenience you described surrounding your attempt to participate in a new account promotion to potentially earn a cash bonus of $400 cash. Our goal is to ensure that all of our clients are provided with the highest level of service and we regret that you found cause for dissatisfaction under any circumstance. I assure you that our marketing strategies are certainly not intended to mislead you, or any potential client. Citibank, like other banks, periodically offers promotional bonuses to deposit account applicants to attract new banking clients. In order to conduct our promotions in a manner consistent with sound business practices, we may customize offers by direct mail campaign initiatives to select individuals, in addition to the requirement of the standard terms and conditions that Citibank discloses for its promotions.

          In our review, we confirmed that you met the terms and conditions of the offer in question, promotional code 45JTS4QWAD. However a W-9 form was pending certification. On December 30, 2016, we received your W-9 and processed the certification; therefore your account will be credited $400.00 within the next 1-2 business days.

          Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to review and respond to your inquiry. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused. Please contact me directly at 210-357-88840, Monday through Friday, between 8:00 AM through 4:00 PM CT, with any additional questions or concerns regarding this matter.
          Your account will be credited $400.00 within the next 1-2 business days.
          $ 400.00

        • David Ann Arbor says:

          2/13/17 – Pending $400 credit is now finally in the account. So since Oct. 3rd, 2016 when $15K when is in the account it has been 4 months and 10 days

  242. tribesman says:

    Opened account end of August, got bonus today after live chatting with a rep in January and them opening an investigation. Took forever.

  243. Caroline says:

    9/23- opened account
    10/2 – online chat confirming promotional code was applied
    10/5 – funded $15,000
    12/2 – transferred out $1,500, balance left on account $13,500
    2/5 – inquired about the bonus through online chat. the agent verified that I’ve met all the requirements and was about to file a follow up case so bonus will be credited my account with the bonus. Moment later she said I would receive the bonus because this this was an invitation based promotion. I told her that was incorrect and promotion was available through public link on citibank website. Seeing she couldn’t deny that, she then told me there was no enrollment of the account for the promotion. WTF??
    She finally agreed to file a case for a dispute, and they will contact me in 5-7 business days.

    I’m wondering if they are using the ‘invitation based only’ argument as an excuse here?

  244. MikeyBee says:

    10/4/16 Opened and funded account w/ $15K
    11/3/16 Met requirements for $400 bonus
    11/21/16 Began reducing balance, now at $10,050
    2/1/17 90 days elapsed from date requirements met
    2/3/16 Echatted with rep, who said bonus should definitely post that day
    2/6/16 No bonus yet. Called Citi, rep said she would open an investigation, I would hear by email in a few days. Guess I should just file a CFPB complaint today. Beginning to see why some are spelling it ShitiBank.

  245. MikeyBee says:

    Oops, last two dates should be 2017.

  246. yussuf says:

    DOC, while i greatly appreciate all the great posts, I feel like we should have some sort of ranking system for bank bonuses. $400 is great but the hassle to get it is not worth it. Both my WF and BOA bounses posted after only 2 weeks of account opening while citi is still fighting my CFPB complaint. Perhaps a warning or a level ranking would be great. Just a suggestion. Keep up the great posts and much love

  247. Patrick says:

    FYI, the problems closing the account are still happening. After my bonus posted the day my CFPB complaint was resolved, I transferred all my money out via ACH and sent a secure message requesting to close the account on 1/24. Citi confirmed my request and told me the account was closed, and that I would receive one final statement by mail. I could no longer access recent transactions online but would get a message saying that the account was closed, so I thought I was good to go.

    Then on Feb 5 I get a message that my February statement had posted, so I logged in, and sure enough, the account was open again and $25 overdrawn by the monthly service fee. I messaged them again, and as soon as the monthly fee finished posting to my account (today), they reversed the fee, bringing the balance back to $0, and re-closed the account.

    I’m crossing my fingers that the account really is closed this time, and that the account won’t be re-opened by yet another service fee next month. At least they were willing to reverse the fee with no hassle, but do beware that the service fee for the month you close the account will post after the closure and re-open the account, so that you have to have that reversed and close your account again before it’s REALLY closed.

    • Dave says:

      What a mess Patrick.. Glad to hear that you got the bonus tho.
      I was already planning to do the downgrade thing right after
      the bonus posts, which should be a little less painful.
      Good luck

      • Patrick says:

        I don’t think downgrading will necessarily prevent this, though it can. It all comes down to averages. The monthly fee applies if the average balance of your account drops below the threshold for month. For the Citibank Account Package, that’s $10,000. For the downgraded account it’s $1500.

        If you’re only keeping the minimum amount to meet the threshold in the account, the instant you withdraw the money and bring the balance to zero, you bring the average balance for the month below the threshold and trigger the fee. The only way downgrading would prevent the fee is if you still kept enough over $1500 in the account long enough that it outweighs a few days of zero balance to keep the average above $1500. So if you downgraded but still kept $10,000 in the account for 20 days before zeroing out the balance and closing, your average balance might be something like $5000 for the month, and avoid the fee. But if you downgraded and then immediately withdrew all but $1500, as soon as you withdraw the remaining $1500 it could still bring the average balance below the new threshold and trigger the fee.

        Personally I didn’t want to wait another month to withdraw the funds since I’m closing on a house and needed that money for the downpayment. In the end, it wasn’t that much more of hassle to get the fee reversed and re-close the account. But the downgrading gymnastics could still work as long as you do it right.

  248. Dave says:

    The bonus posted today, a month early.
    I’m stunned and quite happy…

    • Nick says:

      You’re very lucky. They said my bonus would post last month, then this month. If it doesn’t post by this Friday I’m submitting a complaint to the CFPB. Citi owned up an investigation on Monday and I told them my deadline was Friday.

  249. C J says:

    Bonus finally posted today. Took almost 90 days. I was starting to worry but I didn’t want to rock the boat and get into a yelling match with them. Patience paid off in my case.

  250. dan says:

    bonus was posed earlier today; acct opened 10/25/16; funded $15k 11/23/16; balance of $13k before bonus was posted

  251. Jeff H says:

    My $400.00 checking bonus posted without any hassle on Feb 7th. Full funding was completed first few days in November.

  252. SP says:

    I got my $400 bonus yesterday after a CFPB complaint

  253. Betty says:

    My first income off of checking account bonuses and it went smoothly! Thank you DoctorofCredit!!

    11/30 deposited 15K (set it up online as I don’t have a local bank nearby)
    01/06 withdrew down to 10,050 to avoid fees
    02/07 got bonus early, 30 days after qualifications met!

    Since statement just cleared will pull all funds out and chat to close account.

  254. David Ann Arbor says:

    Can I use one of the checks provided by Citibank when I opened up the account to withdraw all the money out, and then close the account ?

    • sam says:

      I wouldn’t do that until: I activated the checks-get confirmation they are activated in writing. Then, get confirmation and writing that the specific check number for the specific amount will go through (from CITI). Look above, and you will see several issues using Citibank’s checks.

  255. 007 says:

    My bonus is due to post this Saturday (that is 120 days from when money was deposited). I have confirmed everything with Citi step by step via secure message and saved everything. I am hopeful but expecting to likely just need to file CFPB mid to late next week. If it posts, they are definitely waiting until the very very last minute…

  256. MikeyBee says:

    Raise the flag, my $400 bonus posted this morning, 104 days after I met the requirements. Not sure if CFPB did it or just dumb luck.

  257. DirtyLilRat says:

    So basically, we downgrade the account while keeping $10k in there, in order to make sure the “avg daily balance” does not fall below $1500 the threshold after we zero it out before closing it. Is this the right idea?

    • Dave says:

      I downgraded to basic, waited two business days then called to confirm it is processed.
      Going to pull funds down to $1500 tomorrow, and leave account open a couple months
      since they didn’t screw up the bonus, After that, pull remaining funds then call to close.

  258. 007 says:

    10/9/16 opened online
    10/21/16 $15,100 posted
    12/08/16 $5,000 withdrawn
    2/18/16 Still no bonus 90 days after requirements met (120 days after $15,100 posted 10/21/16)
    2/19/16 Will send secure message asking where bonus is. Have already previously confirmed in writing from Citi via two separate “investigations” that (1) promotion is on account and (2) that bonus conditions have been met and it is due to post 90 days after conditions met
    Mid-to-late next week, if still no bonus – CFPB complaints

    • 007 says:

      CFPB complaint filed. I know it isn’t technically mid-week yet, but even their response to my secure message in broken English didn’t really address my question (he said they were starting an investigation re whether promotion linked to my account, but they had already confirmed this in writing; it seems like he thought I was saying my old investigations were never resolved rather than that they already confirmed that the requirements had been met).

      • 007 says:

        $400 credit deposited 2/24 (currently listed as pending).

        • 007 says:

          $400 posted 2/25 “Other Credit”

          • 007 says:

            Wow, Citi responded to my CFPB. Although they credited my $400, they pissed me off in their response.

            Specifically, they mentioned that they did not credit the $400 automatically as they did not receive my W-9 until a certain date. I went ahead and disputed their answer, attaching the scanned letter with the blank W-9 that arrived in my mailbox ON THAT VERY DATE (dated by Citi one week prior), which I faxed in within HOURS of receiving the form.


            Even though mine credited post-CFPB, there are MUCH easier bonuses to be had (i.e., Chase $500 – a pleasure to work with and not a single complaint).

          • 007 says:

            Interestingly enough, $400 number 2 posted 3-7-2017 “Interest Adj” “Q4 2016 Consumer Checking.” Will see if it sticks around.

  259. MikeyBee says:

    Forgive me if this is a dup: I got my $400 bonus, and am following DoC’s advice to switch the account to a basic checking. I notice there was discussion about keeping an average balance of $1500 to avoid the service fee. However, the fee also is waived if the primary account holder is over age 62. Go seniors!

  260. gnowk says:

    I signed up for this last September (09/2016) and got my $400 bonus. For the remaining months of 2016, the account earned a total of $0.31 in interest.

    I got my 1099-INT last month and it shows $800.31. $400.31 as interest earned and another $400 as bank promotion. They counted the bonus TWICE as interest!

    I’ve spent many hours in vain to get them to fix this. I’ve called customer support, emailed them and even went to the branch, and each time they sent back a corrected 1099-INT with the same amount.

    Did this happen to anyone else? Is this how it is supposed to be?

    • San Junipero says:

      Oh wow, when your bonus deposited, did it deposit twice? They just credited my bonus, and then I have an additional pending $400 credit on my account. I don’t know if it’ll stick yet because it hasn’t posted, but it looks like they are crediting me twice. A total of $800 incremental funds are appearing in my “Available Balance.”

      Below is what is appearing in my portal:

      Pending BANK CREDIT $ 400.00
      Interest AdjQ4 2016 Consumer Checking $ 400.00

  261. John says:

    Did anyone close the account with no clawback? Want to know how long to wait

  262. El Guapo says:

    After an amazing ordeal between August 2016 and March 2017, I have finally received my 400 bonus. That is only after going through the internal investigation and filing a CFPB complaint. The CFPB complaint seems to have been the key step- the bonus posted just a few days after I filed it. The official response was that I was not properly enrolled in the promotion by the staff, but they were able to see it every time I called them, so I doubt it. I will not go through the trouble for Citibank bonuses in the future.

  263. Theresa Cable says:

    I am going to sign up for a citbank checking account. Does anyone with one, want a $100 referral bonus. If so, i will drop your name when i sign up

  264. Matt says:

    Citi bank are nothing more than lairs and thieves. I opened my account on 10/28 and thus far have had nothing but the run around, After several calls they change the dates when the bonus should reach my account, always pushing it further and further out. Now, that I have pinned them down on a date, they claim they never received my W-9 form. When I told them I have confirmation that it was received by them, they put me on hold and came back to tell me, yes they did receive it but it was denied as it was filled out wrong….give me a break. They do not want to honor the bonus this is the truth of it all. I filed a report as some has suggested here.. Citi bank says if I send in a correct w_9 form I should have the bonus by 3/30 ..uh huh, right. I detest citi bank, I hate them with every fiber of my body. They lie straight to your face and they know there is not a thing you can do about it. When it come time to close my account I will take great pleasure in making it last so I can feel a bit of relief . They have put me through hell over this bonus hoping I will give up. Wish I would have never taken the bait on this one. Citi bank is bottom of the barrel, low life liars. Good luck to everyone that is in the same situation as myself.

    • Ken says:

      Have you filed a claim with CFPB yet? They seem to help.

      • Patrick says:

        Right. At this point I would stay the steps for getting a Citibank bonus are:

        1. Open the account and meet the bonus requirements.
        2. Secure message customer support and have them verify in writing that the bonus has been applied to your account, you have met the requirements, and that the bonus will be paid on XXX date.
        3. When the bonus is not paid by XXX date (or the statement date immediately following), file a CFPB complaint. Don’t even bother contacting customer support again because they’ll just string you along with an endless series of “investigations”.

        At this point, the CFPB basically *is* Citibank’s customer support.

  265. Matt says:

    How do you reach and English first language person at Citi Bank? These overseas call center calls are brutal, I cant understand a word they say,

  266. Matt says:

    Ok, here the ultimate insult. I called and ask to speak to a supervisor, I was told that I didn’t qualify for the bonus because I went into a branch to sign up . I asked her how could I go into a branch when the nearest location is over 1500 miles away? Ok, then it was not correct code given. Then, it was no W-9 form sent in, then it was, ok we got the form but it was denied, you filled it out wrong. I said I doubt that I am a CPA, I’ve seen a few of those in my lifetime. But I played their game, I said give me your fax number and I will fax or email one to you right now. No can do, we don’t have a fax number or email address. You need to mail it in, only option. Then they said not enough time for bonus to post, I said account opened 10/28 …..I mean literally every step of the way they had the next road block up and ready to go. Anyone that banks here is a lunatic. I really feel citi bank should be held accountable for this scam. I had been calling for over a month checking on status and each time the date would get further away. The W-9 is a new wrinkle they threw in as they couldn’t hold off any longer on the due datre.
    I have never seen a bank orany other business for that matter run so poorly and corrupt. The need to held accountable . Once they receive the new W-9 form, they will say it’s printed on the wrong paper. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Not holding my breath on this corrupt company.

  267. Matt says:

    Thanks William, I will do that but its irritating to the core with the games they play, at this point even the call center rep’s unrecognizable all sound the same generic accents is even grading on my nerves. The standard company line read from a cue card “don’t worry sir” give me a break….I must have heard that line 20 times today. The hell they put you through for this bonus is disgusting. If they don’t want to part with the bonus, why offer it in the first place?
    This is not my first go around with jerk banks but by far Citi Bank is the absolutely the worse I have ever had to deal with in my lifetime. From the flat out lies to the condescending overseas phone reps.
    I got in a few shots in on Citi Bank with the phone supervisor which although she didn’t seem to care made me feel a bit better. I’m sure the way they run that bank she has heard it many times before but there was just something satisfying about it after all they are putting me through. I might not get the bonus, but telling them repeatedly what low life’s they are is bonus enough. If by some miracle I get the bonus you already know the closing of the account with be sweet. Gives me another chance to tell them how I really feel. I might even steal their line “don’t worry, I’m not pulling out all he cash, I am leaving in 1.00 dollar”

  268. Matt says:

    I agree, it’s worth it IF they pay off, if not is simply just torture. We as customer should not have to beg and plead with them to honor a bonus offer they themselves made. As you can read in my previous comments, every time I got them to admit I had everything covered they would make something up to prevent me from the bonus, and once I had that issue resolved up popped another one,. It is endless.
    At some point you have to put a value on your sanity, of course Citi Bank wants you to give up of course out of frustration and at point it becomes a battle of the wills. Who will outlast each other? I will say though what they are doing by stringing folks along is not only unethical it is always borderline illegal.

  269. Matt says:

    I agree, it’s worth it IF they pay off, if not is simply just torture. We as customers should not have to beg and plead with them to honor a bonus offer they themselves made. As you can read in my previous comments, every time I get them to admit I have everything covered they will make something up to prevent me from the bonus, and once I had that issue resolved up popped another one,. It like an endless game of Donkey Kong, but without the enjoyment.
    At some point you have to put a value on your own sanity, of course Citi Bank wants you to give up out of frustration and at point it becomes a battle of the wills. Who will outlast each other? I will say though what they are doing by stringing folks along is not only unethical it is borderline illegal.

  270. Matt says:

    On a side not, I opened a Discover Bank account, my bonus was in within 3 weeks of opening, no begging, no pleading, I just logged in one day and it was there. The same thing Citi Bank could do if they so choose. I was so impressed by Discover Bank, not only the fact that they delivered what they promised but decent interest rates as well I decided to kept the account opened, the exact opposite of what I will do with Citi Bank.

  271. Senthil says:

    I opened the checking account last year and received 400$ promotion and closed in dec 2016. I want to open the account again for the 300$ promotion.
    The bank rep told me that customers will be eligible for promotion only once in two years.
    Is this true?
    I dont see this info in the citibank website. Can any one confirm.

    • Dave says:

      Someone needs to school that rep:

      “To be eligible for this offer, you must not currently have a consumer checking account with Citibank or have been a signer on or owner of a Citibank consumer checking account in the last 60 days.”

      If you apply, be sure to screencap every page, and every bit of the fine print.

  272. Matt says:

    I took a peek at citi banks facebook page and looks like they are getting complaints for variety of reasons, from bad customer service to charges of fraud. This looks really bad for citi bank. Not sure how they get away with all this.

  273. Matt says:

    Update. called Citi Bank they said they still don’t have my W9 form, ummm wrong, I sent it priority mail with tracking number, at my cost of 12.95 when I gave this information they put me on hold, after 30 mins the phone line went dead. Need to call back tomorrow.

  274. Matt says:

    Ok openned account 10/28 received bonus 03/22. That’s about 5 months after opening. Not acceptable.
    For those following the attempts at my recovering the bonus I called citi this morning to verify once more that they received the 2nd W9 form as I was told the first one not filled out correctly which is citi banks first lie. The rep I spoke to today said no, they did not receive the new W9 form I sent in that’s lie # 2 . I said I sent it priority mail with tracking number which shows delivery and accepted by citi bank I was put on hold. After 30 min wait rep tells me they have it but looking over my account there is no bonus code associated with my account this is lie # 3 . Thankfully I have the code which I repeatedto rep. Rep informs me there is no such code. Lie # 4. I had a friend sit in with me that openned the same account I put him on the phone conference call and had rep check his account as he already received the bonus after a very hard fight. The rep finds the code and says she applied it to my account and will put my request for bonus under dispute which will be an additional 30 days. At this point I ask to speak to a supervisor as I was told the previous week by a supervisor that only thing holding up bonus was the W9 for and once that is received bonus would be posted . Lie #5 . New supervisor gets on the phone I go through The whole 5 month story again, she puts me on hold to see if she can push the bonus through … another 30 min hold she comes back with that department is not open lie # 6. and she will call me when she gets a hold of them on my behalf. At this point I threaten to file a report with CFPB . After 3 hours I get a call back saying my bonus was deposited into my account. She also mentioned she will make a report of my difficulty and issues I have had to deal with trying to secure my bonus. Lie # 7
    Here are tips for those still waiting for your bonus
    If they request a W9 form send it priority mail with tracking number so they can’t dispute received.
    Have bonus code… not lose this you will need it. Don’t assume it’s been applied to your account.
    Ask to speak to a supervisor and try to pin them down on a date, ask them for their name and employee #
    Inform them that if bonus is not deposited into your account by said date you will file a report with CFPB
    Do not give up, be a pest . They are trained to separate you from that bonus. It’s a daunting task and they are hoping you will give up. You have to become such a problem to them that they will give you the bonus and move on to other less insisting customers. I left public messages on their Facebook page and twitter account everywhere I could think of where I knew it would get their attention and a response. In the end you will feel like you have been interrogated by the North Korean government for the last 5 months and you will be efficient in deciphering the reps codes, buzz words, scripts, and even their nondescript accents. At some point it will be no longer about the bonus but it will become personal, when this happens you will win. Just make sure to cover all your bases, not give them a leg to stand on. Be one step ahead of therm, know what their next move will be have your response ready and counter move . Once again they understand you are well prepared for their games, your bonus will be paid. At the end of the day ask yourself was it worth it despite the bonus and I can say for certain, absolutely not. I gave the over the amount of the bonus of my time and energy. In the future if Citi bank calls…run.

  275. Ike says:

    Got $400 bonus. Thank you Doc!

  276. 007 says:

    FYI, just closed Citi Basic checking account with $1600 via online message. They will mail balance as check, which is what I requested. In case this DP is helpful to anyone (I realize people are ACH’ing out their balance and closing without fees, but I don’t want to go below minimum just in case).

    • 007 says:

      Check received. Ended up being $800 moneymaker due to Citi s incompetence but def a lot of work (vs Chase for $500) secure messaging for every step and finally filing cfpb.

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